Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Centurions: The Rise of Jahi

The first thing Spark became aware of as she came to was something lightly touching between her legs. Sluggishly, she fought to consciousness, intending to shove whatever was doing that away. However, she couldn’t seem to get her arms forward. She tugged, but something was keeping her bound. Her eyes fluttered open and it took a moment for her gaze to focus. She found herself staring into the eyes of the dark haired woman in the alley. The woman was kneeling right in front of her, and Spark was slightly stunned by her beauty for a moment. A few seconds passed before Spark realized the gentle sensation between her legs was coming from the woman tracing a finger along her exposed vaginal lips, gently up and down, around and around. Spark let out a gasp as the fingertip brushed the tip her clitoris, sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine.

Sluggishly, she tried to remember how she’d gotten here. She had been coming out of a movie theater, when she’d heard a cry for help in a nearby ally. Even though she was off-duty, Spark had raced over to help, and she’d seen a woman, this woman in front her now, kneeling on the ground, sobbing. Spark had reached over to help her, then felt something stick into her leg. She’d look down to see a needle, and then… then she was waking up here.

Spark snapped out of it as another shiver a pleasure ran through her body. She tried to jerk back, only to find her legs were similarly restrained. She realized she was completely naked and bound pretty thoroughly to a chair. Looking around, she could not tell where she was. Some open, but darkened space, with a single light hanging from a hang ceiling to illuminate the spot she was sitting. Perhaps some abandoned warehouse? Spark let out another gasp as the women’s finger touched her clit again. She called up the electrical energy in her body and tried to shock the woman’s finger with a strong jolt. However, nothing happened, save that the woman just maintained eye contact and smiled slyly at Spark.

“There is no sense in struggling,” the woman said. “Your powers are being suppressed by my magic.”

“Who are you?” said Spark. “What are you?”

“Does it matter?” said the dark haired woman.

Spark squirmed. “Fine. Would you at least quit molesting me?”

“No,” she said. “I’m casting a spell.”

Spark struggled some more, but still could not get any leverage. The woman’s touches were also starting to get to her. Despite the situation, the gentle caress was making Spark wet, and every touch of her clit send an increasingly stronger jolt of pleasure though her body. “What are going to do to me?” she said, trying to stall while she thought of an escape.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” said the woman. “Though, I will tell you that the ritual requires you to cum for the spell to activate. So, if you don’t want to find out, just don’t cum.”

At first, Spark didn’t think that would be a problem. She just grit her teeth and concentrated on escaping, working the ropes that held her, and wriggling to try and get some kind of leverage to escape. She also kept trying to call up her electric energies, but that was still a dead end. However, the longer this went on, the more the woman’s touch filled Spark with pleasure. Soon, her sex was nearly throbbing with a warm, pulsing sensation. It felt unnatural, but also exquisitely pleasurable. Spark was soon squirming not to escape, but just from to the sensations she was feeling.

“You won’t… make me… oooooh,” Spark gasped. She bit her lip trying not to moan, but couldn’t stop herself from writhing. The warm pulse quickened, sending ripples of sensation all along her vaginal walls, then spreading out to her body. She started to feel sharp jolts to her clit, g-spot, anus, nipples, and the back of her neck as the ripples went through her, triggering her every hot-spot. She broke out in a sweat and her juices were forming a puddle in thechair.

“I can do this all night,” said the woman, smiling sweetly at her. “The more you fight it, the harder you’ll cum.” She began to chant softly, whispering a phrase over and over again in some unknown language. Spark’s breathing became a series of short little gasps, and then a series of erotic cries as her body shuddered. She tried one last time to stop herself, but it was like trying to hold back a tidal wave. She came, every muscle in her body locking up, her face contorting into a snarl of pleasure. And then, something lit up beneath them, a circular design filled with smaller shapes and runes. In the throws of her ecstasy, Spark vaguely recognized it as some kind of magic circle. And then, suddenly, it was over, and she lay exhausted against the chair. The woman stood and removed the bonds keeping Spark secure, then gently shook her awake. Spark groaned and roused herself, looking blearily at the woman.

“Wh-what… what’s going on?” she said.

“Spark, stand up,” said the woman. Spark immediately complied. “Now, kneel.” Spark immediately did so, dropping to her knees so fast she nearly hurt herself. Spark’s eyes went wide at this.

“What did you do to me?” said Spark. “How are you doing this?”

“Like I said, a magic spell,” said the woman. “You came, and so now, your body and will belong to me.”

“Like hell!” shouted Spark. She called up her energies again, and this time, her whole body lit up with electrical power. She thrust her arms at the woman, intending to blast her, but found that, somehow, she couldn’t. Her powers were working fine, now, but she could not bring herself to fire upon the woman.

“Silly girl,” she said. “You can’t harm me, now. You will die before you even allow harm to come to me.” She paused and then said, “You may stand and dress yourself now. Your clothes are over there, and there is a towel you can wipe yourself clean with.”

Spark looked over in the dim area beyond the circle of light shining down on them. There was a small table, with her clothes and the towel upon it. She did as she was instructed, despite her mind fighting to regain control of her body. It was rather disheartening. Despite her every effort, her body operated against her will with no visible signs of resistance, moving naturally and smoothly. There was no sign of struggle, not even on her face. She approached the woman, who nodded approvingly at how well her spell had worked.

“Now, then,” she said. “From this moment forth, I am your Mistress, and you will do as I say without question. Do you understand?”

“Fuck off,” said Spark. She sad it flatly, as though she couldn’t get her body to put the right emphasis behind the words.

“Let’s try that again,” said the woman. “You will not say anything unless I instruct you to, or to answer a question, or otherwise assist me. When you answer a question, you will only do so in an obedient manner. Do you understand?”

Fuck you, was what Spark wanted to say. Instead, to her dismay, she said, “Yes, Mistress.”

The woman laughed. “Excellent! Now then. I have a very special mission for you, my dear. You’re going to help me destroy your fellow Centurions, and one Centurion in particular. Can you do that for me?”

No! Spark thought. You can’t make me, you fucking bitch! Again, however, what she wanted to say, and what came out were two different things. “Of course, Mistress,” was all she said. The woman smiled.

The Epsilon Base was hidden in the foot of a small mountain, opening into a private lake surrounded by a pine forest. It made an ideal location of concealment, as well as being generally more hospitable, as opposed to Alpha Base’s sky fortress or Sigma Base’s arctic strong hold. Less than a hundred miles from three major cities, it was also ideally located for gathering resources, and responding to urban based dangers.

In order to get quickly from the base to another location, the team used a series of small flying vehicles called “jump jets,” mini-van sized, two-seater vehicles that used anti-gravity fields and a graviton-powered jet engine to fly nearly as fast as conventional jets, while allowing much greater maneuverability. The team was free to use them for recreational purposes as well, and they came with personal cloaking devices, so there was usually no trouble finding a rooftop or abandoned field to park them on.

Spark now flew one such jet to the base, with her new Mistress behind her. She still had not revealed her name, just saying that she was “the Mistress” as far as Spark was concerned. She had used another spell to render herself invisible, and was currently in the back seat. She said nothing, other than explaining to Spark what she needed the superheroine to do for her. Spark, meanwhile, had spent most of the trip revealing all the relevant information she could about her team, as per her Mistress’s request. Entry codes, computer passwords, the powers and weaknesses of her teammates. The entire time, Spark fought a war inside her head, trying desperately to wrest control of her body back. If she could have even just reached over and tapped the emergency signal on her jet, it would have at least been something to warn her teammates. Alas, she seemed to be completely under her Mistress’s power.

It was approaching ten o’clock at night as Spark neared the base. Before she got close enough to land, a voice suddenly chirped over the jet’s radio. “Hey, babe,” came a friendly male voice. This was Tact, the team’s technician and gadgeteer, as well as Spark’s lover. “Not calling it an early night, are you? You’re not due back in for another 20 hours. Go back out there and have some fun!”

Spark wanted desperately to warn him, but she said nothing. She felt her Mistress lean close to her ear, whispering very softly. “Just talk to him normally.”

Spark nodded. “Eh, the movie sucked,” she said casually. “I dunno, not much to really do when you’re the only one on leave for the night. I wish you could have come.” Boy, wasn’t that the truth.

“Aww,” said Tact. “I know, but I already owed Chozo for monitor duty from our last day off together.”

“Well, it was worth it,” said Spark, with a genuine smile.

