Monday, January 25, 2016

The Metis Academy Experiment


Metis Academy was billed as a social experiment wherein young men and young women, just about to enter the age of Sex Magic empowerment, were to live in a boarding school environment with a completely female dominated culture. This was supposed to begin a long-term study on the impact that growing up in a hardcore female dominated society would have on upcoming generations.

Only four years had passed since Sex Magic’s arrival, and it was already quite obvious that total female supremacy was going to be a way of life, whether men or women wanted it or not. Metis was an attempted projection into a small-scale society of total female supremacy enforced through Sex Magic, a micro-Queendom all its own, before Queendoms came to be the default form of government across the world.

However, there was another purpose for the Academy: to see if normal Sex Mage women could be rapidly enhanced into Archmages. Even though the power ranking classifications we know of today weren’t officially recognized until year 6 of the Goddess Era, it was already apparent that there were different levels of power among women. Most notably, it seemed that many attractive female celebrities and porn stars had stronger powers than most women; it was believed that the large number of men who fantasized about and masturbated to, or otherwise admired, these women somehow lent extra power to them. Although most Archmages appear to be born at their level, there are rare cases of some women who, after frequent and persistent use of her powers and after taking many lovers and admirers, start to display stronger than average abilities.

A single porn star or famous actress who already had tens of thousands of admiring men masturbating to her pictures and videos would likely already be starting with an Archmage level baseline of power when Sex Magic first spread across the globe.

Metis Academy was to see if young women who were already co-existing with a large group of constantly teased, obedient, and desperately horny young men, whom they were all at liberty to play with, and frequently encouraged to do so, would get a similar jump-start on their abilities.

Metis was opened in Year 5 of the Goddess Era (2015 A.D.) in Quebec, Canada. The families of both male and female students, all Canadian citizens, were paid a flat sum of $50,000 per student by the government. Males were also given a full scholarship to the university of their choice once their term was done.

Students would attend Metis for a nine-month school year, but would start in March and end in November, so as to avoid winter complications. Male and female students were eighteen at entry, with birthdays all occurring within the first three months. Regular general education classes were to be taught, at the college freshmen level, and stellar grades in any course would be usable at any university, if opted for. However, it was never expected that the students would excel at their studies; the school environment was meant as a juxtaposing scenario, reminding them that however Sex Magic might change things about their lives, society still needed people to run it. People still had to work and succeed at that work for society to function. As an aside, this was also to see if men and women could successfully achieve in a world of Sex Magic, or if its influence would prove too distracting.

Female domination was heavily encouraged and strictly enforced. Boys were kept naked at all times, barring extreme weather conditions, were given permanent erections, and made unable to cum or masturbate unless given permission by a female.

In the first third of the “school year,” boys were also ordered to obey every command a girl gave them, no matter how compromising a position it may put them in. For example, one general rule was that boys were not allowed in the girls’ dorm rooms under any circumstances. However, if a girl ordered a boy into her room, he would have to go there, or he would be punished for disobeying. And yet, if he did go in, he would still be punished for disobeying the general rule of not being allowed in the girls’ room.

The only exception was that a boy was allowed to disobey if following the command would result in serious harm to himself or another person. A girl giving such commands was punished for her abuse of authority, the only circumstance in which such a thing would occur. However, the boy would often be punished for disobeying anyway, or the girl was allowed to get back at him in some other fashion.

The obedience rule was in place to train the boys to get used to female dominance, even if the woman did not have magic. Punishments were doled out by Sex Magic staff, and sometimes the non-powered girls could participate.

In the second third of the school year, the command rule was dropped, as the female students turned nineteen and most started awakening into their Sex Magic powers. Boys were now allowed to resist girls’ commands without fear of automatic punishment; this was to encourage the girls to exercise their powers if they wanted to convince boys to follow their orders, or failing that, use their magic to force them. As such, disobedience was often punished anyway, except that it was now the girls’ doing the punishments directly.

In the last third of the school year, dorm room assignments were shifted around, and both the boys and girls dorms became co-ed. Each boy was paired with a girl and they were to room together. By this point, most girls and boys had already paired off into slave/boytoy and mistress relationships, making most assignments easy. If a boy wasn’t already attached, then he was expected to serve the girl he was paired with.

Throughout the years, girls were encouraged to play with, trick, practice their powers on, and otherwise dominate the boys. The boys suffered under constant teasing, blue balling, edging, and a variety of humiliations, while serving the girls. This treatment was relentless and increasingly heartless as the girls embraced their powers more and more, and even the strongest willed boys broke down and could only roll over and take it. A boy’s only chance for relief or mercy was to obtain a specific mistress, who would at least partially protect him in exchange for his devoted service. Those boys unattached, or who were let go from a girl’s service, had it the worst.

