Tuesday, May 15, 2012


“There must be some mistake,” said Kevin told the representative standing before him. “I didn’t ask for this.” He cocked his thumb at the young demihuman woman who had been presented to him. The young woman bowed her head, looking even smaller as she stood in the large office.

“I assure you, sir, do not let her small stature mislead you,” said the other man, giving Kevin a warm smile. “She is quite strong and nimble. And her smaller size will make it easier to house her.”

“Easier to get underfoot, too.”

“She also won’t require as much food.”

Kevin eyed the young demihuman woman thoughtfully. She was a Rouccuan of the more feline persuasion, with a cat-like tail, ears, and eyes, and a jaguar-patterned coat of short, fine fur over her body. Kevin noted that her fangs and claws had been surgically removed. The Rouccuan kept her gaze lowered, but kept sneaking glances upwards at her prospective buyer.

“You’re sure she speaks Ashi?” said Kevin.

“Quiet well,” said the man. “See for yourself.”

Kevin stood tall before her, his arms crossed. “What is your name?”

“Sheila,” the girl said, looking up at him. Her voice carried a heavy accent, but she spoke the language with proper sentence structure, at least. “At least, that’s the name I picked when I came here. Back home, I—”

“Whatever,” said Kevin. “You’re good with nursemaid duties?”

“Yes,” said Sheila. “I was one of the sitters for my tribe back home, even before I reached womanhood.”

“Well, this particular person is not a child,” said Kevin. “He’s a grown man. More cooperative in some ways, but more trouble in others. Do you think you can handle it?”

“I am certain I can,” she said.

Kevin sighed and leaned in close. He cupped her chin in his hand and forced her gaze up, locking eyes with her. Sheila swallowed nervously, but didn’t shrink down. Kevin sighed again, as if exasperated, and turned to the man. “You’re sure you don’t have a more… capable model?”

“Sir, at the price range you gave me, you’re lucky you can afford her,” he said. He quickly added, “Not that she isn’t a good deal! Certainly, she will tend to your needs as you see fit.”

Kevin snorted, and stood tall again. “She’s not for my needs.” He presented a wad of cash. “Fine. I’ll take her.”

“Excellent,” said the man. “If you’ll come this way, we can get the paperwork filled out.”

Sheila let out a breath, half-way between relief and nervousness. On the one hand, she was happy to have finally been chosen for ownership. If she had to spend another week in the immigrant camp, she was going to go stir crazy. On the other hand, well, this particular buyer didn’t seem all that friendly.

Course, she’d take unfriendly over spending every night back home wondering if she was going to wake up with her skull smashed in by an enemy tribe.

For the next hour, she sat, fiddling with the hem of her simple dress, swishing her tail back and forth, as her new owner, “Kevin,” went through all the legal processes necessary to purchase a demihuman for live-in employment. She tried reading a few of the magazines in the waiting room, but their shallow content was of little interested to her. Finally, Kevin returned, and motioned for her to follow. Obediently, she jumped up and walked behind him. He was silent as he went to an old pick up truck, and motioned for her to get inside.

“May I inquire as to my exact duties?” said Sheila.

“You’re going to help my brother, Matthew. You will be his attendant and nurse maid. Around the clock.”

“I see,” she said.

“I have to warn you, he’s not going to like it,” said Kevin.

“Why not?”

“He hates demihumans.”

Sheila blinked. “I see. Is this going to be a problem then?”

“Probably. But if you gives you trouble, I’ll set him straight.” Kevin gave her a hard look. “But rest assured, if you give him trouble, I will end you. Got it?”

Sheila glanced him over. Kevin was a large man, well muscled; if he attacked her, he would certainly give her a fight. But she’d killed bigger beasts than him back home. Of course, that was back when she still had her claws.

“If he doesn’t like the idea of a demihuman helper, why did you buy me?”

“You’re all we can afford,” said Kevin. He glowered. “Matthew was in an accident. He lost both legs and his right arm. His left arm is semi-palsied. He can’t use it for much. Can barely feed himself. Can’t even write very well. He needs someone there to take care of him. Me, I’m stuck supporting the both of us. I made a decent living, and we have a small stipend from the government, but…” he trailed off, and his features softened a bit.

“I see,” said Sheila.

Kevin’s features hardened again and he kept his eyes on the road. “I work long shifts at the factory. I can’t be there for him all day. I can’t afford to hire regular medical help, not at the hourly rates they charge. And we sure as hell can’t afford the prosthetics or organ regeneration.”

“But I’m more affordable?” said Sheila.

“You fucking better be,” said Kevin. “We blew the little savings we had left on you. From here on out, you eat what we can provide, and use the utilities we can afford. That’s all you get.”

“Alright,” said Sheila.

