Monday, September 12, 2016

Nude For School

As Jet walked up the steps to school, he hung his head, flushed with embarrassment. All around him, students gawked and did double-takes. “Dude! What the fuck?! Oh my God! No way! Forget something? The hell is wrong with you? Oh my god, is he serious?” and other such exclamations sounded around him, punctuated by laughter, grunts of disgust, or the rapid clicking of camera phones.
Jet, eighteen year old student, was walking to school wearing nothing but his backpack and his utter shame. He didn’t bother to try to protect his dignity by carrying his backpack in front of himself. He wasn’t even wearing shoes, which meant walking carefully on the ground. At least this gave him an excuse to keep his eyes firmly planted on his feet. But avoiding looking at anyone didn’t stop him from hearing every comment. And the worst part was, his cock was hard and wagging before him, waving to everyone merrily, like a morning wood that refused to quit.
Stepping into the building quickly as he could, Jet made his way to his locker, and couldn’t avoid looking up to see where he was going. The expression on everyone’s faces left him red as a tomato, guys making exaggerated displays of reeling back and turning their heads, girls half-turning, but still looking, covering their mouths to hide their huge grins and chuckles. More cameras went off as he proceeded. At least one girl was clearly recording a video. Jet could only swallow hard, grimace, and keep walking forward. His walking became slightly jerky as the humiliation built and built, making him shiver. He spotted the bathroom and immediately wanted to run inside and hide there all day. But he knew there wasn’t a point.

He avoided all possible eye contact, and when he reached his locker, he pushed himself almost flush against it, holding the long, thin door against himself for every inch of dignity he could manage. Still, even as his cock throbbed just inside his locker, his ass remained in plain view, and he winced as he heard a few more camera clicks, and rounds of laughter echoing down the halls. He could feel dozens of eyes on his bare back, as students kept coming and going, some gathering to stare in amusement or disbelief.
Jet’s only relative comfort was that the student body here was considerably smaller than it could have been. Just this year, High School students ages eighteen and nineteen were now being taught on a separate campus to the rest of the student body, in order to prevent any possible complications or scandals involving minors, as the female students awakened to the strange powers all adult women had developed. At least Jet could not be accused of flashing under aged students in this case, and there were less eyes and cameras on him at a given time.
Finally, someone had enough guts to actually approach him. A voice sounded on the other side of the door. “Hey, uh… Jet… um… what the hell, exactly?”
Jet sighed, finished switching around his books and papers, and closed the door to his locker, sliding the backpack over his shoulder once more. He leaned his forehead against the locker, closed his eyes and braced himself.
The voice repeated. “Jet, seriously. What are you doing?”
Jet dared to turn and look the other young man in the eye. While Jet didn’t have any enemies at school, exactly, he would be hard pressed to say he had any real friends. Matthias, the skinny bespectacled kid with dark brown hair, was someone he just happened to fall into sitting with at lunch, talking occasionally. A “friend of circumstance” more than anything.
Jet, his brown short hair and blue eyes contrasting sharply with his still-red face, quietly said, “I have to be nude.”
Matthias raised a curious eyebrow at him, gave him a quick up and down as if to confirm that the other young man was in fact still nude, then raised his hands and shoulders in a what-the-hell gesture. “Why?”
“I don’t want to say,” said Jet. He turned and kept his eyes on the floor as he headed to class.
Matthias just scratched his head for a second, then followed after his nude classmate. Other people snickered and pointed, and Matthias took a moment to make sure there was an unmistakable space between them. “Is this a Sex Magic thing?” said Matthias, trying to talk low, but loud enough for Jet to hear.
Jet paused for a long moment, before finally saying, “Yes.”
“Oh, so a girl is making you do this?” said Matthias. “Dude, I’m amazed the teachers haven’t already grabbed you and sent you home! No way they’re gunna let a prank like this fly!”
“It’s not a prank,” muttered Jet. He stopped at a classroom door, and hesitated. This was his first period class, and he very clearly did not want to go in, as if entering the room would be the acceptance of a commitment to his condition.
“Then what?” said Matthias.
“Don’t ask!” said Jet. He took a deep breath, raised his head, swallowed nervously again, and stepped inside. He was instantly greeting with a roar of laughter, and another dozen camera clicks. More exclamations of “Oh my God! You weren’t kidding! Oh, gross! No way! Dude, cover yourself!” sounded. Jet sighed and walked in, still avoiding eye contact. Matthias stood in stunned confusion, then ran off to get to his own first class.
Jet was never so thankful to be in the back row of the class. Unfortunately, he was two columns in out of four, so he wasn’t closest to the door. But it didn’t really matter, because twenty other curious eyes tracked him as he came in, and another four or five kept glancing back, despite their aversion. Jet sat down heavily in his chair, and buried his head in his arms atop the desk.
The other students weren’t going to let him off so easily. The student in front of him, Alvin, tapped him on the back of the head. “Hey, nature boy. What’s with the new wardrobe?”
“Please leave me alone,” mumbled Jet, not raising his head.
“Hey, is this like an exhibitionist thing?” said Olga, the blond-and-black haired girl sitting to his right.
“No!” hissed Jet.
“Are you sure?” she said. “Because you’ve got, like, a total boner right now.”
Jet’s face somehow got even redder. God, to be naked like this in front of the guys was one thing. He’d gone skinny dipping with friends in the lake when he was a kid. It was embarrassing, but fuck it, the most he’d get was a few jabs at his cock size or something. But to be nude in front of all the girls, with his hard-on waving in front of him, hearing them giggle, watching them grin as they took his picture, God, he just wanted to shrivel up and die!
“She’s right, dude!” said another male voice. “What kinda pervert are you?”
“He’s probably gunna try jerking it right in class!” said another female voice, followed by another burst of laughter. Jet sighed miserably, for a brief moment wondering how this could get worse, before the sound of clicking heels answered his ridiculous question.
Ms Bauer, the prim and proper thirty-five year old pre-calculus teacher, came into the room. The students all turned to face her, though many kept glancing back at Jet, and several whispered conversations kept going. Jet winced as he heard the teacher set her things down on the desk, then turn and face the class. Before she’d even said anything, he could feel her eyes upon him. He still flinched when she said his name.
“Carlin Jethro Seidel,” she said. “Please stop trying to hide back there. We can all see you. And of course, some of us can sense you.” Jet jumped up as she said “sense,” and his hard cock twitched noticeably, as if in response to a command. The whole class laughed again. Jet looked up to his teacher, his face a mask of shame.
Ms Bauer wore her usual business-suit, with black skirt and white blazer, her black hair tied into a tight bun, and her gold-framed glasses glinting slightly in the light. With her black heels and stockings, and the way she brandished her meter-stick as a pointer for the chalkboard, she was the perfect image of the sexy, but stern, librarian. She looked at him with her piercing green eyes, focused and studious, but her otherwise professional expression was broken by the slightest hint of a smile.
“Now, class, I know what Jethro is doing right now is rather distracting, but I hope you will be able to get used to it,” she said. “He will be like this all week, and we do still have a test on Friday.”
“All week?” said one of the girls. “Ugh! No one wants to see his boner flopping around all that time!”
“Speak for yourself!” said another girl, and laughter sounded throughout the room. This time, however, the laughter of the boys was noticeably quieter. They had all clearly expected the teacher to immediately drag Jet out of the class room, lecture him, and send him home for being indecent. Instead, something else was going on.
Bauer smiled with bemusement. “Well, Rebecca, when you gain your Sex Magic powers, you won’t be able to help but see every male’s genitals wherever you go, at least for the first little while. But even once you’ve learned how to block them out, by that point, you might find yourself peeking more and more.”
Ugh!” repeated Rebecca. “No girl wants to see that!”
“Speak for yourself!” the other girl repeated, and laughter followed once more.
Only half the boys laughed now, and most of that half was forced. The girls were all focused on Jet right now, but one by one, something was slowly dawning on the rest of the boys. The greater implications of the scene before them were clicking into place, and if anyone had been watching, they would have been able to track this realization from boy to boy, noting each facial expression shift from mockery of their nude classmate to a sudden self-conscious dread.
“Yes, Jet is to remain nude for the remainder of the week, whether at school, at home, or anywhere else in town,” said Ms Bauer. “All the teachers have been informed, and it has been agreed we shall take this punishment in stride…” She looked right in his widening eyes as she explained his situation. He shook his head, eyes pleading, heart pounding. She wouldn’t, would she? She wouldn’t dare!
Ms Bauer paused for just a second, her lips parting slightly, dragging out the suspense of the moment. Then, she dropped the bombshell. “…as requested by his mother.”
Eyes went wide and jaws dropped and a few half-gasps, half-grunts of laughter sounded around him. Jet achieved a critical crimson countenance, flushing red from the top of his head all the way down to his collar bone.
“No fucking way!” said another girl.
“Oh, dude, what the hell?” exclaimed one of the other guys, one of the three who hadn’t yet been sobered by the situation.
“Oh my god, your Mom? She’s making you do this? What did you do? Dude, that’s so wrong! Did you try to grope a girl or something? Did your Mom catch you sniffing panties? Is your Mom even hot? She must be, look at his fucking dick!”
Jet let out a groan as the barrage of questions hit, and he buried his face in his hands, unable to bare the whole class questioning him. And all throughout, his cock remained rock hard, happily ignorant of the added humiliation it was inflicting on him, like a puppy just excited to be getting any attention at all.
Ms Bauer smirked slightly as she let the rigorous questioning and commenting continue for another minute, then cleared her throat. She had to do so twice more, before the class settled down and turned their attention back to her.
“Alright, class, I know you’re just burning with questions, but let’s leave the poor boy alone, and focus now on some cold, hard maths.” Jet flinched as once again, his cock twitched at her emphasized word, as if responding so some unseen jolt or flick. He heard several snickers, and knew some of the girls had caught the motion.
“But what did he do?” asked another girl. “Seriously, you can’t just say that and not elaborate!”
“Yeah!” said yet another girl. “I mean, even if doesn’t want to tell us, you can read the dirty part of his mind, right?”
Ms Bauer sighed, but her expression was mirthful. “Tell you what,” she said, holding up a stack of papers. “Let’s work on some example problems. If the girls manage to get more right than the boys, I’ll let you know.”
“Ms Bauer, plea—” Jet started to say, but his mouth clamped shut, and his lips sealed closed, as the teacher put a finger to her lips and winked at him.
Most of the girls grinned at this, some once again wide-eyed, even as more than a few of the boys gave Jet and their teacher wary looks. Once the papers were passed out, each containing three questions, there was a furious amount of scribbling. A few students finished their exercises in record time and waited in anticipation. The majority of the girls noticeably triple-checked their work, while the guys couldn’t seem to decide whether to recheck, or if they were curious enough to purposefully do a sloppy job. After twenty minutes, Ms Bauer collected all of them, and sat at her desk. Jet, too riled up with humiliation, hadn’t even bothered filling the paper out, and handed it in with a sigh of defeat.
Another tense five minutes went by as the teacher speed-checked the answers, then made a show of sorting and stacking them in a perfectly straight pile. Then, she clasped her hands together on her desk and leaned forward a bit. “Good job, girls, you blew the boys of the water, so to speak. You better watch yourselves, boys!” Snickers sounded throughout the classroom, and Jet’s cock twitched again, causing even more snickers.
“Now then,” she continued. “As to why Jet is being punished. He defied his mother by trying to find ways to masturbate, despite her forbidding it.”
“Oh, that is so fucked up,” muttered one of the other guys. There was no amusement or mockery in his voice this time.
“What was that, Claus?” said Ms Bauer, giving the boy a firm look.
“I, uh, I mean, come on,” said Claus. “Guys, you know, we just gotta jack off sometimes. Especially with this whole Sex Magic thing around, I mean, us guys really need to do that, because, you know, all the stuff girls do.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” said Rebecca.
“Come on, you know,” said Claus, making a slight flailing motion of his hands as he found himself under the attention of every set of female eyes. He looked around at the other guys for support. Every single one of them just glanced away or shrugged or looked at him like he was an idiot. “Wha—come on! You all know what I’m talking about! Girls with the Magic keep doing stuff to guys, pulling pranks, and getting us all horny and—” He realized the girls were watching him with either curiosity, or the amusement of watching someone walk into a completely obvious trap. Ms Bauer’s gaze remained stern, but as he stumbled through his words, her smirk returned.
“Come on!” said Claus, realizing he was backed into a corner; with no way out, he was now committed. “Am I the only one? Seriously?”
“Perhaps you just don’t have very good self-control,” said Ms Bauer. “Something you boys are all going to need to start learning. You’re going to find that in a Sex Mage World, your urges are going to get you into a whole lot of trouble, if you don’t tend to them the proper way: with women’s guidance.”
Most of the girls were grinning ear to ear at this, while the guys shifted uncomfortably. Jet wasn’t the only one blushing now.
“No, but, seriously, you can’t just do that!” said Claus. “I mean, some guys can get laid easy, but what about the rest, huh? What are we supposed to do? If we don’t, you know, relieve ourselves, it drives us nuts!”
“Maybe that’s the point!” said one of the girls. The class erupted into female laughter again. A few boys forced themselves to join in, playing it cool, but most just looked nervous. A few looked almost angry, but knew better than to say anything.
“You—” said Claus, and suddenly, his mouth also snapped shut as Ms Bauer did the same “shush” spell she’d used on Jet.
“This is Maths, not Debate,” she said. “Anyway, that’s all for class today. I imagine you’re not going to be particularly tuned into today’s lesson. You can have a study period for the rest of the hour, and you can talk to me if you have any questions on your homework.” She flicked her finger, and Claus and Jet’s mouths popped open, freeing them to talk again. However, neither boy dared to say anything more.
The rest of the hour went by with numerous glances back at Jet, smirks and sniggers, but some students, mostly the boys, managed to focus on their studies. As Jet pulled out his book to work on his homework, he noticed Olga scribbling hastily on a note card. She then tossed the note on his desk after a minute.
“Come find me at lunch,” the note said.
When class finally ended, Jet practically bolted from his chair. He still didn’t leave fast enough to avoid hearing, “Be good, Jethro!” from Ms Bauer, and the burst of laughter that followed.

