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The Queendoms

There was a brief time when people believed Sex Magic might unite the world into a global society of female rule, that the “compassion of the Fairer Sex” would lead to a peaceful co-existence, once the initial chaos of the magic died down. This proved to be a laughable conceit. In the wake of the Cascade Event, the world is more divided than ever before, dozens of new countries formed under the iron rule of the Megami Queens.

Each Queendom follows its own laws and ideals, as decided by the Queen, and enforced by her Archmage loyalists or by her own hand. Each Queen strives to make her country as self-sufficient as possible, while all agree to a global policy of non-interference with one another. At most, tenuous alliances are made and broken almost on whim, and only the threat of mutually assured destruction keeps the world at peace. Clashing ideologies guarantee that the varying cultures of the Queendoms cannot peacefully co-exist, and so the Queens largely keep their subjects contained and controlled within their borders.

Some believe the Queens are simply power-mad, and perhaps some are. But even the most altruistic and compassionate of the Queens knows that in a Sex Mage World, subjugation is ultimately better than the alternative, at least for now.

Civilization on Earth has been radically altered by the arrival of Sex Magic. The strange, supernatural, sexual force completely unbalanced the power between the genders, in a way that was largely counter-intuitive to how human society had evolved over the millennia. As well, the many strange side-effects of the Magic have given the world a possible means of fixing and alleviating many of the human species’ physical wants and needs, though such solutions have their own psychological and societal costs.

The changes came fast in some countries, and relatively slow in others, but one way or another, substantial change was inevitable. The collapse of the global economy, numerous small ideological wars, the failure of multi-billion dollar industries, the sealing of international borders, the upheaval of revolutions, unending and increasing civil unrest, a severely declining birth rate, and a death toll reaching nearly a billion lives over the course of ten years brought human civilization nearly to collapse.

But human beings are adaptable, and society shifted as new needs were met. A steady exodus from larger cities, to smaller towns and villages of more closely shared ideologies, allowed people to live in relative peace with their neighbors. As men lost jobs by the millions, women stepped in to fulfill their roles. The revolutions came to an end, with new regimes in place. Countries re-learned methods of self-sufficiency, even as they struggled to maintain fruitful international relations. And while many, in fact most, were not happy with the changes, a process of de-escalation and acceptance looked like it might allowed the human race to ease back down from the brink.

And then the Cascade Event happened. For a week, almost the entire population of Earth was trapped in a Sex Magic energy storm that threw men and women into a ceaseless erotic nightmare, all while the Created, the Cascade’s originator, made her way across North America, sucking the life out of the comatose victims.

During this event, a few dozen women became focal points for the maelstrom of Lust Energy, the powers increasing by magnitudes above other Sex Mages. Awakening in the midst of the Cascade, these women managed to meet up and deduce what was happening. Through a joint effort, several of them went to battle and kill the Created, while the rest concentrated on reversing the effects of the Cascade. These women would later come to be called the Megami.

The Megami managed to succeed in saving the world, but the damage had been done. Between the lives directly taken by the Created, the number of people dying in accidents and hazardous conditions at the time they were knocked unconscious, not to mention the lives lost over the past decade, and the massively declined birth rate, the population of Earth had been reduced to only three billion.

With the remaining population lost, scared, and confused, with countries collapsed and resources greatly strained, and with the risk that something like another Cascade had the potential to occur, the Megami saw only one clear path to salvation: divine intervention.

The Megami, the Living Goddesses of Sex Magic, would need to save humanity from itself. Gathering the survivors into new countries under their direct control, the Megami formed new Queendoms, designed to be self-sufficient and largely isolated from one another. Another catastrophe of such magnitude can never be allowed to happen again, even if it means forcibly grinding all of humanity into obedience under their heels.

Besides, after their transformation, the Megami can’t seem to help but feel a powerful urge to dominate those around them. It’s all for the best, you see. They will ensure humanity’s future, and in return, humanity will cater to their desires.

Of course, the idea of a one-world government under Megami rule was proposed, but was immediately shot down. The Megami are comprised of women from different cultures, with different ideologies, and different ideas on solutions. Moreover, as individuals of great power, each quickly became accustomed to being independent; none relished the idea of just being a cog in a big, unwieldy machine. A few Megami had already been in positions of power, as religious or governmental leaders, and they did not wish to compromise their positions of power.

While the Megami generally stuck to parts of the world in which they lived, they chopped up the geo-political landscape of the world with little regard for pre-existing borders, only attempting to be as fair as possible with regard to proportions of land per how many Megami were to be part of a given Queendom. The need for haste meant they had little time to iron out the specifics, and just hoped they could settle such details with minimal contact later.

On January 15, 2021, the Queens made their public announcements to the world: they were taking over, and no resistance would be tolerated. In the wake of so much devastation, with no immediately obvious better alternatives, few people really had much incentive to fight anyway. The majority of humanity knelt before their new Queens. With this done, the Queens proclaimed the age of Sex Magic to be the Goddess Era, and retroactively reset the calendar, starting with 2010 being 0 G.E.

