Saturday, October 22, 2016

Magic Lina: A Little Bit Savage

And here we get into my first real Demihuman-focused story. Man, these Magic Lina tales are quite the sampler of things to come, huh? :P


It’s a wonder sometimes that my boys don’t just up and die from the sheer overwhelming magnitude of pleasure I make them experience. Well, obviously, my powers help with that, but case in point:

Jenna, another good friend of mine, had called me up, and she was in the mood to ball. She was normally a reserved and dignified woman, but she fucked like an animal when she was ready to go. I, of course, couldn’t turn her down… what kind of friend would I be? And this would be a perfect opportunity to try a new position with Ben.

And so, here we were, Ben held down on my bed, paralyzed by my power, with his penis jutting straight up like a mast. I was sitting on Ben’s abs, while Jenna was on his thighs. We were kisses and clutching, nearly biting and scratching each other in our intense heat of passion, and we ground our pussies together, bucking and squirming with an almost desperate fervor. And if the pleasure surging through our pussies was intense, you can’t even imagine what Ben was feeling with his steely hard dick trapped between us! Our pussies crushed Ben’s penis between us, as we ground our clits against his shaft and head. Mind you this boy hadn’t had a real orgasm for upwards of seven months, nor had he gone soft. And his sensitivity was so acute, he’d have instantly blown his load if you just grabbed his dick too firmly; but of course, since I shut off his ability to orgasm, that wasn’t an issue. But you can only imagine what our pussies were doing to him now. Poor, poor boy. I truly do pity him sometimes. Never enough to show him mercy, though. If I had mercy, after all, I wouldn’t force him to stay conscious long after his nervous system overloaded from the pleasure and tried to knock him out. But I do. And that just made my pleasure all the more intense.

It took a lot for Jenna to cum, but she insisted on doing it without assistance from my power. I didn’t complain, of course, because this just meant longer fun for the two of us.
So, after four hours of foreplay, followed by another hour her riding the peak (during which time we got into our current position), Jenna finally came, biting my shoulder and digging her nails into my back, her body shuddering as she screamed. She may have taken forever to cum, but she came like a bomb going off when she did.

We slid off of Ben when it was finished, leaving the boy comatose on the bed. He’d probably be like that for the rest of the day, so I decided to let him rest. Any more action now, and I think, even with my power supporting him, he’d probably completely snap.

“You’ve fucked him up pretty good,” said Jenna, waving a hand to him as we left the room to go cool off on my couch.

“You helped,” I said with a smirk.

Jenna seemed lost in thought for a moment. “Do you think,” she said hesitantly, “he may be up for something a little more… freaky?”

Ben’s eyes went wide in near terror as I informed him of Jenna’s suggestion. I smiled comfortingly. It was about three days later, and I’d let the poor boy rest, even letting his penis go flaccid so he could truly relax after Jenna and I’s mind-rending treatment of him. But now, it was time for Ben to get back work… being my primary form of amusement.

“Lina, no, please, don’t make me!” Ben skid off his chair and crawled over to me, a pleading look in his eyes. “Please, no, anything but that!”

I’m sure your curious what Jenna’s suggestion was. Well, Jenna is another of my friends with an extraordinary gift. She has the ability to control monsters. But not just any kind of monsters… monster girls. Sexy as hell demi-human women, mostly humanoid, but with animalistic (or other) features fused to them. Catgirls, snakegirls, spidergirls, she had quite an exotic collection of creatures she controlled. And they were not only powerful in their own ways, but very erotic. Half the time, some of Jenna’s creatures defeated an opponent more from simply flashing their tits at them then physically beating them down.

Jenna lived in the city, downtown, and unfortunately that wasn’t a great place to let her girls run free. Aside from Kyona, her dragon-girl body-guard, Jenna’s monster girls didn’t have much use for following Jenna around when they weren’t on assignment. So, I often let Jenna have her monster girls run free around the woods outside my house (which, I might add, was of considerable size).

Though they possessed an exotic beauty, Ben couldn’t help but be a little frightened of them. I think it had to do with waking up one morning I had Jenna and her girls over. One of Jenna’s spider-girls had snuck into his room. The spider-girls usually travelled in swarms, but this lone one seemed to be an individualist, and wished to explore my house. I didn’t mind. The spider-girl, barely six inches tall, with jet-black skin and six arms, scurried off to explore while the rest decided to take a nap on a big web strung up over my patio.

