Monday, September 12, 2016

The First Megami

Devika Sai’s eyes snapped open. A moment ago, she had been deep asleep, but something had awoken her. For a moment, she wondered if her alarm had gone off somehow, but a glance at the clock told her it was 3:00 am, a few hours too early. She wondered if there had been a loud noise just now, if it had ended the moment she’d awakened. Perhaps a peel of thunder? She paused and listened. She didn’t hear any rain. But she could hear… something…

With a soft sigh, she sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes with one hand, then pulling her blanket back. She squinted in the dark, going off the soft glow of a green night light to get her bearings.

She felt like someone was in the room. Had someone come in? Her door was closed. She glanced around. She didn’t see anyone, nor did she hear anyone moving or breathing. But she could hear something… she could feel like there was something…

What the heck was that sound? A sort of low hum, like a tuning fork going off, but it didn’t quite seem like she was really hearing it. More like a ringing in her ear, but so low you couldn’t tell if you were actually hearing or just imagining. She glanced around, focusing on the sound, trying to determine its source.

As soon as she did, she felt a notion to look towards the wall. As soon as she did, an image bloomed in her mind. She could “see” her father lying down in his bed, softly snoring, her mother curled up against him. But the most distinct detail she could sense was that she somehow knew her father had an erection.

His penis was hard and it was making that humming noise she could almost hear. She realized the sound was inside her head. And as she focused on it, the little window in her mind showing her father, zoomed in on his cock, x-raying through the sheets and clothes and presenting his full manhood to her mind’s eye.

Devika jumped, leaping out of bed, landing on her feet, and staring open mouthed at the wall, jerking back in instinctive revulsion at a cock, her father’s cock no less, being mentally shoved in her face. But she realized that her earlier sense that someone was in her room wasn’t wholly accurate, just that she had a feeling someone was nearby. She was sensing her father’s presence, on the other side of the wall; sensing him through his… penis…

Devika swallowed. Sex Magic. She had Sex Magic! But… but that was impossible! She had just turned eighteen only yesterday! Sex Magic wasn’t suppose to develop in a young woman until she was nineteen the earliest! Many didn’t even get the power until they turned twenty! True, she’d heard there was the occasional early bloomer, who might get the power shortly before they turned nineteen, but even the earliest she’d ever heard about was eighteen years and ten months.

Devika, still stunned, continued to stare at the wall. Her senses instinctively drew towards her father’s cock, beginning to trace along its length and girth, revealing it’s every nook and vein. As she looked, the image shifted from just a normal view of the penis, to what seemed to be a network of glowing threads, little tiny stars of light where the threads met. Or, rather, she could still “see” his penis, but at the same time, could also “see” this ethereal web just as clearly.

Her mind’s eye and ear zoomed in on the network, beginning to trace along them. Each thread seemed to pulse and hum in its own little frequency, the difference so subtle and minute, Devika didn’t even understand how she could notice the variables. She focused her attention on a particularly attention-grabbing line of ethereal thread. Before she even realized what she was doing, she found herself focusing on it further. Still standing in her room, she subconsciously raised her hand, as if reaching out to tap the thread.

The Magic responded in kind, and she felt something extend from her own like. Like a long delicate finger, a tiny glimmer of the Magic, her Magic, reached out and delicately brushed the glowing thread, like tracing a line of spider web.

Devika jerked back as her father let out a small gasp in his sleep, and his penis flexed beneath his boxers. For a moment, he almost woke up, but then settled back into slumber. The response was enough to shock Devika out of her trance. She whirled around, turning away from the wall and crouching down, clamping her hands over her head.

Oh, shit, had she just touched her Dad’s cock with Sex Magic?! Gross! Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t think about it! But she couldn’t help it. She could still sense his organ humming away, a little more intensely now, stiffer than before. She just knew it, as you know the color of an object when you see it, that her father’s penis was now fully hard, because she’d just stimulated it with her magic.

She tried to think of what she did know about the mysterious power that, five years ago, had given every woman on Earth strange psychic and magical powers to control men’s genitals and libidos with just there thoughts alone. There was, of course, no possible way to be ignorant of the power when literally every woman on Earth had it. But Devika’s family never discussed sex openly. She’d never gotten “the talk” from her parents. And no one had ever explained the details of Sex Magic to her, not even her friends or other women she knew. In her town, sex was something no one talked about in public. With the appearance of the Magic, it seemed people were even more determined to keep silent. The best explanation she’d ever gotten was, “When you get it, you’ll figure it out.”

Everything she knew about the Magic, she’d learned from brief glances on the internet. Unfortunately, the Indian government had taken the initiative to block any website with any sexual content in the first year of Sex Magic’s arrival. Why exactly they did this, even the politicians wouldn’t say, but it was “for the good of the country,” whatever that meant. Of course, there were always black market ways around such restrictions. But an eighteen year old country girl had little means or inclination to illegally acquire pornography and other sexual media.

Devika took a breath, and tried to ignore the hum of her father’s organ. “Quiet,” she whispered. And to her shock, she actually sensed her father’s erection wilt. As it did, the image in her head seemed to fade. She could still sense him, slightly, but it was almost like if she just thought about something else, she could actually forget she sensed him.

Ugh, had she just manipulated his cock with magic again?! Blech! She didn’t even know how she’d done it! She just thought it, and the magic made it happen! She…

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be harder? What, no, not that kind of harder!

Devika couldn’t take it. She needed to get some distance. Quietly, she left her room and padded down the hall of her one-story home, passing the little office and the kitchen, coming into the living room. She paused and chewed her lip. She couldn’t exactly just go for a walk at three in the morning, even in a small town like hers. She looked into the kitchen. Well, she could hang out on the back porch, she supposed. She stepped out into the back yard, being extra careful to quietly slide the door open and shut, then sat down on one of the lawn chairs, looking out into the yard. It was a warm night, but not humid, and her long tan nightshirt was perfect for the weather. She took a long slow breath and gathered her wits.

Sex Magic! Eighteen! Just eighteen! Her hand wandered down to her chest, and she cupped her modest A-cup. Then she slid her hand down to her flat hip and butt. She wasn’t even particularly well developed, and yet she was the youngest person she’d ever heard of to get the magic! She looked at her reflection in the glass of the back sliding door. The dim back porch light reflected the image of a short, brown-skinned, brown-eyed girl with wavy black hair, and a stick-thin figure. In her eyes, she still looked like a young teen. There was nothing remarkable or particularly “womanly” about her. So why would she get the magic this early?

She wasn’t a year older than her parents said, was she? No, no, that would be dumb. She’d seen her own birth certificate, had her own ID. They confirmed her age. Was this just some kind of fluke? Did young women sometimes get little awakenings to the magic that faded before it fully settled in? Would this sudden glimpse of the power be gone by morning? She somehow didn’t think so.

Okay, Devika, she thought to herself. Enough with being shocked. Let’s think this through calmly. Devika took another breath, and reviewed what she knew of the Magic. The power let her sense the sexual desires and thoughts of men. It would also allow her to manipulate their genitals, literally moving their penises and testicles by her thoughts alone. As her powers developed, she’d be able to do things like control a man’s whole body, floating him the air or freezing him in place.

She’d also be able to make their genitals feel things, make them feel like they were having sex. That’s what that strange little network of glowing threads was, if she remembered correctly. The Magic would somehow allow her to see a man’s body in terms of some kind of three-dimensional map. The threads she could see, if she touched them certain ways with her power, they would make the man feel things. Or she’d be able to shift them around to rewire his cock in certain ways. There was supposed to be a way to, for example, keep a man from ejaculating, no matter what stimulation he felt. That sounded really mean to Devika. Why would any guy want that? Of course, thinking on it, she could see how it might benefit a certain type of woman.

She shook her head suddenly, as she realized she could sense the humming again. She almost instinctively focused on it again, but caught herself and tried to push the mental “sound” away. And to her surprise, the sound cut out, instantly.

Devika blinked. A confused look came over her face. As she sat on the chair, she leaned forward a bit turning her head to the side, as if listening. Then, through some means she didn’t even understand, she “perked up” her mental ears. The hum came back. Then she made a point to block it out. It stopped. Then she “listened” for it again and it came back.

She could block out the signals. She blinked in surprise again. She’d read how it could take months for a girl to figure out how to deal with all the signals coming from men. Heck, she knew one young woman in town a couple years ago who’d had a break down and started crying in the middle of a restaurant, because she couldn’t shut out the men’s perverted thoughts. Even her mother, in the one time she’d said anything about how the magic worked, had said she’d taken half a year to get used to it.

But she could apparently block things out easily. She let the hum play in her head for a bit, trying not to think about how she was effectively “listening” to her father’s cock. But then she blinked for a third time in surprise, as she remembered she’d “quieted” his organ, and she somehow knew this was a different hum. In fact, as she let her senses focus, she realized it was several different hums.

She almost cut the signal off again, but curiosity got the better of her. She let her senses drift, and trace the signals of male arousal. The signal split off in several directions, and as she reached out, they split off again, and again, and again. Next door, she could sense her old neighbor, with a half-erection. The next door after that, she could sense the twin sons of her other neighbor, both quite hard and dreaming of sex. One was dreaming of getting a blowjob from a porn star, the other was dreaming of doing some random imaginary girl from behind. Devika winced at such blatant vulgar displays, blushing at the sight of the nude young men. In the other direction, her other next door neighbor was a single woman, but the house after her had a young married couple. The man was erect in his sleep as well, sleeping on the couch while his wife slept in their bed. Clearly a little trouble in paradise.

It went on that way. Across the street and across the backyards, she could sense penises in various states of hardness and she could see the sexual elements of male dreams. She even saw a few men still awake at this time of night, playing with themselves, or having sex. At this point, she was too zoned in to be repulsed.

On and on it went, as her senses went further and further, until she realized she could sense over five hundred male organs all at once. And somehow, someway, instead of being rushed with an onslaught of signals, she was able to distinctly sense and study every single one. She had the notion that if she wanted, she could make every penis she was sensing feel a different sensation. And she could do it all at once. She couldn’t even properly read a book while a radio was playing, and yet, the Magic was letting her multitask her attention on an impossible level. Of course, it could just be letting her feel that way. She wouldn’t know if she actually tried.

Subconsciously, her hand rose again, fingers brushing against the air. In her minds eye, she could see the web of signal threads of every penis at once, and her power extended to each, at the same time, regardless of distance. Her fingertips brushed another imaginary thread in front of her, and her power mimicked the motion. Just a brief, tiny “lick” of her power.

The feedback almost knocked her clean off the chair. A wave of warm, tingling sensation flooded her body as her power connected and sent the energy of hundreds of hard cocks back to it. Sex Magic was fueled by the lusts of men. A woman using her magic on a man absorbed a type of energy from him, undetectable to human senses, but easily felt with the Magic. And right now, as hundreds of penises all over town clenched in unison, some of the men triggered into orgasm, the energy of their lust funneled back to her in one concentrated burst.

Devika let out a half-shriek that cut off into a half-gasp as her body bloomed with an ethereal heat. She felt energized better than a full nights rest, but without the jitters of caffeine. She felt hot and electrified, but it didn’t hurt. Instead, it felt good. She stumbled off the chair as she scrambled back instinctively, and she felt herself tumble through the air. But she didn’t hit the ground.

She felt the energy envelope her body, and as she shook her head to clear it, she saw the grass of her back yard a couple feet beneath her. She was floating in the air. She blinked once more in surprise, mouth open in a small O. She was floating! By herself! She knew women could use the magic to levitate men, had even seen a woman float a man then ride piggyback on him once. But she was floating all on her own, just from the male energy she’d received. This was amazing!

And then, she realized the energy was still coming. And so were the men. All of them were ejaculating in their sleep, as a tender, magic finger tickled their penises in ways no mere physical touch could. For a few stunned moments, Devika took it all in. And then, it dawned on her what was happening, and she quickly withdrew her Magic command. The stimulation of the men ceased, her magic cutting off, her senses tuning out their hums. As it did, she felt the flow of their energy fade, and within moments, the warmth cooled inside her. A few seconds later, she fell onto her hands and knees on the ground.

She was breathing heavily now, the rush of the male energy and its sudden cut off giving her sensory whiplash. She slowly got to her feet, brushing off her nightgown. She shook her head and tried to process what she’d just experienced. As she did, she noticed lights come on in some of the houses nearby. Bedroom lights. Men getting up to clean themselves off. Probably a few wives, too. All no doubt confused as to what had just happened.

Hundreds of men. Hundreds of penises. She’d just made all of them cum with a thought. They all energized her, in a rush unlike anything she’d experienced. How many had she effected in total?  How far out had her power reached? Thinking back, she vaguely recalled sensing one of the boys she went to class with. He lived on the other side of town! She’d just gotten her Sex Magic an hour ago, and she could control it this well? What the heck was happening to her?

She then noticed her own kitchen light turn on and a figure come to the back door. Her mother slid the door open and stepped out onto the patio. Devika flushed and stepped up to join her. “Devi? What are you doing out here?” her mother’s face was stern, but filled with concern. “Are you trying to sneak out?”

“Sorry, mom,” said Devika. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I just couldn’t sleep.”

“So you tried to sneak out?”

