Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Creature

Queen Rose no longer slept. She hadn’t needed to since the day of her ascension. Sex Magic had transformed her body into a hyper-efficient machine of organic perfection; even without any magic at all, she would only need to physically rest perhaps an hour a week. But of course, even that was unnecessary. The constant background radiation of ambient Lust Energy throughout her Queendom provided more than enough to keep herself at the height of strength, focus, and balance, just taking little sips of the energy every now and then.

But even a goddess occasionally needed some form of respite. For all the Magic had changed her, she was still, at her core, only human, and a mortal mind needed a break every now and then. And so, without the need for sleep, she meditated.

She hovered a few feet from the floor in her bedroom, sitting in mid-air in the lotus position. It was an embarrassingly luxurious suite, fit indeed for a Queen, but too grand for her personal taste. It was important, however, to maintain appearances, even among her trusted staff. She was, after all, the absolute dictator of her country. People expected her to live in a grand palace, to live in opulence. No one would respect a Queen who lived in a cozy little log cabin in the woods. They would respect her power, of course, but having to prove one’s might in every single encounter just so people would listen was a barbaric and inefficient means of rule. There was much that could be communicated through the simple social engineering of proper presentation.

She couldn’t say her work was exhausting, as such. The Magic ensured she was effectively never exhausted physically, always mentally sharp. But there was, perhaps not ennui, but a certain tedium that grated on her mortal nerves every once in a while. There were also temptations that one in her position could easily fall to. And of course, there was the fear, small, but ever-present. The fear that for all she had done to make a stable and peaceful country, her civilization was still at risk from any number of dangers.

Thus, she found it ideal to spend at least one hour every three days in meditation, to reflect on her own mental state and reassess her situation. No particularly grand insights came to her this time, but when she opened her eyes and settled her feet back down onto the floor, she felt more centered than she had an hour ago. That was something, at least.

She waved her hand, and clothing appeared over her naked form. A white dress with sky-blue frills and lace, complimenting her pale skin and equally blue eyes. A pink flower tucked behind her left ear, nestled in her chin-length mouse-brown hair. She remained barefoot, as was her preference. It was perhaps not so regal looking, but a fair number of men in her country had a thing for feet. In a world where sexuality was power on every conceivable level, it felt only natural to give her subjects something arousing about her appearance that didn’t necessitate flashing her privates like an attention-starved whore.

She exited her room, and the two Archmage guards stood at attention. Rose nodded, and they fell in place behind her, walking as she floated two feet off the ground. Rose was also on the short side. She could have chosen to alter her body from her original petite figure, but she liked a form that was cute rather than overtly bombshell sexy. Not that she lacked the curves of a mature woman, but “sexy cute” was her preference over the towering Amazon look some other Queens adopted.

Even still, floating this way conveyed that important image of power, not only letting her match or exceed most people’s eye level, but also the rather cliché “above it all” look. As she coasted down the grand hall, she passed by several of her staff, those women tasked with doing the actual menial labor of governance, as well as men who followed behind them to lend their “assistance.”

The men in the hallway were huffing and squirming, their cocks quivering as she passed by. Rose was not casting any spells, nor did she have her Arousal Aura active, but it didn’t matter. Their bodies responded to her mere presence, some innate elemental resonance with the Magic. As Rose floated within a dozen feet of the men, the poor things couldn’t take it any more, and they collapsed to their knees, gasping. Their cocks clenched rapidly. But even without Orgasm Blocks, they would never achieve release in the Queen’s presence without her permission. Their cocks knew what she was, and they would never deign to commit such an offense.

She could, of course, suppress their reactions, but there was little point in making such a token effort. They were, after all, here to empower her and her female staff with their energies. The men who served her knew what to expect, and the other women were lenient with their reaction to her.

It wasn’t like the women were unaffected either. While the Archmages could handle her presence, most lesser Mages could barely remain standing either. Even those that could felt their clits and nipples stiffen, their pussies moistening. Those newer to the job, still not used to the effect of her presence, were already trembling with sexual tension.