For three years, Sex Magic had empowered the women of the world with sexually-focused psychic control over men’s bodies and minds. Some countries went into an immediate uproar, quickly resulting in civil unrest. Others were slow to adapt, cultural momentum resisting the inevitable for as long as it could. Others embraced the Magic, but were reckless in its use.
With a more relaxed attitude towards sex and a stoic response to life’s endless challenges and indignities, Germany’s adaptation to Sex Magic was rather more even-headed than most. As one of the bedrocks of Europe’s economic prosperity, and one of the core members of the European Union, Germany’s stability was too important to allow Sex Magic to unhinge the nation. After a brief period of confusion and orientation, it was generally agreed that for now, life should move on as it had, and steps taken gradually towards the inevitable adjustment to a primarily female-led society.
Some places, however were moving a little quicker than most. While the cities and larger towns adjusted slowly, smaller population centers were freer to experiment. In the small town of Appeln, women with a more enthusiastic view of the Magic had found themselves congregating together. The village had gone from about five hundred residents to nearly three thousand in just three short years, and the construction efforts to accommodate the sudden heavy migration had lead to a small economic boom. Things were quite comfortable in the rapidly expanding village, and this made for an enticing place for women to flex their Magical muscles.
As such, it was not entirely surprising that the school staff, all female, were quite bemused by the idea of Jet’s punishment. Every class after Ms Bauer’s was much the same, though the initial shock had worn off by then, as the whole school knew what was happening by that point. Still, the girls laughed, the teachers smirked, and other guys nervously chuckled along. When lunch finally arrived, Jet was sorely tempted to hide in the bathroom the whole time. Sure, the teachers would be able to sense him and “see” him, but at least he’d be free from the curious and mischievous eyes of the girls.
Jet debated whether or not to fulfill Olga’s request. He was none-too-eager to answer questions. However, when he entered the cafeteria, he was dismayed to see she was already sitting at his usual table. Olga herself was not one of those girls always accompanied by a gaggle of friends, so she was thankfully alone, save for Matthias, who looked rather uncomfortable. Jet sighed and after collecting his food, he went and sat down next to them, ignoring as best he could, the stares, chuckles, pointing, and camera clicks. Always with the damn cameras. Just how many pictures did they need?
As he settled into his seat, Matthias moved another spot down the bench to ensure there was a sizeable space between them. Olga slid herself over so she was facing Jet directly. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and smirked at him.
“I notice your dick is still rock hard,” she said. “Is this like a fetish of yours or something?”
“No,” he muttered. “I just can’t go soft.”
“Isn’t that dangerous?” she said. “I heard if you’re hard for more than four hours…”
“I dunno,” said Jet. “Apparently if it’s done with the magic, it’s okay. She made me hard on Friday night, and it’s been like this since.”
Olga nodded. “I bet that’s been fun!”
“It really isn’t,” he said. “It’s constantly bumping into things. And I can’t, you know, I can’t, like, touch it.”
“Alright, I can’t listen to this,” said Matthias. “I’m sorry man.” He grabbed his tray, got up, and left, going to another table.
Olga and Jet ignored him. “So what’s the deal?” she said. “Did your Mom really make you come to school naked?”
“You heard Ms Bauer,” said Jet. “And apparently, she called up the school on Friday, and the teachers had a meeting over it on Saturday, and they all agreed to it. Or at least, most of them did, and if any didn’t, they haven’t said anything against it.”
“Is your Mom a nut or something?” she said.
Jet sighed. “She’s… she’s a little…” he sighed again. “She’s, like, super feminist. Like, she thinks women gained the power as some kind of divinely gifted reparations for millennia of men’s oppression of women. Like, you know, a lot of feminists just want equality between the sexes, right, but she’s got this, like persecution complex, and she’s got an axe to grind.”
“Huh. Jeez.” Olga let him eat for a minute, then said. “So, about your punishment…”
“You were trying to masturbate?”
Jet had finally managed to get his blushing under control last period, but this made him flush anew. “Yeah.”
“How do you mean trying?”
Jet gulped. “My Mom put a spell on me that, um, prevents me from touching myself when I’m hard.”
Olga gawked. “Jeez. That’s awful. So, how do you, you know, get your rocks off?”
Jet flushed a deep crimson once more, and there was an outburst of laughter from one woman at the end of the cafeteria. It was one of the teachers, and while the students all looked over to see what she was laughing at, Jet knew it was because she had caught the flash of memory in his mind.
Olga made the connection. “That bad, huh?”
“Just leave me alone.”
“I don’t want to talk about it” Jet slid off the bench and jumped out of his seat, leaving his tray, with his food half-eaten. Olga frowned, but didn’t chase him.
The remainder of the classes proceeded as before. There were still questions, of course, and comments at how much of a pervert he was, since his dick was still hard, and hadn’t gone soft all day. “Doesn’t it ache, being hard all the time? Is it really always like that? I heard you can’t masturbate, is that true? Do you have sex with your Mom, or does she just let you jerk off while she watches?”
The teachers allowed several minutes before each class started for the students to pester him, but none of them were as outright taunting as Ms Bauer herself. Jet, for his part, just stayed silent, waiting for the day to end. When the last period was over, he bolted to his locker, as fast as his bare feet could take him.
Unfortunately, some people were waiting for him. Sisty Crowen, a slim, nineteen year old with long black hair, black lipstick and eye-liner, was leaning against his locker, blocking the door, giving him a cool, studious look. Jeannette Claude, another nineteen year old, with her blond hair done up in curled pig-tails, was standing next to her, grinning ear to ear. Sisty was a couple inches shorter than Jet, but Jeannette was a full head taller, looming over them both.
“Can I get to my locker, please?” said Jet, not looking either girl directly in the eyes.
Sisty gave him a slow up and down glance. If he wasn’t already naked, he’d swear she was undressing him with her eyes. Jeanette just giggled, looking at him. Jet’s blush returned. “Please, I just want to get out of here.”
“That so, mother-fucker?” said Sisty. Her tone was as cool as her expression, a well-practiced air of control that would have looked silly on most of the girls here.
“Oh my God,” said Jet, exasperated. “I do not fuck my mother!”
“But she controls your dick, doesn’t she?” said Jeannette, with a sneer. “Not seeing much difference.”
“Just please move aside,” said Jet.
“Make us,” challenged Sisty.
Jet gulped, finally meeting her gaze. Her cool expression was calm and steady. Jet’s own gaze wavered. Finally he just turned and started walking away. To hell with his homework if this was how it was going to be!
“Not so fast!” said Jeannette. Faster than Jet could react, she brazenly reached out and grabbed his cock.
“Ah!” said Jet, trying to jerk away. “Let go!” Jeannette’s grip held tight, and she stood her ground, causing Jet to yelp as he tried to yank himself away. He grabbed her arm as if to push her off. “Stop! Let go!”
“Make me!” Jeannette said, her grin returning. She gave him a few rhythmic squeezes, and Jet couldn’t help but gasp.
Even though he had both hands locked on her arm, he didn’t seem capable of actually pushing her away. He seemed to strain, as if pushing against a wall, but his arms could not budge hers. Even Jeannette gave him a curious look. She’d expected him to actually try and pry her arm away, but his grip on her was gentle, and she couldn’t feel him actually pushing against her. It was as if he were fighting some kind of internal force that was restraining his arms, rather than actually fighting her.
Her eyes widened a bit. “No way! Can you not push me away?”
Jet’s face was flushed with exertion and embarrassment. He set his jaw and tried harder, but it was obvious no amount of struggling was going to succeed. He was utterly defenseless against a girl touching him. As if to prove the point, Sisty stepped up, and outright grabbed his balls, squeezing them, and giving him a hard slap on the ass. Jet moved one hand to grab her arm, but his progress was no better. He was completely helpless to stop the girls from groping him, right there in the hall!
A small crowd was gathering to watch their little collective. Sisty spanked him a few more times, until he yelped, then she caressed his buttocks softly. She noted how he shivered, though her expression was unchanging. She let her hand drift away from him, and tickled his butt lightly with her fingernails. Jet yelped again, this time from the ticklish sensation, and bucked forward, thrusting his cock into Jeannette’s hand. He made another gasp as his cock flexed.
“This is so cool!” said Jeannette. “Hahaha, look at him, he’s so sensitive!” She gave him a couple quick strokes, and he flexed in her hand once more. Sisty kept her grip on his balls, while still tickling his ass.
“Hahaha, ah, stop, st-stah, ah! Hahaha!” Jet writhed and gasped in the two girls’ grip. He noticed a good number of students crowded around them now, transfixed by the vulgar display, and his whole body flushed with shame. And then, he stiffened, and gasped sharper. “St-stop! Stop, you’re g-gunna make me—AH!”
Suddenly, both girls let go, backing off just as his cock began to clench hard. Everyone watched, transfixed, as his hips bucked once in the empty air, his cock jerked, and a slow dribble of semen spilled out. A few more weak pulses pumped, and despite his embarrassment, Jet reached down to grab himself instinctively. Female laughter erupted around him, as well as few catcalls, as they all saw his hands halt a few inches from his cock. Even his attempts to thrust up just pushed his hands away, as if an invisible barrier were present.
The guys that had been watching were either fascinated, mortified, or were clearly being made to watch by their own girlfriends. A few giggles and pokes showed Jet wasn’t the only one sporting a huge erection at the moment.
Jet groaned loudly, wincing. His cock stayed stubbornly hard, now aching, and he stood with his head hung, ashamed, his balls aching almost as bad as ever! He’d never had a ruined orgasm before, and it felt awful!
And then, before he could run away, Jeannette’s hands latched onto him again, lightning quick, one grabbing his shaft, the other cupping his still slick penishead. Jet yelped as she rubbed the head quick circles, grinning as his face became a mask of horror. His post-climax tip was still super-sensitive despite the ruining of his orgasm, and her rubbing sent electric jolts of intense pleasure through him. Jet cried out and gripped her arm again, but still could not push her away, even as her hand quickened and switched direction.
“AAAAHH! Stop! Stop! It hurts, STOP!” Jet shuddered and his legs jerked. Unable to take the intense stings of pleasure, he feel to his knees. Not skipping a beat, Jeannette crouched down to follow him, still rubbing. Jet’s breath was torn away, and he could only mewl and whimper and writhe against her.
There was more laughter, all female, at the site of a naked boy being absolutely destroyed by the touch of girl, one who didn’t even have any magic, one who just knew how to stimulate a boy in just the right way. Some of the girls were clearly taking mental notes.
“H-hey, that’s enough!” said a male voice, finally. “You’re killing him.”
“Oh, it doesn’t really injure anything,” said Jeannette. “It’s just super intense.” She laughed. “Pay attention girls, when we get our magic, we’ll be able to make them feel this without even having to let them cum first!”
“Cut it out!” said another male voice.
“Yeah, come on! Give him a break!” said another.
Jet was just starting to get a handle on the sensations, gritting his teeth, and gasping through them while staring at her defiantly. But then, she switched to another type of rubbing, making a ring with her thumb and forefinger, and quickly slipping it up and down along the ridge of the head, and he was helplessly whimpering again.
None of the boys dared physically stop the girls, but they were starting to look like they were going to try something. Even some of the girls had stopped laughing, and were looking pitiably at him, though they said nothing in his defense.
“That’s enough, Jeannette,” said Sisty, after a quick glance let her gauge the reaction of the crowd. The display had worn out its welcome.
Jeannette’s grin dropped, and she let go, pulling away. Jet collapsed onto the floor, gasping, landing on his own semen. The blonde blanched as she saw how much of his fluid still coated her hand, then wiped some off on his bare back, before standing up.
Sisty presented her foot to him. “Kiss it,” she said. “Thank us for the orgasm.”
“Fuck you,” said Jet, still breathless.
Sisty frowned, then pulled her foot back. She did nothing more to him, but the look in her eye told Jet she’d have probably stomped on his balls if there wasn’t a crowd already half-sympathetic to him.
Jeannette reached down flicked him hard on the nose. Jet yelped and grabbed his face. “That’s not a very nice thing to say to the girls who gave you some relief!”
“Just leave me alone!” said Jet, tears welling up in his eyes.
“He’s right girls, break it up,” said a stern voice. Almost everyone jumped as Ms Bauer pushed herself through the crowd. She stood, armed crossed, staring firmly at the two girls.
Jeannette swallowed and stood straight. “Yes, ma’am,” she said.
Sisty’s expression of disaffected tolerance didn’t change, but she did seem to straighten her posture a bit more than it already was. “Yes, ma’am,” she echoed. The two girls turned and walked away, and the crowed around them dispersed.
Ms Bauer looked down at Jet as he slid up onto his hands and knees. He started to stand, but the teacher put a hand on his shoulder to halt him. She presented him with a roll of paper towels. “While you’re down there, you will clean up your little mess, won’t you?”
Jet floundered for a moment. “But—but they—!”
“I’m pretty sure semen comes from boys, does it not? And boys should not expect girls to mop up their goo for them. That’s something a lover would do to be nice if he’s pleased her well. And as far as I see, you didn’t even return the favor for those girls.” She smirked, and there was a twinkle of amusement in her eye.
Jet wanted nothing more than to knock the paper towels out of her hand, spit on the floor, and run off, leaving his cum on the tile. But Ms Bauer was a Sex Mage, and she was his teacher, and even if she was neither, if his Mom caught wind of him doing any such thing to any woman…
Jet shuddered a little as he took the paper towels and mopped up the floor, while Ms Bauer watched him. Blushing, he wiped the fluids off himself, and deposited all of it in the nearest trashcan.
“Very good, Jethro,” said Ms Bauer. “We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow.” So saying, she gave him a light smack on the ass, and walked off, leaving Jet to finally get into his locker, swap out his books, and head home.