“I’m not trying to sneak out! I just thought I’d do a little stargazing, I guess.”

Her mother frowned, but seemed accept the explanation after a moment. “Fine. Just come inside. And please, do not leave the house this late at night, not even just to go to the yard.” She glanced around, her frown deepening.

Devika swallowed nervously. “Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know…something… weird… just happened…”

Devika glanced around as well. “Weird how?”

Her mother’s brow furrowed, and she glanced at her daughter. She gave her a single glance over, then opened her mouth to say something, then closed it. She turned and opened the back door again. “Forget it. Just come inside and go to bed. You have school tomorrow.”

“Yes, mom,” said Devika, following her mother inside. She went back to her room; passing her parents bedroom, she noticed her father was still asleep. She realized he hadn’t been affected by her spell, probably the only man within her radius, despite being the closest one. That just raised further questions. Usually, a girl freshly awakened to the Magic had difficulty reining it in or focusing it. As strong a spell as she’d just cast, there was no way her father should have escaped it. Except that she had simply not wanted to affect him.

She felt a sudden pang of self-awareness realizing she was again thinking about her father and his cock. She blushed hotly, mortified, and ducked quickly into her room before her mom could notice. She slipped beneath the covers and stared at the ceiling. She closed her eyes, but with the energy she had gained from all the men, she felt like she could stay awake for three days straight. After a few moments, she got up and went to her laptop, called up the browser, and tried to look up more information on Sex Magic.

The morning’s research had been frustratingly fruitless. You’d think five years of the Magic would have loosened people’s moral sphincters a bit, but the country’s firewalls wouldn’t even let Devika find a single blog that talked about it beyond only the most basic facts she already knew. Briefly, she wished she had those “leet haxxorz skillz” she’d seen in the movies, so she could find some way to get around the country’s network blocks. Something to do with proxy servers or satellite relays or whatever. But frankly, all she knew about computers was how to turn it on and open a few apps. Eventually, she had to get up and go to school anyway.

A small town meant a small school, with only 100 people in her own grade. A small town meant a small school, with only 100 people in her own grade. Fear of any scandal involving minors had prompted the town to put the whole senior class in a separate building to the rest of the High School, meaning no one under eighteen was normally allowed. Devika herself, the youngest of the whole class, had only barely made it in, since her birthday was just a month into the school year.

It was difficult not to get to know everybody there. As she walked onto the school grounds, she started recognizing a lot of her male classmates, and she couldn’t help but wonder how many of them had been effected by her spell last night. As soon as she thought that, her senses snapped open, and the answers came flooding in. Almost all of them! And to her surprise, the few that hadn’t cum last night, she immediately knew, to the minute, the last time they’d had an orgasm. Or touched themselves. Or even… wow, she never would have guessed shy Ojas had had sex already. Devika caught herself before she could get lost in the rush of information again. Cutting off her senses, Devika flushed crimson as the scale of her actions hit her once more. She wouldn’t be able to look any of the boys in the eyes now! And then she recognized a couple of the male teachers, and realized, they’d been affected by her as well.

Devika swallowed hard and stopped as she reached the steps of the High School’s main entrance. Maybe she shouldn’t go to school today. She seemed to have a very good grasp of her abilities already, but if she let herself get distracted, if her mind wandered, she could end up with a repeat last night. Maybe she should run home and call in sick. Try to talk to her parents about this. Or maybe…

“Hi, Devi!” came a cheery voice behind her, as a hand pat her shoulder. Devika, who’d been just starting to take a step back, stumbled a bit, and bumped into a fit girl a head taller than her, her dark brown hair cut boyishly short. Abha gave a small laugh as she helped steady her friend on her feet.

“Hey, you okay? You look a little shaken,” said Abha.

Devika smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, yeah, just lost my balance for a moment. Thanks.” As she pulled away from her friend, their hands made contact, and Abha gave hers an affectionate squeeze.

And then, the impossible happened. For a moment, just a moment, Devika sensed something about her friend. She knew her friend had masturbated just last night. Knew she’d used her left hand fingers on her clitoris, and the fingers of her right hand to penetrate herself. She knew that her friend had been fantasizing about the pre-Sex Mage Bollywood movie star Kamal Avari. Fantasizing that he had been…

Devika jerked back and stared wide-eyed at her friend, jaw agape. Abha reflexively jumped as well, and a look of concern crossed her face. “Devi? Devi’s what wrong?”

Devika’s mouth worked for a moment, no sound coming out. “I… I…” Then the bell rang, alerting both girls that it was time to get to class. Devi whirled and ran into the building, blurting out, “We’re gunna be late! Come on!”

She dashed to her next class, leaving Abha to stare after her, confused. Shaking her head, she quickly followed after her friend, but by the time she reached the door, Devi had already run up the stairs to the second story. Unfortunately, her next class was in a different room. She’d have to catch up to her friend later.

Devika, meanwhile, slipped into the back seat of her math class, and kept her gaze down. The room was small and only held eighteen people, but as unassuming as she was, nobody paid her any mind. Most of the guys seemed noticeably relaxed today (small wonder) and were chatting leisurely, as the girls busied themselves with idle gossip. Meanwhile, the teacher was busy jotting down notes from the book in his hand.

Devika put her backpack down on her desk and hunkered down behind it. What in the name of God had that been? She’d just sensed sexual memories and knowledge of a girl! That wasn’t supposed to happen! What was wrong with her? Why was her Magic doing this? Did this mean she was a lesbian? Or bi?

Devika stopped and gave it some thought. She didn’t think so. She could appreciate how pretty other girls were, of course, but in her own private moments, she always thought about boys. Usually, she tried to focus on the men she admired from her books and movies, but there were a few times she found herself thinking of a couple guys from school. None of them in this room, thankfully, and she mentally clamped down her new sexual senses before they could seek out the guys she’d had in mind.

She just didn’t get it. Nobody ever got Sex Magic this young. Nobody had this level of precision control and range right off the bat. And no Sex Mage, no matter how powerful, had ever been able to effect or sense other women. At least, none that she knew of. Maybe this actually was common, just nobody ever wanted to talk about it?

Classes were difficult to sit through as she mulled these questions over. As curious as she was, she didn’t dare try to test out her powers in school; if she caused another scene, she’d probably get everybody in trouble! But she couldn’t keep this bottled up.

When lunch finally arrived, she sought out Abha in one of the corner tables. Joining them was another senior girl named Gennadiya. Lighter skinned, blue-eyed, with mouse-brown hair, and another head taller than Abha, the half-Russian teen stood out rather starkly from the rest of the students. Even still, much like Devika and Abha, most of the others paid “Genni” little mind. As such, their lunchtime companionship had begun more from mutual obscurity than common interest.

Abha frowned at Devika as the shorter girl sat down. “Hey,” she said. “Are you okay? You really freaked out this morning.” Genni glanced up, a brief look of what could have been curiosity or concern crossing her face, before she looked back down at her rice and started eating.

Devika glanced around, though no one was paying them any attention. She leaned forward and whispered. “Can I, uh, can I talk to you guys about, um, Sex Magic?”

Abha’s eyebrows raised. Genni paused mid-scoop of her food and glanced at Devika, mouth slightly ajar. Both girls blushed and glanced to the side. “Devi,” said Abha in a low voice. “That’s not really appropriate here.”

“I know, but I have to talk to someone about this,” she said.

“You mean last night’s little incident?” said Genni. She spoke fluent Hindi, but there was still a tinge of Russian accent to her voice. “My Dad and my brother got hit with it.”

Devika swallowed nervously, trying to hide it by taking a bite of her sandwich. “Incident?”

“You don’t know?” said Abha. She glanced around as well, then leaned a bit closer. “You know, there was some surge of the magic last night, and like, most of the guys in town, they…” her blushed deepened “…they… um… you know…” she made a quick motion of spreading her fingers while lifting her hand up to the side. “They all… popped.”

“Uh… really?” said Devika. She fought to keep her own instinct to blush contained.

“Jeez! How could you not know?” said Abha. “Didn’t it happen to your Dad?”

Devika’s cheeks flushed despite herself. “How would I know that? I don’t snoop on my folks like that!”

“My brother completely drenched his sheets,” said Genni. “And my Dad was just finishing up in the bathroom, he shot his stuff all over the wall!” She blanched. “It was so gross! Why are we even talking about this?”

“Because Devi’s a pervert,” said Abha giving her a wink. “You dirty girl, I never knew!”

Devika’s face somehow got redder. “Shut up!” she hissed, and she made a point to bite into her sandwich so she didn’t have to talk further. She certainly wasn’t going to admit to being the cause of last night’s “incident.”

“The weird thing, though,” said Abha. “I’m pretty sure a lot of those guys were blocked.”

“Blocked?” said Devika.

“You know, that spell that keeps guys from…” she made the hand gesture again.

“Oh. Right. So?”

“So… if they were all blocked… I mean, they shouldn’t be able to… you know… from just a little bit of magic. I mean, I know another woman can just remove the block, but still, that many all at once? And I heard a couple guys talking in the hall, they said it didn’t feel like the block was removed, but that the spell just pushed them through it.”

“Why are we still talking about this?” said Genni.

“Yeah, let’s just drop it, okay?” said Devika. “Forget I asked.”

Abha seemed to come to her senses, and frowned sheepishly. “Yeah, okay. Sorry.”

Devika nodded, but little did her friend know she’d just given her something more to puzzle over. She hadn’t bothered to remove any blocks. And yet she’d busted all of them with one touch. Just how powerful was she?

Well, thought Devika. You’ve got the Magic. You’re going to have to learn how to use it sometime. This sudden surge of power and control might not even last, could just be a fluke. Devika sat on her bed, cross-legged, and closed her eyes.

She wasn’t allowed to have boys over, over course, and wasn’t allowed to just go over to their houses. Even if women couldn’t sense her, she’d be caught immediately by every woman in range sensing the boy she was playing with, and seeing her through him.

Fortunately, Sex Magic was perfect for anonymity. She felt a little bad using her power without anyone’s permission, last night’s little mistake aside. But there really wasn’t any way else she was going to test them, and as much as she wanted to tell somebody, she had no idea who she could talk to who wouldn’t consider it a faux pas. How did the other women in town deal with getting their magic? It wasn’t like there was a support group or class or anything. Everyone just seemed on their own. Plus, last night’s little accident meant that if she did confess to anyone about it, she’d probably get in serious trouble. So, anonymous spell casting it was.

She cast out her senses. Both her parents worked, and so she didn’t sense her father, thankfully. But she did sense her neighbors all down the street and for a couple blocks all around. She easily pinpointed ten guys from school, quickly and shamefully masturbating before their parents got home. She sensed a dozen other men in the neighborhood, home early from work, and a couple older men, like her neighbor, retired and puttering around their house. Even limp cocks she easily detected.

Okay, so, what was she going to do? She didn’t really want to cast spells on the poor guys. If a single touch of her power could make several hundred guys explode all over their rooms, a concentrated spell on one poor guy would give him a heart attack! Plus, none of the men were “hers” to play with.

Devika chewed her lip nervously. What was she thinking? She shouldn’t have even been trying this in the first place. If she had such good control already, she could just shut off her senses and keep them off, just forget about the magic for another year. But that wasn’t really an option was it? She would slip up. She’d get curious. Now that she had the Magic, there’d be no denying its constant allure. Eventually, she was going to find herself in a situation where she might even have to use it.

God, she was a dirty girl. She knew what she should do, but already, she was making excuses to be bad. Alright. Well. Okay. Just find a guy who won’t mind too much. Maybe a guy who still needed some relief. Who was desperate for it, but had no one to help him. Yeah, at least then she’d be helping a guy out. Maybe try to find a guy as far from her as possible. Definitely nobody from school. Edge of town would do it. Someone who, even in a small town, she was very unlikely to ever run into.

Heck, find a guy in the next town over, if she could. That was silly, of course. Not that she’d ever heard anyone talk about it, but she couldn’t imagine the Magic would reach that far.

Or… would it?

Devika cocked her head to the side in thought. Given what she’d already done, she wondered how far she could stretch it. She picked a direction and opened her senses further, focusing them farther, like focusing a camera lens. She sensed every penis around, but particularly those to the north, for a mile out. Then two miles. Then three. Four, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, forty. Devika gasped and forced herself to pause. The rush of information threatened to overwhelm her again. So many cocks and balls, each one begging to tell her anything she wanted, begging for her to touch them. Several thousand voices, all distinct in her mind. Devika took a breath and narrowed her focus. Shutting out the signals one by one, tuning in on just a handful of cocks farther out. Farther. Farther. Narrower. Focus.

She honed in on the five most distinct psychic hums, cocks that were painfully hard, men who hadn’t orgasmed in weeks. She didn’t know how she could tell this from a single glance, but the magic gave her an infallible intuition about these things. She took a moment to orient herself, and kept those five cocks in her magic crosshairs.

How far out was she? She focused on the farther most cock, and even though she felt she could go farther, had already gone farther before focusing on him, she didn’t dare risk losing herself in the distance. In her minds eye, she could see the man easily, hear him too. She could do the same with the other four men she’d still chosen to focus on. Her attention was split, but she seemed to be able to focus on each of the five men individually with equal concentration. She knew she could have done more, but for now, this would be good enough.