She felt her Mistress’s breath on her neck again. “Ah, you young lovers. So cute. Still, we’ll have to target him first. Can’t let him warn the others.” She pat Spark on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you do the honors.”

Spark wanted to veer the vehicle straight into the mountain side, but instead, she guided it to the hanger bay, hovering in place until a hatch opened in the side of the mountain above the lake. She guided the vehicle in, slid the jump jet into one of the parking spots, then jumped out, waiting for the Mistress to join her. Still invisible, the Mistress fell in perfect step behind Spark, following her close as a shadow.

Spark walked through several corridors, following them to the base’s monitor room, which served as both an alert system for disaster, as well as the main communications center of the base. The door slid open as she approached, and she stepped inside. The room was large, a collage of monitors forming one whole wall, and a series of computers, built into an array a few feet away from the monitors. Tact sat there, watching the screens, which displayed various news channels and a row of live feeds from inside the base. When Spark entered, he swiveled in his chair and stood. The brown haired, wiry young man gave his lover a hug and kiss. Spark kissed him back, and actually pushed him back into his chair in the process. Her tongue snaked out and probed Tact’s mouth, and she pressed herself fully against him, sitting on his lap.

The passion behind the kiss took Tact by surprise, and it took him a moment to catch up. After a few seconds, Spark pulled back, leaving Tact a little dazed. “Whew, must have been quite a movie,” he said.

Spark smiled at him, another genuine smile, even as she fought doubly as hard to keep herself from doing what she knew was coming. “Well, just not the same without you there, babe,” she said.

“Oh, yeah?” said Tact. “Well, I can use my technopathy to keep watch on the monitors, but we shouldn’t get too into it here.”

“No chance we could take this to our room?” said Spark. She pressed herself a bit closer to him and kissed him once more. This time, she snuggled her body sensually against him, and Tact’s body responded. Soon, he was becoming erect. When they broke the kiss, he looked a little flushed. She had always been gorgeous and sexy to him, but right now, there was intangible that just seemed “on” about her, and it was making him swoon.

Tact shook his head. “Um… babe… seriously, I have monitor duty right now. I’d really love to, but, you know duty calls. I mean, we can hang out, but…”

“You can multitask,” said Spark. She leaned forward to kiss him again, pausing to trace his lips with the tip of her tongue.

Tact felt the his heart beat quicken and his erection strain stiffly in his pants. Tact’s eyes were half-closed as he almost let himself succumb to her teasing licks. Then his eyes snapped open. He looked past Spark. “What the hell?” There was a camera feed of the monitor room, just like everywhere else. Rather than rely on the monitors, Tact could just use his power to directly link to the computers to see the images. And in the image of the monitor room, he though he saw a vague, human-shaped flicker standing right in front of him. With the speed of thought, he shifted the camera’s visual filters to a series of multi-spectrum lens. There, just on the edges of the X-ray frequency, the visual become clear. There was a woman standing there, right next to the couple.

Immediately, a force field whipped up over Tact and Spark, glowing a pale, translucent blue. A device on Tact’s belt blinked, indicating it as the source of the force field, activated with a mere thought from Tact. “Alright,” said Tact, looking straight at the invisible Mistress. “I can see you. Show yourself.”

The Mistress sighed and rendered herself visible. “Ah, well, we’re here already, and that’s what counts. Spark, if you please?”

Spark stuck her fingers to the sides of Tact’s head and gave him a gentle jolt of electricity. It was not enough to harm or hurt him, but the jolt shot through his nervous system, making his body go limp with temporary paralysis.

“Relax and let yourself enjoy this,” said Spark. “You can’t fight it.” She didn’t want to say that, of course, but all her efforts did was make the words come out more flat than they should have. She reached down and touched the device on Tact’s belt. The force field dropped.

Quickly, the Mistress pulled out a black permanent marker, and began to draw her magic circle on the floor around them. As she did, Spark undid the belt on Tact’s pants and freed his penis, still mostly hard despite his paralysis and the realization that he had been ambushed. It had just started to shrink, but Spark ran a pulsing, low current through the organ, bringing it back to full mast. Spark didn’t bother to stroke him, just held him and let her energies do the work, stimulating him with freakish precision. Unable to stop herself, Spark did the only thing she could in the razor thin margin of free movement she had, and kissed Tact. She tried to do so as sweetly as possible, giving him some kind of sign that she was sorry, and that she couldn’t stop herself. For a brief moment, the look in his eye seemed to indicate he understood. Then his eyes rolled up and he let out a loud, moan, breaking the kiss as his body began to shake.

The Mistress finished her circle, and Spark increased the electrical sensations in Tact’s cock. She hoped that maybe, if she could make it strong enough to hurt, it would stave off his orgasm, and maybe clear his head long enough for him to send out a signal with his technopathy. But no, Spark found herself consistently applying paralyzing jolts and a perfect sexual stimulation, keeping him so dizzy with pleasure he couldn’t focus.

“He is ready to cum now, Mistress,” Spark said. Her Mistress nodded, and she began to chant. Come on, she thought. Come on! Tact, please, for the love of god, keep it together!

He didn’t hear her of course, but for a moment, just a moment, Tact’s eyes seemed to focus and he made a particularly strained groan, not quite of pleasure. Then, he was moaning again, eyes rolled up in their sockets as Spark increased the energy flow just so, and overwhelmed him through his cock. A moment later, he caved in, and came. The magic circle lit up, and the Mistress put a hand on Tact’s shoulder and whispered into his ear, “You are mine.” Huge shots of semen exploded from his electrified penis, splattering both himself and Spark with his spunk. She’d always been proud of how strong she could make him climax, but right now, she was cursing herself for it.

And then it was over, and Tact was slumped against the chair. Spark got up from his lap and stood back as the Mistress tried to rouse him. This was beyond bad. If Tact was taken, that would mean every electronic device in the base could now be weaponized against their teammates, to say nothing of Tact’s own stash of super tech devices. Spark tried one last, final time to mobilize herself, to defy the Mistress’s magic and take her down. Straining every last once of willpower, Spark managed only to create a short, tiny electrical arc, flaring briefly along one finger. That was it. There was nothing she could do to stop her from enslaving Tact.

And then, the door to the monitor room flew open, and a bolt of blinding green light shot the Mistress full in the back, slamming her clear across the room. A figure burst inside: Chozo, the space-born warrior woman, fully decked out in her gold and black alien power armor. She had been the one to shoot the Mistress, and now had her arm cannon aimed straight at Spark.

 “Spark?” said Chozo. “What the hell is going on? Tact alerted me that he was being attacked by you and that woman. Is this true?”

Inwardly, Spark let out a sigh of relief. In that moment of clarity before he lost it, Tact must have used his technopathy to get a signal out via the comlinks, or perhaps directly to Chozo’s armor. Outwardly, though, Spark didn’t say anything, just stood there. She put her hands up to indicate she wasn’t a threat, however.

“Spark, tell me what’s going on,” said Chozo. “Now, or I’ll drop you right here, and we’ll figure it out when you’re secured. And don’t try anything stupid. Striker and Stone Man should be here in less than a minute.” She glanced to Tact. “Why the hell are his pants off?”

“Well, I’d say this isn’t what it looks like, but it’s hard to refute the evidence,” said Spark, motioning to herself. “I was feeling kind of frisky and decided to play with Tact a bit. I know it’s bad, since he’s on monitor duty, but I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I think I just went a little too far, and made him pass out. I was just about to fetch some towels.”

“Uh-huh,” said Chozo. He motioned to the Mistress, who was currently crumpled into a boneless heap in the far corner of the room. “And who is she?”

“Oh, just a friend. I invited her over to give Tact a threesome. You know, a little something special.”

“Bullshit,” said Chozo. She nodded to the floor. “What’s with the magic circle?”

“Think I’ll plead the fifth on that one,” said Spark.

Chozo charged her cannon with another green energy bolt, but a lower charge this time. “Fine. Best to just knock you out and sort this out later.” For a moment, another sense of relief washed over Spark. If Chozo took her out of the fight, she could get this situation under control and avert this crisis.

Unfortunately, when Chozo tried to shoot, the cannon failed. “What the hell?” said Chozo, trying again. Suddenly, electrical arcs erupted all over her suit, and Spark groaned inwardly. Chozo staggered as warning icons flared up all over her helmet’s HUD read outs, and her armor all but froze.

Should have shot me right at the start, thought Spark. Chozo’s suit may have been made from alien parts, but it still used electrical energy, which Spark could control. Without her even being aware she was about to do it, Spark had overloaded Chozo’s suit with a power surge, than commanded the electrical signals to make the suit lock in place, trapping the woman helplessly inside it.

