Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the Quad

Suzy yawned and stretched as she looked up from her text book. She leaned back against the tree she’d be studying under and looked out over the rectangular field around which the college’s main classroom buildings were situated. Dozens of other students were taking advantage of the beautiful day. Sunny, only slightly cloudy, warm, but with a cool breeze. Many were sitting around studying or drawing or just hanging out with their friends. Most everyone was dressed in shorts and tee-shirts, Suzy and her boyfriend included. Some of the girls were stretched out on beach towels, wearing only short shorts and bikini tops, sunbathing. Suzy couldn’t help but smirk.

Suzy glanced at her boyfriend, Jim. The blond boy was reading a comic book instead of studying like he was supposed to. He was also glancing up fairly frequently at the hot college girls lounging around or walking by in their skimpy clothes. Even if she hadn’t been watching him from the corner of her eye while she studied, the mystic power of Sex Magic let her detect every time his libido sparked whenever a particularly cute or sexy girl came into his field of view, briefly drawing his gaze before he forced himself to look back at his comic. He made a few furtive glances back at Suzy, but the brunette sophomore acted like she hadn’t noticed his wandering eyes.

Jim wasn’t the only guy giving appreciative glances, of course. Suzy could sense dozens of little sparks from all the guys on the campus quad as they noticed a set of bouncing tits or the curve of a stretched out leg. Several guys were fighting to keep from getting erect, so as to avoid too brazenly drawing attention to the fact they were looking. Several guys failed, and Suzy was quite amused as she sensed at least one guy on the far end of the quad, hiding behind a set of bushes, trying desperately not to cry out as his hard cock was being teased with a feather-light stroking spell by some other girl with Sex Magic. He didn’t even know who it was, but he didn’t dare try to run, lest he draw even more attention to himself. For now, it amused the women around him to let him panic over his predicament, letting him sweat out if he should leave or not.

Suzy, ever mischievous, decided she’d had enough Calculus for the day, and closed her book, relaxing against the tree. Next to her, Jim sat cross-legged, keeping his head down and focused on his comic.

“Hey,” said Suzy. “I’m bored.”

“Oh, yeah?” said Jim. He gave her a smile that was both suggestive, but also a bit nervous. “I’m bored” was usually the code word for upcoming Sex Magic shenanigans. Suzy had no qualms playing around with Jim, even in public, whether it was suddenly giving him a quick psychic blowjob while he walked down the street or making him as hard as possible while at a restaurant, causing all the women to notice.

“Yeah,” said Suzy, giving him a sly grin. “Take your clothes off.” 

Jim blinked, a little stunned. There were limits to what was allowed, of course. The college was already struggling to get a handle on all their female students having Sex Magic and all the pranks and mischief young women just coming into their power were likely to be up to. Teasing a boy a little in public was one thing. But such a blatantly vulgar display would be unheard of! Broad daylight, with so many people, so many young women newly brimming with the magic, that was inviting trouble!

“No way!” said Jim. “You know the rules. Public nudity is still illegal.”

“That doesn’t sound like my problem,” said Suzy.

“Come on, you’re not serious,” he said.

“Completely,” she said, smiling, but giving him an expectant look.

“No!” he said. Even as he said it, though, his cock began to stiffen at the thought.

“You remember that tease spell I put on you last weekend? The one that felt like me sucking and stroking you, but stopping every time you were about to cum?”

Jim swallowed hard, his cock now fully erect. A few other girls glanced over at him, then at Suzy. They gave her a smirk and a knowing wink. Suzy’s smile turned into a wicked grin. “How long did it take you to cum?”

Jim swallowed hard once more. “Five hours,” he said. He blushed at the memory, of how at the end, he’d been in tears, kissing Suzy’s feet and begging her for “his special cummies” in a little boy voice. It was even more embarrassing knowing she’d video taped the scene, and placed it up on MageTube.

“Wanna go for ten?”

Jim’s eyes widened, and he shook his head. “No!”

“Okay, then strip.”

Jim grit his teeth, blushing crimson. “Please don’t,” he said.

“Fine. Fifteen hours. And you won’t cum afterwards.”

