Friday, August 29, 2014

Pet Teacher

The clock ticked by slowly as Rachel sat in her English class, bored out of her mind. She considered it her easiest class; writing had always been her strong suit. Unfortunately, this led to an overconfidence which made her unprepared for her tests, which she didn’t bother to study for. She could bullshit her way through the essays easy enough, but it was clear to Dan Hadder, her young teacher, that she was only getting by on a minimum of effort.
When class was over, Dan called Rachel to stay behind. The freshman girl sighed, annoyed at the request, but not really surprised by it. She supposed she couldn’t just slack off forever; this was college after all, but honestly, how could she be expected to pay attention when she’d learned most of this stuff in High School already?
Dan sighed a little as Rachel gave him an annoyed look.  He couldn't keep cutting her breaks, however. If he didn’t learn to be firm with his students, his teaching career would be a joke. “Rachel,” he said, calmly, keeping his eyes on her face.  “Your performance in your school work has been lacking. I can see that you are very bright, and can easily grasp the material, but you don’t put in any more than a minimum effort. Just because you are bright doesn't give you the right to slack off. I've given you the benefit of the doubt thus far, but I can’t keep giving you a pass if you aren’t going to at least try.” Dan waited to see her reaction, hoping she wouldn't be as dismissive of his words as she was of her work.
Rachel watched him with a bored expression, her grey eyes glancing over him. He was certainly a cute one, which was really the only reason she even paid him even half her attention. When he paused, she pursed her lips together as she carefully eyed him over. “I don’t see what the problem is,” she said. “I do the work. Why isn’t that enough?”
“Because just doing the bare minimum isn’t going to get you ahead in life,” said Dan.
Rachel shrugged. “Why does it always have to be about getting ahead? Life’s not a rat race. Or at least, it shouldn’t have to be.”

Dan scowled. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but if that’s your attitude, why are you even in college?”
Rachel blanched at that. “Wow, thanks teach. You’re confidence in your students really shines through.”
Dan shook his head. “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. What I meant was, you clearly do have some ambition, some drive to do better, but you can’t always just pick and chose what you can put your effort into. Sometimes you have to work hard at things you don’t care about.”
Rachel rolled her eyes. “Yeah, okay, Dad.”
Dan sighed, frustrated, unsure how to get his student to see his point. “Okay, you know what? Forget it. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just don’t get upset when your grades start dropping. We’re a month into the semester, I can’t keep being this lenient.”
Rachel frowned. She dropped her school books and bags on the floor and leaned over his desk. Dan was suddenly very aware of her deep cleavage; as with all the young students (who honestly weren’t that much younger than him, truth be told), he had learned steel himself against their gorgeous looks. He could not let them influence him with titillation. Still, seeing Rachel lean forward, smiling bright at him as she gave him a full view, it was hard not to ogle her. He knew exactly what she was up to, however, and he would not fall for it.
“Come on, teach,” she said. “Can’t you cut me a little slack? It’s just I’ve got so much on my plate—”
Dan held up a hand. “Rachel, please. If my class is honestly too much work for you, then you should drop out, and get a refund on the money you can still get back. Or, you should transfer to another class that can better accommodate you.”
“But I can’t!” said Rachel, frowning. “I just… well…”
Here it comes, thought Dan.
“I think you’re, you know… really cute!” She looked to the side, smiling bashfully.
Dan could tell immediately it was an act. He stood with an exasperated sigh. He hadn’t expected to run into this problem so soon into his career. “No,” he said simply. “No, we’re not doing this.”
Rachel blinked, surprised. “Wh-what do you mean?” she said, giving him a wide-eyed innocent look.
“Just stop, Rachel,” he said, grabbing his briefcase. “I’m not playing that game with you.”
Rachel pouted. “But I’m telling the truth!” she said. She stood and stepped close to him, putting a hand on his arm.
“No, you’re not, and I’m not going to listen to any more!” he said, yanking his arm away. He paused at the door, then turned. “Listen. This is how it’s going to be: I’m going to forget what you just tried to do. You are going to start putting more effort into your work. If you try this again, and if I don’t see any improvement in the next week or two, then I’m kicking you out of my class. Understood?”
Rachel, looking more stunned than anything, nodded dumbly. Dan let out a breath and gave her a small smile. “Alright, then. That’s that. No need to make this a bigger deal than it has to be. Have a good weekend.” With that, he left.
Rachel stared after him, stunned for a few moments. Then her expression darkened. She looked herself over and hmphed. She knew she was hot stuff. A cheerleader’s figure with chestnut curls, cute dimples when she smiled, perfect teeth, and grey eyes many a boy had told her were entrancing. Still, it had been presumptuous to assume that the same tricks that worked on her small town High School teachers would work on a more worldly college teacher, even one as young as Dan.
Rachel smiled. Perhaps it was time to step up her game. Dan really was a cute one, not quite her type at first glance, but his unexpected resilience suddenly made him a lot more appealing. She held up her hand, and a small ball of black flame appeared in the palm. Dan was going to be in for a surprise tonight; Rachel wasn’t just a bright girl with a rockin’-hot bod. She was also a shadowmancer mage, and she knew how to use her powers to bring uncooperative boys to their knees!