Suddenly, there was a groan, and the Mistress got up from the floor. “Well,” she said, cracking her neck. “That was fun. I’ll have to find a way modify a dildo with that kind of kick.” Spark again groaned inwardly. If she recalled correctly, Chozo’s green blast was basically a repulsor ray and stun-lock blast combined. Any living thing hit with it, even if they were super-durable, should be thrown back and knocked out cold for at least an hour. The Mistress was either shielded by magic or had some kind of healing factor.

“Mistress, more of my teammates will be here any second,” said Spark.

The Mistress went quickly to Tact and shook him awake. “Tact! Awaken! Now!”

Tact blinked awake, appearing groggy. The Mistress leaned over him and pointed at the entrance. “Secure that door! Don’t let anyone else inside, and don’t send any more calls for help!”

The door, which had slid closed again once Chozo entered, made a clanking sound as it locked in place. A moment later, there was a pounding on the door, and some muffled shouts. The Mistress let out a quick sigh of relief, then commanded Tact to get to his feet and secure his genitals. Tact did so, zipping up quickly, and ignoring the cum stains on his front. Spark merely stood there, likewise not bothering to clean herself, even though by now the cum stains had grown a little cold.

“Leave them alone!” shouted Chozo, still locked in place by her armor. She was struggling to move inside it, but could not budge, as Spark kept a tight hold on the suit’s controls.

“Now, Tact, I want you put the base on lockdown,” said the Mistress. “Don’t let your teammates leave, and don’t let them alert any of the other bases. Tell me, do you have any special defenses you could turn on them?”

“We have several non-lethal defenses on the interior to restrain invaders, as well as mystical and telepathic shielding devices and artifacts,” said Tact. “Even our team’s psychic and mystic members will be unable to get outside help.”

“Excellent!” said the Mistress. “Enact those defenses.” Tact closed his eyes for a moment, and Spark knew the entire base was closing up, locking off sections of the halls and rooms, isolating the members that were still left.

“What are you after?” shouted Chozo. “What do you want with us?”

The Mistress glanced over to her, and looked her up and down. “Tact, have her walk over to the center of the circle. Spark, please join her.”

Spark sensed Tact’s technopathic abilities assume control of the armor, and she dropped her electrical control. Immediately, the armor moved only as Tact desired, overriding Chozo’s physical efforts to fight his commands. The Mistress tapped her chin as Chozo cursed them all out. “Hmm… that is a nice suit.” She stepped up to Chozo and measured herself. She was a couple inches taller than the armored woman, making Spark realize just how tall she really was. Spark’s head only reached Chozo’s chest without her armor on. “I don’t suppose that thing can stretch a bit?” said the Mistress.

“Oh, like fucking hell you’re getting this suit,” said Chozo.

“I could make it work for you, Mistress,” said Tact. “But it would take some time.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” said his Mistress. “You’ve got better in your team’s weapons vault anyway. Just make her take her glove off.” Tact nodded, and made Chozo’s gauntlet release. He forced the glove to straighten out, and easily pulled it off despite Chozo’s attempt to maintain her grip from within.

“Spark, you know what to do,” said the Mistress, motioning to Chozo.

Spark again failed to stop herself as she clasped Chozo’s hand. In her suit, Chozo would have been insulated from Spark’s electricity, but with her bare hand exposed, Spark merely needed to send the electric signals down her nerves and straight to her groin. Chozo let out a loud noise between a scream and moan, and her body twitched violently as electricity stroked rapidly and precisely along her clit, nipples, and vaginal walls, even targeting her G-spot with uncanny accuracy. “Spark… st-st-stop…” she gasped.

Spark said nothing, just looked blankly as she overwhelmed her teammate with electrical ecstasy. Chozo was a battle-hardened soldier, but even her mental and physical training could not stop her body from being hijacked by Spark’s power. Spark rapidly stimulated Chozo, forcing her towards climax as her Mistress began to chant once more.

Chozo shuddered violently, letting out a scream of rapture as she flooded the crotch of her suit. The magic circle lit up, and the Mistress informed Chozo that she was now hers to command. Spark let go when Chozo’s orgasm subsided. To her credit, Chozo managed to not pass out, despite the strength of her climax. Tact helped her replace her gauntlet.

“Still with us, Chozo?” said Tact. She nodded. “Alright, I am going to release your armor.” He did so, and Chozo kept standing.

“Now, then, with that out of the way, let’s see how the rest your group is doing,” said the Mistress. “Chozo, who else is left on the group?” Chozo did not speak. “Chozo? Hello? I asked you a question.”

Chozo said nothing. The Mistress cocked her head to the side. “Chozo, I command you to kneel.” Nothing happened. She glanced to Tact and said, “Take her helmet off.” Tact did so, commanding the clamps to disengage. The helmet came off with a hiss, revealing the striking face of a slightly older woman, with three thin scars cutting across her face. Her eyes were closed, and she breathed evenly. The Mistress snapped her fingers in front of her face, to no avail.

Tact and Spark realized with a start that Chozo was now locked in some kind of meditative state. Unable to fight the Mistress’s commands, she had withdrawn so completely into herself, that she had locked away even the part of her consciousness under the Mistress’s control. She was now effectively in a coma.

“What the hell happened? Did my spell fail from reusing the same circle twice? That shouldn’t matter…”

“I believe she has used some kind of alien meditation technique. She is beyond your control right now, Mistress, but she is also dead to the world.”

“She does realize I could just make one of you kill her right now, correct?” said the Mistress.

Tact’s expression actually became slightly pained for a moment, as he said, “If that is what you wish, Mistress.”

The Mistress thought for a moment, but then waved the idea off. “No. If she ever wakes up, she’ll still be under my control. If she doesn’t she’s still out of my way.” She turned to Spark. “Remove her armor, for now. Tact, I want you to focus on your teammates still present.” The two turned to the monitors, switching them all to the base’s internal cameras.

Spark complied, using electrical manipulation to undo all the electronic latches, though she still struggled getting some pieces off. She stripped Chozo down to her underwear, which was thoroughly soaked in her juices, and set the armor in a pile to the side of the room. She pulled Chozo over to the opposite side, and lay her flat on the floor.

Spark returned to the other two, and watched as Tact sought out his teammates. Striker and Stone Man were the only other members of the team present. They had split up, Striker going off to another communications room to try and contact the base’s other members, who were currently away on a mission. Meanwhile, Stone Man was trying to actually leave the Base to get help. Both had been sealed in their areas by force fields, normally meant to halt the progress of any intruders. Striker, it seemed, had succumb to the knock-out gas Tact had flooded his room with. Stone Man was currently trying to fight several flying security robots in the hanger, smashing them to pieces. Spark had a ray of hope that Stone Man, at least, could be safe from the Mistress’s magic. Striker was human, and in fact didn’t even have any powers aside from a mild healing factor, but Stone Man was a sapient golem, a creature of living rock. He lacked all capability and desire, or even adequate conception, for sex, which meant the Mistress’s orgasm-dependent spell would be useless on him.

But, sadly, Spark’s hopes were dashed as she saw a different model of robot fly out and hit Stone Man with a tractor beam, hefting him into the air. The beam didn’t hurt, but it kept him helplessly suspended. Hovering as if in zero gravity, with nothing to grab or push against, he was effectively pinned in place.

“Well, now, that was easy. Have your robots secure Stone Man in your holding cells, but bring Striker to me.” Tact complied. As the tractor beam robot flew Stone Man into a cell that would similarly keep him helplessly suspended, another pair of robots entered Striker’s cell. A few minutes later, he was brought to the group, and Spark was made to rouse him with some jolts to his synapses.

For a moment, Striker did not move. Then, in a blur of motion, he whipped out one of his battle sticks and slammed it into Spark’s solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her. Spark staggered back, gasping. A split second later, Striker was on his feet, hurling the stick at the Mistress.

The Mistress, however, caught it and winged it back at him twice as hard, in one deft motion. Still slightly groggy from the gas, his reflexes weren’t at his top, and he was unable to dodge to unexpectedly returned blow. The stick caught him square in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Before he could recover, Tact whipped out a small disc from one of his pouches, and threw it at Striker. Upon contact, it unleashed a series of wires, binding Striker from neck to toes. “Shit,” was all Striker said when he got his breath back.

