Monday, May 23, 2016

Resisting Is Futile

Devin swallowed nervously as he heard his phone beep in his pocket. He checked it and almost cursed. Jecky hadn’t forgotten.

Come upstairs! The party’s started! the text read.

Devin sighed and quickly typed: That’s okay, I’m not feeling that well.

You liar. I told you, you need to get out more! Jecky typed back. Come on up and join the fun!

You know I hate those kinds of parties, he responded.

But I like parties, and I want you here. :(   Devin was about to type another response, when he felt something stir in his loins. He let out a small gasp as his penis grew hard. Not just hard, but throbbing. He felt an overwhelming need to touch himself, but he resisted. His phone beeped again: If you come upstairs, I can take care of that for you.

Devin cursed softly. He felt another glimmer of magic, and his cock flexed hard in his shorts, the tension increasing. His heartbeat quickened as his blood rushed to his organ, filling it as much as humanly possible.

Jesus, okay! Just stop! Devin texted back frantically.

It’ll stop when you get here, she replied. You have two minutes. If you aren’t at least on this floor by then, I’ll start sucking.

Devin let out another small gasp and pocketed his phone, heading for his door. He was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt, but didn’t dare waste time finding a better outfit. He slipped on his sandals and exited his tiny, studio apartment, heading for the stairs.

“Upstairs” meant the large loft apartments, ten stories up, and the elevator was slow as hell. He was easily able to beat the thing to any floor just using the stairs. Of course, the trip was a little more difficult with his penis tenting his shorts so badly, awkwardly lurching back and forth as he took two steps at a time.

Jecky had no pity for him, though. He’d learned the hard way that in this city, women were to be obeyed, or else you were going to regret being born with a penis. He still shuddered at the memory of what she’d done to him in the park, in front of hundreds of people, even as the memory made him rock hard. He wasn’t even sure why he still resisted her orders. Maybe just a reflex. Maybe because she seemed a bit less bored, and thus a bit more merciful, when he put up a token resistance.

Plus, she wasn’t even his girlfriend or officially his mistress or whatever. She was just another tenant in the apartment who had, for no reason he could fathom, just decided his cock was hers. That was apparently pretty common in this city as well. Single guys were just up for grabs, and in mixed gender buildings like this one, you were basically asking for one of your female neighbors to just claim you.

Devin wasn’t sure what she saw in him. He was only five foot, four inches tall, skinny, pale, wore glasses, had a boring data-entry job, pretty much the prototypical nerd. His cock was only six inches and he’d been a virgin before Jecky took him, not even a week after he’d moved in. Maybe she thought he was “nerd cute” or something.

Whatever the reason, Jecky owned his penis, and she enforced that ownership with her magic whenever she could. Speaking of, Devin grunted as he felt the first phantom tongue lick his shaft as he cleared the eighth flight. Jecky hadn’t let cum in nearly three weeks, and he felt his balls tighten. He stumbled up the last two flights of stairs, every step he took seemingly to make the tongue quicken slightly. By the time he reached the loft floor, he could feel the mouth close over his cockhead.

Devin went out into the short hallway that split the four lofts up. Two had their doors open, and there were people milling around outside them, as well as passing from one to the other. As Devin approached, a few girls glanced up at him, sensing his intense erection, and giggled. A few guys bashfully glanced over at him. Devin ducked into the right door, hoping Jecky would be there. As he did, he felt a light sense of magic wash over him. If he wasn’t already hard as a rock, he’d definitely be now, as the sheer presence of so many Sex Mage young woman just letting their sexual energy flow free, drove every cock in range into a state of priapism.

The mouth was pulling insistently now, angling his cock. Devin realized Jecky was guiding him, even as she was magically sucking him. The loft was huge, with several large rooms, and people were milling around. The ladies dressed in casual, but often provocative clothing. Devin’s only consolation was that he noticed all the guys were hard as a rock. Most were dressed similarly to him, a casual top and bottom, though a lot of them were wearing more popular brand names. A few had their shirts off, and to his embarrassment, Devin saw a couple guys were naked. He tried not to think about how the tips of their bare cocks were already glistening with pre-cum.

