Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Racing (Unfinished)

The tall, skinny redhead, pale skinned and freckled, gulped a little as she looked up at the obstacle course. A huge cobweb of poles, rings, nets, slats, and bullseyes, mounted across thick wooden and stone pillars, spread out before and above her. She took a breath, and leaned forward. Her hair was tied back in a tight pony tail, and her tank top and short shorts did little to abate the heat of the sun.

Just beneath her bare feet, Evan laid naked, frozen stock still and straight. As tall as Hannah, lean but fit, his curly blond hair was cut short. Hannah’s left foot was on his chest, her right foot planted firmly atop his hard, throbbing penis. He had a look of serene calmness, even as Hannah channeled teasing energy through his body, pleasurable tingles and stroking and sucking sensations up and down his penis and testicles. The boy let himself enjoy the sensations, going with the flow. Frozen in place as he was, the magic gripping him from the inside, most boys would still be twitching and gasping in their restraints. Evan had learned an art of self control that let him remain calm, even as Hannah’s sexual magic flooded his physical senses with incredible feelings of lovemaking. Hannah smiled at him, and he opened his eyes just a bit. Hannah winked and blew him a kiss. Evan made a kiss back, though all he could do was twitch his lips a bit, before closing his eyes and letting himself bath in her energies.

Next to the couple, nine others were lined up in place, nine athletic women standing atop nude men in the supine position, one foot on their chest, one foot on their cock. All were leaning forward slightly, invisible energy brimming around them.

A cool breeze blew across the field where the obstacle course had been constructed. To one side, a row of bleachers held spectators and prospectors, as well as the row of women who were each Monitoring the Boy Boarders carefully, to ensure no one tried to cheat. Another moment of anticipation passed, and then the sound of a starting gun went off. With a thought, Hannah lifted herself and Evan in the air, her telekinetic power over the male body enabling her to not only freeze Evan in place, but float him around at will. Around her, the nine other women did the same with their boys. Half a heartbeat later, all ten couples were rocketing towards the obstacle course.

Hannah focused on the set of rings lowest to the ground, large metal hoops big enough for two to enter, curved into a winding path that rose higher off the ground as it went. Three girls beat her to it, but she was able to just zip in ahead of a fourth competitor. Hannah crouched her body down to shoot herself and Evan through the large rings, banking to the left, then the right, passing through  tunnel of thirty. An easy move, but as soon as the ring tunnel ended, she had to immediately dive down along a sheer wall, skating along the edge just close enough that Evan’s bare butt almost brushed around it.

Several feet of wall ended just four feet from the ground, and Hannah had to flatten her body against her boy for a second as she turned sharply under the wall, then got back on her feet as she shot up along it’s opposite side. The wall stretched high into the air, 200 meters easily, and she poured on the speed as she went, passing one of the three couples ahead of her.

As she neared the end of the wall, she shot into the open sky, wheeled her boy around, and dove towards another tunnel of rings, this one winding in a steep dive, then shooting back up, before leveling out in a wide path around the whole of the course. The initial curves were tight and the rings narrowed gradually. She felt her ponytail slap the edge of the rings as she reached the level part, and she had to crouch fully against her boy. She could only crouch for a moment, however, as she had to stay on her feet as much as possible.

Then, the rings became jagged, misaligned by three to five feet from ring to ring, forcing her to zig-zag up and down and side to side to go through each one. As she caught up to the second girl ahead of her, the other couple didn’t quite make it through one set, her boy’s shoulder catching on the edge. The two spilled through the ring, falling out of the air for a moment. Hannah concentrated and deftly shot through the ring, ignoring the couple. Even at such speed, the magic toughened the body enough that the boy would be fine. The girl was already catching him with her own magic, and catching herself on his body, flying around to try that ring again. Unfortunately, four other couples made it through before she could try again, leaving her way behind.

That was the way of the race. One slip up could knock you from first place to last in the blink of an eye. Hannah made sure she remained calm, even as the ring tunnel terminated in a five-way looping weave between a set of rings formed into a tight circle. She barely managed to do the sequence right, and ahead of her, the girl in first place made a crucial error, skipping one of the loops as she wove back and forth through the circle. The girl jerked away from the circle, shaking her head and letting out a curse as she realized her mistake, and had to start the circle sequence again.

