Monday, December 21, 2015

An Instant Messenger Story

AOL Instant Messenger Log
April 9th, 2010
CyberEDD logged on. CyberEDD wants to send a message to RadicalRiley.
CyberEDD: Hey! So, how you enjoying Colorado!
RadicalRiley: Hey there! It’s good so far! Moved in and unpacked already. Roommate seems nice so far. Summer classes start in a couple weeks, so I can get used to campus. Seems like a nice town, if kind of small.
CyberEDD: Cool. Podunk, West Virginia hasn’t changed since you left.
RadicalRiley: Haha! How are your classes going? Final coming up soon, yeah?
CyberEDD: Another month.
RadicalRiley: Ah.
CyberEDD: Still a little jealous you get to go out of state. Always wanted to see Colorado. My Dad grew up there.
RadicalRiley: Eh, I lucked out on getting the scholarship. And yeah, you’ve said. Well, now you’ve got an excuse! You can come visit sometime!
CyberEDD: Haha, just might do that.
CyberEDD: Hey.
RadicalRiley: Hi!
CyberEDD: So, um, this is gunna sound kinda weird, but
RadicalRiley: Uh-huh?
CyberEDD: Have you heard anything about this “Sex Magic” stuff people are talking about?

RadicalRiley: Sex Magic?
CyberEDD: Have you seriously not heard about this?
RadicalRiley: I saw some weird headlines on Yahoo! Articles. I thought they were dumb clickbait.
CyberEDD: Who reads Yahoo! Articles?
RadicalRiley: Who still uses AIM?
CyberEDD: Haha, point. But seriously!
RadicalRiley: Seriously?
CyberEDD: Just check these links out.
[links to Yahoo! Articles]
RadicalRiley: Huh. Well, that’s weird.
CyberEDD: No shit. Women controlling men’s dicks with their minds?
RadicalRiley: Haha, women already have that power!
CyberEDD: Not like this, they don’t!
RadicalRiley: Yeah, yeah…
RadicalRiley: Weird. Is this some kind of viral marketing thing? Like for a movie or something?
CyberEDD: I’ve looked it up, and no. Be awfully weird for a movie, anyway.
RadicalRiley: Yeah, I suppose.
RadicalRiley: Wow. This can’t possibly be real. Mind reading, body control, psychic handjobs…
CyberEDD: Kind of scary.
RadicalRiley: Oh, come on. You’ve got a hard-on right now, I’m betting.
CyberEDD: … Maybe…
RadicalRiley: LOL!
RadicalRiley: Seriously, though, this is some kind of nutjob porno writer, hacked a couple news sites or something.
CyberEDD: I guess.
CyberEDD: Heh.
RadicalRiley: What?
CyberEDD: I want to ask, but I probably shouldn’t.
RadicalRiley: Ask what?
CyberEDD: Well, if you had powers like those, how would you use them?
RadicalRiley: *rollseyes*
CyberEDD: Forget I asked.
RadicalRiley: No, it’s fine. Jeez, I dunno. This is really weird.
CyberEDD: Well, from the way they describe it, you could literally do anything to a guy that you wanted.
RadicalRiley: That is kinda scary. I dunno if I’d want that kind of power.
CyberEDD: Not even to get back at some jerks?
RadicalRiley: LOL. Well, you know what they say about women scorned!
CyberEDD: Yeah. So?
RadicalRiley: So what?
CyberEDD: What would you do with them?
RadicalRiley: Seriously?
CyberEDD: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: You’re going to jerk off to this later, aren’t you?
CyberEDD: …Maybe…
RadicalRiley: Ha! Definitely.
CyberEDD: I’ll think of you when I do it.
RadicalRiley: Of course you will.
CyberEDD: So?
RadicalRiley: Jeez, chill, I’m thinking!
CyberEDD: Sorry.
RadicalRiley: Typical guy! : P
CyberEDD: Sorry!
RadicalRiley: Whatever. I think just for that, I’d give you a permanent erection.
CyberEDD: Oh, jeez, LOL.
RadicalRiley: Yep! Definitely. See how you try and get through the day with a constant tent in your pants.
CyberEDD: Ooh, that’s mean!
RadicalRiley: Oh, I could be a lot meaner, I’m sure.
CyberEDD: Do tell…
RadicalRiley: Haha, no. I gotta head out, buy a few things for the room.
CyberEDD: Aw…
RadicalRiley: LOL! Try not to masturbate too furiously!

April 12th, 2010
CyberEDD: It’s real.
RadicalRiley: What is?
CyberEDD: Sex Magic. It’s real.
RadicalRiley: I’m sorry?
CyberEDD: I guess it hasn’t reached you guys yet, but, it’s totally real.
RadicalRiley: Bullshit.
CyberEDD: No, I’m serious. I’m sending you a link.
[link to Xhamster video]
RadicalRiley: Ew, is this a porn site?
CyberEDD: Yes, look, sorry, I know you’re not big into porn, alright, but just watch it, please.
RadicalRiley: I don’t have anything against it, exactly. I’m just not really into it. Most of it sucks.
CyberEDD: I know, but please, just watch the video.
RadicalRiley: uh…
CyberEDD: I know, right?
CyberEDD: Well?
RadicalRiley: What the fuck was that?
CyberEDD: It was a guy floating in the air, getting his dick, I dunno, sucked or jerked or whatever, by some invisible force.
RadicalRiley: He came like a firehose!
CyberEDD: So?
RadicalRiley: Special effects. Come on. He probably had a vibrator or some other thing up his ass.
CyberEDD: How was he floating?
RadicalRiley: I dunno, see-through strings? Fishing line?
CyberEDD: You’d see if he was strung up on fishing line or thin wires. He’s not even wearing a harness.
RadicalRiley: Special effects, then.
CyberEDD: It’s a cheap home video recorder.
RadicalRiley: Cloverfield and Blair Witch were made with cheap recorders.
CyberEDD: Blair Witch didn’t have special effects, just some props.
RadicalRiley: Okay, well, Cloverfield had CGI. He’s got to be, I dunno, laying across a couple chairs or something and they edited it out. Maybe this is part of the viral market thing?
CyberEDD: There’s no movie. I’ve searched everywhere on the net.
RadicalRiley: Okay, so
RadicalRiley: I mean, so what?
CyberEDD: What do you mean, so what? This is honest to god Magic we’re talking about!
RadicalRiley: Okay, so a few women can float some guys in the air and jerk them off by thinking. It’s weird. But so what?
CyberEDD: What do you mean, so what? This proves magic exists!
RadicalRiley: Okay, well, until people start flying and shooting lasers out of their eyes in broad daylight, I’m going to be skeptical.
CyberEDD: You might not have long to wait.
RadicalRiley: What’s that mean?
CyberEDD: According to the notes under the video, this magic is spreading. Woman to woman. It started in New York, and it’s spreading out fast.
CyberEDD: Riley? You there?
RadicalRiley has logged out.

April 14th, 2010
RadicalRiley has logged in.
CyberEDD: There you are!
RadicalRiley: Hi.
CyberEDD: Why did you ditch me on the chat?
RadicalRiley: My computer crashed, and it took me forever to get it up and going again.
CyberEDD: … okay.
RadicalRiley: What?
CyberEDD: I thought you were mad at me. I thought I might have freaked you out.
RadicalRiley: Nah. Sorry about that.
CyberEDD: You could have e-mailed.
RadicalRiley: My comp crashed. I just said so.
CyberEDD: For two days?
RadicalRiley: *sigh* Okay, fine. Yes, you freaked me out a little. My computer did crash, though. And look, I’m trying to build a social life out here, too, and get a few things straightened out before my classes start. I don’t mind chatting with you, but I’m not locked to my computer.
CyberEDD: Right. Okay, sorry. I didn’t mean to spook you. This stuff just has me a little wigged out.
RadicalRiley: I can imagine. I went back and watched that video a few times. I looked at that person’s other videos, they loaded a dozen more. All really weird.
CyberEDD: Yeah, I saw. The mind reading stuff, the body control. There’s a few other people uploading videos, too.
RadicalRiley: I noticed. I think they’re friends with the woman from the first video, though. She was in one of them, it looked like.
RadicalRiley: So, I dunno. I’m not totally convinced it isn’t special effects. I mean, most of that stuff can just be acted.
CyberEDD: Blogs are popping up. There’s at least three. I’ve been going to porno forums, and there’s been a few mentions. A few claims of people having the magic or experiencing it.
CyberEDD: But it’s weird. The magic only seems to work with sex, and only women seem to be getting it.
RadicalRiley: Is that bad?
CyberEDD: You tell me.
RadicalRiley: Well. I guess depends on the woman.
RadicalRiley: But, I mean, it’s all for sex, right? What’s the worst that can happen?
CyberEDD: Um, rape? Just to start.
RadicalRiley: If the magic can do what it says, then there’s going to be a lot less rapes. Prostitutes are gunna make a killing, though.
CyberEDD: I mean women raping guys.
RadicalRiley: Oh. Right.
CyberEDD: And?
RadicalRiley: And what?
CyberEDD: So, do think that’s going to be a problem?
RadicalRiley: What am I, the President of Women? How should I know?
RadicalRiley: Besides. Guys tend to want it. You really think a horny dude is gunna turn down free sex? I mean, if women can do sex stuff just by thinking it, even the prudes are going to be able to give a guy the ride of his life.
CyberEDD: I guess.
RadicalRiley: You seemed stoked on it a few days ago. What got you scared?
CyberEDD: I dunno. I guess I just…
CyberEDD: I dunno.
RadicalRiley: Okay. Well, if you want to talk about it, I’m here.
CyberEDD: Thanks.
RadicalRiley: Sure. : )
CyberEDD: You don’t have the magic, do you?
RadicalRiley: Um, no. Obviously. Why?
CyberEDD: Remember what you said you’d do if you had it?
RadicalRiley: Not really.
CyberEDD: You said you’d give me a permanent hard-on.
RadicalRiley: Oh yeah. What about it?
CyberEDD: Well, I’ve been hard for the past twenty-five hours.
RadicalRiley: Wait, what?
RadicalRiley: Really?
CyberEDD: Yes.
RadicalRiley: Holy shit! Have you been to the doctor? If you have one for more than four, it’s supposed to damage your dick!
CyberEDD: I know. And yes, I went to the emergency room. They said it was fine.
CyberEDD: There were several other guys there with similar problems. They tried fixing one guy, but it didn’t do anything. They said the cuts they made to drain the blood healed up right away, even. The doctors didn’t want to operate on anyone else after the first guy proved futile.
RadicalRiley: Huh. That is kinda messed up.
RadicalRiley: Does it hurt?
CyberEDD: No, not really, it’s just stuck. It won’t go down. But it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t feel injured. I’ve tried jerking it a few times, but that doesn’t do anything. After I pop, I’m still hard. Not even sore, though.
RadicalRiley: So you’re okay?
CyberEDD: I guess so. But this is what I mean. This is real.
RadicalRiley: Okay, I believe you. Any idea who did it?
CyberEDD: None.
RadicalRiley: Wow. So, you can’t get it fixed?
CyberEDD: Not unless another woman around here gets the magic and can fix it.
RadicalRiley: Bummer.