She looked at the farthest man and extended her senses like a scalpel, looking into his mind. A woman was supposed to be able to only see the sexual thoughts of a man, his memories and fantasies. She saw all of his blur by her in a montage rush. She ignored the information, letting it flow past her thoughts instead of trying to remember any of it, the best she could do to give the guy some privacy. Then his other memories bloomed into her mind. She shuffled through them quickly, as if through a filing cabinet. All she wanted to know was where he was. As if the magic had some kind of built in search engine, that little nugget of information popped out to her. She noticed the name of his home city.

She paused, then opened her lap top and called up a map site. Still keeping her sexual senses on the men, she quickly skimmed over the map. Then her eyes widened. The man in her senses was 213 kilometers away. Great God! There was no way a normal Sex Mage had that kind of range! Maybe if it was with her lover. She recalled one of her neighbors saying she was keeping an eye on her husband while he was away on business, but she hadn’t known where he’d went. But a total stranger?

And she knew she could reach farther. Still, she didn’t. She’d already selected her “guinea pigs,” she may as well use them. She winced as the thought crossed her mind. Did she really feel that way about the guys? True, she didn’t know these men at all, but was she going to feel that way about all of them?

Well, nothing for it at the moment. She may as well see what their deal was. Why exactly their cocks were screaming in her head for relief. She focused her attention on the five men, and five windows came into focus in her minds eye, showing her a scene. Each of the men were naked and painfully hard, their testicles painfully swollen. With a glance, she could tell when each of them had last cum, and the circumstances of why.

Hari, a middle aged former bank manager, fired from his job after his co-workers sensed his thoughts about their tight young bodies. They would have sued him for sexual harassment, if not for the impracticality of such a case these days. Instead, they’d settled on putting an orgasm block on him. Seven women had worked together to place it, making it unbreakable by any single woman. He hadn’t cum in nearly three years. Unmarried at the time, he’d unsuccessfully sought out prostitutes to help him out, but even three of them together hadn’t managed to bust the block. And now, unable to get another good job, he’d been forced to move in with his sister and work in a fast food joint. His sister sympathized a little, but forbade him to masturbate in her house. Now the man was hard and shaking with desire to touch himself, shamefully looking at a few old porn mags, as if he could somehow fix his condition by just getting horny enough.

Devika frowned and concentrated her senses a bit. Instantly, the web of mystic threads that mapped a man’s sexual being appeared to her. She could see the tangle of threads that formed the orgasm block, an ugly snarl that wrapped over itself multiple times. The women had been very, very thorough. She could tell the tampering from other women to undo it had loosened it several times, but one or more of his former co-workers had re-enforced it.

How cruel! Devika concentrated and extended a thread of magic to the tangle. She flicked it with her own power. Instantly, the block snapped apart. Hari gasped as he felt something shift inside him. Devika extended another tendril, lightly brushing the threads. She wanted him to feel a soft sensation, not overwhelming. She sensed Hari gasp and shiver, but he didn’t cum immediately. Instead he felt something like soft fingers gently stroking him. Devika blushed with the knowledge that she was giving a stranger a psychic handjob, but the poor man was dying for relief!

Pent up as he was, it didn’t take long. Hari yanked down his pants and tore off his shirt, scrambling for a towel, some tissues, something to clean up with. She paused in her phantom touches long enough for him to grab something, but the lack of stimulation was too much. His hand flew to his cock, and in three quick strokes, he came, hard! She expected him to hose himself down, but he’d been so backed up, the semen just flowed thickly from the tip.

Embarrassed, she cut the signals off, and the image of him disappeared. She hoped she hadn’t just gotten him in trouble, but there was no need for him to suffer for so long!

She focused on the other four men. Two of them were in the middle of some kind of sex session. A young college student named Aarav was pinned to his bed spread eagle, his giggling girlfriend sitting in a chair next to him, masturbating as she tormented his cock with phantom sensations. Tongues, fingers, feathers, feet, she was really putting the guy through the ringer. An orgasm block throbbed brightly, straining under the pressure of his pleasure. Devika wasn’t sure about the situation, but a quick glance through the boy’s mind told her this was consensual. He’d just cum a week ago; his cock was so tense only because of what his girlfriend was doing to him in the moment. But he had a seriously hardcore femdom fetish.

She “glanced” at the girl. Neysa. She was rather cute and innocent at first glance, which made her brazen masturbation and kinky sex play all the more embarrassing for Devika to see. However, she remembered how she’d witnessed her own friend’s memories just that morning. Devika hadn’t sensed this girl, but maybe if she concentrated.

Neysa gasped as Devika extended threads of her magic towards her. She began to see her thoughts, see the same network of threads, arranged differently of course. But the images were fuzzier, harder to pin down. She could, at best, only get vague impressions, which slipped away before she could really grasp them. Trying to read this girl was like trying to watch a show on an old TV through constant static, as compared to the boy, which was like watching a High-Definition 3D movie on the big screen.

Devika did get the sense that Neysa was going to let her boyfriend cum nice and hard at the end of this session, then let him have his way with her. Devika let out a breath of relief. No need to interfere with this one. She shut out their signals as well.

The other man having some kind of sex, however, was another young man in torment from magic. However, the situation was very different. Twenty year old Rachit was on his hands and knees, crying, as his step-mother glared down at him. The pleasures in his cock were not loving and playful, but sharp daggers of mystic sensation, painfully intense, stabbing through his loins repeatedly. His cock flexed and leaked pre-cum, and was an ugly shade of dark red, the veins bulging, as if every once of blood was trying to rush into his cock at once.

His step-mother, Siya, had been using him as a sexual chew toy for the past two years. She’d married his father for money, but the man had died in a car accident less than a year later. And while she’d inherited his money, she was now legally bound to take care of his son, who hadn’t been able to find any work. She decided if he wasn’t going to be of any financial use, she’d milk him of energy, and take her frustrations out on him. He hadn’t cum since she’d started her torments, but even if he never came again, he wouldn’t care if she would just stop!

Devika’s jaw worked. What an evil woman! There was no way she should be allowed to do that! Didn’t their neighbors sense it? Didn’t anyone care? Why wasn’t she in jail for this? The poor man could think of nothing but trying to escape her torment, and the bitch just used those thoughts to punish him even more!

Devika lashed out almost instinctively. Her power seized the woman, and she stiffened, her vile look of contempt for the boy screwing into a mask of surprise. Devika fought hard past the static, and the older woman’s mind and body opened to her. She could see the mystic network, even if she had to make an effort to concentrate. She traced along it and tried to find something, anything to make her stop. The network was so difficult to read. But she found something, a notion in her mind. Memories flit through her. The woman had been an abuser in her past relationships as well. Something about her got off on the idea of tormenting men like this. She was genuinely psychotic, as far as Devika could tell.

Devika grit her teeth and reached out with her power, grabbing that ugly snarl of vile want, and she yanked it, hard. 197 kilometers away, Siya’s face went slack jawed for a moment. Her spells on her step-son ceased. She blinked slowly and looked at him, first unrecognizing, then confused, then with a look of donning remembrance. She glanced to and fro, then caught an image of herself in a mirror. She glanced back at her step-son. Confusion washed over her face again as she slowly stepped out of the room, wondering what the hell she’d just been doing.

Rachit, meanwhile, could only be grateful for the cease of his step-mother’s torments. Devika turned her attention to him, and his brightly glowing network of sexuality. Instinctively, threads of her power reached out and caressed just the right spots, soothing the aches in his body, taking away the pain in his genitals, releasing him from the bonds that kept him kneeling. He rolled onto the floor and curled into a ball. Phantom female hands gently pet him, phantom lips tenderly kissed him. Devika didn’t even decide the sensations, she let the magic figure out exactly what he needed.

After several minutes, she ease open his orgasm block, and with a phantom kiss to his cock, she made him cum. He bucked and gasped and cried anew, tears of gratitude to his mystery savior. When he finished, Devika left him to rest, and checked on Siya again. The woman was sitting on a chair in the other room, staring off into space, stunned. Devika could see the thoughts churning in her head, wondering what she’d been doing with her life.

Devika wasn’t sure what she should do with the woman. Call the police? How could she explain what she knew, what she’d done? The some girl from a town over a hundred miles away had used magic to break in and stop her? Devika thought for a moment, then went back to Rachit. The boy was asleep now. Devika planted a notion in his mind to check on his step-mom and get some help if he thought she needed it. Devika was pretty certain Siya wasn’t going to do anything more to him.

Devika decided to leave it at that. She’d check up on them later, if she could find them again. She was pretty sure she could. So, two more guys left. And maybe after that, she could keep going.

Four hours passed as Devika picked out and selected cocks to study and assist. She was able to cast her senses out as far as four hundred kilometers, and manipulate as many as a dozen penises with precision at once. She didn’t dare try any more than that, for fear of losing herself in the moment.

By the end, she’d made over five hundred men cum, and had even managed to give orgasms to a few women. Women were a lot more difficult, but were more manageable the more she did it. Still, she only used her powers on women who were already in the middle of some kind of sexual activity. She didn’t want to start some kind of freak out.

She was distressed, however, at just how many men were suffering under orgasm blocks and prudish or downright cruel women. Sure, some of the men enjoyed the treatment, heck, some of the men’s lovers seemed reluctant to put them through the ropes so intensely, but if the men liked it, there didn’t seem to be much harm. Devika left those couples alone. A few couples, she was a little dubious of, but the girls just seemed to be having fun with small pranks, and the guys may have been a little resistant, but ultimately weren’t too upset about it.

The others, though, the whole situation disgusted her. Devika found herself intervening in several dozen situations, busting several hundred blocks, and interrupting the women’s torment. Devika had discovered with a little further practice that she could even seal off a man’s sexual essence from other women’s magic, a force field of sorts. She wasn’t sure how long they’d last, but it was something.

Of course, all things considered, she was only picking out the most obviously distressed cocks she sensed. Most men seemed fine, engaged in regular sex lives, or just not bothered too much. Most women didn’t seem to want to engage in such cruel activity. That was something of a relief. But Devika was still stunned at just how many women were that hardcore or abusive.

She could have gone all evening and all night continuing to test her abilities. At this point, she no longer even felt embarrassed doing it. Once she got caught up in the process, she got used to the constant flow of sex. Maybe it was just the sheer amount of exposure, maybe it was the magic adapting her mind to it, maybe it was because she was sensing and spell casting from so far away, on total strangers, that she felt a little detached, even as fascinated as she was. She could just keep going on, the energy of the men sustaining her as she tested her powers—

“DEVI!” Devika leapt clear off the bed as her mother’s voice shrieked through her door. The handle rattled. “Devi, open the door this instant!” Devika shook her head, and realized she was floating in the air again. She swallowed and quickly cut her connection to all the cocks she was sensing, forcing her wits and mundane senses back to her immediate surroundings. A glance out the window showed her it was already dusk out. She glanced at her clock and her eyes widened at how long she’d been sitting there. She dropped back down to her bed, and scrambled of it.

Her father’s voice boomed, and she felt that instinctive pang of dread every child feels when both parents are upset with you. “Young lady, I don’t know what you’re doing in there, but your stressing out your mother. If you don’t open this door, I will break it down.”

Devika thanked God that she’d thought to lock her door. She quickly flipped the switch and opened the knob. Thinking quickly, she feigned a yawn. “Alright, I’m up, jeez.” She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, and squinted bleary eyed.

Her mother raised an eyebrow at her. “Were you napping? I’ve been calling you to get ready for dinner for twenty minutes! I was knocking for five!”

Her father frowned and crossed his arms. “Why were you asleep in the middle of the day?”

Devika frowned and bowed her head. “I’m sorry. I was up early last night, I just couldn’t sleep. I dunno why. But I was super tired by the time I got home from school, so I just took a nap. Sorry if I startled you. I guess I was really deep in it.”

Her mother sighed. “She was sitting out in the backyard last night.” Her father’s eyebrows raised.

“I wasn’t sneaking out! I promise! I was still in my pajamas!”

“And yet you chose to nap in your day clothes just now,” said her mother.

“I was really tired.”

Her mother frowned and looked her over. Then she said. “Alright, fine. I’m sorry I got angry.” She turned to her husband. “It’s alright, dear.”

Her father let out a breath, dropping his arms to his sides, and seemed quite relieved he didn’t have to feign the stern parent act. “Alright, well, please try to stick to a proper sleep schedule, Devi. Otherwise you’ll fall asleep in class. If you’re going stay up all night, at least wait until college.”

“Sure thing,” said Devi, smiling innocently. Then her eyes widened. “Oh, crud, my homework! I’ll be up all night doing it!”

Both parents sighed. Her father walked to the dining room. “You’re a smart girl, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Devika was about to follow, when her mother put a hand on her chest and lightly pushed her daughter back into her room. “Be there in a couple minutes, hun. Go ahead and start without us.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, dear!” Her mother then stepped into her room and shut the door, looking sternly at Devika. “When did you get it?”

Devika blinked, swallowed nervously, and said, “What do you—”

“Don’t even try to pretend. You’re not tired, you didn’t just wake up. You’ve got that little flush and that bounce in your movements like a woman who just absorbed a nice dose of energy.”