Rose paused as one of her advisers came up to her with an update on an incident involving a border skirmish to the south. As she listened, several men shuddered and whimpered and gasped, and two women let out whimpers. Rose could sense them, but didn’t react, listening to her adviser with a look of calm patience. Even though the exchange took only a minute before she moved on, it was too much for them all. As soon as she was out the door, the hyper-aroused women grabbed the men and hauled them into the nearest room for an intense quickie. Both the men and women were given relief, but the men found their cocks were still stubbornly hard within the palace’s walls.

Rose had long since stopped being entertained by the show, but she still appreciated the pleasant ripples of energy emanating from her subjects’ orgasms. She savored the psychic taste, before she exited another hallway to reach a large balcony. She took a breath, lifted into the sky, and shot southward like a missile. She stayed high in the sky, so as to avoid forcing her subjects to endure her presence, but a few particularly sensitive men got intensely hard anyway as she passed overhead.

The borders of her nation, like most Queendoms, were protected by a wall of Magic, a Barrier with a two-fold effect: First, it blocked out attempts by most women from outside to send their spells through to effects the citizens within. Second, it prevented unvetted outsiders from trying to sneak inside. For males, the Barrier automatically made them hard and set teasing spells upon them. If they continued to try and go through the barrier, they would find resistance as the Magic slowed their movements until, about halfway through, it would freeze them in place.

Women, of course, were more resistant to the effect, but most would still be frozen by the time they reached the inner half of the barrier. The Barrier was an excellent defense against intrusion, but that didn’t stop some from trying to break through, instead of going through the normal checkpoints.

Rose cast her senses forth, sensing the distress her advisor had mentioned. She easily detected a strange spike of lust energy in a stretch of forest. A squad of defending soldiers, and their male energy providers was already there. She used the Magic’s gift of clairvoyance to see ahead and assess the situation from a distance.

Two dozen women were standing at the edge of a foot path, a disused animal trail that led through the forest to a clearing that made a natural dividing line for the otherwise invisible Barrier. Each of the women was aiming a machine gun into the trees, while the men trained to be their power generators stood behind them. The male members of the squad were safely tucked away in an armored vehicle, naked and hard, being teased by expertly crafted Tease Spells to keep them on the edge. Each female soldier was tied directly to a man, absorbing his energy to empower their bodies as much as physically possible.

As was the standard, at least one member of the squad, the leader in this case, was an Archmage. Rose flickered her sensed over the woman’s mind, detecting her level of power, and the nature of her speciality. Commander Brenna Hazara, a tall, stern woman of Indian decent, whose Archmage gifts included the power to create fire and lightning. Even now, she stood in the center of her squad, hands crackling with electricity as her squad mates aimed their guns.

Rose was pleased to see the squad was calm, collected, and focused, expertly able to cast the Tease Spells, without being distracted by the intense energy of the men they were playing with. The men, all volunteers, let themselves give in to the power, as they had been trained. Like a good energy provider, they devoted their lustful thoughts to the soldier they empowered, worshipping her in their minds.

What disturbed Rose, however, was the thing her soldiers were aiming at. She could see it, standing in the barrier. It was a woman, mostly. Ten feet tall, with a supermodel’s figure, the human parts of her were almost achingly beautiful and arousing. Her large but perky breasts and shapely legs were entrancing, as were the pouty red lips that glistened with moistness, and the sparkling emerald eyes. Her long black hair hung down her back to her hips, and spilled over her shoulders to frame her breasts just so. Rose wasn’t that into women, but even her heart might have skipped a beat looking at this woman, if it wasn’t for the rest of her.

Firstly, she had three breasts instead of two. The lips of her vagina looked more like the lips of a mouth, and occasionally moved as if puckering for a kiss. She actually had four legs, instead of two, the second pair sprouting out from the hips. Her four legs were bent some at the knees, two spreading frontward, two backward, giving her a quadraped look. But mostly glaringly, she didn’t have arms. Instead, fleshy tentacles sprouted from her shoulder sockets, and as Rose shifted her psychic vision to get a full-body look at the woman-creature, she could see more tentacles sprouted from her back.

