Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Penny For Your Thoughts

As John sat on the couch watching the news, Penny came in with the mail and sat next to him, leaning back against the arm rest, and settling her legs on John’s thighs. John used her legs as a drink holder, setting his beer bottle between her knees, and she dutifully shifted her legs a bit closer together to hold it. As she did so, John reached over and rubbed her feet.

“Mmmm,” said Penny, smiling. She blew John a kiss, sending a touch of magic with it. John actually felt the touch her lips on his, and he smiled back.

Penny sifted through the mail, and started shifting through it. Mostly junk and a couple bills. Penny stopped at an envelope she didn’t recognize, however. It appeared to be a vacation offer. Shrugging, she tore open the envelope and glanced over the contents, a pamphlet showing an ocean liner.

John took a drink of his beer as the TV show cut to commercial, and he glanced at the pamphlet. “Ha. I remember when we used to do stuff for vacation.”

“I don’t,” said Penny. The two chuckled. The first vacation together they’d taken had been a cruise ship. Unfortunately, they caught a horrible flu the first day, and spent half the time confined to quarters. When they finally got better, a tropical storm kicked up and the ship had been forced to cut its route short. Still, they’d managed to buy enough souvenirs to impress their friends when they got back.

“Why don’t we ever go places anymore?” said Penny. “You know, besides the lake.”

“You don’t like the lake?”

“I love the lake. But the past five years, that’s the only place we’ve been. It would be nice to go, I dunno, hiking at Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, or go to the Bahamas, or to Ireland like we always said we would. Hell, even just do a roadtrip down the coast, y’know?”

“Yeah, I hear ya.” John pat her leg. “Well. I mean, we could. Not too much really stopping us.” He paused. “Except, you know, America getting chopped up into a bunch of little kingdoms and travel between them now being a tremendous pain the ass.”

“Queendoms,” said Penny. “They’re called Queendoms now.”

“Ah, right. Still. The Cult Wars were three years ago. You’d think they could ease up a little. Travel would sure help the economy.”

“Yeah,” said Penny. “Just be grateful we don’t live on the East Coast. My sister says they keep men on leashes and all fours over there.”

John grimaced. “That’s really bad for the knees.”

Penny smirked. “I’m sure it’s not really like that. She likes to exaggerate.”

“So, how’s her husband doing?”

Penny’s smile faltered a bit. “She tells me he’s… adjusting… if slowly.” She hesitated a bit, but then said. “She also has a new boyfriend, too, which I’m sure complicates things.”

John grimaced again, but he patted Penny’s leg again. He took her hand and kissed it, giving her a warm smile. “Good thing I ended up with the nice sister.”

Penny grinned slightly, and winked. John jumped as he felt a gentle slap on his balls, more startling than actually painful. “You sure about that?”

The two chuckled, and John turned back to the TV while Penny sighed and looked at the pamphlet again. She had really only looked at the pictures so far, a generic looking luxury liner, set against the backdrop of the Alaskan coastline. Then she took a second glance at the pictures inside. She blinked. She’d noticed the men in the pictures being topless, strapping hunks no doubt intended to entice a female, or gay male, customer base. Then she looked a little closer and noticed they weren’t just topless. They were naked! All of them! The pictures had simply been staged to cover the men’s general groin area. Despite a decade or so of Sex Magic, full nudity was still taboo to show in some countries, even though women could easily see men naked at a whim.

Penny turned back to the front of the pamphlet and gave the title a look. She raised her eyebrows in slight surprise. “Adults Only Cruise,” she said. “Enjoy a lovely, scenic tour of the West Coast, and while you do, enjoy the delightful buffet of male entertainment! Your husband, boyfriend, or sub won’t need to pack, as he won’t be needing clothes, just a full load to give you, and the other ladies, lots of energy!”

John turned to Penny and gave her an inquiring look. “What?”

Penny read through the pamphlet. “Oh, wow. This is an actual Sex Magic themed cruise! Let’s see, males kept nude, recommend light clothing for women, general agreement that all women can lightly tease men, but only their partners can decide what happens to them otherwise. Polyamorous outlook is recommended, though monogamous couples can participate with the understanding that privacy is not—okay, blahblahblah, health checks required, signed waivers necessary, yaddayadda, security on hand. Huh.”