There are at least twenty officially recognized Queendoms, along with several unofficial ones. Not every Megami chose to become a Queen, and some have opted to rule in pairs or trios, but the majority of these powerful women have opted to form their own nations. Obviously, given the nature of Sex Magic, every Queendom is female dominated, even those that attempt maintain some power for men. Beyond that, the culture of a given Queendom is determined by her own ideologies.

Every Queendom is a dictatorship and those within a given country must conform to the Queen’s society, or be evicted by exile or execution. The will of the people is irrelevant in the face of her power and judgment. Naturally, of course, the pre-existing culture has some influence over the citizenry’s own view on things, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what nationality you were, what religion you had, or what your job was. What the Queen says is how it is.

Of course, any sensible Queen will try to take into account her subjects’ previous cultures, but it is not unheard of for smaller Queendoms to simply shove out the majority of the land’s population, and take in those who fit her ideals. Most people don’t like it, but most don’t have a choice. Many a Queen has made it absolutely clear that they will not suffer rebellion. Should any of the citizenry attempt to significantly disrupt the Queen’s rule and destabilize her country, their entire uprising will be mercilessly hunted down and killed. Even the most compassionate of Queens, when faced with such a threat to her nation, will resort to execution before compromising her authority. They cannot afford to do otherwise.

By and large, every Queendom is similar, in that women do most, if not all, of the important jobs of authority, and men’s primary role in society is to be as energy providers for the women they have relations with, as well as grunt labor workers. Many Queendoms are based around a single central metropolis which is both the seat of government and business, with most of the citizenry living in smaller towns and villages radiating from the main metropolis. Each Megami has several loyal Archmages who act as Governors of various districts within the Queendom.

As mentioned, each Queendom is made to follow the ideologies of the Megami who rules them. Within the capital city, this is especially true, but the further away from it a village gets, the more leeway tends to be given, to the point that the border towns of a Queendom might not necessarily follow her edicts if they can get away with it. Bare in mind that the territories taken house people from different cultures being forced to mix together, and that prior to the Queendoms, there was already a push for more like-minded people to re-allocate themselves into certain towns with like-minded people to avoid the constant conflict of women disagreeing with how the magic should be used, and always sensing one another violating those codes of conduct.

As such, even a Queendom that is largely known for its peaceful and loving approach to taking care of men is likely to have a few towns where men are treated like shit, or vice versa. The Megami have learned it best to allow these little outlier communities to exist, nominally to allow some of their less agreeable, but still peaceful, citizens a place to go. On the flip side, such settlements also tend to be gathering grounds for those who might plan rebellion, making it easier to locate and squash such organizations.

This can even apply to some of the “stranger” sub-cultures that Sex Mages allow. An otherwise “normal” Sex Mage society may have a small town where people have turned themselves into beast folk, similar to New Bestia.

Queendoms generally fall into three different categories: Hardcore, Softcore, and Weirdcore. Accepting the leeway granted as described above, they generally operate as follows:

Hardcore Queendoms are those where men have no rights, no privacy, no positions of authority, and usually have to be owned by a mistress to even be considered a proper citizen. Men not owned (or in the small grace period between ownerships) may be simply snatched up and used by any woman or organization that may have a use for them. Men are either full-time slaves or objects of utility in these countries. As such, strict control of male orgasms are often written into law, to make sure their Lust Energy production is always high.

Softcore Queendoms cannot refute women’s obvious near-total power over men, but they strive to allow men some degree of freedom, privacy, rights, and proper occupations. Often women in these societies will police each other to some degree or another to ensure this is possible. Plenty of towns within these Queendoms may have Hardcore tendencies, but usually only in certain circumstances. For example, a town may nearly resemble a pre-Magic society with men allowed to live almost Magic-free, save that on Sundays, or on special holidays, women are allowed to go wild on their partners to vent their urges. Such compromises tend to go a long way to keeping these towns happy and functioning.

Weirdcore Queendoms are those which have used their magic to fundamentally change their citizens and society to accommodate that, such as a country where all men are shrunken down in size or people are made to resemble animal-human hybrids. Weirdcore may be Hardcore or Softcore in tone, but its worth noting that the high magic needs of sustaining a society of giantesses or demihumans does require a lot of teasing torment of the men, even if they are made equals under the law.

By and large, all Queendoms are very isolationist. While the citizens of a given Queendom are aware that other Queendoms exist, very little information is available about most of them, leaving most people with only rumors. This includes Queendoms limited access to the internet, using firewalls to block most websites. As such, people are likely to be suspicious of outsiders, easily aggrandizing or demonizing their idea of what other Queendoms are like.

Unless noted otherwise, the technology available to a Queendom resembles that of modern Earth. With the Lust Energy Dynamo system, more reliance on solar power, and just use of the Magic, energy resources do not suffer as they might have, despite the Queendoms doing very little trade, even for resources like oil.

Aside from these basic trade agreements, most Queendoms make a point to ignore one another. Rarely, some may form Alliances, but these may be tenuous at best. The only true global law all Megami adhere to is the Pact of Non-Interference. A Queen may do anything they wish within their own country, and as long as it does not directly or indirectly impact other Queendoms negatively, all other Queens will turn a blind eye to their actions. Even kindly and otherwise altruistic Queens must ignore the atrocities that cruel Queens may inflict on their citizens. Likewise, even the most sadistic and ambitious Queens will avoid inflicting troubles on their neighbors, even if they hate them. To do otherwise would be to invite conflict, compromising the stability of their nation.