The two kilometer walk home was even more hectic than school, his naked body exposed to the whole of the town. Unlike school, however, his exposed cock proved quite tempting for random Sex Mages to take pot shots at him. As he walked, he kept feeling the sensations of phantom licks, flicks, strokes, and sucks, always brief, but every one a jolt to his nerves. He stumbled and gasped and his hips bucked as the little teases worked him up. Women passing on the street giggled and pointed, and there was no telling which of them were doing the spells.
A few men chuckled at his plight, and a few probably even looked a little jealous, clearly not really getting the context, and just thinking the young lad was playing a kinky game. Most men, however, just looked away. Jet did end up seeing another man across the street, also stark naked, following behind a leggy redhead, who had her hand held out like she was holding a leash. She would flick her wrist, and the man would jump, hips jerking forward, the invisible leash of magic clearly tied around his balls. Jet and the man shared a glance, and for a moment, both took refuge in the fact that both knew exactly each other’s pain.
Then the man’s walker yanked his balls once more, and he had to leap to keep up. At the same time, a sensually searing phantom mouth closed over Jet’s cock and gave him several seconds of powerful, loving suction, the phantom tongue rubbing sinuously along his shaft. Jet let out a small cry, and stumbled into the wall of the shop he’d been passing. His hips thrust at the air, his body shuddering, as the phantom mouth brought him right to the brink of climax, only to vanish just before he could reach it! Jet gripped the wall, white knuckled, as he fought the urge to try, fruitlessly, to grab himself. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he jumped, whirling around.
“Woah, hey!” said Olga holding her hands up defensively. “Chill out, dude! It’s cool!”
Jet glared at her. “Go away,” he said.
Olga frowned, crossed her arms, and said, “Make me.”
Jet grit his teeth, and looked almost like he was about to cry. “You saw the show, huh? Did you like it?”
“It was interesting,” she said. She reached out and put a hand on his chest, and with a gentle push, forced him back against the store wall. He tried to push back, but it was like trying to push back a moving truck. All his physical effort led to naught. “Wow. Your Mom really made it physically impossible for you to resist a girl.” She pulled her hand away, freeing the helpless boy. “That’s really messed up. What if someone tries to hurt you?”
“You saw what those two did,” said Jet. “I guess in Mom’s mind, she doesn’t want men to even have capability of hitting a woman, regardless of circumstances.”
“But what if she’s, like, coming at you with a knife or something?” said Olga.
“I don’t know,” he said. “Guess I have to hope it doesn’t happen.”
Olga glanced around. They were right in the open, but it’s not like that mattered when every woman around could sense them. Still, right out on the sidewalk in front of a store was a bit crass. Olga grabbed his arm, and gently pulled him away from the wall, walking him down another few stores, until there was a small alley between two of them, that looked mostly clear. She led him down the alley and into a nook between two of the buildings on one side. No one was around. Jet, of course, could not resist her.
“What are you doing?” he said.
Olga pushed him up against the wall, holding him in place with one hand to his chest. Her other hand reached down and grasped his cock.
“Hey, stop! No!” he said, trying to grab her.
“Shush,” said Olga. “Let me do you a favor, to make up for today. I’m sorry I pushed you. And I’m sorry everyone was so mean.”
Jet swallowed, but nodded, as Olga’s fingers worked his cock with unexpected skill. She was either well practiced, or he was that pent up, as her fingers felt amazing. She stroked him quickly, then slow, quickly, then slow, then paused her strokes, holding his cock taught while running her finger along the sensitive nerve, then stroking again.
It only took a minute in his current state, even as confused and wary as he was. He hissed and gripped the wall and his hips jerked as he erupted in her hand. She stroked him steadily, milking every drop out of him.
When he was finished, he sagged against the wall, and Olga lifted her hand off him again. “Thank you,” he said. “You have no idea how good that feels.”
“Frankly, I’m amazed you even could do that,” said Olga. “Your Mom sounds like the type that would block you for sure.”
Jet shook his head. “I don’t know. She said guys should only be allowed orgasm if women want them to. I guess that means I should cum if they want that. I still can’t do it myself, either way.”
“Will you get in trouble?” said Olga.
“I don’t know,” Jet sighed.
Olga looked down at his cock. It was still hard, the magic refusing to let it soften, announcing to every woman around that it was ready to be played with, whether the boy it was attached to liked it or not. “Would you like me to walk you home?”
“You’ve done enough, really,” said Jet. He paused, and looked at her. “Unless you think I owe you or something?”
Olga tapped her chin in thought, then shrugged. “I’ll let you know,” she said, then started walking off. “See you tomorrow!”
Jet sighed, took a few moments to collect himself, then continued on his way home, a mere boy utterly helpless in a world of supernaturally lascivious women.

When Jet came home, his mother was busying herself in the kitchen, making the night’s dinner, while his father was no where to be seen. Ever since his wife had gained the power of the Magic, Fredrick Seidel had found more and more reasons to stay away from the house, work being one of them. A bricklayer by trade, he’d also taken up the odd repair job around town, if he was off on one of those, he wouldn’t be back until later.
His mother, Margot, made some money through online sale of her crafts, but she had no problem with her husband being out all day, if it earned them more money. It was not like he could hide anything from her, after all, and she could reach him with her magic from miles away if she needed to.
As Jet came inside, he took a minute to calm down. Even after his orgasm, a few more women had zapped him with teases the rest of the way home. His balls no longer ached, but every jolt had set his heart racing.
“How was school, dear?” said Margot, calling him from the kitchen.
“Humiliating!” Jet said. “I can’t believe all the teachers agreed to this!”
“They know it’s a valuable lesson. Not just for you, but for all the boys at school.” Margot came out, drying her hands on a towel, and looked him over. The petite woman, with red horn-rimmed glasses, a simple blouse and long skirt, and curly mouse-brown hair didn’t look particularly imposing. But she was the most powerful Sex Mage Jet had ever known.
Not that he had much to compare her to, to be fair.
She raised an eyebrow at him and smirked. “Well, I wouldn’t say your little punishment hasn’t had its perks, hmm? You came twice today!” She frowned. “Guess it’s not much of a punishment, huh?”
Jet fumed. “One wasn’t a real orgasm! It felt awful, and then they did that head-rub thing, and it hurt! These two girls, they did it in front of everyone, and they were all laughing!”
“Did you thank those girls?”
“They helped you to release some semen. Every drop a woman allows you to release is a blessing. You should have thanked them.”
“They forced me, and they were bullies! If the other students hadn’t been there, they probably would have kicked the shit out of me!”
“If I made a boy cum, and he didn’t thank me profusely for it, I would probably want to kick him, too. Although I’d only do that if he tried to get violent. Not that he’d succeed, of course.”
Jet looked at her helplessly. “You’d make him thank you, even after you tortured and humiliated him in front of everybody?”
Margot nodded sagely. “Especially then. Because it is important that people see that this is the way things are now. Women have all the power. Men must bow to us. It is in their best interest to ingratiate themselves to us. Those girls didn’t really hurt you, they just played with you a little. A bit rough, perhaps, but they clearly didn’t mean to actually harm you.” She smiled. “They probably did it because they like you.”
She paused and Jet could feel the whispers of her magic in his mind. “Now, this other girl… Hmm… Oh, she’s a cutie! Wait, Olga? That’s Lillian’s daughter! Haha, I didn’t recognize her with the half-died hair!” She chuckled. “Well, she definitely likes you! And I’d have never guessed she was that good with her hands. Lillian must have taught her some of her old tricks!”
“I thanked her,” said Jet, blushing at his mother’s brazen investigation of his sexual memories.
“Good. At least you have some sense. But I must insist you do the right thing, and thank those girls who helped you earlier.”
“They didn’t help me!” Jet insisted. Then he gasped and his body trembled, as a wave of mystic pressure emanated from his mother, pressure that concentrated on his still hard penis, squeezing it, coaxing it even harder. Jet let out a soft moan, and his hands tried to grip his cock as it swelled until the veins bulged along its length. The nerves of his cock almost tingled with sensitivity and the desperate need to be touched.
Margot watched her son helplessly try to grab himself, increasing the pressure both inside and out, until the boy’s legs shook, and he couldn’t stand anymore. Jet sank to his knees, overwhelmed in the arousing aura of his own mother.
She crossed her arms and seemed to loom over him. “Jet, if you cannot show gratitude to every woman who helps you gain release, then perhaps you do not deserve any release.”
Jet’s eyes widened and his head shook, letting out a breathless, “No!”
“Do you want me to seal your climaxes?” she said. “Do you want me to take away the one thing your body needs so that you won’t go crazy? Hmm?”
“No!” Jet breathed, squirming in place, helpless to stop his hands from clawing at the invisible barrier that blocked them from his cock.
“Most women levying this kind of punishment will block the man’s orgasm first, and keep it sealed for days, for weeks, for months at a time,” Margot continued. “I allowed you the possibility of release, because part of this lesson is to make you realize that the only key to your salvation is women. Men can no longer depend on their own power to relieve their need, not when women can take it from you with just a thought. Only women can truly grant you mercy from the madness of your own body and mind. If you are to survive in this world, you need to learn how to ingratiate yourself to women, and make yourself useful to them, so they will want to take care of you.”
Jet let out a quaking moan as the pressure reached a point where he couldn’t even stay kneeling. He fell back on his ass and writhed at her feet. He gasped his next words, “Okay! Okay! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll th-thuh—I’ll thank them! Please, stop!”
The pressure lessened instantly. Margot eased him down from the maddening arousal, quickly, but gently, to avoid the recoil of a sudden shut off.
“Very good,” said Margot, letting her arms fall to her sides, and smiling softly at her boy. “Do you want to call them now? Or would you prefer to do it at school tomorrow?” She paused, then held up a hand before he could answer. “Nevermind, silly question. Of course, you will do it at school, where everyone can see.”
Jet took a minute to catch his breath, and winced at the fresh ache in his balls. Whatever tension had been relieved from his one-and-a-half orgasms, Margot’s intense pressure spell, the “Hard Attack” as some called it, had almost fully restored his need. If he’d been permitted another orgasm just now, he’d have likely burst just as hard as he had, not an hour ago, from Olga’s fingers.
Margot crouched down, and pat her son’s forehead, wiping away the light sheen of sweat that had formed. “I know you hate this, Jet. I know it’s tough for you that I do this. But I am doing this for a reason. You don’t appreciate it now, but you will soon.”
Jet swallowed, and despite how fucked up it was that his mother had just tormented him through his cock, her tender, matronly caress was a comfort. “Mom,” he said in a low voice. “Could you please, um, at least let me go soft? Please? It was bad enough being nude, but, everyone kept thinking I’m this huge pervert, and that you and I had, um, that kind of relationship.”
Margot let out a small sigh, and smiled sympathetically, petting his hair a few more times. “People will think what they want to think. They will learn, in time. All women are just going to have to deal with the fact that their power extends to their sons, their brothers, their fathers, whether they want it to or not. It isn’t deviance to acknowledge that, it’s just dealing with reality.”
She looked back at his penis, still throbbing, sensing the tension like a humming in her mind’s ear, like a glow in her mind’s eye. She smirked. “And no, I will not let you go soft. You will stay hard for the duration of this punishment.”
Margot put a finger to his lips. “I told you, everything I do is for a reason. Never feel ashamed of your erection. It is the conduit of your power. It is the tool through which you will make yourself useful to women, and what makes you desirable to them.” She chuckled, and lightly tapped the side of his head. “Well, that and the naughty part of your mind. The two work in tandem.”
Jet nodded and blushed. He’d never really considered it that way, before. He’d begun to think his penis was just a curse, a target through which he could only know suffering at the hands of evil women. He hadn’t considered it was also his salvation.
His mother caught these thoughts and laughed. “Well, it’s all in how you look at it, of course. But, for example, there is a practical reason to keep you hard. The magic heals and restores you when it’s active, and the spell is powered by your arousal, even something as simple as an ordinary erection. Your punishment is to be naked, and that includes no footwear. While the effect is minor since it is small, just having a couple simple spell conditions on you while you are hard, provides a small healing ambiance for your body. The permanent erection spell protects your feet from being cut or scraped or bruised as you walk around barefoot. If you’re really pent up with an active tease spell on you, you could probably run across rough gravel and hot coals and be fine. Eventually your feet will toughen up naturally, but this keeps you protected in the meantime.”
She smiled brightly, and raised her hands in a ta-da motion. “See? I’m not a total bitch, am I?”
“No, Mom. Um, thank you.”
She pat his head again. “You’re learning already! Now then, dinner will be ready soon, and your father should be home in half an hour or so. Go upstairs and get started on your homework. You’re going to have a busy day tomorrow.” So saying, she stood and went back to the kitchen.
Jet, feeling a little dazed over the exchange, shook his head and got to his feet. His penis wagged as he moved, and he flushed a little thinking about it. He’d never even considered that the permanent-erection spell was for his benefit, but his mother was certainly right about the healing side-effects. As an older mother, she’d been approaching fifty when the magic had first arrived. Just three years ago, her hair had been mostly grey and slowly thinning, she’d had distinct wrinkles on her face, and she’d had some pudge on her thighs and belly that no amount of exercise seemed to get rid of.
In just three short years with the magic, the wrinkles had receded, her hair had been fully restored to its natural color and thickness, and she’d almost entirely trimmed off the stubborn fat. She was fifty-two, and looked almost thirty again. Jet had seen the beginnings of similar effects in other older women who embraced their power, but his mother clearly practiced her gifts with great frequency. Mostly on her husband, but Jet figured she had to be getting energy from elsewhere, too. She could be cock teasing half the town nightly, and no one would even know it was her. Such was the miracle, and unfairness, of Sex Magic.
Margot’s voice called out from the kitchen. “As much as I am flattered by your admiration of my youth, it would behoove you to stop thinking about me being a slut, and start on your homework!” Jet jumped in surprise, and dashed to his room, his mother’s chuckling following him.

