Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just A Little Scene: Special Delivery

Sandy opened the door while still topless, her pert breasts free for all to see.

“Hello, I have a pizza for—” the pizza boy’s eyes went wide as saucers. “Oh, wow, um…”

Sandy giggled at the young man’s utterly stunned expression. “Yeah, that’s us,” she said. She reached over and took the box, setting it down, and handed him a twenty dollar bill. She leaned close, and traced a finger along the growing bulge in his pants. “You keep the change, hon,” she said, and the boy let out a quaky groan. “And, if you could one little thing for me?” He nodded dumbly. “Think about me when you masturbate tonight?”

She traced along the bulge again, and it flexed lewdly. He let out a gasp, then blurted out, “I c-c-can’t! My girlfriend! I-I-I’m not allowed!” He blushed furiously.

Sandy opened her eyes and put a hand to her mouth in mock surprise. “You’re not allowed?!” She wagged her finger at him. “You shouldn’t let your girlfriend boss you around! Why, if my girlfriend told me I couldn’t masturbate, I’d tell her to stuff it!”

“B-but I can’t help it!” he gulped, blushing furiously. “She used her Magic, and now I, uh, I can’t!”

“Oh, my,” said Sandy, not quite able to hide a grin. “That must suck! So, how long as that been going on?”

“Please, can I just go? I have to get back to do more deliveries?”

“Just answer my question, please,” said Sandy, reaching down and tracing the bulge once more.

“Thuh-thuh-three weeks!” he squeaked.

“Goodness! I can barely go a day without touching myself!” Sandy giggled as his eyes went wide as saucers, and the thought of her masturbating filled his mind. His eyes zeroed in on her exposed chest as he imagined her playing with her nipples. “Well, I hope she’s letting you cum regularly at least.”

The young man shook his head, still entranced by her breasts.

“Hey, up here slick!” she said, pushing his head up with a finger to his chin. He swallowed and forced himself to look her in the eyes. “So, that’s a no, huh? Well, how often then?”

“Only twice every w-week,” he said, voice thick with lust.

“Oh, well, that’s not so bad!” said Sandy. “Honestly, for a moment there, I was starting to feel sorry for you, but twice a week is plenty!” She leaned closer, and said, “You know, a lot of men are lucky to cum twice a month!” He shivered as her breasts nearly brushed against his chest. His hands shook as he instinctively began to reach up to touch them.

Immediately, she slapped his hands away and gave him an angry look. “Woah! Down boy! Bad! Did I say you could touch my breasts?”

“No!” he squeaked.

“Did I say you could even look at them?” she said. She thrust her chest out as she did so, and it was only through a Herculean effort that he did not drop his gaze back to them. In fact, he actually looked to the ceiling to avoid them. “Well?!”

“No! Please, I have to go!”

“Apologize first!” she snapped.

“I’m sorry!” he said.

“Look me in the eyes when you say it!”

He tried to look her in the eyes, but she thrust her chest out once more, and his gaze instinctively dropped to her tits. “Hey!” she yelled. “You did it again!”

The poor boy couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m sorry!” he shouted, squeezing his eyes shut and turning to run. However, before he could even turn halfway, he suddenly froze. His eyes flew open, wild, and he looked at her with terror. Sandy smiled as she admired her handiwork. It was the first time in a while that she’d instantly frozen a man in place with her magic; she was pleased at how well she bound him with just a split second to act.

“Rude!” she said. “I don’t even know if I should pay you for such rude service.” She reached out and grabbed the twenty out of his hand. His brow furrowed, but he could not move to stop her.

“Please, I can’t just return without the payment!” he said.

“I’m sure your manager will understand when she finds out you were ogling my tits,” she said. She laughed as he started to protest, “Oh, yes, I know your manager is a woman; just a couple years older than you, at that. I can see your little jerk-off fantasies about her. Well, former jerk-off fantasies. I can see why your girlfriend cut you off.”

He trembled. “Oh, god,” he said. “Look, I’ll pay for the pizza! Just please, let me go!”

“Now, now, I’m just teasing. Of course I won’t steal a pizza! I want you guys to deliver to me in the future, after all.” She giggled, and reached over, tracing the bulge once more. She could sense his cock flex mightily, and his balls start to clench against his body. He was maybe on stroke from cumming, and he accentuated this with a lustful gasp. “In fact, I’d really like it if it was you next time. I’d like to know how your girlfriend reacted to her boy coming home with a stain in his pants.”

“What, wait, no!” he said, but then his mouth was sealed shut. He could only stand there, helpless, as Sandy slowly unzipped his pants, and slid the twenty, along with an extra five, inside his open fly. She made sure to drag the bill in such a way that it slipped through the slit of his boxers and grazed the bare skin of his ragingly hard cock. He let out a loud moan and shuddered as this was more than he could take. He instantly exploded in his pants, one shot, two shots, thre—

He let out a muffled scream as Sandy made a pinching motion with her two fingers and the pizza boy’s orgasm was immediately shut off, mid-spurt. His body shuddered as the semen was forced back down, slowly, torturously, until his balls were almost refilled. Then, Sandy gave him a smack on the ass and he could move again.

Sandy laughed her ass off watching him go, as he stumbled, wincing and moaning back to the car, pulling the cum-covered money from his crotch, face beet red with frustration and shame.

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