Fortunately, there is often little chance for interference or conflict. Between these countries are vast swathes of abandoned civilization and untamed wilderness, where only exiles and scant settlements of “free roamers” dwell. These lands may be sometimes used as neutral ground for meetings between hostile Queendoms, or be used as battlegrounds in the event a conflict does arise, thus avoiding most direct damage inflicted on one another’s nations.

Territorial waters have been cut down to five miles beyond the shoreline of any given country. Air space now officially includes only the troposphere (not exceeding twelve miles above sea level).

All claims to Antarctica have been relinquished, and any future territory claimed is effectively first come, first serve, on the condition that the territory actually be formed into an inhabitable Queendom. For now, it remains a neutral zone.

Following the death of the Created, the Moon is now considered forbidden territory and can never be claimed (not that anyone was planning on it).


This is not necessarily all the Queendoms that exist, but these should give a good "sampling" of them.

Rulers: Queen Victoria
Location: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey (USA)
Capital: Manhattan Island
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: Victoria is a strict Queen who is more interested in making sure her nation runs smoothly, and has very little tolerance for screw ups. As such, she is prone to swift and decisive action, and sees men as good for nothing but their energy. Men are kept naked at all times and in the Capital and some towns, they are made to walk on all fours when in public.

Rulers: Queen Anisa
Location: southern California, western Arizona, and southwestern Nevada (USA)
Capital: The Bay (San Francisco)
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: While slightly less harsh than Victoria (men are still kept naked at all times but don’t always have to crawl), Anisa is nonetheless a rigidly dominant society. At age 19, girls receive state-mandated Sex Magic testing and training for a month-long period, though this can be shorter for women who already are extremely adept. One purpose of this practice is to be able to find exceptionally talented girls who may be Archmage level. Those found are offered jobs with the state or with businesses, allowing them quick advancement into lucrative positions.

Rulers: Queen Rose
Location: North Carolina and South Carolina (USA)
Capital: Charlotte
Type: Softcore
Notable Details: The Carolina Queendom is a lightly female dominant society. Families are still raised like before, maintaining the nuclear family unit. Arguably, the model is more successful and closer knit than before, as mothers, daughters, and sisters are taught to use the psychic element of the magic to better understand the men in their lives, without needing to resort to sexual torment. Probably the country that most closely resembles pre-Sex Mage times, men still enjoy the rights and most of the positions of work that they used to. Lover’s Honor and a sort of Chivalry are two strong cultural values.

Rulers: Queen Lois
Location: Quebec and Newfoundland (Canada)
Capital: Charlotte
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: A sort of rival to the Victoria Queendom, with very similar policies in terms of men being kept naked and on all fours. Queen Lois and Queen Victoria have a bitter rivalry, and rights to the New England region and Nova Scotia are contested between them.

Rulers: Queen Rachel
Location: Montana (USA)
Capital: Billings
Type: Softcore
Notable Details: A relatively laid back nation, where women are mildly dominant. There is considered nothing wrong with lightly teasing men at will, and most women will play along or blow it off, when their men are suddenly randomly teased by mystery women. In fact, it’s rather expected that young women just awakening to their powers will play fast and loose with them.

Despite this cultural allowance, Montana is also known as one of the few countries to have Free Zones, areas where men are allowed to live free without any interference from women. However, this also means living in the rough; the regions are often without electricity or running water, or have the barest versions there of. Still, any use of Sex Magic performed on men within this region without their express consent is considered a criminal action, and female officers at the borders check over any men or women who cross the borders.

Rulers: Alpha Leona
Location: Lake of the Ozarks National Park (USA)
Capital: Dragon Lake (Village of Four Seasons)
Type: Weirdcore
Notable Details: A small nation where all citizens are transformed into half-human, half-animals, the vast majority of which are wolves or cats, with a sizeable minority of more mythical creatures. The territory was claimed in a brief dispute that almost turned into a small war with another Queen, but to avoid bloodshed, the “furries” were given the land, and the Queen moved to another region.

Non-“furries” left the region or were forcibly evicted, while people from all around the continent came to fill their numbers, wishing to be transformed as well. Men and women are transformed equally, though women are usually made physically stronger than before, so that they equal or surpass men in strength even without using magic. The Nation has closed itself off almost completely from outsiders, save those who wish to join their society. Because of this, the land has a low population density, despite the immigration, which suits them just fine. Anyone who wishes to be transformed back into a human, however, is forced to leave.

Relying mostly on Sex Magic and environmentally-friendly power sources, the nation depends less on technology than most others. Despite the women still having the advantage of Sex Magic and a lot of teasing needed to keep the Magic flowing, they treat men almost as equals. Rather than typical families, friends and lovers will form polyamorous “packs,” where children are raised together. These packs are lead by an “Alpha Female”, and her mate is usually considered second-in-charge, although he ultimately may need to rely on the alpha female or the second-in-charge female to enforce final decisions.