Despite the throbbing of his cock, Jet managed to get a full night’s rest. His mother had sent him off with a smile, but a stern reminder of what he had to do today: thank the girls who had bullied him yesterday. If he failed to do so, then she really would block his orgasms. He didn’t relish either thought, but she’d given him a lot to think about. He wasn’t ready to throw himself at the feet of every woman he saw, but he found himself a little less embarrassed at having to spend the day nude. Surely, by now, the novelty had already worn out, and by the end of the week, people probably wouldn’t even pay him much mind. A few teases here and there, but nothing he couldn’t handle.
Still, as he neared the specially designated campus for the eighteen and nineteen year old students, his heart began to race a bit. Such thoughts were all well and good, but as he saw other students and staff heading towards the building, some girls still pointing and laughing, and some guys even chuckling, Jet felt the blush return to his cheeks. He tried to steel himself, and entered the building, heading straight for a pair of lockers several halls down from his own.
Jeannette was sleepily grumbling some complaint as she rooted through her locker. Next to her, Sisty was leaning against her own locker door, maintaining that ever-present disaffected look that her face seemed to be locked in. Students around them noticed Jet approaching the girls, and everyone hushed, watching intently.
Jeannette didn’t notice Jet’s approach just yet, and while Sisty was looking in his general direction, she did not choose to focus her gaze on him until he came to a stop a few feet before her. She finally flicked her gaze directly at the nude boy, locking eyes with him, which made Jet gulp nervously. Sisty reached over and pat Jeanette’s side. The statuesque blond turned and stood tall, her curly pigtails contrasting her imposing figure. Jet gulped again as she looked down at him, one eyebrow cocked.
“Um, uh, please accept my apology,” said Jet. He made a small bow. “Thank you for the orgasm you gave me yesterday.”
Jeannette’s grin returned, and she chuckled. “You should have thanked us when you had the chance, nature boy. Now you’re just asking for trouble.” She started to reach for him, and Jet flinched back, but Sisty put a hand out and stopped her.
The raven-haired girl stared at Jet for a moment, then extended her leg a few inches, presenting her foot to him, clad in black mary janes. “Kiss it,” she said. “Kiss it, and thank me properly.”
“Aw, but I want to play with him some more!” Jeannette said with a pout.
“Later,” Sisty said flatly.
Jet let out a slightly shaky breath, then got down on his hands and knees. He moved to cup her foot, then looked up at her hesitantly, uncertain. Sisty made a single, brief nod, and Jet delicately cupped her foot, and kissed the toe of her shoe. “Thank you, Sisty. Thank you for your blessing of release.”
He turned to Jeannette, who seemed all the more imposing from this angle. Jeannette let out a grunt of laughter, and presented her sneaker-clad foot. Jet likewise cupped her foot and kissed the toe of her shoe. “Thank you, Jeannette. Thank you for—”
She yanked her foot away, laughing, and said, “Yeah, yeah, you don’t have to be so melodramatic.” Jet wasn’t sure, but for just a second, he thought he saw a slight blush across her cheeks.
Jet started to stand, but Sisty leaned forward and placed a hand on his back. She didn’t push, but his mother’s spells ensured that just the presence of her hand was an immovable restraint, holding him in place as though he were pinned under a boulder. Sisty leaned down and whispered in his ear, her warm breath tickling him in a way that made him shiver. “Pathetic,” she said. Then she stood, letting him go. Just to be safe, Jet waited until he was sure the two girls were walking away, before getting back to his feet.
Claps and cat calls and whistles sounded, and Jet flushed in humiliation as he realized the whole exchanged had been recorded by several girls at once, either in video or picture form. Several guys watching the scene looked either embarrassed for Jet or relieved for him. And a few, he noticed, even looked jealous!
“You looked super sexy on your knees like that!” said one girl.
“Maybe I should smack his dick around some, maybe he’ll kiss my feet!” said another.
“Dude, you have no idea how easy you just got off!” said one of the guys.
“In both ways!” said another girl, and laughter erupted around him.
Jet, his blush back in full force, just hung his head, and started walking to his own locker, his cock happily wagging ahead of him. He was almost there, passing by the girl’s restroom, when suddenly, the restroom door flew open, and two sets of female arms grabbed him, hauling him inside like some kind of girl-shaped trapdoor spider.
“Hey!” shouted Jet, absolutely helpless to fend off his assailants. Before he could get a good look at them, one of the two girls slipped a blindfold over his eyes, while the other held his arms back from behind. “Hey, stop!” he yelled, heart pounding, only for the girl to then slip another strap around his mouth, gagging him.
He struggled mightily, but even though he’d seen enough of a glimpse of the girls to know they were smaller and slimmer than him, attempting to fight their grip was like trying to break titanium shackles. The two girls manhandled him with such ease, Jet was certain they would have dislocated his arms if they were any less gentle.
As it was, they yanked off his backpack and dragged him into one of the bathroom stalls, sitting him on the toilet. One girl held him down, while the other started tying his limbs with rope. Jet struggled, even knowing it was useless, as the second girl spent a couple of minutes weaving some complicated web around him. When she was done, the first girl let go, and the two appraised their handiwork. Jet was thoroughly bound, able to wiggle around, but there was no escaping his bindings. His legs were tied so that his feet were off the ground, bent back so that they hugged the sides of the bowl. His arms were spread out, tied to the sides of the stall. He was also bound across the chest, tied to the cold metal pipes that pumped in the water.
Jet moaned loudly, struggling in place, his penis just about the only thing free to move. This, too, they decided to bind. One of the girls started wrapping a thin cloth strap around his genitals, looping behind his balls and over the base of his cock, then looping around the balls, and the root of his cock separately, then forming an X to separate the testicles. This bind was cinched tight, and Jet yelped, feeling the restraint restrict the blood flow. Blood pumped in easily, but its escape was limited, forcing his penis to darken and swell with internal pressure, the veins bulging. One girl grasped his cock, then decided to slacken the bind just a bit, so the pressure didn’t hurt quite as much.
However, the other girl began to stick strange, cool pads against his organ, two along the shaft, one on each testicle, and two on the head. A few more binds, rubber bands this time, were slipped over the pads, holding them in place. Then there was some plastic clicking, and suddenly Jet felt a powerful, sharp tingle, a tight vibration deep in the muscle of his cock, that lit up every nerve. It was not the intense pleasure of a phantom tease spell, but an electric pulse that took his breath away. He huffed through his nose, nostrils flaring, as the pulse intensified in time with more clicking.
They had strapped an electro-stim device onto him and cranked it up to full power! Jet writhed and screamed into his gag. Both girls giggled, took pictures with their phones, and then paused when they heard the bell to announce classes were starting. The girls leaned forward and kissed Jet’s cheeks, one on each side, and with a final giggle, left him to suffer.

Twenty long minutes went by, his cock jerking under the electrical assault. The feelings were intense, pleasurable yet painful, in such a combination that he couldn’t quite achieve orgasm, even as it brought him close. Combined with the restricting bind, Jet was certain this would be doing damage to him if it went on too long. He could only pray the magic was protecting him sufficiently enough.
They couldn’t possibly just leave him like this, could they? Surely every teacher on campus, every woman in the surrounding block, they could sense this happening to him, right? Was it because the stimulation wasn’t magical, it somehow muffled the signals? No, that made no sense, women could sense a man’s penis just from being hard, regardless of what was happening to it. And their ability to “see” a man in their mind through his cock meant they could all see exactly what was happening if they wished.
Just when he no longer had the breath to scream, and he was about to resort to the ultimate humiliation of trying to psychically plead for his mother to come save him, the door to the restroom opened, and he could hear the clicking of several heels on the tiles. The stall door swung open, and the voice of Ms Bauer sounded in his ear, tinged with mirth. “Oh, my goodness! Just where did these girls learn this stuff?”
There was a chuckling, and another of his teachers, Mrs. Summerset, said, “Probably one of those Japanese bondage art websites. Shibari, I think it’s called? Whoever it was, can you even imagine what they’re going to be like when they get their magic? I pray for the guy who ends up in their crosshairs!”
Jet summoned what breath he could and let out a long, muffled scream, mentally pleading for them to help him. Both women chuckled again, in that maddening way. As if drawing out the moment, Ms Bauer stepped forward and inspected him, as if she couldn’t quite figure out where to start. Finally, she picked up the small electrical box, where it had been left on the floor. “Hmmm,” she said. “Now how does this work?” She fiddled with the knob, and apparently, the girls hadn’t even set it to full, because for a moment, Jet shrieked as the electric pulse intensified, purely painful now.
“Goodness!” said Ms Bauer, quickly turning it down. Once the painful intensity faded, she slowed the descent, letting the decreasing pulse be more pleasurable, soothing the painful side away, until finally it stopped.
Jet sagged like a rag doll in his bindings, which were so thorough and elaborate, they held him up like a set of slings. Ms Bauer took a minute to unbind his penis from the bands, ties, and stim-pads, and then she and Mrs. Summerset worked together to undo the web of rope, leaving him blindfolded and gagged. It proved more difficult than it even looked, as Jet’s thrashing had tightened the knots considerably.
“Jeez, these girls were thorough,” said Mrs. Summerset. “We might have to get a knife. Even if we tease the poor lad for some extra strength, I don’t think we’d be able to snap this stuff.”
“I brought some scissors just incase,” said Ms Bauer, pulling them from her pocket.
“Why didn’t I think of that?” said Mrs. Summerset.
“Because you secretly wanted an excuse to leave him as is for the day,” said Ms Bauer, and the two chuckled again. “But we can’t let any couple of girls hog him. All the girls should get a turn.”
Jet’s heart leaped at that, and both women laughed. “That’s right, Jet,” said Ms Bauer. “It’s another part of your punishment. There’s an open bounty on your penis while you are naked. Any girl who wishes is permitted to do as she pleases to you, both students and teachers. That’s why Sisty and Jeannette were allowed to do their little game with you yesterday.”
After several more minutes of work, Jet was finally free enough that the two women were able to pull him off the toilet and onto his feet. Only then could Jet reach up and yank the blindfold and gag off him. He was still half-breathless, and shaking. “You’re fucking serious?!” he said. “I could have been seriously hurt that time! You’re just going to let every single girl attack me? What if they start trying to beat me to death with bats and pipes? Are you all gunna just stand there and laugh at that, too?”
Ms Bauer frowned a bit. “Of course not. They can do anything they want to you, up to a point. If any girl attempts to seriously injure you, they will be stopped. And any injury they manage to inflict on you will be fixed. Trust me, no girl is going to come at you with a knife or anything.”
Mrs. Summerset smiled sweetly, then reached down and brazenly grasped his cock. Jet gasped and clutched at her, breathing heavily, as pure pleasure flowed through him. His cock flexed and throbbed in her hands, and his legs went weak. Her touch was as intense as the electro-stim device, but provided pure, uncut pleasure with no pain. He felt his aches and anxiety melt away as her magic grasp left him breathless. Within seconds, he felt himself rushing towards another orgasm.
Then, she let go, just before he could shoot, and Jet practically collapsed against her, huffing. Mrs. Summerset reached up and pat him on the head, then gently pushed him back, settling him on his feet. “Better?” she said.
Jet moaned softly. “Y-yeah,” he breathed.
“Good,” she said, and gave him a light swat on his ass. “Now buck up, kiddo! The day’s only getting started!”

The two teachers hadn’t lied. Between every class, even during class, girls were slapping or pinching his ass, grabbing his cock and giving it a few strokes before leaving him hanging, grabbing him and pushing his face in their breasts or crotches, holding him until he was squirming for air before letting him go. As the day wore on, they just got bolder and bolder. The teachers for their part left him alone, but if a girl did go a little to far, like the stocky brunette who outright punched him in the balls, he felt a brief soothing burst of pleasure that took away the pain, and the offending girl was caught and pulled aside by a teacher to be lectured.
Even as guys winced at his treatment, some of them continued to look jealous. None of them had ever had this much attention paid to their cocks, not by so many girls in such a short time, not even the few who’d actually gotten laid. For all that the power of the girls may have scared them, there was something primal and alluring about the idea of every girl in school being enamored with the idea of playing with your cock, and not being afraid to just do so.
The height of the day’s teasing festivities was during lunch. Hoping to take refuge by sitting with Olga again, Jet instead found himself grabbed once more, and dragged into the middle of the cafeteria. He was brought to a table of twelve girls, six on either bench. Together, they lifted him bodily on the table and made him lay down spread eagle, face up. A girl lightly held each ankle and wrist, while two more covered his eyes and mouth. As with every girl thus far, even this light hold proved an unbreakable shackle thanks to his mother’s spell.
The whole cafeteria, students and teachers, laughed and cheered and hooted uproariously as the twelve girls revealed a set of long feathers, and used them to tickle and tease Jet’s whole body. While several feathers concentrated on his penis and testicles, tickling and teasing the sensitive, needy organ, two more attacked his nipples, causing the girls to titter with laughter when they saw how ticklish they were. Through the teasing, they also used the feathers to tickle his sides and stomach, his feet, his underarms, his knees, his ears, and more, finding every single spot that made him giggle and writhe and cry.
The tickling did somewhat disrupt the stimulation to his genitals, delaying his climax despite none of the girls stopping. However, it eventually became too much, and after ten minutes, he erupted in orgasm, spraying himself from chin to thighs, and even getting a few drops on some of the girls. Those girls were quick to repay the favor by concentrating their feathers on his penis head, post-orgasm-torturing him until he was screaming for mercy beneath the hand that gagged him.
At some point, the teachers must have started sending teasing spells of their own at his cock, because the sensations there intensified sharply, and he shuddered through three more orgasms, each stronger than the last. There was no way he could have been able to breathe under the relentless assault if some degree of magic wasn’t involved. The display continued the whole of the lunch period, and Jet was certain several of the girls swapped out to go get their food while the show kept going. It was only with great reluctance that the teachers forced the little tease-tickle party to break up when the next class period started.
Jet barely had enough cognizant thought or breath to speak, but he managed to gasp out his gratitude for his release before they all left, repeatedly thanking the air. In response, a few girls leaned down and kissed him, a few whispering their own thanks or snarky comments in his ear. The teachers allowed Jet to keep lying on the table, letting him spend the next class period recovering. A tray of food had even been left for him so he wouldn’t go hungry.
The rest of the day went much the same, though nothing as intense as the tickle or electro sessions. His whole world blurred into a series of assaults on his body that left him breathless with pleasure, writhing in pain, or spraying what little seed he had left at the most embarrassing moments. Here and there, little moments of tenderness kept him from completely losing it and curling into a terrified ball in the corner.
When school was finally over, Jet could barely walk straight, mentally fried and physically drained. Even the little bit of magic from the spells on his cock, perhaps because of his many climaxes, didn’t seem able to keep him energized. As the students all left the building, Jet collapsed onto the bench near the school’s front entrance, trying to catch his breath.
Someone sat down next to him. “Please,” he whimpered. “No more… please…”
An arm wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him close. “Guess I’ll have to collect my favor another day, huh?” said Olga. Jet melted into her arms, the first real expression of affection he’d had all day, and closed his eyes. Olga pet his hair, and realized he’d fallen asleep. She sighed. “Okay, well, this is just awkward.” She pulled out her phone and called her mom for a ride.