Kevin gave her a glance. “You disappointed? We’re not rich. We’re not one of those politicians who want to buy a demihuman to parade around at parties or for some PR as a humanitarian.”

“I don’t care,” said Sheila. “I just want to work and live here. Speaking of which, I guess I should ask, what, specifically, will I need to do for him? Without his limbs… well…”

“I’m expecting you to be his muscle,” said Kevin. “He can feed himself a little with his arm, type on a keyboard. But that’s about it. You’ll have to pick him up and carry him, push his wheelchair, dress him, undress him, bathe him, wipe his ass if he needs it. Basically he’s an 80 pound baby, who can hold a conversation.”

“I see,” said Sheila. “That sounds difficult.”

Kevin blinked and gave her a baleful look. “You saying you can’t do it?”

“Oh, no, I mean, I can’t imagine how hard it must be on him. And you.” Sheila looked to the floor. “On Zoaheim, he would have been killed. Put out of his misery. The tribe could not afford such weakness.”

Kevin grit his teeth. “We’re not like you savages. Here, we humans with a sense of decency.”

“Well, it’s a matter of resources,” said Sheila. “On Zoaheim—”

“We’re not on Zoaheim,” said Kevin, darkly. “We’re in Hylan. We don’t throw people to the curb just because they’re injured. We give people a chance here.”

“Forgive me, I don’t mean to insult you,” said Sheila. Kevin just glowered again. “I mean, um, forgive me, Master.”

Kevin sighed and waved her off. “You don’t have to call me that,” he said. “Like I said. We’re not savages.”

Sheila nodded and decided silence was the best option. She would learn more when she reached their home.

Kevin and his brother lived in a more rundown section of the city, in a series of slab homes in a subdivision that had lost its luster at least a decade ago. Many of the houses looked on the worn side. When Kevin they arrived at Kevin’s domicile, Sheila noted how unkempt the yard was. It had been hastily cut, but weeds had choked out the small garden in the front, and tall grass still lined the fence and the edges of the house.

“Mas—I mean, Kevin, would you also like me to do your yard work?” she said.

Kevin glanced around. “Um… we’ll see. Matthew’s your priority.”

“Of course,” she said.

Kevin paused at the door and took a long breath.

“Are you alright?” said Sheila.

Kevin swallowed. “This might… this might get ugly.”

“Does your brother hate demihumans that much?” said Sheila.

“He got attacked by some as a kid,” said Kevin. “A little gang of them had formed in the neighborhood, led by a female Rouccuan, like you. Roughed him up pretty bad when he went into their territory.” He turned to her. His large frame loomed over her; she barely came up to his chest. “Whatever he does or says, do not hurt him.”

“I promise,” said Sheila. “I do not wish either of you harm. I just want to serve you.”

Kevin snorted. “I doubt you want to.”

Sheila frowned. “Well. I want to do what I have to do survive. And not end up back in Zoaheim.”

“Guess they don’t call it the Forbidden Continent for nothing.”

Sheila nodded and shivered slightly at the memories. “An apt word. Trust me, nothing your brother can say or do is going to hurt me.”

Kevin sighed again. “Alright. Just let me go in first. Wait here.” He came in through the door. Sheila waited patiently on the small concrete square that could generously be called the “porch.” After a moment, she heard some shouting. Then some more shouting. Finally a crash. Sheila frowned. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. She glanced around and noted there were several neighbors looking at her. The old man, sitting under a sun-umbrella in his front yard, was actually gaping at her a little. The looks were not exactly friendly ones.

Sheila lowered her head and kept her tail tucked between her legs, as if she could shrink herself out of sight. Not that she was ashamed. It was an instinctive defense maneuver; shrink yourself down, and you looked less meaty, and hence less appetizing, to the monsters storming your tribe’s camp.

Finally, the door flew open and Kevin, a little red faced, said, “He’s not happy about you. Dropped himself on the floor trying to roll away from me.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this,” said Sheila. “You’ve got three days to return me.”

“No,” said Kevin. “I’m going to make this work.” He paused and took a breath. “Alright, come on.”

Sheila stepped into the house, catching a light, but distinct scent of body odor and stale food. The door opened into a messy living room and kitchen. There, on the floor, was a young man with only stumps for legs, a stump for a right arm, and a thin, trembling left arm. He glared at her with his icy blue eyes, his unkempt blond hair giving him a wild look.

“You stay the hell away from me,” said Matthew.

“Shut up,” said Kevin. “You don’t get a choice in the matter. She’s all we’ve got.”

“I don’t want her touching me,” said Matthew.

“Get over it, you fucking baby,” said Kevin. He went over to Matthew and hauled him up under his shoulders, setting him on the couch. “Now listen,” he said. “She’s going to be your assistant. Starting tomorrow, I need to go back to work, and I can’t just leave you unattended all through my shifts.”

“Why can’t you just—”

“Because we can’t afford it, remember? How many times have we been over this?”

