Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Subway Ride

After a long day at work, Peggy was not in the mood to deal with rude assholes on the subway. One would think a few years of Sex Magic would make any man wary of being disrespectful of a woman, but not every guy was as appreciative of the power a Sex Mage could wield.

Case in point, the subway car was packed with businesswomen and men heading home from work and those not working coming home from errands. Every seat was taken, and every bar already had enough people around it.

Only one bar remained relatively clear. Or at least it would have, if the douchebag leaning on it didn’t insist on taking up the whole thing by leaning his whole butt, back, and head along every available spot Peggy could have comfortably reached. The man looked like a real punk, too. Leather jacket, ripped jeans, a buzzcut, lanky but tall, with a thin facial scar indicating he’d once been in a knife fight. He was Latino, and the green bandanna around his head indicated he belonged to one of the gangs still lurking in the alleys. What the hell he was doing in this part of the subway, looking like a tough guy among all the suits and casuals, Peggy couldn’t guess.

“Excuse me,” she said, tapping him on the shoulder. The young man glanced back at her. “You wanna maybe give a lady some room?”

The young man just sneered and looked away. Peggy was in her later thirties, pale, short and slim, with frizzy brown hair and bookish glasses, with a rather plain looking tan business suit. She wasn’t even wearing heels. Hardly the sort of woman who would turn most guys’ heads, much less a guy barely in his twenties making a point to look like a thug.

Peggy pursed her lips, then braced herself as the subway car started moving, leaning into the acceleration. She considered worming her hand between his spine and the bar, but that would probably just give him an excuse to go off on her. She hated to admit it, but five years ago, she probably would have scurried over to another bar and squeezed herself in between some other businessmen instead.

Fuck that. She had Sex Magic, she was pissed, and despite her rather plain, dorky appearance, she was quite well-read, and well practiced, on teaching men a lesson right through their dicks.

She wormed herself forward, and positioned herself just in front of the young man and planted her feet. She heard him give a snort of derision. And yet, as she stood there, she raised herself into the ball of her feet, as if trying to see something over someone else’s shoulder. Her calves flexed, and she let her left heel slip out of the back of the shoe. The young man took noticed. Despite himself, she sensed a little spark of interest. The spark brightened a bit as his eyes traveled up her legs to scope out her ass. She didn’t have much of one, but her skirt was a bit on the tight side. The spark flared a bit, and for a moment, his soft cock felt a little stir.

Bingo. Peggy dropped back down on her feet, and she let this little motion sway her body back just enough that her ass brushed against his crotch. As it did, she sent a little signal of magic into his body to push the notion of arousal along a little faster. His cock began to erect.

He tried to think of something else, but as the train came to a stop, momentum shifted him forward a bit and his crotch brushed her butt again. His eyes drifted back down to her backside, and she slipped a psychic notion into his head, fanning his interest in her ass.

As the train started up again, she let the momentum push her back, and she was flush against him for a moment. His dick was half-hard and try as he might to think about baseball or nuns, the feel of her butt against his dick was irresistible. Within a few seconds, he was fully hard. He squirmed in place as his dick stiffened at an uncomfortable angle in his jeans, but he didn’t dare draw attention to himself by adjusting it openly. Tough guy act or not, he knew enough about Sex Magic to know women would catch him messing around with his cock.

Of course, every woman in the train car could sense his erection, and a few glanced his way. But most of the women here weren’t about to confront him in this tightly packed crowd, whether they were still intimidated by a man with his poise or they just wanted to get home and deal with their own bullshit.

So, the young punk stood there trying to make his dick soft, while Peggy pressed her ass against it, coaxing it harder with her body a thread of magic that worked slowly and subtly enough that it wouldn’t be too obvious she was using it. He was a stranger, and her magic hadn’t quite keyed her into his body just yet. She needed a little bit longer to keep him interested before she could really take charge.

Fortunately, by the time the train reached the next stop, he was absolutely throbbing. The psychic hum of a hard dick filled Peggy’s mind, giving her a wonderfully soothing feeling, and opening up the young man’s surface thoughts to her. She discovered his name was Elliot and he was rather obsessed with the idea of anal sex. If Peggy had been a curvy black or Latino girl with a bubble butt, he’d have probably sprung a hard on the instant he laid eyes on her. She wasn’t his body type, but an ass was an ass, in the end; pressing hers against him was all it took to get him started.