Devin stumbled around several people to reach a room filled with books, the walls lined with shelves. The sucking intensified for a moment, long enough for Devin to gasp and stop, leaning heavily on one hand, his hand astride the spine of several books. His hips jerked and his cock flexed as he felt an orgasm rise, then get slapped down by a blocking spell. He heard a few whistles and cat-calls go his way, but he kept his head down, red faced.

Then the sucking sensation suddenly stopped, so suddenly that Devin’s hips jerked again, instinctively seeking to resume the stimulation. But of course, it’s not like an actual mouth had been on him, just the wicked magic of a cock teasing young woman.

Before he could resume his search, Jecky came to him. She smiled devilishly at him, watching him catch his breath. Five foot, eight inches, she was noticeably taller than him, even going barefoot. Her straight auburn hair fell over her shoulders, hiding the tiny straps that held her simple green top up. A white skirt just a bit too short let her show off her long, legs. She was overall fit, with modest breasts that still mesmerized with the cleavage she was showing off. Topping it all off was a pair of black, horn-rimmed glasses. She didn’t need to wear them; she just loved that “geek chic” hipster look, so the frames were just empty over his hazel eyes.

Devin had to admit, she was unbearably cute at first glance. He wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or a curse that she wasn’t the intellectual bookworm she made herself out to be.

“Glad you could make it!” said Jecky. She leaned in and put an arm around him, giving him something that was halfway a side-hug, and halfway a pat on the back. With her free hand, which he noticed held a dark, half-consumed drink (wine if her breath was any indication), she motioned to the rest of the crowd “We got a pretty good turn out this time!” She pulled back and winked. “Good thing I’m besties with a girl whose besties with another girl who sometimes borrows the cock belonging to the woman who owns the loft!” She paused, tapped her chin in thought, then pointed out the door and said, “Or maybe she owns the other one?”

She shrugged and grinned. “Well, whatever, just glad you came!”

“Well, I could hardly refuse,” said Devin, trying to play it cool.

Her grin became a smirk. She reached down and brazenly grabbed his crotch, her fingers curling around this bulge in his short. She gave it a squeeze and a tiny jolt of magic which made him jump and gasp. “You got that right,” she said. She let go, then brought her hand up and tapped the end of his nose. “You stay here. I’ll get you a drink.”

“Oh, no, you don’t have to. Besides, I don’t—”

Relax. I’ll get you a Coke. Just stay there.”

Devin felt a tingle of magic over his feet. He looked down, frowned, and tried to take a step. His feet wouldn’t budge. He let out a small sigh and shrugged. He was stuck here until Jecky or another woman let him go.

Jecky apparently was having trouble finding the sodas, because a few minutes went by, and Devin was still by himself, stuck standing next to the wall of books. He felt a little dumb, just standing there, facing the corner just a few feet away, where another couple were sitting on one of the overstuffed chair. The girl was sitting in his lap, her legs squeezed tight around a black bulge of cloth, which Devin could tell was the man’s penis, rock hard, straining in his own shorts. The girl was kissing the guy, and was clearly fighting hard not to just thrust up in between her legs like mad. Maybe she was keeping him stuck to the seat. Devin tried not to watch, turning his body and head to look to the side or turning the other way to read the book titles.

Then someone stepped up to him. He expected Jecky, but blinked in surprise to see an athletic young man with short blond hair, dressed in slacks and a blue plaid shirt. The man was almost six feet, and he smiled down at Devin. “Hey, man, enjoying the party?” he said.

Devin looked up warily at him. There was something about the guy’s friendly manner he didn’t trust. “Um, sure, I guess, I mean I just got here, and um…” he tried to lift one leg, then the other, to no success. “And I seem to be stuck.”

The guy laughed, a little too quickly. “Yeah, yeah. Reminds me of the Rock Parties back at college. All the girls pulling little pranks, all the dudes hard as, well, a rock, hence the term.” He nodded, as if in agreement with himself.

“Uh, yeah, right,” said Devin. He’d only ever been to one as a freshmen, dragged their by a now ex-girlfriend. He was extremely reluctant to relive the experience. Yet, here he was. “So, um, sorry, I didn’t get your name?”

“Dave,” he said. His friendly smile seemed glued on his face. “My mistress Steph lives here. It’s a nice place.” He nodded at the wall. “Books make a surprisingly interesting surface to fuck against.”

