Thursday, June 25, 2015

SMW - Awkard Living Arrangements

Henrietta was just finishing her late night snack when she sensed the growing arousal of a young man in the room above her. Glancing upwards, she frowned as her mystical sexual senses zoomed in on the thoughts and energy spilling out from her nephew as the young man began to masturbate in the so-called “privacy” of his room. Henrietta shook her head a little as she stepped into the living room to go back to her reading.

Sally, her daughter, was sprawled out on the couch. She glanced up from her magazine and pulled out her earbuds, cocking her head to the side, she seemed to “listen” to an unheard sound. Sally had only just gained her Sex Magic powers two weeks ago, and everything was still new to her, the sensing of erections still unusual. To Henrietta, the sensation was just ambient noise anymore, though a hard penis in close proximity, such as the one just a few feet above her on the next floor, tended to be hard to ignore.

“Is Fred masturbating?” said Sally, squinting at the ceiling.

Henrietta sighed. “Yes, dear,” she said.

Sally blanched. “Eww, gross!” The young woman could now see her cousin straight through the ceiling, her psychic senses enabling her to psychically visualize any naked and aroused man if she focused on the signal of his erection. “Does he not know we can sense him?”

“Of course he knows,” said Henrietta. “But he’s got to tend to himself every now and then. I told him he’s allowed to masturbate as much as he needs, if he at least tries to be discreet. Since you’ve gotten your powers, he hasn’t dared touch himself. But you know how it can be for boys.”

Sally nodded, but kept glancing instinctively at the ceiling, then turning away in disgust. “Jeez, could just he not do that? I mean, I know boys have to get their release but—”

Both women flinched as the signals and energy from Fred suddenly flared brightly, indicating he had just reached orgasm. A few moments of intense broadcasting later, and the signals faded quickly. Above them, Fred hastily cleaned up and closed the images on his computer. Soon, the signal was gone, and neither woman could sense him or see him. Not that Henrietta had looked. Having had Sex Magic for nine years, she was more than used to sensing men engaged in sex or masturbation. It was easy enough to tune out, hence why she tolerated it from Fred.

“Wow, that was fast,” said Sally. She grimaced. “Ugh. Is this what it’s going to be like all the time with these powers?”

“You get used to it, dear,” said Henrietta with a reassuring smile. “And trust me, men will be a lot easier to understand and their habits much easier to tolerate once you can literally see how their brains work. There’s a reason why divorce rates plummeted after Sex Magic arrived.”

Sally let out a chuckle. “I thought that was because no man was going to divorce his wife if he ever wanted to cum again.”

Henrietta smirked. “That’s not nearly as common as you think.”

“Oh, yeah? So when’s the last time you let Dad pop one off?”

Henrietta rolled her eyes. “You’re grossed out by your cousin masturbating, but you want to talk about your father’s orgasms?”

“Not really,” said Sally. “I was just saying. Last time I saw him, his balls were buzzing like a jet engine. I could barely hear myself think! Poor guy.”

“Did you tell him you have your powers?”

“No. I didn’t want to freak him out. Or end up asking him why he hasn’t cum in five months.”

“I have nothing to do with his orgasms,” said Henrietta, her voice stern. “He’s got his floozy mistress now, they’re her concern.”

“Come on, Karen’s really nice,” said Sally. “It’s not like she stole him from you. You were already broken up when he met—”

Henrietta put her hand up. “Alright, alright, I know. Let’s change the subject.”

“Fine,” said Sally. “We can talk about why Fred jacks off to anime girls.”

Henrietta rolled her eyes again. “Really? You’re disgusted by Fred’s masturbation, but you want to talk about it anyway? You are one weird kid.”

Sally gave her a mock salute. “I get all my bad habits from you, mother dearest.” The two women chuckled. Then, Sally said, “Really, though, can he just hold off for one more week, until I go back college?”

“Talk with him about it yourself,” said Henrietta.

“He won’t even look at me since he found out about my powers,” said Sally. “I guess I don’t blame him, though. What with Aunt Peggy and all. He’s probably afraid I’ll snap just like…” Sally paused and glanced at her mom. Henrietta was giving her a deadpan stare, all humor dropped from her visage. Sally cleared her throat. “I mean… um… sorry…”

Henrietta pursed her lips. Ah, yes. Peggy. The reason Henrietta was taking care of Fred in the first place. Sally hadn’t had much chance to meet her Aunt Peggy in the last nine years, and Henrietta was rather thankful for that. Peggy had dealt with the magic as best she could, but she had been the younger sibling. The spoiled one. More inflexible. More prideful. More narrow in her views. More set in her ways, even at a young age. And said ways did not prepare her to handle dealing with male sexuality the way Sex Magic forced women to. They did not prepare her for the day she sensed her own son’s first attempts at masturbation. Sensing his erections was one thing. Males got erections. That was tolerable. Ignorable. But once sexual fantasies began to factor in earnest into her sons’ mind, well, Peggy didn’t quite know how to deal with that.

