Monday, December 16, 2013

Just A Little Scene: Teasing Relaxation

Taneesha let out a relaxed sigh as she lay back on her bed and softly stroked the lips of her pussy. She’d spent a long, hard day at the warehouse and her whole body ached from twelve hours of hauling boxes and loading and unloading crates. Now, it was time to unwind and ease out the stiffness and aches, and there was nothing better for that, than a little Sex Magic. Still single at the moment, this did not stop Taneesha from accessing male energies as she pleasured herself.

Closing her eyes, she cast out her sexual senses, even as she slowly rolled her clit between two fingers, warming herself up. She could sense the cocks of men for miles around, all in various states of stiffness, but she had a few specific ones she liked to play with. Even over the distance of an entire state, she could home in on a helpless penis, tease it, and it would send back the resulting sexual energy to her. Filling her not only with psychic pleasure, but also energizing the healing properties of the Magic, repairing the strained and sore muscles and even maintaining her physical youth. What “lucky” men were going to help her in this task today?

Hmm… let’s see… who to pick? There were about two dozen cocks she had psychically “marked” as hers. She knew she wasn’t the only one to do so in some cases, and she did pity the poor boys (usually single men not yet under the control, and protection, of a wife, girlfriend or mistress), who had multiple women teasing them at random. But pity only went so far. She, a woman, was in need of pleasure and comfort, and that was worth more than any man’s silly need for relief.

Rubbing her clit in slow circles, she saw one boy she liked to rile up every chance she got. An eighteen year old boy a mile away, still living with his parents; she knew his name, but thought of him, and most of the males she teased but had never met in person, as simply “the boy.” She could sense the poor boy was once again peeping on his neighbors, a sexy pair of twins who loved to sunbathe topless in their backyard, and bask in the arousal they caused the men of the neighborhood. To be fair to the boy, it could hardly be called peeping when the girls made no attempt to hide themselves, and wanted to be spotted. But the girls would quickly chastise any male who too obviously watched them, and so the boy had to peek at them from behind the blinds in his window.

The boy was already rock hard and his hips twitched as his excitement reached critical levels. Taneesha could sense the need in his testicles, swollen as they were with unspent semen. A quick look at his body through the filter of Sex Magic, and she could see he hadn’t an orgasm in nine weeks! Taneesha felt a little bad; she had cast teasing magic on him over fifty times in the past two months, and she could sense at least a dozen other women had likewise contributed to his frustration. Oh, well. His orgasm blocks were quite strong, and not going anywhere for a while. Taneesha cast her spell, and the boy stiffened, gasping as he felt two soft, warm orbs squeeze together around his cock, and then move slowly up and down.

The boy let out a whimper and his penis jerked, immediately leaking pre-cum. His hips thrust forward as he felt the effects of a phantom boobjob tending to his member. He shivered and moaned with need, but even as the magic sensations drove him to immediate edging, he could not tear his gaze away from his neighbors’ breasts. His thoughts were entirely of thrust his cock between them, for real. He didn’t even know who was causing the psychic boobjob; he assumed it was one of the twins he was watching. But he didn’t dare approach them! If he did, they’d know he was watching. Of course, they already knew, sensing him just as Taneesha did, but they pretended they didn’t, and if the boy broke that illusion, well, his orgasm block wouldn’t be lifted for a long time coming.

Taneesha giggled as she set the spell to continue for the next hour. While the boy humped the air and moaned at his window, trapped in the sensations and fantasy, his cock sent back the energies of his arousal, fueling her power, and filling her with a warm, happy sensation. Taneesha let the energy flow over her, and she brought up another hand to squeeze her breasts, lightly pinching at her nipples. She was feeling better already. But she wasn’t done.

Who else could use a tease today? She scanned the other side of the city, seeking out the penises she had claimed, whether the men they were attached to knew it or not. There were two she detected right away, but both were already being tended to by other women. It was rude to interrupt another woman’s session. A little further then… aha!

Three miles away was another young man, early twenties, a little chubby and renting a studio apartment downtown. He was also doing something naughty, erect and masturbating at his computer. The poor boy was still a virgin, under confident around women (although most men were in a world of Sex Magic). Despite this, according to his thoughts, he apparently had gotten an online mistress a couple weeks ago. But she had not even touched his cock yet, and had no qualms about letting other women tease him, since she lived in another country, and had a few other boy toys on the side. His orgasm block, however, was even stronger than the teenager Taneesha had just teased.

Taneesha glanced through the young man’s sexual thoughts as he masturbated. She realized he was jerking off to drawn pictures, instead of real life ones. Focusing her sexual senses, Taneesha couldn’t help but chuckle. The young man had a fetish for anime style catwomen, girls drawn with kitty ears and tails. The man was fantasizing that his own mistress was a catwoman, and she had tied him up a rack. The mistress was directing several other catgirls to tickle and tease the young man, licking him with rough tongues and ever so lightly scratching him with their long nails.

Taneesha focused her power. The young man was so aroused, working the Magic on him was easy. Taneesha seized control of his arm and forced his body to move as she wished. She used the magic to pin his arms to his sides and keep his legs spread. His cock stood twitching in the air, and the young man struggled. A flash of fear swept over him, a mixed with guilt, and sudden spike of arousal at the idea of being caught. Taneesha giggled. The young man had been forbidden from masturbating, but his mistress had not cast a spell to prevent it. The young man was breaking the rules his mistress had set forth! Of course, she had sent him links to this gallery of nude catwomen, but the young man had failed the test of temptation.