Matthew glowered. Kevin leaned over him, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Listen, brother. I love you, okay? And I want to help you any way I can. And right now, this is the best I can do. You think I’m happy about this? You think I want this freaky cat-thing in our house?” He hooked a thumb at Sheila, who frowned, but said nothing.

Matthew slowly shook his head as he looked from her to his brother. “That’s right,” said Kevin. “I don’t. But I’m also not going to let that get in the way of taking care of you. So, the least you could do is grant me the same courtesy. Understood?” Matthew slowly nodded his assent.

Kevin stood up, letting his brother go. “Alright.” He turned to Sheila. “No offense. But this is how it is. Understood?”

“I shall serve as you need,” said Sheila.

“Alright,” said Kevin. “Well. I can’t make you two get along or anything. But, sit down, try and talk a bit. The sooner we break the ice, the better.” Kevin motioned to a chair next to the couch, then went into the kitchen to get some drinks.

Sheila sat in the chair, and looked at Matthew, who just glowered at her before looking away. “Um… my name is Sheila.”

“I didn’t ask,” said Matthew.

“Alright. Well, just so you know, for when you need to call me for something.”

“I don’t need or want your help. And I’ll call you what I like, you mangy bitch.”

Sheila tapped her chin in thought. “Hmm… if you want a proper Rouccuan insult to call me, I recommend grunta. It’s a type of parasitic worm that gets in your gut and rots your intestines from the inside out. Metaphorically, a ‘grunta’ is someone who is a severe detriment to the tribe.”

Matthew gawked at her, thin grimaced. “Well, aren’t you a wordy little bitch.”

“Matt!” yelled Kevin, coming back inside. He had a cup of orange juice, a cup of water, and a bottle of beer. The orange juice was in a large mug with a lid, and a long tube coming from the top. He set it in the couch next to Matthew, propped between two pillows. Matthew gripped the tube and held it to his mouth, using it as a long straw.

“I’d rather you beer me,” he muttered.

“Beer ain’t healthy for you,” said Kevin. “Doesn’t do much for you attitude, either.” He took a swig of his bottle, then handed Sheila the water. “Didn’t know what you liked.”

“Thank you,” said Sheila. Then she blinked as Kevin leaned close.

“Don’t antagonize him. I know he’s going to be difficult, but that isn’t helping.”

“Sorry,” said Sheila. “Sorry, Matthew.”

“I’ll bet.”



Kevin sighed, and sat on the couch on the other side of Matt. Sheila crossed her legs, and the three sat in silence for a while. Sheila noticed, however, that Matthew’s gaze lingered on her legs. He caught her looking and immediately scowled, making an annoyed grunt, and flickered his gaze away.

“Alright, well,” said Kevin. “Come on, guys. You’re going to have to talk at some point. I’d rather be here for the first shitstorm.”

“I suppose we should lay down some ground rules,” said Sheila. “Is there anything you would prefer from me, Matthew, when I help you?”

“Don’t touch me,” said Matthew. “Don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me.”

“That’s going to be somewhat impossible,” said Sheila.

“Don’t think that doesn’t piss me off,” said Matthew.


“Fine,” he said. He jabbed a shaky finger at her. “Don’t mess with our stuff. I catch you stealing anything, your ass is out of here.”

“Your materials are of little use to me,” said Sheila.

“Well, whatever. Don’t touch me or talk to me unless you have to.”

“Of course,” said Sheila. That seemed to be about as far as the conversation was going to go. Kevin sighed, but gave up trying to get them to talk, and instead sat there while they had drinks. Sheila noticed, however, that Matthew kept glancing at her, and his eyes kept roaming over her body. She didn’t confront him about it, but instead, re-crossed her legs, and let her dress hike up just a little bit. She tapped her foot in the air and her sandal slipped partway off.

Matthew swallowed, and out of the corner of her eye, Sheila could see him shift a bit. And then, she couldn’t help but look when she noticed he was getting an erection. She looked at him and he met her eyes, then flushed slightly. Then, he scowled and said, “What are you looking at?”

“I was just wondering if you needed me to do anything yet,” said Sheila. Her tail swished and Matthew’s gaze slipped to it, and he swallowed. He forced himself to look away and huffed.

“I need you to go in the other room,” said Matthew. Sheila looked to Kevin, who just shrugged, finally giving up. “Or outside.”

“Come on,” said Kevin, getting up. “I may as well show you the rest of the house.”

“Hey, I need to go to my room,” said Matthew. “I want to use the computer.”

Kevin looked at Sheila and motioned to his brother. “Ladies first.”

Sheila nodded and stepped up to Matthew. He stiffened, and his arm came up in an almost defensive gesture. “Hey, come on, just carry me yourself, bro.”