Dan walked into his apartment a few hours later, replaying the scene in his head. Even though he had presented a strong resistance to Rachel’s advances, the truth was, he couldn’t help but be tempted by the thought. Rachel was quite attractive, more so than most of the young women he taught. Even though he had no intention of letting it happen, he couldn’t help but imagine how the scene might have played out in a classic porno: Dan nodding sagely as he offered to give Rachel a break, if she could prove herself “knowledgeable” in certain other subjects. Rachel giving him a sultry smile and agreeing happily, before coming around the desk and kneeling between his legs. Yeah, she did have a very pretty mouth…
Dan mentally smacked himself as he started to grow hard at the thought. He had indulged in his share of perversions when he was a college student himself. But now, he was on the other side of the fence, and he had to start acting like it.
He set his briefcase down on the coffee table and sat down, flipping through the channels. Still, his hard-on persisted as he tried to find something to watch, and the fantasy played over in his head. Well, did live alone, and he had all weekend to get to grading his papers. Dan changed into some casual clothes, loose shorts and a tee shirt, then pulled out one of his hidden porn discs. A classic three-way video, with an actress who looked not dissimilar from Rachel. He popped it into the DVD player and slid down his pants. He slowly stroked as the video started, and he fast forwarded through the dumb set up scenes, getting straight to the part where the actress was sucking one of the men off. Dan’s hand moved faster as he watched.
Unbeknownst to Dan, however, he wasn’t actually alone. Standing in the corner of the room, watching the show, was Rachel. With her illusion magic, she had rendered herself silent and invisible, and had waited until Dan arrived to sneak in behind him. She stood in the corner, waiting for him to get settled, as she planned to make her move. She smiled with delight as he saw her naughty teacher go straight to watching the porno and masturbating.
So, she thought. I affected him more than he would admit! This’ll make things nice and easy.
She watched as Dan didn’t last very long stroking himself. Within just a few minutes, he was already moving to grab the box of tissues, and holding it over his cock head in a little “pouch” to catch the semen. Rachel smirked. Cute trick, she thought. But I have a better one. She concentrated, and Dan gave a grunt as he felt a strange sensation tingle along his cock. He paused for a moment, but then thought he’d imagined it. He resumed his stroking, waiting for a strong load to shoot forth.
However, it didn’t. Dan kept stroking and stroking, and even though he felt like he was going to cum any moment now, he somehow didn’t. He finally stopped and looked at himself. His cock twitched away, tense and eager to perform its duty. With a grunt of frustration, he grabbed his cock and started pumping it quickly with his fist. He was getting tired of masturbating and wanted to just hurry and shoot already!
And yet, to his shock, he couldn’t! He would get to the point where he felt he was about to, but somehow, he couldn’t make it past that final step! “What the fuck?” he muttered. His balls were beginning to ache with the need to release; it had been over a week since he’d last had time or thought to jerk one off. There was no way he should be lasting this long.
Rachel laughed, watching his frustration; her spell of silence prevented him from hearing her. She stepped closer to him, coming to the back of the couch and leaning over it a bit to get a better view. His cock twitched, leaking pre-cum, looking very, very tense. Rachel smiled. She hadn’t seen a cock this tense in a while, not since she’d invited the pool boy to join her in her parent’s basement last summer. She made him worship her feet until he was so painfully hard, he’d been in tears. Then, she’d sent him home, whimpering, his cock untouched. Rachel had been slacking alright; slacking in her cock teasing practice. It was time to resume her studies.
Rachel puckered her lips and blew a kiss at the teased penis. Dan jumped as he felt the touch of soft lips to his penis tip. Dan gasped in surprise. He froze, uncertain of what he felt. But then, the feather-light touch brushed against his tip once more. Dan looked at his cock, but couldn't see anything touching it. Was he so riled up, he was imagining such attentions?
But, then, there it was again, soft, but unmistakable. His penis twitched as he felt warm, soft lips kiss his the tip of him gently, and this time, slide down to envelop his cock head! “What the fu—oh!” he gripped the sides of the couch as he felt the mouth take him fully inside, sliding down his shaft. The wet, hot tightness sucked him hard, and he could feel a phantom tongue rubbing against his length. He closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath. The mouth then bobbed quickly on his cock.
Whatever the hell was going on, it felt incredible. He’d gotten a few blowjobs in the past, but nothing like this! He grit his teeth and his eyes squeezed shut as he felt himself shoot to the edge of climax. Then his eyes widened as he once again found himself unable to cross that edge!
“What the fuck?” he gasped. He reached to take hold himself again, to aid the phantom mouth in bring him over, but then, something clamped down on his wrists. Two invisible hands gripped him, pulling his arms up to the back of the couch and holding him there. He felt similar hands grip his ankles and pull his legs wide apart. He struggled in vain against them, but soon, he was writhing purely from pleasure again. His hips bucked and he grit his teeth again, his face scrunching into the silliest pre-orgasm face she’d ever seen.
Rachel giggled as she came around to the front of the couch. Rachel had never been one of those girls who worshipped the “mighty” penis. Oh, she liked cocks, to be sure, but for her, they were just fun toys, twitchy, easily excitable things she could use to break men down into simpering little yes-boys.
She giggled at how silly a boy looked, caught up in their ecstasy. So proud of their cocks, they had no idea how vulnerable those very organs made them. Back in High School, Rachel had enjoyed showing several big tough football studs how truly helpless they were under her hands, willing to do anything to empty those silly balls of theirs. And if they somehow did have the ability to resist her? Well, then. That’s when her magic came in handy. She had to admit, there was nothing quite so funny as watching a big, strong man writhe helplessly under a phantom blowjob as she sat and watched them from across the room.
And now, poor Dan was getting to experience exactly that. She became so caught up in the show, she hadn’t realized nearly an hour had passed since she started; not until the porno in the DVD player finally ended its string of videos, and flipped over to the menu screen. Rachel reached down and clicked off the TV. Dan was too enthralled by the phantom mouth to notice.
Rachel finally let him go, releasing the mystic bonds and the phantom mouth. She watched with a smile as Dan lay back, gasping, cock beet red with tension. This would be enough for a start, Rachel surmised. She’d let him think things over and come back tomorrow.

