Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Roommates

Jim was nervous as he rang the doorbell to his new home. He was starting his first year of college, and for the sake saving some money, his parents had decided that he would have to move into the duplex where two of his mom’s friend’s daughters were staying. Maggie and Gemma were a junior and sophomore respectively at the same college Jim was attending, and their third roommate had been a senior who just graduated. So the timing had been perfect.

Well, perfect for them. Jim wasn’t sure how he felt about the situation, to be honest. Though they three had played together as little kids, back when they’d lived in the same neighborhood, they hadn’t talked in years, not since middle school, at least. He was effectively going to move in with two strangers, both of whom were old enough to have gained Sex Magic. A guy from his High School would probably be jealous as hell. Then again, most guys from his High School didn’t have an older cousin who had qualified to go to the prestigious Metis Academy, who would then proceed to tell them exactly what kind of hell living 24/7 with a bunch of teenaged Sex Mages was like.

Well, he supposed it could be worse. At least he wasn’t still living with his parents.

After another couple rings on the doorbell, the door swung open and Gemma greeted him with a wide smile. Jim’s eyes widened. Puberty had been extremely kind to the brunette girl. “Hey, Jim!” she gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Wow! You got tall! Hey, Maggie, he’s here!”

“Yeah, I thought I smelled dork approaching,” said Maggie with a grin, coming up to the door while she tied her long red hair into a ponytail. Jim’s eyes widened a bit more. Puberty had been even kinder to Maggie, it seemed. In his humble opinion, both young women were frankly quite stunning. Maggie gave Jim a hug as well, and the two laughed. “I think he’s fallen for us, Gem.”

Gemma giggled. “Uh-oh. Looks like our humble abode could become the center of heated love triangle!”

“Meh, you can keep him, I’ve got three guys I’m juggling already,” said Maggie, waving her off.

“You slut,” said Gemma. “I’m only juggling two!”

Jim swallowed, blushing. “Um…”

The two girls laughed and gave him another hug. “Oh, were kidding, you goof. Come on in. Need help with your stuff?”

Jim laughed a little relieved. “That’d be great,” he said. After half an hour, they had everything moved in.

“Okay, Jim, since you’re here, there’s a couple house rules to go over,” said Maggie. Jim nodded and the three went to the living room, where Gemma and Maggie sat on the couch, and Jim sat on a seat to the side of it.

“Okay,” said Maggie. “We don’t mind sharing food, but you should replace what you take if you take a lot of it. Clean your own dishes when you’re done. Do your own laundry. We rotate who cleans the place every week.”

“Also, don’t block us in the driveway,” said Gemma.

“Right,” said Maggie. “Anything you want to add?”

Jim shook his head, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Great!” said Maggie, getting up. “We were going to get a pizza in a little bit. We’ll cover it, consider it your housewarming present.”

“Hey, thanks a lot!” said Jim. As they awaited the pizza, the three chatted, talking about what they’d been up to the past ten or so years, where they’d gone to High School, and what they were studying at college. Finally, though, Jim had to ask.

“So, um, I guess I’ll just come out and say it,” he said. “You guys have Sex Magic, right?”

Both women nodded, smiling a little as Jim blushed. “Of course!” said Maggie. “I’ve had mine for nearly two years.”

“Eight months for me,” said Gemma.

Jim swallowed a little nervously. “Is that going to cause any problems between us?”

“No problems for us,” said Gemma. “We’re used to sensing horny boys all around us by now.” She grinned and winked.

“Well, if I need some privacy, what should I do?” said Jim.

Maggie cocked an eyebrow at him, and tried to hide a grin. “Privacy? And what would you need that for?”

Jim blushed again. “Well, you know, in case I need to, um…”

“Masturbate?” said Gemma, her grin widening. Jim’s face grew redder, but he nodded. She giggled. “Oh, will you relax. We know boys masturbate.”

“When a woman lets them, of course,” said Maggie.

“Well, of course,” said Gemma. “Anyway, you can go ahead. Hell, our neighbors jerk off ten times a week, lucky guys, their girlfriends spoil them rotten. They know we, and every girl on this block can sense it, but they do it anyway.”

“But don’t you like, tune them out?” said Jim.

“What for?” said Gemma. “I like sensing them. It’s quite a pleasant ambience. Like a…” she turned to Maggie. “Man, I keep forgetting how hard it is to describe to a boy. Like, you know, sunbathing on a day that’s just warm enough. Or listening to lovely song.”

“Yeah,” said Maggie. “I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but I sure haven’t gotten tired of it. Hell, I’ve masturbated dozens of times just listening to them stroking it.”