“No,” said Kevin. “This is what she’s here for.” Kevin crossed his arms and gave Matthew a hard look.

Sheila held out her arms, slipping them under Matthew’s shoulders and buttocks. She easily cradled him like a child, and even though he was secured, Matthew reluctantly hooked his arm around her shoulders. Matthew swallowed nervously, but when Sheila looked at his expression, he scowled. She hefted him up with ease. Matthew wasn’t heavy, exactly, but still weighed more than a young woman of Sheila’s build would indicate. Kevin cocked an eyebrow at how easily she hefted him up, however. Rouccuan were said to be anywhere from three to five times as strong as normal humans, and it showed. She didn’t even breathe heavy out of exertion.

Kevin led her to Matthew’s bedroom, pausing at the bathroom door. “You need to go?”

“No,” said Matthew, though his gaze lingered on the door.

“You sure?”

Matthew sighed. “Yeah, okay, I gotta pee,” he said.

Kevin nodded. “Alright,” he said. “May as well get this out of the way. I’ll show you to help him in here.”

“I believe I can managed,” said Sheila. “I’ve assisted some elderly in this task.”

“No, Kev, come on,” said Matthew. He squirmed a bit in Sheila’s arms. “I can do it myself.”

“No, you can’t,” said Kevin. “Last time I left you in here by yourself, you shit your pants before you could get them off.”


“No buts!” Kevin smirked at the pun, and motioned to the door.

Sheila brought Matthew in, and Kevin decided to spare his brother the humiliation of having to bare himself in front of his sibling. Of course, baring himself in front of a strange beast woman wasn’t much better.

Sheila pulled down Matthew’s shorts, and made sure not to linger her gaze, positioning him on the toilet, and turning aside to give him privacy. It took him some time to get going, but finally, he did his business. However, even though Sheila didn’t look at him more than necessary, she could feel Matthew checking her out.

“Fuck,” he hissed, and Sheila glanced over to see he was getting an erection. She looked up at his face, but he turned, face red with shame. “Don’t look at me!”

“I don’t mean to cause you discomfort,” she said. “But I should probably get you dressed now.”

“Don’t touch me! Just hand me my shorts!” Sheila complied and waited patiently for him to dress. The effort made his cock shrink, but he was still red faced. He just glared at her as she picked him up and carried him to his room, where a computer had been set up for use next to his bed. A bell was set on the desk in case he needed anything.

Leaving him to his own devices for now, Kevin and Sheila went back into the living room. “Kevin,” she said. “Are you sure Matthew hates Demihumans?”

Kevin gave her a curious look. “Isn’t it obvious he does?”

Sheila frowned, giving him a studious look. “I suppose it is,” she said.

“Still, this is going better than I’d hoped,” he said. “I was expecting a lot more screaming.” He shrugged. “But, maybe he’ll come around faster than I’d hoped. Anyway, I’ll show you the rest of the house, and then I’ll show you where the nearest grocery and pharmacy stores are.”

Over the next two days, Sheila learned the routines. Carrying Matthew around the house, dressing and undressing him as needed, and fetching items for him. Matthew was mostly silent accept when he gave her orders. He vehemently protested against Sheila sleeping in his room, so they settled for setting up her cot inside the living room, and keeping Matthew’s door open.

However, there was one task Sheila had not been called upon to perform, and which Matthew kept resisting. Eventually, however, at Kevin’s insistence, it had to be done. Sheila had to give Matthew a bath; Kevin wasn’t going to help him with this one anymore.

So, on the third night, while Kevin prepared dinner, Sheila drew the bath, and came into Matthew’s room. He glowered at her as she sat down on the bed next to him. “Easier to remove your clothes here, I think,” she said. Matthew shrank away from her as she reached for him, and she paused. “Matthew, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I don’t want you looking at me!” he hissed. He knew better than to shout, as that would just bring Kevin back in to give him a lecture.

“I know you’re embarrassed, but you needn’t be,” said Sheila. “I have already seen your genitals.” That brought a bright red blush to his face. “Your nudity does not bother me.”

“Of course it doesn’t bother you,” he said. “You’re not the one getting naked in front of a stranger!”

“Would you like me to be naked?” said Sheila. Matthew jumped at looked at her with a shocked expression. “If it would make us even, then I could be naked as well.” She noticed a twitch in Matthew’s shorts as his cock threatened to go erect. His blush deepened. Sheila cocked her head to the side and gave him a studious look.

“Wh-what?” said Matthew. “N-no! I don’t want to see you naked! That’s… that’s gross!”

Sheila slowly nodded. “Alright,” she said. “But I still need to help you with your bath.”