Jet awoke with a start, practically jumping out of bed. He looked around, a little wild-eyed, anticipating the next teasing and tickling assault on his body. He came to the realization, however, that he was in his own bedroom. He couldn’t remember how he’d gotten here. He lay back in bed and sighed. He must have passed out, and someone had taken him home. He almost wondered how they’d carried him around without waking him, but he remembered that the magic could be used to float people. Jeez, had his Mom just floated him across town?
Jet got up and saw that it was almost one in the morning. The girls at school had totally wiped him out! He considered just going back to bed, but felt too refreshed to just go back to sleep, and opted to get up and do something. He’d get some homework done, then maybe take a nap before the school day started. But first, he’d get a snack.
He walked softly down the hall, his stubbornly hard cock pointing the way ahead. Even if he was quiet as a mouse, his erection would no doubt wake his mother if he moved around too much or got too hard, so he just prayed she was well asleep.
No such luck. As he moved past their door, he could hear a low conversation coming from his parent’s room. Just low enough he couldn’t hear it from his bedroom, but loud enough he could make out everything just outside the door. He was going to just ignore it, but right as he stepped in front of the door, he felt the Magic seize him! His body locked in place, frozen in mid-step. He almost uttered a small cry, but his jaw was sealed shut, and only a soft hiss of air escaped his nose. He could do nothing, save blink and breath and twitch his cock.
What the hell was this? he thought in a wild scramble. Then he tuned into what was being said on the other side of the door.
“I just think it’s ridiculous!” he heard his father say.
“Your cock doesn’t think it’s ridiculous!” his mother said with a chuckle. “You can’t fool me, Fred! You’re jealous of him. You wish you could be a naked young man at school, all the girls playing with you all day.”
“Ah!” Fred let out a gasp. At the same time, Jet winced a he felt his cock surge with tension. His “normal” erection stiffened to maximum hardness.
“No!” said Fred with a huff. “No I don’t!”
“Liar,” giggled Margot. Jet heard his father let out a shaky gasp as his mother did something to him. He was grateful he couldn’t actually see what was going on.
“Y-you’re making me this hard!” Fred whined.
“You were already quite hard, dear,” said Margot. “I’m just making it a little more sensitive, that’s all.” There was a pause, and Fred let out another gasp, then a soft moan.
Jet swallowed hard. He did not want to hear this! Why was his mother making him listen? It had to be her, right? Even if it wasn’t, there was no way she couldn’t sense him outside their door. Jet sent a psychic plea, using his thoughts to try and alert his mother, to beg her to undo this freeze spell.
In response, the pressure on his cock increased! His cock turned dark with blood, got hard as steel, and began to quiver.
“B-but it’s too much!” breathed Fred. “The poor kid’s gunna be traumatized! You can’t just let all those girls use him and touch him like that!”
“Honey, you know as well as I do that you men don’t have a choice about that anymore,” she said. “We can use you, touch you, drive you crazy, all with just a thought. I’m just teaching our son how it’s going to be once all the girls he knows get the magic. I’m teaching him how to survive in such a world. He’s got to experience the hard truth of his position, and how to adapt to it.”
“B-but—” his father whimpered.
“No buts,” said Margot. “You men are helpless. Utterly powerless. Your silly little penises are ours to play with, whenever we want, however we want, and there is nothing you can do about it.”
“Aaaah!” Jet would have joined his father in his high-pitched whine. Every statement by his mother made him impossibly harder still, so hard his penis was literally vibrating just to try and bleed off the excess tension. Jet felt lightheaded from the pressure, and felt an almost physically painful yearning to have his cock touched. Even for all he’d been messed with today, he wanted nothing more in the entire world than for a woman to grab his cock and stroke it. And he was pretty sure whatever he was feeling, his father was getting it even worse!
“Margot!” he heard his father whimper breathlessly. “Please! Honey! Please!” He was probably also frozen in place, otherwise, he’d be thrashing and rocking the bed.
“Yes, dear?”
“It’s too much! Please!”
“Please what?”
“Rrrgh, make me cum!”
“I dunno about that. Do you acknowledge your place? Hm? Do you acknowledge women’s superiority?”
“Rrrrrrrrgh!” His father was trying to resist, but Jet knew he was going to lose. As if to emphasize this point, the magical pressure on his cock surged to the point he thought he was going to pass out!
“Yes!” his father squeaked, not even trying to be quiet anymore.
“Yes what?”
“Yes, w-w-women are all p-powerful! W-women are in con-con-ah!-control!”
“You don’t even have control over your own bodies or minds anymore, do you?”
“We own you. It is our right to own and use you, just like you owned and used women in the past.”
“Yes! It’s y-y-your r-right!”
“And why is it our right?”
“B-because you’re G-Goddesses, a-ah!-and a mere m-man is j-just a mortal for a God-ah!-Goddess to play w-with!” He was gasping almost every syllable now, and Jet could barely pay attention, as badly as his cock was throbbing.
“That’s right,” said Margot, pleasantly as ever, as if she wasn’t driving her husband (and son) insane with just her thoughts. “And for even questioning that Truth, I think you’ve lost your release privileges for another month.”
“HNNNNNN!” Fred let out a pained groan, as he seemed unable to form coherent words anymore. For the next ten minutes, Jet was forced to listen to his father make the most pathetic-sounding whimpers and squeals and moans he’d ever heard from a man. He wasn’t the most imposing figure out there as it was, but after a minute or two, Jet could have sworn his mother was playing with a virgin girl instead of a grown man.
Worse was hearing Margot start to huff and gasp herself. Jet couldn’t tell if she was fucking him or masturbating, and he seriously didn’t want to know. But he was forced to listen as his father mewed and wailed, while his mother gasped and finally shrieked in her own climax.
And then suddenly, the freeze spell wore off and Jet stumbled forward, almost falling onto the floor. He let out gasps of his own, and bent down and clutched his thighs as his quivering cock slowly eased down in tension.
Jesus, is that how they usually had sex? No wonder his father stayed out of the house! Jet quickly got to the kitchen, ate some left over spaghetti, and hurriedly got back to his room, praying his mother wouldn’t trap him again. She didn’t this time, thankfully, but the thought of her, of any woman, just so casually trapping and tormenting him with no effort, kept him rock hard all night.

Jet had a bit of a surprise the third day at school, though one he wasn’t sure was good or bad. Word of Jet’s little punishment had gotten around, and like any ground-breaking event, people wanted to follow suit. As Jet approached the school, he noticed three other guys were also now naked, blushing and even trembling a little, heads hung in shame, as they walked onto campus, their hard cocks wagging before them.
Girls giggled and whistled in utter delight. Jet was thankful that he finally wasn’t the total center of everyone’s attention, but at the same time, he felt a pang of dread seeing his fellow classmates also subject to the same punishment. Was this going to become the next big thing in enforcing male discipline?
He jumped as he felt a hand on his bare shoulder. He turned and saw Olga smirking at him. “Looks like you’re a trend-setter,” she said. She shook her head as she watched the other guys get grabbed and played with and made to pose for cameras.
“Thank my mom, not me,” he said, leaning against the school’s outer wall.
“Just give it another week, the novelty will have worn off,” she said. “And then when no one cares, your mom probably won’t make you do this again. It’ll be too passé.”
“I somehow doubt this kind of thing is ever going to get boring,” said Jet. “What with the magic and all.”
“You might be surprised,” said Olga. She stepped in front of him and crossed her arms. “So, are you going to thank me, or what?”
Jet gave her a bit of a confused look. “Um… I’m sorry… I don’t…”
Olga shook her head. “I had my mom give you a ride home,” she said. “After you fell asleep on me. Literally.”
“Oh! I wondered about that,” he said. “I’m really sorry, I was so exhausted yesterday. I didn’t even know that was you.”
Olga sighed, shook her head, and smirked. “Yeah, you really got it rough yesterday. Speaking of which, how are you feeling?”
“Pretty refreshed, actually,” he said.
Olga looked at his cock, and noticed how it throbbed. “You don’t seem any more relaxed, even for as much spunk as they pulled out of you.”
Jet blushed. “Yeah. Um… the magic, uh…”
Olga raised an eyebrow at him. “Did you Mom do more stuff to you?”
Jet’s blush deepened. “It isn’t like that!”
“Okay, jeez,” said Olga with a chuckle. “I believe you! But I’m betting something magical perked you right back up!”
Jet nodded. He was about to say something, then jumped as Olga boldly grasped his penis. She rubbed it a bit and looked into his eyes as she smiled at him. “Poor thing. If the girls are too distracted by the other guys, I might need to give you a hand again.”
Jet let out a breath, Olga’s fingers feeling wonderful as before. “I still owe you, don’t I?” he said.
“Twice over,” she said.
“Wh-why?” said Jet. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
“I like you,” she said. “You’re cute. And your cock is nice. And I think most of the women in this town are lunatics. Someone’s gotta look out for you.”
Jet huffed. “You don’t seem… too opposed… to taking advantage… of their ideas…”
Olga brought her other hand forward, giving him steady strokes. “Just trying to help how I can.”
“But why—“ Jet was cut off with a gasp. How was she so damn good with her hands? Her fingers alone were coaxing him to another climax.
“Because women are cunts, and I want to spoil their fun,” said Olga in a low voice. Then she leaned down and Jet’s eyes popped wide open as her mouth closed around his penis head, and she sucked him hard, digging her tongue against the sweet spot just below the head. Jet’s hands flew out and grabbed her, one hand on her shoulder, the other clasping the back of her head. He could not actually push her away or pull her forward, of course, but he gripped her as tightly as the magic would allow, as he burst hard right in her mouth. He gasped and bucked, trying to thrust, but she held him against the wall with her hands on his hips.
When he was finished, she pulled off him delicately, and spit his load out onto the grass. Jet was a little surprised she was able to contain it all. She smiled up at him and gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Hope that eases some morning tension,” she said.
Breathless, Jet nodded. “Th-thank you… again…” He motioned to the wad of cum now soaking into the ground. “I’m, uh, sorry…”
“For what?”
“You didn’t have to suck me if, you know, you don’t like the taste,” he said.
She shrugged. “I don’t, but I didn’t want you spraying it on me. It’s alright; it’s not terrible or anything.” She smirked. “Well, see you in class.”
“Wait!” He said, catching up to her. Thankfully, the newly nude students were still taking the majority of the attention away from him, so he wasn’t stopped and interrupted constantly by the teasing girls. Olga looked up at him as they walked in together. “Well, uh, I seriously owe you now,” he said. “What can I do? Do you want me to, um…”
Olga smiled. “You know, I have been thinking about that a lot, but really, you don’t have to do anything. Making you spurt is its own reward.”
Jet chuckled a bit. “I’m flattered, but I don’t believe that for a second.”
Olga chuckled with him. “You’re learning the ways of women well. But no, you don’t have to do anything sexual for me. I won’t make you. Just…” she paused, then frowned. “Well, I’ll think of something. I’m sure there’s a task a strapping young man like yourself can help me with.”
Jet frowned in a bit of confusion as he stopped at his locker, and watched her go off to hers. He’d be seeing her again in a couple minutes in their first class anyway. Sighing, he opened his locker, and start shuffling his books between it and his backpack. He closed his locker, only to jump as he saw Sisty leaning up against the locker next to him, having slid into place while his view was blocked by the door.
“Um, h-hi Sisty,” he said. The way she coolly gazed at him made him think he should be bowing. He resisted the urge. Instead he glanced around. “Um, where’s Jeanette?”
“Busy,” she said.
Jet could only imagine what one of the other nude boys was going through right then. “Well,” he said. “I guess you two aren’t actually attached at the hip.”
Sisty offered what might have been the ghost of a smirk. “Funny guy,” she said. She glanced down the hallway, where Olga had gone. She’d already gotten out of sight. Sisty glanced back to him. “I wouldn’t get too attached to her.”
Jet looked at her confused for a moment, before realizing who she was talking about. “Why not? She’s the only female I know right now who’s being nice.”
Sisty’s face somehow looked disapproving despite not noticeably shifting. “Shame on you. Half the school helped you spurt your goo everywhere yesterday.”
Jet swallowed nervously at her gaze. “Only after tormenting me first,” he said.
“Such a fragile young man,” she said, her tone as dull as before, but tinged with condescension.
Jet took a breath. “Look, Sisty, I don’t want trouble with you. If you’re here for me to—”
Sisty looked to the side and held up a hand dismissively. “I’m not interested in you. Jeanette thought you’d be fun, but frankly, you buckled under way too quickly for my taste. The other boys will be a bit more of a challenge, I think.”
She stood up from her lean, turned to Jet, then reached her hand up. With a single finger against his chest, she shoved him up against his locker, none to gently. Jet winced as he banged against the metal surface, and felt her fingernail bite into his skin. She sighed. “So pathetic,” she said. “I suppose you’d have a better chance if your mother made you able to actually push back. But then, you boys are utterly helpless against the magic either way, so I suppose the details don’t matter.” She offered that ghost of a smirk again. “Just ask Olga.”
With that, she turned and walked away, swaying her ass provocatively as she went. Jet was too confused to notice, however, wondering just what her last words meant. When he got to class, he endured the handful of pinches and slaps to his ass, and the teasing remarks of the girls with some good humor. He kept glancing to Olga the whole period, but she never glanced back, and left the moment the bell rang.
As Jet was about to leave the room, Ms Bauer called to him. “A moment, please, Jethro.” Jet looked to her nervously, but went over, standing before her. The older woman smiled with bemusement, her gaze lingering on his ever-hard cock. Jet wasn’t sure if it was self-consciousness on his part, or some subtle trick of the magic, but his cock twitched and throbbed as she looked at it. She leaned back in her seat, long legs crossed, hair tied back in a ponytail, and steepled her fingers, looking him over appraisingly.
“Um, yes?” he said. She looked at him for another moment, and he swore he felt tingles across his cock, making it flex in the air. “Um…”
“Olga spoiled you early today, I see,” said Ms Bauer.
“Um, yes Miss,” he said.
“That girl,” she said with a sigh. “Such a little punk.”
“I’m sorry, Miss, but you did say the girls could do whatever they want to me,” he said. “She was just doing what she felt like.”
“Yes, I’m sure she was,” said Bauer.
“Is there a, uh, a problem?” said Jet.
“Hmmmm,” Bauer said thoughtfully. “I suppose not.” She frowned and looked at Jet’s cock some more. “With the other boys now taking some of the heat off you, I suppose it’s not a real concern. I was debating adding another little spell on you. I think your mother would approve.”
“Um, spell?” said Jet. He gave her a nervous look. “I think I have enough on me, yeah?”
“Not nearly as many as you could,” said Bauer with a chuckle. “I was going to do a little trick that would increase your semen production. Then you’d have a full load for the girls to enjoy pretty much any time.” She chuckled. “Of course, if I was the one who set the original punishment conditions, I wouldn’t be letting you cum at all. You’d be blocked for a year straight!”
Even as he felt dread at this concept, his cock flexed at the thought. Ms Bauer smirked at the sight, and said, “But your mother insisted the girls be allowed to make you cum if they wanted, and since most of them don’t have their magic, it’s not like they could undo a block themselves. Your dear mother spoils you as well, in her own way.”
“I guess I’m lucky?” Jet ventured, not sure what to say.
“Too lucky,” said Ms Bauer. “Why, this is barely a punishment at all!” Ms Bauer reached forward, and tapped his penis tip. Jet gasped as he felt a little jolt of pleasure tingle through his cock, then funnel into his testicles, where he felt a warm pulsing for a few moments. When it was over, his balls felt suddenly quite tight. “There. I just refilled your reservoir. You’ve got a full load again. Any time you blow your load on campus, I’ll refill it. I think that’s a fair compromise, instead of putting any more permanent conditions on you.”
Jet blinked in surprise. “What? But, Miss, please, I—ah!” He shivered as he felt a tingle trace the ridge of his penis head, sharp little jolts of pleasure that made him jerk and gasp.
“Run along now,” said Ms Bauer. “My next class is about to start.”
Students were already funneling into the classroom, a few girls still giggling at Jet’s display. The tingling kept going for a few moments, before the teacher released it so he could walk again, and he hastily left the room. As he did, he nearly bumped into another of the nude guys, Peter if he remembered right, and several girls burst out laughing, making a crack about penis fencing. Mortified, both guys avoided eye contact and hastily got past each other, Jet practically running to his next class.