April 20th, 2010
RadicalRiley: Hey. How’s your dick?
CyberEDD: Hard.
RadicalRiley: Still?
CyberEDD: Yeah. It’s a real pain. I gotta keep it pinned with the edge of my underwear or it keeps sticking out.
RadicalRiley: I’m sorry, but it’s a little funny to think about.
CyberEDD: It’s annoying. But if this is the worst of it, I dunno. Again, I just gotta wait for someone in town to, I dunno, get the magic and offer to fix us guys.
RadicalRiley: They finally mentioned the magic on the news. They say it’s reached the East Coast. There’s reports of it appearing in Japan and England and Germany, too.
CyberEDD: Makes sense. If the magic is spreading woman to woman, and it started in New York, there’s an international airport there. I’m sure it’s spread to other countries by now already.
RadicalRiley: Huh. That seems almost strategic.
CyberEDD: I know, right? Of all the places for a contagious power to appear.
RadicalRiley: Do any of the women in town have the magic, yet? Obviously, someone with the power had to at least be in your town to give all you guys those perma-hards.
CyberEDD: If they do, they’re not saying.
RadicalRiley: It’s a small town, I’d be surprised if anyone could keep it hidden.
CyberEDD: It’s also pretty prudish, remember?
RadicalRiley: Haha, yeah. Always had to find a spot to hide for our stuff. No worries about that here at college!
CyberEDD: Haha.
CyberEDD: So, um, you’re seeing other guys, then?
RadicalRiley: Haven’t had sex with any yet, if that’s what you’re wondering, Made out with a few.
CyberEDD: Ah.
RadicalRiley: Jealous?
CyberEDD: I dunno. Maybe.
RadicalRiley: Sorry. We were never really a couple, y’know.
CyberEDD: No, I know.
RadicalRiley: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.
CyberEDD: I shouldn’t have asked.
RadicalRiley: You okay?
CyberEDD: Yeah.
CyberEDD: Oh my god.
RadicalRiley: Hmm?
CyberEDD: My mom has the magic!
RadicalRiley: Really? How do you know?
CyberEDD: I just tried masturbating again, and she sensed it!
RadicalRiley: Wait, what do you mean?
CyberEDD: I was just touching myself, and she yelled at me from downstairs!
RadicalRiley: So, what, she just knew you were touching your dick?
CyberEDD: Yes! I just got chewed out.
RadicalRiley: What did she say?
CyberEDD: She said I’m not allowed to masturbate until she gets her magic under control.
RadicalRiley: Oh, wow. Wait, how long as she had the magic?
CyberEDD: She said she’s been sensing things for the past couple days. She didn’t know what was going on, I had to explain it all. I guess she was embarrassed to say anything.
CyberEDD: I guess sensing me doing that freaked her out.
RadicalRiley: Would freak me out, if I could sense my kid playing with himself. You perv! Talking about me sleeping with other guys got you in the mood?
CyberEDD: Not
CyberEDD: No
RadicalRiley: You sure?
CyberEDD: I was remembering that blowjob you gave me.
RadicalRiley: Ah.
CyberEDD: Hold on, she’s calling me again. Brb.
RadicalRiley: K
CyberEDD: Back
RadicalRiley: How’s it go?
CyberEDD: She said if I have to do it, it should be when she’s not home.
RadicalRiley: How nice of her.
RadicalRiley: Hey, did you ask if she could make it go down?
CyberEDD: Ah, I didn’t think of it.
RadicalRiley: Really? You were just whining about it to me, and you suddenly forgot or something?
CyberEDD: Look, when I’m talking to my Mom, the last thing I want to talk about is my dick, okay? Besides, she doesn’t have a grip on her sensing abilities yet, I dunno if she can do anything else. I mean, maybe women get different abilities?
RadicalRiley: From what I’ve read, they all get the same. She’ll probably develop those control powers soon. Ask her in a few days.
CyberEDD: No, thanks.
RadicalRiley: Well, stay hard, then. And try not to touch yourself. Or think about me sucking you.  ; )
CyberEDD: Ugh, please don’t tease me!
RadicalRiley: LOL

April 21st, 2010
RadicalRiley: Hi! Still hard?
CyberEDD: You’re going to ask that every time we talk, aren’t you?
RadicalRiley: Probably!
CyberEDD: You’re mean.
RadicalRiley: You like it.
CyberEDD: Maybe.
RadicalRiley: That’s a yes!
CyberEDD: You seem frisky today.
RadicalRiley: I’ve been reading more about Sex Magic. I’m getting pretty fascinated, I guess! It’s already spread to every continent! In fact, there’s already girls on campus talking about having it.
CyberEDD: Damn.
RadicalRiley: I know. There’s a girl from New Jersey who lives a couple doors down. She actually showed off her powers. Made a guy blow his load right in his pants!
CyberEDD: Jeez…
RadicalRiley: I confess, I kind of want to try it.
CyberEDD: Don’t be too mean to guys, now!
RadicalRiley: Haha, I’m gunna give the whole college permanent boners! Mwahahaha!
RadicalRiley: LOL
CyberEDD: heh
RadicalRiley: So, how’s your mom?
CyberEDD: Coping. My Dad’s been talking to her over the phone.
RadicalRiley: He out of town again?
CyberEDD: Yeah, business trip to Washington. He’ll be back in a week.
RadicalRiley: Well, try not to give her too Hard a time!
CyberEDD: Ugh, stop!
RadicalRiley: LOL
RadicalRiley: Sorry
RadicalRiley: Hey, so, my turn to ask a pervy question.
CyberEDD: Okay…?
RadicalRiley: Who would you want to be your Sex Magic mistress?
CyberEDD: I’m sorry?
RadicalRiley: Is there a girl you’d want to have the magic so she could use it on you?
CyberEDD: Oh, I dunno…
RadicalRiley: Come on. There’s someone.
CyberEDD: Well, uh, I wouldn’t mind if it was you.
RadicalRiley: Aw, that’s sweet. Anyone else?
CyberEDD: Weird you’d ask that.
RadicalRiley: I mean, like, I dunno, a celebrity crush or something?
CyberEDD:  I think Jessica Alba is still pretty hot. Or Megan Fox.
RadicalRiley: Blech. Jessica’s cute, but Megan’s just too Barbie-like, y’know?
CyberEDD: Hey, she’s hot, alright?
RadicalRiley: Yeah, whatever.
RadicalRiley: Hmm…
CyberEDD: What?
RadicalRiley: Hey, are you alone at the house? Is your Mom still there?
CyberEDD: She’s out in the yard.
RadicalRiley: Think that’s far enough she won’t sense you?
CyberEDD: I dunno, why?
RadicalRiley: Try touching yourself while thinking about Megan Fox.
CyberEDD: Why?
RadicalRiley: Just do it!
CyberEDD: Okay…
CyberEDD: Okay, Mom just yelled at me again. I only got about five strokes off.
RadicalRiley: Okay, hang on
RadicalRiley: Check this link out.
[link to blog Celeb-Jerkers]
CyberEDD: What is it? It’s a list of names. I don’t get it.
RadicalRiley: Do a search for your name.
CyberEDD: Tyler Edwards, West Virginia.
CyberEDD: What the hell?
RadicalRiley: Some female celebrities caught the magic. Megan Fox was on Letterman a few nights back, she must have picked it up while she was in New York. A few of the celebrities have these little blogs where they’re listing off the names of guys who jack off thinking about them.
CyberEDD: What the hell? How? Are you saying Megan Fox sensed my thinking about her? She’s all the way over in L.A.!
RadicalRiley: She’s been freaking out on Twitter. So have a few other celebs. I figure they get jerked off to so much, they must be sensing tons of guys. Sarah Jessica Parker tweeted that they should start listing the names of guys they sense as some kind of protest.
CyberEDD: Protest of what? I was only thinking about her!
RadicalRiley: Well, they can sense it.
CyberEDD: Well, guys can’t always help what they think, especially when they’re jacking off.
RadicalRiley: I know. There’s been some backlash to it. Surprised you’re not aware of this.
CyberEDD: I don’t really follow Twitter.
RadicalRiley: I figured.
CyberEDD: So, Megan Fox is just sitting at a computer, constantly updating this list? I’m pretty sure she’d be at it all day.
RadicalRiley: She hasn’t been spotted since she claimed she got the magic.
CyberEDD: But how is she updating the list so fast? And how does she know people’s names and locations?
RadicalRiley: Maybe the magic gets better the more dudes jerk off for you? As for updating, like I said, she hasn’t been seen, so maybe she’s just at her computer.
CyberEDD: But you know there’s gunna be guys jerking it just to see if she’d sensed them. Y’know, to be dicks.
RadicalRiley: Yeah. I dunno, man, but someone’s doing it. Maybe she has assistants. Or maybe this is just some kind of prank.
CyberEDD: Either it’s awfully elaborate for a prank, or you’re in on it, because who else would know about this site and know who I am.
RadicalRiley: It’s not me.
CyberEDD: Uh-huh.
RadicalRiley: Honestly.
CyberEDD: Maybe she’s gone crazy.
RadicalRiley: Possibly. I probably would, sensing thousands of guys jacking it to me.
CyberEDD: Yeah. I can see that. Kind of feel sorry for her.
RadicalRiley: Yeah.