Spark finally got her breath back, and helped Tact drag Striker to the center of the circle, propping him up on the chair. His eyes widened as Spark opened up his pants. “What the hell are you doing?” he said. He then jerked as Spark awoke his cock with a few well-placed jolts.

“Spark,” said the Mistress. “I want you to blow him. And I want you to swallow every drop of his cum. Tact? Be sure to watch very closely.”

Spark and Tact were unable to stop themselves from complying. Tact could only watch the scene grimly as Spark lovingly licked Striker’s cock, then took it in her mouth, bobbing her head quickly. Neither could even close their eyes to whole thing, as much as it disturbed them. The Mistress was just reminding them how helpless they were, that they didn’t have an out like Chozo.

He was quite large, and Spark could only fit him partway in, but she made up for this with her tongue work on his head, while stroking the bottom half of his shaft with her hand. Of course, she enhanced her technique with electricity, forcing Striker to feel pleasure he was fighting to resist. It was useless. Like Chozo, Striker was an exceptionally self-disciplined warrior, with incredible will power. It meant nothing as Spark hot-wired his bio-electric systems to make him succumb to ecstasy.

Striker didn’t verbally protest, realizing it wouldn’t do any good. He just tried to hold out as long as possible. In the end, however, he couldn’t last, and the Mistress whispered her chant in his ear, as he shot his seed down Spark’s throat.

It was near dawn when another jump jet came to the base, this one a four-seater model, carrying four more members of the Epsilon team: the shaman Ghostwalker, the twin light manipulators Equinox and Solstice, and the psychic Esper. Below the jet, following them by the ground, was the super speedster Windrazor. The five had just gotten back from a mission, dealing with some out of control mutant dinosaurs unleashed on a city the next county over. While it hadn’t been especially difficult as these missions went, it had taken them literally all night to wrangle them all, and then catch the mad scientist behind the whole mess. Now, the group was more than eager to come home, collapse into bed, and let the day crew take over whatever crisis occurred next.

“This is the night shift, coming in for a landing,” said Equinox.

Tact’s voice came over the intercom. “Hey, guys, what’s up?”

“Long freakin’ night, that’s what. Gunna let us in or what?”

“One moment, please, we’re having a slight problem with the hatch.” The group in the jet groaned. Windrazor, meanwhile, went to a hidden door in the side of the mountain, taking a lift into the base.

They waited a moment. “What the hell’s taking so long?” said Equinox. He pressed the com. “Hey, what’s the deal? We’re tired and we want to come in.”

“I’m trying okay?” said Tact, sounding exasperated. “Look, just park the jet near the lift entrance, cloak it, and come in that way.”

Equinox sighed. “Oh, alright,” he muttered, bringing the jet down for a landing. Once he set down, he activated the cloak, and the group departed. As they headed for the lift, pushing aside a fake boulder that hid the hatch, Ghostwalker paused and looked serenely at the sunrise.

“You okay there?” said Esper, stepping up to him. Equinox and Solstice didn’t bother to wait for them and took the lift in.

“Yes, I’m fine, I just need a few minutes to center myself,” he said. “It was a rather stressful night.”

“I hear ya,” said Esper. She brushed out her long shock of snow-white hair, removing some sticks and chunks of mud still stuck to it. “I think I’m going to enjoy a nice, long shower before I hit the sack.”

“I’ll be inside soon,” said Ghostwalker, smiling knowingly, as the lift returned.

“Suit yourself,” said Esper. She entered the lift, riding the large capsule along a curved track, bringing her into one of the lower levels of the building. She got about halfway there, when she slipped under the barrier that blocked telepathic intrusion into the base. That’s when she sensed a rather loud mental distress from one of her teammates. She zeroed in on the “signal” and connected to the mind of Stone Man.

<Stone Man, this is Esper. I can hear you halfway across the base! What’s wrong?> she said, telepathically.

<Finally> the golem said, his distress abating almost instantly. Apparently, he’d been making himself freak out just so Esper would sense him. <The base is under siege, and they’ve assumed control of our machines. You need to get out and get help, immediately. Don’t stop to try and investigate, just go!>

<Roger that.> Esper clicked the buttons to reverse the lift. However, the lift did not obey, and instead kept moving her into the building. She tapped her comlink. “Ghostwalker! Do not come into the building! It’s a trap!” There was no response. “Ghostwalker, come in!” Again, nothing.

<Can you make it out?> asked Stone Man.

<No> said Esper. <I’m stuck in the lift. Ghostwalker is still outside, but I can’t contact him. The others are inside already.> She broadcast her senses in a short range, and found the minds of the three other men. They were all unconscious. Their short range memories revealed a flash of an image, of a dozen stun blasters aiming straight at the lift doors. <Jesus, they’ve all been taken down already.> Well, at least she knew what to expect. She tensed herself to move as soon as the doors opened, even though from the look of it, there was no possible way to dodge them.

<Okay, so since I’m stuck, any idea what I’m dealing with?> said Esper.

<The only thing I know is Chozo radioed us to go to the monitor room, that Tact was being attacked by Spark and some strange woman. After that, I got captured. It’s been hours since then, and no one’s so much as come to check on me.>

Esper thought for a moment. <Okay, then. I guess that means Tact is compromised. Easy enough to fix.> Just before the doors opened, she reached out with the speed of thought and located Tact’s mind. <Tact! Can you hear me?>

<Yes! Esper, listen fast. You’ve got about five seconds before the lift doors open and you get shot with the stun guns. I’m under some kind of immense control by a woman referring to herself as the Mistress. We cannot stop ourselves no matter how hard we try.>

<Understood> said Esper. <Forgive me, then. This might sting a bit.> She reached into Tact’s mind and severed his conscious control of his powers, just as the lift’s doors slid open. Esper brought up her arms instinctively and braced herself for the impact. However, after a moment, nothing happened. Esper peaked from behind her arms to see the guns still aimed at her, the barrels glowing with energy, but none of them had fired. She let out a sigh of relief, and thanked Tact for not switching the guns to automatic. She quickly dashed past the blasters, ripped open a panel in the wall, and tapped the sequence to disable them.

<Sorry, I had to cut your powers off> said Esper. <They’ll recover in a couple days if I’m not able to restore them directly.>

<That was… weird> said Tact. <Never mind. The base systems should be resetting to normal now, but I disabled all the com-links. You need to get outside before— Shit. Shit!>

<What?> said Esper as she raced back to the lift.

<Go! GO! She’s entrancing Windrazor!>

Esper launched herself into the lift, and activated it, praying she had time. She had to at least make it past the base’s psychic shielding and send out a telepathic call to Ghostwalker. The seconds seemed to the pass like hours as she started broadcasting her message even before she got out from under the barrier.

She had almost made it, when there was a sound of rendering metal, and suddenly, the lift’s door was sliced open and pulled away. A fraction of a second later, moving so fast that Esper could neither see or sense him, Windrazor slammed her up against the side of the lift, so hard she was instantly knocked out.

The next thing Esper knew, she was being shocked awake, and she groggily raised her head. Spark was standing there, looking at her with a solemn expression. Behind her, Equinox and Solstice were sitting in a magic circle, with a tall, dark haired woman giving them each a handjob. The two of them appeared only half-conscious, but they twitched and gasped under the woman’s hands.

What the hell was going on? Esper tried to reach out to her teammates telepathically, but found, to her shock, that she couldn’t sense them. She tried again, and this time, received a painful feedback. She became aware of a weight on her head and realized, to her horror that some kind of scrambling device had been set on her head like a crown. It was interfering with her powers, and the more she tried to push past it, the more painful the feedback it gave her. She tried anyway, until she was shaking with the pain of a searing headache, which just worsened the aches from being slammed.

Esper watched as the two men were stimulated until they came, simultaneously. Their climaxes were huge, and the woman was splattered all over her front. The magic circle around them flared brightly as they climaxed. A few moments later, Striker was helping her shake the men conscious, and the woman informed them that she was now their Mistress. As far as Esper could tell, they were all suddenly a slave to her every word.

So, this was how she did it, thought Esper. Some kind of magic which completely bypassed the mind’s control over its own body. Esper wasn’t totally certain her own telepathic mind control abilities would be able to shake the grasp of the spell. She hadn’t had time to try with Tact, but psionics and magic operated on two completely different systems, and more often than not, magic could override anything psionics could come up with. A psychics only real chance against a mage would be to shut their brain down before they could get any spells off. Unfortunately, with the psi-scrambler device, Esper couldn’t even read her teammates’ minds, much less effect them.