Devika blinked again. “I… uh…”

Her mother frowned. “I remember what it was like when I first got the Magic. Exciting. Distracting. Invigorating. I was already in my thirties. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for a teenager.”

“Mom… I don’t… I…”

“Its okay, Devika,” she said. She hugged her. “I know it’s difficult. People around here don’t want to talk about it. It’s taboo. I know you might not be comfortable talking to me about it. But I will answer any questions you have. I know a couple councilors you can talk to if you’d rather not discuss it with me. They’ve been good confidents for a lot of women in town.”

“But it came to me so early!” said Devika. “I mean, I only just got it, but I only just turned eighteen!”

Her mother frowned. “Yes, that is strange. But it’s not completely unheard of. Some girls get the Magic when they’re eighteen. Some say they’re blessed. But, really, plenty of women don’t even get the magic until they’re twenty or twenty one. So the whole nineteen thing might just be some kind of average. You just got lucky, I suppose.”


Her mother smiled warmly. “Yes, really. Now, I know getting use to your abilities might take some time, but it’s nothing to worry about. Like I said, any help you need, I’m here, and I know some people.” She paused. “Just, please, try your best not to affect boys unintentionally. And, maybe, don’t masturbate while your father is in the house.”

Devika flushed crimson. “I… I don’t… I wasn’t…”

Even her mother looked a little red in the cheeks. “I remember what it was like at first. And I remember what being a teenager was like. Put the two together, and well...” She cleared her throat. “It’s easy to lose control early if you get caught in the moment. So try to be careful what you do and where.”

Devika smiled. “Okay, mom. Thanks.” The two hugged again. “Just, um, don’t tell Dad? Please? I don’t want him to freak out.”

Her mother thought for a moment. “If you want to wait a little bit longer, I understand, but we can’t keep it a secret from him forever. Especially if there is an accident or two.”

Devika almost said there wouldn’t be, but then she held back. Her mom was cool with her being an “early bloomer” as it were. But the nature of her powers, well, that was a different story. Would she be so fine with the idea that her daughter was immeasurably more powerful than her? That her daughter could also effect women?

No, she lucked out with this as it was. No need to push things.

“Alright, mom. Thanks.” The two left the room to eat dinner.

That night, despite not feeling tired, Devika tried to sleep anyway. She’d gotten her homework done in record time. She was amazed how clear and focused she felt doing it. She knew the lust energy absorbed from men healed, refreshed, and could even improve a woman’s overall health over time, could eliminate the need for sleep in the short term, but even she felt it odd how efficient the energy made her. Was it like this for every woman, or was this just another aspect of her unusual level of power?

Either way, after a whole afternoon of testing, despite the fact she felt she could stay awake the rest of the week, she figured it was best to sleep if only to ease down her thought processes. Surely, her mind needed a break, no matter how refreshed it might feel. If sleep didn’t work, she could try to meditate.

Surprisingly, sleep won out very quickly.


The darkness of sleep opened up to a strange scene. Devika could see a massive chamber that appeared to have been formed from trees grown into walls. An ambient light shown down from a canopy of gold and red leaves, revealing a battlefield littered with the broken and blooded bodies of hideous demons and twisted monsters. On various spots among the rubble, bits of broken metal, what looked like pieces of armor, guns, and swords lay among the bodies.

In the middle of the vast chamber, there was a creature. It had the vague shape of a woman, but its skin was blood red, horns grew from it’s head and bat-like wings from it’s back. A tail with a spade-shaped blade at the end whipped back and forth, behind her cloven hooves. The creature was pounding furiously against a strange portal, a rippling-red circle surrounded by a ring of charred skin and bone. Within the red circle was the ghostly image of a man, glowing faintly green.

The monster-woman snarled and pounded on the gate with increasing fury, trying to tear away the image of the deceased shaman. “No! This isn’t possible! You’re just an echo! There can’t be enough magic for you to seal me!”

“The Core… is bound to… this place…” said the image, already starting to flicker out. “The Core… cannot leave… you have joined… with it… so you, too… cannot leave…” So saying, the image of the ghostly man reached up to the frame of the gate, and gave it a sharp tug. The frame broke, and the rippling red circle vanished. The frame of blackened flesh and blood crumpled to the ground, breaking apart into ash. The man’s image blinked out entirely, leaving the monster woman to scream in rage. She flew to the edges of the great chamber, the thick living wood that formed the border of the massive room, and clawed at it. Even as her long, blade-like nails tore into the wood, it healed itself, just as fast. She flew towards the golden canopy, trying to rip through the thick ceiling of leaves, only to become entangled, then thrown to the wooden floor, among the monstrous bodies that littered it.

The monster woman lay, gasping, on the ground, glaring at the canopy. After some time, she finally forced herself to calm down, and slowly stood up, taking deep breathes to maintain her cool. She stood and stretched, then crossed her arms, and used a long talon to tap her chin in thought.

Then she paused, and slowly turned. Devika had been seeing a side-view of the monster woman, and now, the creature was turning towards her. Her eyes, golden and slit-pupil like a vipers, turned to Devika, and focused on her. Devika dully realized she was no longer just watching the dream, but was now a part of it. The monster woman stared at her, locking eyes with her for a long time. Devika felt icy terror grip her. She wanted to look away, to awaken from this vision, but the eyes of the monster-woman held her fast. Devika was frozen in her gaze.

And after a seeming eternity of study, the monster-woman smiled.


Devika jolted awake with a loud gasp. What in the name of God was that? Some weird nightmare. Devika threw off her covers, yawned, and checked the clock. 5:00 am. She felt rested enough. More than enough. She stood and stretched the kinks out, then did her morning business in the bathroom. Coming back to her room, she flipped on her lap top once more.

Maybe she should just have a normal day today. Keep her powers quiet and just have a day, maybe two, and not think about it, or at least try to. Have a normal day again to keep things in perspective. Rather than try to look up anything more on Sex Magic, she decided to go through YouTube clips of cute cats and music videos for a little bit, then get ready for school. After a quick breakfast, she headed out early. Her mom gave her a knowing look behind her father’s back, maybe assuming their daughter was a bit uncomfortable being around her folks with her magic just beginning. If only she knew. Her father didn’t seem to pay her early departure any mind.

Devika reached her school well before most of the students, and decided to hang out in the courtyard for a bit, reading a book, until the crowds started building. She was a little surprised to find Abha already there, sitting at one of the dozen wooden bench/table combos you’d usually find in parks.

Devika went over to her friend and smiled, sitting down at the same table. Abha had been listening to music on her phone, eyes closed, and was startled when she felt the table shift. “Hi!” said Devika, smiling.

Abha grinned, and pulled the headphones out. “Well, look who’s an early bird!” she said.

“You too! What’s got you up so early?”

“Oh, well, um, I just had to get out of the house, y’know? Got up early and couldn’t get back to sleep.” She seemed to shift a bit in her seat. Then she glanced up, past Devika. Devika glanced back and saw one of the male students, shyly walking so that his backpack was to his side. Even without her senses, Devika could tell he was hiding something embarrassing. Devika glanced back to Abha, who looked a little nervous.


“Hmmm?” Her friend looked distracted, obviously trying not to glance at the boy, even as he kept himself in a corner near some stairs. She put one earbud back in place and sighed slightly, gazing into the middle distance, as if trying to focus on the music.

Despite herself, Devika let her senses open just a crack. The boy did indeed have an erection. A very intense one at that. A slightly closer inspection, and she could tell that, while he wasn’t being stimulated, per say, some little trick of magic was keeping him at maximum tension. She made the connection between the boy and her friend almost immediately.

Before Devika could stop herself, she blurted out, “You have Sex Magic!” She only barely managed to rein her words down to a whisper.

Abha jumped and gawked at her. “How… how the hell did you know that?”

Devika clamped her mouth shut, but she knew there was no taking it back. “I, um, well…”

Abha stared at her, a little stunned. Devika tried to think of any excuse. Finally, she figured if her mom knew, there was no point hiding it from her friends. “I, um, I got it, too,” she said. She made a quick nod towards the boy. “He’s pretty loud, huh?” Both girls glanced at him.

The boy had been watching them out of the corner of his eye, and he cringed as they looked at him. Either he knew they could sense him, or he was so self-conscious, he just assumed every girl could.

Abha nodded. “Yeah. Man, this is so freaky! Not like I thought it would be. It’s like flies constantly buzzing around your face.” She leaned closer. “I caught my folks… you know… doing stuff… ugh!” She blanched. “I do not want to wake up to that!”

“Can’t you tune them out?” said Devika. “You know, just, concentrate and push the hums away?”

Abha shook her head. “I tried. I’ve read it takes a little while to get used to. Some women take a few years to learn how to shut out the hums, and even then, it still doesn’t stop the really loud ones.” She shook her head. “I didn’t expect to get it this early! I mean, I turn nineteen in a month, but still. I thought you have to be at least nineteen!” She blinked, then looked at Devika, her brow furrowed. “Wait, what about you? You just turned eighteen, when did you get it?”

“Oh, um, yesterday, I guess? Sometime in the middle of the night.” Devika paused, then said, “I sensed my Dad, too. Just, you know, sleeping, but, he had an erection.”

Abha let out a short laugh. “Jeez, no wonder you were so freaked out!” She thought for a moment. “Oh, is that what you wanted to talk about at lunch? Oh, wow. Sorry, Devi. I didn’t mean to tease you or cut you off.”

“Nah, I shouldn’t have brought it up there,” she said.

Abha winced and shook her head. A couple more boys walked by. They weren’t fully erect, but their thoughts were certainly on lustful subjects, and their cocks could betray them at any moment. “I really should have called in sick today,” said Abha. “Seriously, isn’t it bothering you, too?”

Devika shrugged. “I dunno, I mean, I can sense them, just, I can sort of mute them if I concentrate?”

Abha shook her head. “You’re goddamned lucky. I’m trying to block them out, but I can only barely do it if I concentrate on something else. But they said early bloomers are supposed to be stronger than average. Maybe since you’re so early, you’re really strong. Lucky.”

Devika frowned. She reached out her hand and took her friend’s. “Hey,” she said. “Just do this. Think of each penis like…”

“Jeez, Devi, not so blunt!” said Abha, blushing.

Devika smiled slightly. “Okay, sorry. Just think of each boy like a radio. Then just imagine you’re turning down the volume knob.”

Abha frowned, but closed her eyes and tried. As more students showed up, boys and girls, Abha grit her teeth. “There’s so many! I can’t even concentrate on any one of them! Jeez, how do any of the teachers put up with this? Now I know why some women go crazy at first!”

Devika frowned as well. She really was lucky. Maybe she could use that luck, share it with her friend. She concentrated, and opened her senses up to her friend. Their immediate closeness and physical contact made it far easier; Abha’s sexual matrix opened up to her as easily as any boy’s. She quickly scanned through it. She detected not only Abha’s pleasure zones and the mental nodes that held her desires and thoughts, she also detected a strange glow at her center. Immediately, Devika knew this was the core of her, and that the glow was the essence of Sex Magic itself. It was completely suffused into her being.

Devika threaded her thoughts through the sexual matrix and grasped at her friend’s core of Magic. If she could manipulate this core, she could perhaps find a way to ease her friend’s adjustment. She waited for the Magic to explain itself to her, as it so easily explained people’s bodies and minds.

It didn’t. Devika was just looking at a glowing fog. Devika pushed her magic to try and grasp this essence, and instead, her attempts passed right through it. The magic didn’t tell her anything, not how to help her friend, not how to manipulate it, nothing. At best, she could sense through Abha’s own mind, the flow of information from all the boys, the trickle of ambient energy from the ones who were hard or otherwise thinking of sexual things. Had Abha been using a spell, that trickle would have been a steady stream from whichever boy she was using magic on. But Abha was trying to shut them out, not draw them in.

Devika’s frown deepened, and let go of her friend’s hand, cutting off the connection. “I’m sorry,” she said.

Abha, eyes closed in concentration, muttered, “For what?”

“You seem to be having a harder time of it than me,” said Devika.

“Not your fault,” she said. “Ugh. I… I think I am going to go home…” She rubbed her head as though it ached, even though the flow of energy actually felt good. But the constant signals were getting overwhelming.

Devika opened her mouth to protest, but then nodded. “Um, I know the magic gets better with practice, so… maybe…”


“I dunno, is there a boy you could practice on?”

“Devi!” Abha flushed, both from what her friend said, and from her outburst drawing a few looks.

“Sorry! Just trying to help!”

Abha shook her head. “Thanks, but, I’ll figure it out.” She headed off campus. Devika assumed she’d just call the school when she got home.

“What was that about?” came another voice. Devika turned and saw Genni walking up to her, watching Abha go.

“She, um…” said Devika. She leaned up and cupped her hand to Genni’s ear. “She got the magic.”

“Oh!” said Genni. “That early? Wow. She’s gunna be a strong one, huh?”

Devika nodded. “Hopefully not too strong! Poor girl.”

Genni sighed. “Another year for us, huh?” she said.

Devika coughed. “Uh, yeah, right. I’m not in a hurry.”

“Oh, yeah, me neither,” said Genni. She clapped Devika on the shoulder. “Let’s at least graduate High School first, huh?” As she did, her fingers brushed the back of Devika’s bare neck. Without intending to, she felt a rush of information, a portfolio of Genni’s sexual tastes and habits blurring through her mind.