April 23rd, 2010
RadicalRiley: Hey. Contact me as soon as you get this message. It’s important.
CyberEDD has logged in.
CyberEDD: I’m here, what’s up?
RadicalRiley: I have the magic.
CyberEDD: Oh, wow.
CyberEDD: Really?
RadicalRiley: Yes. My roommate had it a couple days ago. I just woke up this morning, and I suddenly had it.
RadicalRiley: It’s really weird. I can sense guys’ cocks, just like the blogs and stuff say. Like I just know when a guy is hard or masturbating or having sex.
CyberEDD: That must be weird.
RadicalRiley: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: There’s this guy in my math class I’ve suspected has a crush on me. I sensed him masturbating to thoughts of me.
CyberEDD: Oh.
RadicalRiley: He’s all the way across campus, and just twenty minutes ago, he pulled up my Facebook picture and stroked himself. Came pretty quick, too. Didn’t even last a minte.
CyberEDD: I see.
RadicalRiley: You ever do that to me?
CyberEDD: Jerk off to your Facebook? No.
RadicalRiley: You’re lying.
CyberEDD: No, I’m not.
RadicalRiley: Yes, you are. I can sense it.
CyberEDD: How?
RadicalRiley: I don’t know, I just can.
CyberEDD: Are you reading my mind right now?
RadicalRiley: I dunno. I don’t think so. But when you answered that question, I just knew you were lying.
RadicalRiley: It’s okay, I’m not mad. I know what boys do with pictures of girls.
CyberEDD: Sorry.
RadicalRiley: I just said it’s okay.
CyberEDD: You don’t think it’s creepy?
RadicalRiley: Well, we’ve had sex before. It’s not like I’m some Middle School girl you’ve never talked to.
RadicalRiley: And I’d say you should find some other girl in town to have fun with, but I know your options are limited.
CyberEDD: There’s some cute girls at the community college.
RadicalRiley: In the middle of no where? How many are taken? Out in the sticks, if you’re not married by 16, you’re S.O.L.
CyberEDD: You didn’t want to get hitched.
RadicalRiley: You know it wasn’t going to work this far apart. You broke up with me, remember?
CyberEDD: Yeah, I know.
RadicalRiley: Come on. Don’t mope.
CyberEDD: I now it’s only been a couple weeks, but I miss you already.
RadicalRiley: I know. I miss you, too.
RadicalRiley: I miss your cock.
RadicalRiley: I’m serious. I’m thinking about how I used to suck it.
CyberEDD: You were pretty good.
RadicalRiley: Not as good as you going down on me, though!
CyberEDD: Naw.
RadicalRiley: Yaw!
CyberEDD: You’re making me feel lonely.
RadicalRiley: *sigh* I was trying to cheer you up.
CyberEDD: I know. I’m sorry.
RadicalRiley: Well, I was also trying something else.
CyberEDD: What?
RadicalRiley: I think I can sense your cock.
CyberEDD: Really?
RadicalRiley: Yeah. You’re hard right now.
CyberEDD: Of course I’m hard. I’ve been hard for like two weeks!
RadicalRiley: No, I mean, talking about your cock, you reacted. I could sense it.
RadicalRiley: Does it hurt? Being hard all the time?
CyberEDD: No, it’s just annoying, having to do everything with your dick constantly trying to tent your pants.
RadicalRiley: Haha, I imagine.
CyberEDD: Seriously, though, you’re like a 1,000 miles away. How can you possibly sense me?
RadicalRiley: 1,300 miles, according to GoogleMaps. And I dunno.
CyberEDD: Do all women have that kind of range?
RadicalRiley: I don’t think so. Not unless
CyberEDD: Yeah?
RadicalRiley: Sorry, just asked my roommate. She says she can sense her boyfriend and a couple guys from her hometown, and they’re a few hundred miles away, too. But she can’t sense any other hard-ons out that far. She says it might be because we’ve fooled around before. Like the magic knows who I’ve been with.
CyberEDD: oh
CyberEDD: wow, that’s
CyberEDD: but I mean, you didn’t have Sex Magic then, so…
RadicalRiley: I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I’ve had you in me, so, I guess my body remembers?
CyberEDD: yeah…
RadicalRiley: Haha, are you blushing?
CyberEDD: No!
RadicalRiley: I think you are. Embarrassed I’m talking so frankly about it?
CyberEDD: It’s just, girls getting the power, y’know, they aren’t being, um…
RadicalRiley: Discrete?
CyberEDD: Yeah. The older women respect privacy, but I’ve had a lot of girls just giggle at my constant erection.
RadicalRiley: You’ll probably just have to get used to that. But you don’t have to be shy with me. I’ve sucked your cock, remember?
CyberEDD: Ha, yeah, I definitely remember. ; )
RadicalRiley: Haha, good! I would hope so!
CyberEDD: So, um, can you, like, do stuff?
RadicalRiley: What do you mean?
CyberEDD: I mean, can you do stuff to me from that far away?
RadicalRiley: Like what?
CyberEDD: You know, with your powers?
RadicalRiley: Haha, you want another blowjob or something?
CyberEDD: I wouldn’t say no! But I mean, can you reach that far?
RadicalRiley: I dunno. Guess I could try something. You at home right now?
CyberEDD: Yeah. Of course.
RadicalRiley: Anyone else home?
CyberEDD: Not at the moment.
RadicalRiley: Okay. Take your clothes off.
CyberEDD: Um
RadicalRiley: ???
RadicalRiley: You naked?
CyberEDD: Yeah, but
CyberEDD: Um, I can’t tell if I just did that on my own, or…?
RadicalRiley: I sent you a mental command as I typed that. Did you feel some kind of strong compulsion?
CyberEDD: Actually, yeah! Wow, that’s kind of freaky!
RadicalRiley: I’ll bet. You know, it was a little difficult to focus on your cock before, but now the connection seems to be stronger.
CyberEDD: How so?
RadicalRiley: I dunno, like, before the signal was fuzzy, but now it’s sharper? Like using my powers on you lets me better tune into you.
CyberEDD: Weird. So, what’s that like?
RadicalRiley: What? Sensing you?
CyberEDD: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: Ah, well, it’s… it’s hard to describe, I guess. If I focus on you, like, think about you and wonder where you’re at, I can kind of, like, just get this sense of where you are. Or, I guess, where your penis is.
CyberEDD: Ok.
RadicalRiley: There’s like this humming sound when guys get hard. Like a tuning fork, almost? Like a hum that you think you’re hearing, but it’s actually just in your head? If they’re nearby, I can sense them without trying. I can even follow specific hum and focus on it to zero on a specific cock. For someone like you, though, you’re too far away to just sense, even with our connection, I guess, so I have to deliberately try and sense you. Now that I have, though, I think I can do it pretty easily.
CyberEDD: Wow. Doesn’t that hum thing get annoying?
RadicalRiley: It’s a little distracting, yeah, but, believe it or not, it’s actually quite pleasant.
CyberEDD: Really?
RadicalRiley: Uh-huh. My roommate says there’s apparently ways to just block them out if we want, and when they’re soft, a guy doesn’t give off any signals. Or if they do, it’s super low. And if you’ve slept with a guy, you can still find him by his cock if he’s soft
CyberEDD: Huh.
RadicalRiley: And that’s not all. There’s also like a low buzzing sound that comes from guys’ testicles. It gets louder the longer they’ve gone without an orgasm.
CyberEDD: Woah. So, can you sense mine?
RadicalRiley: Yeah, I think so. Mostly I think I’m just sensing your cock, though.
CyberEDD: Can you guess how long it’s been?
RadicalRiley: I’m not sure. I’d have to hang around you more. Or make a point to sense you more. Each guy seems kind of different.
RadicalRiley: So how long has it been?
CyberEDD: About three hours, LOL
RadicalRiley: Haha, no wonder! You’re empty!
CyberEDD: I dunno, reading up on all this magic stuff is really “inspiring.”
RadicalRiley: Haha, I bet!
CyberEDD: Especially now that you have them…
CyberEDD: um… should I have not said that?
RadicalRiley: No, no, it’s fine. I guess I’m flattered, LOL.
CyberEDD: Yeah.
CyberEDD: So… about that blowjob…
RadicalRiley: Eye on the prize, huh? Well, you just blew your load earlier. You up for it?
CyberEDD: Apparently I’m always “up” for it these days.
RadicalRiley: Haha, true! Okay, get ready. I’m just going to try and remember the last time I sucked you.
CyberEDD: Okay.
RadicalRiley: Is it working?
CyberEDD: Yes! I can feel your tongue!
RadicalRiley: Excellent. And now my mouth?
CyberEDD: Yes!
RadicalRiley: Good!
RadicalRiley: Wow, the more I do this, the more focused your cock is coming in. Like I’m zooming into it, almost.
RadicalRiley: Oops, I think you just came!
RadicalRiley: Huh. I’m losing your signals a bit. They got really clear as I was sending the sucking command, spell, whatever. Then it got almost loud when you came. And then I felt this warm tingle reach me. And then the signal got quiet.
RadicalRiley: I think if that hard-on spell wasn’t on, you’d probably fade off completely. Although I think I can still find your cock whenever now.
RadicalRiley: Hello? You still there?
CyberEDD: Sorry, sorry, I had to clean up.
RadicalRiley: Haha, no worries. So how did that feel?
CyberEDD: Not as good as the real thing, but, yeah, I could tell it was you. Same trick with your tongue!
CyberEDD: Wow, that was kind of freaky.
RadicalRiley: Bad freaky?
CyberEDD: No, no, just… I mean, I came really hard, even though I’d just jerked off this morning, and it wasn’t, you know, not quite the same as you actually doing it.
RadicalRiley: Haha, I was doing it!
CyberEDD: You know what I mean, LOL.
RadicalRiley: Well, after a few minutes, I was telling your penis to cum. I might have pushed a little hard.
CyberEDD: I almost drenched my keyboard!  : (
RadicalRiley: Aw, poor thing! Maybe I shouldn’t give you any more psychic blowjobs.
CyberEDD: Hey, now.
CyberEDD: I just need to aim better next time.
RadicalRiley: Hahaha.
CyberEDD: So, you want to do this again sometime?
RadicalRiley: Maybe.
CyberEDD: Come on, don’t be a tease.
RadicalRiley: We’ll see. Keep in touch.
RadicalRiley has logged out.
CyberEDD: Wait! I forgot to ask about the hard-on spell!
CyberEDD: Damn it.
CyberEDD: Well, if you see this message, could you try and undo the spell? Please?

