Monday, May 30, 2016

The Escape

Paulo took a deep draw on his cigarette as he stared out over the blue horizon. Standing at the edge of the long, wooden pier, he listened to the gentle rush of the waves, along with the thunking of many small rowboats. Every sea-worthy vessel was tied.

He heard the familiar footfalls of Marcus coming up behind him, followed by the pattering of smaller feet. Paulo took a final puff of his cigarette, then tossed it out into the water. The butt hissed briefly, before a fish swam up and sucked it into its mouth. Paulo watched it go, wondering if the thing would swallow and choke on it, or if it would have the sense to spit it out.

“It’s a no go,” said Marcus, in smooth Portuguese. “Senegal has sealed its boarders, and that means The Gambia is cut off as well. They’ve got a marine blockade up, just past the horizon. Everyone’s fenced in; anyone caught more than two miles out to sea will be detained and forced to shore, on threat of death. Going to be hell on the fishermen.”

Paulo mulled this over, then turned to his friend. Both men were swarthy, dressed in white slacks and shirts, sunglasses and straw hats with wide brims to help fend off the sun. Both also wore backpacks, holding all their belongings. With the way things were going, pickpockets and swindlers were being particularly bold in their efforts. Both men didn’t dare leave their packs unattended.

“No planes?” said Paulo.

“Everyone’s grounded,” he said. “Assuming we could even make it to an airport, the military still has them all locked down.” He sighed.

Paulo turned his attention to his friend’s companion. A young woman, very dark skinned, with long dreadlocked hair, wearing a loose green top and olive shorts. He cocked an eyebrow at her.

“This the whore you got last night?” he said. “You miss your wife so much, you had to pretend to be with her again this morning?”

“Actually,” said Marcus. “She might, emphasis might, be our ride.”

Paulo appraised her and gave a dismissive snort. She was a skinny thing, and looked like she couldn’t be over twenty, half either man’s age. “Is she some kind of amazing prodigy boat captain that can slip past military ships? A submarine thief, perhaps? Or is she some pirate captain’s daughter?”

“This isn’t Somalia,” said Marcus, rolling his eyes.

Somalia isn’t the only place with pirates,” said Paulo. “So what’s her deal?”

The girl obviously didn’t know Portuguese, as she looked between the men with a calm, but clearly uncomprehending expression. What language was the native tongue? Mandingo? Fula? He didn’t know either.

Marcus nudged her on the arm and spoke to her in English, “Tell him what you told me.”

The young woman cleared her throat, a little nervous. She replied in English as well, more fluent than Paulo expected, but still thickly accented. “The blockade will not work. It is a folly. They cannot stop the spread of the Magic.”

Paulo blinked, but otherwise kept his expression calm. “The Magic,” he said. He’d heard the stories. He hadn’t really believed them. A strange power that only women had, giving them the ability to jerk a man off just by thinking it? That wasn’t magic. That was some weird nerd’s anime porno fantasy.

“Yes,” she continued. “I know, because I have it.”

Paulo cocked an eyebrow at her. He glanced at Marcus, who grinned. “She does,” he said in Portuguese. “She absolutely does. Last night, she did this thing, she floated me in the air, and made me feel like I was getting sucked off by two hot honeys. She didn’t even touch me, and I shot off like a fucking—”

“You probably drank yourself stupid, she gave you a sloppy suck, and probably pinched your wallet,” said Paulo, scowling.

Marcus pulled his wallet out of his pocket. “Nah, she didn’t.”

Paulo rolled his eyes, and faced the young woman. Speaking in English once again, his own words accented, he said, “What’s your name?”

“Nene,” she said. “And my Magic is real. I think I’m the only one in the area at the moment, but that will change by the end of the week. Gambia is a small country, with much traffic, and the Magic is already here.”

Paulo nodded once. “Prove it. Do something Magical.”

Nene paused, and looked to the side. “You understand, the Magic is sexual in nature. I cannot use it without doing something intimate to you.”

“You’re a whore, are you not?” he said. “What do you care?” He scoffed. “Or are you saying I have to pay you?”

“I am not a whore,” she said, giving him a glare. “I gave your friend a good time last night, because I was proving my power to him. I can tell you two are foreigners. You are visitors to this country. And I presume you want to leave it. I do as well. For my own reasons.”