Thankfully, for Fred’s sake, Henrietta was more tolerant, and willing to aid her sister. A pity Peggy did not seem to appreciate such aid. The last Henrietta had heard, Peggy had run off to join one those weird Cults.

“Mom?” said Sally, pulling Henrietta out of her reverie.

Henrietta shook her head and said, “Forget it. Just, please, be patient with your cousin. He really has been holding back for your sake.”

Sally frowned. “Well, thanks, mom, now I feel bad.” The two paused as they heard Fred’s door open, and he came down the stairs. Fred had to pass through the living room to reach the kitchen. The young man blushed as he walked quickly past the two women, mumbling some kind of greeting. Sally pretended to be deeply engrossed in her magazine, while Henrietta tried to offer a smile, unfortunately lost on Fred when he didn’t look up to see it.

When the kitchen door shut, Sally turned to her mother and leaned close, saying in a low whisper, “Seriously, anime. He’s nineteen and jerking it to cartoons.”

Henrietta frowned and shook her head at Sally, putting a finger to her lips. There was some rustling in the kitchen, then silence. They could hear some crunching noises. Henrietta called out, “You can eat in here with us, if you like.”

A cleared throat and Fred tentatively said, “No thanks.”

“We won’t bite, dear,” Henrietta tried. “You really shouldn’t feel so embarrassed.”

“Maybe he should,” said Sally in another whisper, not as quiet this time. “Cartoons!”

Henrietta gave her a scolding look. “Okay, let’s just get this over with. Fred? Can you please come in here?”

There was a long pause, then Fred came into the room, avoiding eye contact. “Yes?” he muttered.

“You masturbated just now,” said Henrietta. “As you know, Sally has her powers, so she sensed you, too.”

“I’m sorry,” mumbled Fred, blushing.

Sally, also starting to blush from the sheer awkwardness, said, “It’s alright, Cuz… just, can you, um, please hold off until I leave? You know, for college again? Then you can do that as much as you—well, as much as Mom lets you.”

“I’ll try,” he mumbled.

“Fred, please speak up and actually look at us,” said Henrietta.

Fred cleared his throat and looked up at them, focusing more on his aunt. “Sorry, Henrietta,” he said. “Sorry. I know you said to be careful, but I just couldn’t help it.”

“I know, Fred. Just remember Sally is here, too.” Henrietta turned to her daughter. “Now, Sally, you wanted to know why Fred masturbates to anime porn?”

Both cousins flushed crimson. “Come on, mom, I wasn’t being serious,” said Sally.

“You said you wouldn’t look!” said Fred.

“Your thoughts are difficult to block out when you’re so close,” said Henrietta. “But I wasn’t looking. Sally couldn’t help but see. But she is curious. Why the anime girls?”

“Really, you don’t have to answer that,” said Sally. “In fact, you don’t have to tell me anything. We can pretend this conversation never happened.”

“Yes, actually, I think we do need to have a talk. Fred, you have issues you need to resolve. Sally, you need to start learning to deal with the things your powers let you sense.” She motioned to the chair opposite the couch. “Sit, Fred.” The young man obeyed, looking embarrassed and annoyed. Henrietta sat on the couch next to her daughter. “Well?” she asked Fred.

Fred swallowed hard and said in a low voice, “Because… made up girls… don’t get mad when… when you jerk off to them…”

“Aha,” said Henrietta. “So, this is about the Sander twins down the road, hmm? That time you saw them sun bathing, and then masturbated thinking about a threesome with them.”

Sally fought not to smirk. “Hey, I remember that! You couldn’t cum for like three weeks, even Mom couldn’t remove the block they had on you!” She shook her head.

Fred somehow got even more redfaced. “I didn’t do anything wrong!” he said. “I couldn’t help it! I tried to think about someone else, but they…” his breath caught, “I know they were the ones sending those phantom mouths to tease me! It had to be them! They kept laughing every time they saw me, and I got hard!”