Jim blinked at the thought of the two young women touching themselves, and they grinned at him. “My boobs aren’t quite that big in real life,” laughed Gemma. “But I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Jim jumped, and his blush persisted. “You could see what I was thinking? Even though I’m not hard or touching myself?”

The girls smirked, and Maggie said, “Hate to break it to you, kid, but that’s just a myth you have to be hard or touching for us to see your fantasies.”

“Can’t believe they’re still telling you that back home,” said Gemma. “Still clinging to that small town etiquette, I guess.”

Jim buried his head in his hands. “Oh, god. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve pictured… seriously?”

“Heh, yeah,” said Gemma. She shook her head with a grin. “Man, you’re gunna get eaten alive here if you act this bashful.” She pat Jim on the shoulder. “Don’t sweat it. Just act like you don’t care what anyone sees. Girls can sniff out a bashful boner from a mile off, and freshmen girls just love to cut their Sex Mage teeth on a shy guy.”

The thought of every girl on campus, students and teachers, knowing every time he so much as thought of a pair tits or set of legs made him panic. And yet, to his shock, he found himself growing hard at the thought. Jim’s eyes widened, but somehow, he found he couldn’t stop himself from imaging walking through campus, and then a dozen girls all turning to him and smiling. He’d heard the tall tales of a mob of college girls suddenly grabbing a guy, pulling him into a dorm or a locker room or van, and then going to town on him with their powers. Jim couldn’t lie that the thought of such a thing had scared him at first, but some nights, he would lay in bed, hard as a rock, imagining himself in that situation. He didn’t dare masturbate to such thoughts, not wanting anyone to see how much the idea aroused him. According to Maggie and Gemma, however, he had apparently blue balled himself for nothing.

Even now, Jim felt a panic rise in his system that only served to bolster his arousal. Gemma and Maggie blinked in mild surprise, then grinned widely as Jim grew erect, right in front of them.

“Why, Jim!” said Gemma. “How big you’ve grown!”

“Wow, maybe we shouldn’t have said anything,” said Maggie. “Whew, you aren’t going to last one day on campus with thoughts and reactions like that!”

Jim turned away from them, crossing his arms over the bulge in his pants. “Cut it out!” he said, trying to get himself under control. The two young women chuckled.

Just then, however, the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of the pizza. “Haha, I’ll get it,” said Maggie. “I know the delivery guy.” She went to the door, and Jim turned back the other way, facing Gemma, as the person at the door would have a clear view of him otherwise. He looked out of the corner of his eye as Maggie answered, however.

With a bright smile, Maggie opened the door, revealing a tall young man with long hair. He grinned sheepishly as he and Maggie exchanged pleasantries. Maggie took the pizzas, set them down, then turned back and stepped up close to him. She reached down and drummed her fingers on his crotch. He let out a gasp and shivered, immediately tenting his pants. Maggie leaned forward and whispered something in his ear, and his hips involuntarily jerked. She giggled and pulled back, and handed him some extra money for his tip, then sent him on his way.

“Sheesh, I thought he was about to cum in his pants for a moment there,” said Gemma. “What did you tell him?”

Maggie rolled her eyes. “Like you weren’t listening.” Then she saw Gemma make a slight nod towards Jim, and wink. Maggie grinned in understanding. “But if you must know, I just told him he had to think of me when he touched himself tonight if he wanted to cum. Poor guy. I’m the fifth girl whose told him that today.” The two young women laughed.

“Oh my god,” said Jim. “Is that what its like for guys around here?”

“Nah,” said Maggie, setting the pizzas out. “He’s the little brother of a friend of mine, she wants us to haze him a little.”

“So,” said Gemma, as they each grabbed a slice. “You going to think about us when you masturbate?”

Jim nearly dropped his slice. “What? No! I mean, um, that is—”

“You’re such a liar,” said Maggie. “We can tell you’re attracted to us. We know you’re going to do it.”

“I won’t,” said Jim. “I mean, if you don’t want me to, I won’t.”

Maggie chewed a bite of pizza thoughtfully before she answered. “I suppose I don’t mind,” she said. “What about you, Gemma?”

“I had to put up with my brother having dirty thoughts of me,” said Gemma. “I suppose I can tolerate an old friend.” She winked at Jim, whose blush apparently decided to just hang out for the afternoon.

“But,” said Maggie, holding up a finger. “I don’t want you thinking we’re just here to be your fap fodder.”

“Of course not,” said Jim. “I wouldn’t treat you like that.”