Hannah, however, completed it perfectly, and allowed herself a small whoop of success, shooting away from the ring circle like a bullet. Coming to the next part, she saw a crazy array of padded bullseyes, just like an archery course, arranged in a three-dimensional, roughly oval spread. A split second glance showed the gradual sequence of colors, shifting from red to blue, noting the sequence she was supposed to strike them. She shot for one target, a two-foot wide pad, flipped herself over and planted her hands on it, shoving away toward the next target. She repeated the move with every pad, slapping them with her hands and propelling herself to the next. Thirty in all, and she had to hit them in exactly the right order, or do the whole thing over again. She was twenty targets in, when the section was filled with four other couples. One girl shot around them all, bouncing between the targets like a superball, and surpassing Hannah with frightening ease. She was back down to second. Hannah slapped her last line of targets, another girl catching up right behind her, and the two shot out of the target zone, parallel to each other.

The competitors spared a glance. The other girl and her boy were dark skinned, both with long black hair, and brown eyes; Isa and Paulo if Hannah remembered correctly. Isa offered Hannah a small smile, which Hannah returned, and the two leaned forward, twin human rockets bolting towards a series of poles jutting out from pillars. Both girls reached them at the same time, and had to work around one another; one could not attack another competitor, and that meant running into or shoving each other out of the way. Hannah and Isa each grabbed the first pole, whipped around it, and let go, launching themselves at the next in sequence.

Firm poles, those anchored between two pillars, were supposed to be grabbed, spun around using your arm as a pivot. Loose poles, those anchored on one pillar and jutting into the air, were not to be touched, but were arrayed in such a way as to requiring weaving around them in tight turns and whirls. One firm pole spin, followed by a set of five loose poles, then a firm, then more loose, etc.

Hannah staved off dizziness by sending a small burst of magic through Evan’s cock, teasing his nerves. She felt his cock flex beneath her foot, and felt the energy of his lust, his male need, surge through her, the healing effects of the magic keeping her focused and balanced. The magic not only enabled her to fly this insane course, but withstand the constant whipping and whirling without losing her lunch.

Unfortunately, Isa was just a bit more agile than her and pulled ahead as Hannah wove through the last set of loose poles. Hannah frowned, but didn’t let herself get discouraged as she nose dived towards the next part, a series of slats and panels low to the ground. There was no way she could pass through them on top of Evan, even if she went as flat as possible. This was the trickiest part for her, the Jumper sequences. As she leveled out just two inches from the ground, the first panel, laid flat with only half a meter of clearance, barred the way. Hannah tensed, then leaped off of Evan. Her power pushed him forward, and pressed his penis flat against his stomach so it wouldn’t hit the panel as he shot under it. Hannah herself, however, had to allow the momentum of her leap to do the work. She couldn’t use her magic to float her own body in this competition. She was going fast enough, however, that the panel, three meters in length, was cleared in a second, and her feet reconnected to Evan once she cleared it. She’d almost pushed him too fast, so that he’d ended up past the panel before her, but she’d managed to catch and realign herself in just a moment.

Suddenly, another of the competitors shot past her, only to jolt, and curse, and immediately fly back to try the jump again, even as two more girls caught up. She must have tried to fly herself part of the way, and was called on it by the Monitors. Hannah smirked as she pressed her advantage, doing several more panel jumps.

Up ahead, shooting through one more tight ring tunnel, the girl who’d been holding first place clipped one of the rings and spilled to the side, having to redo the sequences. Isa and Hannah zipped past her, just inches away from each other. Hannah’s only chance to win was to somehow shoot ahead, cutting her off to reach through a rings before she did. But the girl was just too damn fast! Hannah was close enough to reach down and touch the feet of her boy, but couldn’t gain as she was forced to navigate the rings.

And then the final ring was in place, a rectangular one too flat for a girl standing on a boy to make it through. Isa tried to flatten herself on her boy as much as possible and tilted slightly. The two barely made it through, clipping the sides and tumbling through the air, forcing Isa to catch herself and Paulo before heading for the white and black checkerboard strip on the ground below that marked the finish line.

