Saturday, December 26, 2015

Riding with Girls

Doreen Stevenson smiled and waved as she pulled up in front of the Johnson’s house. She was giving her daughter Jenny, and Jenny’s friends, a ride to the beach, and this was their last stop. Jenny sat up front, Lindsey and Tessa sat in the two bucket seats of the van’s second row, leaving the back row for the Johnson siblings.

Cathy and Blake Johnson were already standing in the yard, Cathy wearing a bikini top and short shorts, Blake wearing only gym shorts and a tee-shirt. He looked a little embarrassed as he realized the van was full of Cathy’s friends.

“Hey, I thought this was an all-girl hang out,” said Jenny, frowning at Blake, who shifted nervously under her gaze.

Cathy shrugged apologetically, then looked past Jenny to Doreen. “Really sorry, Ms. Stevenson, but my mother was supposed to drop Blake off at the library. She had an emergency and had to jet. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind giving him a ride? It should be on the way.”

Doreen Stevenson looked at Blake. “Of course, honey. If he doesn’t mind being trapped with a bunch of cute girls for a while.” She gave him a wink and a grin.

Blake blushed. “No, it’s fine. Thank you, Ms. Stevenson.”

The older woman chuckled. “Aw, so polite! It’s no problem at all. And please, call me Doreen.”

Jenny rolled her eyes. “Ugh, Mom, have some standards, will you?”

Doreen rolled her eyes right back. “And here I thought mothers were supposed to be the prudish ones.”

As Blake and Cathy got in the van, moving to the last row of seats, Jenny said, “Well, you don’t want him jerking off to thoughts of you, do you? Like the boy across the street? Or Mr. Hanley down the road?”

“Please stay off my phone, you silly girl,” said Doreen, chiding her daughter. “Although if you wanted to, Blake, I would be flattered.” Blake flushed crimson and cleared his throat, even as Jenny scoffed, and the other girls giggled and made faces at the thought.

“Mom!” said Jenny. “Don’t be a slut!”

“Oh, girls, trust me, when you get your Magic, you’ll learn to appreciate every stroke any boy gives you,” said Doreen.

“Won’t be too long now!” said Tessa with a sly grin. The girls nodded agreeably. All of them were eighteen, with birthdays coming up over just the next couple of months. In less than a year, they would all be brimming with fresh Sex Magic.

As it was, the only Sex Mage in the car was Doreen herself. Thirty-eight years old, she’d had the Magic since it first appeared six years ago, and as her still youthful appearance implied, she never got tired of using it. Jenny was often annoyed at how frequently people thought her mom was her barely-older sister.

Doreen glanced back at Blake, who pressed himself into a corner. She could sense the soft hum of his cock threatening to go erect, could sense the glimmering of his libido at the thought of the girls possessing the magic. He would just die of embarrassment at the thought of them all sensing his erection, being able to look into his thoughts. Just a year older, and this little scenario could be very scary for a teen boy!

The girls started chatting amongst themselves, discussing the usual teen girl nonsense of fashion and television. Blake just tried to ignore them, looking out the window. However, his gaze kept straying over to the girls. Not his sister, of course, but Doreen didn’t need magic to know the teen boy was scoping out her daughter’s long legs and Tessa’s huge tits, or thinking of Lindsey’s red, pouty lips around his cock. Sex Magic just confirmed it, sensing every time his cock twitched as his eyes flitted over the skimpily dressed girls.

He swallowed hard and forced himself to look out the window again. Not that that helped his condition too much, as most women out and about in town were likewise skimpily dressed. Despite his efforts, Blake’s cock was half-erect, and he draped one arm over his lap to try and hide the growing bulge in his shorts.

Doreen smiled as she sensed the helpless boy. He reminded her of a few boyfriends she’d had over the years, boyfriends she’d loved playing little pranks on with her magic.

“Something wrong, Blake?” Doreen asked in an innocent voice. “You look upset.”

Blake jumped at being called out. He glanced to Doreen, then at the teen girls who all paused their conversation to look at him.

Jenny laughed. “He’s probably perving out right now. Aren’t you Blake? You’re not secretly touching yourself back there, are you?”

“No!” said Blake. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“You probably would if you could,” said Cathy.

“Shut up!” he hissed.

“If?” said Tessa. She grinned, eyes widening. “Oh, my god, can he not?”

