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Tyrga walked slowly through the book store, patiently waiting for his charge to finish her shopping. The young lady he was escorting was off in the comic book section, lost in her reading as she skimmed through various graphic novels to buy. Tyrga wasn’t much into comics himself, and so he stayed where he could keep an eye on her, but skimmed the shelves around him to see if there were any books of interest. He wasn’t much of a reader of normal books, either, frankly.
Still, as he searched, his gaze fell upon a small section containing Demihuman literature. Tyrga’s eyebrow’s raised at that. It was the only set of shelves to feature such books, and some of them were even written in High Zoan, the “common” Demihuman language. It was nice to see such things; Demihuman art was rarely promoted in stores.
Tyrga skimmed the titles on the shelves. Most were autobiographies, telling of Demihumans who had struggled through the harrowing conditions of the Forbidden Continent, before being rescued by humans, only to then live as servants to the humans. Tyrga had read enough of those growing up. While they could be inspiring, after a while, they all ended up following the same formula, and more than a few of them were overall depressing reads. Tyrga did notice a couple fantasy novels, but he wasn’t really interested in those things. He was about to give up and turn back to skimming other works, when one title caught his eye.
Demi-Love: A Guide to Cross-Species Relations. Tyrga’s eyebrows raised again. What was this now? He picked up the book. The title was in gold, curvy script, overlaying a cover which depicted an artfully shaded photograph of a nude couple. The woman was a human leaning back against her partner, with one arm raised to cup his cheek while she leaned back for a kiss, another extended back to grasp his buttocks. The man, however, was a Rouccuan, a catlike Demihuman just like Tyrga himself. The Rouccuan hugged the human from behind, pressing his front against her back. One arm was wrapped over her breasts, while the other slid down her belly, the hand covering her sex. His tail curled around her thighs, as he leaned his head over her shoulder to kiss her.

Well, now. This was an unexpected find. Especially here in Bellamy of all places. In recent years, Bellamy had lifted the requirements that a Demihuman had to be owned by a human to live and work in the country, but the old stigmas and social dynamics between humans and Demihumans still held strong. Demihumans basically still had to work as servants and grunt labor if they wanted to work at all. Intimate relationships between the species were still quite taboo, at least in the public eye. It was frankly astounding that a book promoting Human-Demihuman relations would ever see print, much less distribution in this country. Maybe it got here by mistake?
His curiosity got the better of him. Tyrga opened the book to give it a glance through. It was divided into sections by Demihuman type, first Rouccuan, then Lopfollo, then Aevir, then Worgen, then Mantarra, and so on, twelve listed in total. Each section had drawn figures of each type, detailing certain sexual quirks and positions ideal for each different Demihuman. The advice was primarily aimed for how a human could make love to a Demihuman, not just tricks one could perform, but also safety pre-cautions. Most Demihumans were easily three to five times stronger than humans and sported claws, fangs, or both. It wouldn’t do for one to break the bones of a human lover or slice them open in the heat of the moment.
“Whatcha got there?” said a familiar voice from just to his right.
Tyrga resisted the urge to jump. He clapped the book shut, quickly placing it back on the shelf. He cleared his throat and was glad the short, fine hair that covered his body hid the flush to his cheeks he could feel. “An amusing, and unexpected, joke book,” said Tyrga to his escortee.
“Joke book, huh?” she eyed the title of the work. Tyrga had placed it on a higher shelves, but his mistress, a petite, slender woman whose head barely reached his chest, stood up on her tip-toes and snatched the book down. Her eyes widened mischievously. “Goodness! I didn’t know such things interested you!” She looked up at him, grinning. Tyrga could see the gears turning in the nineteen-year-old’s head as she thought up some new mischief.
“Please do not mention this to you parents, Miss Kayla,” he said. “They might get the wrong idea.”
“And what sort of idea would that be?” she said.
“You saw the book. Need I elaborate?”
“I think I’d like it if you would.”
Tyrga sighed. He really wanted no part of what Kayla was scheming. “Are you finished shopping, Miss?”
“Oh, poo, don’t just drop the subject!” she pouted. “And don’t get all formal with me, you know I hate that!”
“Alright, alright, just put the book back, please,” said Tyrga.
Kayla frowned and looked the book over, turning it in her hand. “I think I want to buy it,” she said.
Tyrga’s eyes widened slightly. “Please don’t.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it hidden,” she said. “And if they find it, I’ll just say I found it myself or one of my friends snuck it in my bag before I came back from school as a joke.”
Tyrga closed his eyes and took a moment to center himself. “Kayla, I appreciate your sense of curiosity, but I do not think that would be wise.”
Kayla’s eyes widened. “Do you, I mean, is there something going on? Something you don’t want my folks finding out?” Her gaze was joined by an excited grin. “Oh my gosh, do you have a girlfriend?! A hu—” Tyrga’s eyes snapped open and stared at her with the fierceness of the wildcat he somewhat resembled. Kayla clamped her mouth shut and nervously looked around. She lowered her voice to a whisper, “A, you know, girlfriend?” She tapped the book meaningfully and raised an eyebrow at him.
