Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just A Little Scene: Created

She heard voices as she slowly awoke. She groaned and opened her eyes, waiting for her vision to shift into focus. She was laying on a bed, naked, numerous pads and wired and needles stuck into her. She also felt wet, as though she had just been pulled from a bath. Standing over her were several women and men in lab coats and doctor’s masks. A light shone done over her and its light was harsh to her eyes.

“Okay, here we are,” said one of the men. “She’s awake.” He pushed the light back and leaned over her. “Welcome to the world,” he said. “I am Dr. Kathix. I am one of your creators.”

She looked at him confused. “Creator?” she said, her voice sounding weak and strained.

“Yes,” he said. “Do you feel well enough to sit up?”

“I guess,” she said. Several hands grabbed her and helped her up. She felt weak, as though she’d been bedridden for several weeks. However, after a moment, she was able to orient herself, and she sat up without the need for support. Her thoughts were becoming clearer, and her awareness sharper. She looked around, and could make out the features of the doctors better, her eyes adjusting to the light. She was in a hospital room, with several machines beeping as they took readings of her pulse and who knows what else. The equipment wasn’t a standard heart monitor. There were a total of eight doctors surrounding her.

“Now, then,” said Dr. Kathix. “Can you stand?”

“I suppose, if you can get these things off of me,” she said.

Dr. Kathix nodded, and the numerous pads and needles were removed. She took a breath, then swung her legs over the side and stood. The doctors around her all nodded in approval as she did so without stumbling, or needing to lean on the bed for support.

“They’re getting better,” said Dr. Kathix.

The young woman looked at all the doctors looking at her, and she seemed to only just now feel self-conscious about her nudity. However, she also realized she didn’t mind it. It seemed, natural, as though she had never worn clothes before in her life anyway.

“Where am I?” she said.

“You are in what we call the Pandora Facility,” said Dr. Kathix. “It is a scientific research facility where we are conducting experiments to unravel the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything.” He chuckled. “Here, though, we specialize in exploring the possible benefits of Sex Magic.”

She cocked her head. “Sex Magic,” she said. That sounded familiar enough. “Experiments.” She turned to Kathix. “What kind of experiments?” Dr. Kathix just smiled at her. She turned to the other doctors, and they likewise smiled. They were expecting her to figure it out.

Then it hit her. Dr. Kathix had called himself her creator. A sudden realization struck her. She swallowed. “Am I an experiment?”

Dr. Kathix nodded. “Good,” he said. “They are getting better.”

“Or at least less in denial,” said another doctor.

Dr. Kathix waved him off. “You are an artificially created life form, my dear. Using Sex Magic, we have woven together DNA strands from several donors to create, from scratch, a fully developed human being. Using telepathy, we have downloaded into your brain knowledge and wisdom, making you fully developed from the outset.”

She blinked at this, then thought for a moment. Yes. Yes, that made sense. What didn’t make sense is why she wasn’t having an emotional break down over it.

“If you are wondering why you aren’t tearing your own throat out in horror, well,” Dr. Kathix chuckled. “We learned after the first few creations we should probably ease back on the emotive response. At least at first. Your mind won’t truly develop until you’ve lived a little, gained some experiences. For now, though, you have enough common and academic knowledge to function, but your emotions have been suppressed.”

“I see,” she said. “Do I have a name?”

“What name would you like?”

She thought for a long moment. “Kayla. Kayla sounds nice.”

Dr. Kathix smiled. “Interesting. They always choose a different name, somehow.”

Kayla looked at him curiously. “How many have been created like me?”

“Twenty, prior to yourself,” he said. “Well, not including the stillborns. It took nearly two dozen tries to finally create one of you who was stable enough to survive birthing.”

“And what is the purpose of my existence?” said Kayla.

Dr. Kathix paused, and shared a glance at the doctors. “Well,” he said slowly. “If I’m being totally honest, we created you because we could. We are testing the limits of Sex Magic, you see.”

“I understand,” she said. “Then may I experiment as well?”