“So, what is it, just, women bring guys along, and the guys serve them?”

“Well, not really serving, although I’m sure you can. Just, you know, ladies hanging out, enjoying being dominant, men enjoying being teased. Here, take a look.” John took the pamphlet and started reading through it. Penny watched her husband, then grinned. As he read, she saw a glimpse of his thoughts, of being made to kneel before Penny and a couple other women, giving them foot massages, while they all gave his penis little zaps with their magic to spur him on. She sensed his cock start to get a little hard as he thought of the possibilities.

John knew very well his wife could sense this, but they’d been married for seven years now, and Penny had had Sex Magic for six of them. They were both more than used to each other by now, and Penny even linked John to her own thoughts once in a while, showing him some of her own deepest, secret fantasies. If anything, such an intimate psychic connection had saved their marriage during the tense early years of the Magic.

It helped, of course, that Penny hadn’t let the magic turn her into a psycho-domme. But then, that wasn’t actually as common an occurrence as the media liked to make people think. Sure, there were times even the most tender and caring woman wanted the cathartic release of unleashing the inner sadist, but as long as there was genuine trust, even the most stubborn man could learn just how fun it was to indulge that sadist now and again. Likewise, more than a few women were quite happy to let their husbands and boyfriends get a little “pay back” later for such indulgences.

“I’m sensing some interest,” said Penny. She held his beer bottle as she moved her leg to press her calf against his crotch.

John shifted uncomfortably a bit as his cock tried to grow fully erect in the confines of his jeans, going from downward flaccid to upwards erect. Penny helped him out, using her magic to telekinetically pull his cock into a more comfortable position, were it could swell fully.

“Thanks,” he said softly, and she patted his hand with a smile. She listened to his erection pulse as he finished reading.

“Huh,” he said. “Well. That would be something, wouldn’t it?”

“That eager to cheat on me, huh?” said Penny.

He smirked. “Hey, you’re the one who noticed the part about the naked guys.”

“True,” she said. John’s cock stayed hard another half a minute before starting to shrink down. She decided it would be nice if stayed hard for a bit longer, and cast another small spell.

John jumped slightly and let out a soft sigh as he felt the psychic impression of Penny’s hands cupping and rolling his testicles. It was a surprisingly soothing sensation, but nonetheless, his cock took notice, and returned immediately to full erection.

“When did I last empty these puppies for you?” she said.

“Four days ago,” he said softly. The memory floated up into his mind, and Penny watched it replay. “All over your tits.” He grinned, remembering how he’d hosed down her chest. He’d gone without eight days prior to that, building up quite a load.

“Ah, yes,” she said, smiling. She then turned to the TV and dropped the subject.

John squirmed a bit after a few minutes of the psychic ball massage. He looked to Penny, but she seemed to be focused on the television. He knew she was baiting him, but that was okay. It was all part of the game. “So,” he said. “Wanna fool around?”

“Nah,” said Penny. “I’m good.”

The psychic hands shifted from rolling his balls to tickling them, fingertips lightly brushing and drumming against him. It was a strange sensation, the way the magic worked. His testicles weren’t actually being touched or moved around, but his nerves were insisting such a thing was happening. His body couldn’t tell the difference, even if his eyes showed him clear evidence that it was an illusion. He squirmed some more, and his cock flexed in his jeans. He’d reached that threshold were continued confinement was just not going to work for him. He opened his jeans and let his cock slide out with a slight breath of relief.

The psychic fingers drifted upwards, lightly dancing along his twitching shaft and tugging playfully on the ridge of his penis head. John let out another breath, but Penny acted innocent, pretending to ignore him. John scooted down in his seat some and lay his head back. Closing his eyes, he let himself enjoy the magical stimulation. Soon enough, he felt the stirring in his loins of an orgasm starting to build.

Penny basked in the flow of energy from his cock. It was just a mild, warm glow for now. As the advertisements came back on, she turned her attention back to him. “So, if we did want to go on that cruise, what do you imagine it would be like?” She saw a flurry of sexual images go through his head, as the possibilities presented themselves in his mind.

“Jeez, I dunno,” he said. “I’d hope they have a generous relief policy. All those women doing little teases and radiating lust, and all those men just naked and hard and spurring them on. It’d get crazy pretty quick, I would think. What about you? What would you do in that situation?”

