Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Weird But Exciting Scene

First posted as "LinaInverse" on the Orgasm Denial forums.

You know, this could be considered my first Just A Little Scene style post! This pretty well captures the idea of Sex Mage powers before I even came up with official concept.


Jen makes me kneel down infront of the girls. Sara can barely hold back a laugh as she sees my red face, my penis bobbing away. Michelle is grinning widely and Jen nods her approveal of her friend's expressions. She sits down on the couch in front me, and regards me with a saucy stare.

"So, Ben's just a big, horny sex toy right now?" says Michelle.

"Yep, just a dildo with a pulse," says Jen.

"Oh, that's so funny!" says Sara. She makes a show of trying to hide her face, but can't contain her amusement.

"Yeah, and that's not the best part," said Jen. She stands up and starts to pelvic thrust at me, making an annoying "ntsah!" sound with every beat. My penis bounces to the beat of her hips and I feel intense pleasure pulse through me. The girls laugh as I gasp and shudder, fightng against my restraint, trying to touch myself but failing utterly.

"So... when do we get these powers?" said Michelle.

"Right now!" says Jen, snapping her fingers. "Just think what you wanna do to him, and he should feel it. No making him cum, though."

"Aww, I wanted to see him shoot real big," said Michelle. "Guess we'll just have to make him super hard and horny!" She grins at me, and stares at my penis. I feel an intense lust fill me; my need for physical attention to my penis is almost painful. "Aw, you need it real bad, don't you?" said Michelle. "Too bad. I'm still not giving you those blow jobs."

"Oo, me next, me next!" says Sara. She blows me a kiss, and I suddenly feel a gentle suction on the head of my penis. I moan loudly, and precum begins to leak steadily from my tip.

Sara grins and then raises her hand. "C'mere, slave," she says. "I think I want some attention." I float over to Sara, and she lifts herself slightly off the couch. With her powers she unzips her pants and slides them down. "Close your eyes, I'm embarrassed!" she says. My eyes are forced closed, but I can hear the material of her panties sliding down her thighs. I move forwards and my face is pressed into a wet, warm spot... She's pressing me against her pussy! I feel her legs curl up around my head, and her scent fills my nostrils. "Lick me!" she says. "And if you aren't as good as my last boyfriend, I'll make your penis so hard, it'll pop!" She laughs as I immediately start licking at her.

"Hey, no fair!" says Michelle. I feel my legs forced closed and stretched out slightly. I can hear Michelle undressing, and I feel her slide Beneath me. Her legs wrap around my thighs. "I want some fun, too!" she says. I feel my penis moved so it's pointing at a 90 degree angle from my body. Suddenly, I feel it vibrating... and I feel the moist lips of a pussy enfold the head! I hear Michelle gasp, "Oh, this is so much better than plastic!" She begins to slide her pussy lips over the tip, and roughly presses my vibrating tip against her clit.

Sara, meanwhile, is starting to gasp with pleasure. Clutching at my hair, she cums hard against my face. After letting herself calm down, she orders me to continue, and lick away again. By this time, Michelle has started to fuck me, moving my body to thrust my vibrating penis inside her. She's moaning and gasping, and soon, she cums hard on my cock, while Sara quickly reaches a second climax. I keep licking, but Sara snaps at me to stop and pushes me away with her power. I slip away from Michelle who utters a hurt cry, as her second orgasm is interrupted. But Jen snaps her fingers, and I find myself flipped over, held mostly prone. I can open my eyes again, in time to see Michelle quickly stand up and impale herself on my still vibrating penis. As she starts to moan, Jen suddenly appears naked above me and sits on my face. Jen forces me to see a side view of the scene, as she leans forward and kisses Michelle full on the lips. She and Michelle clutch at each other, rubbing each others breasts and kissing deeply. Michelle shivers into her next orgasm and Jen approaches hers.

It continues for some time, Michelle cumming on my cock, Jen riding my face. Behind me, I can sense Sara laughing at my depserate moans, tickling my penis from the inside, and stimluating my prostate. As the two women above me ride me into orgasmic bliss, Sara forces my horniness and desperation for climax to increase nearly tenfold as she holds back my orgasm!

Finally, after two more orgasms from Jen and three more from Michelle, they climb off me and wearily collpase on the couch. I hover in the air, penis throbbing with need. "Please," I beg, "Please make me cum."

I feel Sara raise me up and float me over to her so her mouth is even with my penis. She shies away from it at first, then musters up enough courage to give my penis a quick kiss. I feel intense sensation pound through me, as though I'm recieveing the greatest blowjob in history. Cum roils in my balls and my penis jumps and jerks like a thing possessed, threads of precum flinging everywhere. Sara sets me down on the floor and shields herself from the slick spray. And just as I'm about to cum... Sara, Michelle and Jen break out into hysterical laughter as my orgasm is immediately shut off, forcing me to shudder and gasp and groan loudly with frustration!

After the girls manage to compose themselves, Michelle and Sara look to Jen, who grins back at them. "Great toy, Jen," says Sara. "Every girl should have one."

"I agree," says Michelle. "And it works best when its full. So what now?"

"How about we put our toy to some good use?" says Jen.

They nod in agreement, and give me a sly look. I feel the girls lift me off the ground, and force me to stand perfectly straight. Then they turn me so I'm hovering on my back, about two feet off the ground. My penis sticks straight up, bobbing gently in the air. They float me over to them and make me parallel to the couch. Kicking off their shoes and/or socks, they prop their feet up on me like I'm a coffee table.

"Ah, this is the life," says Jen.

"Sure is," says Michelle. Her feet surround my penis, which throbs at her closeness. She idley traces the toes of her right foot on the shaft. I shudder and moan, trying to plead again for orgasm. Sara just snaps her fingers and shuts my mouth.

"Quiet, Ben, you're not allowed to talk," she says. "Or cum, for that matter."

"Boys should never get to cum," says Michelle, continuing her gentle teasing. "They should just stay hard and desperate all the time. Only women deserve orgasms."

"I thought you said you wanted to see him shoot real big," said Jen.

"That was before I figured out how to turn his cock into a vibrator," laughed Michelle.

"Yeah, sex is so much better for us anyway," said Sara, causing the others to laugh.

"You hear that, Ben?" says Jen. "No more orgasms for you, ever!"

I groan in utter defeat, and the girls laugh hysterically at my plight, though Michelle finally gets tired of stroking my cock. I spend the rest of the evening acting as foot rest and food and drink holder, as they watch movies, chat girl stuff, and have fun, while my desperate penis goes completely ignored.

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