Sunday, May 22, 2016

JALS: Arm Wrestle

“Come on.... this isn’t… fair…!” Pete was grunting and sweating with exertion as he tried his damnedest to move his girlfriend’s arm back. The two were kneeling on the floor, arm wrestling with their elbows on the coffee table. Across the table, Haley grinned at her boyfriend’s expression, red faced with effort.

Pete easily dwarfed his girlfriend, at six-foot-seven, and rippling with muscle built from years of weight lifting. Haley, meanwhile, was quite petite, five-foot-two, and still skinny as a bean poll. And yet, the scene was comically reversed as Pete’s thick, muscular arm flexed tightly, trying to push down girlfriend’s stick thin arm.

Of course, his arm wasn’t the only part of him flexing; his cock was erect and throbbing, straining to the limit with sexual tension. His erection fueled Haley with the energy that powered her Sex Magic abilities, giving her total control of his physical and mental sexuality. It also boosted her own body to superhuman levels, hence the harder his cock was, the easier she could hold back his arm. And with a simple mental command, she made his cock as hard and needy as humanly possible. She wasn’t even trying to push his arm down yet, just fending off his efforts.

“Haley… please…! You can’t just cheat like this!” Pete was trembling, not only from the effort of arm-wrestling her impossible strength, but from how badly he needed his cock to be touched. He’d be masturbating furiously right now, if her spells weren’t restricting him. “Come on!” he whined. “You’re not using your power to hold my arm back, are you?”

“Nope!” said Haley, grinning wider. “Just the strength your boner gives me. If I was going to use my powers, I’d just do this.” She winked at him, and his arm flew back and down, the invisible force of her will casually pinning his arm to the table.

Pete gasped and tried to lift his arm up, instinctively fighting her, even though he knew it was futile. After a moment, she let his arm go, and he shook it, holding his forearm with his other hand. “Enough!” he said. “I yield, okay?”

“Pussy!” she said with a laugh. Pete blushed and looked to the side, ashamed. He’d worked for years to build his body up, and all his girlfriend, hell, all any woman needed to do was give him a boner, and she was stronger than him without even trying.

Haley looked past the table. She was still dressed in shorts and a tank top, but she wasn’t letting Pete wear clothes at the moment, and his cock strained towards the ceiling, a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip, crying for her attention. She licked her lips. “Speaking of pussy, you certainly need some, don’t you?”

His blush deepened, and he mumbled, “Uh-huh.”

“Well, too bad. You have to beat me at something before I let you inside! And I’m sticking to my rule, no matter how badly you need it: you cannot cum unless it’s inside me.” For just a moment, she thought about his cock entering her, and Pete gasped and jumped as he briefly felt the sensations of a tight, hot, wet pussy sliding down his sensitive length. The sensation vanished just as the phantom pussy lips reached the base of him, and he took a moment to catch his breath. His balls ached with unspent cum, his cock attempting, futilely, to get rid of it in that moment, before her orgasm block smacked it right back into his balls. He grunted at the kickback.

“I can’t!” he said, unable to stop his voice from breaking into a whine. “The longer I go without, the stronger you get!”

“Hahaha, I know! That’s what makes it fun!” She sent a short sensation of her hands squeezing his tender balls, making him jump. She did it again, then again, sending the sensation every couple of seconds, squeezing him rhythmically. He leaned back against the couch and squirmed. “You’re so big and strong. You could probably break me in half with one arm. And yet, you’re completely, utterly helpless against my mere thoughts. All because of that silly thing between your legs!”

Pete was gasping, wincing at every squeeze. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but it jolted his nerves every time. “Ah! Please! Mercy!”

Then, the sensations stopped being brief blips, and the squeezing sensation stayed, phantom hands grinding in his testicles and holding him. Pete yelped, his hips squirmed, and he let out a long groan. “Please! Goddess please!”

Then, the phantom sensations of that tight, hot, wet pussy came back, and this time, it didn’t disappear, but rode him slowly. Up and down, up and down, twisting slightly, milking him with pleasure. His cock, already swollen to maximum tension, darkened and jerked in the air rapidly. Pre-cum oozed freely and his hips bucked, his cock stabbing the air desperately. “Aaaaah! PLEASE!”

Haley put her arm up on the table. “Hey, I can do this all day. Tell you what, all you have to do is move my arm a little. You don’t even have to fully push it to the table; if you can move it back just three inches, I’ll suck you off while I ride your face tonight. That counts as inside, so you can blow your load right down my throat. I’ll even let you use both arms!”

Pete was thrashing and gasping too much to respond, so she reluctantly canceled her spells, letting him calm down. Even so, she felt his tortured cock feeding her with even more male desperation energy, filling her with even greater strength. She waited until Pete was cognizant enough, then repeated her wager.

Blushing with how easily she overpowered him, Pete couldn’t think of any other resource. Maybe if he wasn’t so insanely horny, he could have thought more clearly, but Haley wasn’t about to spoil her fun letting him off easy. She grinned at him as he resumed the arm wrestle, putting both hands on her one and putting his whole weight into the push. Her arm wavered, and she actually had to push back some. But not enough to make her worry.

Poor Pete. He tried so earnestly, but his mere male muscles could only do so much. She considered briefly cutting him some slack. Then she smiled, and cast a little spell that tickled his cock with feather-light tongue tips, and giggled as his desperation made it even easier to fend off his efforts.

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