Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teased Tutor

It’s a boring spring day at school. We’re both seniors, in math class, pre-calculus. You are really good at math, always eager to answer questions in class and always being the one person to break the curve. Because of this, though, you’re kind of pegged as the nerd of the class. Even though you’re pretty cute, most girls are more interested in the jocks.

Because of this, you are a virgin, and worse still, you turned 18 two months ago. As per societal decree, upon your 18th birthday, you are no longer pleasure yourself, initiate sex, or cum without help from a female. Sex Magic binds you to these rules, making it physically and psychologically impossible for you do these things. Unfortunately, you’re mother is no longer with you, and you have no siblings, meaning you can’t even rely on a female family member to help you out. Maybe your aunt, if she didn’t live halfway across the world. And wasn’t a complete bitch. And, so, you suffer in silence, your balls aching, but with no chance to do anything about it. The other girls won’t give you the time of day.

But then, most of the girls in the class still do not have their powers, and probably won’t for another year at least. Me, well, I’m not proud of it or anything, but I got held back a couple years in grade school, and never properly caught up. So, I’m 19, going to be 20 just before graduation. I’ve had my powers for a while. I can easily sense the pressure in your balls, getting worse every week. Especially as the weather warms up, and the girls start wearing shorts and tank tops, even focusing on your studies can’t protect you from noticing the sexiness all around you, and the aching loneliness of not even being able to get to first base. And it’s driving you crazy.

I decide to take a little pity on you. As class ends, I come up to you, giving you a warm smile. “Hi, there!” I say. You almost jump at that, and seem genuinely stunned that I would be talking to you. I hold back a smirk as I easily see in your head that you’ve fantasized about me before, back when you could still masturbate. This is going to be fun. “So, I’m really having trouble with the material. I was wondering if you could help me out? I could use a good tutor.”

“Oh, uh, sure!” you say, with an eager smile. “Certainly!”

“Great! So… you free now?”

“Um, well, I guess so. I mean, I gotta go to chess club right after school but—”

I lean down over you a bit, giving you a good view of my cleavage. “Pleeeease? The sooner I can understand this, the better!”

You gulp and nod slowly, nearly hypnotized by the sight of my breasts. “Great!” I say, bouncing back up. Your eyes follow the movement of my breasts, and I can’t help but grin. You are completely enthralled, and I didn’t even need to use my powers! “I’ll give you a ride to my place, then I can drop you off at yours. Sound good?”

“Y-yeah,” you say, voice almost a squeak. “Sounds great!”

The whole trip to my place, you keep sneaking glances at my tits and a few at my legs. Before you know it, you have a hard-on, the tension in your loins making you something of a hair trigger. Your hesitant to get out of the car until your erection goes down, but I insist you come out, pretending not to notice. I almost use my powers to make your erection permanent, but I don’t need to. You’re so excited just being able to hang out with me, your balls are so fully, you can’t control your cock.

We go inside and I take you up to my room. My folks aren’t home. I sit on the bed and pat a spot next to me, offering you to join me. You gulp again, but do so, very clumsily hiding your erection with your books. You don’t realize I have Sex Magic yet. You probably think I’m still 18. Oh, man, this is going to be fun.

As we go over the homework, I lean in close to you. Your eyes keep sneaking over to my cleavage, and I have to keep refocusing you back on the task at hand. “You seem quite distracted,” I say, innocently. I lean closer into you, and my breast brushes against your arm.

You flush bright red. “I… uh… I…”

“Something on your mind?”

“N-no! Not really…”

“Oh. So you weren’t staring at my breasts then?” I snuggle a little closer.

“Oh, god… I mean, no! No, I-I-I wasn’t!”

“My legs then?”

“No! I wasn’t peeping, I swear!”

I pout. “You don’t think I’m pretty then!”

“You are, you are! But I mean, I’m not, you know, I’m not a pervert or anything!”

“Uh-huh,” I say. “Then why do you have a massive erection?”

You nearly jump at that. You’ve kept your bookbag on your lap and don’t know how I could see you. I laugh. “Come on,” I say. “Quit freakin’ out. I’m flattered.”

“Y-y-you have Sex Magic!” you gasp.

Of course, even without magical senses, any girl with a quarter of a brain could tell what you were trying to hide. But I indulge you. “Oh, you caught me!” I say.

You say, nervously, “Th-then you can see…”

“Yep. I can see you naked. And, I can see all the little dirty fantasies you’ve had about me.” I reach up and cup your cheek. “I never knew you were such a pervert!”

“I-I-I’m not! Honest! I—“

“Oh, please, all boys are perverts. No harm in it.” I lean back and bit and make a point to look at your crotch. Your cock is iron hard, and straining your slacks uncomfortably. The knowledge that I have Sex Magic, and that I can see you actually excites you even more and your cock grows even stiffer, without me even having to do anything. I smirk. “Most boys have some means of relieving all those perverted wants and desires. But you seem to be having a hard time of it.”

“I c-can’t… can’t touch,” you say, blushing. “And I don’t have anyone to, uh…”

I smile sympathetically and pat your cheek. “You poor thing,” I say. “Well, if you help me, it’s only fair that I help you.”