She glanced helplessly to Spark, who simply gazed on, seemingly impassive. There was no outward sign of struggle, despite the fact that she knew Spark had to be fighting with every ounce of will.

The Mistress then ordered Windrazor, Equinox, and Solstice to go out and dogpile Ghostwalker, then drag him into the base. Then, wiping herself clean with a towel Striker handed her, she went up to Esper and smiled. “Now, my dear, what shall I do with you? I think you’re a bit too dangerous to let live. Even if I were to assume control of you, your telepathy would still be under your conscious minds’ control.” She shook her head and clucked her tongue. “You psychics always were such a pain in the ass.”

“We try,” said Esper, scowling. “So, what’s the plan, then? Gunna take over the world with your five fingered technique, are you?”

“Something like that,” said the Mistress, tapping her chin in thought. “Well, I suppose that device is keeping your powers locked down pretty well, and I could still use an extra body.” She motioned to Spark. “Let’s get this over with. I never thought I’d say this, but all these quickie jerk off sessions are getting a little tedious.”

Spark helped Esper up to her feet, and when Esper attempted to plant her heels and resist, Spark jolted her so she yelped and jumped forward. Spark kept this up, cattle-prodding her with electric finger pokes, until she was shoved into the chair in the center of the circle. Tact held Esper down by the shoulders, as the Mistress pulled out a marker and redrew a few spots of the circle.

Esper had to think fast. She craned her neck to watch the monitor viewing Ghostwalker, as he finally started to head towards the lift. He only got a couple feet before Windrazor exploded out of it and punched him into the ground. Before Ghostwalker could react to defend himself, Windrazor struck him a dozen times in a blink, knocking him out cold. Equinox and Solstice appeared a moment later, and helped the speedster bring the shaman back inside, creating a platform of solid light to carry him on.

Well, there went their last hope of contact the rest of the Centurions. Esper tried one final time to push past the psychic scrambler and telepathically strike out at the woman and her controlled teammates, but it was to no avail. At the Mistress’s request, Tact then came over and sat in Esper’s lap, kissing her. Esper blinked, not expecting this to happen. As Tact kissed her, he pulled a device out of one of his belt pouch. Epser recognized it as his sonic drill device. With it, he could use concentrated sonic vibrations to slice through materials as hard as diamond. Tact held the device up, and the tip began to vibrate, creating a dull whine. He then reached between Esper’s legs and placed it against her crotch.

Esper winced, eyes wide with horror as she thought, for a moment, Tact was going to cut her. But then, when it touched her groin, she was suddenly filled with intense, but pleasurable, vibrations. Tact kept modulating the frequency, shifting the intensity in a wavering pulse. Esper, despite herself, started getting wet. She tried to fight it, but then, Spark’s lips touched her exposed neck, and she felt energy rippling through her body. Esper gasped and let out an erotic moan. Between the electrical and vibrational stimulation, she found her body betraying her, and her pussy began to warm with pleasure.

Esper struggled to try and escape, but she was bound, and her teammates ministrations were too much. Esper’s eyes snapped open when she heard the door slide open, and saw Ghostwalker guided inside. She had to do something. She closed her eyes and concentrated, trying to ignore the sensations wracking her body. She pushed out with her telepathy, and the scrambler forced back the signals. She tried to let the pain counteract the distracting pleasure as she pushed harder and harder, until she nearly saw stars. For the briefest of moments, she felt something in the scrambling field give, a tiny crack in the net holding back her telepathy. She took that moment to send out a tight beam of information to the one person not under the woman’s control.

And then, the scrambler all but slammed her with pain so intense, she nearly passed out, mind addled by the effort. However, her teammates would not let her escape, and the pleasure began to overtake her once more. This time, Esper didn’t try to fight it. Despite the pain, despite being disgusted by this violation, body was already not her own, and she was going to cum very soon. With no other option, she tried to turn her psychic energies on herself, trying to disconnect her consciousness from her body, and escape the sensations. However, the pain and the pleasure made it impossible to focus.

Then the woman began to chant once more, and moments later, Esper came. Moments later, she found herself kneeling at her Mistress’s command. As the sensations slowly faded, Esper was able to collect her thoughts once more, and observe, helplessly what was happening.

Ghostwalker was now placed onto the chair, and bound to it using energy bands formed by Equinox and Solstice. This time, rather than order Spark to wake him up, the Mistress went over and slapped him several times, until he blinked awake. His eyes took a moment to focus, but when they did, they went wide, and he paled. “Jahi…” he gasped.

“Oh, so you remember me, do you? said the Mistress Jahi. “A pity you weren’t the first to encounter me. You might have found a way to save your team.”

“Your sexual possession isn’t going to work on me,” he said.

“Oh, it doesn’t have to,” said Jahi. “See, I don’t need your loyalty. I just need your magic. And your blood.”

Ghostwalker frowned. “I guess you’re after your Core, then? You won’t find it. Master Mage himself secured it in a location you can’t—”

“Oh, spare me,” said Jahi. “I know it’s in Yggdra’s Tomb. It took me some time to get the right information, but I finally found it.” She leaned close to his face and grinned evilly. “I’m going to get it back. I’m going to be whole again. And then, I’m going to murder every single one of you accursed mages who put me there. As well as anyone else who gets in my way.” She waved to the others. “In fact, I’ll start with the rest of the Centurions, just out of principle.”

“You won’t be able to force Master Mage to take you there,” said Ghostwalker, giving her an adamantly defiant look. “He’s one of the Alpha Team. You try and get close to them, and they will tear you apart. Even with all of Epsilon on your side, you can’t beat them. They’ll save my teammates and rip you to pieces.”

“It’s a good thing, then, that I no longer need Master Mage himself to take me there. All I need is someone whose been in contact with my Core.” She tapped the shaman on the chest. “And, you, my friend, were among the group that tore it out of me. And since your team is one of the least powerful of your whole Centurion’s group, you get to be the lucky guy to play gatekeeper for me.”

Ghostwalker looked at her with concerned confusion. “You’ve discovered some other method of accessing the Tomb?” Jahi nodded, smiling, as she grabbed the towel she’d used to clean herself, and proceeded to wipe the magic circle from the floor. “You won’t succeed. Even if you make there—”

“Yeah, yeah,” she said, pulling out her marker. “You do remember that I’m a goddess right? You mortals can’t keep my power bottled up forever.”

“Watch us,” the shaman said defiantly. He sucked in a deep breath, and his body suddenly glowed. Jahi whirled to the side as a greenish ghostly figure tore from Ghostwalker’s mouth, a wicked spectral claw narrowly missing Jahi’s face. Jahi grabbed the spirit, physically grasping it with her bare hands, then shoving it back into Ghostwalker’s body.

“That was pathetic. Must have a few screws loose from Windrazor knocking you about.” She quickly drew a smaller design on Ghostwalker’s forehead. “There, that ought to keep you from astral projecting again.” She shook her head. “Time was I could just do these spells with a flick of my wrist or a blink of my eye. Now I have to rely on you mortal’s systems of crude rituals and outdated hermetic formulas. It’s degrading as hell, and I’ve spent the past ten years resenting you for it. But trust me, when I get my power back, I’ll be sure to show my utmost appreciation.”

She went back to drawing the new circle. This design was far more elaborate, multiple magic circle designs within a bigger design, connected by weaving bands that twisted in a way that could only be described as sensual. Her new minions had to step further back to let her work.

Ghost turned to look at his teammates, who all just stared back blankly. “Listen,” he said. “Her name is Jahi. She’s an ancient high-demoness of lust. She’s trying to…” Jahi stood and slapped Ghostwalker so hard, his jaw broke and he was knocked over onto the floor. His teammates all fought, vainly, to try and help, but all they could do was stand there. Jahi picked him up, fixed the smudges his body had made in the circle, and then put the finishing touches on it. Jahi then nodded, and ripped open Ghostwalker’s clothes, before taking off her own black dress. She drew a few more designs on Ghostwalker’s body, then started whispering words into his ear. Despite his obvious pain and his struggles to get free, he tensed, and his penis grew erect.

Jahi mounted him and took him into her as soon as he was fully hard. She slid up and down him slowly. His body began to glow with green energy, growing brighter and brighter. He body shook and he moaned as Jahi’s hips motioned in an inhuman twisting that nonetheless seemed to take Ghostwalker’s breath away with pleasure. As the others watched, Jahi’s body shifted. A set of dark bat-like wings grew from her back, and a pair of horns protruded from her forehead. Her skin turned blood red, and her eyes a dark purple with vertically slit pupils. A thin, long tail with a spade-shaped tip grew from just above her buttocks. She actually got bigger, gaining another foot in height, her body became somehow more muscular, and at the same time more alluringly curvy. Her breasts grew larger and her hips fuller, and she had to hunch forward so she could keep whispering in his ear.

