Thursday, June 25, 2015

SMW - Medical Miracles

“I want you to understand, Mr. Stone. This procedure will require us to continually imbue you with pleasure, using our magic.”

Chuck smiled a little nervously. “Well, I can’t say I’d complain about a week long blowjob,” he said. “Even if you did hold back my cum.”

Dr. Kaufman frowned a bit, but looked to Sharon. “I’m going to have to ask some personal questions, Mrs. Stone.”

Sharon nodded. “It’s alright,” she said. “It’s not like it’s easy to hide such things.” She nodded to Chuck, and the doctor nodded sagely. Sex Magic allowed women to easily see the sexual fantasies and memories of any man. The doctor could have easily pulled the information from Chuck’s head without even asking. But she was a professional.

“Mr. Stone, may I see into your mind?” she said.

Chuck shifted nervously. “I’d… rather you didn’t…”

“I would only be looking at your sexual memories,” she said. “Nothing else.”

“I’d still rather you didn’t,” he said.

“Understood,” she said. “But now I’ll have to ask you directly. Please be as honest with me as you can. Mrs. Stone, how often do you use your magic on your husband?”

“We have sex about three times a week,” Sharon said.

“On average,” said Chuck. “Sometimes it’s five, sometimes it’s one.”

“Right,” said Kaufman. “And do you deny your husband his orgasms?”

“Oh, um, yes, I suppose, sometimes,” said Sharon. She blushed a little. At her age, talking this intimately about sex was still a bit embarrassing, even in a world of Sex Magic. She’d been born well before its arrival, and even after five years, wasn’t used to how out in the open the magic made all things sexual. “Um, usually, I won’t let him cum until I’m finished.”

“So… you only deny him during sex?” said Kaufman. Sharon nodded. “I see.”

Chuck cleared his throat, looking a bit uncomfortable. “I, uh, well, you see, before Sex Magic, Sharon had a, uh, difficult time reaching orgasm. And I was a little, uh, sensitive…”

Sharon pat his arm, and smiled. “You were fine, dear, I told you.” She turned to the doctor. “But, well, you know, you can’t expect a man to go at it for an hour and not, you know, finish. It took a lot to get me off. But, uh, I don’t have that problem anymore, but I still like to make it last. So, we have sex for a couple hours, and then I let him pop.”

“I don’t really complain,” said Chuck. “The climax at the end is totally worth it.” He shifted again, and both women could sense his cock was starting to go semi-hard.

Dr. Kaufman smiled warmly again. “That sounds very nice. You’re a very lucky man, Mr. Stone. Plenty of men these days are lucky if their wives or girlfriends let them cum once a week, regardless of how much sex they have.”

Sharon frowned. “Oh, no, no, no, I don’t do that to him! Good lord, that’s just awful. I heard that news story, that group of men suing their ex-wives because they haven’t cum since Sex Magic first appeared.”

Dr. Kaufman chuckled. “Yes, poor things. But, moving on, Mrs. Stone, how often do you use your magic to alter your husband’s mind? By that I mean, do you ever enter his dreams and bend the situation to your will? Do you ever force him to be aroused when he’s not? Do you ever make him attracted to and excited by things he original wasn’t?”

Chuck gave Sharon a confused, wary look, but Sharon looked at the doctor appalled. “God, no, why would you even ask that? That’s a horrible thing to do!”

Kaufman put a hand up, “It’s alright, Mrs. Stone, I’m not accusing you of anything.”

Chuck cleared his throat. “There, uh, might have been a few times I wasn’t in the mood, but suddenly I was out of no where.”

Sharon gave him a confused look. “Chuck, I would never do that!”

“I don’t think you meant to, just, sometimes you get horny, and I find myself getting an erection out of no where.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well… I mean… I never meant…”

“It’s perfectly alright, Mrs. Stone,” said Dr. Kaufman. “Really. Such things are quite natural, actually, as long as it’s not constant. When a woman becomes aroused, sometimes her magic gives off signals that men respond to, and she may not even realize it. The signal can be stronger when she masturbates.”

“Oh,” said Sharon, frowning in thought. “Um, well, okay. Maybe once in a while, then?”

Chuck put his hand on hers. “Come on. I’m not complaining.” Sharon smiled and pat his hand.