At lunch, Olga sat down across from Jet again. Matthias was no where to be found, having apparently decided Jet was too risky to associate with. Olga smiled at him and said, “How’s it going? Been easier today?”
The two saw Peter being dragged off by several girls for some mischief, with the other two nude boys being teased and tickled by even more girls. One of the guys was being manhandled by Jeannette, as Sisty and a few others watched, and Jet made a silent prayer for the guy.
“Not bad so far,” Jet admitted. “The girls seem much more interested in the other guys. Only got about three dozen ass slaps and one tease. This one girl made me lie down and hump her foot while her friend sat on my face.”
“It’s tough being a guy with sex appeal, huh?” said Olga.
“Yeah,” he said. He shifted in his seat.
“You okay?”
“Ms Bauer built all my, um, cum back up,” he said. “So even though I came twice today, I’m already back to full.”
Olga blinked at him, then ducked her head under the table to see. His balls looked more swollen than this morning! She sighed and sat back up, elbows on the table, and bit hard into her sandwich. Chewing forcefully, she shook her head and rolled her eyes. Swallowing hard, she said, “Fucking cunts.”
“Hey, not so loud,” said Jet, looking around nervously.
Olga sighed. “I’m sorry. I really want to help you. But there isn’t shit I can do.”
Jet offered a hesitant smile. “Well, maybe when you get your own Sex Magic, I can be your sub? Taken guys usually get left alone, right?”
Olga paused, looked at him, and frowned. “Yeah. Right.”
Jet frowned back and gave her a curious look. “Sorry, I guess that was presumptuous of me.”
“No, no. I’d do it. It’s just…” she seemed to search for the right words, then shook her head. “Forget it. Let’s just say even if I could get—I mean even if I had the magic, I couldn’t do that.”
Jet didn’t miss the slip up. “What do you mean if you could?” he said. “All girls get the magic. I know you don’t know when, but you will get it. Maybe we can make an arrangement. If I can’t be your sub, we could do a favor exchange. You shield me from other girls, and—”
“Not gunna happen,” said Olga, her tone dark.
“Okay, okay. Sorry. But, um, why not?”
“Because it can’t.”
“Okay.” Jet hesitated, then said. “May I ask why?”
Olga looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, then said, “If you aren’t too pre-occupied, meet me after school out front again. You can repay me that favor.”
Confused, Jet could only nod. Then both of them winced as they heard one of the other teased guys shriek as the girls around him did unspeakable things with feathers, giggling all the while. Jet’s cock couldn’t help but throb, and his magically refilled balls ached at the sight. As overwhelmingly intense as the experience had been, the primal male drives of his body could not deny that the experience of so many girls playing with him had been amazing.

By the end of the day, Jet had remained relatively fortunate. He figured at least some of the girls probably felt they went overboard with him yesterday, and so were taking it relatively easy on him. Of course, that still meant a few more sudden strokes and slaps and pinches, and one girl putting him in a playful headlock while another squeezed his balls for an impromptu photo shoot, pretending they’d beaten him in a wrestling match.
He was therefore much more high energy when he met Olga at the bench after school got out. She grabbed his hand and started pulling him along as soon as he reached her. “We’re going to my place,” she said.
“Woah! Alright,” he said. “Can you at least tell me what we’ll be doing?”
“I have a confession to make, and I don’t want to make it here,” she said. “And my favor will be that I ask you not freak out from what I tell you.”
“You know telling someone not to freak out is more likely to make them freak out, right?” said Jet.
“Just come along, please,” she said. Then, with a light smirk, she added, “I can pull you by your cock if you’d prefer.”
Jet let out a nervous chuckle. “No, thank you,” he said. “As nice as you are with your fingers, I can walk myself.”
“Good,” she said, and let go of his hand, letting him keep up on his own. Olga’s house was half the distance of Jet’s, but going to opposite way. A small, one-story domicile, with a modest yard, the house had a cozy look and feel to it. When Jet stepped inside, the furnishings were mostly earth tones on dark wood floors. No one else was home.
Olga guided Jet into her living room, in front of a set of bay windows. She closed the blinds and curtains, casting the room in shadow for a moment, before clicking on a couple lamps. She turned to Jet and let out a shaky breath, looking nervous.
Jet patiently waited as the two stood between the couch and the windows. Olga fiddled with the hem of her shirt, then took another breath, and pulled it off. Jet’s eyes widened a bit as she then slid off her jeans, dropping them to her ankles. She slipped off her bra, letting her small breasts free, and slid down her panties. She then stood, arms at her sides, hands curled into loose fists as she resisted the urge to cover herself. She looked down and to the side, not blushing, but not quite able to look him in the eyes.
Jet gulped. He’d never seen a woman naked in real life before. Olga was slim and pale-skinned, with delicate curves. Judging from her neatly trimmed pubes, she was naturally black-haired, meaning the blond streaks were the dyed parts his mother had referred to. She was not a super model by any means, but Jet felt his cock throb for her.
“Um,” said Jet. “So, did you want me to, uh…” He took a step towards her.
She held up a hand. “No, I don’t want you to. I just wanted you to see.”
Jet smiled. “Well, um, thank you. But you don’t have to. We’re more than even already.”
“That’s not why I’m doing this,” she said. Her hand drifted over to her crotch, and she gripped herself. Spreading her middle and ring fingers, she spread her vaginal lips apart as she opened her legs a few inches, as much as the waistband of her pants would allow. “I want you to see me, so you won’t get the wrong idea from what I’m about to say.”
Jet’s cock flexed as he watched the nicest girl he knew display herself for him. With his balls still full, and his cock sensitive from so much attention over the past few days, he was a bit entranced. Olga smiled a bit at him, then moved her hand away, and leaned down, pulling her panties and pants back up.
Jet blinked and continued looking confused as she pulled her bra and shirt back on. “Okay,” he said. “Well, I didn’t freak out. You’re very pretty. Um, sexy, even!”
Olga’s smile widened a bit. “Thank you very much,” she said. “But that’s not the freak out part.” She took a breath. “The freak out part is that I’m actually a boy.”
Jet blinked. Then blinked again. Then took a step back. He opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, then closed it again.
“Yeah, I know,” said Olga. “I’ll give you a minute to process that.”
“A boy.”
“But you have a—”
“I mean... I mean, I’m never seen a naked transwoman before, but…”
“I’m not trans,” said Olga. Then she paused and said, “Well, I mean, I am, obviously, but I didn’t get the surgery.” She cupped her breasts. “These aren’t implants.” She cupped her crotch. “I didn’t get it cut off.”
Jet just looked at her blankly. Olga sighed, and pointed to her right, towards the hallway. “Bathroom’s down that way if you want to throw up and scour your dick with bleach or something.”
Jet blinked a few more times and said, “Uh… no, no, I… uh…” he looked down at this cock, which would have been deflating if the Magic wasn’t keeping it hard. He swallowed hard and looked back at her. “It’s just… you’re a guy…” he motioned towards his cock.
Olga nodded. “Why do you think I’m so good with my hands? Before I was changed, I used to jack off two to four times a day.”
Jet looked at her, picturing her with a huge penis between her legs, stroking it delightfully. He shuddered. “Okay, no offense, but I think I need to leave.” He started to turn, but Olga jumped forward and caught his arm. Even with the knowledge that she was a boy, her body was apparently still female enough to count, and her hand locked him in place.
“Jet, please wait,” she said. “I’m sorry. I never planned on telling anyone about this.”
“Look, I’m not a homophobe. I’m not. But I’m also not gay. And being jerked around by girls is one thing, but this…” he shuddered again. “Please let go of me.”
“Not until I finish explaining,” she said. Her brought her other hand up and clasped it over his arm, making a cuff with her two hands around his bicep. He wasn’t going anywhere.
Jet took a breath, then said, “Okay.” He turned back. “I won’t run, I promise. But please let go of me.”
Olga looked into his eyes, decided he was sincere enough, and let go. She motioned to the couch, and Jet sat on it hesitantly, backing himself into the corner of it. Olga sat on the other side, keeping her distance.
“First, for what it’s worth, the transformation is pretty complete,” said Olga. “I’m not gay. Or at least I wasn’t when I was a guy. I was only into girls. But when I was turned into a girl, my tastes changed along with my body. And as you can see, I’ve got the complete package. No surgery, no weird deformities, I went from fully male to fully female. So for all intents and purposes, I really am a girl. A heterosexual girl. So, despite what I just told you, I want you to understand my attraction to you is as a woman to a man. My touching you is as a woman to man. It’s just that I wasn’t always a woman.”
Jet let that sink in for a moment, then nodded. “Okay,” he said. “I believe you.” He looked her over. “So how did it happen? You said no surgeries. Is this like some kind of body-swap thing, or…?”
“Shape shifting,” she said. “Down to the genetic level. I got myself tested, double-X chromosomes, menstrual cycle, ovaries, the works. I even think more like a woman. It’s hard to describe, I mean, it’s still mostly the same, but I find myself coming to different conclusions on things than I used to. Perceiving things a bit differently, in ways I never used to.” She laughed. “I could probably revolutionize the neurosciences just from hands on experience.”
Jet tried not to think about “hands-on” in a literal context as he said, “So, are you sure you’re a boy at all then?” He paused, then said, “This isn’t like some trippy new age reincarnation thing is it?”
“No, no, I know I dress kinda gothy, but I’m not one of those pagan/wiccan/wannabe occult girls,” she said. “No, I was born as a male. Six months ago, before my Mom and I moved here, I was transformed into a female, using Sex Magic.”
Jet’s eyes boggled. “The Magic can do that?”
“Apparently,” said Olga. “From what I’ve found out, it’s an extremely rare gift that some exceptionally powerful women have. There’s been dozens of people confessing to having their gender changed thanks to the services of these types of women. Unfortunately, they’re so rare, I’ve never met a woman who could do it, and no one I’ve tried contacting online is anywhere near Germany. Even if I could make the trip to meet them, most people who use such a gift charge out the balls for it.”
“Wait,” said Jet. “What do you mean you never met one? How did you get transformed then?”
“Not by choice,” said Olga. “My ex-girlfriend was an amateur porn star, believe it or not. Some of our videos are still floating around on the web. She was also a total crazy bitch. I stuck with her longer than I should because the sex was great, and, well, you know, Sex Magic makes it hard to say no, but after three months of her shit, I couldn’t take her screaming fits, and I tried dumping her.
“She didn’t take kindly to that, as you can imagine. And you know how women are they get their gaggle of girlfriends together to start coming up with all the evil shit they can pull on you in revenge. She kidnapped me right out of my home, and she and five of her friends cock-tortured the shit out of me until I’m pretty sure I would have died from the overload if it weren’t for the Magic.”
“Christ,” said Jet. He found himself leaning closer to her.
“Yeah,” said Olga. “Anyway, I figure one of those friends of hers, I didn’t really know any of them, must have been one of those shape shifter women. When I woke up again, I looked like this.” Olga motioned to herself. She shook her head. “They’d tortured me for a week straight, and just dumped me in some cheap hostel when they were done. I managed to make it back home, but the only reason my Mom even recognized me was because she could read my mind through my...” she looked down at her lap. “…my not-cock.”
Jet frowned. “That’s awful, dude.” Despite everything, he almost reached forward to clasp her hand. Then something occurred to him. “Wait, your Mom read your mind? So, you’re still affected by the Magic?”
Olga nodded. “Yes. I’m a woman in every way, genetically and mentally, but it doesn’t matter. The Magic knows the truth. I’m just as vulnerable to other women as I was as a boy. I will never get the Magic myself. This has happened with every transformation I’ve read about.”
The two sat there in silence for a few moments. “Shit,” said Jet.
“Um, your ex, does she still harass you?”
“No. She’s dead.”
Jet blinked in surprise.
Olga just shrugged. “Shot in the head. They found the guy who did it right afterwards. Some other guy she fucked around with after she did this to me. He got let off on a self-defense plea or something.”
“Jesus,” said Jet. “I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything,” said Olga. “I’m just glad I could tell someone. Another guy. You know, before all the girls at school start getting the magic, find me out, and then rumors start flying and I start getting fucked with again.”
“I assume the teachers know?”
“Of course. Pretty much every adult woman I’ve run into knows. I can’t hide it from Sex Mages. I might not have a dick, but they sense the same tension hum when I get aroused near them, they can still pick up my erotic thoughts.” She smirked humorlessly. “Not that I’m much in the mood for sex ever since my change. Though that’s probably less from being a woman, and more from my experience.”
“I don’t blame you,” said Jet. “I think Sisty mighty know, but I guess she hasn’t told anyone.”
“Well,” said Olga. “I guess we’ll see what happens, then. But thanks again for listening. And I just want you to know, I sympathize with what you’re going through.”
“Please, it’s nothing compared to what you got going on,” said Jet.
“I’m not trying to compete,” she said. She smiled. “So. I notice my sobering tale of forced womanhood hasn’t wilted your cock any. Bauer said she’d only refill your sack if you shot a load on campus right?”
Jet was suddenly starkly reminded that he was, in fact, still naked, rock hard, and mystically blue balled. A sharp pang of self consciousness went through him. “Um, yeah, but, uh…”
“You want me to help you again?” said Olga.
“Uh, you know what, I think I’ll just deal with it today,” said Jet. “I know you said you’re a woman all the way through, but…”
“No, I get it,” she said. “If you change your mind, I’m happy to help you out still.”
Jet sighed. “You really don’t have to. I don’t want to make you do things you don’t want to.”
“Women do it to us all the time,” said Olga. “And you’re not making me.”
Jet frowned. “I know. But at the same time, you shouldn’t feel obligated to, you know, make up for your, uh, new gender, or whatever. Or feel like you have to help a hard luck case. I’ll be okay, I think. My Mom’s a little nuts, but I think she means well. And the teachers seem to be keeping things from getting too crazy. And the girls haven’t done anything, you know, too severe.” He paused and shivered. “Well, except that electro-bondage stuff. That was pretty crazy.”
Olga cocked an eyebrow in curiosity at him. Apparently she hadn’t heard about that.
“I think we’ll be okay,” said Jet. “We just got to suffer through this. I know it’s been a few years already, but in a few more, I really think the novelty of the Magic will be worn out, and things can go back to some kind of normal.”
Olga nodded, unconvincingly. “I really hope so.”
Jet stood. “I should go,” he said. “If you need anything, let me know.”
Olga eyed his cock. “I could use a nice hot load on my tits.” Jet looked at her nervously, and she laughed and winked at him. “I’m kidding!”
Jet chuckled a bit. “I think I need some time before we do anything like that again,” he said.
“Sure,” said Olga. “But I mean it, too. Setting aside everything else, I do like you, as a woman.”
“I’m sure.”
“Oh, fine, get going then,” she said. She watched Jet leave, admiring his ass as he went. When the door closed, she let out another breath. She felt a bit relieved to have finally confessed her experience, instead of it just being lifted from her thoughts. Even if Jet didn’t want her to touch him ever again, it meant a lot that he’d listened.
Jet, meanwhile, found himself mulling over Olga’s story as he walked home. He thought about the sight of her naked body, and he didn’t feel too weirded out when his cock twitched in response.

