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The Queendoms

There was a brief time when people believed Sex Magic might unite the world into a global society of female rule, that the “compassion of the Fairer Sex” would lead to a peaceful co-existence, once the initial chaos of the magic died down. This proved to be a laughable conceit. In the wake of the Cult Wars, the world is more divided than ever before, hundreds of new countries formed under the iron rule of the Queen Megami.

Each Queendom follows its own laws and ideals, as decided by the Queen, and enforced by her Megami partners, her Archmage loyalists, or by her own hand. Each Queen strives to make her country as self-sufficient as possible, while all agree to a global policy of non-interference with one another. At most, tenuous alliances are made and broken almost on whim, and only the threat of mutually assured destruction keeps the world at peace. Clashing ideologies guarantee that the varying cultures of the Queendoms cannot peacefully co-exist, and so the Queens largely keep their subjects contained and controlled within their borders.

Some believe the Queens are simply power-mad, and perhaps some are. But even the most altruistic and compassionate of the Queens knows that in a Sex Mage World, subjugation is ultimately better than the alternative, at least for now.

Civilization on Earth has been radically altered by the arrival of Sex Magic. The Magic completely unbalanced the power between the genders, in a way that was largely counter-intuitive to how human society had evolved over the millennia. As well, the many strange side-effects of the Magic have given the world a possible means of fixing and alleviating many of the human species’ physical wants and needs, though such solutions have their own psychological and societal costs.

The changes came fast in some countries, and relatively slow in others, but one way or another, substantial change was inevitable. The collapse of the global economy, numerous small ideological wars, the failure of multi-billion dollar industries, the sealing of international borders, the upheaval of revolutions, unending and increasing civil unrest, a severely declining birth rate, and a death toll reaching nearly a billion lives over the course of ten years brought human civilization nearly to collapse.

But human beings are adaptable, and society shifted as new needs were met. A steady exodus from larger cities, to smaller towns and villages of more closely shared ideologies, allowed people to live in relative peace with their neighbors. As men lost jobs by the millions, women stepped in to fulfill their roles. The revolutions came to an end, with new regimes in place. Countries re-learned methods of self-sufficiency, even as they struggled to maintain fruitful international relations. And while many, in fact most, were not happy with the changes, a process of de-escalation and acceptance looked like it might allowed the human race to ease back down from the brink.

And then the Cult Wars happened. Over the course of a year, tens of thousands of radicalized zealots operating in the name of new or altered religious ideals broke into violent war with one another across the entire world. As thought some kind of global hysteria had set them off, these organizations set about attempting to murder each other, until on the one True Faith remained standing. No regard was given to the collateral damage incurred by such violence, and in the wake of their destructive passing, the citizenry of many nations snapped. Riots and rebellions followed the Cult skirmishes.

The smaller towns were spared the worst of the violence, even those where the Cults had originated, as the major cities were their chosen battlegrounds, and the still-significant population of citizens fell in with the violence that followed. Military and police forces battled not only the Cults, but their own people, and some betrayed or abandoned their fellow soldiers and officers to the mob.

Almost every Megami and Archmage in the world was forced to combat the Cults, some
of whom were themselves led by similarly powerful Sex Mages. Backed by impromptu militias and still-serving police and military units, the Cults were eventually outnumbered, having already whittled down their own forces fighting one another. Those that remained, however, would not stop fighting, no matter the odds, fueled by their own sense of righteousness, and the backing of their Sex Mage leaders. 95% of all known Cultists across the world were killed in this conflict. The survivors were mainly those Megami-led Cults who opted to lay down arms in favor of a compromise.

When it was all finally over, the Cult Wars had, in a single year, doubled the body count directly or indirectly caused by Sex Magic over the past decade. Combined with the greatly declined birth rates world wide and death by all other causes over the past decade, the human population had been cut down by nearly 40% since 2010.

With this last catastrophe, entire nations were crippled beyond repair, and even the most powerful and influential of First World countries were on the brink of total collapse. Hundreds of millions would continue to die as famine, depression, resource and territory conflicts, revenge, terrorism, further suicides, and homicidal insanity took its toll over the next few years.

Three billion dead in just ten years. Four billion left, doomed to keep dwindling in the aftershocks. Should something like the Cult Wars ever be allowed to happen again, there was a pretty good chance humanity wasn’t going to make it, no matter how miraculous the healing and resources of Sex Magic were.

There was only one clear path to immediate salvation: divine intervention. The Megami, the Living Goddesses of Sex Magic, would need to save humanity from itself. Before the last fires of the Cult Wars had been put out, their conquest was already in motion. Another catastrophe of such magnitude can never be allowed to happen again, even if that meant forcibly grinding all of humanity into obedience under their heels. Let the rest of the world hate them for it. In fact, acting as a lightning rod for the people’s hatred and resentment may even further help keep them from killing each other. If that’s what it takes, so be it. At least tyranny is better than extinction.

Or so they hope.

Of course, the idea of a one-world government under Megami rule was proposed, but was immediately shot down. The Megami comprised of women from many different cultures, with different ideologies, and different ideas on solutions. Moreover, as individuals of great power, each was used to being independent; none relished the idea of just being a cog in a big, unwieldy machine. As well, some Megami were already used to ruling, be they Cult leaders or successful Revolutionaries, and they did not wish to compromise their positions of power.

On the other hand, not every Megami necessarily wanted to rule, though they all knew they had a stake in this plan. While some Megami opted to rule smaller territories by themselves, others agreed to assist those Megami who would claim larger territories. In either case, each country would be ruled by a single Queen Megami, and their authority would be backed by their assistants, and any Archmages whose loyalty they could win.