Jim’s eyes bugged out. He knew she’d do it, too. Once he’d tried to hold out on one of her commands, and he hadn’t been allowed to cum for a month. “Okay,” he said. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. That in itself wasn’t particularly noteworthy. A few other guys around the quad field were shirtless. Jim took a breath as he mentally prepared himself for the rest.

“Well?” she said, eyes twinkling with amusement. “I’m waiting.”

He took his time, slowly slipping off his sandals, then backing up against the tree and pressing against it so he could leverage his butt up enough to slip his shorts down without standing up. His cock strained his boxer briefs. He took another breath as his fingertips hesitated at the hem of his underwear.

“All of them,” said Suzy. “Not a single stitch.”

Jim slowly slid his underwear off, again without standing up. His cock sprang out of them, snapping skyward. Several girls nearest them looked up at the very noticeable psychic hum of his erection, even louder once bared to the world. There were a few giggles, points, grins, and whispers.

Jim let out a slow breath and sat crosslegged, hunched over again, hands on his shins, as if doing so would somehow protect his dignity with a fruitless attempt to hide his crotch. It wouldn’t of course. Even fully clothed, his cock was easily sensed and seen by any girl who wished. And being naked and hard, it was alerting every girl nearby to it’s presence.

“Very good,” said Suzy. “Now masturbate.”

Jim nearly jumped out of his skin. “What?!” he said a little too loudly. Even the guys nearby noticed that, looking over, as did more girls. Most of the guys immediately turned away, blanching at the sight of another nude man, but blushing at the same time. They could very well guess what was going on, and even a mere three years of Sex Magic had taught them there was no disobeying a Sex Mage girl.

“Play with yourself,” said Suzy. When Jim hesitated, she said, “Twenty hours. No orgasms for a week.”

“Suzy, please!” he said, eyes pleading. Such an adorable look of lustful dread made her even more determined.

“Thirty hours. Two weeks without.”

“Suzy, every girl here is going to sense it! The staff will sense it! I’ll get in trouble!”

“Again, problems that aren’t mine.”

“Please, come on, let me get dressed.”

“What I’m hearing is that you just want me to tease you blind for the entire weekend and not let you cum again for another month.”

Jim grit his teeth and, glancing around, he touched his cock with a shaking hand. Suzy touched his shoulder and pushed him back gently, making him lean back against the trunk. Jim started stroking himself.

Just as he predicted, every girl in the quad, and in the nearest buildings, looked up or jumped or blinked or spit out their drink as they sensed a naked young man brazenly masturbating, right out in the open.

A few dozen whistles, laughs and cheers came there way. Suzy could barely contain her own giggles as Jim flushed crimson.

“Can I stop?” he said, voice shaking with nervousness.

“Hell no!” she said. “Keep going! Faster!”

Jim sped his hand up. God this was crazy. He was jerking off, but he was so riled up with confused, embarrassed excitement, he was reacting much quicker than usual. It took only a minute for him to start nearing orgasm. Not having cum for the last five days certainly helped him along.

Girls stopped to watch the show, some fascinated, some aroused, some amused, and some simply stunned. Guys did their best to avoid looking, but a few couldn’t help but watch, while a few others were forced to watch by the girls who were with them.

“Faster!” coaxed Suzy, giggling. “Come on, show everyone how big a load you can shoot! Just spray it all over yourself!”

Jim’s body stiffened, his head leaned back, eyes closed as his hand moved even quicker. “Fuck, I’m gunna cum!” he said.

“No shit,” said Suzy, rolling her eyes. In the heat of the moment, guys still tended to forget that girls could sense every detail of their sexual reactions.

“Enough!” shrieked a powerful female voice. Jim leaped into the air and half-fell onto Suzy. His cock flexed, cut off just a split second before he was about to cum. A female teacher, a petite woman in her fifties, stood next to the tree, hands on hips, glaring at the pair. Laughter erupted around them as Jim’s look of utter panic was priceless. Several girls had already gotten their phones out to record pictures and video, and a few of them made a fist-pump motion with their hands as they captured to perfect moment of male embarrassment.

“What the hell are you doing, young man?” she bellowed. “It’s bad enough we have to sense you boys getting hard, now you’re stripping down and just playing with it all willy-nilly?”