The tendrils varied in thickness, from a pinky to a forearm in width, but each appeared as flexible as an octopus tentacle. However, instead of tapering off to a point, each tendril appeared to end in a flexible sheath, with a vagina-like opening. Dozens of these tendrils sprouted from her body, and half of them waved about in the air, dripping feminine moistness. The other half-however, had ensnared twenty-seven men by their dicks and mouths.

Rose took another moment to assess the captured men’s minds. Each of them was lost in an intense storm of psychic pleasure, painfully intense. They were beyond unconscious, their minds filled only with sensations, no longer to even form coherent thoughts. Their body shuddered and twitched in disturbing convulsions. The tentacles covered their mouths and noses, cutting off air, and forcing them to taste vaginal fluid non-stop. Their cocks were swollen to a state of painful priapism, held in mid-orgasmic clench. Their orgasms were blocked, however. They were stuck at the edge of release, to a point so intense that it was killing them.

No, more accurately, they were basically already dead. The only thing keeping them alive was the healing side-effects of the Magic, without which they would have already suffocated. But even with the Magic compensating for the lack of air, the pleasure they were experiencing had friend their nerves and burned away their minds. As a Megami, she had brought men and women back from the brink of death before, so there was a chance she could save them. But she needed to remove them from this woman-creature first.

Still miles away, she reached out and tried to grasp the men, to use the telekinetic power of the Magic to force them away from the woman-creature. Strangely, however, her power failed to grasp them. It should have been impossible for any woman but another Megami to successfully resist Rose’s attempt hi-jack control of her men. The Queen frowned, and cast her psychic senses to attack the woman-creature directly. However, to her surprise, she detected nothing but an overwhelming sense of erotic desire. There were no memories, no surface thoughts, no sense of self. It was as if the woman weren’t even really there, contrary to the evidence.

The only thing like it that Rose could remember encountering were some of the Magic-created duplicates one of her Archmage advisors could create of herself. Was this creature some kind of construct then? Such things were effectively solid manifestations of Sex Magic’s energy, a hologram shell over of body of pure force. For a Megami, tapping into that spell energy and manipulating it was a simple matter. Rose tried to override the creature’s essence and turn it off, like she had done with her advisor’s duplicates, and yet that had no effect either.

Just what the hell was this thing?

She could have reached the edge of the Barrier by flight in fifteen minutes, but instead opted to teleport the rest of the way. It seemed there was only the one strange woman and her prisoners, no other surprises, and she’d gotten as much direct information as she would from a distance.

Commander Brenna was used to her Queen simply appearing out of nowhere at this point. She kept her electrified hands up and pointed at the woman-thing, but gave her liege a curt nod. “My Queen, I’m glad you’re here. This is a rather unusual situation.”

“So I noticed,” Rose said, once again hovering a couple feet off the ground. The soldiers managed to keep themselves composed. As military-trained Sex Mages, they were more than used to dealing with intense sexual auras and energies. They weren’t going to falter or start losing their self-control just over Rose’s presence. “So, what does it want?”

“It doesn’t speak. It’s just standing their, staring at us. I think it could step all the way through the Barrier if it wanted, but seems to like it in there.”

Rose nodded. The Barrier’s teasing effects were no doubt bombarding the men ensnared by the woman’s tendrils, on top of her own spells. Although, Rose noted, upon closer inspection, that the Tease Spells the men were feeling were all the ones set into the Barrier: Phantom Handjobs, Phantom Blowjobs, Phantom Pussies. There didn’t seem to be any sort of nuanced stimulation spell from the woman herself. As Rose watched the interplay of Lust Energy and Sex Magic between the woman and her victims, it seemed like she was just pumping pure pleasure into their nerves, like rapid electric pulses along receptors.

