Monday, May 30, 2016

Sex Mage World: Alternate Endings

We have seen several ways the Sex Mage World may have begun. Now, let us explore how it may end.

As I described in my SMW Origins article, I like to keep the greater canon of the Sex Mage World loose and unofficial. The real point of the Sex Mage World is in seeing all the delightfully evil ways Sex Magic gets used and how society has to adapt to the power being there, as opposed to focusing on the greater cosmic meta-plot of where the power came from and what its greater purpose is.

That said, some readers are curious to know what happens later in the timeline. Most such queries are usually followed by desires that I somehow implement a way to force the scales of powers to tip back into balance, give men immunity to the magic, or take the power away from the women somehow. I’d say they’re completely missing the point of the Sex Mage World, but hey, whatever turns your crank.

Still, how does the Sex Mage World end? Surely, the anomalous power of Sex Magic can’t just stick around forever. It came in a flash and could be gone in a flash. Or, if it did stick around, there’s no way human society will still resemble the one we know in a million years, will it? So, what future are we looking at here? Well, here’s a few possibilities:

(Please refer to the Temael Shalt Covet section of the Origins article for the backstory on this section.)

The Year 100 story posited the idea that eventually, a group of desperate men are able to contact a Dark God from across dimensions to grant them monstrous powers and some way of removing Sex Magic, in exchange for Dark God gaining access to Earth. I later retconned this into connecting with the World of Civero mythos, where the Dark God is actually Temael, and his agents Zane and Jahi purposefully put Sex Magic on Earth in a long game plan to make the world ripe for Temael’s picking.

Honestly, the plan is just too good. Sex Magic can’t effect non-humans directly. Zane, Jahi, and the monstrous soldiers they create from desperate followers are not human, and thus utterly immune to it. Both Zane and Jahi are themselves powerful living gods. It’s possible that if every Megami on Earth dogpiled one of them, they might win in a straight fight. Might. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Moreover, Jahi, as the creator of the magic, and Zane, as the deliverer, both know how to cripple it or even turn it off. By Year 30, the nations of the Sex Mage World have become dependent on the magic for their military power, medical industry, energy resources, and a good amount of their economy, as well as disaster relief resources. Moreover, most of the hundreds of Queendoms have not done a good job forging strong international relationships, as each country’s ideologies conflict with their neighbors.

Turn off the magic? Utter bedlam. Society is thrust back almost into the Dark Ages, and decades of desperation born of abuse will turn at least half the countries into a total chaos of vengeful violence, while nations that have been maintaining much more equal and supportive societies find themselves cut off from help from their allies, and without a good system of trade to keep their countries sufficient.

Earth is fucked. Fucked, I tell you. I admit that even if I had ultimately decided to try to write this story, I had fully written myself into a corner here. Even if they didn’t just shut the magic off, the combined efforts of the Special Task Force and the Megami could not succeed against a god and his endless legions of horrors. Only one clear choice, remains: Surrender.

Earth is absorbed into Temael. In exchange for this loyalty, humanity is offered the power of His magic. Sex Magic, if it is allowed to continue, is spread to men as well, and becomes just a casual toy for Earthlings to play with. It remains effective only on other humans, or at least, those who choose to remain human, instead of evolving into new, monstrous forms. Earth joins the growing galactic community of species from across the universe that now dwell under the gaze of their Great and Wondrous Lord.

When you think about it, doesn’t that just fit perfectly with the general vibe of the Sex Mage World? It is, after all, an inherently corrupt universe where the “bad guys” win. Resist as much as you like; in the end, there is only submission.

Let’s say by some absolute miracle that Earth somehow manages to pull a Civero and repels Temael and his generals from the planet. What if they only barely succeed? What if Temael still manages to deal a blow to the planet? And what if Jahi or Zane do manage to cripple Sex Magic, but not fully? (Or perhaps it wasn’t Temael in this timeline, but instead some other powerful, dark, supernatural force that rocked the world with its apocalyptic power.)