Elliot was starting to suspect his tough guy act was going to start melting if he couldn’t get his erection down. He glanced back and forth, trying to maintain his scowl as he noticed other women in the car kept glancing at him. A few smirked. He locked eyes with an Asian girl in a business suit who outright grinned at him. She knew exactly what was up, and this his little punk ass was nothing be afraid off when his dick was blaring. Elliot knew he had to get out of there, go cool off, and wait for the next subway.

Peggy just kept her gaze forward, outwardly ignoring him, even as she caressed him with her magic. As the train neared the next stop, she felt him start to move. She pushed back, bracing herself against him, and sent a surge of magic through his body. Instantly, the punk was frozen in place, his body locked against the poll, arms locked to his sides, and his head locked back. He started to open his mouth, but it clamped shut, and his muffled curse died in his throat. He not only couldn’t move, he couldn’t even speak! All he could do was blink and breathe and panic.

Only then did he actually piece together that the woman before him was the source of his sudden predicament. She finally glanced back at him and smirked. “Should have been a gentlemen and given a lady a little space on the poll to grab,” she said in a voice low enough only Elliot would hear it, while anyone else would just tune it out as part of the background noise. She reached back and brazenly grabbed his crotch through his jeans. “Ah, here’s something.”

She sensed Elliot panic, but at the same time, he could not deny how badly his dick wanted to be touched at that moment. Panic, and arousal, increased as her fingers deftly unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans and spread open his fly. It turned out Elliot was a commando man; no underwear obstructed his cock as it popped out of his open jeans. Peggy then pulled her hand back and pressed her ass against his bare cock. The simple polyester cloth of her skirt wasn’t as appealing as bare flesh, but the smooth firmness of her ass nonetheless formed a very alluring, warm pressure along his member.

Peggy stood still, leaning against him, but as she did, she threaded magic into his genitals. He felt an all-around tight, hot, fleshy grip seize his dick. He managed a sharp gasp as he recognized the feeling of a tight ass trapping him. His cock surged at the phantom sensations, as the invisible rectum began to slowly move up and down on his cock.

The two had the full attention of every woman on the train now. They didn’t need to physically look to sense what was going on, but those who could watched anyway. And they looked through Elliot’s mind as he cussed out every one of them, but especially Peggy. Calling them cunts, whores, bitches, screaming in his head that they should be so grateful that he should fuck their assholes with his huge dick. This just caused a few of the women to giggle and the Asian woman to give Peggy a thumbs up. The men in the ca weren’t quite sure what was going on, since Peggy was doing everything without moving or letting Elliot move, and the other women opted to keep the little show a secret. A few men jumped a bit though, as Peggy sensed a few of them getting tickled with little spells from other women.

Peggy wasn’t interested in the other men, though, and despite how good teasing a man felt, she wasn’t in a playful mood. She was teaching this boy a hard lesson. The more she worked him with the phantom ass-fucking spell, the clearer his thoughts became. It didn’t take long for him to reach orgasm, and she immediately slapped a block on him. His cock flexed madly, trying to spray her back with his seed, but to no avail. Once this threshold was reached, he became an open book.

It turns out he wasn’t even in a gang. He just dressed and acted this way to impress the teenaged girls who hadn’t developed their Sex Magic yet. He felt women were all total cunts who needed to be tamed by guys’ dicks, and Sex Magic was bullshit. He believed it existed, of course, obviously, but every day he seethed with resentment that women had the magic. In his mind’s eye, men should have gotten the power. Then he’d turn every hot bitch he saw into his bimbo slut, and make them beg to suck his cock.

But that wasn’t how things were and because of that, he had no qualms treating women like shit. It was only his tough guy, gang-member bluff that prevented much retaliation as most women still were too under confident in the magic to truly unleash and embrace their power.

Well, this boy was long due for a lesson in humility. As the train came to another stop, Peggy noted it was hers. She quickly threaded a loop effect with her magic and stepped away from Elliot, leaving him pinned to the bar. His pants dropped to his ankles and his cock flexed wildly. He rode the subway line for nearly three hours that way, the women who came and went either outright ignoring him, or giggling at his expense. A few even pitched in, layering on other spell effects and taking pictures to post online. Finally, a female cop arrived and set him loose.

Peggy went home feeling smug. Elliot was probably right to call her a crazy cunt, but damn if being one wasn’t fun now and then. And no matter how much he resented her for the experience, she could sense when he’d masturbate to the memory of it for years afterwards.

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