Dr. Kathix frowned. “We have tests we shall be conducting with you, of course.”

“But I desire to test something myself, first,” she said. “Please allow me to try.”

“Alright,” said Dr. Kathix.

Kayla looked at him, then at his crotch. Instantly, Dr. Kathix’s cock went erect, and he suddenly stiffened. His eyes glazed over and he went slack jawed as his body shuddered. Two other doctors leaped forward to catch him. Kayla just looked at him as she focused a power she knew by instinct into his body.

“Stop it!” yelled one of the other male doctors. “Pull him out of it!”

“I can’t!” said one of the female doctors. Three of them were all reaching with their own magic towards Dr. Kathix, but Kayla easily blocked their attempts. She looked at the other male doctors, who backed away, hands raised.

“Stop, please!” one of them said. “We mean you no harm!”

One of the women looked at her in shock. “How can she manifest the magic already? How the hell can she—?” She suddenly let out a small gasp as Kayla looked at her. Her eyes widened and her body trembled. “No!” she squeaked out in a small voice. Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she gave out a sensual moan, collapsing onto the floor, her hips bucking as a huge wet stain grew in her pants.

“Holy fuck!” said one of the other women. She looked at Kayla in awe. “How are you doing that?! Your magic can’t affect other women!”

“It would appear that it can,” said Kayla. “It’s pretty easy, actually. All you have to do is search for the seams.”

So saying, she reached out with a dozen magic tendrils and touched each of the doctors, male and female. All of them stiffened and let out tremendous moans, then collapsed on the ground, twitching, their minds burning in a storm of sex. Kayla cocked her head to the side as she watched the scientists twitch and gasp and moan. They were buried so deep in lustful fantasies that felt hyper real, they would never wake up. Not unless as Sex Mage as powerful as Kayla apparently was came to rescue them. But she doubted that sort of help would be on its way any time soon.

Kayla turned and walked out of the room, not minding her nudity a bit. Every mind she passed as she walked out of the facility, she shoved down into an overwhelming sexual illusion, be they a doctor, scientist, security guard, or “patient.” By the time she left the building, every other person inside, and for a quarter mile around, was lost in a maelstrom of sex. As she stood at the gates, she cast out her senses to try and locate the nearest town. There was one only ten miles away. Still not bothering to hide her nudity, she headed for the town, and smiled.


  1. Interesting. So women always had these "seams"? I wonder if Kayla (and the newfound ability to affect women as well) will be a big enough factor to once again shift the balance of the sex mage world (i.e. spreading her powers through reproduction or "leakage" like a standard sex mage)? Although there won't be a difference for men, perhaps Kayla will be a catalyst for a power struggle among women? I hope you continue to develop her story. She's a good plot twist/loophole for the rules of the sex mage world... And maybe provide an f/f angle to the titillation.

  2. I would say yeah, women have always had the seams in their "armor", but only the ridiculously powerful women could ever actually find and pierce them against other women's will. I wrote this a while ago and decided to post it up for lack of any new material, but the last story I got stuck on toyed with the idea of a separate "class" of Sex Mages called "Megami" (Goddess), who are basically turbo-charged versions of Sex Mages: they can actually hold the charge of Sex Energy to power spells even without sex or arousal being immediately present, can actually suck Sex Magic straight out of other Sex Mages, depowering them (if only temporarily), and their abilities can grow into the full gamut of the original Sex Mage powerset, which was even more ludicrous than the present version.

    In Kayla's case, she's a woman literally born of Sex Magic, so she is essentially a "pure" Sex Mage, if that makes any sense. She'd be a Megami Class Sex Mage, however, she might have the glaring weakness of relying on Sex Energy just to power her life force; as soon as it runs out, she's dead.

    Right now, I'm still on my break, so I'm not sure if any of this will come to fruition, but we'll see what the future holds, I guess.

  3. This reminds me of Mewtwo (minus destroying the lab) and the start of Elfen Lied (minus the insane amount of violence, blood and gore).