April 24th, 2010
RadicalRiley: Hey, there. Is your dick soft yet?
CyberEDD: Actually, yes.
RadicalRiley: Good. I caught your message. Sorry I didn’t think of it myself.
CyberEDD: It’s okay. So you did it?
RadicalRiley: Yeah. After you came, I can hone my senses on your cock without any trouble. I sensed this little prop inside you, keeping you hard.
CyberEDD: A prop?
RadicalRiley: I don’t know what else to call it. These senses are really hard to describe. But it’s like, I dunno, I can sort of see these channels, in my mind, when I’m concentrating on a cock. Like tiny pathways. Not like blood vessels, but like a web of strings or something. And it doesn’t really make any sense visually, but I just seem to know exactly what each string does and what’ll happen if I bend it or tug on it. It’s kind of how I sent you the blow job.
CyberEDD: Kind of like playing an instrument?
RadicalRiley: Something like that. I mean, I visualize it how it would look, right, like me going down on you, I’m thinking of me sucking you. But I can sense that thought reaching out and touching the little strings, the little channels, and sending sensations through them.
RadicalRiley: You know, it actually reminds me of a circuit board, almost. But, like, more three-dimensional.
CyberEDD: Weird.
CyberEDD: I wish I could see it, myself.
RadicalRiley: Yeah, that’s really weird, only women seem to be getting this power.
CyberEDD: Pretty unfair.
RadicalRiley: Oh, I dunno. Depends on the woman.  ; )
CyberEDD: Haha, I know plenty of unfair women!
RadicalRiley: Yeah, tell me about it. You thought being hard all the time was a pain? Try not being able to cum.
CyberEDD: Haha, what?
RadicalRiley: My roommate showed me this trick. Very easy to do. Almost scary how quickly the magic lets you learn stuff. Like it comes with a free tutorial that’s intuitive and automatic.
CyberEDD: Now that’s really unfair. So you don’t even have to try?
RadicalRiley: I mean, if you want to do something new, you have to try and do it, but the magic guides you pretty well, as far as I can tell.
CyberEDD: Okay. So what’s this about no orgasms?
RadicalRiley: Right. My roommate taught me this one. Cross a few of those mental strings, tie off part of the circuit, I guess, and you can block a guy’s orgasm. You can bring him to the point he should shoot off, but he just won’t. He’ll just keep hitting the edge.
CyberEDD: Wow. I don’t know if that’s awesome or scary.
RadicalRiley: Well, one thing’s for sure, no woman’s gunna be complaining about their man not lasting long enough if they figure out this spell!
CyberEDD: No kidding.
RadicalRiley: Uh-oh, you’re hard again!
CyberEDD: Gah!
RadicalRiley: And after all the trouble I went to to make it go soft. Maybe I should just put the prop back, hmm? Let’s see, just tap this string over a nudge…
CyberEDD: Please don’t!
RadicalRiley: Haha, I’m just kidding.
CyberEDD: Um, well, if you wanted to try some other things, though, I wouldn’t say no.
RadicalRiley: Want another psychic blowjob, huh?
CyberEDD: Would be nice.
CyberEDD: You know, if you want.
RadicalRiley: I hope you’re not going to be begging me daily to get you off like this, or something. I know I said you’re prospects are bleak, but there’s gotta be someone out there whose available. Heck, you can look around online.
CyberEDD: I don’t trust looking online for dates. They’re usually online for a reason.
RadicalRiley: LOL, point!
CyberEDD: Seriously, though, no pressure, but if you want to experiment a little. I mean, as long as it’s nothing too crazy.
RadicalRiley: Yeah, yeah. Okay. I do want to try something. Psychic handjob. Then maybe try a psychic footjob.
CyberEDD: Okay.
RadicalRiley: Ready?
CyberEDD: Totally.
CyberEDD: Woah! Take it easy!
RadicalRiley: Sorry! Too rough? Did I hurt you?
CyberEDD: Didn’t hurt, just intense!
RadicalRiley: Heehee. Sorry! I’ll try and get it under control. It’s a little but tricky, trying to work each finger.
CyberEDD: Maybe just do like you did the blowjob? Just think it?
RadicalRiley: Hmm. Hold on.
RadicalRiley: Okay, I grabbed my flashlight. Maybe if I mimic the motion.
CyberEDD: Woah, okay, that’s good.
RadicalRiley: Good. Okay. Try not to pop too soon, I want to get a feel for this.
RadicalRiley: Okay, trying feet now.
CyberEDD: You were doing pretty good with hands.
RadicalRiley: I know, that’s why I’m switching. I already let go of the flashlight a few minutes ago.
RadicalRiley: Oh, and you don’t have to type anything. I can sense what you’re thinking in the moment, and I know when you’re about to cum.
CyberEDD: Why’d you stop?!
RadicalRiley: Wanna try one more thing. Hand and feet together.
CyberEDD: Wow! Jeez, that’s weird!
RadicalRiley: Yeah? Good weird? Bad weird?
CyberEDD: Feels good. Really good. But I can feel both sensations, hands and feet, I can feel them both at once. Like the motion is going back and forth past each other, but I can feel the pleasure of both.
CyberEDD: Hard to type.
RadicalRiley: Then lean back and enjoy. Maybe aim away from your computer.
RadicalRiley: Damn, you came clear across the room that time!
CyberEDD: No shit! I hit the wall! Did you push it again that time?
RadicalRiley: A little, yeah.
CyberEDD: Damn. Thought I was gunna fall off my chair.
RadicalRiley: I think your toes were curling. You whimpered.
CyberEDD: I did not!
RadicalRiley: You so did! Haha, you totally came like a girl, all squealing and curling into a ball!
CyberEDD: Did not.
RadicalRiley: I can totally sense you did! And now you’re blushing. And… okay, you’re starting to fade some. Guess your cock is softening.
CyberEDD: Gimme a minute, I gotta clean this up.
RadicalRiley: Take your time.
CyberEDD: Hey, thanks. That was actually pretty awesome.
RadicalRiley: You’re quite welcome.
CyberEDD: I don’t want to sound pushy, but, if you wanted to make this a regular thing, I’d be cool with that.
RadicalRiley: Haha, ever eager, aren’t you? We’ll see.
CyberEDD: Okay.