Then the future could easily resemble the Fount-Loche Universe concept. Sex Magic still exists after a fashion, but barely gives most women any real powers, and takes away all their abilities to control men, instead leaving most of them with paltry super powers. Only a handful, perhaps former Megami and Archmages, retain their Special Abilities, though lose all the rest of the Sex Mage package, thus becoming the Loches. Founts then, naturally, would be former Radiants; ironically, men’s ability to generate sexual energy for the women to use remains largely intact.

Temael’s direct attack would of course be comparable to the Terror Wave that mutates Earth wildlife into ravenous monsters and raises the dead from the Earth to attack the living. As Earth societies reel from the sudden loss/alteration of Sex Magic, they find themselves overrun with monsters, and retreat into fortified cities. No one has time for revenge or for hostile take overs or any of the expected fall out that would happen from the sudden loss of the magic; humanity immediately has to pull together to survive the longest siege war in history.

Temael loses, but just like with the World of Civero, a single tap of his power leaves an entire planet’s civilization on the brink of extinction. It may be centuries before humanity dominates the planet again, if they are ever able to. On the plus side, though, no one’s worried about gender equality and abuse of Sex Magic powers anymore, so hurray for social progress.

Alright, guys, real talk. The Sex Mage World is pretty stupid, right? I mean, as a setting, it doesn’t really hold up all that well. The power itself is so weird and ridiculous, it’s obviously just designed by some basement dwelling geek shut in with an orgasm denial fetish. The author talks about how the power radically changes the world, mentions Cult Wars and Queendoms and all that jazz, but he never really goes too much into detail. He claims the global economy collapses and international trade ceases for a while and men are forced out of pretty much every job that isn’t just manual labor and minimum wage grunt work, yet most countries still seem to be doing alright, almost like it would be really inconvenient for the stories if he actually addressed the serious consequences of rapid, society-shattering changes to human civilization.

And that’s not even addressing the great implications of women potentially becoming eternally young and immortal, their new mental powers allowing them to connect with men and possible to each other in ways never before possible, transformation powers that can fundamentally alter the human form. Sex Magic allows humanity as a species to effectively transcend human limitations in ways science can only dream of doing. You’d think more people would make a big deal out of this.

Also, the stories almost always seem to take place in small towns in the USA (or maybe Canada), where most of the women just seem a-okay with using their Sex Magic willy-nilly like a bunch of psycho-dommes, even though you’d expect the response to be much more varied. I mean, there’s hundreds of different cultures on Earth, each with their own views on sex, sexuality, and gender roles, each with their own religious and cultural paradigms, and they aren’t all going to react to Sex Magic the same way. Plus, consider just how awful this world would actually be for men, how can you expect so many of them to just go along with it like they were already a bunch of spineless pussies?

The whole thing is just really kinda too conveniently pandering to the fetish. It’s all just too strange to be real; the people in the story, in the setting overall, can’t possibly just roll with it all that easily if they’re supposed to be like real people, right? How can it possibly function as a “real” setting?

Well, what if it isn’t a “real” setting? What if the Sex Mage World isn’t even real in its own universe? What if it’s just a simulated reality, where the vast, vast majority of the people within are just programs, constructs, pantomime people following preset routines? What if only a tiny percentage of the people in the Sex Mage World are actually real, and they either don’t know the world they’re in is fake, or they do know, but have no way of escaping? What if it’s all just some giant Simulation that a handful of people got stuck in?

So what sort of Simulation could this be? Perhaps it’s the program of a vast computer network that the real humans are plugged into, similar to the Matrix. Perhaps it is a magically forged pocket dimension, built on narrative archetypes and structures, a land of living conceptions, not unlike the Recursions of the Strange RPG. Perhaps a powerful telepath, or group of them, have created a shared dream like a psychic version of Inception, molding a world to their liking, then becoming so engrossed, they forgot how to wake up. Perhaps an alien crew has kidnapped a few dozen Earthlings and used Star Trek-esque holodeck style technology to simulate the reality.