Matthew’s expression turned to angry frustration, and he sat up, pulling at his shirt. “Fine, damn it, lets get this over with.” He pulled at his shirt. Sheila patiently waited for him to strip, not wanting to push things. After a minute of struggle, Matthew had managed to slip out of his shorts and underwear, and was just getting his shirt off. Sheila then went over and picked him up, holding him close. Matthew’s blush had not abated, and as he settled into her arms, his cock grew semi-hard. Sheila didn’t make a show of it, but she did glance a few times at his genitals. She noticed his balls were quite swollen.

Perhaps that explained his horniness. She realized he probably didn’t have the privacy, or good means to relieve himself of his male desires. Perhaps that was why he kept getting excited around her; Demihuman or not, she was still a female. She imagined it had been a very long time since he’d had sex of any sort.

As she settled him into the shallow water, positioning him so he could sit in the middle, she soaped up the washcloth for him and started running it over his chest. Matthew snatched it out of her hand. “I can do this myself!” he said. “Turn around!” Sheila complied, mostly. She did watch him out of the corner of her eye, so she could catch him if he lost his balance.

Matthew ran the washcloth over himself, but his arm couldn’t reach everywhere. He had trouble reaching his back, and he couldn’t really scrub himself too well. He sighed, and tossed the soapy cloth into the corner of tub.

“Would you like some help?” said Sheila.

“No!” he said.

“Well, I need to make sure you’re clean.”

“It’s good enough!”

“You haven’t even covered half your body. And you still need to rinse off more thoroughly.”

“Fine,” he said. He tossed the cloth at her. Sheila snatched it out of the air rather than let it splat wetly on her clothes. She then kneeled at the edge of the tub, dipped the cloth in the water, and started running it over Matthew’s back.

Matthew sighed. Sheila could feel the tension in his muscles as she ran her fingers over him. She began to massage his back and neck a little as she washed him. She was not the most skilled at it, but she figured it had been some time since Matthew had been touched like this, if he ever had.

Matthew actually became lost in the moment for a minute, until he felt the cloth touch his genitals. Matthew’s eyes flew open as his cock twitched, and he realized his erection had returned in full force. He looked almost entranced as Sheila gently washed him down there. She did not intend to stimulate him, moving the cloth efficiently over his loins. And yet, this was all it took. Matthew’s body tensed and he let out a soft groan. Sheila barely had time to remove her hand before he shook, and a spurt of semen shot from his cock, hitting the wall of the tub. Matthew gasped, and Sheila turned away as he shivered in an orgasm. However, he groaned in frustration as her aborted touches left his climax ruined.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I tried to be careful. I’m sorry.”

Snapping out of his haze, Matthew looked at her. He seemed uncertain how to react for a moment. Then he settled on anger. “Don’t touch me, you fucking beast!” he screamed and her shoved her away with his arm. The arm was weak, but Sheila let herself be pushed back.

Kevin stormed into the room. “What is it? What’s going on?”

“She’s fucking molesting me!” shouted Matthew, covering himself with the wash cloth.

Kevin looked at Sheila and narrowed his eyes at her. She bowed her head, and her tail tucked between her legs. “I was just washing him, and he had an accident. I did not mean to make that happen.”

“Accident?” said Kevin, eyeing her suspiciously. He went over to the tub and looked inside. He noticed the streak of white on the tub wall. “Oh, for—”

“She did that on purpose!” said Matthew, still red-faced.

“I promise you, I—”

“Shut up, both of you,” said Kevin. “Matt, I’m sure she didn’t mean it. Sheila, you damn well better not have meant it.” Matthew opened his mouth, but Kevin cut his brother off, “Alright, I’ll finish up here. This time.” He turned to Sheila. “Go check on the stew.”

Sheila nodded, and headed into the kitchen. She heard some more arguing, but eventually, things seemed to calm down. Eventually, Kevin brought a freshly clothed Matthew into the living room, setting up a table for him, before joining Sheila in the kitchen.

“Is he alright?” said Sheila.

“I’m going to have to keep giving him his baths,” said Kevin, sighing.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I barely touched him, and he—”

Kevin blanched and waved her off. “Yeah, well, he hasn’t gotten laid for like two years. And then after the accident he can’t, you know, help himself very well.”

“I see,” said Sheila. “I shall be extra careful, then.”

Kevin sighed. “Shame, really. Might calm him the fuck down some if he could just get his rocks off.”

Inwardly, Sheila sighed. Human or Demihuman, men were still men. At least here in human society, men bothered to restrain themselves. She shivered as she remembered the last raid on her village, just before she’d managed to escape with her mother off the continent of Zoaheim. She’d been too young at the time to interest the men of the enemy tribe, but her mother…

Sheila still had nightmares in which she relived that night. She remembered how utterly helpless she’d been, her only defense being to savagely claw and bite at anyone who came near her. She’d been so scared and frenzied, she even bit one of her own tribesmen who had been trying to pull her to safety. He had dropped her, leaving her to fend herself against the raiders as she tried to find her mother. It had been a fool’s errand; one of the raiders had taken her down in one hit. Small, weak, and helpless, it was a miracle she had lived through the night, much less managed to escape.