“But I—she—my girlfriend—” Jim almost flailed his arms and pointed at Suzy.

Suzy looked up at her innocently. “I was only joking ma’am, telling him it would be funny if he did it.”

“No!” said Jim, looking at Suzy in horror. “She said she’d tease me and not let me cum for weeks if I didn’t!”

The teacher glanced at Suzy. When Jim’s eyes were on the older woman, Suzy winked at her. When Jim turned back to Suzy, the woman winked back and briefly grinned. Professor Felling, Suzy’s calculus teacher, was quite the crafty cock-teasing bitch herself.

“Did she use her powers to force you?” said Felling, crossing her arms and looking sternly at the helpless young man.

“Well, no—”

“Then it was entirely your choice to do as she said.”

“But she said—!”

“Young man, campus rules supersede whatever little scheme your girlfriend has cooked up. If she used her magic to control you to make you do it, then she would be the one in trouble. But all she did was give you a suggestion. You should have known better than to follow it.” The teacher waved her hand over the boy.

“There. I have placed an anti-masturbation spell and an orgasm block on you that will last three days each. Be grateful I don’t get campus security involved.”

“But--!” Jim started. Felling glared at him, and he shrank against Suzy. Well, most of him did. His cock still throbbed hotly, unfulfilled between his legs.

“It’s okay, ma’am, I’ll make sure he’s learned his lesson.” Jim looked at her, shocked that she would take her prank so far. “Well, go on, get dressed. Jeez, do I have to tell you everything?”

Jim blushed crimson as everyone around him laughed, except for the teacher. He stood and pulled his clothes on, head hung in shame. A few more giggles were heard as he struggled to get his hard dick secured in his shorts. He then grabbed his comic book and backpack and stalked off, head still down.

Suzy and Pr. Felling exchanged another wink and grin as Suzy stuffed her text book in her bag and chased after her boyfriend. Felling chuckled as she went back to her office, and the quad filled with murmurs as all the female students started musing over similar stunts they could pull with their own boyfriends. Numerous guys around them blushed and shivered, their dicks nonetheless hard at the thought.

As Suzy caught up to Jim, he grumbled. “I cannot believe you did that to me,” he said.

“I know, I’m sorry,” she said, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “But hey, look on the bright side.”

“What bright side?”

“I only have to punish you a little bit now,” she said.

Jim gawked at her. “Punish me for what?! I did what you said and I’m already punished by that teacher anyway!”

Suzy grinned. “I told you to cum all over yourself. You didn’t.”

Jim gawked even harder. “Oh, come on! She stopped me! There was no way I could do it!”

“Nonetheless, there is a precedent to uphold! So, I’m thinking, we’ll extend that orgasm block for a full week. And I’ll only use that edging spell for a couple hours tonight. While I ride your face, of course.”

“God, you’re such a bitch,” said Jim, shaking his head. Despite this, his cock twitched in his pants as he could not help but be aroused by the sheer power she had over him.

“You’re right, I am a bitch,” she said with another sly smirk. “We’ll make it two weeks without orgasm, and I’ll use that tease spell on you for only a couple hours every day.”

Jim’s jaw dropped as he was about to protest, but he immediately clamped it shut, before he made it worse on himself. His cock throbbed and Suzy laughed all the way back to her dorm room.


  1. I really enjoyed this, I especially liked the flashback where he had to beg for his special cummies. I love how the girlfriend is so cold and the guy can't tell if she's even being serious or not. It's just very manipulative.

  2. I would like to see a story where a curse is put on womankind, who torture men without any reason will get a automatic curse that the next time they do something like that will be end of their life. Then the ladies have to find a reason to fuck up the boys

    1. I feel that such a story would be completely missing the whole point of the Sex Mage World premise, but feel free to write a fan fic if you want.

    2. Mind you, from a Crossover Continuity stand-point, it wouldn't actually be THAT out of the question, depending on how you set it up. I mean, that timeline has the Earth being sucked right out of the universe into a living dimension of darkness. Anything's possible, really.

      In Reboot Continuity, however, it ain't happening. Sex Magic is the only Magic and that's final. At least until the NEXT Reboot!

      But who even cares about continuity in porn anyway? As long as she cums first, amirite? ;)