“We need to get back to Brazil. Back to our families.” He gave Marcus a disapproving glance as he said that, then looked back to Nene. He motioned westward, to the ocean. “Our home city is five thousand miles away. Assuming you really have this Sex Magic, how will it help us cross an ocean and half a continent?”

Nene smiled. “Magically,” she said.

Paulo waved her off and rolled his eyes, turning back to look out at the ocean. “Get out of here, witch. Take your hallucination narcotics with you.”

Nene pursed her lips, then said, “Your wife likes anal.”

Paulo paused, then turned, looking at her. He glanced to Marcus, then back at her. “He probably told you that while he was drunk.”

“Her favorite position, to your knowledge, is you on top of her, penetrating her ass, while a vibrator is going in her pussy. You like it, too, because the vibe is positioned just right to stimulate your cock in just the right spot. However, you’re ashamed at the idea of losing it in her ass, so you try to hold back as much as you can.”

“That’s enough,” he said.

“Not convinced? When you were young, you read a dirty comic book where a man fucks a female werewolf. Later, when you masturbated, you thought about what a dog’s tongue would feel like on your cock.”

Paulo blinked, opened his mouth, then shut it. He had never told anyone that embarrassing memory. Not even Marcus know it. Speaking of, his friend’s eyes widened as he stared at him.

Nene glanced around, making sure no one else on the beach of the pier was watching. A few people were fishing off one end, and a few others fiddled with their small boats. No one was close enough to really notice them or overhear their conversation. Nene leaned over to Marcus. “May I use you to demonstrate again?”

Marcus nodded. Nene gently let her hand clasp Marcus’s cock. Marcus let out a small sigh, and he stiffened right in his pants. Paulo glanced away at first, but then jerked his gaze back when she lifted his friend a foot off the ground by his cock. Paulo’s jaw dropped a little. She wasn’t even actually touching him, now that he looked. Her hand was a few inches away from his pants now, and Marcus was hovering in the air, his cock tenting his slacks.

“When you men get hard, you give off an energy,” said Nene. “You can’t sense it, but we can. We can sense it, take it with in us, use it.” Her fingers twitched and Marcus let out a sharper gasp, his cock flexing in his pants.

Marcus mumbled in Portuguese, “Ah shit! Too fast!” The bulge in his pants flexed again, and kept flexing. Nene let him back down on the ground, and pulled her hand away fully from him. Marcus leaned over a moment, huffing. Paulo realized he was trying not to ejaculate in his pants.

As Marcus took a moment to get himself under control, Paulo looked to Nene, who looked back at him calmly, but expectantly. Slowly, he said, “You want… to fly us… with your magic?”

Nene nodded. “Yes. If I am using my magic to stimulate you, I can float you, and myself. I can fly us to your home.”

“Across an ocean?”


Paulo couldn’t help but gawk at her. He motioned to Marcus, who had managed to compose himself. “I don’t think either of us will last long enough for you.”

Nene frowned slightly. “I can make you last as long as I want. As long as nothing breaks my concentration, I can keep you in a state of high sexual tension. The longer you are in that state, the more energy you will produce.”

“Sure there is a limit.”

“There is not. I’ve tested this. I’ve researched accounts from Europe and America. As long as we are in engaged in sex of some level, my Magic will last, and I can use it to make you last as long as we need. I won’t get tired. I can fly us the entire way.”

Paulo leaned a bit closer, looking her square in the eye. “You are absolutely sure about this? I do not want to end up stranded in the middle of the Atlantic.”

Nene swallowed a bit nervously. “I am sure.”

“And how fast can you fly?”

She hesitated. “I don’t know. I managed to fly here from my own town with a boy. Probably a hundred kilometers.”

“Christ.” Paulo turned to look at the ocean. On the horizon, he could see the silhouette of a battleship slowly making its crawl.

“We have to get home,” said Marcus.

Paulo shook his head. “It’s insane.”

“This Sex Magic is insane,” said Marcus. “But it works.”


“Please,” said Marcus. He hesitated, then said. “I do not want to leave you here, my friend. But I have to get back to my family.” He motioned to Nene. “I mean, I know, but… I love my wife.”

Nene frowned and said, “I do not know your customs, but I imagine when she gets her power, she may not be happy to know how you’ve shown your affection abroad.”

Marcus let out a short laugh. “I’m pretty sure she’s been fucking the pool boy while I’m gone.” He shrugged. “I mean, I would, if I was in her shoes. Pretty sure she already knows my little indiscretions.”

Nene gave him a studious look, then shrugged. “Fair enough.”