She teased him four more times that weekend. Saturday morning, she stroked him with slippery, phantom hands when he took a shower; that night, she used phantom feet when he went to bed. Sunday morning, it was the mouth again, two of them this time. Sunday night, it was a phantom pussy.
Each time, she refused to let him cum; likewise no matter how much he masturbated, he could not achieve release! He’d finally had to force himself to stop before he both went mad and rubbed himself raw! He was so caught up in his horniness and the ministrations of his mysterious, phantom lover, that he could barely concentrate when grading papers. Frustrated, but not wanting the work to pile up, he just gave everybody an A; a cursory look proved most of them had at least gotten the point of the assignment. He felt bad to be “cheating” on the job, but right now, that was good enough for him.
When Monday rolled around, he woke with a case of morning wood so bad, he’d needed to cool himself off with a bag of ice. Even that did not relieve the aching in his balls. He tried his best to concentrate only on school work, but when he got to class, he found himself helplessly entranced: Rachel was sitting right up in front today, and she was dressed to kill. A low cut blouse and a skirt so short, it barely qualified as a wide belt. He gulped as she crossed her legs, giving him the briefest flash of a pink thong. She wore only sandals today, and these she slipped off to present her bare feet to him, bouncing in time to some unheard tune.
Dan wasn’t the only one who noticed; almost every boy in class, and even a couple girls, had their eyes riveted on her tits or her legs, or both, but Rachel paid them no mind, looking straight at Dan with a smile. There was no doubt in Dan’s mind most of them would be thinking of her tonight when they masturbated or fucked. Dan swallowed; he was unable to keep his cock from getting rock hard, right there in front of his students!
His only refuge was to stay seated behind his desk, and read from his notes. He managed not to stutter, but once in a while, his voice would catch as Rachel re-crossed her legs, or flexed her toes, and Dan’s cock would twitch, becoming extra tense for a moment. He was so overly excited, he was sure he’d cum right there in his pants just from the sight of her legs, if he hadn’t somehow been blocked.
And then, after Dan told everyone to take out some paper and do a pop quiz, Rachel gave him a smile, and winked at him. Dan suddenly felt something shift inside him, and he gulped, audibly. He hastily blurted out the short essay question, and everyone began to write it down. Rachel picked up her pencil, but merely doodled as she tapped her foot in time to the tune in her head. She kept her eyes locked on Dan, even as he was entranced by her feet.
And then, he felt it. A light, quick stroke, straight through his pants. He felt another and another, a series of rapid brushes along his shaft; to his amazement, the strokes were timed perfectly with Rachel’s foot tapping! He gripped the sides of his desk tightly, eyes wide, as he felt the cum roil in his balls. He fought to keep his breathing under control and he grit his teeth. Oh, no, he thought. Not here! Not now! He glanced up at Rachel’s face and paled as she gave him the most evil grin he’d ever seen. She puckered her lips and blew him a kiss.
Instantly, Dan exploded in his pants, letting out a shout. All of his student jumped in their seats, as though a gun had suddenly fired. All except Rachel, who clamped a hand over her mouth and fought to contain her laughter. Dan bucked and moaned lewdly in his seat, still gripping the desk tightly.
“Mr. Hadder?” gasped one of the other girls in class. “What are you doing?”
Dan clutched his stomach, set his head face down on the desk, and forced himself to make moans of pain. Red with humiliation, he said, “Oh, fuck, st-stomach ache!”
The class relaxed just slightly, and two of the guys got up and went over to him, as did one of the girls. “Hey, do you need help?” said one of the guys. “Come on, let’s get you to the bathroom. Mike, call the doctor, he sounds terrible!”
“I’ll say,” said the girl. She paused. “Hey, wait, what’s that smell?” She started to sniff the air. Her eyes went wide as she detected the musk of male fluid coming from Dan’s…
Dan, face turning even redder, pointed at the door. “I’m fine! Class dismissed! Go, get out of here!”
The three students backed up a bit. Mike said, “Are you… sure?”
“Yes! It’s passing, I think I’m okay. I just need a minute!”
“Okay,” he said. “Um, want me to at least collect the quizzes for you?”
“I’m not even done!” said one student.
“Yeah, me neither!”
Dan waved frantically at the door. “Just turn them in next class! Go on!”