Devika stepped forward, away from Genni’s touch, forcing herself to remain casual, even as she mentally snapped off the connection and shoved the information out of her psyche before it could settle. “Sounds good!” she said with a smile, and went off to class. She was going to have to be careful about that. Even if it took much closer contact, her senses picked up women easily if she had them open. She could only assume her mom’s hug hadn’t set off another rush information because she’d clamped her senses down at the time. Speaking of, she vowed to stick with that policy the rest of the day.

When she was home again, her mom tried asking a few times how she was, but Devika assured her she had her abilities under control. She confessed that blocking out the signals of horny men was surprisingly easy, to which her mother expressed a bit of disbelief, and then a little jealousy. “But early bloomers are special,” she said. “Maybe you just really lucked out.”

Maybe. Devika wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Still, her desire to spend the rest of the day ignoring Sex Magic was interrupted when her phone lit up with a text. It was Abha. She opted to call her back, “Hi! How are you doing?”

“Much better once I got away from all the boys,” said Abha. “I’ve talked it over with the teachers and my parents, and they’re wondering if I can’t handle being at school, maybe doing some kind of at home studies? Basically just doing homework, and having a tutor help me out. At least until I can get my senses under control.”

“Oh, that’s good,” said Devika.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Abha. “I don’t know how you can stand it there. So many guys! And they’re all so horny!” Devika could practically hear her friend blushing. “Oh, and, um, by the way, it’s not just us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Genni just called me. She said she just got the Magic, too!”

Devika’s jaw dropped. What the heck? How was this possible? Genni had turned eighteen only three months ago! Still way too early for the typical early bloomer. What was going on? What were the odds all three of them were like that?

“How… how is she doing?”

“She said she started feeling it right at the end of school,” said Abha. “Just started getting this rush of information. Had to run home and lock herself in her room and try to drown it out with the TV. Not that it actually blocks the noise, you know, just, something else to concentrate on.”

“Yeah,” said Devika. She swallowed nervously. So, what was this? Some new wave of the magic, all of sudden? First her and her friends, and would the rest of the school start turning as well? If not, what made them all different? Not that she had much practice with girls, but it’s like she’d detected anything weird about her friends when she touched…

…when she touched them while her powers were active. A pang of dread fell over Devika as she realized the contributing factor in both cases. Abha and Genni had gained the magic afte Devika’s own power had rushed through them. What if, on top of everything else, she had the power to jumpstart other women’s Magic?

There was no way she going to share this theory with them, though. Not yet. “So,” she forced herself to continue. “You two still can’t just tune out the signals?”

“No, obviously,” said Abha. “And by the way, Genni’s a little upset you didn’t tell her about yourself. You told her about me, so she thought to call me, but you didn’t tell her?”

Devika sighed. “I’m trying not to tell anybody. My mom sussed me out, though. And then I goofed with you this morning. I wanted to tell you guys at lunch, but y’know, it didn’t seem the right place, and then, I dunno, I guess I was embarrassed. I felt kinda freaky getting the magic so early, you know?”

“Yeah. I figured it was something like that. That’s what I told Genni. She might still be a little mad at you, though.”

“Okay. Sorry.”


“So, is she gunna join you for tutoring or what?”

“Yeah. Um, well, there’s something else I was gunna call you for, anyway.”

“What’s that?”

“My mom and Genni’s mom are talking it over. They want to talk to your mom, too.”

“They know about me?”

“Yeah, sorry. I didn’t tell anyone else, I promise.”

Devika sighed, putting her head in her hand and shaking it. “Alright. Fine. What do they want to talk about?”

“They said you were right, about how practice makes perfect. They think the best way to get us on track back to school is to have us test our powers.”

Devika felt a pang of unease. “Test our powers?”

“Yeah. I think they want us to… do stuff… to a boy. I’m not sure what they have planned, exactly. But, you know.”

“What, just any boy? They can’t be serious!”

“I dunno! Jeez! I assume they know a guy who might be up for it.”

“Ugh,” said Devika. “So they’re just going to fetch some pervert?”

“I said I don’t know, okay? But, what do you say? This’ll be easier if we all do it together, don’t you think? And it’s not like we’d be in any danger.”

Devika chewed her lip. She was pretty sure, given her own practice yesterday, there was nothing she was going to learn from idly playing with just one guy. Plus, if the others found out how strong her abilities were, what would happen to her then? Even though they were all early bloomers, only she seemed to have such full control of herself.

Devika sighed inwardly. She’d already been outed as an early Sex Mage to more people than she’d wanted. If she didn’t go along with it, what would they think? Would they suspect something? Was she even right to be so suspicious?

For want of a better plan, she decided to just go along with it for now. Maybe she’d learn something new along the way, if nothing else. “Alright. Tell your mom to call my mom.”

The arrangement was made. The rest of the week went by before the girls were brought to Abha’s house for their little “practice session.” The girls were not allowed to see the boy, but rather, he’d be put in another room, while the three girls stayed in Abha’s bedroom. They’d be permitted to play with the boy through the walls.

Abha and Genni sat nervous and intermittently blushing, thinking about what was going to happen. Devika just looked nervous. She hadn’t used her powers at all the past three days, but had gone to school and never had any problems. She did notice none of the other girls were suddenly getting the magic however. She tried to think what separated her friends from them. Obviously, in her case, she was some kind of anomaly. An exceptionally early and powerful Sex Mage. But her friends seemed to be at the normal levels, dealing with the same troubles most women did when they first got the power. Even the little bit of sensing practice they’d done had reveled the same range limitations. While they hadn’t directly used their powers on anyone yet, they still found it difficult to distinctly focus on more than two or three cocks at once, and even then it was tenuous if they were in a crowd.

Finally, there was a knock on the door. “Alright girls,” said Abha’s mom. “He’s coming in. We made sure it was a boy who hadn’t climaxed in a while, so he’d be easy for you to sense.” Abha and Genni were already facing towards the wall, clearly having detected him.

“In a while” seemed a bit of an understatement. Devika opened her senses and instantly saw the young man. Twenty-three year old Rachit, same name as that boy she’d sensed tormented by his own step-mother. This Rachit hadn’t been allowed an orgasm in nearly four weeks. Apparently, his twenty-year old sister was punishing him for making passes at her friends and masturbating to their Facebook pictures, which she’d found out about just after getting her powers. He dreaded when those friends were going to get their abilities.

“Oof! He is hard!” said Genni. Then she put a hand over her mouth, glancing to Abha’s mother. “Oh, um, sorry.”

“No sense in being shy right now, girls, we all know what’s going on here.” She offered a calm smile. “Now, then. I’d like you to try and concentrate on him. Can you see him through the wall?”

Both Genni and Abha squinted and leaned forward a bit. Devika mimicked this action, playing along, even though she didn’t increase any use of her ability.

“I can sorta… yeah!” Abha nodded. “He’s naked in your and Dad’s room, lying on the floor And hard! Jeez! Do all boys get that loud when they’re that backed up?”

“Yes, they can get rather obnoxious, I’m afraid,” said her mother. “Fortunately, you’ll quickly learn that a blocked boy is quite a source of energy. And even pleasure.” The girls glanced at her, curious. She just kept smiling back. “Now, then, girls. I just want you to observe for a bit. As you concentrate further you may start to see this sort of web appear around his organ and over his body…”

Devika stopped paying attention. She had a feeling everything Abha’s mother was going to say, she’d already figured out by now. So, she let her friends practice while she pretended to go along with it.

“Oh, my gosh, he used to masturbate to Facebook!” said Genni.

“A lot of guys do,” said Abha. “I mean, they must. It’s kind of obvious, right? Can’t get the girl, so he cranks it to her pics.”

“Jeez, I’m never posting another selfie again! I’m never taking another selfie again!”

“Well, just remember, if a guy does something bad with your pictures, you can punish him for it now,” said Abha’s mother.

Devika frowned. “That’s kind of mean, though. I mean, they can’t really help it, right? People get, you know, horny, and they need to relieve it somehow.”

Abha’s mother crossed her arms and gave her a stern look. “You don’t know men very well, Devi. If they’re willing to do lewd things with your image without permission, what would they do to you if they had you to themselves?”

“Well, they can’t do anything we don’t want them to now!” laughed Abha, unintentionally cutting Devika off. Caught up in the moment, in the pleasing glow of the young man’s arousal, Abha and Genni were already visibly relaxing.

Her mother chuckled. “True, true. But you certainly can! Alright girls, think you want to try casting a spell?”

Their relaxation snapped back to embarrassment. “Um, well… I don’t know…”

“I know you’re shy about it, but trust me, just learning your senses isn’t enough. You need to practice using the Magic.” Abha’s mother made a motion with her hand, and all three girls sensed Rachit gasp and jump, his penis flexing in the air. “That was a little stroke spell. He could feel my hand on his shaft for a moment there. Now, you girls try.” She paused, then said. “Maybe one at a time. Don’t worry, just think about stroking him. You can do the motion with your hand while you do it, if it’s easier.” She made a jack-off motion with her curled fingers, and they all sensed Rachit gasp and jump again.

Hesitantly, Genni reached forward and grasped the air. She swallowed nervously, then moved her hand up and down. Rachit squirmed as he felt an unsure hand clumsily stroke him. “Oh, I can feel him! Wow, this is so weird!”

“Let me try!” said Abha. She mimicked the motion, giving the young man a few phantom strokes. She either had a better sense of what to do already, or her senses had already informed her where Genni hadn’t quite done it right, because Devika could tell her strokes felt better. Rachit’s cock flexed again. Pent up as he was, it wasn’t taking much to get him close.

“Alright, Devi, you try. Don’t be nervous.”

Shit! Devika wasn’t sure how she could do this without giving away her innate skill. A single glance at the boy, right through the wall, told her everything she needed to know. Her magic practically just did the work automatically, telling her the perfect way to stroke him. She could make him pop with just a few feather-light strokes on just the right nerve. Or she could just zap his cock with a sensation of pure pleasure. And if she did either, she’d bust right through his orgasm block like an egg shell.

So she squinted held out her hand and made a few motions, and didn’t actually cast a spell. Abha’s mother frowned. “Are you doing anything? He’s not feeling anything.”

“Hang on,” said Devika. It might be too suspicious to not do anything at all. She had to cast something. She mulled over the options, then did the first thing she could think off. She made a tender dragging of fingertips along his inner thigh. Rachit actually giggled at the tickling sensation, and he jumped in surprise.

Genni, Abha, and her mother made a laugh. “Oh, wow, your aim sucks!” said Abha. “Man, maybe you’re not so lucky! You can block the signal, but you can’t cast a spell straight!”

 “Block the signals, hmm?” said Abha’s mother, raising an eyebrow at Devika.

Devika narrowed her eyes at her friend. “Will you stop?” she sighed, turning to the older woman. “Yes, apparently, I can resist hearing boys’ signals better. I was okay at school.” She made a helpless gesture, and Rachit jumped again as he felt a brief tickle on his left foot. “Whoops! Man.” She sighed. “I guess we all got our issues to work on!”

“You clutz,” said Abha, ruffling her friend’s hair.

“Sorry!” Devika grinned sheepishly.

“Um… can we keep going?” said Genni. She was already raising her hand.

Abha’s mother smiled. “Go right ahead,” she said. “The other ladies and I will go to the living room and chat. We’ll be keeping an eye with our senses, but you can do as much as you like to him for the next…” she paused and looked at her watch. “Three hours. Have fun girls!” So saying, she left the room.

Three hours?! Genni was slowly stroking the air, more firmly and confidently this time. Abha joined her a moment later, and Rachit was soon squirming and gasping under twin hands. The sensations overlapped one another, two distinct hand jobs coaxing him towards climax.

“This is so crazy,” said Abha in a low voice. “You read about this, but you have no idea what its like until it happens!” Genni just nodded. Their hands occasionally shifted position and movements, until both brought a second hand up to join the first. Rachit now had four hands working him, and he was bucking against the floor. The energy feed from him spiked, and he let out a loud groan. The two girls stopped their motions, releasing him from their spells as they did. Rachit bucked, his body trying to cum, but the orgasm block held strong. As soon as he calmed down, though, the two girls resumed, and this time, their hands moved with slightly increased skill.

The Sex Magic seemed to teach girls its powers pretty quickly regardless; but even here, her friends were taking time to learn what they were doing, figuring out what all the signals meant, what the ethereal web of his sexual essence could tell them.

After ten minutes and two more failed orgasm attempts from Rachit, Devika interrupted her friends. “I think that’s enough. The poor guy’s really suffering!”

Her friends shook their heads, as if snapping out of a daze. “Whuh? Oh. Oh yeah.”

“I don’t want to stop!” said Abha. Still, she did frown a little as she glanced at the wall. “But I guess we should give him a breather.”

“Five minutes,” said Genni.

Abha nodded, then turned to Devika. “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not practicing.”

“How can you tell?”

Abha made a hand motion. “Well, you’re not doing this, and I don’t think he’s feeling more than four hands. Come on, your spells were way off. You should practice.”

“I’m good,” said Devika. “If I can block boys’ signals already, then I’m okay to go to school and stuff. And I’m not especially interested in playing with boys like this. Not until, you know, I get married.”