Poor Ben. The spider-girl had found him and by the time her woke up, she used her extremely strong webbing, pulled from a spinneret just above her tail bone, to bind him hand and foot to the bed. Then, she had bare hugged his penis and began humping it. Ben, his penis always throbbing hard and super sensitive under my power, woke up gasping. He probably screamed when he saw the black shape riding his dick; he was arachniphobic. Mind you, aside from the black skin and six arms and being six inches tall, a spider-girl looks completely human, but there’s definitely a spider-like quality to their presence and the way they move. But no amount of terror could counter-act my power, and I’d locked Ben’s dick in a perpetual hard-on… among other conditions.

Caught between fear and lust and half-consciousness, Ben was gasping and writhing as the little spider-girl humped his dick with quick, sinewy movements. And just when Ben thought it couldn’t get any more intense, he felt a tiny sting on his shaft, right where his sweet-spot was. The spider-girl had bit him. Instantly, Ben’s dick swelled a bit beyond its normal proportions, turning a deep shade of purple as the venom worked its magic. The venom was not dangerous, and its effects were temporary, at least for this scenario. The spider-girl had used only the tiniest drop of her venom, and the result was Ben’s dick pulsed with wave after wave of tingling pleasure, over his already hyper-sensitive organ.

By the time the venom wore off, the tingles faded, and his dick shrank back to healthy proportions, Ben was exhausted, and the spidergirl fully satisfied. She left him there, for me to find still tied up later, and rejoined her fellows as they were leaving for the day. Apparently, the little spidergirl couldn’t help but gossip to her fellows about her little adventure, and now, all of Jenna’s girls wanted a taste.

I smiled down at Ben. No doubt the thought of being swarmed by spider-girls terrified him, but his penis erected instantly as my power reinforced its conditions. My thoughts began to gently swirl around his dick, a warm, gentle vortex, enticing it to throb. Ben let out a shaky breath as all the sexual tension began to quickly build in him.

“No…” he choked out weakly. “Please…”

“Uh-uh,” I said, my thoughts pulsing through him. “There is no ‘no’ from you, Ben.” Ben shuddered, hips twitching, as I let the pressure reach its usual levels within him. Ben shook his head, but a shushed him and kneeled down on the floor to hug him and stroke his head. “Its okay, sweetie. They won’t hurt you. And if you do this for me, I’ll reward you. I really will.”

Ben’s eyes widened as I said that, and he pulled back, a look of hope on his face. It took everything I had not to laugh. His mouth opened to say something, and I new exactly what.

I giggled as I said, placed a finger over his lips. “We’ll see.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d let Jenna sick her creatures on my boys, of course. Usually, I called in a couple of my side-toys, those I played with when I felt like giving my main boy a break… or making him watch to torture him further. I once let a whole group of sexy young man I “coaxed” away from a beach party to join us for an afternoon. I sent them naked and hard out into the woods behind my house, where Jenna’s monster girls lay in wait.

To say making love to a monster girl is intense is a bit of an understatement. Sure, they can’t completely steam roll a guy with sexual magic like I can, but there is simply and animal ferocity to their sex the most humans really aren’t built to handle. I daresay Jenna and I traumatized those boys that day, not to mention ruined them for all other women.

Ben, however, had handled one of the spider-girls, and we knew his resilience was immense, considering I hadn’t totally broken him after seven whole months. Perhaps he would fair better.

I lifted Ben with my power, and we moved to another room in my rather large house. The room’s floor was padded like a futon, and there were pillows and toys scattered throughout. It was the sex room, for lack of a better phrase. A great place for orgies.

Three snake girls (one green-tailed with blond hair, one red-tailed with black hair, one blue-tailed with purple hair) and two catgirls (one tiger stripped, one with a calico coat pattern) lay in wait for Ben. Kyona was in the corner, Jenna wrapped in her powerful arms and draconic tail. I furrowed my brow.

“Is this all?” I said.

Jenna laughed. “He’s only got one dick, Lina. We’ll cycle in the rest at other times.”