Tyrga composed himself, eyes briefly darting around for a moment. No one seemed to be paying attention to them, and no one was immediately nearby. He lowered his own voice. “No, I do not have a girlfriend, of any kind,” he said.
Kayla frowned again. “That’s sad,” she said. “I had a boyfriend back at school, but we broke up before I moved back. I mean, it wasn’t serious, but we had fun. I guess we were just lovers, not really a couple, but I miss him already, y’know?”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Tyrga. “But please, put the book back.”
“My parents didn’t know about him,” she said. “Because, um...” she looked around again and lowered her voice a touch more. “Because he was, well, he was a Lopfollo.”
Tyrga blinked. He stared at the young woman. A Lopfollo. Just as Tyrga, a Rouccuan, sported cat-like features, the Lopfollo race sported rabbit-like ones. He’d never pegged Kayla for, well, a girl who was into that sort of thing.
“We had to keep it hidden, of course,” said Kayla, ignoring his reaction. “Mom and Dad would probably kill me. That’s why I never said anything about it. But, y’know, this book could have some interesting pointers.”
Tyrga blinked again, then resisted the urge to sigh. “I’m happy you found someone to have fun with, but if you know how your parents would feel about such a thing, then you know what sort of conclusions they might draw, if they come back from their business trip, and they find this book in your room, and they know it’s just been the two of us at your home.”
Kayla gave him a confused look for a moment, then her eyes went wide as saucers. She clapped a hand over her mouth as she made a sound not unlike a squeak. “Oh, gosh! I didn’t even think about that!” she stared at him, as if stunned he would even suggest such a thing. And then her look a shock slowly melted into that mischievous grin and that twinkle in her eye returned.
Tyrga resisted the urge to swallow nervously, even as the words, “oh, no” flashed through his mind. He was actually only three years older than Kayla herself. Despite Tyrga’s trained gentlemanly bearing, he’d always felt more comfortable around Kayla just due to their near ages, even if her flighty nature did tend to put him on edge once in a while. But he had never felt that kind of comfortable.
“Tyrga,” she said softly. “My parents aren’t going to be back for another week.”
Tyrga snatched the book out of her hand, put it on the shelf, and gently, but firmly, grabbed her by the shoulder, guiding her to the check out lane. Kayla let herself be pushed along. “We are leaving,” said Tyrga. “Make your purchase and let’s go.”
Kayla was about to protest, but as they neared the line, she knew better than to keep the conversation going. Tyrga waited stoically beside her as she bought her comics, then walked her straight to the car.
The moment the doors of the vehicle shut, Kayla continued, “Look, I’m just throwing this out there, alright? I’ve always thought you were cute, y’know? I mean, I didn’t think of you that way before because, well, until I had sex with that Lopfollo boy, that sort of thing didn’t even occur to me before. But, I mean, y’know...” she trailed off and motioned to him. Tyrga was tall, muscular, and his fur had a tiger-like pattern to it, white on the front, orange with black stripes along the back, limbs, tail, and hair, and his eyes were a deep gold. Kayla gazed at him with very appreciative look.
Tyrga looked back with a less enthusiastic appraisal. Her lithe frame, fair skin, luxurious mane of auburn hair, a light smattering of freckles along her arms and face, and her piercing green eyes might have been quite attractive, if she were another Rouccuan. But she was a human, and Tyrga just didn’t find humans attractive.
“Kayla, no,” he said. “Even if I was interested, and I’m not, I am not the sort of man who just wants a quick fling. Especially not to be someone’s fallback option because her last lover ditched her.”
I broke it off with him, actually,” she said. “Too risky while we were apart. It’s not like he could visit. And he’ll be living in a different city by the time I get back.”
“That changes nothing,” said Tyrga. “I’m flattered if you are genuinely interested, but I must decline.”
Kayla crossed her arms and pouted. “Fine,” she said. “Jeez. Prude.”
“There’s nothing prudish about just not wanting it,” said Tyrga.
Kayla glanced at him, her pout lessening slightly. After a moment’s pause, she said, “I’m sorry. You’re right. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that.” She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. “Gosh, you must think I’m a slut, huh? Just jump into bed with anybody.”
“Do you?” said Tyrga, not falling for the obvious bait.
Kayla scoffed. “No! I’ve only slept with like five guys so far.” She paused, then counted off her fingers as she went through her memories. “Okay, seven if you count blowjobs. I also I let that one boy jerk off while I watched.”
Tyrga cleared his throat. “I really don’t need details of your sex life, thank you.”
Kayla grinned sheepishly. “Right. Sorry. Anyway, that’s not a lot for one year, right?”
Tyrga shrugged. “I confess I am not fully educated in human sexual habits.”
“I’m not a slut!” she said, pouting again.
“I didn’t say you were, and I wouldn’t care if you,” he said. “My job is to make sure your home is clean and secure, and that you don’t get into trouble.” He paused. “Well, I suppose that means I would care if you were sneaking off to sleep with random strangers. Please do not do that while you are home.”
Kayla waved him off. “Relax, I don’t jump into bed with just anybody. I gotta be friends with them first.”
“You made a lot of friends,” said Tyrga.