“Please, I know boys,” said Maggie. “You say that now, but once we let you fuck us or use us for your playtime, you take us for granted. So. You may masturbate while thinking of us. However, you’re going to owe us, every time you ejaculate.”

Jim’s brow furrowed. “Owe you? Like, how?” His eyes widened. “You mean like, I have to make you cum every time I want to? My mom and dad play that game.”

The girls chuckled as they saw Jim picturing himself between their legs. “God, such a boy,” said Gemma, rolling her eyes. “No, we already have boys we play with. No offense, but it has been quite a while since we’ve even talked to you, and we’re not the type to pick up just any old dick that happens to be around.”

“If we decide we like you that way, then sure, one of us will take you as a lover,” said Maggie. “I would encourage you getting your own girlfriend, however, instead of waiting for us. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was juggling three guys, and that about fills my plate right now.”

Jim looked a little disappointed, but nodded. “Okay, I understand. But, how else am I supposed to, uh, pay you back?” He paused. “Wait, you’re not going to make me pay you, are you?”

Gemma put a hand to her chest and sat up in mock disgust. “Why, Jim! What do you take us for, a couple of prostitutes?”

“I’m sorry!” said Jim. “I just have no idea how this is suppose to work. I’ve never had an arrangement like this before.”

Maggie shook her head. “You poor na├»ve kid. We should have kept in touch throughout High School. Every boyfriend we had knew what was what by the time they graduated.”

“So did a couple teachers, Miss Perfect A+,” said Gemma, nudging Maggie with her elbow.

Maggie made a small frown. “Hmph. I’ve told you before, my grades were completely legitimate. Mr. Jonass just happened to be a very good private tutor.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” said Gemma.

Jim finally managed to get himself under control somewhat, his blush fading, and his cock finally started to go down. Gemma looked over to him and pouted slightly. “Aw, is little Jimmy bored already?”

Jim turned and covered his crotch again, and scowled. “Please do not call it that.” The girls giggled, and Maggie got up to put away the leftovers.

Gemma stood as well, checking her watch. “Well, I hate to greet and run, but I’ve got to meet up with some friends.”

“Yeah, I have to go to work soon,” said Maggie. She motioned to the TV. “Feel free to watch whatever you want, if you got nothing else to do.”

“Okay,” said Jim. He paused. “Um, but, wait, what will I owe you guys?”

“Hmm?” said Gemma.

“If I, uh, cum,” said Jim. “What will I owe you guys?”

“Why?” said Maggie. “Planning on popping one off as soon as we leave?”

“Man, you guys can’t go a day without playing, huh?” said Gemma.

“That’s not true!” said Jim.

“Really?” said Gemma. She put her hands on her hips and smirked. “How often did you jack it this summer?”

“What? I dunno…” said Jim. Even as he said that, he knew he’d been tricked, as the thought came bubbling to the front of his mind.

“Jesus,” said Gemma. “Twice a day!”

Jim’s blush came back in full force. “O-only on average!”

“Every morning and night, and sometimes one for lunch!” said Maggie, shaking her head. “Oh, Jim, Jim, Jim, what are we gunna do with you?”

“That’s kind of what I’m wondering,” said Jim. “Seriously, what am I going to owe you?”

Maggie came up to Jim, reached down, and gently pat his crotch. His cock was almost instantly hard, and she grinned. “I suppose there’s one way to find out, isn’t there?” Jim swallowed hard as he felt the tension in his loins spread throughout his body. He realized he was becoming quite aroused. Maggie leaned into him and whispered, “Don’t make too much of a mess now, Jimmy.”

“And just so you know,” said Gemma. “We’ll know if you’ve cum, even if you try to hide it or pretend otherwise. So don’t think that just because we’re not here, we won’t know the second your cock gets within sensing range.”

The two girls left Jim standing there, hard as a rock, his fingers practically tingling with the urge to take himself in hand. He hadn’t had time to stroke himself the past couple days, what with packing and driving down, and the pressure was already starting to get to him. The thought of both these gorgeous young women, old friends at that, knowing every time he touched himself, knowing every time he came, thrilled him in a way that mortified him, yet made the temptation all the sweeter. He couldn’t help it. Knowing he shouldn’t just made him want to more.

“That’s the spirit!” called Gemma as she walked out the door. A minute later, Maggie went out as well, giving Jim a sly smile and a wave.

“Oh, man,” said Jim as he sat down heavily on the couch. He was still hot with excitement, his cock throbbing as he tried to calm himself down. He eventually got up and put in an action movie to try and take his mind off the situation, but it didn’t really help. Maybe, maybe if he just rubbed it a little, it might ease his need.