“Oh, bullshit,” said Abha. “You’re just under confident. It’s okay, he volunteered for this, didn’t he?”

Devika mentally glanced through Rachit’s mind. He’d “volunteered” only on the basis that his mother was going to make his sister finally release her punishment spells when they were done here. And he’d have to bow, naked, before her and her friends and if they liked his begging, they might let him masturbate to orgasm for them. Cripes, most didn’t even have their powers yet, and they were already playing at dominatrix bitches.

Devika didn’t want to add to his torment. “I’m good.”

Abha crossed her arms and frowned. “Devi, if you don’t practice, I’m telling your mother. You might need to know these spells sooner than you think. Even if your senses are fine, you never know.”

“What are you implying?”

“Well, you heard what Mom said. What if there’s a guy who isn’t blocked by spells, and he catches you unawares. And you can’t sense him because you’ve tuned him out, and if he attacks you and your spells don’t work, you could get... well, you know…”

Devika pursed her lips. As much as she appreciated her friend’s concern, she found herself more upset by the assumption. In the two days she’d had the magic, she’d sensed far more abuse of men by women than she’d thought possible. And yet, even in a Sex Mage World, some women were still terrified of male predation.

Well, maybe if they didn’t lock up men’s cocks with spells and drive them crazy with supernatural lust, they wouldn’t need to be always terrified! Devika thought. She sighed; she wasn’t about to start arguing here. “Fine,” she said. She reached out to the wall, and wiggled her fingers, purposefully aiming at Rachit’s inner thighs again. He was just starting to cool down from his last edging, and jumped and giggled embarrassingly at the tickling sensations. But at least they didn’t inflame his poor cock any more than it already was.

Genni and Abha watched her, even as their senses watched the young man. “Well, you almost reached his balls,” laughed Abha.

Genni looked at her intently. “You’re not actually trying, are you?”

Abha paused her laugh, and Devika canceled her spell. “Yeah, I am. I really am.”

“No, you’re not,” she said. “You just threw that spell willy-nilly. You’re not really aiming. Come on. Try to pay attention to what you’re doing.”

Devika chewed her lower lip, then squinted at the wall, and pretended to make an effort to reach out. “Okay,” she said. “Alright. Let me try this.” She wiggled her finger in the air. A few phantom swipes barely brushed the sides of his cock, even as half hit his stomach. She tried her best to randomize the touches. “This is tough!” she said with a pout.

Genni nodded. “Okay, better. Here, let me get him started, maybe if he’s hornier, you can lock on better.”

“Maybe your senses are just dull?” said Abha. “Maybe that’s why you can block them out easier. Your powers just sort of miss the target, even your senses.”

“Maybe, I dunno,” said Devika. She watched as Rachit’s cock quickly flared with sensations as Genni gave him another phantom handjob.

“Okay, try it now,” said Genni. “Try actually stroking him, not just tickling.”

Devika frowned, but tried again. This time, she curled her fingers in the air and made stroking motions. She sent the sensations of the back of her fingers brushing very lightly against his the front of his shaft. It was still enough to make him buck in a fourth failed orgasm attempt.

“Alright, I think you’re closer. Keep trying.”

Rachit was gasping, and he uttered a sound. Genni and Abha didn’t hear it clearly, but Devika heard it loud and clear in her mind. “Please!” he had gasped. She glanced through his thoughts, and could see a whole stream of pleas for mercy. Stop! Please! Stop! Let me cum! Stop! Please! It hurts! They ache! Cum! Please! Stop!

Devika withdrew her hand. “Alright, that’s enough.”

She glanced over to her friends and saw Abha already moving to join in. She grabbed her friend’s hands and pushed them down. “Enough!” she reached over and pushed Genni’s hands down as well, breaking her concentration and the spell.

“What—Devi! What are you doing?!”

“He’s aching, can’t you sense it?”

“Well, I mean, he’s a boy. They all sound… sense… whatever, they’re all like that, yeah?”

“He hasn’t popped in over a month! We’re just torturing the poor guy!”

Both girls blinked. “Jeez, really?” said Abha. She concentrated on the wall. “How can you tell? I mean, he’s really loud, but…”

“Just, let’s stop okay? Or at least, let’s let him pop one.”

The other two shared a glance. “I don’t think we’re supposed to. I don’t know if we can. He’s got a pretty strong block on him. At least it seems strong. He already didn’t shoot a few times.”

Devika could still sense the mental stream of pleas, which he was now whispering as well. Even without spells being cast, his cock was so it hard hurt, genuinely hurt, and his balls felt so bad, he probably couldn’t even walk straight.

“We need to practice, though!”

“Fine! Let’s find a boy who isn’t about to go crazy already!” said Devika.

“Who?” said Genni.

“I don’t know, just someone else!”

Abha frowned. “I mean, my mom went out of her way to arrange this, we shouldn’t just turn it down. We’ve barely done half an hour.”

“But don’t you feel bad for him?” said Devika. “Come on!”

Abha just frowned. Genni looked to the side, a bit of guilt in her expression. “Well… I mean… we can try to make him cum… or get our moms to help… but… look, we have to be able to go to school again, go downtown when it’s busy and not get overwhelmed, you know?”

“Yeah, you don’t get how lucky you are that your senses are so off,” said Abha. “I mean, we can’t even think straight if there’s more than a dozen guys near us. What’s he have to deal with? Just some blue balls? He’ll get to empty those soon enough. We have to get our abilities under control now, or we’re gunna have to graduate and date from our bedrooms!”

Devika sighed. Her friends were right in that they needed to practice. She couldn’t help poor Rachit without revealing the strength of her powers, not unless she made it really look like an accident. Was she being selfish, worrying so much? Why was she even worried? Did she really think her friends and family were that insecure, they wouldn’t be able to handle if she revealed the strength of her abilities? Okay, some of them might be ticked over her little mass orgasm mishap, but still, it’s not like they’d drag her into the town square and whip her for it. But if she did just bust Rachit’s block and make him pop right now, she’d end up causing a scene, and then the whole session would be over, and her friends wouldn’t get their practice in anyway.

Oooh, she hated this! She almost wished her powers were just as difficult as her friends, just so she’d at least have a better reason to be on their side. She stood up. “Just do what you want. I can’t do this. Tell your mom thanks, but no thanks.” So saying, she walked out, hurrying out the back door so she wouldn’t have to talk to the older women.

She blocked out the signals from Rachit, just as she sensed four phantom hands stroking him again, coaxing him to another in a long series of intense edgings. She tried not to feel guilty about shutting him out.

Instead of sleeping, Devika spent the whole of the night reaching out to find other men distressed with unfair blocks and torment. She bust open the seals on their climaxes and made them cum hard, removed anti-masturbation spells so they could stroke, put anti-spell shields on men being tormented by their wives or girlfriends or exes or sisters or mothers. She was almost revolted at how often she discovered the magic being used for incestuous purposes.

Eventually, she checked up on Rachit. Both of them. The one whose step-mother she’d mind-altered had gotten the older woman into a hospital, even as he secretly thanked his mysterious goddess for her mercy. The other Rachit, the young man she and her friends had teased was currently asleep, his orgasm block broken, and his seed finally emptied after he’d served her friends so well. At least he’d finally gotten his relief. She felt less guilty for that.

Still, was this right of her, to interfere in so many people’s lives, even if in such a limited way? Some of these men might just end up getting it worse for her interference. She couldn’t keep track of all of them, surely, not even with the range and finesse of her power. Speaking of, her last check clocked her range at 1173 kilometers. She’d reached all the way into Pakistan and Nepal. A little over ten thousand cocks tasted her mercy over the course of eight hours as she searched and cast her spells.

She even tried her power on a few dozen women again, once more those already engaged in acts of sex so as not to raise suspicions. She coaxed them to orgasm easily, making them scream as their whole bodies shuddered, surprised that whatever they were doing seemed to make them cum so quickly and so fiercely. She wondered how they would react to the idea that a barely eighteen year old girl in another country was making grown women cry in ecstasy like hair-trigger virgins.

Contemplating this gave her pause. When she thought about it, she was just outright molesting these people, wasn’t she? Raping them, even. As if awakening from a daze, her mood darkened, and she ceased all her spells, cutting off her senses and refocusing on her bedroom ceiling.

Great God, what was she doing? Was this going to be her life now, helping men in unfair relationships blow their loads, while she helped some women cum harder during sex? Was that all the power was good for? Was that all she was good for?

Why was the Magic so ridiculous? Why did it function the way it did? Why did it specifically to let women sexually assault and manipulate men, to the point of inhuman degradation? And why was the power so strong in her, of all people?

As the questions churned in her mind, she noticed the light of dawn creeping in through her window. She sighed with exasperation and got out of bed. Today she had off from school, and normally, she would try to sleep in a little, but she was so energized from her night of practicing, she wouldn’t need sleep for a while. She wondered if she ever would again. Getting dressed, she left the house to go for a walk.

Striding down the sidewalk of her neighborhood this early on a Sunday, she had time to herself to think. Maybe too much time. She should talk to somebody. Who, though? She’d already lied to her friends about her powers. And she was pretty sure now that Abha couldn’t be trusted to stay quiet. She was wary talking to her own mother, but her mother did say she knew some people. She didn’t relish telling strangers, though. So who could she talk to aside from herself? Was there anybody?

She muttered, “As if I don’t seem crazy enough, I may as well just converse with the air.” She adopted a mockingly serious tone. “Talking to yourself isn’t the problem. It’s when you start talking back that you might have issues!” She gave a short laugh and shook her head, imagining two of her arguing right out on the sidewalk.

And then she felt a subconscious slip of her power. From a dozen houses around, the magic seemed to seek out the lust of the men nearby, drawing it into her. And then, before she could push it out, the magic twisted the energy, snarling it together into the space in front of her. There was a brief flash of red light, and then suddenly, Devika was looking at herself.

Devika jumped back. An exact duplicate of her was standing in front of her, looking at her expectantly. “Wh-wh-what in God’s name? Wh-what the hell is this?!”

The double just gave her a small frown and curious look, cocking her head to the side. Then she slowly glanced around, looking at the houses studiously. Devika felt something like a tug on her magic senses, and then she detected several men growing erect. The duplicate smiled and concentrated on the nearest house, a one-story domicile that Devika had happened to stop in front of. Devika could sense the man inside being caressed by magic feathers. She could feel the duplicate somehow drawing the spells from her own body and directing them at the guy.

“Stop that!” Devika commanded. The duplicate blinked, looked to her with a slightly confused expression, then shrugged. The spell ceased, and the duplicate waited patiently. Devika only gawked at her. “What are you?”

The duplicate’s expression remained confused. She just shook her head and shrugged. Devika looked around quickly, but no one was out and about yet. “Where did you come from? Did I make you, somehow?”

The duplicate shrugged again.

“Can you talk?”

“Yes,” the duplicate said.

“So why aren’t you talking?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“I want to know what you are!”

“I don’t know.”

“What are you doing here?”

“What do you want me to do?”

Devika scratched her head. The duplicate of her seemed content to stand there, waiting. “Why did… why did you try to use my magic on that man?” she motioned towards the house, where she could sense her neighbor getting out of bed, wondering what had awoken him. “How did you use it?”

“I do not know,” said the duplicate. “I am not sure what to do. Using the magic seemed the most natural course of action, as you gave me no direction.”

Devika started to calm down, piecing things together. She’d just wished for someone to talk to, and had concluded that she could only really talk to herself. She hadn’t meant that literally, but apparently, the Magic reacted to grant her wish. She’d created a duplicate of herself with the Sex Magic!

Was this one of those Special Abilities some early bloomers develop? If so, what was she going to do with two of herself? Especially one who seemed like little more than a robot awaiting orders. Maybe this wasn’t permanent?

“Hang on,” she said. “I’d like to try something.” The duplicate nodded. “Okay. Go away now.” She concentrated on the duplicate disappearing. A moment later, it just vanished. She could sense the dispersing cloud of sexual energy that duplicate had been composed of, slowly absorbing into her body.

So she wasn’t just powerful enough to reach far and use spells with great accuracy. She could do things other women couldn’t at all, not unless they were one of the rare gifted ones. So was that all it was? She was one of the Special ones? Was there somewhere she could contact other Specials?

She put a hand to her head and shook it. Surely, even Special women couldn’t reach as far as she could. If she was Special, was the duplicate thing all she could do? She frowned, and decided heading back home and checking the internet was the only way she was going to find more answers.

As she headed home, she caught a sudden flare to her senses as she neared her house. Another of her neighbors four houses down was masturbating. She almost shut him out, but then paused. If she was going to find out more of about her abilities, she would need some energy to work with. She frowned, but then shrugged and decided it would be okay if she didn’t force anyone. As she went back home, she opened her senses, detecting hundreds of men from miles and miles around, all generating energy. Sex, masturbation, teasing spells, or just ceaselessly rock hard, all were venting energy. From all of them, she siphoned off a little bit of power, feeling it enter her body and well up quickly. Once she came home, she opened her laptop and started looking up what she could about the Special Powers.