“I consider you a friend.” Kayla gave him a bright smile.
Tyrga shook his head. “Please drop that line of thinking.”
Kayla’s smile became a sly smirk. “Nope! I think that’s going to be my new project. I’ll have you inside me before my parents get back home!”
Tyrga sighed again and focused on the road. The two were silent the rest of the way home, although Tyrga swore he could almost hear the gears turning in Kayla’s head.

A few days had passed since then, and Tyrga was outside, trimming the hedges. He did so shirtless and wearing only shorts, his short, fine fur enough of a covering on the warm summer day. As he expertly sheered off errant growths of the shrubbery with a slash of his claws, he heard faint footsteps in the grass. From the gait, he could tell it was Kayla, trying to sneak up on. What prank was she going to pull this time? Perhaps tie something to his tail again? He didn’t turn to face her, pretending to be busy, keeping his cat-like tail relaxed behind him. Just as he felt her reach out to touch him, he quickly snapped his tail up like a snake, and wrapped it around her wrist in a light grip. Rouccuan tails were not fully prehensile, but certainly had more flexibility and utility than a normal cat.
Tyrga spun, pulling Kayla’s arm with his tail, light enough not to hurt her, but firmly enough she couldn’t resist. Tyrga held out his arm to catch her. “Got yo—,” he began, only for his eyes to widen. He almost forgot to catch the young woman, and she fell awkwardly against his arm.
“Woah!” said a familiar voice from an unfamiliar body. Tyrga stared down at a rather voluptuous looking Rouccuan female, with dusky red fur, spotted like a leopard, and dressed only in a blue bikini. Her tail swished to try and help her balance as she stumbled, but he noted it had no real effect.
Tyrga carefully eased her back up onto her feet, blinking in surprise. Kayla grinned back at him, her now cat-like eyes almost shining a bright green. “Darn your kitty ears! It was more fun when you at least pretended not to hear me!”
Tyrga couldn’t take his eyes off her. Kayla looked the spitting image of a female Rouccuan. It wasn’t just a costume, either, but a fully realistic image. And yet, her voice had not changed, nor had her manner of walking, nor had her scent. Tyrga blinked again and frowned. “What’s this?” he said. “Some kind of magic spell?”
Kayla giggled and twirled. Her tail followed her motions, but there was a slightly floaty quality to it that just didn’t match up. Likewise, her cat like ears didn’t really move in the subtle ways they would on a real Rouccuan. “What do you think? Pretty good, huh?” she giggled again. “It’s a glamour spell.” She raised her hand and pointed to a ring. “Bought this off a friend in college. If I wear this, I can look like any particular image roughly my own size and shape. I have to sculpt it with my thoughts, but once a new image is set, it’ll make me look like that image whenever I put this on. I can change it, but it takes awhile to make a new form. I spent hours working on this one. Did I do a good job?”
“Ah,” said Tyrga, looking away. He could almost feel himself flush. “Yes. Very good.”
Kayla leaned forward and lowered her voice conspiratorially. “I used a few models from a, well, a very informative website.”
“I see,” said Tyrga.
“Oh, yes,” said Kayla. “Turns out, I didn’t need to buy that Demi-Love book at all. The whole thing is already free as a series of articles online!”
Tyrga glanced back at her and sighed. “So you’re still trying to seduce me, eh?”
Kayla smiled brightly. “Uh-huh! How am I doing?”
“I’m not going to instruct you on how to do that.”
“I mean, I know the illusion isn’t perfect, and I don’t smell like a Rouccuan girl, but come on, do I at least look the part well enough?”
“You look quite lovely, actually. If you stood still, I wouldn’t know the difference, just on looks.” Tyrga mentally winced. Why was he admitting that?
“Hey, it’s a start!” Kayla slinked over to him until her body brushed against his. “So. I know you’re not attracted to humans, but if I look like this, you can pretend a little, can’t you?”
Tyrga pushed her back, gently, but firmly. “I’m not sleeping with you,” he said in a tone of finality.
Kayla wasn’t impressed. “Oooh, you’re a tough nut to crack!”
“Will you please take my concerns seriously?” said Tyrga. He was grateful for the brick wall and short pine trees that gave them privacy in the large yard. “Look, we are not the same species. If you have been with a Demihuman, you know how frowned upon such relations are between our kinds. You might get a slap on the wrist if we are discovered. I could be tossed onto the street and as good as driven out of town. Your parents’ reputations may suffer, which may affect their careers. And even if you genuinely do not care about those kinds of big-picture concerns, just consider: do you really think, even if we were the same species, that your parents, my employers, would appreciate the hired help sleeping with their daughter?”
Kayla pouted once more. On the face of her Rouccuan image, Tyrga found the expression undeniably cute. “You’re a real buzz kill, you know that?” she said softly. “And too paranoid.”
Tyrga frowned a bit. “Perhaps. But I have good reason to be.”
Kayla shrugged and started to turn.
“Kayla?” he said. She turned back and cocked an eyebrow at him. “You know dressing up like a Demihuman does not change things.”