Cathy shook her head. “Mom got tired of sensing him jacking it every chance he got. I told her there’s a spell that keeps boys from playing with themselves. She figured out how it worked a couple months ago, and he hasn’t been able to do it sense. Not without begging her for permission, anyway.”

“Cathy! Shut up!” said Blake, glaring at her.

“Oh, wow,” said Lindsey. She looked at Blake with renewed interest. “So how do you pee? Can you wash yourself, or does your Mommy need to do it?”

“None of your business!” he said.

“Come on,” said Lindsey. She reached out and put a hand on his knee. He almost jumped again, and his cock grew stiffer. “Tell us!”

Doreen couldn’t help but chuckle as she watched Blake be put on the spot, sensing his cock tensing even more. “Go ahead, Blake. You’re going to need to learn to just be upfront with girls. It makes things easier.”

Blake swallowed. “I can, I can only touch it when, um, when it’s soft,” he said.

“So, like, not now,” said Tessa, eyeballing the bulge in his shorts. He was fully erect now, and his cock flexed against the material of his shorts.

“Oh my god, does he really have a hard on?” said Jenny. She had a look of disgust, but her adolescent fascination compelled her to look anyway.

“Yes, he does,” Doreen confirmed. “And quite a tense one, too! When was the last time you had an orgasm, Blake? Your balls sound really full.”

Blake stared in horror at Doreen. He expected this sort of thing from his sister, but he could not believe the only adult in the car was ratting him out like this! “I’m not saying!” he muttered. He pulled his leg away from Lindsey’s hand, even as she giggled at the look on his face.

Cathy rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Mom took his orgasms away two weeks ago as a punishment, so at least not since then.”

Blake grit his teeth and fumed at Cathy. “Shut! Up!”

Cathy stuck her tongue out at him, while the other three girls giggled. Ms. Stevenson’s eyes widened as if surprised. “Really? What did you do?”

“Nothing!” he said, almost pouting.

“Come now,” said Doreen. “I know your mother. She wouldn’t do that for nothing.”

Blake just crossed his arms and glowered out the window some more.

“So how much longer you got?” said Jenny, chuckling.

“Well, if he’s on good behavior, he can pop again tomorrow,” said Cathy.

“Oh, my,” said Doreen. “Well, you better be good today!”

“Yeah, Blake, don’t be a pouty little bitch,” said Lindsey. She put her hand on his knee again. “If you’re not nice to us, we’ll tell your mom. And then how much longer will she extend your punishment?”

Blake paled and turned to her. “You wouldn’t!”

“So would,” said Lindsey, winking at him.

“She—she won’t—it’ll be my word against yours!”

“Who’s she going to believe?” said Cathy, with a smirk. “Her favorite daughter and her innocent friends, or the pervert son with zero control over his dick?”

“Ms. Stevenson! You won’t let them lie, will you?”

Doreen chuckled. “They just asked you to be nice, Blake, that shouldn’t be so hard. So when they ask you questions, just be honest, don’t just sit there trying to give them the cold shoulder. Boys are terrible at that anyway. They just crave attention from girls too much to keep it up. Don’t you?”

“I—,” Blake didn’t have a good counter argument.

“So come on,” said Tessa, leaning forward to give the boy a generous view of her cleavage. Blake’s eyes zeroed in on the valley of her breasts and his cock flexed. “Tell us what you did to get your cummies taken away.”

Blake swallowed nervously and was so entranced by Tessa’s chest that he didn’t notice Lindsey’s hand drift up his leg, until her fingers brushed against his crotch. He jumped and reached to push her hand away.

“Hey now!” said Lindsey as his palm touched her forearm. “Play nice!”


“Just answer the question already,” said Lindsey, as she pressed her hand against the bulge in his shorts. “And don’t mind me.” She began to slowly, but rhythmically, press against his crotch, then pull back a bit, then press again, then pull back, in a steady loop.

Blake shifted in his seat, his breath a little shaky. “I, uh, I was doing my chores, laundry, and somehow, a red sock got mixed in with the whites. So mom’s work blouses and bras were all stained pink.”

“Jeez, that’s it?” said Tessa, looking a little confused. “One little mistake and no orgasms for two weeks? Harsh!”