Rulers: Queen Titania
Location: Baja-California and Sonora (Mexico)
Capital: Puerto Penasco
Type: Weirdcore
Notable Details: A small society where magic is used to shrink men to tiny sizes (anywhere from two to six inches tall), and women often increase their own height by anywhere from a couple feet extra to nearly twenty feet tall. Thus, the nation is known as a Land of Giantesses. Men are only returned to normal size if they must perform some kind of duty, if their mistress wants to play with them at that size, or temporarily as a reward for good service. As a consequence, men are kept naked at all times, and are also suffused with magic to make them superhumanly durable while shrunk (so as to avoid accidental death by crushing and/or dismemberment).

Any male visitor to the nation is required to be shrunk down, unless they are visiting purely for business reasons, are passing through without stopping, or are otherwise protected by some special exception. Otherwise, male travelers are evicted if they refuse to agree to being shrunk.

Rulers: The Triad (Ministers Trini, Loraine, and Voss)
Location: Cuba
Capital: Camaguey
Type: Weirdcore
Notable Details: An island nation that is considered a literal No-Man’s Land, with any man appearing within the borders being quickly evicted. Haven is a country formed as a refuge for women who cannot deal with Sex Magic, either because they are unable to cope with constantly sensing the sexuality of men, fear their own potential for abusing the power, or have glitch conditions which cause their powers to be uncontrollable. This has also become a home for many women who just genuinely hate men.

As such, this is an all-female society that does it’s best to act as though men are just a thing of the past. A few facilities set up on the smaller islands around the nation allow contact with men if citizens wish it, but men may go no further in, and even here, their actions are strictly monitored or controlled.

Haven is also notable for being the only official Queendom without a Megami ruler, but instead three Archmages who act as a ruling council. They do not fear being overpowered by an ambitious Megami, however, as they are considered by most of the Queens to be an invaluable service to suffering women with no other place to go.

Rulers: Queen Valentina
Location: southern Chile and southern Argentina
Capital: Puerto Natalas
Type: Softcore
Notable Details: “The Land of Flowers” is a small nation that follows it’s own sect of Christianity, believing that Sex Magic is alternately a trial humanity must overcome and a gateway to greater empathy. Women are encouraged to maintain chastity, including through Magic, and only indulge in sex with one’s husband, excepting certain counseling sessions with one’s Archmage priestess and her alter men, whose job is to help quell the unnatural temptations of the magic. Men are treated with respect and protected, but are expected to be subservient to women, both as lovers and as providers.

In truth, there are less of the faithful than Valentina would like to believe, but most are content to go along with the rituals, to the point of quickly pressuring any dissenters into compliance.

Rulers: Queen Rachel
Location: Great Britain and Ireland
Capital: London
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: Long before the Cascade and the Megami, the United Kingdom was one of the first to switch to a fully female-led government, becoming one the first official Queendom. As such, the transition into a Megami-lead nation went about as smooth and painless as possible.

Under the rule of Queen Rachel, the United Queendom is heavily female dominant. Women hold all positions of authority, make up the whole of the police force, and all positions of business above grunt laborer and minimum wage services, which are the only positions men have left. Schools are gender segregated, and men are no longer given a university level education, because there doesn’t seem to be a point when they can’t get jobs that need such skills in the first place.

Men are, however, still allowed the right to vote. Thanks to the efforts of a few outspoken Men’s Rights organizations, a sparse system of therapeutic centers and shelters have been created to help men cope with their roles in society.

Rulers: Queen Abbarane
Location: Liberia and Côte d’Iviore (Ivory Coast)
Capital: Yamoussoukro
Type: Softcore
Notable Details: This coastal Queendom is notable for a tradition which helps reinforce some cultural expectations of fairness. Upon turning eighteen, boys and girls are kept naked at all times. The girls are not allowed to reject the advanced of Sex Mage women. This is intended to teach girls humility, and help them learn some empathy and respect for men’s positions. The girls are only allowed clothes again when they gain their magic, but even early bloomers find a brief time of high sexual vulnerability quite sobering. Because of this, chivalry and lover’s honor are valued concepts here.

Of course, some say that keeping the young women naked is also just another way of subtly teasing the boys and men of the country, tempting their eyes to stray. Men are not allowed to make moves on the naked teens and twenty-something’s, so seeing their young bodies on display and not being able to do anything about it just makes them throb, and gives their partners plenty of excuses to discipline them! For the most part, it’s all treated as in good fun, but a clever young woman is certainly more easily able to get away with causing trouble than a young man her age.

Rulers: Queen Cinder
Location: Islands of New Guinea, Sulawesi, and Borneo
Capital: Kuching
Type: Softcore
Notable Details: Men in this country are treated largely with respect in public affairs, and even allowed higher level jobs than in most countries, but there exist certain places where women are allowed to unleash their Sex Magic without interference, leading to some severely dominating couples. As long as crueler women keep their cruelty in the home, or in designated facilities like special clubs or small communes, then other women are willing to look the other way, accepting that dark urges are just part of human nature, and the temptations of the magic need a “release valve.” In this way, the Queen tries to balance the needs of her people without allowing total moral lockdown or unchecked domination to upend society.