Kayla cocked her head to the side, and studied him for a moment, seeing the subtle nervousness he was trying to hide. Then, a hint of smile returned to her lips. “Keep telling yourself that,” she said. Then she winked at him, and darted off back to the house. Tyrga watched her go, trying not to watch her ass and almost-real-enough tail as she went.


The image of her stayed with him later that night, as he finished his duties, showered, and went to bed. He slept nude atop the covers, as was his custom, his fine layer of short fur keeping him warm enough. Or rather, he tried to sleep. Instead, he lay there, restless, drifting off, only for the idea of a Rouccuan Kayla to bloom in his mind. Without her physical presence to help break the illusion with subtle clues, he found the idea more and more compelling. He could fully imagine her as a Rouccuan girl, the body fully in synch with her voice, her giggle, her mischievous personality.
This wasn’t like him, he tried to reason with himself. He’d only known Kayla for a few years, and had never felt attracted to her. What was it about just putting a Rouccuan mask over her that suddenly made him intrigued?
Was he just shallow? Had Kayla been lucky and just happened to mold a form that happened to push all his sexual buttons? She said she’d based the image on models from what was probably an adult website. Obviously such girls would be tricked out to attract any number of men.
But Tyrga doubted it, really. Demihuman porn sites often trussed up their models in ways that they thought humans would like. Sexy poses and accessories that humans might think were exotically attractive, but that most Demihumans would just think were silly. The Rouccuan girl image had certainly been attractive by Tyrga’s standards, and its not like Kayla had tried emulating the slutty behavior of a porn star, she’d just acted like herself.
Was there something deeper? Had he, perhaps, always found something in her attractive, but never even recognized it just because she was human? Or perhaps, even ignoring the human aspect, Tyrga’s own since of duty to his job, and his desire not to be fired and blacklisted, had kept even the concept from bubbling up in his head. He’d known Kayla for three years, and he’d grown to think of her as a friend of sorts in that time. While she’d been away this past school year, he had found the place too quiet without her around.
Tyrga sighed and sat up in bed. He looked at the clock; just a couple hours until midnight. He wanted to be up early to finish the yard work tomorrow, but he wasn’t getting any sleep at this rate. With his employers out of town and Kayla usually happy to busy herself with her own tasks, Tyrga didn’t imagine sleeping in a little bit the next morning would be frowned upon.
Maybe if he just took care of his rather persistent urges, he’d be able to go to sleep. He went to his desk, clicked on the lamp, and turned on the computer. He had little use for it most days, but an internet connection would serve him well just now. He opened the browser and, feeling a little embarrassed, looked up “Rouccuan nudes.” Before him spread a plethora of images of Rouccuan females in various sensual poses. Tyrga frowned. None of these vulgar displays were particularly appealing; they were meant to titillate human observers.
Despite the common human belief, Demihumans were not particularly sexual creatures. On average, sex for Demihumans was for procreation purposes, and there was little drive for sex as recreation. If the average human male in the peak of their hormonal stages of life masturbated twice a day, the average Rouccuan male at such a peak would maybe bother to do a quick jerk off once a week. Exceptions existed of course, but humans were often baffled to discover that Demihumans often had little to no interest in sex for its own sake.
No, what drove Demihuman sexuality was often circumstantial, adapted for their survival, as many of their talents were. In the savage lands of Zoaheim, survival over hundreds of generations forced the Demihumans to procreate like mad, just to keep their numbers up. Rape and orgies had been all too common a means of ensuring the survival of their many species on the hellish continent. Scores of different species died out anyway, leaving the remaining handful to do whatever it took. Hence, the Demihuman meta-race had gained a lascivious reputation when humans had rediscovered them and bore witness to their fierce sexual engagements.
In the far safer, more civilized continents of Gran and Ashim, however, sex had become a tool of survival in a different way. Without the need to constantly replenish their numbers, Demihumans found a new purpose for sex. As a servant race to humanity, their survival depended on being useful their human masters. Even now, years after almost every human nation had given Demihumans their freedom, they remained, at best, second class citizens. Staying useful, providing service, that was how they continued on. And one thing humans were utterly obsessed with was sex.
Hence, websites and magazines featuring nude or scantily clad Demihuman women, videos of Demihumans engaged in sex with all manner of partners, be it Demihumans of the same or different sub-species, or even with humans. The funny thing was, 99% of the time, it was all just an act. Demihumans in porn acted in ways humans thought were sexy. Appealing to human sexuality was very lucrative for Demihumans, male or female, even despite, or perhaps because, of the massive taboo associated with such unions.
Other Demihumans didn’t find such seductions and games interesting. If you wanted children, you found someone to mate with and got it over with. If you happened to just want recreational sex, you found someone who also wanted it, usually someone who had the right look or display of skills, and you fucked. If you enjoyed it, you fucked a few more times. If not, you found someone else.
And, damn it all, that crazy Kayla girl had hit Tyrga’s buttons without even realizing it. He liked her already, and by just looking the part, she’d opened the window to the possibility. And now he couldn’t get her out of his head, even when looking at real Rouccuan girls.