Paulo looked thoughtfully at the ocean. “Why do you want to leave? You haven’t mentioned payment. Am I to believe you are willing to make a one-way trip.”

Nene frowned. “I fear for my life, sir. I will not tell you why. I need to escape the country, far enough away that I can’t be chased. I need men to do this, and you men need to reach another continent. I’m not asking for payment, because this will be a group effort to achieve a common goal.”

“You’ll be doing all the work,” said Paulo.

“And you will be doing all the suffering,” she said. When Paulo gave her a curious look, she added, “I will be sexually stimulating and arousing you to a state you’ve never experienced before. And it will last the entire time. There will be no relief.”

“It’ll feel good, though, right?” said Marcus. “I mean, the Magic causes pleasure, right?”

Nene cast her eyes to the ground. “It will feel good. At first. Then, it will feel too good. Then…” she looked up at them. “I will fly us as fast as I possibly can. It may still take days.”

Both men stared at her. “Will it,” Marcus said, hesitated, then said again, “Will it… kill us?”

Nene shook her head. “No. The Magic won’t let you die. But by the time we are done, you may well wish it had.” She sighed. “I’m sorry, gentlemen. This is what I can offer you. I don’t have time to ease you into it. I can wait another day, then I have to move on to another town, find someone else.”

Paulo frowned as he looked at her. “You’re really in trouble, huh?”


Marcus looked at her a little warily, as if she had just sprouted fangs and claws. The two men looked to each other, then at her, then back at the ocean, then back at one another. Finally, they nodded. “If you do this for us, we’ll see about helping you get established in Brazil.”

“I suspect you will have your own hands full with problems soon enough,” she said. “But at least it won’t be here. I thank you.”

“So what should we do?” said Marcus. He pat the strap of his backpack. “We have all our stuff, so we’re good to take off now.”

Nene stood tall and straight. “I want you both to hold me. One in the back, one in the front.”

Paulo blinked. “We’re not going to have to, uh…”

“I will only use my magic to stimulate you both. But it is best if we are a snug fit.”

A little awkwardly, Paulo and Marcus more or less hugged each other with Nene between them. The small woman pushed herself up so she hand an arm and a leg around each of them. For a moment, the two men just stood there, self-conscious.

Then a sudden warmth washed over them. Paulo felt an unnatural bloom of arousal in his body, his cock stiffening. He could almost feel the energy coming off of Nene’s body, an almost electric tingle everywhere her body touched his. And the tingles all seemed to flow towards his cock, making him harder than he’d ever felt before. Harder than the time he’d taken Viagra. Harder than the night he’d lost his virginity to the prettiest girl town. It felt like it should hurt, but somehow didn’t. Instead it just felt unbearably tense. He needed to stroke it. No, he needed to thrust it against this strange woman.

Instead, he felt an invisible force seize his body. Against his will, his arms and legs moved to curl around Nene and Marcus. And then he felt something in his mind, like ghostly fingers caressing his brain. He felt a heady, floaty sensation, and his vision swam. He could no longer see the beach or the ocean or the pier. Instead, he began to hallucinate that he was in bed with his wife. She was naked and crawling towards him, smiling warmly, yet lasciviously at him. She reached out to touch him, and his entire body shivered with lust. She leaned down to kiss his cock, and he could feel her warm, wet lips pressing against his organ, before sliding into her eager mouth.

Oh, God, the Magic, this Sex Magic! The rumors hadn’t prepared him for this. He heard a high-pitched moan, and he thought at first it was Marcus, before realizing it was himself, whimpering with the intensity of the sexual power. It was too much, too fast, too overwhelming. He wanted to tell Nene to slow down, to take a moment’s break and let him catch his breath. But instead, the feelings, the sensation, the need, just increased, until he was breathless.

He had the vaguest sensation of rushing wind, of being pressed against a woman’s body, a body that didn’t quite match the form of his wife, whom his senses told was now straddling him. He was dimly aware that he should have climaxed by now, probably dozens of times, but he never seemed to reach the peak, his sexual high just continuing to reach higher. But the little details of reality were slipping away. He couldn’t bring himself to care as the illusion of his wife caressed and kissed and licked and sucked and fucked him in ways she’d never done in real life. Even the knowledge that he was on his way to see her for real became second to the sensations he was now feeling.

The sensations went on and on and the wind rushed by faster and faster, as their little bundle of sex-crazed flesh chased the horizon.

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