“Oh, he’s a real clutz,” said Cathy, waving her brother off. “He’s always half-assing his chores or screwing something up. Dropping a plate when doing the dishes or not using the vacuum at the right setting or not brushing the dog thoroughly enough. He’s had it coming.” She paused and smirked. “Or not, as the case my be.” The girls all giggled.

“I don’t mean to do it!” said Blake. “I swear it isn’t my fault sometimes! I mean, with the sock, I checked the machine! It wasn’t in there when I put the blouses in!” He let out a small gasp. His cock flexed against Lindsey’s hand, still pressing, but a bit more quickly now. “Uh… Linds… your gunna…”

“Oh, is this uncomfortable? I’m sorry.” She gave him a mock-sympathetic smile and didn’t stop. Blake grunted and squirmed and let out a small cry. He gripped the edges of the seat.

“You were saying?” said Cathy.

“That sock wasn’t there when I started the load!” he glared furiously at Cathy, even as he squirmed under Lindsey’s hands. “I know you put it in there! It had to be you!”

Cathy scoffed. “I was at my job that day, an extra long shift, I might add. There’s no way I could have stuck the sock in there.”

“Then how did it get there?”

“You didn’t check the washer thoroughly.”

“I didn’t even wash the bright colors before I put the whites load in,” he said. “I did the white sheets, and they were fine.”

“You mean the sheets with all your nightly pre-cum stains on them?” Cathy smirked again as Blake blushed angrily. He opened his mouth to say something, but only made a gasp as Lindsey’s rhythmic pressing increased in tempo.

Cathy smirked and turned to Lindsey. “You should tell your Mom to get your brothers white-only sheets. Their little boy-stains show up very well, and you can count them up for punishments if you like.”

“What if they wear underwear?” said Lindsey.

“Pffft, obviously you don’t let them,” said Cathy. “Isn’t that right Ms. Stevenson?”

“If I had a boy, he’d be lucky to wear anything at all when he’s at the house,” she said. “Of course, if he got even a drop of pre-cum on anything, he’d be paying for it for weeks.”

“Hmm, maybe I’ll run that by Mom,” she said, grinning at Blake. “What do you think, hmm? Extend that orgasm block one more day for every stain we find?” The girls all giggled, but Blake could only let out a loud moan that sort of sounded like a “no,” but not quite.

Doreen spoke up, “Lindsey, if you don’t stop, he’s going to—”

She was cut off as Blake gasped sharply and bucked in his seat, hips jerking up. Lindsey yanked her hand away, and she, Tessa, and even Jenny stared in fascination as Blake nearly came right then and there. Had his orgasm not been blocked, he would be staining his pants. Cathy just looked unimpressed, having seen this sort of display before.

“Wow, he really is blocked!” said Lindsey.

“Holy shit!” said Tessa, laughing, “That’s awesome! Do it again!”

“No! Please!” said Blake.

“Now, now,” said Lindsey. “Remember what we said about being nice!”

“Ms. Stevenson, please!” Blake begged.

“Aren’t you glad you’re blocked?” Doreen said, chuckling. “We don’t have any spare boy shorts in the car, so you’d be going to the library with a huge cum stain on your shorts if you weren’t.”

“Come on, make them stop! Please?”

“Oh, okay, girls, that’s enough,” the older woman said, almost sternly.

“Aw, come on,” said Tessa. “That was too funny!”

“You’re right,” said Doreen, laughing. “What was I thinking? Go ahead Lindsey. Or did you want to try, Jenny?”

“Ew, no!” said her daughter, although she was still watching Blake closely.

Lindsey placed her hand on the helpless boy’s crotch again, but then pulled back. “Wait, we can do this better.” She grinned widely. “Take your shorts off.”

Blake went bug-eyed. Tessa and Lindsey were staring eagerly, Jenny was staring but trying very hard to not look as interested as she clearly was, and Doreen was chuckling. Only Cathy seemed bored with the idea, but she gave Blake an expectant look.

Blake swallowed and was about to resist, when he suddenly felt a sensation, like two fingers, lightly tracing along the length of his cock. The sensation started at the tip, then dragged slowly down to the base, and vanished with a soft flick off the top of his balls. Then the sensation started again, tip to base, then flick. Tip to base, then flick. His cock flexed at the sensations.