Penny tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Well. I’d have fun giving little magic licks and pokes and pinches to all the boys. But there’d probably be so many women, you couldn’t hog all the boys to yourself. Still.” She picked up the pamphlet. “Some of the guys in here, I wouldn’t mind two or three of them giving me a very thorough, full-body massage.”

She sensed the slight defensive sting in John’s mind, but also sensed him brush it away, unthreatened. It was the same emotional reaction she got when John noticed the attractiveness of another woman. An instinctive reaction, only natural, just like the attraction itself. As a couple, they accepted this about one another, and didn’t let it faze them. Still, Penny, gave John’s cocks a few reassuring psychic licks. John let out a soft moan, and his hands gripped her calves. Penny took the mostly empty beer bottle from between her legs and set it on the side table, then scooted up so that her feet were now in John’s lap. She clasped her feet around his hard cock, which flexed in her grip. A thread of pre-cum seeped from the tip and trailed down her ankle. She didn’t rub him, though, just held him between her feet, and increased the activity of her psychic touches.

“Maybe we should try it,” said Penny. “I could invite our friends along. Molly and Dan, and Jenny and Craig.”

John’s mind concocted a series of ideas, involving him being pinned to a chair and teased by Molly and Jenny, another where Molly and Jenny were giving him a double blowjob while Dan and Craig licked and massaged Penny in full view of him, yet another where he and the other men were kneeling before their wives, who giggled as women all over the cruise ship sent little psychic jolts to their cocks.

Penny chuckled. “My, what vulgar thoughts of our friends,” she said. “Careful, or they might see, next time we meet up with them.” She squeezed his cock between her feet, and increased the psychic strokes and licks along its length.

John shivered, and he felt himself nearing dangerously close to orgasm. “I… I might… I could go for it… if you wanted…”

Penny thought it over some more. “It’s a fun idea, but I don’t know. I mean, hundreds of strange women, all teasing guys they don’t even know? It’s a little invasive. Plus, a couple of them might be crazies, and even with security on board, well, who knows what could happen?” She gave his cock another squeeze. “Still, on the other hand, what’s life without a little risk, huh? Besides, I’m sure every woman will be watching out for their hubbies. Or boyfriends. Or boytoys or whatever.”

She smiled. “That would be something, though. I could just glance at all the boys and watch them fall to their knees, cocks wagging as I passed. They’ll all need to cum so bad, but dare not ask me, knowing their own wives would punish them for trying to cheat. So, they’ll do every little thing I say, and have to sit there and take it as I tickle their cocks, casual as can be.”

John’s breathing was coming quicker as Penny’s psychic touches intensified yet again, and he pictured himself as one of those dozens of horny, naked men, kneeling as she and a dozen other women passed, his cock hard in worship of them. He imagined the women giving him nothing more than a smirk or wink, and then ignoring him while their magic visited wicked pleasures to his cock, pleasures that would lead to desperate pressure in his balls, that only Penny could grant relief to. But she would be too busy being tended to by her studs, massaging her and fetching her refreshments, as she giggled to the sight of her husband writhing on the deck for other women’s amusement.

John let out a sharp gasp as his cock jerked between her feet. The psychic fingers and tongues now stroked and licked him deeply, touching off nerves impossible to reach through physical means. He jumped and gasped as his orgasm peaked, and then groaned as he struck Penny’s orgasm block, forcing him into a sharp edging.

“Penny… love… mistress… please…”

Penny gave his cock a final squeeze between her feet, then pulled her legs away. She eased down the psychic sensations, watching John’s cock twitch and jump as it fought for more stimulation, then finally had to give up. John calmed down and tried to breath evenly again, feeling a tightness in his groin that wasn’t yet unpleasant.

Penny sat up, leaned over and kissed John deeply. “I’m gunna go take a shower,” she said.

“Want some company?” said John.

Penny smiled and gave his teased cock a meaningful glance. “I wasn’t thinking that kind of a shower.” She gave him a significant wink, however, as she pulled away and headed up the stairs.

John grinned, his cock still hard. He knew a challenge, and an invitation, when he saw one. He waited until he heard the water running, then followed her up the stairs, stripping as he went.

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