It was obvious when Ghostwalker came, as he let out a tremendous cry, and his body shook as though he was having a seizure. However, this orgasm was not over in the ten or so seconds a normal man’s lasted. He seemed to keep cumming, bucking savagely into Jahi. She opened her mouth and revealed a set of pronounced fangs, like a vampire, and bit hard into Ghostwalker’s shoulder, drawing blood. Her tail snaked up between his legs, and buried the spade-shaped tip into his ass, clearing milking his prostate to spur him to cum more. As he climaxed, the green energy surrounding him began to fade form his body and spread over to Jahi. As it did, his body began to shrink, the skin becoming wrinkled like an old mans, and his dark black hair shifting to gray.

The scene lasted another few minutes, Ghostwalker climaxing the entire time. And when it was finally over and Jahi lifted off of him, his body was nothing more than a shriveled husk. Jahi licked the blood from her lips, smacking them as though savoring a favorite treat. She looked at the controlled heroes, who all stared back. “Well, I hope you enjoyed the show. Now, I will give you ten minutes to get cleaned up and pack your gear. After which, you will all meet me back here.” She clapped her hands, and a wave of green energy washed over the group. They suddenly felt rejuvenated as though they had just awoken from a good nights rest. “Get going.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said the seven superheroes turned slaves, even as all seven of them wanted nothing more than to tear her limb from limb. Instead, they all went to shower, armor up, and grab as many weapons as they could from Epsilon’s arsenal.

Once they left, Jahi turned to the withered corpse of Ghostwalker. She drove her hand into his chest, causing it to crumble inward, until he found the still-moist heart. Pulling it free, and began to chant once more, her eyes glowing green. Ghostwalker’s body lurched up from the chair, animated by magic. Then, it stood tall and spread its limbs wide. A hole began to open in his stomach, revealing a rippling pool of black and red liquid. His body then grew outward, the hole widening, and stretching his body until a large gateway appeared, a panel of the rippling liquid, framed by a ring of Ghostwalker’s blackened flesh and bone.

When the rest of the team reappeared, armed with every scrap of power armor, magic artifact, and super weapon they had in their arsenal, they only briefly hesitated upon seeing the gate, and realizing what had happened to Ghostwalker. But Jahi just grinned wickedly. “This is going to be a very, very rough trip. We’re going to have to fight our way through numerous monsters and demons, and even though I have just absorbed all of your shaman’s magic, I will need all of you to fight for your very lives to help me reach the center of the Tomb. You will all fight for me, and die for me if you must. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Mistress,” all seven heroes said in unison, with only the barest hesitation to indicate their internal struggle.

“Then let’s go,” said Jahi, stepping into the gateway. All seven followed.

Epsilon Base had been deathly silent for the better part of the day. Only the hum of the air vents and clicks and whirs and beeps of various automated systems broke the stillness. At least, that was until a buzzing sound from the computers in the monitor room started going off, indicating an incoming call. Unfortunately, only one comatose Centurion and a rippling gate of blood magic was there to hear it.

This did not dissuade the caller, however, who was now hovering her jump jet low to the ground, near the small mountain. By now, someone should have answered and opened the docking bay for her. But a minute, then two, then three went by, and nothing. The woman sighed and landed her vehicle in a small stretch of grass near the hidden door. When the hatch opened, she floated upwards and out, levitated not by her flight belt, but by a sky blue aura of mana, her navy and silver robes and platinum blond hair flowing about her.

The woman tapped near her ear, clicking on the com-link and said, “This is Mist, from Delta Base. Do you copy Epsilon? Does anybody copy?” Mist frowned as she surveyed the total lack of welcome. No matter what time of day or night, at least one person had to be on monitor duty and run communications, even if the rest of the team was on the field, so there was no excuse for this. And while she didn’t see any signs of a struggle or break in, she was getting a bad vibe from the silence. She was supposed to deliver a mystic artifact for special storage to Epsilon, so if any full-team activity had occurred, she would have been alerted to it to avoid an unnecessary trip, not to mention possibly back up the Epsilon team if it was that serious. But she’d received no such message.

As every base was shielded from mystical as well as psionic assault and probing, Mist could not simply use her magic to investigate the base from the outside. Using her pass, she opened the hidden door and stepped within the lift. She noticed immediately the doors had been torn apart. Mist jumped back out of the lift.

Flying over to her jump jet, she noticed an indent in the ground a few yards away. She floated over to it, and once she was within its cloaking field, she discovered the four-seater jet belonging to the Epsilon team. It didn’t appear damaged, but there was no reason for it to be out of the base, unmanned.

Now, she really had a bad feeling. She used a spell to cloak her presence, making herself invisible and silent, then cast out her mystic senses to warn her of any impending hostiles. Flying back to her own jet, she radioed to her own team. “This is Mist of Team Delta, calling all Centurion frequencies. Something’s happened here at Epsilon Base. I don’t know what, but they seem to have been attacked, and they’re not responding to any calls.”

“This is Aquasting in Gamma Base,” came the reply. “We’re closest. We’ll send out a squad immediately.”

“Ion here, from Alpha,” came another reply. “I can be there in a few seconds.”

“Alright,” said Mist. “Ion, meet me here, and we’ll investigate first. Gamma Squad, get here as fast as you can.”

“Will do,” said Aquasting.

A few seconds later, there was a bright flash of light, and a fit looking, average sized woman in gold and crimson appeared next to Mist. “Hi, I’m Ion,” she said, holding out a hand. Mist shook it. “Well, shall we?”

“I’m not sure the best way to approach,” said Mist. “The lift works, but its sustained damage. I don’t know what we’ll find when we get inside.”

“I can X-Ray myself straight through the mountain’s foundation,” said Ion. “Do you have an alternate way?”

Mist glanced at the small lake. “I’ll see if I can access the water system.” She shifted into a liquid form, her body now composed of living water.

“Alright then,” said Ion. She suddenly became invisible, as she shifted her body into an energy frequency beyond the visible spectrum. As Ion sank into the ground, Mist flew over to the water and dove inside it, merging with the lake. She cast out her tactile senses to the whole surface of the water, trying to find a connection to a pipe system. Finally, she located an open drain, and funneled her consciousness into it.

As soon as she slipped past the base’s mystic shielding, she nearly flinched as she felt a stinging aura of blood magic emanating from the base’s center. She flowed through the pipes until she found a bathroom only a few doors down from the room. She forced one of the sinks to open a flow of water and slipped out from the faucet, reshaping into her human body and clothes. Turning the sink off, she hovered in the air and cast a spell on herself, rendering herself invisible. She tapped her comlink. “You make it in?”

“Yes, I came up through the basement floor,” said Ion. “Doing a scan of the place. I can see some one in the holding cells not far from me. Where are you?”

“Bathroom in the fifth floor, I think,” said Mist. “There’s an immense wave of magic coming a few rooms next to me.”

“Yeah,” said Ion. “Now that you mention it, I can see some sort of weird energy in their monitoring room. Wait until I get there, okay?”

Mist frowned, but acknowledged it best to gather their numbers before investigating. She did, however, go into the hallway to wait. About two minutes later, Ion arrived, with Stone Man following behind. Mist rendered herself visible again.

“It is fortunate you were coming today,” said Stone Man. “When it was clear Esper hadn’t been able to stop them, I feared we were done for.”

“What happened?” said Mist, as they approached the monitor room. Mist and Ion confirmed only the presence of another, unconscious form in the room, as well as the magical phenomenon.

“Before she went under, Esper was able to beam a handful of information into my mind,” he said. He tapped his head. “Not to mention a rather painful headache. But this much was clear: a tall, dark-haired woman called the Mistress has somehow gained control over my teammates using a magic ritual. It appears the ritual depends on the physiological action of orgasm to complete.”

Mist cocked an eyebrow at that. “An orgasm based mind control spell?”

Ion couldn’t help but grin slightly. “Sounds like fun,” she said.

“This is no joking matter,” said Mist. “A tall dark haired woman…” Her eyes widened. “Oh, no.” She ran for the monitor room, shoving herself past the door before it was even halfway open. Her eyes widened as she saw the blood gate dominating the center of the room, in the middle of the huge, magic circle array. She raised her hands and closed her eyes, and drew in the ambient energies, “tasting” the magic in the air. It confirmed her fears. And then, she took another close look at the gate, touching its black sides. She winced as she detected its composition.