“Better do as they say, Blake,” said Doreen, giving him a sly smile as she looked at him through the review mirror. “Girls can be pretty wicked if you fight them.” The phantom fingertips moved just a bit quicker.

“Ms. Stevenson… Doreen… is that you?” said Blake.

Jenny gawked at her mother. “Ew, mom, are you using your power on him?”

“You’re the one wanting to see a barely legal boy wave his cock around for you, don’t judge me,” said Doreen.

“He’s not half my age!” Jenny protested.

“Trust me, sweetie, boys’ cocks don’t care how old you are, as long as you make them feel good,” she said.

Blake was squirming in his seat now, the fingertips dragging faster and with more pressure, continuing to travel tip to base and starting over. “Oh, god,” he breathed, trembling.

“I can do this literally all day, Blake,” said Doreen. “Just let your little guy out to play.”

“W-will you stop if I do?” said Blake, hands shaking as he slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of his shorts.

“Sure,” the older woman said.

The girls watched eagerly as Blake slid his shorts and boxers down to his ankles, his hard cock bobbing and twitching at the phantom ministrations. It was hardly the first time any of them had seen a penis, of course, but they’d yet to see a live one directly being played with via magic. All they could see was the dick bouncing in time to some effect.

Doreen, however, without even having to turn around and physically look, could sense Blake’s body, perfectly “see” his penis and testicles in her mind, could “hear” the tension of his backed up balls, and read the entire web of mystic lines that represented his nerves and responses. She knew exactly what spells to cast at what spots in exactly what way. Soon, the girls would be able to do it, too, and she felt a little pity for any boy their group of friends decided to experiment on first. It would probably be Blake himself, if this little van ride stayed fresh in their minds.

“Hnnnggghhh, Ms. Stevenson! Y-you said you’d st-stop!”

“Actually, I didn’t,” she said, and switched the two finger rub to a whole hand lightly stroking, moving down and starting at the top again the moment it reached the base; a perpetual downward stroking. “Another thing you’ll have to learn about girls: being very, very careful what you agree to with them. I just said “sure,” after all. I could have meant I’d stop eventually; notice I didn’t specify I’d stop exactly when your shorts came off. You also didn’t tell me specifically what you wanted me to stop, now that I think about it. So I could just assume you wanted me to stop the car.” So saying, she brought the car to a halt at a red light. “There, see? Deal fulfilled!”

“I meant your strokes!” he said. “You know that!”

“Yes,” she said. “I do. So there’s the other possibility: I just lied when I said I’d stop.”

“N-no fair!” said Blake. He shook as the stroking became firmer. “Goddamn it, no fair!”

The girls watched, fascinated, as the boy writhed and gasped from no cause they could see. They could only imagine what this little exchange between Doreen’s thoughts and Blake’s body would seem like to the sexual senses they’d read about. Cathy sighed, resting an elbow on the van’s back windowsill and resting her cheek on her fist, watching her brother with only slight bemusement.

“Does your mother ever do stuff like this to him, Cathy?” said Doreen.

Cathy made a face. “No, she only seals off his touches and orgasms,” she said.

“Mom, it’s gross enough when you’re doing it,” said Jenny, blanching. “It’d be even grosser if it was his own mom.”

“Well, she still controls his cock, doesn’t she?” Tessa said. “You gotta admit, it’s pretty pathetic for an eighteen year old to have his Mommy control his play time.”

“Well, dear, some boys just don’t learn, so you have to take a firm hand with them,” said Doreen in a sagely tone. Then she smiled and winked at Blake through the rearview mirror. “Still, it is a little silly that a boy your age needs such discipline. My nephew is a very attentive and helpful young man for my sister. You could learn a thing or two from him. I’ll introduce you two the next time he’s in town.”

Blake couldn’t respond, gritting his teeth and moaning, fighting his inevitable build to a climax. Doreen slowed the psychic hand just a bit, but made the grip feel even firmer, drawing out the build up.

“Say, Cathy,” said Doreen. “Your Mother won’t mind that I’m doing this, will she? I don’t want to get your brother into too much trouble.”

Blake was bucking in his seat now, and he suddenly froze up and gasped, his cock flexing crazily. He let out a few girly whimpers as he failed to cum once more. The other three girls laughed and cheered, and even Cathy smirked.