The woman was smiling down blissfully at the assembled group. Even though she was floating, Rose was still a couple feet shorter than the woman; her height, accentuated by the mass of writhing tentacles and men waving about her, made her seem to loom over the assembled group, despite her being fifty feet away. Rose raised herself to be eye-level with her.

“You there! Who are you and what do you want?” Rose didn’t expect much, but even magic duplicates had some degree personality and responsiveness programmed into them, to simulate the person they had been copied from. Even if this woman was some kind of magic automaton, she should have some kind of simulated mind.

The woman just kept smiling at them. Her gaze had kept slowly roaming over the soldiers before, but now her eyes were locked on Rose. Still, she gave no other outward sign that she’d even heard the woman.

“You are trespassing on protected land, attempting to access an illegal crossing zone. Whoever you are, if you wish for access to this country, you must use the established checkpoints for assessment.” She crossed her arms and gave the creature a stern look. “Although I suspect you aren’t anyone at all.”

The woman just kept smiling at her. It was a pleasant smile, of one just happy to be where she was, and one her gorgeous face, it was a heart warming expression. But Rose kept her focus on the creature’s eyes and her senses on what should have been the creature’s mind. There was nothing, nothing except the base desire for sex, which she was currently fulfilling with her helpless victims.

It was creepy. Moreover, she could sense the men in the woman’s grasp growing weaker. The bodies twitched disturbingly, and she could sense their body’s vitals sputtering. Once more, she tried to grasp at them, snagging their flesh to pull away from the woman-creature as she would pluck blades of grass from the ground. But still, her power failed to take hold. She again exerted her power on the creature directly, focusing intently on taking control of the magic within it, and pulling it apart. But her power slipped around it. Something about the creature’s power protected itself and her victims.

A notion sparked in Rose’s mind as she sensed two of the poor men’s minds start to shut down completely, their bodies teased and edged and overloaded beyond even the Magic’s ability to keep them alive. As they seized in their death throws, Rose watched the woman suck down every ounce of Lust Energy they had to give. The woman-thing let out a soft, satiated sigh, and the energy dispersed into and all throughout her being. Rose realized the creature wasn’t just absorbing the energy to empower herself, she was feeding on it.

Feeding. The men weren’t just batteries for the woman-creature, they were food. They weren’t just victims, they were prey.

Rose had only known one entity to actually feed on Sex Magic. The same entity that had nearly destroyed the human race, would have if Rose and a few dozen other women hadn’t miraculously undergone the transformation into the Megami they were now. Rose herself had been one of the three to slam the thing into the Moon, where they left it to crumble to ashes.

Rose’s eyes widened. “Commander, open fire!”

Brenna and her squad didn’t hesitate. Lightning and bullets slammed into the giant woman, causing it to stagger back. It shrieked in pain under the assault, and whipped its captured males behind it, whipping its free tentacles in front of them to shield them.  However, once the soldiers ceased firing, the thing stood tall. A few tiny red spots decorated its skin, but these were already fading. Not a single bullet left a lasting mark, much less a wound, and the lightning had only singed its hair.

“Shit,” muttered one of the soldiers.

As if in response, the woman-thing frowned, and fast as a bullwhip, the tendrils holding the two men who had died from her feeding snapped forward. The two corpses shot through the air like cannonballs, and it was only the soldier’s magically-enhanced reflexes that let them dodge getting crushed by the flying bodies.

Rose snapped her hand out and caught the two bodies with a telekinetic power beyond the body control most Sex Mage’s were limited to. She set the bodies down in the grass of the field, while she and the soldiers flew into the air. As they did so, Rose sensed another three men die in the creature’s tendrils. Once used up, the creature fired them at the flying women. Rose managed to catch them as well, then pushed them into the arms of the soldiers furthest back.

“Take them to the medics! See if you can resuscitate them!”