“Alright, well, let’s see. Do you ever use your magic to perform bondage on your husband or take control of his body?”

“Oh, no, I don’t do bondage. A couple times, I’ve guided his hands a bit to teach him a few moves, but that’s it. With his permission of course.”

“Of course,” said Dr. Kaufman. “And have you—”

“Um, really, doctor, that’s pretty much it,” Sharon cut in. “We’re about as vanilla a couple as you’re going to find these days. Either he’s on top or I am, we do oral or hands a few times. I don’t even use my magic to stimulate him.”

Dr. Kaufman’s eyebrows raised. “Really? Not even one little psychic handjob?”

Sharon shrugged. “I tried it a couple times, couldn’t really get the hang of it.”

“Alright, then,” said Dr. Kaufman.

Chuck shifted again. His cock was mostly hard, but both women were nice enough to not call attention to it. “Look, doc, is there a reason for the questions? I mean, I understand this procedure will be different, probably not even that fun, but I’m willing to try anything.”

Dr. Kaufman smiled sympathetically. “Mr. Stone, I don’t think your wife has… prepared you… for the levels of intensity Sex Magic can make you experience. Men have been driven utterly insane by women who didn’t hold back their magic. Men have died from Sex Magic over-stimulation, even with the healing properties in place. You perhaps heard of the incident a few years ago, where those college football players over in Denver were found in comas in their locker room?”

Chuck scowled. “Yes. They were punished by some cheerleaders they raped, right?”

“Yes. Two cheerleaders, who’d had their powers for only a year at that point, broke into the locker room, put twenty young men into comas, just by heightening their arousal and stimulating their genitals with magic, far past what the human body is designed to handle. They also figured out a trick to alter the young men’s perception of time. By the time some doctors skilled in the magic were able to pull the boys out of those comas, they boys had been experiencing continual, on-the-brink-of-orgasm stimulation for what, to them, felt like nearly ten years. But they’d only been in that state for less than a day.”

Chuck swallowed. His cock was semi-hard now, as if unable to decide if that was the most arousing thing he’d ever heard, or the scariest.

The doctor adjusted her glasses, and adapted a sagely tone. “A woman’s magic can be fueled by her own libido, and the libido of other women, but the amount of fuel generated is a pittance compared to what a man outputs. We really don’t know why, but that’s how it works. Men can output ten times the energy women can, and that’s only the start. As a man continues to be aroused, and stimulated, and as his need for climax rises, so too does the energy he outputs. Normal sex, ending in a man’s climax, produces sufficient energy to fuel a couple spells, with the climax producing a quick, double-strength burst of energy. However, immediately after climax, his energy wanes to a mere ebb, and takes a bit of time to recover, even if he engages in sex right afterwards.

“However, if a man is denied orgasm, stimulated, reaches the point of orgasm, but isn’t allowed to cum and continues to be stimulated, his energy output will reach orgasm levels, but keep going. The longer he stays at that peak of orgasm, but not allowed to go over, the more his energy output increases. A man stimulated continuously for an hour at the edge of orgasm, can output nearly one hundred times what a woman can even during her strongest climax. Mind you, a woman’s energy is still sufficient to cast a few minor spells, but the energy of men is what allows us to do the truly incredible feats we are capable of. Feats, such as possibly curing cancer.”

The doctor let that last line sink in. Chuck and Sharon blinked, then traded a glance. “So… you need to… really stimulate me…?”

Dr. Kaufman nodded. “We don’t have exact figures down yet, but it’s known that it’s easy enough to completely cure a mild to moderate cold with one or two sessions of what you’d consider normal sex. Sex Magic automatically creates a healing aura which imbues both the woman and her partner with increased healing abilities. Already, we’ve seen massive declines in the pharmaceutical industry. Even something like chronic pains or allergies can be held off easily if one regularly engages in sex. And virtually all STDs are quickly being eradicated.”

The Doctor smirked. “Honestly, if this keeps up, it’s possible I could be out of job in twenty years. For all the potential for abuse Sex Magic can have, it is undeniable that it’s making our species stronger, healthier, more resilient, both women and men. There are even signs that the Sex Magic can slow the effects of aging.”

“So, you really think I can be cured?” said Chuck.