Tyrga sighed, leaning back in his chair looking at his computer. His manhood remained semi-hard, looking at the images, but when he closed his eyes and imaged Kayla in his arms, he felt himself go fully stiff. He grit his teeth. He didn’t want to think about this. He knew he shouldn’t do this. If actually jerked off to thoughts of her, then he’d get the concept stuck in his head, and he wouldn’t be able to get it out his mind. He just needed to go back to bed, mentally relax, and let the thought simmer away.
Tyrga then jumped as he heard a soft knock on the door. “Tyrga?” came Kayla’s voice. “Hey, I can see a light under the door. You still awake?”
Tyrga silently cursed and turned off the computer. He slipped over to the doorway and spoke through it, not opening it. “I’m awake. What do you need, Kayla?”
“Well, I was thinking—” she started. “Hey, mind if I come in?”
“I’d prefer if you didn’t right now,” he said.
“Why?” she giggled. “Don’t want me to see you doing something naughty?”
Tyrga sighed. He grabbed a white, thick robe off the door hook and slipped it on, securing the belt so his cock was held back by it. Then he opened the door, and Kayla slid into the room, wearing the sleeveless, blue cloth dress that she wore as a nightgown. She smiled warmly at him. “Hi!”
“Hello,” he said. “What are you doing up?”
“Please, I’m still used to all-nighters at college,” she said. “For study and fun.”
“I bet.” Tyrga put his hands in his robe’s pockets and gaze her a bland expression. “So, what were you thinking about?”
“About you,” she said. She lowered her head, smiling bashfully. She clasped her hands behind her back and her right foot shifted back so she could work her toe back and forth a bit on the ground. “I know it’s dumb, and you’re worried, but I just can’t stop thinking about it!”
“Shy and coy isn’t going to sway me either,” he said. “Why can you not just take no for an answer?” He crossed his arms. Unfortunately, this shifted his robe a bit, and his cock, having shrunk a bit, popped lose. He was still more than hard enough for his organ to just out, tenting his robe.
Kayla’s eyes almost sparkled and she smiled brightly. “Because of that!” she said with a giggle, pointing at his erection.
Tyrga would have blushed if he could, but instead turned his back to her. He cleared his throat. “Kayla, please!”
Kayla stepped towards him. “Mom and Dad won’t find out. I promise. I promise, promise, promise!”
“Kayla…” he said with exasperation. He should have just grabbed her and shoved her out the door. And yet, somehow, he didn’t really want to. But he couldn’t let her know that.
“Tyrga? Please? Let me see it!” Tyrga looked over his shoulder and she was giving him puppy dog eyes.
“If I let you, will you please leave?” Kayla nodded eagerly, even as Tyrga cursed himself for blurting that out. But he wasn’t sure what else to do to get her to drop it.
Tyrga took a breath and turned. He let his robe slip off, and he was bare before her. Her eyes widened and she brought a hand to her mouth.  “Gosh, you’re so big! I’d heard Tauren and Rouccuans were the biggest, but goodness!”
“Yes, yes,” said Tyrga. “Now leave.”
“Can I touch it?” she said. She was already reaching out, but she hesitated a few inches from him. Tyrga, to his embarrassment, felt himself stiffen, going fully hard again. She grinned widely at him. “Is that a yes?”
“You said you would leave!”
Kayla’s grin became sly. “You don’t want me to.”
“Admit it,” she said. “That little glamour I put on really got to you.”
Tyrga swallowed. “Was there more to it?” he said. “There wasn’t some sort of love spell on that thing, was there?”
Kayla gave him a stunned look. “No! I would never!” But she grinned again. “Which just means you really do want me, huh?”
“I do not,” he said, not as firmly as he would have liked.
“Nonsense,” she said. She reached further, until her fingers were a hairsbreadth from touching his penis. Tyrga felt his breath quicken, and despite his mind’s protest, excitement welled up in him. His cock throbbed in anticipation. Tyrga grit his teeth. He should stop her. He had to stop her. If he let this continue, it might lead to problems he couldn’t fix.
And then, she was touching him. Her small hand gripped him softly but firmly. Pleasure tingled through him just from her touch. She smiled warmly at him, watching his face as she brought her other hand forward. Tyrga’s gaze flickered from her face to her hands upon his organ. He was large enough that she couldn’t fully clasp him with one hand, and so overlapped both to form a ring. With one thumb, she started to slowly rub him, just beneath the penishead.
Oh, mercy, that felt so good! He hadn’t touched himself for a couple of weeks as it was, and it had been several years since his last sexual encounter. Her touch was unfamiliar and exciting, and before he knew it, his cock was flexing in her hand. “Move!” he hissed, reaching out to shove her away.
She ducked down so he missed her, and his attempt to reach her gave him one good thrust into her hands. He let out a grunt, and then, he was ejaculating. Just before he shot, however, Kayla moved up the palm of her non-rubbing hand, and help it before the tip, catching the spray. She gave a small yelp at how forceful the shot was, semen splattering hand against her palm in rapid spurts. Some of it managed to reach between her fingers, and a few drops landed on her arm. The rest spattered on the floor as it ran off the heel of her palm.
Tyrga, in his climax, clutched at the nearest surface, and his right hand found the wall. His fingers dug into it, leaving small dents in the drywall. He claws extended, piercing the wall, and he growled. His left hand grasped at air, and he forced it down, gripping his leg.