May 3rd, 2010
RadicalRiley: Hey, Eddie.
CyberEDD: Jeesh, I thought you’d never sign on! Where you been?
RadicalRiley: Oh, don’t be so clingy. I’ve been busy with school, duh! Haven’t you?
CyberEDD: Community college courses ain’t exactly rocket science.
RadicalRiley: True enough.
RadicalRiley: Anyway, I’ve also been practicing my powers.
CyberEDD: I noticed. Thanks for the handjobs, I guess.
RadicalRiley: You guess?!
CyberEDD: Better when we’re talking at the time. You could have texted me, at least.
RadicalRiley: Aw. Sorry. I made sure you weren’t like, in the middle of something and your Mom wasn’t home.
CyberEDD: How do you know if she’s not?
RadicalRiley: I can sense it in your mind if you know she is or not. You always check before you try to masturbate.
CyberEDD: Wow, so, you can read my mind, just like that?
RadicalRiley: Only sex stuff. Or stuff going through your head while sex stuff is happening, I guess. Easier to read your mind when your jerking off or I’m playing with you.
CyberEDD: So what am I thinking right now?
RadicalRiley: That you wish I’d suck you off again.
CyberEDD: Well, that’s a given.
RadicalRiley: Alright, you’re playing a Killswitch Engage song in your head. Holy Diver. It’s a cover of an older song, but you don’t remember who.
CyberEDD: Yikes.
RadicalRiley: Now you’re scared I can read your mind. Stop touching yourself, and maybe it’ll fog up.
CyberEDD: Okay. Now?
RadicalRiley: Hmm… I dunno, your thoughts are a little fuzzier, but I can still view them. Just the surface ones, mind. Probably because I’m already connected.
CyberEDD: I see. So, what have you been doing with your powers?
RadicalRiley: Hmm. Are you sure you want to know?
CyberEDD: Yeah. I mean, I’m like your research partner already, right?
RadicalRiley: Haha, true enough, I guess. I just don’t want to hurt your feelings.
CyberEDD: You won’t.
RadicalRiley: I can read your mind, Eddie. It’s pretty clear you’re feeling that little pang in your chest.
CyberEDD: Well, I can’t help that. But I am curious.
RadicalRiley: No. Not today.
CyberEDD: You sure?
RadicalRiley: I’d rather just not, okay?
CyberEDD: Okay.
CyberEDD: Sorry.
RadicalRiley: But I can show a few things, if you like.
CyberEDD: Okay!
RadicalRiley: LOL
RadicalRiley: Alright, how does that feel?
CyberEDD: Weird. Good, but weird. It feels pleasureable, but I don’t feel any, I dunno, touch sensations?
RadicalRiley: I’m lighting up the pleasure receptors on your penis and testicles directly. Literally just pure pleasure. I can soften or intensify the effect, too. Even make it waver back and forth a bit.
CyberEDD: Woah! That feels really good.
RadicalRiley: Yep. And I can even select the effect. Like, start a ring of pleasure at the top of your cock, then slowly work it down, then start back at the top the moment it reaches the base.
CyberEDD: That’s so weird! It’s like being stroked, but without even feeling a hand.
RadicalRiley: Uh-huh. I’ve also learned how to set some basic spells on automatic.
CyberEDD: Automatic?
RadicalRiley: Yeah. So, you know how these spells are powered by male lust and sexual response?
CyberEDD: Yeah, I read that part. Weird.
RadicalRiley: Well, I can set the spell to automatically draw energy without me having to do it consciously. Like I can just leave this pleasure spell on your cock, and as long as you’re producing energy to fuel the spell with your sexual tension, which of course the spell makes you feel, the spell will just keep going.
CyberEDD: What about when I cum, will it keep going then?
RadicalRiley: If I let it, but I can set it to stop once you do.
CyberEDD: Okay. That might not be very long!
RadicalRiley: I can tell! Fortunately, I can add another little condition.
CyberEDD: What?
CyberEDD: Hey, it stopped! I was about to shoot!
RadicalRiley: Heehee. Yep! It’ll stop just before you’re about to orgasm. Then it’ll wait until you’ve calmed down a little, then…
CyberEDD: It started again!
RadicalRiley: Uh-huh.
CyberEDD: Wow, this could get really frustrating really fast.
RadicalRiley: Oh, I know it. We’ve been putting this spell on boys all over campus.
CyberEDD: I see.
RadicalRiley: Aw, there you go feeling jealous again. Don’t be! I can play with you and them all at the same time.
CyberEDD: That’s impressive.
CyberEDD: Oh, wow, this spell is precise! I thought I was gunna lose it that time.
RadicalRiley: I call it an Edge Loop. It’ll just keep going, stimulating you over and over and stopping just at the right time, until you’re finally so worked up, even stopping won’t prevent you from blowing your load.
CyberEDD: Jesus.
RadicalRiley: Haha, I know, right? Some guys only last five minutes. Other guys can go hours. Of course, if you combine the spell with an Orgasm Block, hoo boy. My roommate did that to one of her ex’s from back home. Poor thing nearly went crazy. She finally relented after about six hours.
CyberEDD: Holy shit! Six hours?!
RadicalRiley: I know, right?
CyberEDD: Jeez, that didn’t fuck his dick up? The constant stimulation or just being hard that long?
RadicalRiley: Oh, right. That’s the funny thing about the magic, it seems to have some kind of healing properties, for both the woman using it and the guy she’s playing with. I got a friend who cut her arm up when a glass broke in her hand. She had to get stitches. But she sucked her boyfriends cock a couple times since, then noticed the cut had healed some, much faster than normal. So she and her boyfriend had a few hours of sex, and by the end, the cut was fully healed and the stitches popped out on their own. There’s not even  scar!
CyberEDD: Wow. Holy crap! So, the magic heals you?
RadicalRiley: Yeah. And it seems to keep your dick safe even if it stays hard for hours and hours. I mean, you were hard for days, remember?
CyberEDD: Yeah, but it wasn’t being played with. Wow, that’s wild. Theres
RadicalRiley: Heehee, you edged again!
CyberEDD: Jeez.
RadicalRiley: Thought third time would be the charm, eh?
CyberEDD: I dunno if I can take this for much longer.
RadicalRiley: Aw, don’t spoil it! You haven’t even lasted ten minutes yet!
RadicalRiley: Come on, don’t just jerk off to end it, try to hold out! For me?
CyberEDD: Okay.
RadicalRiley: Yay!
CyberEDD: So, what I was saying, if the magic can heal, there’s no telling what it’ll do to speed along the medical industry. Just imagine, an EMT shows up to help someone whose been in an accident, she just needs to make him feel like his cock is being sucked, and she could heal him on the spot!
RadicalRiley: Huh. Hadn’t thought of that. You may be right. Not sure how strong the healing aspect is, but wow.
RadicalRiley: Heh. Hospitals could become “healing brothels.” Wonder if insurance will cover the visits?  ; )
RadicalRiley: How you doing champ? I’ve sensed you edge two more time. Getting pretty riled?
CyberEDD: I can see how this would drive a man crazy. I can’t image six hours of this!
RadicalRiley: Ha! You know, you don’t have to imagine. I could make it happen pretty easily!
CyberEDD: Please don’t!
RadicalRiley: Aw.
CyberEDD: Seriously, I can only take so much!
RadicalRiley: Probably a lot more than you think. Especially with the magic keeping you from having a heart attack or whatever/
CyberEDD: Don’t please.
RadicalRiley: Okay, okay, sheesh.
RadicalRiley: Wuss. : P
CyberEDD: Fuck! Almost had it that time.
RadicalRiley: Don’t stroke it!
CyberEDD: I have to!
RadicalRiley: I forbid it!
CyberEDD: What the hell?
CyberEDD: What did you do?
RadicalRiley: Something wrong?
CyberEDD: I can’t touch it! I’m trying, but I can’t!
RadicalRiley: Oops! Sorry, I didn’t even mean to cast that spell.
CyberEDD: You can do a spell that keeps from touching?!
RadicalRiley: Of course. Hey, I can block orgasms at will, blocking masturbation is just as easy!
CyberEDD: Jesus, what kind of powers are these?!
CyberEDD: Can you turn it off?
CyberEDD: Please?
RadicalRiley: Come on. You wanted to know what I was doing with other guys. Well, it’s stuff like this. Come on, it’s fun if you just stop freaking out and let yourself enjoy it.
CyberEDD: I don’t
CyberEDD: God! This spell is crazy!
RadicalRiley: It knows precisely to the quarter second when to back off and how close to get you. It’s pretty damn wicked!
CyberEDD: I can’t take six hours of this!
RadicalRiley: Oh, relax, I’m not doing it to you that long.
RadicalRiley: Wow, that was quick! Another edge already! What is that, nine? Ten?
CyberEDD: Please make it stop now.
RadicalRiley: Nah. You’re getting there.
CyberEDD: Please!
RadicalRiley: Ooh, another one! I think you’re hitting the brink!
RadicalRiley: Just hold on a couple more times, okay?
RadicalRiley: Please, Eddie? For me? Please?
CyberEDD: Okay
CyberEDD: Goddamn!
RadicalRiley: Almost! I think the next one will be it!
CyberEDD: Ah, no! Shit!
RadicalRiley: Aw, I really thought so! How many more will it take?
RadicalRiley: One…
RadicalRiley: Two…
RadicalRiley: Three…
RadicalRiley: Four!
RadicalRiley: Five!
RadicalRiley: Hahahaha, holy shit, that did it! Wow, you hit the fucking ceiling!
RadicalRiley: Haha, okay, the spell’s gunna milk out every drop, but it’ll stop in a couple seconds, alright? Then you can breathe again.
CyberEDD: Holy fuck!
RadicalRiley: How was that? Pretty damn cool, huh?
CyberEDD: Yeah. Cool. Maybe too cool. Jesus, she made him feel that for half a day?
RadicalRiley: Yeah. Trust me, he deserved it, though. He was a total asshole to her.
CyberEDD: I’ll take your word for it.
CyberEDD: Jeez, I hit the ceiling, I hit the curtains. Mom’s gunna be pissed.
RadicalRiley: Oh. Really? I’m sorry.
CyberEDD: No, it’s fine, I’ll clean it up. Hopefully it won’t stain.
RadicalRiley: Okay.
RadicalRiley: You okay?
CyberEDD: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: Really?
CyberEDD: Yeah. That was just
RadicalRiley: ???
CyberEDD: I dunno.
RadicalRiley: What?
CyberEDD: I think it just struck me how powerful you are.
RadicalRiley: Does that make you hard?
RadicalRiley: Or scared?
CyberEDD: Maybe a little of both?
RadicalRiley: Okay.
RadicalRiley: Hey, I removed the masturbation block. You can touch yourself again.
CyberEDD: I don’t get to very often, actually. Mom says she can sense it even if she’s a few miles away. She’s starting to figure out how to block the signals, but she still has to concentrate to do it, and if I take her by surprise, she doesn’t like that.
RadicalRiley: Aw, so you were blue balling today? I thought your cock sounded pretty tense.
CyberEDD: Four days. Haven’t cum since the last psychic handjob you sent me.
RadicalRiley: Aw, poor thing! If you need to pop that bad, can’t you just ask her to look the other way.
CyberEDD: I’m not asking my Mom for permission to masturbate! That’s gross!
RadicalRiley: Well, she probably thinks sensing you is gross.
CyberEDD: I know! That’s why I don’t want to talk to her about it!
RadicalRiley: Aw. Well, wait, does she sense it when I’m playing with you?
CyberEDD: Yeah, but not very well. She just senses I’m hard, I guess. It’s when I touch myself that I guess whatever signals I throw off get stronger. I dunno. She just knows when it’s my own hand, but otherwise…
RadicalRiley: I thought you said you didn’t want to talk to her about it?
CyberEDD: She explained it a little, last time she caught me.
RadicalRiley: Hmm… Well, I know that when another woman is using her magic, we can’t sense who is doing it. We can sense the guy is being stimulated and what he’s feeling, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to trace back the signal. Or if you can, it’s so vague you can only get a general direction. So, we can read guys easy but not other women.
CyberEDD: I read you guys are  immune to each others’ powers unless you want to be.
RadicalRiley: Haven’t tried it myself. Maybe eventually, though.
RadicalRiley: Your cock just twitched.
RadicalRiley: Perv!
CyberEDD: That’s kind of freaky how you can do that.
RadicalRiley: That only just now occurred to you?
CyberEDD: I guess.
RadicalRiley: Hey. Don’t worry about it. I’m not gunna, like, rape you with my powers or anything.
CyberEDD: I know. I guess I just need to process this. You’re the only one I’ve done magic stuff with so far, but apparently every woman is getting the power. If every one of them can do what you can do, then, what about the ones that aren’t my friends?
CyberEDD: I mean, I think it just hit me. Someone gave me a permanent hard-on for a while. No idea who. Just someone pulling a prank on a bunch of random guys, probably someone just passing through town, doing it without a care. And I’d still have it if you hadn’t taken the spell off.
RadicalRiley: Yeah, that is pretty scary. I dunno what to tell you.
RadicalRiley: I guess if some girl is giving you trouble, you can call me. I’ll see what I can do.
CyberEDD: Okay.
RadicalRiley: Hey. Don’t be scared, alright? Some girls like to play around, but no one’s gunna go all Super Rapist on you, okay?
CyberEDD: Okay.
RadicalRiley: Good. Now I gotta go, might not be on for a few days.
CyberEDD: Alright. Cya!
CyberEDD: And thanks. : )
RadicalRiley: No problem! ; )