Hannah, however, released her feet from Evan, let him shoot past her, then as she fell, reached forward and snagged his ankle. The two threaded through the tight rectangle ring like a long needle, just barely missing the edges. Once through, Hannah immediately pulled herself forward, planting her feet on Evan, and shooting past the dark haired couple as they were rebalancing themselves.

Hannah shot down twenty meters in a steep angle, then leveled out barely three centimeters off the ground, and shot across the finish line. Just as she reached it, Isa caught up to her, and both crossed the line at the same time. Slowing rapidly and veering off to the side, they came to rest as the remaining eight girls shot past them. When the final girl made it, a whistle was blown.

The girls looked up, towards the people on the bleachers. Above them, a large light up panel showed the time. Hannah/Evan and Isa/Paulo had completed the course in forty-point-three seconds, the others coming in just a few second after. Not quite the official record, but close to it.

Hannah and Isa stepped off their boys, smiled, and shook hands. The two boys, released from their girls’ magic, let out gasps and sagged upon the ground. Their cocks were quivering hard, and they stood up a bit shakily. Such a complicated course required the girls to tease them intensely for maximum energy, to give them the mystic strength and finesse to run the course as fast and precise as possible.

Isa pat Paulo’s shoulder and rubbed his back affectionately, while Hannah gave Evan a kiss. Both girls used a bit of magic to ease the ache in the loins of their boys. But unfortunately, neither boy would be cumming any time soon. For a pro-Boy Boarding team, they needed to be as primed up as possible to provide the girls with the energy they needed.

The ten couples went over to the bleachers to get their assessment.

Boy Boarding had been around almost as long as Sex Magic itself. Within a few weeks of Sex Magic’s appearance, women had already figured out how to use the magic to freeze men in place or make their bodies move how they wished, including floating them through the air.

A group of skater girls in Los Angeles had first figured the trick out while messing around with their powers. One girl tried it out on her boyfriend as a way to tease and humiliate him, and her friends thought it was so funny, they had to try it with their own boyfriends and boytoys! Soon, videos of their stunt were shared on the internet, and the stunt became popular as a Sex Magic prank. Some women even started using the technique as a regular means of making short trips around town!

However, the original group of girls, as well as other skaters and surfers very quickly realized the trick had actual merit as a sport, just as much as skating and surfing competitions. Likewise, plenty of female daredevils and stunt performers found it an exhilarating new challenge.

Within a couple years, amateur Boyboarding Races were being held, and quickly grew in popularity. By the seventh year of Sex Magic, the first official Boy Boarding League was founded in southern California, with the now mostly disused Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum converted into the first professionally designed and constructed obstacle course. Boy Boarding teams from around the United States came to compete, and the turn out was even larger than expected. Soon, similar Leagues were formed in a dozen other countries throughout the Americas, and large stadium conversions were done in Chicago, Montreal, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro, with a European League and the first built-from-scratch stadium being constructed in Marseille, France.

Hannah and Evan were just one couple hoping to qualify for the grand opening race in Marseille. The two were almost giddy as they entered the old apartment building that had been converted into a dorm for the competitors. The place was composed only of studio rooms and one-bedroom apartments, but it was more than enough for the hopeful couple. Some rooms were already being emptied as some couples didn’t make the cut. Hannah and Evan exchanged a few pleasantries with some, ignored jealous glares from others, but did their best to not rub in their victory. Of all the sets of competitors, they had come in fifth place overall out of two hundred hopefuls. There were still more competitions to come to whittle the sets down to a solid ten for the big Marseille game, but they were well ahead of the curve so far.

“We’re gunna do it!” said Hannah as they burst into their studio room, grinning from ear to ear. “We’re going to make the internationals!”

Evan grinned and hugged her tightly. “I knew you could do it!”

“Hey, we did it, silly boy,” she said, hugging him back tightly and kissing him deeply. As she did, magic welled up around them and Evan’s cock throbbed. The boy let out a soft moan and his hips twitched for a moment. Hannah pulled away from him, smiling apologetically. “Sorry!”

“N-no problem,” Evan breathed, calming himself.

She squeezed his shoulder affectionately. “I know it’s tough, Evan. I’m really sorry.”