Thursday was much the same as Wednesday, except that even more other guys were showing up naked. It proved to be such a distraction, that school was effectively canceled, as a free-for-all of cock teasing kept everyone too pre-occupied to learn anything. A few teachers even opted to join in the fun, calling naked boys to the front of the class and making a show of trying to have them solve problems and help with the lecture, while doing little magic teases on them, or letting the girls tease them. Ms Bauer gave Jet a particularly hard time in the first period, teasing him until he was dripping pre-cum, then chastising him every time a drop hit the floor. She made him wipe it up with a tissue, bending over, and allowing one of the girls to give him a spank.
The Shibari duo struck twice that day, grabbing and dragging helpless boys into tucked away corners of the school where the guys were hog-tied and electro-stimmed until they were going crazy, before teachers got around to rescuing them. Their identities remained a secret, but a few girls used this to their advantage, coaxing guys into embarrassing situations with the threat of them getting snatched and tied and electro-tortured.
Jet was grabbed once more during lunch, and this time tied to one of the support pillars in the middle of the room, blindfolded and gagged. Girls were invited to use feathers, riding crops, and vibrators to tease and tickle and stimulate him at will. This time, however, one of the teachers opted to put a weak orgasm block on him, and so it became a game of girls having three minutes to do everything they could to make him cum, while he edged and edged and edged. It took almost an hour’s worth of tickling, stroking, and even three blowjobs, before he finally blew his load. And then, as punishment for making a mess on the floor, two girls gleefully rubbed his slick, sensitive penis head for more post-orgasm torture, until he was thrashing so hard, the ropes creaked. He could hear other shouts and moans as well, and knew several other boys were undergoing the same treatment. The whole next class period after lunch was even skipped to allow the fun to go on.
A few boys who hadn’t started the day naked got stripped, their clothes locked up until the end of the day. Two of the nude boys were even outed as not even being punished in anyway, but willingly stripped before reaching school, hoping to be teased. The girls made a point to not touch them all day, just point and laugh and mock them, leaving their dicks untouched and needy, their balls aching for relief.
Jet and Olga didn’t get a chance to talk much, the two only looking at each other shyly and a little awkwardly. Olga didn’t meet him after school this time, her mother needing her back home right afterwards. As Jet started the walk back home, he felt the magic seize his cock, coaxing his erection to intense hardness, and tugging him back towards the school. As the last of the students left, Jet re-entered the building and, having no choice but to follow the tugs, was guided back through the halls to his first period classroom. There, he saw the desks and chairs had been moved to one side of the room, and a thick quilt had been laid out on the floor. He felt the magic seize him, invisible hands grabbing and moving his limbs.
His arms were moved so that his backpack slid off and fell to the floor, then he was floated up, turned, and lay down flat on the quilt, facing upwards. He was frozen, his body unable to move, save to breathe and twitch his cock. His eyes closed and the magic forced them to stay shut. His heart raced as he heard the clicking of heels, two women entering the room.
“Welcome, Jet,” said the voice of Ms Bauer. “We know you’ve had a difficult time keeping up with your school work, so we thought we would give you the chance to cover any slouching grades with some make-up work.”
“W-wait, what you going to do to me?” said Jet. He tried to open his eyes, tried to move, but he could do neither. The best he managed were a few twitches of his muscles.
“Relax,” said the voice of Mrs. Summerset. “We’re just going to have a little fun.” She gave a girlish giggle. “I haven’t really played with a young guy since I first got my magic!”
Jet’s mind whirled. Wasn’t Mrs. Summerset married? How could she do this!
Reading his mind easily, the two women laughed. “Well for one thing,” said Summerset, “my husband and I are separated at the moment. For another, when it comes to Sex Magic, it’s not cheating if the guy doesn’t cum.”
What does that mean? Jet wondered.
Ms Bauer chuckled. “It means, Jethro, that when we’re done here, your balls are probably going to feel like they’re in a vice from how full they’ll be. Sorry about that, but I really think the girls here have been spoiling you rotten, letting you cum so much. You’re going to have to learn that most women aren’t so generous.”
Jet shivered despite the freeze spell. Please, please be gentle, he prayed.
Ms Bauer knelt down, and pet his hair gently. “Poor Jet,” she said. “Gentle doesn’t get us off, I’m afraid.” And then, she moved over him, sliding one leg over his chest, and bringing his head between her legs. Jet’s heart pounded, and his cock surged, as he realized her legs were bare. A moist, fragrant heat was a mere inch from his face. “Now, then,” she said. “Consider this some extra tutoring. A cute boy like you is going to find that there are certain skills he’s going to absolutely need if he’s going to survive in a Sex Mage World.”
Jet opened his mouth to protest, and instead found his lips fastening onto hot, moist womanly flesh. Ms Bauer let out a soft sigh as he instinctively drew his lips around her clit, and his tongue pushed up against her sex. He let out a moan, and he felt his teacher’s hands press against the top and back of his head, pushing his mouth against her sex. “Now then,” she said huskily. “Start licking. I’m going to do a little trick I’ve tried with other men. You’ll be an expert at this in no time!”
As she said that, Jet could feel tingles of magic flowing from her finger tips. He could feel the heady energy sparking across his brain. He felt a sudden compulsion to lick her pussy and suckle her clit in ways he didn’t even know to try. He felt almost entranced as he moved on instinct, eating out his teacher in ways he somehow knew were exactly how she liked. In only seconds, Ms Bauer was already moaning.
And then, Jet felt something else, felt the heat and weight of a naked woman lying across his legs. Then, warm wet licks were going up and down his cock, before a mouth sucked on his penis head for a few seconds, then returned to licking. Mrs. Summerset was actually sucking him off!
The two women laughed again, Mrs. Summerset’s mouth pulling off him with a soft pop. “Well, not off, silly boy,” said Summerset. “Like I said, no cumming this time. But a little turnabout is fair play, is it not?”
Jet moaned, and Bauer spurred him to lick deeper and steadier, and soon, she was clenching and gasping in orgasm! Summerset sucked Jet hard as the other woman came, and he bucked his hips a bit despite the freeze spell. His cock flexing hard, but to no avail, edging as Bauer eased down from her climax. Both women laughed at the helpless boy, then switched places, having Jet lick Summerset, while Bauer paid attention to his cock. She used her hands instead of her mouth, but she had Jet quivering and whimpering the whole while.
It was almost sunset by the time the two women were finished giving Jet their special lesson. The poor boy was agonized with blue balls, having edged nearly a hundred times, even as he gave each woman a dozen powerful orgasms. Summerset was gracious enough, at least, to give the boy a ride home, where his mother chuckled and teased him over what a slut he was for having a threesome right in class, even as his father shamefully burned with jealousy hearing about it.