“I would guess that you’ve had the cancer for a little while,” said the doctor. “But your normal sex life has been helping to keep it from getting worse. But cancer is quite an insidious disease. It’s not a virus or bacteria or toxin that can be flushed from the body. It’s your own cells going out of control. It’s adaptable and mutagenic. That’s why it can only be cured by extreme measures, assuming it’s even possible to do so.”

“But you do think it’s possible?” said Chuck.

Dr. Kaufman gave him a solemn look. “Yes. I do. I’ve done some research; no one’s ever managed to do this before, but people have been hesitant to use Sex Magic for such procedures. Old ways of thinking, discomfort with sex, what have you. Regardless, I’ve heard of miracle cures being done with the magic. People fully revived from drowning or cardiac arrest, several minutes after it should have been too late. A woman with massive burns all over her body, healed to the point of not even a single scar being left. A man in China, ingesting enough poison to kill an elephant, coming out of a clinic perfectly healthy. Even the AIDs epidemic in parts of Africa is vanishing.”

“Okay, okay,” said Chuck, his eyes shining with renewed vigor. Next to him, Sharon was smiling, tears welling up in her eyes. “You’ve convinced me, doc. I’ll do it. Even if all it does is suppress it, it’s a start, right?”

Dr. Kaufman smiled. “Yes. It is. But I just want you to understand what it’s going to take. This isn’t a process that will happen overnight. This could take days. Weeks. We don’t know. I will need to be with you in order to direct the Magic as though doing surgery. But I’ve never done this before with such a disease. I have cured a few people of illness using sex, off the record, but nothing like this. If we’re lucky, the Magic may make this process very quick and relatively simple. But it took me two days of constant Magic use to completely cure someone of a staph infection. I imagine this will take far longer. And will likely require much stronger stimulation.”

Chuck gave her a wary look. “Okay, well, you’re not going to do me like those college boys got, are you?”

Kaufman smiled reassuringly. “Probably worse, Mr. Stone. I want you to understand, this procedure entails, to put it bluntly, torturing you with Sex Magic. Myself, and a few assistants, will be stimulating you to levels beyond human tolerance. We will need to adjust things in your mind so you don’t go insane or die of overload, but you will experience pleasures impossible for humans to naturally understand. Pleasure so extreme it will, in it’s own way, hurt worse than any physical pain we could inflict.”

She turned to Sharon. “It will be best to give him a focus to latch onto. I know you are not experienced with your powers the way I am, but I will ask you to be a part of this procedure. In fact, it would be best if you are the one who gets the ball rolling.”

“Oh, Chuck,” said Sharon, as the two looked to each other. “I… if it’ll save you… I’ll do it. But I’ll try to be gentle, I promise.”

Dr. Kaufman shook her head. “There’s not going to be anything gentle about this. Mr. Stone, at some point, you’re going to want it to stop, and that’s going to be long before we reach the point where I can begin the actual healing process. We’re effectively going to be raping you for days. Now, the good news is, the Sex Magic can also repair any mental trauma that occurs afterwards. But during the experience, it’s going to be rough.”

Chuck stood there, a little stunned. But ultimately, he knew the answer. “I don’t want to die, doc,” he said softly.

“Alright,” said Dr. Kaufman, her reassuring smile returning. “I’ll set up an appointment for next week, I can’t clear my schedule any sooner than that. In the meantime, I recommend you two have lots of intimate time together. And from this point forward, do not let him cum.”


NOTES: Yet another incomplete piece dredged up from the Unfinished Folder. While I don't really know where to take this from here, I thought this intro piece was interesting. Back when I originally planned the Sex Mage World, I had a whole lot of ideas for threads of plots showing different aspects of the magic as it was used across the world.

One of which was a planned story, possibly even series, featuring female doctors and nurses using Sex Magic to save men, and women, from life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer or brain tumors. To add to it, the idea that the wife or husband would be involved in such procedures was sort of a way to add solid romance to the stories usually missing from the rest of my works. Rather a stark contrast from the usual psycho-dommes I like to write about. 

Ironically, the procedures would involve sexual torture even more extreme than what most of my psycho-domme types would inflict, a trade-off of sorts, but in the end, the trauma could bring loving couples together in ways never possible before Sex Magic.


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    1. Funny, this is probably the most hopeful story segment I've written since Violet vs Sarah. : P