He smiled and pulled her into another kiss, letting his cock throb against her. “I know,” he said. “You really don’t have to keep saying it.” He couldn’t help but push his hips against hers, and as they kissed, he pushed her back against the wall. Evan slid his hand down her tight shorts and pressed his fingers against her sex, already hot and moistening. “Oh, Evan…” she breathed and held him tightly. She let out a soft moan as his fingers entered her, his strong hands exploring her in exactly the way that made her knees give out. He pressed himself against her, holding her up against the wall as he rubbed her inside and out with his hand, kissing and nibbling at her neck and earlobe. Soon, she was twitching and gasping against him, clutching him and burying her face into his shoulder as she cried out. His expert fingers on her sex, and the feeling of his own heightened lust, his cock throbbing so hard against her thigh, wound her up to a nearly hair trigger release. She cried out and dug her fingers into him as she came, wetting his whole hand as well as her shorts.

He let her relax against the wall, slowly easing her down before withdrawing. He held up his hand and she gazed at him adoringly, keeping eye contact as she obediently licked and sucked her own juices off his fingers. He then kissed her deeply, and though she tried to hold back, she couldn’t help her magic leaking out a bit from her body, coaxing him to a fierce edging. He bucked and shuddered against her, gripping her even harder than she had him, and she held him against her, keeping the kiss going, until he let out a shrill whimper that signaled his limit. Hannah let him go and he stumbled back, rolling to the side to lean against the wall and catch his breath.

She squeezed his hand affectionately and smiled as he composed himself. “You’re so strong, Evan,” she said. “I love you so much.”

He blushed and grinned and risked one more kiss, a quick peck, before he pulled away and half-limped to the couch to nurse his aching balls. Even though Hannah had made sure to remove even a hint of pain from his blue balls, there was no fully taking away the sense of immense pressure. Tease and denial had always been a fun foreplay for them, but she felt bad wringing him this tightly of energy. She wanted badly to make him explode, to swallow every single drop of cum he could give her. Sadly, they needed every iota of Lust Energy, the ethereal fuel of Sex Magic, born of sheer male sexual desperation that she could squeeze from him. She couldn’t let him pop until they were booted from the competition, or until they had won. Such was the cost of being a professional Boyboard.

She went to get cleaned up, taking a quick shower. She thought about inviting Evan to help out, but she had to give him a break at some point! She came out, dressed only in a towel around her waist, motioning Evan to take his turn. She couldn’t help but chuckle a bit as he took his shower cold, trying to ease down the erection he was still sporting since that morning’s race.

Just as Hannah was about to sit down and turn on the TV, there was a knock on the door. Frowning, she cast out her senses and noticed a very hard cock standing just outside. A quick glance at the boy’s thoughts told her it was Paulo, and next to him was Isa, the couple who had tied with them.

Hannah opened the door, smiling at the dark haired, swarthy-skinned couple. “Hey there!” she said, smiling brightly. “Something I can help you with?”

“Just wanted to congratulate you on your win,” said Isa, giving her a grin.

Hannah laughed. “You too!” They stood there for a moment, and both girls giggled as they sensed Paulo’s cock twitch as he scoped out Hannah’s bare breasts. He was rather entranced for a moment, then made an effort to look away once he realized he was staring.

Isa pat his cheek. “Aw, it’s okay to look,” she said. “As long as she doesn’t mind.”

“Not at all,” said Hannah. “We barely wear anything during the race anyway.”

“Still more than the boys, at least!” said Isa. Hannah noted the two wear fully dressed now, both wearing bagging khaki shorts and loose black tee-shirts. Both wore sandals.

“So, uh…” she said. “We were just hanging out. Did you want to come in, or…?”

“Actually, we were about to go out for an early dinner,” said Isa. “We were wondering if you’d like to join us.”

“Like a double-date?” said Hannah.

“Sure!” said Isa. “Dinner, chat, see a movie if you’re bored.”

“Hmmm,” said Hannah. “I dunno. Should we be fraternizing with the competition? I don’t think either of us would care to give vital secrets away to the enemy!”

Isa laughed. “No tricks,” she said. “If I’m being honest, I’d just like to explore the city a little and I’d feel more comfortable in a group. Everyone else seems stuck with their groups. Plus, I think we’re the only people from across the Atlantic like us.”