Two hours later, she was soaring high in the sky, floating above the clouds. At one time, she might have been far more shocked than she was. She’d already experienced so much weirdness through the magic, and had already seen women flying through the air before, that the novelty wasn’t as thrilling as it might have been even just a few weeks ago. She gazed down upon the world, almost detached from it all. Up here, all she could see was terrain, though she could still sense the many men, and their poor, suffering penises, shining in her mind like tiny stars in her sexual senses. It was almost too abstract to be awed. And flying so high was the least of her abilities, as she’d quickly discovered.

She’d tried it all. She’d gone outside and hefted a truck over her head when she was sure no one was looking. For a moment, she’d felt resistance, but it seemed that once she decided to do something, the magic took over. She’d felt no more strain than picking up a book. When she launched into the sky, she’d stayed too high up for anyone looking to be likely to spot her. While up here, she held out her hands, and pushed the energy from her palms while thinking of heat and electricity. An enormous gout of flame erupted from one hand, while a bolt of lightning flew from the other.

She’d rendered herself invisible. She’d made herself grow and shrink in size. She’d turned herself into a cat, then a tree, then back to human. She’d duplicated herself a dozen times, then reabsorbed them. With an almost morbid curiosity, she’d bitten down on her own finger, cutting through her own flesh straight to the bone. She’d felt almost no pain, and when she pulled her bleeding finger away, she watched as the flesh reknit itself within seconds. All this from just a little bit of energy siphoned off from some cocks. Hundreds of cocks, to be sure, but even with a truckload of energy, most Special women claimed to need a considerable effort to perform their abilities.

She was different. She wasn’t a normal woman, not even just a Special woman. She alone, as far as she knew, had been blessed with power far above that of anyone on Earth. The power had singled her out for greatness. She had become a Goddess.

And the thought terrified her. If she really was a Goddess, where could she go for answers?

It had been some time since she had prayed. When she was little, her grandfather, rest his soul, had taken her to the small Zoroastrian fire temple where he had prayed to Ahura Mazda, the Creator, from which all that was Good and Light originated. Her grandfather’s faith had been strong, and for the brief time she’d been able to know him, he had attempted to impress upon her the teachings of his faith: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

Devika felt a little ashamed as she stood across the street from the temple’s entrance, staring at the doors. Nominally a Zoroastrian herself, her family had never been particularly spiritual, and she’d never been back to church. Her parents hadn’t been particularly interested in taking her, her friends were of different religions, and she had felt too awkward as a child going by herself. And then she’d become a teenager, and other things were on her mind. And then, five years ago, Sex Magic had appeared, and somehow, the idea of a patriarchal God watching over His children just didn’t seem very convincing, as women the world over brought men to heel by teasing their cocks.

Nonetheless, she took a breath and entered the temple. The small temple was sparsely occupied when she entered, with two old men near the front, and an old woman who sat a couple rows back. A young man in priest’s robes was checking that the chalice upon the altar had sufficient fuel to maintain its fire, the symbolic light to which the faithful prayed. There was no service at the moment, and the other people in the room paid her no mind. Devika sat at the backmost row of chairs and stared at the flame.

She wasn’t really sure what to do or say. She’d forgotten the proper prayers. She didn’t really believe in any of this. But if she was a Goddess, where else was she to go for guidance? She felt… well, tired wasn’t really the word. Overwhelmed? Frazzled? Anxious? Under normal circumstances, she might have taken a nap and just slept it off, but she didn’t think sleep was ever going to be an issue again. Perhaps prayer, or meditation, would be something, even if she knew no one would answer her. So she sat, and stared at the flame, and tried to calm her thoughts. Focus on the light, and the purity it represented. Forget the Magic. Just be calm.

Devika let her thoughts drift…


The monster woman had cleared away the bodies of the creatures within the chamber of living wood. The pile of demons and monsters and weirdly advanced technological junk formed a large pile at the far end of the room.

The woman was sitting on a chair that it took Devika a moment to realize was the twisted forms of two vaguely man-shaped creatures. Their thick, muscular bodies were twisted into one another like pretzels, their blade like fingers and toes gnarled into balls which held up their weight, forming the short legs of the chair. Two of their legs, Devika couldn’t tell which belonged to whom, were bent up to form arm rests, while two others reached up forming the back of the chair. The contraption of twisted flesh looked like a mockery of a throne. The faces of the demon-men could be seen on the sides of the chair, agape in alternating looks of agony... and pleasure.

The demon men were alive and feeling unspeakable sensations. The red-skinned monster woman sitting upon the throne was using her tail to lightly caress a protruding organ jutting to one side of the flesh throne, and every stroke brought a shuddering gasp of sensual ecstasy from one of the faces. But every moment the tail wasn’t touching the protrusion, the face twisted back into one of terrible pain, gasping as if the creature had not the breath to scream. Devika didn’t need a second look to know the protrusion was some kind of penis, even though it didn’t really look like one, bent and knotted as it was.

The other on the chair’s side was in a similar situation, though from her angle, Devika couldn’t quite see what the monster woman was doing to the thing. What she did see was the woman lowering her talon-like finger tips down past the armrest, and she could hear a wet sound, like a knife cutting through meat. As her hand lowered, the other face also rasped in ecstasy. But when the woman raised her fingers, dripping with black fluid, the face gnarled into pain.

Despite her expert ministrations upon the two creatures she’d turned into her personal throne, the monster woman looked downright bored. She rested her other arms elbow on an armrest, curled her fingers into a fist, her talons retracted, and rest her chin upon it. She stared in the middle distance as she casually tortured the creatures she was sitting on.

And then, the woman’s gaze flickered over to Devika. Once again, Devika found herself no longer just viewing the dream, or vision, or whatever it was, and instead was an active player within it. But she was paralyzed in place with fear. The monster-woman smiled and she sat up in her seat, pulling her tail and other hand away from their tasks. The demon-men beneath her writhed in agony, hissing their pain. Then, the woman stood, stepping toward Devika, and the two bound creatures let out a death rattle, and the faces sagged. Their skin turned ashen, and there was no mistaking that they had died, as if the only thing that had been keeping them alive was the monster-woman’s touch.

Speaking off, the woman had been even taller than she’d looked, towering over Devika by at least two meters. However, with every step, she began to shrink, shorter and shorter, until Devika’s eyes were “merely” at her chest level.

The monster woman leaned forward and cupped Devika’s chin in her hand, leaning close. Her crimson skin felt hot, and her breath smelled faintly of sweet, alluring perform, tinged faintly with a metallic hint of blood.

Devika barely noticed, however, as she found herself lost in the woman’s viper-like golden eyes, which seemed to bore into her very soul. The woman smiled, revealing fangs, and a forked, black tongue, that flickered out and caressed Devika’s face.

“Devika…” the woman whispered, her voice resonating through Devika’s mind, like a bass speaker rattling her skull. The vibration of her voice felt good, making her entire body bloom with pleasure. She felt herself grow instantly wet with desire. And yet, it also stung hotly, too intense, too quickly.

“Little Goddess…” the woman said, and the wave of pure, aching arousal flooded Devika’s senses once more. Devika let out a small whimper, feeling her body go slack, but the woman held her up by her chin. She also raised a finger, and extended one of her wicked talons towards her forehead. “I recognize something in you… yessss…”

The tip of the claw penetrated Devika’s forehead, sliding in like a hot needle through butter, piercing flesh and bone and brain with ease. And yet, it didn’t hurt. Instead, Devika felt the purest pleasure she’d ever encountered. Better than any time she’d masturbated, better than the euphoric rush of all the needy energy the boys gave off. The girl bucked and writhed helplessly, fluid gushing from her legs as her entire body was locked in a state of orgasmic reflex.

“This is my handiwork,” the woman said, pulling out her talon after a moment. The hole it had punctured in Devika’s head healed as she withdrew, leaving no mark behind, but Devika hung limp, eyes rolled back, drooling over the woman’s hand, body twitching in the aftershocks of a climax so intense, it should have instantly killed her.

The woman smirked at the girl and let go of her, dropping her like a ragdoll onto the living wood floor of the chamber. Devika gasped and twitched, as if in the throws of a seizure, and the monstrous woman just watched her with a smile. She licked the talon that had pierced Devika’s head.

“Hmmm… Sex Magic…” the woman tapped her chin in thought. “Huh. Strange. I thought you were one my Lust Walkers for a moment. But no, this is… different. Based on my work, but, not quite the same. Still, not a bad modification. Certainly a very interesting variant. Very cute.” She chuckled. “Still, if one wanted a female-exclusive sex curse, I’d have stuck the chimera-plagues I tried on that one world. Now that was a fun time! This Sex Magic is a little too silly for a serious conquest, don’t you think?”

Devika was slowly managing to get her wits about her. Her body still twinged, but her thoughts were becoming clearer. She was able to look up at the woman and focus on her. ‘Hh-hh-hhhh…h-h-who…?” she gasped.

Ignoring the question, the monster woman tapped her chin in thought. “I wonder who did it? That Civeron traitor, perhaps? He did take a keen interest in my Lust Walker curse. Or perhaps that slut Pixie who kept following me around like a groupie? So annoying, that one…”

Devika finally got her body under some control, and she struggled to get back to her feet. She made it to a sitting up position, felt her body twinge again, and had to settle for staying propped up on her elbows. “Huh…ha… who are… who are you…?” she hissed.

The woman looked down at her thoughtfully. “I wonder where you’re even from?” She held up the talon that had pierced Devika’s head, and licked it again, as if she could taste the memories right off of Devika’s brain fluid. “Earth…” she said softly, eyes widening. “Earth!” she looked at Devika with surprise. “But..” she licked the talon a third time, then her brow furrowed. “But… no their Earth…” She looked behind her. Devika followed her gaze to the small pile of blacked bone and ash, where in the earlier vision, the red gateway had been standing.

The woman turned back to Devika and smiled again, her features brightening with sinful delight. “I see… when I was banished, I not only was sent to another planet, but to another dimension entirely. No wonder my Great and Wondrous Lord could not find me.”

“What are you… talking about…?” said Devika, trying again to get to her feet. “Start… making… sense!” With a huff, she staggered upright, gained her balance, and stood. She was still stooped over, hands resting on her knees, catching her breath. “What are you saying? Who are you? What do you know about Sex Magic?”

“You don’t have any defenders, do you?” said the woman, grinning from ear to ear. Literally. The edges of her mouth extended further than her lips, peeling back to reveal rows of pointed teeth, in a shark-like grin. “No superheroes. No sorcerers. Just people. Just mortals. And half of you tainted with my own magic. And you, my Little Goddess, so filled my power, you can see me across the veil. And I can see you. I can touch you, in your mind.” Her grin grew impossibly wider as she reached for Devika’s face once more.

Devika cried out and leaped away from the monster-woman’s touch. Even through her paralyzing presence, Devika didn’t dare allow her to be touched again. “No! NO! Go away! Leave me alone! Take your power back if you must, but leave me alone!”

The woman just laughed. “My child, you don’t understand the gravity of your position. My power is in you. It is in all of you. It is only because it has been tampered with by another hand, that you do not immediately just bend to my will. But trust me, my Little Goddess. You are the key to my lock. You are all my back door. Through you, I will be free!”

“NO!” shrieked Devika, closing her eyes and willing herself to somehow, someway, wake up from this vision.

Her eyes snapped open and she was staring up at the ceiling. For a moment, she thought she’d fallen onto the floor, but she could not feel the concrete beneath her. Her hair was hanging behind her, and she realized she was floating. Quickly, she righted herself in mid-air, and touched down on the floor. There was a roaring in her head, and she stumbled when she touched the ground. The sound was crashing into her mind from everywhere, all at once, as was a rush of euphoric energy, as though she were bathing in the frustration of millions of men, all edging for her. And not just men. She could feel the fuzzier, weaker signals of women.

Shut them out! Shut them out! Devika moaned loudly with the effort, closing her senses. It was difficult this time, like trying to force closed a door as an angry mob pounded upon it. But she was a Goddess, she reminded herself. A Sex Mage Goddess. The magic would obey her, because it must! And so she tightened her senses. Tighter. Tighter. Quiet down. Close. Calm. Focus. Tune down the dials. For several minutes, she wound her senses down, dulling the signals and the rush of energy, until finally, finally, all was still.

Devika collapsed onto her knees on the floor, sobbing with the sheer trauma of so much sensation, and of the horrible vision she’d just had. She turned her gaze to the flaming chalice, the symbol of a God she’d never believed in, and wept. “Why me?!” she cried. “Why did this happen to me? Why aren’t you there? Why won’t you fix this? What was that woman? A Daeva? A Demon? If something like that is real, if this disgusting magic is real, then why aren’t you?”

She stormed up to the alter, grabbed one of the chairs from the front row, and held it above her head. “Are any of you? Ahura Mazda? Buddha? Indra? Allah? I’ll even take fucking Zeus! Are any of you out there, or are we trapped in Hell with the demons?” She grit her teeth, tears streaming down her face. “Or are we the demons? Answer me! One of you answer me!”

The burning vessel gave no answers, only the soft crackle of its flame. Devika let out another cry and smashed the chair against the chalice, spilling it upon the floor. Burning pieces of wood guttered upon the concrete, and the large metal vessel dented upon the floor. As she watched the chalice rock on the floor, she only then noticed the priest lying on the floor, twitching.