“Jahi,” she said as Ion and Stone Man entered. “It was Jahi.”

“Who?” said Ion.

“A sexual high demoness, the goddess of lust,” said Mist. “She primarily uses sex as a means to use her magical powers. Before we joined the Centurions, Ghostwalker, Master Mage, myself, and a few others were part of a group of mystics who battled monsters like her. We fought her nearly ten years ago, when she attempted to awaken her great master, the Dark Titan Ahriman. We were able to tear out her Core, her divine essence, and seal it away in a place called Yggdra’s Tomb, in one of the many mystical realms around Earth. We then cast her body into the dimensional prison of Tartarus. Somehow, she must have escaped, and is now trying to recover her Core.”

“So, why would she attack Epsilon?” said Ion.

“This gate here? It’s Ghostwalker. She used his body in a blood magic ritual to open a portal straight to the location of her Core. All of us mages who were in contact with it and were there to seal it away could have been used, turned into a gate just like this to lead her straight to its location. Ghostwalker just happened to be the…” she glanced to Stone Man. “I guess she thought Epsilon just happened to be the easiest team to take on.”

Stone Man sighed. “Well, it worked,” he said.

“So, who’s that?” said Ion, pointing at the unconscious figure on the opposite side the room. She had been hidden by the gate, but the three looked around it, and saw that it was Chozo.

“Does she live?” said Stone Man.

Mist went over to her and placed a hand on her forehead. The scarred warrior woman was alive, but her mind was sealed away by some sort of trance state. On top of that, however, Mist could sense the mental grip of Jahi’s spell.

“She’s alive, but she’s enthralled,” said Mist. “She appears to have taken herself out of the fight by going into a self-induced coma.”

“Can you awaken her?” said Stone Man.

“I can, but she’ll be under the spell,” said Mist. She thought for a moment. “I can’t just undo the magic with a counter spell. Jahi is a goddess, and I’m not powerful enough to counter her the direct way. However…” She glanced back to the magic circle. Using her senses, she could see the mystic “burn marks” indicating the shape of the circles. The current array had only been used once, but another had been used several times just before. This would have been the sex magic ritual.

“If I can repeat the ritual, I may be able to use the technique to restore Chozo to her former self,” said Mist. She frowned. “I’m going to need one of you to restrain her.”

“Easy enough,” said Ion. She raised her hands, and bands of energy appeared over Chozo’s limbs, solidifying and binding her in place.

Mist placed a hand on Chozo’s head again, and closed her eyes. She reached into Chozo’s mind, and used her mystical energies to spur her from her tranced state. After a few moments, Chozo’s eyes blinked open and she looked at Mist. She immediately tried lash out and striker her down, but Ion’s bands held strong. “Chozo? Can you hear me?” Chozo just looked at her. “Chozo, can you speak?”

“I will only do as my Mistress commands,” said Chozo. Her eyes, however, betrayed a fierce look as she struggled to resist the magical control.

“Listen,” said Mist. “I am going to try to release you from Jahi, your Mistress’s, control. This is going to require me to sexually stimulate you. Please forgive the violation, but I don’t have time for another method.”

Chozo said nothing. Mist stood and raised her hands. Water began to appear, as if from no where, in a large bubble above her hands. With a few quick finger movements, the water then expanded and thinned out, forming into an array. The lines of water touched the ground and then froze in such as way as to create white, frosty ice, recreating the magic circle Jahi had used.

“Move her into the center of the circle,” said Mist.

“Wait, you’re going to have sex with her right here?” said Ion, though she did as she was told.

“During sex, especially at the moment of orgasm, the body loses all its defenses, as it is blinded by pleasure,” said Mist. “Physical and mental gates open, allowing a maximum flow of energy through the chakras. Should someone who knows what they are doing manipulate the energies properly, they can not only use the energies of sex to cast spells, they can also doing things to the orgasming person’s body and mind. For example, a mind control spell becomes effective even on those with good psychic defenses. One partner can also funnel magic or chi straight into the other partner’s body to super charge them during sex. A healer mage’s spells also become more effective as they can channel energy more efficiently through a body engaged in sex.”

“I didn’t follow half of that,” said Ion.

“The only way I’m going to be able to break the spell is to repeat the ritual, and use the same triggering mechanism, in this case orgasm, to boost my magic’s effectiveness on Chozo’s body and mind,” said Mist.

Ion shook her head in confusion. “Okay, whatever. Just do whatever you need to do.” She turned her back on the two and Stone Man followed suit, giving Chozo at least some illusion of privacy.

Mist pulled up Chozo’s undershirt, revealing a small bosom, and began to gently work her nipples. She pulled down her panties, already stained, she noticed, and slipped two fingers between Chozo’s legs. Mist leaned down, and as she pinched and pulled one nipple with one hand, she took the other nipple in her mouth and suckled and nibbled it. She rubbed Chozo’s clit in a steady circular motion. Then, she started to flow energy into her body.

Chozo let out a small gasp. Given the situation, even though Chozo tried to let herself open up to Mist’s touches, she really wasn’t feeling any pleasure. She wasn’t a lesbian, for one, and for another, the situation was about as non-sexual as you could get. However, the energy Mist fed into her tickled her nerves and lit up her erogenous zones. It was different from the erotic stings and vibrations of Spark’s electrical stimulation. Instead, it was like her every nerve was being softly fondled and caressed by gentle, but firm hands, being lovingly rubbed and tickled. Warmth bloomed in Chozo’s core, and she let out a soft, swooning moan.

Chozo couldn’t believe it. She’d never felt anything like this before. She’d had sex, of course, but this was making the battle-hardened warrior woman absolutely melt, practically mewing like a kitten. She lost herself in the moment and wanted to bring her arms up to embrace Mist and kiss her deeply.

And then, she felt her climax approaching, like a tidal wave surging inside her. Mist drove her fingers deep inside, and touched Chozo’s g-spot, even as she bit and pinched her nipples. She nearly tripled the energy she was pumping into Chozo, and the warrior woman let out  scream of ecstasy, her body shivering helplessly in rapture. Mist let go of her nipple and leaned into Chozo’s ear, whispering a chant. A moment later, Chozo bucked wildly and cried out in orgasm, cumming so hard tears rolled down her cheeks. Mist grabbed her with one arm and held her tight, letting Chozo bite her shoulder in her desperate attempt to clutch at her. Mist pet her hair and whispered soothingly into her ear, even as she slowly eased down her stimulating energies and withdrew her fingers from Chozo’s sex.

Chozo lay dazed on the floor for amount, her whole body flushed, breathing heavily. “Chozo?” said Mist. “Are you with us?”

Chozo’s eyes refocused and she glanced up at Mist. She quickly looked away, blushing furiously. “Yeah, I think so,” she said. “You can let go now.”

Ion and Stone Man turned, Ion dropping the energy bands, but ready to reactivate them at a moments notice. Chozo got up shakily, pulling her undergarments back into place, not looking at any of them.

“I apologize,” said Mist. “It was the only way I could pull you out of it.”

“No,” said Chozo, almost muttering. “No, its fine, I just, uh, I’ve never felt… I mean… that was…”

“I think you just ruined her for all other women,” said Ion. “And men.”

Chozo immediately scowled, and then looked up, as if noticing the blood gate for the frist time. “What the hell is that?”

Mist looked at Chozo somberly. “Chozo, I’m sorry. That’s Ghostwalker. Jahi used his body for a blood gate spell, and unfortunately, the spell is fatal to the host.”

Chozo’s features immediately hardened. She looked around, spotted her armor and immediately went over and started pulling it on, ignoring the sweat and fluids coating her body. “I’m going to murder that bitch,” she said.

“You can’t,” said Mist. “She’s immortal, even in her weakened state. But you can help us capture and seal her again.”

“And she’s in the gate?” said Chozo, already halfway done.

“Yes,” said Mist. She sighed. “We should really wait for the Gamma team to get here, but…”

“But we don’t have time, do we?” said Ion, stepping toward the gate.

Mist shook her head. “The Tomb is guarded by demons and monsters bound to protect it, but I fear she will use Epsilon to fight them off, while she herself goes for her Core. Every second we wait is another second she gets closer.”

Chozo clicked the final parts of armor together, and the systems booted up, resetting from Spark and Tact’s earlier assault. “Then let’s go,” she said.