Nonetheless, boys were often punished regardless of the choices they made; it was simply a matter of figuring out what would get them punished the least. Girls were often given slaps on the wrist, at best. For example, boys talking in class or making a scene, even if they were being teased with magic, were punished for disrupting the class. Girls, however, could whisper and pass notes and tease the boys, as long as they weren’t so loud the teacher couldn’t effectively do her work.

Head-Mistress Ellen Clairine was assigned as the highest authority of the school. Every morning, she would wake the boys with cock-teasing spells to get them out of bed, then line them up, and inspect the for any nightly disobedience. Her commands ostensibly overruled all other women; should she give an order to a boy, that boy was to prioritize her order above all others, even if it meant defying, and being punished by, other staff or female students. However, she often took a distant role in most of the students’ affairs, preferring to be seen as an unbiased and unattached authority. Ellen herself never played favorites.

Ellen’s experiences at the school eventually caused a mental breakdown, as she saw how much damage she was doing to the students, male and female. After three years, she refused to continue service, and advocated for the Academy’s shut down. Had other circumstances not supported her case, she would have likely just been replaced. After a brief term of therapy, Ellen is known to currently be working as an advisor in the Montana Queendom, where she promoted the Free Zone concept.

Six Dorm Monitors were assigned each year, most of them different young women from term to term, with a few former female students returning the latter two years to fill the role. These young women were meant to oversee the boys’ disciplines before the girls got their Sex Magic, and assisted in keeping boys to task when it came to their studies. Three of these Dorm Monitors later supported Head-Mistress Clairine’s move to shut the school down, claiming to have intervened in several suicide attempts and at least one overly violent outburst from a female student.

Nurse Angelica Loveless is the alias of a woman who wished to keep her real identity a secret. As the power of Sex Magic did wonders to keep its students and staff healthy, she had very few duties as a Nurse. Her primary role, however, was to serve as the school “boogeyman” of sorts. All students knew that boys sent to see the Nurse for “special discipline” rarely caused trouble ever again.

Rumors about her abound. That she was a former torturer escaped from a terrorist cell. That she was a former spy or assassin in hiding. That she was a wanted criminal who escaped prison. That she was a Cult organizer, secretly brainwashing students into later joining one of the many Cults. None of these are true; she was simply an everyday nurse who applied for the job.

Many also speculated that the Nurse was an Archmage or Megami who used Special Abilities to torment the students in ways no other woman on the campus was capable of. Boys came out of her private office after punishment were barely able to remember what had happened, only knowing it was the most mind-bending, trauma-inducing sexual experience of their lives.

In truth, Nurse Loveless was a standard level Sex Mage with little skill. She simply specialized in mental manipulation tricks. She would put the boys into a hypnotic trance and then directly manipulate their raw emotions and sexual memories. Afterwards, despite barely actually playing with their boy sexually, they would awaken feeling emotionally wrecked, with the feeling linked to notions of sex.

The Nurse was considered at least partially to blame for the severe trauma the boys experienced. While she claimed she was just doing her job with as little actual torture involved as possible, it was determined that her artificially induced trauma was as bad as the real thing, and exacerbated the worst cases of boys who continued to suffer after leaving the Academy. After the shutdown, the Nurse found employment in the Tlazol Correctional Facility, where her techniques are deemed more appropriate.

Social Experiment – The experiment was deemed successful in gaining results, but these results were terrible. It seems obvious, looking back at it now from the perspective of a world ruled by Queendoms, but complete female supremacy, to the point of males being treated as merely playthings and power sources to be played with and discarded at will, tormented almost constantly, resulted in men cripplingly traumatized and women becoming dangerously corrupted. The Metis Academy experiment was ended after only three years, as the severe abuse of the male students and the growing mania of the female students were considered too dangerous to continue.

Many of the five hundred male students returned to their families with severe depression and gynophobia. Several dozen suicides were reported, while at least two of the young men managed to murder their mother and sisters. Three families reported having to kill their sons before they could do something worse. A good number of the young men ran away from home, and some of them were later discovered to have joined up with Cults.

Some became the dedicated boytoys and sex slaves of specific female students, and found they could not bare to leave their mistress’s sides. It seems the happiest of the young men were those who were permitted to stay in service to their mistress’s and moved in with them afterwards.

A combination of therapy and Sex Magic healing properties, which can also ease mental damage, did greatly recover many of the male students, but none ever fully recovered from the experience. This recovery was funded by the government. Unfortunately, the full-ride scholarships became largely useless, as universities around the world were dealing with shut downs and gender-segregation conversions to deal with their own rampant sexual abuse cases. To compensate, further monetary reparations were given to the families, at varying values depending on the circumstances.