Obviously concerned, but not wanting to upset their teacher, they all quickly got up and left. All except Rachel, who sauntered up to the desk after everyone else was gone. She leaned over the desk as Dan finally raised his head. He gulped as he caught a full view of Rachel’s cleavage, and his cock twitched. Despite his massive, humiliating release, the sight of her made him go hard almost instantly. He winced as his cock protested against another erection.
“R-rachel… did you…?”
“Was it good for you?” she said, laughing.
Dan looked at her utterly stunned. “I… you… it was you doing this…?”
She held out her hand, and the black flame appeared in her palm. “You picked the wrong shadowmancer to reject, Danny Boy.”
Dan’s eyes widened. A Mage. She was a Mage! “Rachel, please…” gasped, knowing his “authority” as her teacher meant nothing to her. “Please, never do that again! I could have gotten fired!”
Rachel smirked. She came around his desk and pushed back the chair, sitting on the desk. She propped her feet up on his knees and grinned as she saw the massive cum stain on his pants. “Yes, I suppose you could have. Still, after all that teasing, it felt pretty good to cum, didn’t it?”
Dan swallowed hard, looking at her legs splayed out before him. He was able to look straight up between her thighs and see her pink thong; the outline of her pussy lips was just visible beneath the material. “Y-yeah…” he nodded.
She traced her right foot up his thigh, and tapped the wet bulge of his pants. He jumped as his cock stiffened fully and he felt a phantom stroke. She then lifted her damp toe to his face. “Lick it,” she said. Dan gave her a baleful look, but she simply gazed back, her smile fading into a stern look of expectation. Dan swallowed hard again, then hesitantly parted his lips, sticking out his tongue. He daintily licked the dampness off her toe. She let out a soft sigh, enjoying the feel of his tongue. She pressed her toes into his mouth, and Dan, entranced, suckled them, moaning softly.
Then, she slid her left foot forward, and pressed the ball of her foot against his cock. His organ strained in his pants, and his hips bucked against her. She rubbed him slowly, and after a moment, she switched feet, rubbing him with her right, forcing him to suckle the toes of her left. This went on for several minutes, and he felt himself starting to cum once more. However, he felt the now familiar shift deep inside his loins, and his body lurched as he failed to cum.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Dan lurched in his seat, and blinked rapidly. Rachel was gone, vanished like a ghost. At the door was Mr. Ventin, the teacher who had the room for his next class.
“Dan?” he said, gawking at Dan’s lewd state. “What the fuck is going on?”
“Uh, n-nothing!” he gasped, quickly gathering up his papers and shoving them in his briefcase. He noticed a piece of paper that wasn’t his, and he recognized the handwriting as Rachel’s. He snatched the note up and shoved inside without reading it. “I had a stomach cramp, real bad, and then…” He gulped and looked at his crotch, covering it with his briefcase. “I, uh, I pissed myself!” He winced and blushed deeply.
“Gods, Dan!” said Henry. “Go to the fucking doctor! I’ll call the janitor.”
“Th-thank you!” Dan gasped. “I’m sorry!” He headed out, and feebly clutched at his stomach. He didn’t stop to see Henry sniff the air and blanch, then pull out some cologne to spray into the air, knowing full well that wasn’t urine staining his colleague’s pants.
Dan rushed straight home and stripped his clothes off. He yanked the note out of his briefcase, and read it hastily. “Dear Danny Boy,” it read. “I hope you’ve enjoyed my little game, because I intend to play it all semester long! Just think, the next few months, I’ll play with your poor little cock almost every night! And some nights, I might even fuck you! You know, if I’m really bored. But don’t fret; every ‘A’ you give me, I’ll be sure to empty those balls of yours real good. Today was just a free sample, though I fully expect a good grade on this dumb pop quiz for it! Anyway, Danny Boy, I’ll do my school work, don’t you worry, but I’ll do it exactly as I’ve been doing, and I don’t want to hear any dumb remarks calling me a slacker. If you try and fail me, I’ll make sure you never cum again for the rest of your life! And if you try to report me? Well, I’ll make sure your next public orgasm takes place somewhere a little less discrete. Like, say, at a teacher’s meeting. Or the girl’s locker room. Love! -R”
Dan sagged on the couch, feeling utterly defeated. And then, he gasped, as he felt not one, but two wet mouths suddenly close around his cock. He clutched at the couch, bracing himself for a long, long night.



