Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Prize Student Now Available!

Prize Student is now available as an eBook! Set in the World of Civero, Prize Student follows the path of James, a prospective college student hoping that his potential for magic will allow him a full scholarship to the renowned Callaxus University. But when his potential for magic turns out to be an entirely different sort of power, the sly Professor Gemma maneuvers him to become the subject of sensual tease and denial experiments to develop his new found abilities.

In this expanded version of the tale, a new final chapter and additional interlude sequences refocuses the story through a darker lens. Professor Gemma's ambitions for James lead to dangerous consequences. How will James handle the power he has developed? How will Gemma twist this power to suit her whims? And what will be the result when this power is unleashed?

To find out, you can purchase the full story here:

If a dark twist isn't to your taste, however, most of this story can still be found on my blog in seven parts, under the entries throughout October 2012 and January 2013.


Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sami tried to navigate out of the way of the oncoming cluster of students, but with the stack of books she had, she couldn’t maneuver quick enough without spilling them. The cluster of students didn’t seem to care about this, and the tall, strapping young man almost directly in front of her didn’t bother getting out of the way. He glanced at her and barely hid a sneer as he purposefully angled his elbow to hit Sami’s shoulder, causing her to jerk back. Her books tumbled to the ground and she tripped over one, landing with a grunt on her hands and knees.

Sami sighed as she heard the young man let out a short guffaw, and his two buddies snickered as well. Two of the three girls with them giggled along, while one frowned, but didn’t say anything in Sami’s defense. Of course, she wouldn’t. Sami was a Demihuman. In their eyes, the mere fact that Sami was on a college campus and wasn’t either pulling weeds or pushing a mop was an affront to their sensibilities. Even here in the supposedly “open minded” nation of Argonia, Sami was a sub-human as far as most people, and even the law itself, were concerned.

Sami started assembling her stack of books, her long reddish-blond hair and long rabbit-like ears falling over her shoulders, forming a curtain around her face. She didn’t need to see the other students, and faculty, watching her. It’s not like any of them were going to—

“You need some help?”

Sami almost jumped at the voice, and looked up to see a white-haired young man with icy blue eyes looking down at her. He gave her a soft smile, and crouched down, helping pick up her things. “Uh… thank you…” said Sami, cautiously. She stood, hefting her mostly-complete stack, and waited for the boy set his part of the stack on top of hers. When he just kept them tucked under his arm, she gave him a perplexed look. “Um…”

“Where are you headed? Can’t be too far, right? I’ll help you carry these,” he said.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kat's Boytoy - Wild Lust

It’s me, Kat the Esper again, for another little tale of erotic adventure!

A year and a half had gone by since I had first seduced Ben into being my sex slave. Just a couple weeks ago, we had attended a sort of swingers party with a group of kinky mages and had decided that, kinky as we ourselves were, that sort of thing wasn’t really up our alley. The experience also left us both feeling a little sexed out, so we hadn’t fooled around or anything since then. I knew by this point, however, Ben must be getting antsy; one of my psychic tricks was to put a limiter in his mind that prevented him from masturbating or achieving orgasm without my permission, and two weeks was quite a while for the poor guy to endure.

Usually, we had our fun over at my place, but I decided today I would surprise him. About mid-afternoon, once my classes were over, I popped over to his place. I spread my psychic senses out to make sure he was actually there. If not, I’d make myself comfortable and wait, but if so, I considered tricking his senses into not being able to see me, and then play a prank or two on him whilst I was “invisible.” Childish? Sure. Fun? Heck, yeah!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prize Student

James trudged up to his dorm room, letting out a dejected sigh as he came to the door. Soon, he knew, he’d be leaving this place, before he’d even settled in. For the past three weeks, he’d studied at Callaxus University, specifically their branch of Magic Studies. In High School, James had seen several specialists who had all told him that he had a tremendous potential for magic. Even though his parents were not users of magic themselves, it seemed as though the genetic code had aligned just right in his conception to allow him access to the Mage gene which lay buried in certain human bloodlines.
It was a rare gift; in the world of Civero, only one out of a million people had the potential to become Mages, and only a fraction of those had enough potential to actually do anything significant with the magic. As such, anyone with James’ supposed level of potential was a hot commodity for future employers. Depending on the type of magic he manifested, he could easily become a high-priced doctor, scientist, engineer, special ops soldier, or even entertainer.
And yet, after three weeks at Callaxus, taking a battery of tests to discover his aptitude, his would be teachers could find nothing. He had the potential, they said, they could all sense the mana simmering in his body, but there seemed to be no way for him to direct it. He had tried Biomancy, the art of healing, and couldn’t even mend a papercut. He tried Auramancy, the art of bodily enhancement, but could not lift even an extra pound more than usual. He tried Geomany, the art of elemental manipulation, and couldn’t even make a pile of sand move. Likewise, Kinetomancy (energy manipulation), Shadowmancy (illusions), Ectomany (spirit manipulation), and Summoning (calling and controlling monsters) proved fruitless.
For James, each failure made his hopes sink a little more. Coming from a less well-to-do family, the discovery of his magic potential had been like winning the lottery. The prestige and wealth afforded to a powerful Mage was an almost instant ticket to an affluent lifestyle. Not the James himself wanted for much, exactly, but such wealth would allow him to easily support his parents in their old age, help his siblings through college, and certainly help in raising a family of his own. However, all those future plans were evaporating as time after time, James failed to perform even the most basic magical techniques. This next week, they were going to test his potential for learning the quasi-scientific magics of Enchantment and Alchemy, but James already knew in his gut those would be failures as well. By the end of next week, he’d be packing his things and heading back home. Without the scholarship provided for those with exceptional magic talents, he had no way of affording college.
James plopped down on his bed and glanced around at his accommodations. His room was sparsely decorated, since he had it all to himself, and didn’t have much he’d brought from home aside from his clothes and discount laptop. Aside from the furniture, which came with the room, he had a couple posters of swimsuit models taped to the wall, and a calendar featuring comic book characters on the monthly picture. It wasn’t much, but he’d already gotten used to living here. Another reason getting a scholarship to Callaxus had been a blessing; it had finally gotten him out of the house.