Hannah nodded. Almost every single couple here was from the Americas, largely Brazil and the United States, with a smattering of Canadians and Argentineans, and one couple from Jamaica. There were a few other Europeans involved in the tournament, but they were already part of American Leagues, having moved West where the sport had gained the most traction. Most would be moving back to Europe once the European League was finally formed.

Of the up and comers whose career would begin with the Marseille opening, that left Hannah and Evan as the only European citizens, hailing from Ireland. A glance at Paulo’s surface thoughts told her that the couple was from Egypt, making them the only Africans. “Wow,” she said. “Yeah. Hadn’t even noticed that, but now that you mention it. Huh. East side gotta represent!” She paused. “Wait, the East would be Asia. I guess we’d be the West, but America is even more West so…”

“I guess I’m Middle-East,” said Isa. “Does that make you Middle-West?”

They laughed, just as Evan was coming out of the shower, still nude. The cold water had soothed his cock a little, but it remained stubbornly hard. With so much sexual tension in the air from all the competitors, combined with three months of blue balls, it was pretty much impossible for Evan, or any of the other well-teased guys, to go soft, even without directly using a Hard spell.

Evan jumped as he noticed the door was open, and the other couple was looking in. Isa took an obvious look at his penis and smiled. “Nice,” she said. She gave Hannah a wink. “You lucky girl.”

Hannah smirked. “Look all you want, but no funny business.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t imagine!” said Isa with a mirthful grin. “Penises are always the most serious of business!”

Both girls laughed and Evan’s cock twitched as Hannah’s giggles tickled his arousal. “Evan, this is Isa and Paulo. They want to see if we’d have an early dinner with them.”

“Uh… sure…” said Evan, a little confused.

“Don’t worry,” said Isa. “We won’t bite. Unless your girl lets us!”

Hannah pouted. “Do I have to keep you separated?”

“Hey, if you let me nibble, I’ll let you.”

Paulo’s eyes widened a bit and the bulge in his shorts flexed. Hannah glanced at him, easily seeing his naked body beneath his clothes. She smirked. “Hmmm, not bad at all. We’ll see how the night goes. Anyway, let me get dressed real quick.”

The couple nodded and patiently waited. Hannah put on a light green blouse, tan capris, and opted to stay barefoot. Evan remained naked, which surprised the other couple as they came out. “You’re having him go like that?” said Isa.

“Sure,” she said. “I mean, the guys are naked during the competition, so he’s used to it. And there are tons of naked guys in this country. Doesn’t seem to be a law, but lots of women have made it a house rule or something.”

“Fair enough,” said Isa. She turned and smiled slyly at Paulo. “Wanna give it a shot?”

Paulo swallowed nervously. “Uh, no, that’s okay,” he said. “Competition is one thing, but, ah, I don’t want to just do it casually.”

Isa smiled leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Okay, sweetie.” Hannah sensed the light peck sense a little pleasure jolt to his cock, which made Paulo gasp, but this seemed to be a regular little game with them.

Isa winked at the two. “I try not to beat him up too much,” she said. “He’s had it rough.” She glance around to make sure there were no other competitors in the hallway. “Another reason I came to you guys. I sensed what you were doing a few minutes ago. You don’t get very many couples that are, well, not a bunch of cock-torturing cunts.”

Hannah reached out and pat Evan on the shoulder. “Honestly, I think that’s part of our secret. A Board and Rider need to be perfectly in synch, mentally and magically. If she has to force him to comply, no matter how good she is, she’s never going to keep up to a real couple.”

“Oh, agreed, agreed,” said Isa with a smile. “So! Shall we be off?”

The two couples linked arms and headed out for an afternoon on the town.

Taking an hour or two to wind around the streets of Rio and pick out a place, the couple settled on a pizzeria. The girls noted with amusement that the waiters were dressed only in shoes and thongs, and several male customers were as naked as Evan.

After they orders, they settled into the obvious big topic:

“So how did you two get into the sport?” said Hannah.

“Paulo and I are cousins,” said Isa. Hannah almost choked on her water. Isa and Paulo shared a familiar half-bemused smile. “Yeah, I know. If it’s any consolation, we’re like third-cousins, so it’s not that incestuous.”

“Still pretty gross,” Paulo admitted, and the two laughed. “But it’s not like we’re popping out flipper babies, so, you know, nobodies lynched us yet.”

