Saturday, October 22, 2016

Magic Lina: Break-Up Tease

The Magic Lina stories featured my character Magic Lina, based on the forum persona I used posting as LinaInverse on the Orgasm Denial forums.

Lina was effectively my first true Sex Mage character, essentially the concept's prototype, combining my favorite elements of my previous sex powers fantasies into one character, without making her as blatantly overpowered as someone like Pixie or Goddess-form Mistress. Still pretty damn overpower though. Going off her feats, she's at least Megami level. She could easily fit into the current Sex Mage World as one of the crueler Queens. :P

"The Break Up Tease" is also more of a Just A Little Scene than a full story. Weirdly, this was the first "Magic Lina" story, but focused on her break-up with her boy toy Ben, making this the last of the three stories chronologically.


“I’m sorry, Lina, I don’t think I can handle this anymore.”

I looked up from my pasta primavera at Ben’s face, straining with emotion and need. I frowned. This is not what I wanted to hear from him tonight, but the tension and nervousness in his expression and motions as we prepared to go out to dinner were pretty tell tale. He was hitting the breaking point. He was burning out on me. Such a fucking pity. I really liked him, too.

Ben’s voice was shaky, as I’m sure it would be what with my sending little thought-strokes along his dick all night. The poor boy had been ready to pop since before we even sat down, and despite his amazing self-control, he was nearing critical.

It was fun to see him shudder and gasp and try to control himself while we went out in public and I teased him with my power. Tonight, we were at a fancy restaurant tonight, a pasta joint owned by a man whose dick I’d left hard and numb for six solid months, until he finally agreed to give me a life-time of free meals from his establishment. This was one of many such places where that discount applied to me, but he’d held out the longest, and I was rather partial to pasta. I always tipped the waiters, of course, and not just with money. More than a few times, I’d made Ben squirm while I had a cute waiter or waitress bent double over our table, body clenching as my thoughts carried them to an ecstasy Ben was routinely denied.

A quick clean up and mental tweaking with my power, and the servers would be non the wiser, albeit no doubt wondering why they felt relaxed and happy as if they had just made love. Ben, on the other hand, would be boiling over with lust, and I’d keep him on the edge all through the drive home. He would whimper and cry and hump the air in his seat as I drove us back in a haste, suffering for me, unable to touch himself, unable to cum even as my wicked mind rained stroke after stroke ceaselessly upon his painfully throbbing member.

How fun it was to come him with him in that state, and rip both our clothes off with a wave of my hand. Then throw him against the wall, or levitate him off the ground, or slam him onto the bed, binding him there while I floated up, my pussy to the level of his lips. Then I would bury his face between my legs, and I would scream and cry and cum and cum and CUM, all while my wicked thoughts ceaselessly caressed his angry, spasming dick, his mind and his body screaming at me to let him orgasm, pleas which fell on delighted, but uncaring ears. This was to say nothing of, course, of the times I would just straight fuck him until he passed out from the pressure and the strain.

A former lover once called me needlessly cruel, and I suppose that’s true. Ben hasn’t had a true orgasm in the whole fifteen months I accepted him as my primary toy. Oh, I have occasionally used my power to slowly, humiliating drain or pull the semen out of his balls, letting it slide out of his penis smooth and easy, like water from a tap, but never letting him have the satisfying clenching of a true climax.

I suppose it was finally too much for him. He held out months longer than the others, but I suppose even for Ben, fifteen solid months of being constantly hard, ridiculously sensitive, extremely horny, and completely unable to masturbate or cum unless I alone consciously allowed it at the time was just too much to handle.

“Lina?” said Ben, his voice trembling. I hadn’t ceased my strokes, but there was also a touch of fear adding to the waver in his voice. “Lina, please don’t be mad…”

“Mad?” I said calmly. “Why would I be mad?”

Behind me, there was gasping as woman suddenly felt a burst of sensation between her legs. At the table to the right, silverware clattered to the floor as man’s went wide at the instant stiffening of his dick. To the left, a pair of lovers who had been holding one another’s hands, suddenly clenched said hands in a white knuckle death-grip as a breath- stealing bolt of sexual heat instantly lit a fire in their pants.