While the Megami generally stuck to parts of the world in which they lived, they chopped up the geo-political landscape of the world with little regard for pre-existing borders, only attempting to be as fair as possible with regard to proportions of land per how many Megami were to be part of a given Queendom. The need for haste meant they had little time to iron out the specifics, and just hoped they could settle such details with minimal contact later.

On January 15, 2021, the Queens made their public announcements to the world: they were taking over, and no resistance would be tolerated. In the wake of so much devastation, with no immediately obvious better alternatives, few people really had much incentive to fight anyway. The majority of humanity knelt before their new Queens. With this done, the Queens proclaimed the age of Sex Magic to be the Goddess Era. and retroactively reset the calendar, starting with Sex Magic’s first appearance as 1 G.E.

The Queendoms are far too numerous and too varied to go into detail. Obviously, given the nature of Sex Magic, every Queendom is female dominated, even those that attempt maintain some power for men. Beyond that, the culture of a given Queendom is determined by her own ideologies.

Every Queendom is a dictatorship and those within a given country must conform to the Queen’s society, or be evicted by exile or execution. The will of the people is irrelevant in the face of her power and judgment. Naturally, of course, the pre-existing culture has some influence over the citizenry’s own view on things, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what nationality you were, what religion you had, or what your job was. What the Queen says is how it is.

Of course, any sensible Queen will try to take into account her subjects’ previous cultures, but it is not unheard of for smaller Queendoms to simply shove out the majority of the land’s population, and take in those who fit her ideals. Most people don’t like it, but most don’t have a choice. Many a Queen has made it absolutely clear that they will not suffer rebellion. Should any of the citizenry attempt to significantly disrupt the Queen’s rule and destabilize her country, their entire uprising will be mercilessly hunted down and killed. Even the most compassionate of Queens, when faced with such a threat to her nation, will resort to execution before compromising her authority. They cannot afford to do otherwise.

Individual Queendoms, and their Queens, are covered in separate articles.

Aside from some basic trade agreements and occasional military partnerships, most Queendoms make a point to ignore one another, even if they are officially part of a Union. The only true global law all Queens adhere to is the Pact of Non-Interference. A Queen may do anything they wish within their own country, and as long as it does not directly or indirectly impact other Queendoms, all other Queens will turn a blind eye to their actions. Even kindly and otherwise altruistic Queens must ignore the atrocities that cruel Queens may inflict on their citizens. Likewise, even the most sadistic and ambitious Queens will avoid inflicting troubles on their neighbors, even if they hate them. To do otherwise would be to invite conflict, compromising the stability of their nation.

If two Queendoms are having a serious, mutually aggressive conflict, then neighboring countries may try to mediate between the two to defuse the situation. If neither Queendom will hear of it, then the surrounding countries will allow the two nations to war with one another, so long as the conflict does not threaten their own territories. Military alliances between some Queendoms do act as buffers to prevent other countries from picking fights, but likewise, if a Queendom in an alliance tries to use said alliance as leverage to bully another country, or thinks such an alliance means she does not have to accept compromise in a reasonable negotiation, the alliance will be terminated if her allies do not agree with the conflict. In this way, war is mitigated as much as possible, if only out of a sense of self-preservation.

If one Queen does begin to seriously threaten those other nations around her, either trying to take territory, or allowing escapees of her country to flood the borders of surrounding nations, the Queens and other Megami of neighboring countries will band together and threaten her into shaping up. If she doesn’t, the other Megami will attempt to defeat her as quickly as possible, either physically beating her down, or drastically sabotaging the stability of her society. If she does not stop causing problems, then several Queens will come together and execute her, absorbing her territory into their own.

Alternately, in the event a larger Queendom was involved in this conquest, the territory may be given to one of the former assistant Megami, who then becomes the new Queen. In this instance, the new Queendom may become a dependant territory, or even be considered a “colony” of the other Queendom.

Likewise, some large Queendoms may face a schism in their ranks, as Megami that were assistants to the Queen decide to take some power for themselves, taking a chunk of territory with them. In the best of cases, this arrangement is allowed bloodlessly, and a Queen may even push for this to happen in order to lessen a territory she may find too big to adequately govern, even with help. In the worst cases, this leads to a brief, deadly civil war, and other Queendoms who fear the backlash may have to get involved and broker a secession arrangement to keep things from getting worse.

Microstates still exist. These are usually under the control of a coalition of neutral Archmages, further protected by a Megami uninterested in rule. Alternatively, a microstate may be established as a seat of power for one of the very few international corporations still remaining, enabling them to determine policies free of the control of any individual Queen.

A few places remain ungoverned, and while any Queen is technically free to do anything they want within those areas, they still must not do anything that would interfere with other Queendoms. Some ungoverned lands are occasionally used as neutral ground for potentially hostile meetings between Queens.

Territorial waters have been cut down to five miles beyond the shoreline of any given country. Air space now officially includes only the troposphere (not exceeding twelve miles above sea level).

All claims to Antarctica have been relinquished, and any future territory claimed is effectively first come, first serve, on the condition that the territory actually be formed into an inhabitable Queendom. For now, it remains a neutral zone.

Following the death of the Created, the Moon is now considered forbidden territory and can never be claimed (not that anyone was planning on it).


As of 30 G.E. (2040 A.D.), there are 531 recognized independent Queendoms around the world, as well as 54 dependent territories and nominal colonies. There are also 37 confirmed microstates and 13 ungoverned lands. Some Queendoms are also officially part of international Unions, and are thus grouped together as such when broadly discussing international regions. However, such Unions are weak, with no central oversight, and may be seceded from, or broken fully at any time. While still subject to change as territory may be taken, given, or otherwise altered, the borders of most countries and unions have been stable for at least the past five years.

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