“Okay, okay, calm down, that was months ago, we gave them a stern talking to,” said Henrietta.

“It’s not just them,” said Fred. “I thought about this one girl in class last year. And she sensed me getting hard the next day when I saw her cleavage, and she read my thoughts. And she made me go into the bathroom and masturbate, and had her camera.”

“Yes, and the principle had to intervene,” said Henrietta.

“Oh, and there was that one lady at the grocery store, she winked at you and you suddenly had a hard on everyone could see,” said Sally. “I didn’t even have my powers and I could see it! Why did she do that again?”

“I don’t know!” Fred said.

“Fred thought about her rubbing his penis between her calves,” said Henrietta.

“Huh, that’s weird,” said Sally, trying again not to grin.

“STOP!” yelled Fred, standing up and balling his hands into fists. “Just stop! Why do you women have to do this? Guys can’t help what they think! We’re just trying to get one off, we’re not attacking you, why do women keep screwing with us?”

Henrietta frowned, but said, “Not all women are like that…”

“It doesn’t matter! A few women are, and then almost all the rest of you just stand by and watch and giggle about!” Tears of frustration were welling up in Fred’s eyes. “You just don’t understand! I’d rather jerk it to pretend girls than ever date a fucking cock teasing bitch!” He ran off upstairs, slamming the door to his room shut.

The two women sat, shared a glance, and sighed. “Sorry I asked,” said Sally.

“Maybe now you’ll appreciate what men have to go through,” said Henrietta. “It’s annoying for you. It’s terrifying for him.”


NOTES: Mining the Unfinished Folder again.

Generally speaking, I don't like incest humiliation stories, but it's hard to ignore the fact that the Sex Mage World setting is pretty much the perfect set up for such things. Writers like Gloryboy and PancakesForDinner can get a ton of mileage out of the concept, because, "realistically," moms, sisters, and daughters aren't going to be able to avoid dealing sons, fathers, and brothers' sexuality. In my own setting, this leads to a near-total fragmentation of the family unit in some countries, while in others, it forces a new standard of respect. Or disrespect, if the psycho-dommes get involved. But as with a number of potential plot points, I tend to write of them only briefly, and only for the sake of adding variety to my writing.

With this piece, it seems I was once again making a point to NOT go psycho-domme, and probably had a plan to show just how a family dealt with having Sex Magic when none of the women were actually interested in sexually teasing the men in the situation.

Once again, no plans to finish this, as really, the story probably wouldn't be any fun. Just a big lecture about "proper respectfulness when using powers" or some such nonsense I got over a long time ago with these stories. But for those that fret over such things, you could consider it to be the norm in most SMW family relationships, where families just deal with the situation without turning into psychos over it.


  1. I entered a fantastic long comment and then when I pressed publish it got deleted. Fuck blogger.

    Anyway yeah, i'm a huge fan of yours. I think you're the best author on the sex mage scene becuase you don't just retread the same things every time. Each story introduces a new concept, a fucked up rule, a cultural trend or in this one, a case study of how a totally sane family would deal with it.

    I think that the sex mage universe offers one of the best erotic literary devices ever made. I sometimes wonder why I like this kind of stuff, or why other people do, and why people get so into it... It's one of the hottest genres, but why? What happened in my past that made me like this?

    I guess it doesn't matter. The only thing that would scare me is if people stopped believing it was fiction. Some people might get angry at your stories and angry at the women in the stories, but the reason they're bitches is because that's the whole point of the genre. It doesn't mean you as the author think they're acting reasonably.

    Anyway i've been wanting to post a comment for ages but I only just got around to making an alternate google account. You know, to hide my perverted secret identity. I'm a big fan of yours and I always eagerly await your new submissions because they're always exciting.

    1. I would hope I'm the best, I started it after all! :P

      Haha, no, butt honestly, Pancake and Glory deserve props, as I might not have really gone anywhere with the concept, if they hadn't inspired me to go further than the meager offerings I had originally done.

      I do try to make something different with every piece or set of pieces, instead of just the same scenario over and over, which is one reason I don't produce as much as I probably could. Already, I feel I repeat myself too much. Glad you enjoy the work either way. :)

    2. Well whatever, Call Of Duty repeats itself every year and people still buy it, and there's only so many times I can wank to the same story you know what i'm saying? YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING?

      Also: I didn't know you were the one that started it but it makes sense. The power of the internet is at work, allowing people to adapt and build upon your writings.