And then it was over, and he was breathing heavily, the energy briefly drained from him. Kayla let go and pulled away, looking with amazement at the small puddle on the floor, and the goo caked on her hand.
Tyrga, his head clearing from the sexual high, frowned deeply, and looked away, ashamed. The girl had made him lose control of himself so easily and he’d let her.
“Wow,” she said. “That was, um, impressive!”
“You shouldn’t have done that,” he said. He pulled on his robe, hastily hiding his slowly shrinking organ.
“I think you needed it, with how much came out, so fa—uh—so forcefully,” said Kayla. She was holding her hand out and up, so no more of his semen would drop on her or the floor. “Um—I can grab a towel, or—”
“I’ll get it,” he said, his voice low and stern. “Just leave.”
Kayla blinked, then pouted. “Seriously? I do that for you, and I get nothing?”
“Do not guilt trip me,” he said. He stepped forward and pushed her firmly back towards the door. “You just molested me.”
Kayla gawked. “No! Tyrga!” She put her clean hand on his. “Tyrga wait!” He gave her a push, then slammed the door on her. He leaned back against the door. He listened to her try to form words, pace a bit, almost knock, then think better of it. Only when he heard her feet patter off down the hall did he let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding.
Tyrga looked at the puddle of cum, standing out brightly against the dark wooden floor, and felt a strong pang of regret. But truthfully, he wasn’t sure what exactly he was regretting; letting her touch him or not letting her continue. He made a small growl as he fetched a towel, then cleaned the mess. He went to sleep still dressed in his robe.

The next morning, Tyrga tried his best to avoid Kayla, quickly making his breakfast and taking it outside. He didn’t want to confront her about what happened, not sure of what to say. He felt bad and didn’t even really know why. As the thoughts churned in his head, he considered his last words. Had she really molested him? He had let her touch him. True, she was technically in a position of authority over him. He could reason to himself that, as the daughter of his employers, he was almost as duty-bound to follow her orders as he was her parents. He could have easily forced her away before she touched him, but been afraid he might hurt her in the excitement; he was many times stronger than her, and his claws could cut like razors. She knew he didn’t want to hurt her, knew he would hold himself back.
Oh, who was he kidding? He had wanted her to do it, despite his stubborn refusal to accept his own feelings. It was his own lack of self-control that had led him to giving in. She hadn’t even used her Rouccuan glamour to entice him.
He was too unused to sexual interactions, especially with humans. However, he knew enough to understand that humans got very touchy and sentimental over sex. He was confident he could put last night behind him, but he had no idea how Kayla would deal with it. Indeed, though he didn’t think she would, there was a chance Kayla would end up confessing to her parents of their little encounter. He’d already been afraid of that possibility, another reason to resist any sort of sexual activity, but now it had happened anyway, and he’d ended it on a sour note.
He had to clear the air before he got anything else done today. Finishing his breakfast, he went back inside and strode to Kayla’s room. Her door was already ajar, and he rapped lightly on it. Kayla lay on her bed, still in her nightgown, reading an article on her laptop, listening to her headphones. When she noticed him at the door, she almost jumped, and quickly slapped the laptop closed. She looked at him with bright eyes, and he couldn’t read her expression.
“Um… hey…” he started.
“Hi,” she said, nervously.
“I want to apologi—,” he said.
“No, no,” she cut in, shaking her head. “No, I should be the one. I shouldn’t have forced myself on you.”
“You did not, not really,” he said.
“I did. I knew you weren’t going to push me away, so I just pushed. I had you backed into a corner.”
“I—” Tyrga cleared his throat. “I don’t know what came over me. You were right. Despite all my protests, part of me did want you to touch me. But I just never thought of you that way and I still feel like, I cannot.”
“You can,” said Kayla. “You absolutely can!”
“Still you do not listen. I’m not attracted to humans. And even if I was, I can not risk your parents catching us. These are two irrevocable conditions that mean we can not just do this on whim.”
“And I’m trying to work around that,” said Kayla. “Look, my parents won’t be back for a couple more days, so we have time to have some fun, and clean up any evidence. They won’t find out. As for the species thing, that’s why I used the ring.” She motioned to her laptop. “I’ve been reading up on this stuff, that Demi-Love site. It talks about the Demihuman sex drive, how with you guys, it’s a lot more upfront and simple. Either you fancy someone or you don’t. We already like each other. I just figured all that was needed was a good visual. And I think it worked.”
She reached over and grabbed the ring from her bedside table. She looked him in the eye as she slipped it on, and her body flickered, before turning into the image of a Rouccuan girl. Tyrga’s breath caught as he saw her change, and his looked to the side. “Please take that off.”
Kayla stepped off the bed and came up to him. She cupped his cheek and pulled her face towards him. “Stop being afraid of this, okay? Just let it happen. No one will catch us. You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed or scared.”
Tyrga swallowed nervously, looking into her now cat-like eyes. Despite last night’s orgasm, he wasn’t completely clear of lustful thoughts. He felt his cock twitch to life in his pants. He took Kayla’s hand in his. “There’s… there is one more thing…” He held up his other hand, and he unsheathed his claws. Inch-long, razor sharp, hooked blades popped out of his fingertips. “I might hurt you.”