“Ah, right,” said Devin, nodding along. “Well, my, um, buddy, should be back in a minute, so it was good talking to you, but—”

Dave suddenly leaned down, put a hand on Devin’s shoulder, and said in a whisper, “I’m real sorry man. Mistress’s orders. You understand.” For a moment, the friendly smile became an apologetic one. Devin was confused, until he felt Dave’s other hand clasp his dick through his shorts.

Devin’s eyes widened. “No!” he said, loudly. He moved to push Dave off, but a force seized his arms and whipped them back behind him, locking them at the wrists. “No, stop!” he said, and then his mouth clamped shut.

To his horror, Dave’s hands slid to the sides of his shorts and yanked them down. He hadn’t worn underwear, so his cock sprang up eagerly. Somehow, despite being freed of the cloth, his penis got even more tense, as if exposure to the warm party air let it soak in that much more of the women’s ambient, arousing aura.

His cock was as sensitive as it was tense, so despite his instinctive revulsion at the touch of another man, his cock flexed gleefully as Dave grasped it. Dave began to stroke him, looking him in the eye as he did it. Devin’s face was one of panic, and then red with shame as he realized how good Dave’s hand felt. Truthfully, any kind of touch would be heavenly on his cock right now.

“Sorry,” whispered Dave. “Really.” And then he flinched, and his own cock flexed in his slacks. “Ah, fuck…” he breathed. He was clearly getting stimulated as well. In fact, it wouldn’t have surprised Devin if the taller man was feeling everything he himself was doing to Devin’s cock. It was just the sort of trick a Sex Mage might pull. Making you masturbate through another man’s organ.

Devin, despite himself, was already huffing, nostrils flaring since his mouth couldn’t open, as Dave quickly stroked him to the edge. “Ah, fuck!” Dave repeated. Devin squirmed, fighting his invisible bonds, then to his shame, bucking his hips to thrust into Dave’s hands. He hit the edge of his orgasm block, and Dave’s face scrunched into a taught snarl at the brink of orgasm.

And then Dave was yanked back, forced to let go of Devin, even as his own cock flexed. An explosion of laughter came from Devin’s left, and he turned his head to see several women, and even some nervous men, laughing at his and Dave’s plight. Blushing Dave tried to catch his breath as he went back over to the laughing crowd. Several of the girls were waving their phones and making comments about FapReport.

Devin, however, was left bound and gagged, his shorts around his ankles and his cock swinging free. He squirmed and struggled in place, until a cute redhead with huge breasts walked by him and noticed him. She glanced him over, then smirked. “You need help with that?”

Not thinking, Devin nodded vigorously. The redhead waved her hand at him, and Devin let out a moan as he felt the sensation of Dave’s hands on his cock again. The redhead snickered, and left him there, still bound and gagged, and now teased. Devin’s cock bounced in mid-air, pre-cum leaking, as the phantom sensations of another man’s fingers brought him to the brink over and over.

Nearly twenty more minutes passed before Jecky came back. She had a can of Coke in her hand, which she’d obviously been holding for a while. She cocked an eyebrow at Devin’s shaking, whimpering form. “Jeez, I leave for like two minutes, and you have fun without me.” She snapped her fingers, and Devin was released from the spells. He stumbled back, and would have landed on his butt, if Jecky didn’t raise her hand and catch him with her magic, floating him in the air. She floated him upright, and pat him on the shoulder.

“Okay, champ, calm down,” she said, even as she grinned.

“I hate these Rock Parties!” he hissed, pulling his shorts back on. His cock was so tense, it almost hurt to stuff it back in. He let the waistband rest against the head, keeping his cock upright instead of tenting. “Please, can I go?”

“Absolutely not,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Not unless you don’t want to cum for another month.”

“I’d rather not!” he said.

Jecky shrugged. “Okay, sure. But you’re still staying.”

Devin’s eyes widened. “No! That’s not what I meant!”

“Then next time, say what you mean,” she said. She handed him the can of Coke. “Here. We had less of this stuff than I thought.” She’d also refilled her glass and now took a long sip from it. Devin couldn’t help but notice the press of her lips to the glass, and his cock throbbed. She sensed that attention and smiled, winking at him. She made an air kiss at him, and he shuddered as he felt a hot, wet tongue slowly drag down his length.