Rulers: Queen Jennifer
Location: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
Capital: Dagny (Copenhagen)
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: Queen Jennifer is a powerful and severely dominant Queen. The women of her country enjoy an uplifted lifestyle, constantly energized by the continued teasing of men. No man is trusted with any form of work, but are instead “rented out” to businesses, where the women can tease them and gain energy to help sustain them throughout the day. The men’s Sex Mage owners are paid for the service, since the men cannot be trusted with money. Even the dirty labor jobs usually relegated to men in other countries are done by women, usually more efficiently given the magic’s ability to enhance their physical strength and stamina, and absorb skills from men without needing years to perfect them.

Vehicle technology has become uncommon in the Queendom, since women regularly use men to fly through the air via boy boarding, and there is a greatly reduced need for food and heat, as male energy keeps the body sustained and warmed, leading to a country with very low resource needs on a daily level.

Lucky men get a break when their shifts are done, and their mistresses may take it easy on them. But even off-shift, men are frequently teased and utilized. Men have it pretty rough, but they are protected and valued, and some are even loved. However, the women of the country tend to see men more as pets than any sort of equal.

Queen Jennifer herself delights in moving amongst the populace, taking men as she pleases, and inviting herself to fancy parties being thrown by the elite of her country. She is known to be an extreme sadist, with a harem of men trapped in her home castle, who she torments severely and endlessly for her amusement and empowerment.

Rulers: Queen Sayaka
Location: Japan
Capital: Kyoto
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: Prior to the Cascade Event, a Cult-like organization called the Children of Gaia had been forming as a new religious movement seeking to aid those who could not handle Sex Magic. The ambitious Archmages who headed the cult promised their followers that the Magic was simply the first step to achieving transcendence, and that soon, the Earth Mother would take her devout followers in a rapture-like event. Over the years, the Children of Gaea even gained followers in government and corporate positions to the point of having some degree of political influence.

Well, a rapture of sorts did occur, thanks to the Cascade Event, and it just so happened that one of the newly promoted priestesses became a Megami. Sayaka was one of the handful to personally combat the Created, and it was during this fight that she realized the new Gaean religion was just a scam being used as a tool for the founders to gain power and take advantage of the disenfranchised.

She then decided that she wanted a piece of that success. When the Cascade was reversed, most of the population of Japan was still alive, and the Children of Gaea did not understand why they had not be taken to some wondrous afterlife. Sayaka declared that she had been divinely empowered to guide the survivors on the proper path, promptly taking over the country and promoting those Gaeans already in positions of influence into positions in her new government.

The Gaean Queendom maintains a life of intense male servitude, with men expected to be subservient and ingratiating to their mistresses. Technically, women are allowed to do almost anything they wish to their men, but it is considered very taboo for a woman to abuse their man, tormenting him without reason, or beyond a certain point of punishment. Public shame is still a powerful force in this society, and this keeps most women from being too extreme with their powers, while keeping the men from being too outspoken. Nonetheless, little stops a woman who doesn’t care about these things from just outright torturing men into insanity, as long as those men aren’t under another woman’s protection. It takes a lot for a woman to actually be actively punished for such things if she keeps to herself and doesn’t interfere with others.

As well, the nation is forced to give worship to Gaea, the Mother Earth deity that the Children of Gaea worship. While it’s hard to say how many are actually still faithful, the religion is seen as a way of keeping the culture unified, with the idea that the Sex Magic has a higher purpose intended to make it easier to keep the populace in check, and mindful of the responsibilities of the Magic.

Rulers: Queen Leria
Location: World Ocean
Capital: none (nomadic)
Type: Weirdcore
Notable Details: The Lemuria Nomads are an ocean-based society, where everyone has been transformed into aquatic humanoids. Not dissimilar from New Bestia, what makes this nation a more stand out is their nomadic nature. The ocean is a big place; other than a few island countries, no Queendoms really exist out in the oceans. The Lemuria Nomads take full advantage of this by slowly migrating from sea to sea, occasionally making contact with other Queendoms as they go, but usually keeping to themselves.

While Queen Leria is acknowledged as an authority by other Queens, the nomadic nature of her people does mean she doesn’t really have an actual Queendom territory of her own, and thus her society isn’t treated as a true nation. This occasionally gets her dismissed by other Queens when she brings up certain concerns. On the other hand, unlike most Queens, if she doesn’t like her neighbors, she can actually move away.

Rulers: Queen Rayerson
Location: Amazonas (Brazil)
Capital: Manaus
Type: Weirdcore
Notable Details: Queen Rayerson was obsessed with fantasy novels as a kid, and remained a huge fan of Tolkein-style fiction even as an adult. She has thus created an “elf-paradise” Queendom within the Amazon rainforest, forcing her subjects to take the appearance of elves, giving them all longer, pointed ears, and slender beautiful bodies. Her subjects do not necessarily mind the change to their bodies, all things considered, but are more aggravated that their Queen insists they live in a “naturalized” environment.

Modern technological conveniences are eschewed, and the Queendom lives without reliance on technology. While Sex Magic does provide for a great deal of conveniences, there are just some things technology can provide that the Magic can’t, and forcing people from the twenty-first century to live a Bronze Age existence has not turned out to be as romantic as Rayerson first believed. Not that she cares. She seems to think her subjects will just get used to it in time.