In his own way, Matthew was much the same. Trapped in a body that could barely do basic tasks, could not even walk, he probably felt backed into a corner every minute of the day. Anything that, even for a moment, reminded him of his vulnerability, anything that got him to drop his guard for even a moment, she could understand how infuriating that could be.

She took extra care to not irritate him that night. However, she noticed him glancing at her more often than usual, and he seemed a little more subdued.

Another week passed without incident, and Matthew seemed to be calming down around her a little. Kevin was indeed absent all day, his job at the factory being a twelve hour shift, with an hour’s worth of driving on top of that. Matthew tried to rely on her as little as possible, so ultimately, there wasn’t much to do. Sheila had started straightening out and cleaning the house, but given its small size, this did not take too long.

In her down time, Sheila mainly occupied herself with reading the brothers’ sparse collection of books. She was fluent in speaking Ashi, but not the best at reading it, so it was good education for her. On this day, she sat in the backyard, reading, sitting on the back porch swing. She was considering tending to the woefully decrepit flower beds, now choked out with weeds, when she heard a moan. She paused, her ears perking up. The porch swing was right next to the window leading to Matthew’s room. The window was opened a crack so that she could hear the bell if he needed her.

As she listened, she heard another soft moan, and some heavy breathing. She turned and peaked through the window. Her eyebrows raised at what she saw. Matthew was lying on the bed, his back to her, and his shorts were slipped down. He was lightly caressing himself, though his semi-palsied hand seemed unable to get a good grip. On his computer, which had been set up so he could use it on his bed, was a slide show of naked women.

Ah, the wonders of human technology. When a man couldn’t get sex, he could still get sexy images on his devices and pretend. It was a far better solution than the alternative. What fascinated Sheila, however, were the type of women in the slideshow. The images were of Demihuman women. In fact, most of them were Rouccuan like herself.

Well, that explained a few things. Sheila watched as he struggled to masturbate. Even with his hand not being able to grip himself very well, given his blue balls, she saw no reason why it was taking him so long to get off. He grunted with frustration and cursed softly; she heard him mutter something about “that bitch” between grunts.

Sheila frowned. That didn’t sound very encouraging. It might be overstepping her station, but this needed to be addressed, promptly. Sheila went into the house, and headed over to the room, moving quietly as cat. She paused when she went to the door, and she heard him grunt louder. Deciding that was enough of an excuse, she opened the door and stepped inside. “Matthew, are you alright? I thought I heard—”

“What the fuck?!” he said, face going white, then crimson. “G-get out of here!” He tried to cover himself, hastily pulling up his shorts, but this did nothing to hide the bulge. Then, as Sheila stepped closer, he tried to close the pictures on his computer, but he fumbled with the mouse and dropped it.

Not missing a beat, Sheila picked up the mouse and set it next to him. Then, she looked at the computer, and raised her eyebrows. “What’s this?” she said.

“None of your fucking business!” he yelled.

She leaned closer, blocking his view of the monitor partially, so he couldn’t see where to click to close the images. “Hmmm…” she looked at him. “I thought you hated Demihumans. Why are masturbating to pictures of them?”

She noticed his cock twitch in his shorts, the head poking out from under the waistband. Sheila smiled softly and sat down on the bed. “I interrupted you, didn’t I?”

“Leave me alone!”

“I must apologize,” she said. “I imagine you are having a difficult time with this right now. And if you are attracted to me, that can only be making it worse.”

Matthew glared at her.

“It must be frustrating,” she said. “But remember, I am here to serve you. I can help you with this.”  Boldly, she reached up with her tail and traced the bulge of his erection with the tip. Matthew’s eyes went wide, and his hips bucked once on contact. He watched entranced as the tail lightly traced over him.

Then he looked up at Sheila and he tried to resist. “St-stop…” he whispered. Sheila complied and looked at him calmly, pulling her tail away, but letting it sway a bit to the side. Matthew fought not to look. “G-get away from me…”

“No,” said Sheila. “If I’m going to continue serving you, we need to hash this out.” Matthew glared at her, but knew he was in no position to disagree. “Now then,” she said. “You are attracted to me. There’s no denying it.”

“No!” he said, in an almost whining tone. “No, I can’t! It’s not right!”

“Why isn’t it right?” said Sheila. She watched him closely as he shook his head. Fear and lust fought to overtake him, precariously balanced. She reached forward and took his hand, gently clasping it between her own. His arm was trembling more than usual. “Matthew… Master… I only wish to help you. You can tell me. I will not judge. I will not tell anyone. Not even Kevin.”

Matthew swallowed and looked at her. “You promise?”

“I would not be a good servant if I could not keep secrets,” she said.