The can was still cold. He wanted to press it against his balls to try and soothe the ache, but knew it would do no good. Devin opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by another girl who came up from behind Jecky.

“Hey, girl! How you doin’?” A statuesque redhead came up to her and gave her a hug, totally ignoring Devin.

“Oh, you know just chillin’ and groovin’,” said Jecky with a laugh. She waved to the side. “This is Devin.”

“Uh-huh,” said the redhead, not in the least bit interested. “Hey, so, have you talked to Todd yet? He wanted to ask your advice on something.”

Jecky’s eyes brightened. “No, I haven’t! Where is that stud muffin?”

The redhead grinned and pointed towards the far door. Jecky nodded and walked off to greet some guy. The redhead turned to Devin, finally acknowledging his presence. She glanced him up and down, “hmphed”, then snapped her fingers. Devin felt a sudden draft and gasped he realized his clothes had vanished right off his body. “Hey!” he said, instinctively trying to cover himself. “Hey, give those back!”

“They’re back in your apartment,” said the redhead.

“But my keys were in my shorts!”

“Not my problem.”

Devin was about to chase after her, when another couple of girls bumped past him. They giggled at him, then one reached out and tapped the tip of his penis.

Instantly, Devin felt the world freeze, and himself with it. Sound lowered to a barely perceptible base and everyone around him was almost still as a stature. Almost, because, as he watched, he could see slight hints of movement. The girl who had touched him slowly pulled away. As she did, he could feel little tingles begin to cover his penis head. The quick pings of sensation one normally felt were instead like long, tiny little nerve clenches. Her finger was still touching him, but lighter now. He didn’t think to try and count, the tingles were too distracting with how drawn out they were, but it felt like it took nearly a minute for her finger to finally break contact with his penis tip.

The tingles spread quickly down his cock, lighting up his every nerve, the only thing that moved quickly now. Her finger was still hovering a millimeter away from his tip. Then two. Then three. Then four. The further her finger got, the more intense the tingles on his cock. Devin felt himself start to gasp, but this, too was impossibly stretched out. Air hiss with agonizing slowness past his lips, and he felt the muscles in his cock begin to clench. Devin tried to blink, but even this took forever, his lids making a long, leisurely journey over his eye balls.

The girl, whose finger was still an couple inches away, had Time Warped him, slowed his perceptions down so that he interpreted the world at what was probably one-tenth, or maybe even one-twentieth the speed. Realistically, only a couple seconds had actually passed, the girl was withdrawing her hand and she and her friend were walking on. To everyone else, he probably looked like he had just quickly jerked from her touch. But to Devin, the course of a few seconds had already felt like five minutes.

She wasn’t going to leave him like this, was she?! Oh, Jesus, his cock was still slowly clenching, the wave of tingles still drawn out, the sensations grinding him with their creeping, inexorably stronger intensity. And it was just beginning. On and on the sensation went as the world slowly moved on around him, most probably not even aware that every second for them was like a minute for him. This one moment of a simple pleasure zap, something he could just brush off normally, was crushing him as he was forced to savor it for a mini-eternity.

He swore an hour must have gone two, maybe even two, before the tingles faded, his penis finished its reflexive clenching, and sudden, the Time Warp spell kicked off. Devin stumbled forward, crashing to the floor, letting out a half-agonized, half-terrified groan. The two girls laughed as they left, finally walking away at normal speed, and no one else at the party did more than give him a glance. He had probably been under that spell for ten seconds, at most.

Naked and shivering on his hands and knees, he caught his breath, then staggered to his feet, stumbling out the door. His hard on preceded him, eliciting wolf whistles and cat calls and more than a few more pleasure zaps from god knew who. He reached the elevator and collapsed into it.

Halfway down to his floor, a middle aged woman, fully dressed in a gym clothes and sneakers came in, glancing at him with an annoyed, almost exasperated look. Devin didn’t stand up, but shuffled himself into the corner. She shook her head derisively, though he could only guess at what. His being naked? How pathetic he was? How loud his cock and balls must have been humming in her mind?

And then suddenly, she was standing right in front of him, facing away from him so her ass was in his face. She pulled her leg up and slightly back, so the rough bottom of her sneaker pressed against the length of his teased cock. Devin grunted and tried to move, only to feel her power push his hands back when he tried to move her leg.