June 23rd, 2010
RadicalRiley: Hey, Eddie.
RadicalRiley: Eddie? Come on. Please talk to me.
RadicalRiley: Eddie, I know you’re at your computer. Your cock is getting hard thinking of me, but you’re not sure you want to talk to me.
RadicalRiley: Look, I know I up and vanished on you, and I’m really sorry.
RadicalRiley: I got wrapped up in some stuff, and I
RadicalRiley: Well, I don’t want to talk about it. But I’d like it if you spoke to me.
RadicalRiley: Please?
CyberEDD: What do you want?
RadicalRiley: To talk.
CyberEDD: Really? Funny, I’ve been trying to contact you for two months. Nothing. You haven’t even done anything to me with your powers. It’s like you just cut me out entirely, out of no where.
RadicalRiley: I’m sorry.
CyberEDD: Maybe I was coming off as clinging. I didn’t think so. But even if I was, cold shouldering me was uncalled for.
RadicalRiley: I know. I’m sorry.
CyberEDD: Do I even want to know what happened?
RadicalRiley: I don’t know. Probably not.
RadicalRiley: But I need to tell somebody.
RadicalRiley: But I know you’re already mad, and I don’t want you to think I’m a monster.
CyberEDD: Then you shouldn’t say it. Tell someone else. A guidance counselor at your school, maybe, I don’t know.
RadicalRiley: I fucked up. Bad. It wasn’t just me, there was a group of us. But I contributed to cause a serious problem.
RadicalRiley: With my powers.
CyberEDD: Then I really don’t want to hear about it.
RadicalRiley: Okay.
CyberEDD: Just tell me, is the problem fixed?
RadicalRiley: Yeah. It’s fixed now.
CyberEDD: Are you okay?
RadicalRiley: Not really. I got expelled. I mean, I deserve it, but, this was my one shot to get out of town and start a real career, and I blew it. I mean, jesus, I didn’t even make it to my first regular semester. These summer courses were just supposed to knock out some minor requirements before I really got started.
CyberEDD: Are you coming back, then?
RadicalRiley: I dunno. I don’t want to.
RadicalRiley: I mean, maybe to see you.
CyberEDD: Don’t.
RadicalRiley: I mean it.
CyberEDD: No. Fuck you. You don’t get to pull that shit on me now.
RadicalRiley: Jesus, I said I was sorry, what more do you want?
CyberEDD: Nothing. Not from you. Not from any woman. I don’t trust any of you. Not even the women I know.
RadicalRiley: Did something happen?
CyberEDD: What the fuck do you think? Did you even read any of my messages?
RadicalRiley: No.
CyberEDD: Great. That’s fucking great.
RadicalRiley: What happened?
CyberEDD: You can read my mind through my dick, can’t you?
RadicalRiley: Just tell me. Please. I don’t want to use my powers right now.
CyberEDD: How convenient. You had no problem using them to sense me before.
RadicalRiley: That’s just sensing. It’s pretty much automatic.
CyberEDD: Uh-huh.
RadicalRiley: Eddie, please. I know you feel like I abandoned you. I’m sorry, but I was dealing with my own serous shit. But you’re right, I should have said something, at least. I don’t know why I didn’t.
RadicalRiley: So please, let me try and make it up to you. Tell me what happened.
CyberEDD: No. Not now.
RadicalRiley: Alright.
CyberEDD: Don’t talk to me for a while.
RadicalRiley: Okay. I’m sorry.
CyberEDD has blocked you.
RadicalRiley: Fuck!