The female students of Metis left with varying conditions. None were traumatized, but many were transformed by the experience; traits of narcissism, entitlement, ego, and general callousness towards men were observed that weren’t present before they attended. A scant handful of these young women truly sympathized with the young men they helped torment, and tried to dedicate their efforts to helping abuse victims, but the vast majority of female students simply went back to their normal lives, seeming to not really care or fully fathom the impact their “playful aggressiveness” truly had on their male fellows. Several, however, were known to have joined Cults as high-ranking priestesses with devoted followers, needing to remain a person of direct influence.

One female student became a serial killer of men, using her magic to dominate them, then kill them. She evaded capture for year, before being arrested and executed. While it is unknown if she had psychotic tendencies before her term in Metis, Metis was pegged as the turning point. This case was among the reasons Metis was forced into an early shut down.

Despite this, therapy was deemed unnecessary for female students, and no further payouts were given. Whether this was true, or whether this was simply further callousness, or whether the Canadian government’s already overstrained budget just didn’t want the extra expense can only be speculated on.

While long term analysis could not be obtained, real life societal reconstruction has proven what Metis already speculated on: Sex Magic makes female supremacy and increasingly heartless domination an inevitability. While this has not born true in every Queendom that now exists, and the Academy situation was poorly structured for such testing (young, impressionable students were essentially trained into the mentality), this nonetheless should have been an early warning of what was to come. Had the Cult Wars not happened, the world dividing into Queendoms would have likely happened within twenty years of Sex Magic’s arrival regardless.

Archmage Training – Metis failed to create a sudden group of Archmages. Of the five hundred female students who attended Metis during it’s three years of activity, only one turned out to be an Archmage, and she was not even the most popular or sexually active girl at the school by far. However, follow-up studies did show that the girls who attended the Acadmey seemed to be slightly stronger than average, and were more adept with their talents, though this could have merely been due to having lots of practice.

Nevertheless, the experiment has been deemed inconclusive. The Academy did not exist long enough for sufficient long-term data to be collected. Theories conclude that if Archmages are to be made of standard Sex Mage women, it requires considerably more male devotion, considerably more practice, and considerably more focus on a single woman, than could be provided by the Academy. One proposal for the Academy prior to its shut down was that the female populate be reduced to only twenty students and the males increased to two hundred. Had the shutdown not occurred, it’s doubtful this would have gone through anyway, due to budget constraints

Other Observations – However, the conditions of Metis, wherein a hundred horny, constantly teased boys, were constantly throwing off lust energy, created an environment where casual power use was almost constant. By the last third of the school year, girls frequently just flew around the campus and used their powers to tease boys far more than physically doing it themselves. Another side effect was that every student (boys and girls) quickly reached, and maintained, the peak of physical health; no one got sick, injuries were healed with astonishing speed, conditions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, and a weak heart condition were cleared up completely. Older female staff members were actually physically de-aged to their primes quite rapidly compared to other women of the time who experienced such surges of health.

These observations led to a side conclusion a male population kept teased and frustrated at all times would be ideal for a female dominant Sex Mage society. This policy has already taken hold in many Queendoms; while this also seems an inevitable outcome of a Sex Mage society, one wonders if Metis may have hastened the concept along.


  1. What is the cult anyway? The most explanation we had was in Sally goes sadistic, and even that didn't explain much.

    1. I like the idea of keeping the Cults and the Cult Wars sort of vague, but I may do a full document on them as well eventually. The main setback is the fact that that there was not just one Cult, but hundreds of them.

      The Cults were quasi-religious organizations based on neo-neo-pagan ideas that Sex Magic was divinely gifted to the world. Each Cult believed they were the One True Faith devoted to their goddess or god. Many people turned to the Cults, seeking answers that science and current religion could not provide, and was an alternative refuge to many who could not handle the Sex Mage World, but were not the type to kill themselves, and didn't trust institutions for therapy. However, many Cults gathered on the fringes of society, and people remained unaware of just how powerful they were becoming until the Cult Wars happened.

      Motivated by supposed prophesies, or by the ambitions of their Archmage/Megami leaders, the Cults started to fight one another in what could be considered their Holy War. Every major Cult got involved world wide, as if set off by some kind of signals. It is theorized the Cults were formed and influenced by "outside sources"; in the Temael Origin timeline of the SMW, the Cults were formed by the archangel Zane, as the first attempt to perform the mass-death ritual needed to summon the Dark God to Earth. In alternative timelines, the motivations remain unclear.

      Either way, the Cult Wars are the major event that caused an early push to the formation of the Queendoms.