Taneesha knew his mistress would punish him soon enough, but that was no reason not to lend a hand, so to speak. She cast more of her magic forth, and the young man shivered as he heard the sound sexy women purring in his ears. The sensation tickled his ears and neck and he made high pitched giggles as he wriggled in his chair. Then, he gasped as he felt the sensation of long fingernails lightly dragging down his cock, like several well-manicured hands tickling his member. The dual sensations of the feather-light strokes and the stereo purring put the poor young man over the edge and his bucked in his chair, grunting and giggling, as he tried to cum. But his mistress’s orgasm block held strong, and his efforts were in vain. Like the peeping tom teenager before him, he was trapped by magical sensations, but unable to release. She set the sensations to last until the young man’s mistress noticed what was happening and chose to release him.

Taneesha let out a gasp as she drove two of her fingers deep into herself, as the young man’s energy washed over her. Oh, it was so good. Two helpless cocks, throbbing in her power, giving her pleasure and energy. She gasped as she thrust her fingers into herself, licking the fingers of her other hand and then pinching and twisting her nipples harder. She could feel a strong climax starting to build in her core, but she wasn’t quite there yet. It was good… but it wasn’t quite enough yet… hmmm… yes… One more. Just one more cock would be perfect. And she knew just who look for.

She cast a wide net to her senses, reaching a miles out, stretching into the next town and found a cock she had gotten to know quite personally. The organ belonged to Mr. Jones, one of Taneesha’s ex-lovers. He’d been twenty-eight, and Taneesha eighteen, when they’d had their affair, before Taneesha’s powers manifested. Sex Magic had been new back then, less than a year since it had appeared. Mr. Jones had been too intimidated by it, and for the first couple years, would only try to get with women who didn’t have the magic. Taneesha had been one of his favorite lays, and while she’d wanted to take the relationship further, he was content to keep it as “fuck buddies.” They’d had incredible sex for a year, but when Taneesha turned nineteen, he dropped her like a bad habit.

The fool. He’d thought if he just didn’t have sex with her once she became a Sex Mage, he’d be safe. But the idiot still thought of her when he masturbated, and not two days after her powers had awakened, she had sensed him jacking off to the nudie pictures she’d given him. She had seized his cock then, and she’d never let go of it in the eight years since. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one. Many a night, Taneesha had sensed his cock being tormented with magic that wasn’t hers; apparently, it took him a couple years, and over two dozen lovers, to realize breaking teenaged girls’ hearts just before they became Sex Mages was the worst mistake imaginable. Taneesha couldn’t even sense the last time he had cum.

He had a girlfriend now, one his own age for once, who let him pleasure her with his tongue, and left his cock completely untouched. All she did was secure his orgasm block as the women of his past punished him mercilessly. To be fair, most of his ex-lovers didn’t bother anymore. Taneesha, in fact, wasn’t even mad at him anymore, and only teased him a couple times a month at most for a lark, as did a couple other ex-lovers. But at least a couple more still had an axe to grind. As Taneesha honed in her senses on Mr. Jones’ diamond hard, livid cock, she drove her fingers deep into her pussy, rubbing the sensitive node of her g-spot.

Mr. Jones was stretched prone on an invisible rack, bound in mid-air by his girlfriend. She was sitting on his face, gasping as he licked her. His cock, meanwhile, was already being assaulted by magic, the signatures of at least two other women tormenting him with a flurry of phantom sensations. Blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, fucking, all combined to push his penis past the brink of human tolerance, even as the magic kept him awake throughout the sensation overload. There wasn’t much Taneesha could add to the mix. But she did anyway, layering a psychic tongue bath onto his balls. This channeled some of the immense sexual energy he was outputting, throwing it to her in a strong kickback.

Taneesha, already squirming as she pleasure herself, shrieked as the powerful jolt of energy from Mr. Jones mixed with the teenager and the young man, and pleasure erupted in her core. She squealed and shuddered as she came, biting the fingers of her free hand to keep from screaming too loud, and driving her fingers as deep as they would go. The Sex Magic filled her with more pleasure than several of her best sexual encounters at once, and one orgasm became two, then three in rapid succession, one from each boy who throbbed and ached in her power, and the power of other women. Helpless, hopeless cocks, unable to resist the all-mighty power of Sex Magic, existing only to amuse and please the goddesses who teased and tormented them purely on a whim. It felt so good, so right, and as Taneesha’s pleasure began to build, her orgasm became transcendent. She curled into a ball, hugging herself, the psychic stimulation taking over for her hands, and she shivered and cried and mewed in her ecstasy. Her orgasm overflowed, and some of the psychic pleasure leaked out from her. Every penis in the neighborhood went rock hard, some men ejaculating right in their pants.

Taneesha’s orgasm lasted several minutes before she finally cooled down. She unfurled and lay back, sprawling on her bed, drenched in sweat. The glow of sexual energy flowed over her, easing away any aches from her body-wrenching orgasm. She drifted in her euphoric haze for several more minutes, letting the psychic hum of the desperate cocks she was still sensing lull her into a half-sleep. And then, she stretched and yawned and hopped out of bed, feeling like she was ready to take on the world. She doubted she’d even need to sleep for the next few nights.

“Not bad for a quickie,” she laughed, as she went to the shower to clean up. She paused, still sensing the three cocks she had connected to directly. She frowned and decided to be nice, canceling the spells she had placed on the teenager and the young man. She even used her magic to ease away the aching in their genitals. They’d still feel the overwhelming sexual pressure, but it wouldn’t hurt, at least for a while. Mr. Jones, however, he had a long, long night ahead of him. Taneesha smiled, content that all was as it should be.

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