Another point of contention is that within her new territory dwelt one of the very few remaining “lost tribes” of humans, isolated South American natives that had never contacted modern civilization, and did not even possess Sex Magic until after the Cascade Event. Upon discovery of these people, Rayerson spread the magic to them, and forced them to mingle with the modern Brazilians she had forced to the be her subjects. This has led to internal conflicts between both societies, albeit one with a mutual understanding that their Queen is the root cause of the problem. The tribe and the former Brazilians mostly avoid each other except to trade information: the tribe has helped the Brazilians adapt to life in the forest, while the Brazilians have helped them adapt to Sex Magic, and the many strange powers it brings.

Rulers: Sultan Adil
Location: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait
Capital: Riyadh
Type: Softcore
Notable Details: Sultan Adil rules much of the former Saudi Arabia. A transgender Megami, Adil takes the form of a powerful, imposing man, both as a personal preference, and believing that a striking male figure better symbolizes political authority than the scrawny, unattractive girl she’d been. Moreover, she believes that the “old ways” of doing things are better, and should not be changed just because of the magic’s unusual properties.

Adil’s rule demands the maintaining of more traditional values, believing that while women rule the home, men’s purpose is to be the providers. The more traditionally minded women of her nation actively suppress their magic as much as possible, using religious dogma and social shaming to keep one another in line. The Magic is instead seen as a medical tool, relegated mostly for use as a cure for illness and injury.

Suppression of sex isn’t really possible, however, and there is no real way to stop people from engaging in some degree of sexual acts. Ergo, despite an official edict that sex can only be done with one’s spouse, everyone just sort of accepts that unmarried couples are going to fool around some. However, infidelity is harshly punished, and if an unmarried woman cannot resist having recreational sex, she must not sleep around excessively, limiting herself to one partner at a time.

Rulers: Queen Ruayla
Location: Sudan
Capital: Rutalca City (Khartoum)
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: One of the first Revolutions to occur in the first year of Sex Magic’s appearance, the overthrow of Sudan went largely under reported, but sparked a wave of similar uprisings across Africa and the Middle East.

Already struggling with political and military uprisings, the Sudanese government was in no condition to combat a sudden army of Sex Mage women rising up to overthrow them, and enforce a new regime. This army, led by one Talia Rutalca, took control of Sudanese military stations by mind controlling soldiers to kill themselves, then took the weapons and vehicles for themselves. After marching into the capital city and executing President and those government officials loyal to him, Talia Rutalca laid claim to the country, and declared freedom for all women, and the men who bowed to them.

Immediate civil war ensued, resulting in the massacre of tens of thousands of male soldiers over the course of the next month. Talia and her army perfected the strategy of using Sex Magic to trap sleeping units of male soldiers in highly erotic dreams, entrance and put to sleep any other soldiers in an encampment, then walking into their base and putting a bullet in the brain of every sleeping soldier. While many women stayed out of the conflict, as did many male citizens who surrendered out of fear for their lives, Talia’s army nonetheless grew. Women and men sick of the oppression of the old regime, and many who were rescued from human trafficking rings, joined her forces.

By the time any opposing army even conceived of trying to find loyal women to help them, they were already outnumbered. Rutalca claimed Sudan for her own, but after the first year of her ruler ship, she was assassinated. Her followers maintained their new country, but it was only because of numerous similar revolutions occurring in their neighboring countries that invasion attempts from enemy nations did not occur.

After the Cascade Event, most of Sudan was taken over by the Megami daughter of one of Rutalca’s loyalists, and she renamed the Queendom in honor of the famed revolutionary. Queen Ruayla maintains a strict nation, where men are kept naked and subservient to women. Owned men must act as women’s obedient servants, while free men exist to be used and discarded as the countries lowest citizens.

There are kind Queens, there are just Queens, there are mischievous Queens, and there are cruel Queens. Their countries reflect their desires, more or less. And while many have conflicting ideologies, the Pact of Non-Interference ensures a relative global peace. Even if she hates her neighbors, a Queen will recognize the sovereignty of most of her fellows.

Most. There are Queens and Queendoms whose authority is not officially recognized, but they are allowed to maintain their territories, because to do otherwise would tempt disaster. These are the Dark Queendoms.

Rulers: unnamed Megami
Location: Andes Mountains
Capital: none
Type: Weirdcore
Located in a secluded valley in the Andes Mountains is the tiny “Queendom” of Cat’s Cradle. There, a crazy nameless Queen takes the form of a large catgirl. Her “subjects” consist exclusively of men she has shrunken, and turned into humanoid mice. The Queen enjoys literal games of cat and mouse, chasing and playing with her little mouse-men.

No one has actually seen her eat any of them, but some men do occasionally go missing. Presumably, the missing men are either carried off by local wildlife or they may have otherwise somehow managed to escape the valley. Neither seems likely, since the men are made superhuman durable to the point an animal shouldn’t be able to kill them, and any men that did try to escape or were carried off could easily be snatched back at will by the Queen.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about this Queendom. No man whose been taken there is ever seen outside its borders again, to anyone’s knowledge. If the Queen does actually let some men go, she likely dumps them into unfamiliar Queendoms, with their memories erased.