Kayla brought up her other hand and pressed it flat against his raised one. Her hand felt small and fragile against his; he retracted his claws almost instinctively. However, she showed no fear of his natural weapons. “The site talks about that. If you feel you can trust me, then I have a solution for that as well.”
“Oh?” he breathed as she pressed against him. His cock stiffened between them, and Kayla smiled as it began to press against her thigh.
“I had to do it with my lover back at school at first, until he learned how to better control his strength during sex.”
“I am stronger than a Lopfollo,” he said, still grasping for excuses, even as the heat and tension rose inside him. “And they don’t have claws.”
Kayla tsked. “Then we’ll definitely need to go this route. I’ll just have to tie you up!”
Tyrga’s eyes widened a bit. “You what?”
“Tie you up,” she said, matter-of-factly. She pressed herself snuggly against him, feeling his powerful muscles. His cock was trapped in his pants, and he shifted, trying to position himself so he could erect fully. Kayla smiled, then boldly reached down and grasped his bulge through his pants. Her fingers deftly worked the button and zipper, and in one quick motion, his pants were sliding down to his ankles. He wore no underwear, so his cock sprang free to rise to full erection. Kayla then pressed herself against him once more, letting his manhood throb between them, pressing her abdomen against it.
Tyrga gasped and his grip on her tightened. Kayla winced, and pulled back a little. She could feel his cock flex between them, and a sly smile rose to her lips. “Goodness, you’re so sensitive!”
Once again, Tyrga was glad his facial fur hid any signs of blushing. He looked nervously to the side. “I don’t—I do not do this sort of thing very often.” Kayla ground her hips against him, and he hissed, trying to get himself under control. But after only a few seconds, his hips jerked forward, and his grip tightened again. Kayla slid back just in time, however, slipping out of his grasp and letting his cock bounce in the air. His climax was staved off just before he could orgasm.
“Is that what this is really about?” she said, looking studiously at his cock. “You don’t last very long? I thought I might’ve just caught you in the middle of masturbating last night.”
Tyrga sighed, still looking a little embarrassed. “I do not give it much thought, to be honest. I did not expect it to be an issue.” He cleared his throat. “Is this going to be a problem?”
Kayla shook her head, giving him a reassuring smile. “Not at all. It just means we’ll need to go about it a little differently.” She turned to her bed. “So. I have some rope. I could tie you down spread eagle, if you’re comfortable with that.”
“I can break the bed, easily,” he said. “I might snap the ropes, too.”
Kayla frowned, but rubbed her chin in thought. “Hmm,” she looked him over. “Well, I don’t want to be too rough with you. Would chains work?”
Tyrga hesitantly shrugged. “I do not know. Probably? But I could still break the bed pulling on them.”
“Okay,” she said. “I have an idea. I know there’re some chains in the shed. Grab those and meet me in the basement.”
Tyrga’s brow furrowed, but he nodded. He pulled his pants back up, and left the room, waited for his cock to get under control and shrink down, then went to the shed, where lengths of chain were waiting. Aside from securing some yard equipment and a set of bicycles, several long lengths of chain had been used during remodeling projects of the house and the yard. They had just kept the excess, which was suddenly quite convenient.
Tyrga took four one-meter-long lengths of chain, looped them over his shoulder, and carried it down to the basement. He also gathered some steel clips that could be used to link them together. Most of the basement had been finished, with a thin carpet, nice furniture, and a large entertainment set up. Past the cozy accommodations, behind the far door, there was an unfinished section, bare wood walls and shelves and a concrete floor, where food, toiletries, and other supplies were kept.
It was here that Tyrga found Kayla using a small air compressor to blow up an air mattress, having set it between two concrete support pillars. She was still wearing her Rouccuan glamour and her nightgown, and she smiled when she noticed him walk in.
“Perfect!” she said, looking at the chains and clips. She motioned to the pillars. “Tie them around those. They should hold you pretty well, I think.”
Tyrga set to work, linking two chains and looping them around the pillar, then doing the same for the other pair. By then, the air mattress was filled. Kayla secured the intake, pushed the compressor aside, and motioned to the mattress. “Lie down now,” she said.
Tyrga complied, and Kayla wrapped the ends of chain around his forearms thrice, looping them so he couldn’t easily slip out, then linked the dangling ends together. She did the same for his lower legs. He was stretched prone, rather than spread, but she would make do.
She came around over him, and slowly pulled off her nightgown, revealing she wore nothing beneath. The Rouccuan glamour held strong, except for the weird detail that the illusionary tail passed through the cloth in the back. Kayla leaned down to kiss him, and Tyrga said, “Wait. The ring. You can take it off.”
Kayla paused cocked her head at him in a way that was too cute, and then smiled brightly. She slid the ring off, and the glamour vanished, revealing a nude human woman beneath. She set the ring on a nearby shelf, and leaned down to kiss him once more. It was a tender peck on the lips, and before Tyrga could return it, she pulled away and kissed down his chest, softly and slowly, until she reached his throbbing member. She gently kissed the tip of him, and his organ flexed.