  1. What do you think about monster girls? Are they of your interest? I personally find them quite fitting with your story. Something like they are creatures prey on men's semen and have epic battles with Sex mages for cum (lol).

    1. They are sort of a side interest, I guess. I like them occasionally, and the Demihumans of Civero are basically my take on that. On the other hand, I'm not really into "furry" stuff, and some monster girl stuff goes into that territory. I also hate it when it goes into Vore or other squick territory.

      On the other hand, Monster Girl and Pokegirl stuff does end up being closer to my kind of story than most other femdom. Just depends on the type of story.

    2. Pokegirl.. Seriously?!!!?!?!!?! What have they done to my childhood???
      But of course it exists! How can it not be! Fucking rule 34.
      I suppose Monster girl is kinda an antithesis of your stories, cuz, you know, they want us (men, hope you are a guy bro ;) to cum, and your characters don't, so...
      But still, I feel like you can exploit quite a lot of details, such as creating battles between your mages and succubi that ultimately end up in lots and lots of sperm being spurted out... Or not, depending on which ever side that wins. Or, you can create new a new kind of monster girl, one that feeds not on cum, but on... something, I'll leave the thinking to you.
      Ps: do you play games?

    3. Well, in the Sex Mage World, you've got women that transform themselves into catgirls and bunnygirls and wolfgirls and such, and they'd need male frustration to make the transformations happen. So I guess that would be as close as you'd get in my stuff.

      Orgasm denial thing aside, Monster Girl stories do tend to have at least one major thing I like in my supernatural femdom: dominant women with magic powers who *actually use the men for sex.*

      PS: Yeah, some.

  2. Btw, do you happen to know any Monster girl blog? Or anyway I can search for them?

    1. I dunno, I don't follow any. I would imagine you could find them easily with Google. I know there used to be a couple forums at one point, not sure if they are still up or not.