Regardless, the whole this is just a game being run by some unknown entity; the “Sex Mage World” isn’t actually an entire planet, just a few key locations rendered to play out various scenarios to the Simulation creator’s liking. Every little plot hole in the setting you can think of? Well, it’s there because it literally is a plot hole, a gap in the setting. The Simulation creators didn’t consider those things worth worrying about, so why waste processing power on it?

So how does this lead to the end of the Sex Mage World? Simple. It ends when the Simulation ends. The “players” in the Simulation wake up from the dream, escape the pocket dimension, turn off the computer, and move on with their lives, if they can. Some, however, might find themselves wanting to give it a second try. I mean, why not? If you’re a hardcore fetishist for this kind of universe, the Sex Mage World Simulation is a literal fantasy come true.

What if Sex Magic not only sticks around, but gets even stronger? What if, as women continue to live and remain young and gain more male follows, the Magic evolves, and all women become increasingly more powerful? What if eventually, all women become Megami level mages? Then Queen Megami level, Then even higher, becoming true Goddesses?

In the Sex Mage World, Megami (Goddess) level women are incredibly rare, and Queen Megami more so. These women have myriad Special Abilities that allow them to do almost anything, granting powers that don’t even have to relate to sex. They can effect hundreds, if not thousands, of men at once, without even needing to get them aroused at first, and can effect women as easily as regular Sex Mages can effect men. They can draw Lust Energy from the people around them without even needing to play with them first. Why exactly these women have this kind of power, which defies even the normal laws of Sex Magic is unknown.

Now, imagine that instead of being rare, all women had the power of the Megami or perhaps even greater! This is essentially what my first vision of the Sex Mage World was. Even the least powerful woman can, without reliance on an energy source, cast spells enabling things like size changing, transforming people into objects and other creatures and back, superhuman physical prowess, flight, teleportation, illusion casting, full-scale telepathy and mind control, etc. Every woman becomes a literal Goddess. And for some reason, this power also makes them rampantly horny and naughty, so despite not actually needing the energy of male frustration to fuel their powers, they find themselves eagerly engaging in all sorts of the sexual shenanigans with their powers. If you thought men were screwed (in all senses of the term) before, you haven’t seen anything yet!

The power dynamics of the world become even more vastly skewed. Any physical need society or an individual could possibly want, most women can easily accommodate for with a wave of their hand, a wink, or a snap of their finger. No one really needs to work. Environmental hazards become mere nuisances easily fixed. All medical problems become worries of the past; all women can be eternally young and beautiful just by willing it, not to mention functionally immortal. For the women, they exist in a form of paradise: everything they want is instantly at their fingertips. With at least three to four billion reality-bending goddesses running around, what kind of society would even be possible? Each woman could carve out a little corner of the world for herself and become the literal Goddess of her own territory, worshipped by followers and living in bliss.

Men find themselves in a strange position. They are effectively rendered completely obsolete for all facets in life, save their usefulness to a woman. Nothing they can do is worth anything to creatures that can bend reality to their will. Men’s sole purpose in life now consists of being the playthings, followers, and servants to the all-powerful women. At best, a man finds himself a favored companion of his personal Goddess, being her lover and confident; even the most powerful of individuals need to be able to let go from time to time, be vulnerable to someone they love and trust. In exchange, she takes care of him, easily providing for his every physical need, and perhaps even his emotional ones.

At worst, however, he becomes a casualty of a Goddess’s cruel whims. She might decide to turn him into a pair of panties, still able to think and feel, endless teased by the touch of her skin, but never knowing relief, and soon enough never knowing anything beyond the maddening need for her touch. She might just shrink him to the size of an ant, then throw him outside to see how long he can fend for himself in the wild, cackling when he’s caught by a predatory bug. Or she might just turn him into a brain in a jar, vaporizing his body, while keeping his mind alive, tormented through endless hellish visions. More than likely, however, the lascivious nature of a Goddess’s whims guarantee that most torment will be of a sexual nature.