“My Queen, what should we—”

“Fall back! I’ll take care of this!” Rose cast her own mystical influence northward, towards the men of her civilization. She linked into the cocks of thousands of her citizens, pulling energy from all of them. Unlike some Queendoms, the men of her nation were not forced to suffer a constant state of intense blue balls, but there was still plenty of Lust Energy to draw from.

The power surged into her small body. Even just a fraction of the Lust Energy she gathered into herself would knock a normal Sex Mage out cold from overload, but for her, it was barely a fistful of the power she could have wielded. She hoped she wouldn’t have to take any more, or she’d have to force her own subjects into sexual tease torture to gather more.

Rose’s body, infused with superhuman strength and durability, shot towards the woman-creature like a ballistic missile. The thing was slow to defend itself, it’s free tendrils trying to grab at her, but too late. Rose punched the thing as hard as she could right in the side of the face.

A punch that could have toppled a skyscraper only made the woman-thing stagger back a few inches. Part of its face had been crushed in, but it was already flowing back into shape. Rose felt two more of the men die as the creature sucked down the last of their energy to boost its recovery. Rose grit her teeth and started punching at the creature’s head, her fists hitting like mini-jack-hammers. Even though the creature had managed to brace itself for that first punch, Rose’s continued assault put it off-balance. Rose tried to draw more energy from the creature’s captured men, but it stubbornly sucked it all inwards.

Unable to throw the two deceased men at her this close, the creature dropped them and tried to bring all it’s tentacles to bare on Rose. The fleshy tendrils, sensually soft, yet unyieldingly firm, bound her small form in a cocoon of crushing muscle.

Rose teleported out of the thing’s grip, reappearing right behind her head. She managed to worm her arms past the tendril roots to locked her arms around the woman’s head. With all her strength, she viciously snapped the thing’s head to the side, attempting to break its neck.

The creature let out a shriek of pain, but even though Rose felt something crack, the creature’s neck muscles spasmed, yanking the head back into place. Another man died as the creature recovered.

Shit! Rose knew it was probably too late for the men already, but she wanted to at least try and save them. At this rate, it seemed like the only way she was going to kill this thing would be to just damage it until it ran out of men to drain, and then keep damaging it until it died.

She had no idea where this thing could have come from, who could have made it. But even if it meant sacrificing the remaining men, she could not allow this thing to enter her country. She had no idea if this thing was truly like the Created, the Pandora-born monster that had nearly ended the world, but she wasn’t going to risk finding out.

The tendrils whipped back, even faster than before, and tried to grasp her. Rose teleported out of its reach, reappearing a mile straight up in the sky. From her vantage point, she kept an eye on the woman-creature. It was looking around for her, not finding her, but it didn’t seem to be moving anywhere. It was still right on the edge of the Barrier, the men it ensnared still affected by it. They weren’t going to last much longer; when the last of her prey was done, would the woman-creature then move through the Barrier to find more men to consume?

Rose didn’t doubt it. It would need to feed more eventually, probably continuously to sustain itself, if it was truly like the Created. Even if it had no malicious intent, Rose couldn’t even see a true mind inside of it. It was a beast, maybe even less than that, and it had to be put down. Despite its lack of offensive power, though, it was certainly tough as hell, and its ability to keep Rose from taking it’s men away made it all the more dangerous. Rose wasn’t sure if it would be able to start ensnaring distant men with its power and drew them to it, or if it was even capable of thinking of such a strategy, but that was something she wasn’t about to let it try.

She needed more power, enough to crush the thing completely in one shot. She would have to draw upon her citizens, as well as her Radiant reserve. Keeping tabs on the creature with her senses, she closed her eyes and cast out her magic to touch upon everyone within range.

“My subjects,” she whispered into their minds. “I have need of your energy. Please show me your desire.”

If she had wanted, she could have ripped the energy from them with ease. She could have cast brain-melting Tease Spells on men and women alike, forced them to drop everything and fuck for days without relief, unleashed her Arousal Aura and put every man into a Hard Attack coma and every woman into a raving sex addict.

