Monday, August 29, 2016

Midnight Bliss

It was well past midnight when Paul was suddenly jolted from his sleep by an intense erection. He tossed and turned for a moment, then made a sharp grunt as his eyes snapped open. His hips jerked as he felt his cock, already semi-hard, snap to full attention, then grow even stiffer.

“AH!” he gasped as his cock grew so tense, it hurt! Then it kept getting tenser! “Aaah, fuck! What the...?”

Next to him, his wife Janey stirred, roused by both his movements and voice, as well as the intensity of his erection, which hummed in her mind like a high pitched tuning fork. “Mmmm whuh?” she yawned, “Wa’zrong, hun?”

“What do you think?!” he hissed. He motioned down to himself, yanking the covers away to reveal his tortured rod. Rather than feel freeing, the tension just seemed to increase even more! “Aaaah, fuck! my cock! God, it's hard!”