“Damn it,” said Mist. “Yes. Let’s go.” Stone Man nodded in compliance, and the four dove through the gate.

In an instant, they were transported into a massive chamber that appeared to have been formed from trees grown into walls. An ambient light shown down from a canopy of gold and red leaves, revealing a battlefield littered with the broken and blooded bodies of hideous demons and twisted monsters. On various spots among the rubble, the four could see the occasional armored human, bearing blasters and swords, lying among the bodies. These were the controlled Epsilon members, having fallen in battle to protect their Mistress as she made her way to the chamber’s center.

And made it she had. In the center of the room was Jahi, standing before a small wooden pillar, where a glowing sphere of golden light cast the room in blinding shadow. As the four watched, she grasped the glowing sphere and it sank into her. She screamed as the energy soaked into her being, and she herself began to glow with golden light. She grew until she was nearly twenty feet tall, and for a moment, was too bright to look at.

“No!” shouted Mist. She raised her arms and azure light erupted from her palms, blasting at the demoness. Ion and Chozo joined her, the former unleashing lightning, fire, and lasers, while the later launched explosive plasma bolts. Stone Man, lacking a ranged weapon of his own, started picking up monster bodies and hurling them like missiles at their giant target.

Jahi, still catching her breath from absorbing her Core, just made a wave with her hand, and the four were sent flying by a wave of invisible force. “Oh, my,” she said when she had composed herself. Her voice resonated as she spoke. She gazed at the four Centurions with an amused smile. “What have we here?” They got to their feet, but as they looked up, they became frozen in her presence. Jahi now radiated a palpable aura of sex, inflaming those who looked upon her with lust. Chozo, Ion, and Mist found themselves becoming aroused just looking at her. Her voice, sinfully sweet, reverberated in their minds, blotting out their thoughts, and making tremors of pleasure run through their bodies. Only Stone Man seemed unaffected by the aura of lust, but he was nonetheless intimidated by the sheer power Jahi emanated. She was as much of an elemental being as himself, only she was several orders of magnitude beyond him.

Jahi smiled sweetly at the assembled group. “My lovely dears, you wouldn’t be thinking of trying to harm me, now would you?” Her gaze zeroed in on Mist, and she grinned. “Well, well. Another of the naughty little mages.” She leaned close to Mist, who stood there paralyzed in Jahi’s aura. Mist let out a quaking groan as Jahi pushed her godly energies against the mystic, and Mist’s legs became soaked with her vaginal juices.

Chozo and Ion both raised their arms, intending to blast Jahi once more, but she glanced at them, and they, too, were overwhelmed with sensual need. “I’m afraid I can’t stay and play, my dears. Things to do. People to see. And do.” She winked. “Why don’t you three just enjoy yourselves for now, hm?”

As soon as she said that, the three women collapsed to their knees, shaking with sexual heat. They immediately pounced on one another, kissing deeply, and moaning loudly. They started frantically pulling away one another’s clothes, Chozo throwing off her armor. And then, the three were tangle of female flesh, limbs and mouths and groins twisting and writhing and bucking against one another.

Stone Man finally managed to break out of his own sense of stunned terror and rushed at Jahi. He punched her with all the strength he could muster, strength sufficient to crack the very mountain of Epsilon Base clean in half. But Jahi just caught his fist, dissipating the kinetic force of his blow. She looked at him and grinned. Then Stone Man felt himself begin to change His limbs pulled into his body, and his head broadened, the face disappearing. He felt himself shrinking until he was only a foot long, and two inches thick. He could no longer see, but he could hear the women crying in rapture. He felt himself picked up and tossed into the middle of them. A moment later, he was being lifted, and he felt himself being inserted into something tight and warm and wet.

Jahi had turned him into a living, stone dildo. And the women were so far gone, so deeply trapped in lust, they could do nothing but use him. Jahi laughed as she watched the unwitting lesbian threesome and their helpless toy writhe together. They were already screaming orgasm, but they wouldn’t stop. Not until they died from exhaustion, thirst, lack of air, or sheer sensation overload, whichever came first.

Jahi shrank herself down to human size so that she could fit through the gate again. As she tried to step through the rippling red, however, she was halted, as if running into a wall. Frowning, she pushed against it with her hand, with no success. She tried again, this time pounding and clawing at the gate, but still nothing.

“What the hell is this? Why can’t I get through?” She pounded harder on the gate. “The mage couldn’t possibly have created a seal that could hold me! I’m a goddess!”

Suddenly, however, the flesh and bone frame of the gate lit up with a faint green energy. Jahi stepped back and gawked. “No way. You’re dead! I ate your soul!”

A faint, intangible version of Ghostwalker materialized inside the gate. “One last… subconscious echo… one last… ounce of magic… kept in reserve… just in case…” The ghostly image raised its hands, and tendrils of green energy lashed out and touched the fallen Centurions, causing them to glow. A moment later, faster than the stunned Jahi could react, they were all yanked through by sheer mystical force.

Jahi snarled and pounded on the gate anew, trying to tear away the image of the deceased shaman. “No! This isn’t possible! You’re just an echo! There can’t be enough magic for you to seal me!”

“The Core… is bound to… this place…” said the image, already starting to flicker out. “The Core… cannot leave… you have joined… with it… so you, too… cannot leave…” So saying, the image of Ghostwalker reached up to the frame of the gate, and gave it a sharp tug. The frame broke, and the rippling red window of the gate vanished. The frame of blackened flesh and blood crumpled to the ground, breaking apart into ash. The shaman’s image blinked out entirely, leaving Jahi to scream in rage, and claw at the walls of the Tomb.

Spark awoke with a groan. She sat up, wincing, and found that she was in the medical bay of the Epsilon base. Looking around, she could see most of her teammates, and several Centurions from other teams were there. She recognized Mist, as well as several members of the Gamma team. They were tending to the rest of the Epsilon group, all of whom were still unconscious.

Spark got up and went over to Tact, who was still unconscious in the bed next to her. He was breathing evenly, but still looked pretty beat up. She kissed him on the forehead, and that’s when she realized she was no longer under Jahi’s control. Her body and mind were hers again!

Mist glanced up from where she was tending to Striker. “Ah, finally, one of you is awake. Do you remember what happened?”

Spark rubbed her head, trying to think. “There was a battle… this woman, Jahi, she…” Her eyes widened. “She took control of me. Of us. She got to me first. I was stupid and let my guard down, and she…” Spark sagged heavily back onto her bed. “Ghostwalker, is he… I mean… I saw him…”

Mist put a hand on Spark’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. He’s gone. He managed to maintain some tiny part of his spirit, along with a final charge of magic, to pull us out of the Tomb, before collapsing the blood gate he’d been turned into. At least, I believe that’s what happened.”

“Is everyone else…?”

“Alive. Near dead in some cases, but all alive. Also, Stone Man has been transmuted into a… well…” she motioned to where the dildo-shaped Stone Man was laying on one of the beds. “I can’t undo the transformation, but we’ve called for the Alchemist and Master Mage. They should have him fixed soon.” She paused. “As for the rest of you, I was able to reverse the control spell on all of you. Although, I only managed to break free of her spell myself thanks to Psion here.” She motioned to a tall, silver haired man, Gamma team’s psychic, who was currently watching over Esper. He gave a respectful nod to Spark. “Thankfully in our case, she hadn’t bound us to her will, just shot us full of lust.”

“And Jahi?” said Spark.

“Sealed in the Tomb, for now,” she said. “It won’t hold her for long, maybe a couple days, but that should be long enough for the Alpha and Omega Teams to deal with the situation. Ion has left to rejoin Alpha and appraise them of the situation.”

Spark let out a sigh of relief and dropped back onto the bed. Mist ran a hand over her, casting out a blue light. Spark flinched as the energy struck her, then relaxed as it soothed away the aches. “Try to get some rest,” said Mist.

“This is my fault,” said Spark. “If I hadn’t let her get to me…”

“She would have gotten to someone else,” said Mist. “This could have easily happened to Gamma or Sigma or Delta. I could have been the one turned into the blood gate, and it could have been Ghostwalker tending to the wounded now.” Mist sighed. “But that’s why we formed the Centurions, for exactly this kind of crisis. Sometimes there’s a threat even a whole team of us can’t beat. So when one of us falls, the rest of us are here to pull each other’s asses out of the fire.”

Spark frowned, but took some solace in her words. She closed her eyes, and let the healing energy work it’s magic.

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