Rulers: Queen Kazyr
Location: South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland
Capital: Kazyr’s Castle (secluded structure)
Type: Hardcore
Notable Details: Prior to her taking power, Carol Kazyr was a meek young woman who lived in a pleasant little town in the middle of the United States. Despite being an extremely powerful Archmage, she was actually pretty spineless and hated conflict. She didn’t even want to get involved with men, willingly closing herself off from even the light-hearted shenanigans that went on in her otherwise fair town.

Then the Created caused the Cascade Event. Kazyr’s town was relatively close to where the Pandora Facility was located, and as such, it was the first town the Created went to. Kazyr, due to her lack of lovers and her strong powers, was actually one of the few people who didn’t immediately fall to the Cascade. Unfortunately, her lack of skill with the magic meant that when the Created walked through her town, sucking the life out of everyone she knew, there was nothing Kazyr could do.

Heartbroken and furious, she attacked the Created anyway, and was forced into the psychic sexual maelstrom of the Cascade. Her anger and rage and sense of helplessness allowed her to hold on, surviving the ordeal, and subconsciously letting her draw in tremendous Lust Energy from hundreds of miles around, even as the Created moved on. Unfortunately, along with the energy, she felt the minds of millions dying all around her.

When she finally woke up, she’d psychically suffered through millions of deaths over the course of days. Between that trauma and her sudden mutation into a Megami, Kazyr’s mind broke. She spent the first few years just sitting in the ruins of her town, staring into the distance. She never even had the chance to confront the Created.

Eventually, she was discovered by a scouting party of free roamers who had been exiled from one of the new Queendoms. This snapped her out of her funk, and she finally caught up to what had happened in the world. She then butchered the roaming group and proceeded to set up her own “Queendom,” where she could inflict the pain and torture and death that still haunts her to this day. She goes around the world, stealing free roamers and the citizens of other Queendoms living along the borders of their country, filling her country with captives which she can torture at her leisure.

Queen Kazyr is stark, raving mad, and unbelievably powerful, certainly within the top five strongest women on Earth. She has proved to be a Queen of nearly unparalleled ruthlessness. No less than six Megami have broken the Pact of Non-Interference and attempted to stop her, only to be torn to pieces for their trouble. For now, no other Queen dares try and confront her, even as a group, since no Queen wants to risk their own lives, or the lives of their people. To their shame, the nearest Queendoms to her are willing to sacrifice a handful of victims each year to keep her from outright invading their lands.

The people of Kazyree live in a constant state of terror. Kazyr uses her magic to force enough sexual arousal out of them to keep herself empowered and them alive, but since her arrival, she has inflicted naught but pain and terror upon the land. No one can escape her grasp, as anyone who attempts to flee her borders has their brain shut down by a “killswitch” she has psychically implanted in everyone’s minds. Those who continue to survive in her lands live a near Stone Age existence, without running water or electricity, no industry, and the barest of agriculture.

Kazyr often uses body morphing and healing powers to twist her victims into agonizing parodies of the human form, then uses pain induction and physical tools to slowly torture their bodies, cutting them apart and mending them over and over, flooding their minds with raw terror, and somehow still managing to inflict sexual torment, such as multiple orgasms that cause terrible pain.

How exactly Kazyr has managed to pervert the pleasure-inducing Sex Magic so negatively is unknown. By rights, everything she does should be stopping the Sex Magic from working, even for the most masochistic of victims. Some wonder if she is no longer even a Sex Mage at all, but some perverse rendition of a pain-focused mage.

Rulers: Queen Gabrielle
Location: near Alice Springs (Australia)
Capital: none
Type: Weirdcore
In the middle of Australia, just west of Alice Springs, there is a ten mile wide puddle of gently bubbling, electric-blue ooze, forming a pool roughly ten feet deep. This puddle of goo is, in fact, the Queendom of Lake Gabrielle. The Queen has transformed herself, and all her citizens, into this gelatinous lake, making them all flow together as one gestalt entity, thrumming with a low pulse of sexual energy, all their consciousness living in a shared dream.

Queen Gabrielle runs the dream like an advanced virtual reality simulation, shifting the setting and details of her realm every few months to keep things fresh for her citizens. Some months, her nation resembles a desert kingdom in Arabian style, other times a forest kingdom, where the buildings are made of still-living trees. As far as anyone can tell, her realities are quite pleasant, and everyone seems to have easy lives. Her citizens believe they are living in the real world, but that their Queen is actually so powerful she can warp reality itself.

Why exactly she decided to turn herself and her citizens into a goo-lake is unclear, and as long as she doesn’t try absorbing anyone else into her collective, the other Queens are content to let her be. It does seem as though combining all her people in such a way makes them incredibly resilient from outside interference, with no Sex Mage or Archmage able to pick out and control even a single male from the collective. Even Megami find it extremely difficult, and if they try, they are viciously repelled by Gabrielle herself. It may be this form is just her way of protecting her people as much as she can from the evils of the world. As long as she doesn’t attempt to spread any farther, it has been deemed best to leave her and her people alone.

Rulers: Captains Cathrine, Julia, and Margaret
Location: Pavonis Mons (Mars)
Capital: none
Type: Softcore
Notable Details: A few Megami already had their eyes on using their newfound powers for space travel, but years of cleaning up and reestablishing society kept them from such endeavors. However, just five years after the Queendoms were established to avoid further catastrophes, several countries ended up in military conflicts over resources.