August 5th, 2010
TurboCrusher88 wants to send a message to CyberEDD.
TurboCrusher88: Hey, man, you remember me? I’m Turbo Crusher on the SuperComicArenaBattle forum.
CyberEDD: Oh, hey. What’s up? How’d you get my AIM address?
TurboCrusher88: It’s the same as your SCAB screen name, doofus. LOL.
CyberEDD: … Touche. Haven’t even been on that site for a few months. How’s the board doing?
TurboCrusher88: Eh, same as usual. Lot’s of inane scenario threads and “who do you wanna fuck” threads, very few actual battle threads. Of course, now it’s mostly, “What comic book hot chick do you wish had Sex Magic” threads.
CyberEDD: Everything’s about Sex Magic these days.
TurboCrusher88: They say it’s everywhere now. Every woman on Earth.
CyberEDD: Yeah. Fucking scary.
TurboCrusher88: Yeah. So, uh, I’m really sorry to do this man, but there’s kind of this funny coincidence.
CyberEDD: What?
TurboCrusher88: My girlfriend is roommates with Riley.
CyberEDD: What?
TurboCrusher88: Please don’t block me, man. I’m really sorry to pull this on you, but Riley says you’ve blocked her and she needs to talk to you.
CyberEDD: Holy fucking shit.
CyberEDD: Let me get this straight, she’s telling her roommate to make some guy she doesn’t know message me.
TurboCrusher88: I know it’s creepy. I do. Please, dude, just unblock her and talk to her, will you?
CyberEDD: After this? Definitely no. Look, you seemed cool back on the site, but what the hell is wrong with you?
TurboCrusher88: My girlfriend’s got me by the balls, dude. I mean that literally. I wasn’t gunna do this, but if I didn’t, she wasn’t going to let me get off till the end of the year.
CyberEDD: Unbelievable.
TurboCrusher88: Look, I didn’t get the story between you two, but consider if Riley really wanted to force you to contact her, she could just do it. Puppet your body or mind control you or whatever, make you unblock her, cast some spell so you’d contact her the second she gave you a psychic command.
TurboCrusher88: If she wanted to really be a cunt, she’d just use that pleasure ring tease spell non-stop until you cracked. So do yourself a favor and just make up with her already.
TurboCrusher88: Hello?
CyberEDD: Do you know what she did?
TurboCrusher88: You mean what got her expelled? Yeah. My girlfriend was in on it. Do you know?
CyberEDD: No.
TurboCrusher88: Dude. She almost went to prison.
CyberEDD: What?
TurboCrusher88: There was a party at the apartments just off campus. My girlfriend and Riley and a few other girls got super drunk. Then they got it in their heads to pay a visit to one of the frat houses.
CyberEDD: I don’t want to hear anymore.
TurboCrusher88: Okay, dude. I get it.
TurboCrusher88: Are you okay, man? I feel like shit for doing this.
CyberEDD: Yeah, well, gotta get those balls emptied, right?
TurboCrusher88: Dude, come on, that’s not fair.
CyberEDD: I know. And you’re with a girl whose going to genuinely bully you with your own nuts, you need to break out of that relationship, pronto.
TurboCrusher88: It’s not
TurboCrusher88: Look, don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not really like that.
CyberEDD: And yet here we are.
TurboCrusher88: Alright, listen, I’ll leave you alone. But I’m just saying. If you’re that scared of what she can do to you, know that if you wanted, she could just force you to do anything she wanted, one way or another. She’s just asking. And she’s only asking through me because you won’t talk to her.
CyberEDD: Fine. Jesus Christ. Tell her I’ll get back to her in a couple days.
TurboCrusher88: Okay. Good luck, man.