Ben glanced around, paling slightly. The poor boy. He really was so adorable. I wasn’t going to hurt him. I wish he would believe that. Of course, I suppose I had to send my frustration else where… and a waiter that had just walked into main dining area with a tray of waters suddenly stumbled, spilling the water all over the hostess who was just coming back from seating a couple. The waiter, a cute young man with blond hair, stood up, and opened his mouth to apologize, only to simply stare slack jawed at the hostesses now very wet and very see-through shirt. The waiter made a quaky groan as the hostesses nipples hardened like bullets, poking through her shirt, as the ice made her body shiver. The hostess for her part let out a soft whimper as she noticed the growing bulge in the waiter’s pants. The two pounced on each other like tigers, barely managing to tear their clothes off as they began rutting, right there in the middle of the restaurant.

“Lina!” Ben cried out at me. “Lina, stop!”

All around us, people began to break down into sexual frenzies. Some went solo, desperately soothing the sexual aches with their fingers, others grabbed the nearest partner and the two or three or seven of them would link mouths and fingers to gentiles and have at it. There were, thankfully, no children present at this later hour of the evening.

“Well, Ben, if you’re breaking up with me, then I suppose I have no right to hold you to my conditions,” I said. “But! I’m afraid I must insist on one last tease for old times sake.”

Ben stood and began to back away. I was amazed at his willpower yet again, and reminded why he was so damn fun… unlike so many guys, he had the fortitude to still fight me, even as he wanted me so very, very badly.

Surrounded by the cries and moans and quickly growing musk of sex, and raised Ben up in the air, holding him spread eagle as I removed is clothes in rapid succession. His penis seemed to glare in fury at me as my thoughts continued to gently, ceaselessly torture it. I smiled and sauntered up to Ben, looking hungrily at his cock. I knew just the thing to give him as a parting gift. Really, he did deserve a reward for lasting as long as he did, my disappointment aside.

“Oh, god, oh Lina please,” he was begging and gasping now, as my power took him to heights of pleasure no man was meant to experience, but which I could give so easily. I used my power and kept him conscious even as his nerves nearly fried from such over stimulation. As I neared, the more overheated he became.

I looked at his face, locking eyes with him and smirking, then leaning forward and puckering my lips. They met his tip, slick with pre-cum. I slowly leaned forward, opening my mouth to receive him. Ben moaned loudly as tears streamed down his cheeks, so intense, so lovely was the feeling of my warm, soft, wet mouth engulfing his desperate, achingly hard member. I locked eyes with him once more as my lips touched the base, and I slowly began to slide him back out. He was nearing the point where I would either let him cum, or his brain would just plain shut down.

And so, as my mouth left him, slowly dragging the lips over the hypersensitive head to leave his tip with a smooch, I released my hold over his dick. Finally, finally free to achieve what he’d been craving for fifteen months, Ben’s penis clenched hard at the very first spasm of true orgasm.

Then I locked him there. Ben’s eyes rolled back in his head, his fingers and toes curled, and his body shuddered like he’d just had his head cut off. His penis was stuck, clenched at that first moment of orgasm. Pushed by his inner muscles, cum forced its way sluggishly out of his body, unable to truly shoot as I wouldn’t let his penis muscles work to fire it, but forced out in a slow, agonizing squeeze, like toothpaste out of its tube. And when the last drop of cum finally left him, I finally let his penis unclench… and instantly go flaccid, denying him the pleasure of his remaining climax. I let him fall to the ground, where he cried and begged, “No, Lina, no, please, make me hard, please, make me hard, I need to cum, please, goddess…” before his words fell to jibberish.

I left him there, vainly trying to masturbate his flaccid cock to finish the orgasm I so viciously cut off. The rest of the restaurant patrons and staff, I sent home with clothes mended, and only vague memories of a delightful dinner.

Ben finally collected enough of his wits to stop trying to masturbate, long enough to grab a table cloth to cover himself and walk home. Its been a month or so since then, and every night he vainly plays with his flaccid dick, still aching for the rest of his ruined orgasm. He refuses to call me to undo the spell. Such a silly boy. I could do it with a simple thought, of course, but I want to see how long it takes until he finally breaks. I give him another month, perhaps. Maybe two. Maybe.

Until then… I’ve already friend a delicious new boy I can’t wait to break in…

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