Captains Catherine, Julia, and Margaret have begun the colony experiment out of scientific curiosity and a desire to find new solutions to avoiding conflicts on Earth. All three prefer the title of Captain, preferring to see this as a scientific project instead of solely establishing a new monarchy. Catherine was a military woman whose father was an astronaut, Julia was an astronomer and physicist, while Margaret was actually an astronaut who spent time in the International Space Station.

The three Megami decided this was enough incentive to get their plans back on track. Using their powers, they shrunk whole crews of men, and several women, and placed them either inside themselves or within specially designed outpost facilities no bigger than a minivan. Then, fueled by the Lust Energy of their crews, these Megami were able to fly into space directly, wearing only a space suit and lugging behind miniaturized facilities, which would serve as both a scientific research outpost and bio-dome living quarters for the crew, who would remain miniaturized. Once reaching their destinations, the Megami would shrink themselves to join their crew.

With this model, the potential for human colonization of the solar system was not only possible, but economically feasible, with the possibility of sending entire colonies of ant-sized humans, backed by the powerful Goddesses that would do most of the work for both travel and medical maintenance for the colonists. Eventually, if enough resources could be lugged to various planets, it was conceivable that full-sized facilities could be constructed, the off-world crews returned to normal size (or at least an optimal compromise), and a long-term plan to make permanent off-world colonies could be put into effect, far sooner than relying purely on Earth technologies alone.

Sex Magic, of course, is absolutely necessary for this to work. Space is unbelievably lethal and crippling to Earthly life, and human technology still has not perfected practical long-term travel, much less living conditions. Radiation, lack of gravity, the constant risk of vacuum exposure, micro-meteor bombardment, lack of food and water, lack of temperature regulation, limited fuel for travel, all of these can be compensated for thanks to the miraculous powers of Sex Magic, particularly as wielded by Megami, but this ultimately means that any viable crew of humans out in space needs to be regularly sex-tortured to maintain high levels of Lust Energy, though this likewise means much of the crew is pretty useless if they’re spending time locked in sexy dreams and writhing in cock-tease torment. Eventually, crews opted to forego normal sleep, taking tease-torture shifts to replenish themselves, and just learn to put up with the constant blue balls.

Still, combined with state-of-the-art space habitat tech, which proved much easier to construct and maintain when made in a smaller scale, experimental missions proved successful: two temporary colonies on the Moon as test runs, and one long term colony on Mars, now called the Deja Colony.

The colony is formed from ten different facilities bolted together. Over the next few years, the Megami have made frequent trips back to Earth for resources, including taking decommissioned and broken satellites from the massive network of space junk surrounding the planet, using the materials to slowly build upon the facilities, without having to use.

Life within the facilities is a strange mix of scientific and academic hierarchy and cult-like devotion to the Megami. None of the Megami see themselves as Queens, and prefer to see themselves as supervising officials rather than accept worship as Goddesses. All that said, it cannot be denied that it is their power that has allowed any of this to be possible. Even the women under their command cannot help but look upon them with superstitious awe. This is, of course, somewhat helped along by the Megami regularly returning to normal or giant sizes while the colonists are kept at ant sizes, and the fact that they must all contribute regularly to maintaining the Lust Energy that sustains them all in daily, ritualistic tease orgies that leave them swooning with erotic obsession for their leaders.

This is, however, necessary. Even with atmospheric recycling technologies, oxygen is a precious resource, making it necessary to keep everyone brimming with Lust to ensure they don’t always need to breathe. Likewise, this heals them from unexpected exposure to radiation spikes, as well as ensures they don’t need to eat very much, as food is likewise scarce, with little means of replenishing until hyper-efficient agriculture can be achieved on the red planet.

Few people on Earth aside from the other Queens are aware of the Martian colony, but should the mission succeed in a long-term habitation, more colonies could be developed.

It is believed that 100 million people are scattered around the world in isolated communities outside the authority of the Queendoms. Called Free Roamers, since they are free to go where they wish outside the relatively small total area controlled by the queens, most such free people live in self-sufficient mini-queendoms ruled by an Archmage or a council of Sex Mages. Some of these may be tiny villages with only a few dozen people, so isolated that they don’t even know billions of others survived the Cascade Event. Others may be fully functioning city-states that simply lack the Megami backing or valued resources to be acknowledged by the Queendoms.

Several Megami live within Free Roamer lands:
-The heroic vigilante Devika Sai works to stop the rise of tyrants and resource wars throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe.
-The mad scientist Doctor Genesis, who fashions herself after a power-armor-style comic book super villain, works out of her laboratories in Hawaii to invent futuristic technologies, kidnapping other scientists from around the world to absorb their knowledge.
-The Skyrunner is an adventurer who loves to travel around the world, flying across the land to see every inch of the globe and visit every settlement she finds. While she occasionally stops to help villages in trouble, she also has no qualms simply landing in a town or city and taking men at her whim.
-The Murai is a mysterious cloaked figure who has appeared around the world, offering guidance to seemingly insignificant individuals, who months later become involved in insidious terrorist attacks against the Queendoms.
-The catwoman warrior Rika works with the Archmage mercenary group the Special Task Force. Lead by Commander Gennedy DeVray, this group works as heroes for hire throughout North and South America.

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