Figuring he still had plenty of time, Jim went ahead and slid his shorts down, freeing his pulsing cock. He let out a breath and blinked in surprise. He thought having his cock free would ease some of the pressure, but it only increased, his cock nearly quivering with tension. He couldn’t believe how aroused he was, and he just kept getting hotter.

Swallowing hard, he grasped his cock, and nearly jumped as a jolt of pleasure shot through his loins. His cock clenched a few times, and his breathing quickened. What the hell was that? He gingerly touched himself again and his hips jerked as another bolt of intense pleasure shot through him. He held himself and closed his eyes, trying to get his breathing under control. He started to stroke himself, and had to grit his teeth not to moan.

His cock felt like it was nearly electrified with tension, and every stroke of his hand made him shiver. This was unreal. His cock had never felt this sensitive before! He’d never felt this pent up with arousal, even that one time he went two weeks without touching on a dare. Jim was swept up in the pleasure; he couldn’t believe how good his own hand felt. Not even few blowjobs he’d gotten in High School had felt this great!

Before he knew it, Jim was hurtling towards the edge of orgasm! His eyes flew open and he nearly gawked at his own crotch. He tried to pull his hand away, but somehow, he couldn’t! Panicking, he tried to use his free hand to grab his busy one and pull it away. However, instead of doing that, his other hand somehow clasped his penishead instead. Jim cried out as another mighty jolt surged through his loins. It was too much. He was going to lose it!

“No! NO!” he hissed. He grit his teeth and tried to tense his body to brace against the orgasm. He wasn’t ready to cum yet! He had no idea what Maggie and Gemma would ask in return! His mind whirled with the possibilities, them dressing him up in girly clothing, making him lick their feet, making him run naked down the street, all the things he heard college girls made their boys do for fun. And that was before Sex Magic tricks even entered the equation! Jesus, why couldn’t he stop? He was thinking about them and stroking and he couldn’t stop himself!

Then suddenly, it struck him. Sex Magic. Without him even realizing it, they could have cast spells on him to make him do this! They tricked him! And yet, the knowledge of that just aroused him further, that they could do this to him without him even realizing it, totally helpless no matter how much he—

“NO!” wailed Jim as he felt himself cross the point of no return. His body locked up, and his cock clenched mightily, before he let out a shuddering gasp, and he started spraying cum over himself. “Oh, fuck, oh, god!” For about ten seconds, he was in pure bliss. “M-maggie! Gemma!” he gasped, barely realizing he was doing it, as his world went white with orgasm.

Then the moment passed, and he sagged against the couch, gasping. “Oh, shit,” he said breathlessly. “Please, please, please let them be nice…” Then he began to flinch and jerk and he realized, to his horror, that his hands were still moving. “Oh, no!” he gasped.

Two hours later, Gemma and Maggie both came in the front door, shaking with laughter as Jim shuddered through his fifth orgasm. Gemma snapped her fingers, and Jim finally let go of himself, collapsing into a boneless sprawl on the couch, covered head to thighs in his own spunk.

“Jim, Jim, Jim,” said Maggie, wagging her finger at him like he was a naughty puppy. “Didn’t I tell you not to make such a mess? Whatever are we going to do with you?”

Gemma fetched a towel as Maggie got a glass of water. Gemma toweled Jim off, drying up his sweat and cum, and the two helped him sit up. Maggie held the water for him to drink, and he gulped it down exhausted. When he finally got his breath back, the two girls giggled and kissed him on either cheek.

“There, there,” said Gemma, petting his sweat-slicked hair. “That was your real housewarming present!”

“Holy fuck,” Jim gasped. “That was… wow…” He looked dreamily at the two of them. “So, do I still owe you guys for these?”

“You bet your ass you do,” said Maggie. “That’s five favors in total you owe us, by my count.”

“But… but you guys… you guys made me jerk off! You used your powers so I couldn’t stop!” said Jim.

“Yeah,” said Gemma. “What’s your point? Our little rule still stands.”

“But that’s not fair!” said Jim. The two girls laughed, causing Jim to blush. His cock twitched as he realized how completely in over his head he was.

“Welcome to college, Jim,” said Maggie. “You’ve got a lot to learn, and we’ve got a lot to teach you.”


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  1. This one is so good that it deserves a sequel!! Also, please bring back the stories about Metis Academy! Or maybe you could use this story to start a series setted in the university version of the Metis Academy!