While nations still exist to some degree, the average woman is able to turn her home or territory into a sort of pocket reality, where she controls all aspects of that territory. Earth (and possibly even other planets if they are powerful enough to survive, say, on the Moon or on Mars) becomes more of a hub world where the Goddesses can interact, while each Goddess uses her personal dimension as her home. Group consensus among the Goddesses means that in “public”, each individual Goddess’s power to affect the world is diminished, as collectively, the Goddess’s wish for a stable, common platform upon which to interact evenly. In their personal, pocket dimensions, however, anything they want goes.

Men are pulled into these worlds by their Goddesses to both protect and provide for them, but also to keep them forever ready for the Goddess to play with. It is very unlikely any men are allowed to roam free anymore, unless the women in a certain region like the idea of “snatching up” free roaming men.

From here, one can only speculate on what happens next. How long does the power last? Does it ever end? Does humanity eventually leave the planet, Goddesses flying through space with their worshipful harems in tow? Is humanity even remotely recognizable anymore after even just a few years of billions of nigh-omnipotents having their way with reality? Who can possibly know? Either way, in this scenario, the Sex Mage World effectively ends by transcending into something even more patently ridiculous. Because it wouldn’t be one of my sex stories if things didn’t start off extreme and just keep spiraling into sheer ludicrousness.

UPDATE: And the comments just inspired me to consider, what if the women do eventually leave the planet to explore the cosmos? What if they start seeding other worlds with new life, becoming the literal Goddesses of other worlds and species? What if, when a sapient species develops far enough, the Goddesses implant Sex Magic or something similar on their worlds, which in turn leads to a similar situation with a new race of gods/goddesses spreading out in the cosmos. Maybe, that in fact, is yet another possible origin for Sex Magic coming to Earth.


HA! No. Where’s the fun in that?


  1. The women stay eternally young with the magic right?

    So what happens when we get Russia, where we have waaaaay more men than women?

    1. Pretty much the same thing?

      Overtime, the gender split of the population leads to something like 30% women and 70% men, so there's pretty much going to be a surplus of "man power" (teehee) all around the world.

    2. Wait whoops, I mean the other way around. More women than men.

    3. Guess they learn to share until they can make more.

  2. The last world idea is incredible. I know I would love to see you write about a world where all the women are goddesses. I really loved your earlier stories where the women could do pretty much anything and were teleporting all around (like Oh My Goddess). The idea of hunting free range men sounds incredibly fun too.

    I know some people like the idea of the balance being put back in place and men having more of a chance, but since I am the exact opposite and want women to get even more incredible powers, this idea is perfect.

    1. I guess human would stop existing as a species, and what we formerly known as male and female humans will split into 2 species. There is no way the 2 groups can exist together without one consider itself superior to the other.
      Perhaps for a while women will keep men to amuse themself, as eventually, they'll get bored. I mean, what's the point of living if you don't have to try to do anything anymore?

    2. Well, they are Goddesses now. If they do get bored with Earth, maybe they eventually fly off to explore the cosmos and encounter new alien races or supernatural entities. Heck they could start seeding planets with new life, becoming the literal Goddesses of other worlds. Then eventually the sapient races of those worlds undergo a similar process, creating another race of gods/goddess, while the Earth Goddesses eventually fade away.

      Heck, that could itself be another possible Origin.

  3. Been enjoying the work for a bit now so thanks for sharing.

    Of the three proposed ideas, the second 'Simulation', seems the most interesting but that might be because it highlights the inherent oddities of the system. Option 3 is a close second because it explores the far future in far more detail.

    A slight digression; but your stories like "Amy's Trepidation, Joe's Panic", "Demotion" and "Hope" all have an edge of believably that adds to the fun. The variations in character motives, actions and exploration of their new situation helps to add a weight to proceedings. Are the other stories bad? Not at all. However the contrast between: loving domination/ravishment and 'psycho-dommes'; between men and women trying to reach some accord vs. total submission; these things provide a depth that I enjoy and enhance the other tales.

    You've got some very imaginative and intriguing endings, humanity would certainly look quite different in little time. I'm curious on how, keeping the powers the same, how the beginnings could vary. Surely not the derided 4th-7th ideas, but instead of the collapse of society into the Queendoms how else could things evolve from where we stand now?

    Just some minor musings, again, thanks for the enjoyable reads. ^.^