“Humans… humans aren’t supposed to be attracted to demihumans. It’s sick. It’s… it’s bestiality!”

“Call it what you want,” said Sheila matter-of-factly. “That doesn’t change your desires. And besides, do you know how many Demihumans provide sexual services? You’re not so different as you think.”

“It’s sick,” Matthew repeated. “Only freaks would be attracted to freaks!” He looked himself over, and for a moment seemed about to cry. But he choked back this reaction.

 She cocked her head to the side. “What happened to you?”

Matthew shook with conflicting emotion as he said, softly. “I got… I got beat up by…”

“By some Demihumans,” said Sheila when Matthew didn’t go on. “Your brother told me. I understand that must have been traumatic.”

“No…” said Matthew. “I mean, yes, kind of… but…”

“It’s okay,” said Sheila, and she caressed his hand. “Tell me.”

“I had… I w-was…” he took a breath, then blurted out, “I had sex with one of you!” He flushed crimson, and his still-hard cock flexed in his shorts. “I was nineteen, and there was this girl… this Rouccuan girl I met in town… and we uh…”

He cleared his throat. “Well, we had sex a few times. And then, her master found out, and he had some thugs beat the shit out of me. And then, some of her Demihuman friends found out about it, and found out she’d been punished, and so they beat the shit out of me…” He swallowed. “I couldn’t rat out her master. He was a man of influence in the town. So I… I just pinned it on the Demihumans.”

Sheila nodded. “I see. Well, you did what you had to.”

His face scrunched up. “They deserved it!” he said. “I mean, she came onto me! So why did her little posse have to attack me like that! Fucking savages!”

“Demihumans are very protective of their tribesmen,” said Sheila. “Perhaps even here, she and them had formed a tribe of sorts.”

“That’s no excuse! I’d already gotten the shit kicked out me, what right did those freaks have to come after me?” Matthew shook in anger.

“Well, I don’t have a posse that will come after you,” said Sheila. Cautiously, Sheila reached up with her tail, and traced the tip around the bulge of his erection. This time, Matthew didn’t tell her to stop, but shivered in a combination of lust and anger.

“I’ve been driving you crazy, and you haven’t had a chance to relieve yourself, have you?” said Sheila. “I apologize for that.”

“Shut up…” said Matthew. “I don’t need your sympathy!”

“Of course,” said Sheila. “But, would you like my help?”

Matthew swallowed. He glanced her over and he let out a breath as he blatantly groped her with his eyes. “I-I-I can’t…” he said. But he was squirming now, his cock painfully hard in his shorts.

“I see I’m going to have to take this in my own hands,” said Sheila. She reached down to undress him.

“W-wait! Stop!” said Matthew. Sheila sat back up and withdrew her tail. She watched him patiently as Matthew warred with himself over the situation. She could almost see his fears and his lust wrestling on his face. Finally, he looked at her. “You can’t tell anyone,” he said. “Not even Kevin.”

“Of course,” said Sheila. She then proceeded to pull off his shorts, leaving his lower half exposed to her. His penis twitched away merrily in the air, his swollen balls taught with pent up fluid. Sheila reached up with her tail, and caressed his bare penis directly. Matthew gasped and squirmed as the soft fur of her tail sent tingles of pleasure through his body. He was so pent up, that he was extremely sensitive.

“Oh, fuck!” Matthew gasped. He grasped her tail in his hand and rubbed it more firmly against his cock. Sheila let him do this for a minute, but it seemed to not be quite enough to make him cum. Suddenly, he thrust her tail away. “No! I can’t!”

Sheila sighed, but stood. “Alright. I’m sorry, Matthew.”

“Just get out of here,” he muttered.

She complied, and left, closing the door to give him an illusion of privacy. She returned to the porch and listened as he grunted in frustration trying to stroke himself. As hard and needy as he was for release, it seemed he was too emotionally conflicted, and could not achieve climax himself. Sheila felt a twinge of pity for him, but she knew that if he could not help himself, it would only be a matter of time before he cracked and asked her.

The following two weeks, Matthew got more and more nerve wracked. He was constantly getting erections around her, even though she tried very hard not to provoke him. Helping him go to the bathroom was a chore, as his excitement would make it difficult for him to go, but Kevin refused to help him with that anymore; doing the baths was hard enough.

Finally, on another day Kevin was away for work, Sheila set up Matthew on his bed to use his computer. As she bent over, she could feel his eyes on her chest, and he let out a sigh. His cock flexed in his pants. When she looked at him and smiled, he scowled and blushed with shame.