Your eyes widen. “Y-you mean you’ll—!”

I laugh and put a finger to your lips. “One thing at a time. Ladies first. Let’s get through this homework first. There’s just eight more questions.”

You look like your about to die, but I laugh and say, “Tell you what. Every question you help me with, I’ll do something for you.” Your eyes light up. “But! You have to be naked.”

You gulp. “N-naked?” you say.

“I can see you anyway,” I say.

“I know, but—”

I sigh. “Well, your choice. We can just do the homework.”

“No! I’ll do it!” And yet you hesitate, nervously fiddling with your backpack. I raise my eyebrow at you, and that’s all the argument I need. You stand up and slowly strip, getting redder with each article of clothing you lose. The last thing to go is your underwear, which you hesitate on. After another look from me, however, you finally slide it off. You let out a small sigh as your penis springs free; it’s a relief to free it from the tight confines of your underwear.

Then you stiffen as you feel the tight confines of three invisible hands clasping your genitals; I’m finally using my magic on you. One wraps around the shaft, another cups your penis head, while another grips your balls. You look at me with surprise. I just motion to the homework. “Well? I’m waiting.”

Trembling a little, you sit down. The hands grip you, unmoving, but even this simple touch sends little tremors of pleasure through you. Still, we manage to get through the first problem without too much distraction. When its done, you feel the phantom hands move on your cock. You let out a gasp and stiffen. For fifteen seconds, the hands stroke and caress you, and your in bliss. You haven’t felt any stimulation to your penis in weeks, and even this little touch is pure heaven. But its over all too soon. You give me a crestfallen look, but I just tap the homework again.

The next problem takes a little longer to get through, and when its done, I give you thirty seconds of stroking. The next is a bit longer still, and results in one minute of strokes. The next is two minutes. You barely make it through question four, trembling and screwing up the equation several times before getting it right. Four minutes of stroking. You should have blown your load five times by now, but the magical seals on your orgasm hold strong. It’s more than you can take.

You drop onto the floor, on your hands and knees. “God, please! Please let me cum! I can’t last any longer!”

“We agreed,” I said. “You help me first.”

“Then, please, let’s wait until after the questions are done!”

I tap my chin in thought for a moment, then smile. “Nope. We agreed on this, too.” The psychic hands squeeze you harder and you gasp. Then, the sensations shift into a warmer, wetter feeling. The hands have been replaced with phantom mouths.

“Oh, fuck!” you gasp.

I pat the bed. “I have all night. We can do this as long as we need to.” I let you catch your breath, then we move on to question five. Eight minutes of psychic sucking. Question six, sixteen minutes of sucking. You barely make it through question seven, and the thirty-two minutes of sucking that follows leaves you a shaking, gibbering mess. I look down at you, and smile. “One more to go!”

“Please! I can’t! No more!”

“But I really need help with this one!” I say, pouting. “You can take a break, but we can’t stop now!”

“W-will you let me cum… after the next?” you gasp. I just give you a sly smile, and you struggle back onto the bed.

It takes nearly forty minutes for you to get through the next problem. I end up solving it mostly by myself. This stuff really isn’t so hard, once you get the basics down. You just have to be methodical, is all.

Finally finished, you turn to me, your look absolutely pleading. I smile and lean forward, kissing you fully on the lips. “Thank you so much,” I say. Then I flick my finger at you, and you are magically levitated up. I place you on your back on my bed, and spread your limbs out, holding you spread eagle. Finally, I force your eyes closed, effectively blindfolding you.

I slowly undress, savoring your helpless, trembling body, and the sight of your twitching, diamond hard cock. The sexual energy is pouring off you like a geyser, and I drink the energy in greedily. God, it feels so good. I should really tease more boys like this before I fuck them.

I slowly crawl over you, kissing up along your leg, then pass over your genitals to kiss up your chest and neck. The phantom mouths leave your quivering cock as I place myself over you. I kiss you, silencing your moans until I sit back and take you inside me. You break the kiss with a scream of rapture.

For the next hour, I fuck you, slow and sweet at first, then hard and fast, then back to slow. I alternate between clutching and pinching my breasts and clutching at your chest throughout. I cum, over and over, losing count after ten, until finally, I’m satisfied. I lay down on top of you, breathing heavily, letting the sweat cool on my body. Your still inside me, and I feel your cock continuing to clench in my walls, your desperation for release now mind-rending. The sexual energy is coming off of you like a blast furnace, and I’m just soaking it up like a sponge, letting it refresh and energize me.

Of course, I haven’t let you cum a single drop. Not yet. When you can finally think straight, you manage to make a whimpering that sounds like a “Pleeeease!”

I giggle and lean close to your ear. “Now, now, the deal isn’t quite finished yet. If I get an A on the next test, I’ll make you cum. I’ll even let you spurt all over my tits. But! I better get that A! So, you’ll probably want to give me some more tutoring sessions, just to be sure, right?”

You moan loudly, but can only nod, and I laugh, kissing you a final time before letting you go for the night.

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