But she wasn’t one of those Queens, and she made sure the people knew she would never be. So when she asked for their help, they gave it willingly. All over the small country, women activated their Auras, enticing their men to intense lust and sealing their orgasms. The men offered themselves for use. Couples made love, mistresses played with subs, friends fooled around, random girls teased random boys. As millions of women teased but did not absorb the Lust Energy of the millions of cocks they made edge repeatedly.

The atmosphere filled with a cloud of energy that could have eclipsed the sun if it could be seen by mundane senses. Rose waited five minutes to let it all built, then she sucked all that power into herself, until she was glowing with power. She cupped her hands and gathered the energy into the palms, converting the impossible power of the Magic into a tangible ball of ultra-heated plasma. The tiny ball of energy grew brighter and brighter until she seemed to carry a miniature star in her hands.

Then she teleported once more, right in front of the woman-creature’s chest, and slammed the tiny star into her torso. The thing staggered back and howled as her body light up from the inside, like a flare inside a jack-o-lantern. Rose could see the outline of her organs and bones and the deadly plasma-ball exploded from within her, the light expanding outward. Rose teleported into the sky again, and in a blinding flash, the woman-creature, her entrapped men, and everything within a hundred feet of them, was instantly vaporized. A roar of thunder followed the shockwave of the explosion, which flattened the forest trees kicked up a huge dust cloud.

They were far enough away from the nearest village that the shockwave wouldn’t reach them. She used a wave of telekinetic force to clear the air and inspect the blast sight. Even though her sexual senses told her the creature and its victims were destroyed, she wanted to confirm it with her own eyes.

She let out a relieved sigh. She cast her mind out again, and told her subjects it was okay to stop. Most did, millions of cock orgasming at once, creating one huge burst of energy that she allowed the women of her nation to take for themselves. She sensed a few hundred couples still going, however, caught up in their teasing games. She wasn’t about to interrupt their fun.

She sensed someone approaching and turned to see Commander Hazara flying down to meet her. Both women hovered over the crater Rose’s blast had made. “What in the fuck was that thing?” the Commander said. Then, she composed herself, and tried to recover her professional air. “Erm, I mean, what do you suppose that was, my Queen?”

Rose stared at the crater with a contemplative look. “Pandora,” she said.

The Commander’s brow furrowed. “What?”

Rose glanced to her. “I’m not sure yet, but I have a theory. I’ll need to check with some others. Any luck with those men?”

The other women frowned and shook her head. “I’m sorry, my Queen. We tried to recover them, but they were drained so thoroughly.” She glanced around. “I don’t suppose you managed to pull away any others?”

“No,” she said, frowning.

The Commander nodded. “I saw a bit of the battle. You were right not to hold back. Anything that can take a punch from a Megami cannot be handled with kid gloves.”

“I know.” Rose looked to the north, towards her country, and the people she had taken the responsibility of protecting. Then she looked up towards the moon, still visible just above the horizon, even in the morning sun. She frowned, remembering the monster she had thrown there. She felt that little bit of familiar fear murmur a bit louder in the back of her mind.

She shook her head and banished such feelings. “Have your squad investigate the area thoroughly. I don’t suspect you’ll find anything, but any clue as to where that creature came from would be helpful.”

“Yes, my Queen,” the Commander said, with another curt nod.

Rose nodded back, then teleported herself all the way back to her palace. She resumed her hovering lotus position, and cast her senses out into the world once more, this time far, far beyond the borders of her country. She had a feeling that this strange encounter was only the beginning of a new catastrophe, but perhaps with a little help from her fellow Queens, they may be able to nip this one in the bud.


  1. Very interesting, a nice change of pace

    1. Thanks. It's random and weird, but sometimes its fun to tap into the crazier side of the setting lore.

  2. Interesting and unusual story. Would be nice to see more stuff about Created

    1. Thanks. I've always got this stuff in the back of my mind when it comes to the SMW, but I always feel it takes too much away from the intended erotic focus of the stories, so I'm always hesitant to actually do anything with it.