“Not at all,” Cathy said. “Our cousins Julie and Jane stayed over for a week a couple months ago. They had him on the floor crying every night. They were so mean, Mom actually let him masturbate as much as he wanted the day after they left. I thought we’d never get the stench of cum out of his room. But she had no complaints while they were there. She even gave a few suggestions.”

“Yikes!” said Tessa. “That’s cold!”

Blake collapsed back against the seat as Doreen released him from her spell.

“Aw, now I feel bad!” said Doreen, pouting a little. “I didn’t know she was that severe, Blake. I’m sorry!”

Blake could only try to catch his breath.

“Haha, screw sorry!” said Tessa. “How much longer till we got to drop him off?”

“About ten minutes,” said Doreen. “Traffic’s been rather thick, if you girls haven’t noticed.”

“Well, then, third time’s the charm, right?” said Lindsey, grinning, and holding out her hand in a claw shape, playfully reaching for Blake, then pulling back just before she touched him. She giggled as he tried to curl away from her. “We got time for one more!”

“Yeah,” said Jenny. “Come on, Mom. Make him edge again. Something really fierce!”

Doreen blushed slightly, chuckled and shook her head a little. “Oh, I dunno. I think the poor boy has had enough, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Blake said meekly.

Lindsey gave the older woman a coy look. “I’m pretty sure those words can’t be used that way in a sentence.”

Doreen laughed at that, and at the way Blake’s cock quivered as he looked at her pleadingly. She met his gaze via the mirror and smiled mischievously. “She makes a fair point, Blake.”

“Ms. Stevenson, please!”

“Alright, alright!” the older woman said with a laugh. “I won’t tease you with magic. I’ll just let the girls do it!” She quickly snuck her magic into the invisible web of signals around his cock, took the psychic strings of his nerves and made a few quick loops, while stretching another section out. She then released him, leaving the adjustment in place.

“Okay, Tessa, Lindsey, carefully tap his penis,” said Doreen. She glanced at her daughter. “You want to get in on this?”

Jenny shook her head no, but watched, fascinated. Lindsey and Tessa each reached out a finger. Tessa lightly touched the tip of his cock. Blake let out a cry and his whole body jerked. All the girls jumped as they watched his cock spasm, hitting his orgasm block immediately.

Lindsey tried it next, a single tap right on the spot just beneath the penis head. Blake bucked and choked out a loud moan as he edged again. The girls erupted into laughter. “Holy fucking shit!” said Lindsey. She wasted no time giving Blake three quick flicks to the tip, the base, and the middle of his cock in quick succession. Blake shuddered breathlessly in an extended edge, and just when he looked about to catch his breath, Tessa dragged her fingertip all the way down his length. Blake let out a loud cry and promptly blacked out.

“Oof! He didn’t last long, did he?” said Doreen, quickly reaching out and canceling the super-sensitizing effect before Tessa and Lindsey’s fingers could do more damage.

“Wow!” said Tessa. “I can’t wait till I get my magic!”

“Well, here we are,” said Doreen, pulling over into the library parking lot. She parked and looked back at Blake, who was still unconscious, fitfully twitching as his body tried to settle down from the sudden shock of pleasures. “Goodness, he looks out of it!”

“Can’t you wake him up?” said Cathy.

“I could,” she said. “But tell me, how much trouble will he be in if he doesn’t make it to the library?”

Cathy shrugged. “He has a paper he needs to get done by Monday.”

“Would be a shame if he didn’t get it finished, wouldn’t it?” said Doreen. “Just like it would be a shame if someone had, I dunno, slipped a red sock into the whites, while she was on lunch break from her job?”

Cathy blinked, then chuckled. “I mean, I don’t really know how to get to the library, myself. Not my fault he wasn’t awake to give directions.”

“Shame,” she said. “Guess we’ll just have to drop you girls off at the beach first. If it’s a nice day, I just might want to stick around, too, and poor Blake’s just going to have to wait until we’re done.”

Cathy and the girls chuckled. “Sounds good to me!” said Cathy, and Doreen promptly drove out of the library parking lot to continue on to the beach.

Jenny stared at her Mom, shaking her head and grinning. “Wow. You’re a real cunt, Mom. I knew I still respected you for some reason.”

Doreen playfully flicked her daughter in the head. “Don’t be a bitch, dear,” she said. “Save that for the boys!”