The following morning, Jet wasn’t feeling too bad about his situation, all things considered. His balls still ached a bit from yesterday’s intense oral lesson and the two-hour lunchtime teasing session, but this was going to be his last nude day. And, if he was being completely honest, given some of the horror stories he’d read online, particularly from other countries, Jet counted himself lucky. Used and abused as he was, he was practically experiencing a sexual heaven by comparison. In a world without Sex Magic, he was pretty sure he’d be jacking off to thoughts of scenarios like these plenty of times.
Of course, the reality of the situation was that this definitely wasn’t a porn movie. The scenario didn’t end when the sex scene was over. He was going to have to keep dealing with this sort of thing for the rest of his life, if the magic didn’t just disappear as quickly as it spread. Still, what else could he do, but try to go along with it? He didn’t want to end up like some of the guys he’d read about. And moping about it wasn’t going to help matters. So, best to take it in stride, go through his final day, and let everyone get it out of their system for the next few weeks as other boys went through this ordeal.
It couldn’t last that long at school, surely. For one thing, the whole week was practically a write-off as far as studies went. No one was paying attention in class, classes were being passed over for more sexual shenanigans, and even the teachers were slacking off. Either this would be the last day before things got serious again, or at most, it would extend through next week. So, he just had to ride it out.
He continued on to school, eventually passing the same alley where Olga had given him a handjob. He smiled a bit at the memory, thinking over what Olga had confessed to him. All things considered, with everything else going on with him, Olga probably understood him better than anyone else. And she was cute. And fully a woman, despite her origins. If only she’d also gained Sex Magic with her transformation. She’d probably be a very kind mistress.
He was snapped out of his reverie as he felt a hand reach out and yank him to the side. Jet yelped, and at first was going to just go along with it, until he realized he could actually resist the hold. He managed to slip out of the person’s grip, and turned, blinking in surprise as he saw about ten of his male schoolmates standing there. All of them were nude, with hard cocks, and they were all glaring at him, pissed.
“Uh…” said Jet, backing up. He then felt two sets of hands grab him by the shoulders and arms, and two more guys hauled him deeper into the alley. “Hey!”
“You fucking mother-fucker!” said one of the guys. Bentley, if he recalled. The ginger-haired, broad shouldered guy loomed over his fellows and Jet in particular as the guys who’d grabbed him threw him to the ground.
Jet stumbled onto the concrete, going down on his hands and knees. He’d have likely scraped them if it weren’t for the magic. Jet scrambled back to his feet, only to find a half-circle of a dozen guys surrounding him, backing him into the brick alleyway wall. They all glowered at him, and Bentley stepped forward. The huge young man thrust a finger at Jet, missing his nose by an inch.
“This is your fault, you mother-fucking little shit!” he yelled.
Jet swallowed hard, breaking out in sweat. “What? What do you mean?”
“Thanks to you, all our moms are forcing us to be naked!” he growled.
Jet glanced around at the others, then back at Bentley. “Uh, how is this my fault?”
“The girls are obsessed!” yelled one of the other guys, a blond named Maxim. “It’s all over Facebook and Twitter and even on YouTube! Our moms are all calling each other and talking to the teachers, and they all thought what you were doing was so hilarious, they want us all to do it!”
“Actually, it’s more than that,” said another guy, a reedy short kid that didn’t remotely look like he fit in with this group. He was the school nerd, the sort of boy who’d be picked on in a normal High School. “You know all the women in this town, all our moms, they’re hard core into the female domination thing. This is just the first step, first we’ll be forced naked all the time, then we’re going to have to go around on hands and knees, then—”
“Shut up, Collin,” said Bentley. He punched one fist into the palm of his other hand, making Jet wince. “The point is, your stupid little stunt now means all of us are going to get fucked with now. Not all of us want to strut around with our boners out for any girl to see! Not all of us want girls to be able to throw us around like ragdolls!”
Jet grit his teeth and glared up at him. “It’s not my fucking fault! My fucking mother and the teachers did this to me! You see what they’ve been doing to me all week, how can you even think that this was my idea?”
“I dunno, man, the girls sure seem to be having fun with you,” said another guy.
Jet faltered and looked to the side. “It isn’t as fun as it looks,” he said. “Not every time.”
“Well, boo-fucking hoo,” said Bentley. “You should have grown a fucking spine and resisted more, because thanks to you, we’re all being made into naked bitches.”
“Oh, please, this was going to happen eventually,” said Jet. “I was just the first this time. And for fuck’s sake, grown a spine? Are you kidding? You know what happens when we try to so much as argue. If we were able to grow a spine, you’d be doing it right now and standing up to them instead of—”
Bentley’s fist shot out faster than Jet could follow, socking him right in the jaw, and sending his head slamming against the wall. Jet collapsed onto the ground again, stunned. “I just want to live with my fucking dignity intact!” yelled Bentley. He started viciously kicking Jet in the chest and stomach, not caring that he was stubbing his toes in the process. “Instead, my mom makes me naked at home, and the only way I get to cum is when she or my sister fingers my asshole! I have to beg until I’m in tears! And now I can’t even leave the house with any clothing, because seeing you walk around with your boner flopping about gave her too many ideas!”
The other guys in the group looked at Bentley, a little shocked, as if unable to reconcile the idea of such a large and intimidating man, crying and whimpering on his hands and knees as a cute girl tickled his rectum. Several of the guys flushed hotly, mortified, no doubt reflecting on their own home situations.
Jet, meanwhile, was getting slammed into the wall repeatedly, gasping and coughing at the repeated kicks. He hoped the healing effect of the magic was strong enough to keep him from being beat to a pulp. He curled up, trying to protect himself, and tried to ride it out, unable to get his wind or bearings to raise a counter-attack. And stupidly, humiliatingly, throughout the painful beating, the magic kept his cock hard as a rock.
Then the kicks suddenly stopped, and he heard all the guys gasp. Jet caught his breath, coughing, and looked up.  All the guys were standing stock still, mouths agape, cocks quivering in the air, eyes rolled back. Little whimpers and grunts sounded, and their cocks twitched and jerked. Their frozen bodies shivered, their balls pulling tight. Jet realized they were being stimulated, and some were already trying to cum, but magic was holding them back, keeping them trapped in an edging state.
“You alright down there?” said a familiar voice. Jet looked up to see Mrs. Summerset standing at the end of the alley. She tried to look at him with concern, but somehow, couldn’t keep amusement from her features.
Jet glanced at the frozen, teased guys, then at his teacher, and nodded. He got to his feet, wincing and gritting his teeth, and limped over to her. Once more, she brazenly grabbed him by the cock and Jet gasped as pure pleasure thrummed through his organ, like a dozen tongues lovingly licking every pleasure receptor. The energy flooded over him hotly, filling his body with tingles, and within seconds, his cock jerked in her grip. But instead of cumming, he grunted as his climax was blocked again! His whole body jerked as his penis flexed rapidly, trying to force the semen out of him, but unable to. Mrs. Summerset just smiled as she forced him to edge for several breath-taking seconds, then let him go, cutting off the sensations.
Jet stumbled over to the alley wall, gasping, trying to calm down. The pleasure faded, but he realized the pain of his short beat down was gone. His teacher had healed him again. “Th-thank you,” Jet mumbled, and his teacher nodded in response, before looking back down the alley and grinning. The whimpers and gasps of the other boys got louder, sounding more panicked. Jet turned and his eyes went wide as he saw what was happening.
Mrs. Summerset was using her magic to float all twelve guys into the air. Then, she paired them off, moving six of the guys to hover a few feet off the ground, face up, as the other six floated a foot higher, face down. Each guy was turned, until the six facing down were hovering right over the cock of one of the guys facing up, who was likewise staring at the cock the guy above them.
Jet watched in mute horror, while the twelve guys practically screamed through their magically gagged mouths, as the two boys in each pair were floated together, their cocks bending towards one another’s lips. With expert skill, Mrs. Summerset forced the boys to open their mouths and close their lips over one another’s cocks, creating a half-dozen floating 69’s. With some more magic urging, the guys started bobbing their heads, sucking each other greedily, though whether Summerset was directly controlling their movements, or just urging them with psychic commands, Jet couldn’t tell. It was impressive, and scary, all the same.
“Oh, you shameful little boys,” said Mrs. Summerset. “You can’t punch women to vent your frustrations, so you punch other guys instead! This is exactly why we women need to use these wonderful powers to take control of those filthy little instincts of yours! Instead of fighting each other, you should be concentrating on how you can be productive. You should make love, not war!”
Despite the magic holding them, the twelve boys twitched and moaned loudly in protest. But Mrs. Summerset just spurred them to suck each other more fiercely. Despite their obvious revulsion, their cocks were too teased, and several of them helplessly flexed in pleasure, attempting to cum in each others mouths. But from the way they whimpered, it was obvious their orgasms were being blocked as well.
“Now then, shall we be off?” said Mrs. Summerset. She took Jet by the arm and guided him to her car, a two-seater convertible. She opened the door and motioned for Jet to get in. Behind them, the entire set of boys followed, floating in mid-air, their vulgar display open for everyone in town to see. Of course, every woman nearby could sense it already, but those without powers, and the men throughout town, gawked at the sight, as the teacher drove towards the school.
“How are you feeling, Jet?” said Mrs. Summerset.
“Not like I just got kicked to hell,” he said.
“I mean after yesterday,” she said, smirking. She seemed completely at ease driving while both conversing and magically floating and controlling a dozen guys outside the car. “Your balls don’t ache too much, do they?”
“Um, no ma’am,” he said. “Not after your little hand trick back there, anyway.”
“Good,” she said. “I had a lot of fun.”
“Me too,” he said, meaning it more than he expected.
She laughed. “I would hope so! I haven’t sucked cock like that since before the Magic!”
“But, um, do you really think it’s appropriate to be doing that to them?” he nodded back towards the guys floating behind them.
“You’re a nice go-along guy, Jet,” said Summerset. “Violent boys need a firmer hand.” As if inspired, she reached up and made a gripping motion with one hand. Jet heard the boys squeal and mew loudly, until she dropped her hand down again. Jet guessed she’d squeezed their balls with magic.
“I just think that—”
“I appreciate that you don’t want to see people suffer,” said Summerset. “But we’re not going to tolerate violent outbursts like this.”
“If you didn’t force guys to do things—”
“That’s not very realistic is it?” said Summerset.
Jet blinked and looked at her. They were coming up to the school already, and Summerset shook her head. “It’s complicated. But women dominating men with this magic is inevitable. It’s just going to happen. I know it’s rough for men, but the way the magic works, you simply cannot trust women not to use it, whether men like it or not.” She pulled over alongside the school’s front walkway. “If it is inevitable, then I just want the transition to be fun. I want everyone to enjoy themselves and ease into it, like foreplay. Even if it’s a little scary for you guys, and even if the girls act a little bratty at first, I think its best to get the crazy urges out of the way in a controlled environment, emphasize the magic as a joy, instead of going into lockdown and making everyone boil with pent up rage over it.”
Jet looked up at the floating mass of still-sucking guys, then back to his teacher. She smirked. “As punishments go, this is nothing. I could do things to them that would land them in a lunatic asylum. A little humiliation is a small thing. If nothing else, it will further help them loosen up, so that these little games don’t terrorize them so much.”
Jet nodded a bit, saying, “Okay. Thanks for the rescue.” As he left the car, he heard students all around gasping and laughing at the site of the dozen boys 69-ing their way through the air. Once they reached the front walkway of the school, Summerset set the gaggle of sucking boys down on the ground, laying them on their sides together. Only then did she break the spells. The twelve guys pulled away instantly coughing and gagging, even as a few couldn’t help but thrust their dicks in the air a few times, in the midst of an edging. Once released, they rolled away from each other in a panic, only to bump into others in the group. The whole set radiated away from each other in a mad scramble, forming a wide circle of naked, crab-walking boys. It would have been comedic, were it not for the genuine rage in each of their faces. Some of them were crying, though whether from the pain of multiple edges, the humiliation, or both, was hard to say.
Mrs. Summerset called out, “Be good now!” and drove off to park her car.
Bentley ended up closest to Jet, still sitting on the concrete walkway of the school’s front. His face a mask of anger, Bentley gave him a death glare. “I’m sorry man,” said Jet, sincerely. Bentley grabbed his leg and his fist shot up, aiming straight for Jet’s balls. Jet tried to jump back, but he was held in place by the bigger man’s grip. Apparently, however, he hadn’t needed to try and dodge. Bentley’s fist stopped an inch from its target, as if suddenly blocked by a wall. When he tried to yank at Jet’s leg, his hand flew off it, and Jet was able to step away.
“Damn it!” howled Bentley, getting to his feet and throwing punches at Jet. Each punch came to a dead stop just before it could hit. Summerset had clearly put spells in him that now prevented him from hitting guys, too. The huge young man impotently rained blows on Jet, not a single one making its mark, until, red faced and gasping, he could only give up, sagging in place, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.
Jet wasn’t sure what to say. He looked around and saw the rest of the students watching either awkwardly or fascinated. To their credit, none of the girls were laughing outright or taking pictures, but a few were clearly chuckling behind their hands. As he looked around, Jet confirmed what he’d been told earlier; now every guy at the school was also naked.
He turned back to Bentley. “I’m really sorry, man,” he said. “I don’t know what we can do.”
“Just fuck off,” the other boy said, standing up straight. He started walking away from the school.
“Hey, where are you going?” said one of the other boys, Collin from earlier.
“Away from this hell hole,” he growled, storming off.
“They’ll just drag you back!” Collin said.
“Fine!” Bentley yelled back. Everyone watched him go; no one tried to stop him.
Jet turned back to the school. The other guys who’d been floated were all on their feet, dusting themselves off, and heading inside along with the other students. Jet followed, but before he got to the steps, a girl stopped him. It was Olga. “Hey,” she said. “You okay?”
Jet looked at her, frowned, then suddenly grabbed her. The magic kept him from moving her, but he pressed his body against hers and kissed her fully on the lips. Olga, a little stunned, froze for a moment, then let herself relax against him. She hugged him to her gently, and kissed him back.
A few whistles and affectionate “aaaww!”s sounded. Jet partially opened his eyes, and saw several students, girls and guys, blushing at the display of actual affection.
Finally, Jet broke the kiss, and Olga looked into his eyes, a little uncertain. He smiled back at her. “I’m glad there’s one really nice girl here,” he said.
She smirked and whispered, “I’m not sure I count.”
“Jeez, Olga, you gunna just stand there and take that from him?” said one of the girls, half-joking.
“You should try it sometime,” Olga said, still smirking. “It’s fun.”
The girl who’d commented pondered for a moment, then poked the guy next her. He jumped and she winked at him, arching her back some. The guy just swallowed nervously, and practically ran inside, leaving the girl to pout. Giggles sounded all around.
Then, suddenly, a shout of “Goddamn it!” sounded above them, and everyone looked up to see Bentley being floated back to the school, some unseen woman carrying him with her power. Red faced and muttering curses, Bentley landed unceremoniously on his bare ass. When the magic let him go, he leaped up and stormed inside.
Everyone took that as their cue to go in.

The building lacked a decent assembly hall, so when the student body was called to a meeting during the first class hour, everyone piled into the cafeteria. As everyone sat at the benches, the teachers lined up at the far end, with the school’s principle, Mrs. Böhm, standing at a simple wooden podium. The smartly dressed woman rivaled Mrs. Bauer with the “hot librarian” look, but her girlish face and slim figure made her more on the cute side of sexy. She was also quite short, requiring her to use a small step-stool to stand properly at the podium.
Any comedy in her appearance, however, was immediately sobered up as she spoke. Soft ripples of magic power emanated as she spoke, commanding everyone’s attention. Even the girls seemed affected, as while a few had been tickling and lightly flicking the cocks near them, they immediately stopped and paid attention as the principle spoke.
“Hello students,” said Mrs. Böhm. “We’ve had a lot of fun here the past week, but I believe it’s time to return to business. Starting Monday, classes will be resuming as normal. You will be expected to attend class and focus on your studies. I know this will be difficult at first, but this is part of a new plan for our school.
“We agreed to participate in Carlin Jethro Seidel’s punishment of nudity, because we believed it would serve as a demonstration of the changing world order. When other parents decided to join in, it got us thinking, and we realized it would be for the best if we took the opportunity to use this school not only to finish your education, but expand upon it. This is the transition point for you students coming into the age of empowerment. Soon, you girls will be gaining the power for yourself, and you boys will have to learn to deal with capricious whimsy of girls who can play with you with just a thought.
“We came to this town to take strides towards progress in this new age of Sex Magic. Part of this means teaching you not only the fun, but the responsibilities of the Magic, and how despite its many pleasures, you will need to learn to put those distractions aside when necessary, and still do your work towards keeping Germany running. The old ways cannot keep going forever. You are the future of our nation, and Sex Magic does not change that. But it does mean relearning new paradigms. In light of this, we are adapting a new policy for this school: male nudity is now mandatory.”
There was a tittering among the students as girls grinned and giggled with surprise and amusement, while the boys, despite the principle’s heady, entrancing voice, looked worried, and wanted to protest. But any attempts to speak up with silenced by lips being sealed with magic. A few more tickles and flicks to cocks made the boys shiver and edge, overwhelmed by the unfairness and helplessness of it all.
The principle continued, “We know the transition can be a little difficult for some—” there was a little squeak of a whimper that came from Bentley near the front “—however I want all of you boys to know that none of this is to hurt you. You are safe and will be protected on this campus. As for you girls, things are not going to be the free-for-all tease fest it’s been this week. We will not mind if you wish to have some fun between classes, or during lunch, but starting Monday, everyone will be expected to stop fooling around and focus on their studies while class is in session. You will be expected to do your tests and hand in your assignments. We know the nudity of the boys will be very distracting for you, but that is part of the point. Aside from your studies, we are going to make sure you can perform despite the distraction. After all, the teachers here are able to do it.”
Mrs. Böhm glanced back at the other teachers, adding, “Usually.” Ms Bauer and Mrs. Summerset glanced to the floor, looking a little embarrassed.
She turned back to the students. “We know this is sudden. Consider classes canceled for the day. You may use the school grounds for one more day of fun, if you wish, or just go home, but after this, our campus will be first and foremost a place of learning. If you are caught trying to fool around during classes, you will be disciplined, male or female. And we will know, girls, if you’re just trying to get boys into trouble.” She smiled. “Class dismissed.”
There were a few cheers and claps, worried looks from the guys, mischievous looks from the girls, and soon, every guy was being dragged off by a girl. With a slight majority of females, a few lucky, or perhaps unlucky, guys got two at once. Bentley was the only boy everyone avoided, but Mrs. Summerset came up to him, and used a bit of magic to coax him out of his seat, leading him down to her classroom.
Jet and Olga, who’d been sitting holding hands, were left alone, the girls all assuming she’d picked him for the day. Only Sisty gave them a glance. Jeannette was at her side, currently manhandling two of the hotter guys at school, carrying them off to have some fun. Sisty gave the couple a hint of a frown, then followed her tall friend.
Jet and Olga shared a glance. “Well,” she said. “This’ll make things interesting.”
Jet sighed. “Whatever. I give up.” He looked Olga over. “So, wanna go back to your place and do it?”
Olga smirked. “Well, I hear a girl’s not supposed to let a guy cum the first time they have sex.” She reached over and lightly pet his testicles. “And these look awfully full.”
“I’ll just have to convince you otherwise, won’t I?” He leaned forward and kissed her passionately again, leaving her breathless when he pulled away. “A very helpful couple of ladies gave me some pointers.”
Blushing from the kiss, Olga said, “W-well, I look forward to helping you try them out!”
As the two left the school, intermittently kissing, Jet mused that all things considered, this was one punishment he was ultimately glad to have received.