He was staring glassy-eyed at the ceiling, his erection tenting his robes, gasping shallowly. Devika blinked, and ran to him, she opened her senses a crack to check him over. She flinched as she sensed the agonizing roil of sexual fury burning along his every nerve. She caught the scent of his semen and noticed his robe was drenched in his fluids, and yet his cock was still jerking, trying to give more.

Now that Devika listened, she could hear the whimpers of others. She looked up and saw the two old men, and the old woman, also on the floor, quivering. Another slight widening of her senses told Devika they were in storms of sexual torment as well.

It was her fault. She knew it. While she was in the trance of her vision, perhaps when the demon woman had pierced her brain and caused her to go into a fit of orgasmic seizure, Devika’s own body had unleashed a wave of the magic. The roar of so many signals rushing her when she’d awakened. Oh God…

She opened her senses fully once more, and even through she was braced for it, she still felt it strike her like a truck hitting her whole body. She dashed from the temple. Everyone around her was on the ground, twitching and gasping. She didn’t want to think about the people who weren’t moving.

With a cry, she shot into the sky, blasting upwards like a rocket. She could sense them all, millions of people consumed by her sensual commands, triggered by the demon woman. Her body was crackling with the lust and orgasmic energy of men and women all across her country, the energy manifesting and arcing off her body like mystical lightning. She could sense more adding to the wave, and realized that her power had triggered some kind of chain reaction. Men fell to her commands, and women around them were overwhelmed with the strength of their signals, falling to the ground, and broadcasting them to others in turn. Half of India was collapsing into a sexual coma.

Even women who did not yet have the magic were being affected, the wave of power sparking their power with a tremendous jolt, artificially boosting their potential beyond their peers. First ten, then a hundred, then a thousand. Devika could see them all, shining like brilliant stars in her senses, even among the boiling sea of sexual power widening below her.

Would those women be strong, like her? Had her power just cursed them to be like her? “Stop!” gasped Devika, staring down at the world as she flew ever higher, so higher that sky around her turned black, and the curve of the earth could be seen. She wasn’t sure just how many kilometers high she was, but she could feel the naked energy of the sun, and she could see the whole of the continent below her, the clouds spinning lazily across. The air was so thin, her words vanished at her lips. Dimly, she was aware she should be dead; she was so high, no human should have survived. But the energy of millions empowered her with seeming immortality, along with everything else.

“STOP!” she screamed into the void. “MAKE IT STOP!” She tried to do something, anything, with her power, tried to yank the energy away, try to shut down the storm before it could spread farther and farther. But it was too late, even for her. The cascade had spread too far.

Tears evaporated in the void as they left her eyes. “Please… someone… make it stop…”

I can do it,” whispered a familiar voice in her mind. Devika blinked, and at the edges of her vision, the ghostly vision of crimson hands clasped her shoulders. “I can make it stop. I can pull the energy away. I can do it, if you help me.”

Devika whirled around in the void, but the monster-woman, the demon, wasn’t there. Yet she could still feel the hands on her shoulders, and the sinfully soft warmth of her lips on her ear. “Little Goddess… reach for the power… don’t try to stop it, just pull it towards you… and I will do the rest…”

“NO!” screamed Devika, bunching her hands into fists and shaking her head violently. “Not you! Anyone but you!”

“Well, that’s just mean,” chuckled the demon. “You also have no idea how much worse the alternatives could be.”

“I won’t work with a demon!”

“Well, your gods certainly aren’t going to help you. They aren’t even real. But I am.”

“And your evil! I could tell just looking, but when you touched me, pierced me, I could feel it! All the pleasure you can create, and you use it to torture entire worlds! You say the Sex Magic wasn’t your idea, that someone just copied your curses, and look what it’s doing to my planet!”

The demon laughed in her mind and Devika let out a cry as she felt her brain rattle in her skull. “Yes, it’s quite impressive, isn’t it? Obviously, there are a few glitches in the system. I wouldn’t have fashioned something so inelegant, but I suppose you can only expect so much from second-hand work. I suppose it’s worked out for me, though, hasn’t it? Out of billions of women, eventually one awakened with enough raw power, enough intuition, that without even intending to, she could back-traced the magic to me, across the veil of dimensions, just when I needed someone to spring me from my new prison.”

Devika shook her head again. “No… I can’t…”

The phantom hands grabbed her shoulders, spun her,  and forced her to look at the Earth. More and more lust energy was reaching, even this high up from the planet. The hellish wave of sexual power had almost swallowed all of India, and was pushing into its neighboring countries. “They’re dying, Little Goddess. I can save them. I will save them. You have my word, but you must set me free first. If you don’t, you will have killed them all.”

Devika grit her teeth. “This isn’t my fault. You made me do this, when you had me in that trance!”

You’re the idiot who decided to go praying for answers to imaginary idols, when you had the magic of a demon-goddess within you.”

“You’re the whole reason the Magic exists!”

“But not the reason it’s on your planet. And if I had been the one to attempt a direct conquest of your world, rest assured, it would have been far, far worse than this.”

Devika shivered in place, the phantom touch of the demon-goddess making her tremble in fear, even as the grim view of the world her senses gave her made her shake with rage. There was nothing she could do. Nothing at all. No gods would save her. No superheroes were going to appear in the nick of time. There was only herself, powerless to stop what she had been used to set in motion, and the demon-goddess whispering in her ear.

If she was lucky, the power wouldn’t spread across the ocean. The Americas might be spared. Maybe Australia, if all traffic was shut down. Antarctica and the ISS, certainly, for whatever that was worth. But at the rate the wave was spreading, all of Afro-Eurasia, three whole continents worth of people, would be fried before any kind of evacuation could begin.

Two-thirds of the world, dead by week’s end, all because, of all the women in the world, Devika Sai just happened to be the anomaly that an alien monster could take advantage of. She grit her teeth. They were doomed anyway. Life under the heel of a demon was at least living of a sort. She prayed that the dead wouldn’t turn out to be the lucky ones, and said, “What do I do?”

She feel the demon-woman smile. “Pull the magic towards you, as much as you can. Funnel it back to me. I will handle the rest.”

Devika somehow let out a breath in the airless void, and reached her hands to the world. She opened the floodgates of her senses and pulled the energy of millions, almost a billion people, writhing and thrashing and screaming and crying in orgasms and arousal so intense, only the magic itself kept them alive long enough to experience the sensations, until even the magic couldn’t keep them going. As she did so, she felt the demon woman behind her, and she pushed the magic towards her.

Her awareness dissolved into a light and sound only her mystic senses could see, but which sundered her physical senses nonetheless. She felt like a tiny cork floating in the ocean during a storm, tossed and hurled and soaked and shocked and crushed in the seemingly endless torrent of energy. Even as a Goddess of this strange sexual magic, she felt as though she was being torn asunder. Her vision grew dark even, as she felt the phantom hands of the demon woman grow more solid, and could hear her laughter tearing into her brain…

Devika groaned awoke, feeling tall grass beneath her, the hot sun on her back, and a gentle breeze all along her body. She realized she was naked, and outside, and she sprang up, on her hands and knees, looking around, confused. She was on a hill, in hip-high golden grass, beneath a tall, lanky tree, overlooking what appeared to be a savannah. As her eyes adjusted to see a giraffe and some zebras in the distance, she was very aware she was far from home. But certainly closer than she had been when she was last conscious.

“Nice place, this,” said a voice, resonant as before, but not as painful. Devika jumped and gawked up at the monster woman who leaned on the tree. She was twelve feet tall now. “Almost as hot as my home planet. The animals are cuter, though. Quite annoyingly so. I wonder how that long-necked thing would look if I added some spines and two more heads and some wings. And some fire breath, because why the hell not?” The crimson-skinned demon woman continued. She smiled down at Devika.

“What happened?” said Devika, warily. “Did you stop it?”

“Yes, yes, I held up my end, Little Goddess,” said the woman. She shrank herself down until she was only as tall as Devika, meeting her eye level. Of course, with the wings, tail, and broader stature, she still seemed to loom over the girl. “I stopped the wave of sexual energy. Everyone who was affected by it is now normal and healthy again. Most don’t even remember what happened, they just remember passing out suddenly, then waking up, feeling quite refreshed. I’m sure your government will come up with some kind of cover story. Oh, and as I bonus, I resurrected everyone who died. You’re welcome.”

Devika stared at her, open mouthed. “You really did it? You did all of that? There were almost a billion affected!”

The woman shrugged. “Well, it was my magic used as a baseline. It was considerably easy for me to manipulate.”

“But you even resurrected the dead?!”

The demon shrugged again. “Corpses aren’t much fun to fuck.”

Devika blinked, unsure how to answer that. She bowed her head. “So, what will you do now? I suppose you’re going to take our world?”

The demon tapped a long talon against her chin, as if giving the matter some thought, then said, “Nah. I’ve had my fill of Earths for a while, frankly. And besides, someone else probably has this one in their sights, if a modification of my curse is already here. Although I would like to know just who the hell was tinkering with my work. Fuck fair use, this is down right plagiarism! What will my colleagues think? What will my Lord think?”

Devika raised her head, eye brows raising. “Colleagues? Lord? Wh—”

The demon smirked and held up a hand to silence her. “Little Goddess, for your own paltry sanity, you do not want me to answer those questions.”

“But you said someone else has their sights set on my world. So the Sex Magic, its part of some plan, then? It was brought here on purpose?”

The demon shook her head. “I don’t actually know and I don’t really care. What I do care about is that I’m free from that Tomb, with my full power intact. I spent decades on that other Earth, deprived of my true abilities. And as soon as I finally got them back, I was immediately be imprisoned! Those damn Centurions!” She struck the nearby tree with her fist, making it shake so hard, Devika thought it would fall clean over. “If you hadn’t showed up right after, and provided me with continent’s worth of lust energy, I don’t even know what I would’ve done!”

Devika blinked and shook her head, confused. “Centurions? You mean like the comic book? What does that—?”

The demoness looked at her with a bit of surprise, then laughed, a short, sharp utterance that made Devika flinch with pain. “HA! Really? They’re a comic book here? What are the odds?”

Devika sighed, exasperated. “Alright, fine, I don’t want to know. But, listen, if you can control the magic so well, and if it was brought here without your consent, are you able to get rid of it?”

The demon smirked again. “Why? Don’t you like it? Especially you, for whom the power is so strong?”

“NO! It’s too strong! I almost murdered half the world with it!”

The demon laughed again. “Well, don’t worry. I tweaked the magic just a bit. Something like that cascade effect shouldn’t ever happen again. I mean, what’s the fun of sex powers if they end up killing everybody? So, even if you have another freak out, that sort of thing shouldn’t happen. Not unless, I suppose, you really want it to.”

She paused, then said, “Or unless someone keeps fucking with the fundamental essence of the magic. But I can already tell it’s designed to elude your science and technology, so you should be alright.” She paused again, then said, “Maybe try not to do any weird cloning projects with it. Those never end well, no matter what kind of magic is involved.”

Devika put her hands to her head, as though it were throbbing. “Alright, okay, so, you’re just going to leave the world like this, then?”

“Well, of course, I am evil, remember?” said the demon with a sneer. “Anyway, it’s been annoying meeting you, Little Goddess, but you did prove very useful to me, so I suppose I’m feeling a bit more charitable usual. Be grateful I don’t just take over whatever operation is going on around here. My version of a Sex Mage World would be considerably more vicious.” The demon turned and held out a finger, one elongated talon held out. With a push, the talon seemed to pierce the very air. As the demon dragged her finger down, glowing red tear opened in the space before her, as if she were cutting away the skin of the world. When the slit was tall enough, the demon slid her fingers into it, pulling the sides of the tear, and it widened into an oval of rippling red. She glanced back to Devika. “Have fun, my child. Try to enjoy yourself, before—well, no spoilers, huh?”

“Wait!” said Devika. “This is Africa! Why did you dump me here?”

“I wanted a private conversation, and also, I’m bitch. Good luck finding a cock to fly with in the wilds!”

“Can I at least get your name?” said Devika.

The demon, already halfway through the mystical door, paused, then turned back, and sneered. “No.” Then she stepped the rest of the way through, and the tear snapped shut, sealing up like a zipper, and vanishing into a point. Devika sighed and looked around, thankful to be rid of the insidious creature, but still brimming with questions.

Devika sat down and concentrated, a casting her senses as far as they could reach, until finally, almost a thousand kilometers away, she sensed a cock she could tease a bit for the energy to fly. Once air born, she shot towards home with the speed of a rocket, sipping more bits of energy from men as she went. She was relieved as she sensed her home country, where life had already returned to normal. She could already sense her family and friends, carrying on as if nothing had really happened. The whole affair already felt like a dream.

But she knew better. She knew where the Magic had come from, even if indirectly. She knew that she was still the most powerful woman on Earth, but remembered seeing the sparks of other potentials, triggered during the wave. There would be others like her very soon. Would they all have her good intentions in mind?

Moreover, the demon may not have been sure of the bigger picture, but Devika was. Something had brought Sex Magic here, something with a nefarious purpose. She had no idea where to start, but something was going to have to be done. She, with her power and her knowledge, would need to prepare for the future, for whatever strange and terrible forces were coming. And her first task would be to recruit some help.