“Hump it, doggy,” she said. Even though he couldn’t see her face, he could hear the snear in her voice. “I could use the energy.”

Devin felt the compulsion seize him, and he bucked against the sole of her shoe. The women let out a contented sigh, no doubt soaking in the energy of his sexual desperation. Energy which no doubt healed and refreshed after a long workout at the gym, or perhaps giving her a motivating boost just before.

For several intense second, Devin could only think of the rough, dirty rubber grinding against his shaft and balls, then the doors slid open, and she was gone, leaving him humping the air for a few confused seconds. Devin shook his head to clear it and gulped. He was on the ground floor now. He forced himself to get up and hit the button to his floor again.

Reaching his door, he remembered suddenly how that other young woman had teleported his clothes back into his apartment, or so she claimed, tossing his key inside with them. He was locked out. Exhausted from the teasing, he sat outside his door, debating the wisdom of returning to the party to find Jecky, so she could lend him the spare key she kept. Chances are she was already pissed at him for ditching.

Just how pissed became apparent, when moments later, he felt her power seize him, yanking him bodily off the floor, and floating him towards the stairwell. He thought she was going to fly him all the way back to the party, but instead, he was pushed out onto her own floor, and yanked by his cock all the way towards her apartment.

She was holding the door open for him, and she pulled him inside, dumping him on the floor to her living room. She slammed the door and stood there frowning balefully down at him. Devin opened his mouth to speak, but instead shrieked as a burst of magic shot pleasure through his cock, so intense it burned. His penis swelled to maximum possible tension, and an agonizing duality of pain and pleasure threatened to make him black out. But she wouldn’t let him.

“Did I say you could leave, you fucking wuss?”

“Please, I can’t, it’s too much,” said Devin. “Enough already!”

She shook her head, and her power floated him off the floor. The pleasure knife sensation faded, but his cock was still diamond hard. And then, it started vibrating, actually vibrating like an electric dildo.

“Please, no!” whined Devin as he felt himself floated onto the bed, his legs spread eagle. “No more… stop… I’m sorry… I shouldn’t… have left… please … it hurts…!”

Jecky sighed and crawled on top of him. “You are such a whiner, you know that?” He could feel her wet, hot sex slide against his, preparing him for entry. Every touch sent lightning bolts of pleasure through him. Then, she took him inside. Devin felt his world go white as pleasure exploded into agonizing intensity. He knew this trick. She was Roasting him! Pumping pure, uncut pleasure right into his cock through her pussy, sending his nerves into overload, but not letting him pass out.

She road him, slow at first, then speeding up gradually until she was hammering onto his cock, and shrieking in orgasm. Then, she went slow again, gradually built up until she came. Over and over she went, Roasting him the entire time.

When she finally was sated, hours later, the sun was already long up. Magically refreshed, she showered, dressed, went out to face the day. Devin lay there, crying and broken, his penis and testicles in absolute agony, his body no longer frozen, but stiff and shaking.

When he finally was able to gain enough of his wits and sense of his own body back, he tried to leave, only to discover that she’d tied his spare key to his unrelentingly hard cock. He reached down to grab it, only find that he suddenly couldn’t bring his hands within three inches of his genitals; a magic field preventing him from touching himself. He was going to have to go out, completely naked, and ask one of his neighbors to remove the key from his cock.

Would she punish him further if he didn’t wait for her and ask her to do it? He had no desire to ask another guy to do it, but if he asked any of the other women here, what would they do to him in exchange for the little favor?

Defeated, he lay back down on Jecky’s bed and waited. Better the goddess he knew. 


  1. For the love of my boner, please, stop it with the m/m stuff.

  2. I actually really liked Dave. It seems like him and his Mistress have a fun relationship. And I really like seeing that there can be handsome, socially able, and submissive men in the Sex Mage world. It makes the women more believable too- girls just want to have fun, right? It's when a man resists that we see cruelty, and not just from every woman out there wanting to hurt men. Dave from this story reminds me more of the Kat series, and I would love to hear about him and his Mistress at another party!

  3. God I love these stories,these are the women of my dreams. I want to live in this world so bad.