Kayla then slid one leg over him, straddling his head, and lowering her sex to him. Tyrga swallowed nervously, but Kayla was patient, letting him take in her scent and prepare himself. He extended his tongue and gave her nether lips a long, deep lick.
Kayla let out a small sigh of contentment, then settled her sex upon his face. Tyrga lapped at her, not unfamiliar with the idea of cunnilingus, even if he’d never tried it before. He sought out the stiffening nub of her clit and traced circles around it, fastened his lips over it. Then, after several seconds of that, he dragged his tongue back, and worked it as deep as it would go inside her, deeper than a human tongue could have managed.
Kayla squealed in delight and gripped his hips. Then, she made herself calm down a bit and eyed his cock. She brought one hand forward to hold his organ steady, griping him tenderly. Then she leaned forward, and licked him in turn, her tongue passing over his cock head and tip. She Tyrga gasped at the first contact, and she felt him squirm as she continued. Her licks were slow and soft, but deliberate, giving a couple long licks between several quick ones.
Sensitive as he was, she had to stop every half a minute, letting go of his cock and watching it flex, so he wouldn’t shoot too soon. This didn’t prove too vexing however, as Tyrga’s continued tongue worked made her pause, moaning and shivering with pleasure, as his tongue dragged over her sweet spots with a delicious roughness. After only a couple minutes, Kayla paused her ministration on his cock to grip his hips with both hands again, and shudder in orgasm. Tyrga, watching her body react with fascination, paused his licks, until she gave him a light swat on the butt and commanded him to keep going.
Tyrga complied without hesitation, but the heat in his own loins was quickly becoming too much. She was giving him quick strokes with her hand between licks now, and he squirmed and grunted under her. Feeling his powerful body flex as his tongue explored her made her squeal in a quick second climax, but she was careful not to let him go over.
Minutes passed, Kayla’s fingers and tongue working him with a wicked tenderness he would not have thought possible. His previous sexual experiences had never been this gentle, this teasing. It dawned on him that Kayla wasn’t just stalling his climax so his hair trigger wouldn’t pull. She was enjoying stretching this out, working him into a heightened state of excitement.
She came several more times on his face, and then, Tyrga could not continue, as he gasped and grit his teeth from the two-dozenth time she brought him to the edge, and let go, denying him.
“Kayla… please…” he moaned.
She seemed well satisfied, and slid off his body, positioning herself cross legged beside his hip, both hands still on his organ. She gently tickled along its length, playing up and down his length, from the tip to the balls. He squirmed and bucked as his cock bounced. The chains creaked as he instinctively fought their hold. His body wanted to grab her and thrust in her so badly.
“Tyrga,” she said, smiling. “Thank you so much. You’re pretty good with you tongue!”
“I… try… ahhh… please…”
“Please what?” she said, that mischievous twinkle in her eye.
“Stop teasing me! I can not take it!”
“Soon enough, my sweet cat-boy,” she said, pulling her hands away to watch his organ flex fruitlessly. “I just want to know. Do you like doing this?”
Tyrga blinked in surprise. What kind of question was that? But then, he realized what she meant; would he suddenly find himself regretting all this once he popped, and his excitement wore down. Looking at her now, so small and tender, but so in control, someone he’d always been fond of suddenly now this intimate, he couldn’t imagine not liking this.
“Yes,” he said.
She kissed and licked his cock until he almost shot again, then backed off. “And would you like to keep doing this?”
“Yes… come on… you are not being fair…”
She grinned. “We can find time to do this again. My parents aren’t around all the time. They have their weekend brunches, we can get a quick session in then, and find other times. And eventually, we might not even need the restraints, once you learn a little more control.” She dragged one finger along his length, and he hissed, bucking against her touch. He almost lost it then.
“So, how about we make this regular get together?”
“Yes, of course, when we can!”
“Good!” She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Now cum for me Tyrga.” As she said this, she settled her hand in a light grip on his cock and held him. That was all the stimulation he needed to obey her command. He exploded, spraying himself from neck to stomach with his own seed. Kayla watched in fascinated delight, as this powerful Demihuman totally lost control under her simple touch. His body jerked and bucked and he growled in a deep, sexy way. He strained the chains, and for a moment, Kayla thought at least one would snap. But they held, and after several seconds of agonizingly intense pleasure, he finally relaxed. His cock pumped the last of few drops of his seed and she gave his organ an affection squeeze before releasing him.
Tyrga lay back breathing heavily, eyes closed. When he opened them again, she was smiling warmly at him once more. He glanced down and noticed how much he had cum, and he felt mildly embarrassed. She had made him last far longer than usual and yet he still felt a little ashamed at how easily his trigger pulled.
She snapped him out of his thoughts by saying, “Wanna go again?”
Tyrga let out a small laugh, mostly of disbelief. “You humans are so insatiable.”
“Is that a yes?” she grinned.
“I do need to finish the yard work,” he said. “But maybe tonight?”
She giggled as she started to untie him. “You’re such a tease.”
Tyrga smirked in the way she did so casually. “I’m a quick learner.”


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