April 7th, 2010
CyberEDD has unblocked you.
RadicalRiley: Finally!
RadicalRiley: Hi.
CyberEDD: What do you want?
RadicalRiley: To apologize. Again.
RadicalRiley: I made a mistake, several mistakes. I’m trying to make it right.
RadicalRiley: I want to clear the air between us, at least.
CyberEDD: Mistake? What I’m understanding is that you and handful of other girls went to a frat house and raped about three dozen guys.
RadicalRiley: We were drunk.
CyberEDD: When has that ever been an acceptable excuse for rape?
CyberEDD: Oh, right. I forgot. When a woman does it, it doesn’t count. Apparently not even when she has Sex Magic.
CyberEDD: Which, by the way, I read up that the healing aura would neutralize the effects of alcohol. So if you all were drunk at the beginning, as soon as you started doing anything sexual with your magic, you’d start sobering up.
RadicalRiley: You’re not wrong. But it’s not like we just woke up from a daze, okay? We were still pretty tipsy to start, and sort of just transitioned into a lust high.
CyberEDD: What? Were you sober or not?
RadicalRiley: Not really. I mean, yes, sort of. The alcohol wore off quick. But when a man is hard, when he’s engaged in sex, and he’s throwing off lust energy or whatever, it has this effect on women. It feels good. Like masturbation. When you’re already horny and loopy, and you go from that to pleasure that just swamps your senses, especially when it’s from guys who haven’t cum in a while, well
RadicalRiley: It almost like you enter this sort of trance state. You can get lost in it if you just let all your inhibitions drop. And with the alcohol, we were already pretty uninhibited. So when we got started, like I said, we just sort of transitioned into that sexual trance and just kept going and going.
CyberEDD: Did you hurt them?
RadicalRiley: No. No, of course not. We just fucked them. Made them fuck us. We held back their orgasms so they’d keep making energy, and the whole house was just this massive orgy. Even the guys who wanted it to stop at first just lost themselves in it. In the end, we made them cum so hard, they blacked out.
RadicalRiley: Of course, some were traumatized when they woke up and remembered what had happened. And the guys who had girlfriends, well, their girlfriends found out pretty quick.
CyberEDD: I really hope they weren’t mad at the guys.
RadicalRiley: They were mad at us, but I don’t know too much about the fall out. More than a few break ups happened.
CyberEDD: So you got expelled. How did you not get arrested?
RadicalRiley: The school covered it all up because they don’t want to lose students or make a scandal of it. But other colleges are dealing with this kind of thing, too. The bigger schools got the coverage.
RadicalRiley: Most of the guys agreed to drop charges. I guess they decided on a majority vote. I don’t know if they’re scared of what they think we might do if they take us to court, or if they just want to seem tough.
CyberEDD: Or they know a woman raping a man won’t be taken seriously. Not even in a Sex Mage World.
RadicalRiley: I’m guessing that’s not going to be the case for very long.
CyberEDD: You think so?
RadicalRiley: I don’t know. I really don’t.
CyberEDD: So what have you been doing since? I noticed you didn’t move back.
RadicalRiley: I’ve been doing community service. We’ve all been doing it instead of going to jail. A few of the other girls come from money, so they were able to pay off the fines. I’m just doing the work.
RadicalRiley: And I’ve tried doing some favors for the guys in the frat. Non-sexual ones. Something to make up for it. I’ve got a few more months to go before my sentence is up.
CyberEDD: I see.
RadicalRiley: So. I guess you think I’m pretty terrible, huh?
CyberEDD: Frankly? Yeah.
RadicalRiley: Okay. I deserve that.
CyberEDD: I’m not falling for that “fish for compliments by being down on yourself” trick.
RadicalRiley: I wasn’t trying to trick you.
CyberEDD: You say that.
RadicalRiley: Oh my god, please. Don’t. I don’t want to fight with you.
CyberEDD: Okay. You’re right. I shouldn’t be an asshole about this.
CyberEDD: You’re trying to fix things. I appreciate that.
RadicalRiley: Thank you. And I’m sorry.
CyberEDD: Stop apologizing. I get it.
RadicalRiley: Okay.
RadicalRiley: Can we talk about you now?
CyberEDD: I don’t know.
RadicalRiley: When you sent me messages, I deleted them. I felt to ashamed to talk to you. Especially after what I said about girls not turning into monsters. And then I did what I did not even a week later.
CyberEDD: You said I could call you for help.
RadicalRiley: And I’m guessing you needed my help. God, I’m so sorry.
CyberEDD: You haven’t even heard what happened.
RadicalRiley: Were you raped, too?
RadicalRiley: Oh, Eddie, if I’d known I would have done something.
CyberEDD: Not me. My Dad. Then my Mom went psychotic over it. She trapped us both in the house, put all sorts of magic condition spells on us. Wouldn’t let us leave. Wouldn’t let us engage in anything sexual, thinking we could just, I dunno, “pray away” our libidos or something.
CyberEDD: She has almost no control of her powers, though, she while she’s lecturing us about our bad thoughts, she’s throwing off magic, and it’s like, the more pissed and crazy she gets, the harder our dicks got, and it was only her spells that were keeping us from just humping anything we could press our dicks on.
CyberEDD: And then that would get her riled up, and she’d lock herself in her room and masturbate to try and purge her thoughts, and we’d feel like a teasing pleasure effect, and we’re begging for her to stop, because she won’t let us cum either.
RadicalRiley: Oh my god, Eddie. I’m so sorry.
CyberEDD: Three weeks, Riley. She kept us prisoner in here for three weeks. The neighbors finally did something about it, but the women in our neighborhood could sense things going on, and they just looked the other way until they couldn’t ignore it anymore. I think Dad was genuinely about to kill himself. If the cops hadn’t broken down the door and rescued us, I don’t know. Mom might not have let him. Or she might have just snapped completely and gone axe murderer on us.
RadicalRiley: I know there’s nothing I can say. But I’m sorry.
CyberEDD: I guess you couldn’t have known. Like you said, dealing with your own shit.
RadicalRiley: That’s just so awful! You’re Mom always seemed so nice!
CyberEDD: She was always kind of a prude, more so than most. Pretty sure Dad had to beg her for sex some months.
RadicalRiley: I guess I can believe that.
CyberEDD: It seems like the power isn’t always equal for some women. Most adapt to the power quick. For some, though, they can’t get a handle on it. Can’t tune out the men’s thoughts or sensing their erections. Can’t get their powers to work right. Guess my Mom was one of those. Combine that with her already not wanting to deal with sex...
RadicalRiley: Where is she now? Can she still affect you? Are you guys safe?
CyberEDD: She’s in an asylum right now. Kept sedated. She’s going through therapy and they’re trying to figure out how to train women with her condition so they can deal with the magic better.
RadicalRiley: I don’t know what to say. I can’t even imagine. Are you and your Dad okay?
RadicalRiley: Guess that’s a stupid question.
CyberEDD: We’re also in therapy right now. Dad’s on anti-depressants.
RadicalRiley: And you?
CyberEDD: No meds.
RadicalRiley: Okay.
RadicalRiley: I guess
RadicalRiley: I guess you don’t want to talk to me anymore, huh?
RadicalRiley: I understand.
CyberEDD: I don’t know, Riley. This whole thing has really fucked me up. Any time I get a hard-on or wake up with morning wood, I feel this little panic for a moment, like is some girl playing with me? And then part of me kind of wishes they would, because my dick doesn’t care what my Mom did, it just wants to be played with, and then I feel like shit, because why the hell am I so addicted to wanting women to touch my dick even if it’s against my will, and I know that’s an urge hardwired into my body, my brain, and part of me wants to just take an ice pick and lobotomize that chunk of my brain so I don’t have to feel this again.
CyberEDD: But then, there’s this other small part of me that remembers just being in her power, in YOUR power, and I just
CyberEDD: That part of me wants to me to stay like that forever. You said how good it felt for you to sense a man’s sexual need, how it just overwhelms you with this euphoria of pleasure. It might not be the same, but it’s sort of similar to just staying on the edge. Like when you used that edging spell on me. Just staying in a sexual high, not thinking, just feeling, just being. At least until the pressure gets to be too much.
CyberEDD: And even though I hate the idea of being used like that, tormented like that, I can’t deny I sometimes just want to feel that haze of pleasure forever.
RadicalRiley: Yeah. I know what you mean. I hate myself for getting so lost in the power and abusing it, but at that moment, it just felt so goddamned good.
CyberEDD: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: You’re hard again.
CyberEDD: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: Don’t feel ashamed. It’s alright. You’re not fucked up.
CyberEDD: I know. I know, I just…
RadicalRiley: I know. Me too.
CyberEDD: You, um…
CyberEDD: God, why am I even thinking this?
RadicalRiley: If you want to. I won’t pressure you.
CyberEDD: I don’t want to make you do anything you’ll regret.
RadicalRiley: I think I need to, too. Just to know I can keep myself under control. But I don’t want to hurt you.
CyberEDD: I dunno. I think I need it, too. Or I’m going to be too terrified of women to leave my house ever again, and that won’t even protect me anyway.
RadicalRiley: Okay. So. Edging Spell again?
CyberEDD: Sure.
RadicalRiley: I’ll set it for five minutes. If you want to keep going, that’s fine.
CyberEDD: No timer. Just let it run until I finish.
RadicalRiley: You sure?
CyberEDD: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: Okay. I’ll try and make it last.
CyberEDD: Ah! Wow, that’s more intense then I remember.
RadicalRiley: Sorry. I’ll bring it down. Try to make it last.
RadicalRiley: Better?
CyberEDD: Yeah.
RadicalRiley: Good.
RadicalRiley: One edge.
RadicalRiley: Two.
RadicalRiley: Three.
RadicalRiley: Four. Got close that time.
CyberEDD: So will you be coming back?
RadicalRiley: Maybe. Once my community service time is up.
RadicalRiley: Five.
CyberEDD: I think I want to see you.
RadicalRiley: I can’t leave town for a while. Any chance you can visit me?
CyberEDD: Maybe I
RadicalRiley: Six.
RadicalRiley: Need a minute to catch your breath?
CyberEDD: Yeah.
CyberEDD: Please.
RadicalRiley: Okay.
CyberEDD: Whew.
CyberEDD: I can try. Maybe for a week or so.
RadicalRiley: If you do, I’ll get down on my knees and suck you just like I used to. No powers.
CyberEDD: You can use a little power, if you want.
RadicalRiley: We’ll see. Starting again.
RadicalRiley: Seven edges.
RadicalRiley: Eight.
RadicalRiley: Nine. Almost had it that time!
RadicalRiley: Ten
RadicalRiley: Eleven. Getting quicker.
CyberEDD: God, this is intense.
RadicalRiley: Twelve.
RadicalRiley: Thirteen.
RadicalRiley: You ready to pop?
CyberEDD: Yes!
RadicalRiley: Fourteen.
RadicalRiley: Come on then. Cum for me.
RadicalRiley: Fifteen.
CyberEDD: It’s tough…
RadicalRiley: Sixteen.
RadicalRiley: Seventeen.
RadicalRiley: Eighteen.
RadicalRiley: Nineteen.
RadicalRiley: Twenty.
RadicalRiley: Alright, I’m tweaking the spell. It’s just going to just keep stimulating you until you cum, no stopping.
CyberEDD: Enough! Stop! Please!
RadicalRiley: Jeez. Pausing it now.
RadicalRiley: You okay?
CyberEDD: God, I should be shooting. You didn’t block me, right? You don’t sense any block spells?
RadicalRiley: No. I think it might be in your head.
CyberEDD: Fuck. I dunno if I can normally.
RadicalRiley: It’s okay. We can stop and try again later.
CyberEDD: I dunno, my balls are aching.
RadicalRiley: I know. You’re absolutely throbbing.
RadicalRiley: I kind of like it.
CyberEDD: Oh god…
RadicalRiley: Of course, I also like seeing you shoot.
RadicalRiley: And I have the power.
RadicalRiley: So I get what I wan’t, don’t I?
RadicalRiley: Eddie?
CyberEDD: I don’t know how I feel right now.
CyberEDD: I’m scared, but I want to submit.
RadicalRiley: Don’t be scared. You’re safe with me, in my power. My thoughts are wrapped snug around your genitals. They’re as good as mine, and I want to take good care of them. Don’t you want me to?
CyberEDD: It’s hard.
RadicalRiley: I know. I know it is. Trust is difficult. But I know I can trust you. I want you to trust me. Trust me to take care of you. You can’t cum right now because you can’t let your guard down. I could force you to cum. Just a simple thought, and you’d spray your seed everywhere. But I want you to want it.
CyberEDD: I do.
CyberEDD: Please, I can’t on my own.
CyberEDD: Please make me cum.
RadicalRiley: Okay. Can you feel my mouth again? Feel it sucking your cock, the tongue rubbing every sweet spot?
CyberEDD: Yes.
RadicalRiley: Can you feel the pleasure rise, more intensely than before?
CyberEDD: Oh, fuck, yes.
RadicalRiley: Your going to cum for me. You can’t resist me. You will cum, no matter what. I won’t allow your fear to stop me.
CyberEDD: Riley… please…
CyberEDD: Now… please…
CyberEDD: Riley!
RadicalRiley: Now. Do it. NOW!
RadicalRiley: Wow. I think you drenched your whole floor!
RadicalRiley: And I think you blacked out. Damn.
RadicalRiley: Listen, I have to go soon, community service duties. Thank you for speaking to me again. I really want to see you. Leave me a message when you wake up. I promise I’ll answer when I get back.
RadicalRiley: And, Eddie. Don’t be scared. We’re going to be alright.



  1. Oh, wow.

    That's... that hot and kinda beautiful all at once. Awesome.

  2. Great story, it reminds me your first stories which I personally preffere, i think they were really playfull (like this story certainly is). I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to following interactions and evolving of relationship of both people.
    I like stories where you describe using of sex magic for making guy cum, in late stories it seemed to me that you focused on making guys a mess and all romance was kind of supressed. Total denial takes out all hope and thus it also takes huge part of turn-on for me (but i know that different people will probably have different taste). This story was great, playfull and i thank for it very much :)

    Also just idea - maybe in future you could make some stories where some guys would be teased more than others and some guys would be made cum regularly? When a sex-mage makes some guy cum like geysyr and other guy is teased insanity, it's potential you didn't use in your stories much. Some brat girl telling guy who she makes cum really good about how badly she teases some other guy, motives of two slaves - one for energy, other one for love, motive of two guys competing for cum, motives of girls having some feelings for guys,... maybe some of those things could be inspiration for you? :)
    Also theme where some girl takes pitty on some guy who was teased badly by some other girl is something that never gets too old :)
    I'd love to encourage you into more stories with emotions and stories which don't end after one "session" of domme :)
    And again, thanks for this messenger story, it was great :)

  3. I have enjoyed reading all your stories. I particularly find the stories set during the time of the arrival of the sex magic to be very entertaining. I would find stories depicting the earliest archmage and megami level sex mages interesting. Thanks for your work.