I tossed Ben forward letting him plop helpless into their midst, and the five beastgirls quickly formed a circle around him. Ben swallowed hard as he looked at their predatory expressions. The red-tailed snake, who was sitting just behind his head, smiled at him, and leaned forward, cupping his face with her hands. She hissed softly as her tongue flicked over Ben’s face. Red continued to hiss softly, Blue and Green joining her, as they slithered around him. Ben found himself relaxing as they cuddled up on either side. The soft hissing filled his ears like a hypnotic song, and he visibly relaxed (though his penis still pulsed with tension). Losing himself in the hissing, Ben didn’t notice as the three snake girls coiled their tales around him, binding his limbs and locking his body in place. Not until the catgirls began to use their soft tales to tickle and caress him.

That seemed to snap him out it, and Ben let out a cry as he suddenly realize he was trapped in the snake-girls’ grip! All of us giggled and laughed at Ben’s predicament, savoring his panic as he realized just how screwed he was.

As I said, the monstergirls are rather animalistic in their love-making. They don’t like to waste time. No sooner had Ben began to struggle, then the tiger-stripped girl pounced on him, rubbing her slick pussy along his super sensitive, achingly hard dick. Ben writhed at the touch, but before he could cry out, the Red snake girl moved forward and to she side, wrapping the section where her pussy met the scales of her snake half around Ben’s face. She ground against him, coaxing Ben to lick her, even as Tiger catgirl took his penis inside her. Blue and Green positioned their pussies against Ben’s hands, and forced him to finger them. Poor Calico had to wait her turn, eagerly licking her lips as Tiger bounced energetically on Ben’s penis. She was purring, louder and louder, and the vibrations travelled through her belly, to further stimulate Ben’s cock.

Fortunately for Calico, it seemed the two catgirls were practically hair triggers, and it took Tiger less than a minute to cum. Tiger’s pussy left Ben for maybe half a second before Calico’s swallowed him in. As the snake-girls writhed and hissed in pleasure, slowly riding the sinewy waves to their first climax, Calico and Tiger switched off about six times.

The scene was just too hot, and I dipped my fingers into myself, drinking in the site of Ben’s utter helplessness before such physical power. To my left I heard a low moan and smiled as I saw Jenna’s legs spread wide as Kyona caressed her with her powerful arms and the tips of her draconic wings. Kyona’s tail slithered up, and slipped into Jenna’s pussy, causing her mistress to gasp. I turned my focus back to Ben as my rubbing increased in its vigor.

Poor, poor Ben. He’s such a trooper. Crushed between smooth scales and soft fur, barely able to breath, his cock taking a beating like no other, his tongue and fingers forced to work harder than I’d ever made them. It went on for nearly two hours, the catgirls constantly switching on his cock, the snakegirls slithering round to switch off on his mouth and fingers. Two hours before the girls finally collapsed in exhaustion, cummed out like they’d never been before. The snake girls uncoiled from him, and the catgirls sprawled out on the floor, leaving Ben a traumatized, shivering wreck. Jenna had climaxed at least three times and I’d lost count for myself.

It took a while to get ourselves moving again, much less clean up, but it was beginning to grow dark, and Jenna had to go get back. Her creatures bowed in gratitude to both of us, and they each gave Ben a soft kiss good-bye. Of course, the poor kid was still too addled to really tell what was going on, but he was strong enough to stand, anyway. As she gave me a deep kiss good-bye, Jenna handed me something discretely, sticking it into the pocket of my robe.

I felt what it was as I half-carried Ben off to bed. The thing in my pocket felt warm, and curvy, and I felt it move, scuttling up my hand. Slightly started, I grab it and pulled it out. Thank god Ben was in front of me and couldn’t see, because it would have totally ruined the surprise.

A spider-girl waved up at me from my hand, winking and pointing at Ben. I grinned, and winked back, setting the girl down behind the clock on the dresser, where she lay in wait. I tucked Ben in, and gave him a kiss good night. I winked at the spidergirl as I left the room, and she gave me a thumbs up.

Ah, Ben. I hoped he enjoyed his new “reward” for his excellent service. A pet spider-girl of his very own. I wonder how loudly he’ll scream in the morning…


  1. I would definitely buy this if you ever decide to publish

    1. I've been thinking about giving these an update and making a Magic Lina book. Got other projects at the moment, though, so I'll have to add it to the queue. :P