“Alright, enough of this,” she said. She sat on the edge of the bed and yanked down Matthew’s shorts. She lifted up her legs, and turned, resting them on the bed just in front of Matthew. Her left leg stretched out before him, snuggly pressing against his balls and the base of his cock. Her other leg, she stretched him, hooking her calf behind his cock. As she closed her legs, Matthew’s throbbing penis became trapped between her strong, softly furred calves. Matthew stiffened and gasped. His hips bucked instinctively, driving his penis between her legs. Sheila smirked and flexed her muscles, squeezing his cock, but not moving to stroke him.

“Oh, fuck,” Matthew weekly tried to push her legs away, but his arm was too weak. He tried to squirmed around of her grip, but her legs had him pinned, and he had no leverage to roll. His squirming only served to make him hump her legs, stimulating his desperately hard cock. After a few moments, he was no longer squirming to get away from her. He was outright humping her legs, driving his cock between her calves. She simply held him like that, making him do all the work.

“St-stop it!” he gasped.

“Stop what? I’m not doing anything. I’m just resting my tired feet.”

“F-f-fuck you! Y-you fucking bitch! You fucking whore!”

She felt his genitals jerk and tighten. Just as he was about to blow his load, she suddenly shifted her right leg up, releasing his cock. It twitched wildly in the air, and Matthew let out a moan. He tried to hump against just her left leg, but all he succeeded in doing was crushing his balls against her.

“What are you doing?” he bellowed.

“I thought you wanted me to stop?” she said.

“No!” he said, red faced with anger and humiliation. “I mean… damn it!”

She let her leg drop and trapped his cock between her calves again. Immediately, Matthew thrust between her legs again, and shuddered as he neared climax. “N-no… please… I can’t…”

“You can and you must,” she said. “This is driving you crazy, and we need to resolve this.”

“But I can’t! I w-won’t! I won’t fuck you!”

“Then stop doing it,” said Sheila.

Matthew huffed, but didn’t stop thrusting between her legs. “Fucking bitch… fucking cunt…”

At the last second, she released him once more, letting his cock twitch crazily in the air, already leaking precum. He clutched at her leg and tried to force it down on his cock again. When that failed, he tried to grab himself, but she pushed his hand away with her foot.

“If I do this for you, will it assuage your hatred? Will you be able to stand me?” said Sheila.

Matthew grit his teeth. “I… I….”

“I only wish to serve you well, master, but I cannot do so if my presence angers you,” said Sheila. “Will your anger lessen if I do this?”

“I-I… I don’t know…!”

She repeated her teasing four more times, squeezing his cock between her calves for him to thrust between, only to pull away when he started cussing her out. Finally, he could take no more. “Please,” he said, tears starting to run down his face. “Please, I’m sorry, please, please let me cum.”

“Are you sure?” she said. “You want me, a filthy demihuman to—”

“YES! Please, for fuck’s sake, I’m begging you!” He shook with emotion, but it was all desperation now; the anger had been pushed out by the relentless needs of his body, which did not care what it took; Matthew only wanted to cum, to hell with his preferences.

Sheila lowered her leg and trapped his cock between her calves again. She squeezed his cock tightly between them, and this time it took only seconds for him to reach the edge of climax. She squeezed him even tighter just as he reached the peak, so tight, that his ejaculation was nearly cut off! But the pressure had built up so much, that his cock forced its way through the vice of her legs, and hot, wet streaks of cum exploded from his cock. Matthew moaned loudly in both ecstasy and defeat, surrendering himself to his servant’s mercy. He continued to thrust between her calves until he had thoroughly milked himself dry. Only then, did she finally release his cock, removing her now cum-covered legs.

Matthew, exhausted, looked at her with a confused expression. Sheila stood over him, then leaned down and purred in his ear. “Are you pleased, master?” she said.

Matthew started crying again, overwhelming by his emotional confusion, and clutched at her with his feeble arm. Sheila hugged him to her. “I’m sorry,” he said between sobs. “I’m sorry. Thank you so much.”

Sheila held him for a while longer, until he stopped crying. Then, she cleaned up his mess, drying her legs and wiping the cum streaks off the floor. She took him to the bathtub, where she washed him, taking extra care with his genitals. Even still, he stiffened again, and Sheila grasped him with her hand. She gave him an inquiring look, and, nervously, Matthew nodded. She spent the next ten minutes stroking him, building him up to a powerful climax. Then, she did it again. He blushed almost the whole time, but looked at her with a renewed appreciation.

“Thank you,” he gasped. “Oh, god, thank you.”

“No need to thank me, master,” she said. “I am here to serve.”

“I’m sorry,” he repeated, but she shook her head and smiled at him.

That night, after Kevin got home, he noticed how much more relaxed Matthew was, and how he was even being nicer to Sheila. “Well, I’m glad to finally see you two getting along,” said Kevin. “I was starting to think this really was a bad idea.”

“Not at all,” said Sheila. “Sometimes, it just takes a little while for someone to grow on you.” She looked at Matthew, who smiled softly, blushing slightly.


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