“Heh, well, I mean, sometimes the Magic helps two people connect who never would have considered it before,” said Hannah. “The important thing is if they’re happy.”

Paulo clasped Isa’s hand and kissed it. “We are,” he said. She actually blushed a little, and kissed his hand back.

“That’s great,” said Evan, sincerely. “Really great. And hey, third-cousin can’t be as bad as sisters, huh?” he chuckled.

Paulo rolled his eyes and sighed. “Great God, tell me about it.” He actually shuddered, and Hannah almost choked on her water again as a rather salacious memory came into his thoughts. She looked at him wide eyed. Evan did the same, knowing his lover well enough to tell when she’d just sensed something particularly shocking.

Isa smiled, still holding Paulo’s hand. She, of course, knew what Hannah had seen. “Yeah,” she said. “Our family is pretty huge, Paulo’s side in particular. Seven siblings, all of them sisters. Five of them older.”

Paulo shuddered again. “God, it was hell. It was bad enough with Mom, but she and my older sister at least tried to respect my privacy. But once the others got their powers, just one after the other, it was too much to reign in. They were all experimenting and teaching each other things and accidentally broadcasting signals. My third-oldest sister was a real bitch, too, we never got along, and my fourth-oldest sister was just a brat. When the others weren’t around, they’d kidnap me and practice all sorts of things on me, and they convinced my three youngest sisters to sit in and try to learn stuff before hand. My two oldest sisters and my Mom tried to reign them all in, but the oldest two moved out pretty soon after they got their powers and my Mom just gave up trying to control five horny girls. And then my younger siblings all got the magic in the same month; the twins were both early bloomers, and good lord.”

Isa pat his hand. “There was a huge family get together that year around the holidays,” she said. “Paulo and I had always gotten along, so I went to go find him. I found him magically hogtied in the basement with his bratty younger sisters and some of our other cousins driving him out of his mind. Fortunately, I had my own magic by then, and I pulled him out of it, and demanded my folks take him in.”

“Jesus,” said Evan. Even as he said that though, he couldn’t help but imagine being at the mercy of several girls he couldn’t escape from, constantly antagonizing his dick. It was both scary and yet, some part of his mind was almost jealous. Hannah smiled sympathetically and winked at him, while Isa smirked.

Paulo laughed at his expression, knowing what he was thinking. “I know, it sounds hot and fun in the moment, but trust me, that was truly a living hell.”

“One you sometimes still have nightmares about,” said Isa, patting his head. “Of course, people don’t usually furiously try to jack off after a nightmare.”

Paulo laughed a little embarrassed. “I can’t help it,” he said. “Living like that fucked with my head. Least I can make my own fun out of it now.”

Isa kissed his hand again, and he let out another small gasp from a pleasure jolt. “You’ll be dreaming about the basement again tonight, I assure you.”

Hannah’s brow furrowed as she saw the memory of “the basement” bloom in his head, and read in his thoughts that it was a fantasy scenario Isa would sometimes make him dream about to really rile him up before a big race. Hannah almost flushed at how lascivious the various iterations of the dream could be.

Isa knew she was sensing it, and decided to shift the topic before her new friends got too weirded out. “So, anyway, I rescued the poor guy. After a few months, we’d been hanging out all the time, just being friends, but I’d help him out during his little Hard Attacks at night or if he was being teased. Mom and Dad joked we were already like a tight couple, and they didn’t mind, so we made it official. We moved out together soon after.

“Then, we saw the videos online of Boyboarding. We’d never been skaters or anything, but we thought we’d give it a try. Started doing it just for another activity to do together, and before we knew it, we were just trying crazier and crazier stunts. We were running an obstacle course we put together ourselves, when a guy show up with an offer to join a league. He was looking for talent, and I guess some people had put videos of us on the internet. And, well, we worked at it until here we are.” She and Paulo smiled at each other once more.

“So how about you guys?” said Paulo.

The Irish couple shrugged. “Friends since we were babies,” said Evan. “Our families were always close, so we hung out all the time. Honestly I think they were practically planning on us becoming a couple. She got into skateboarding, I got into bike stunts. Then Sex Magic happened, and Boyboarding vids were going around, and Hannah was ecstatic to try it. As soon as she got the Magic, that was practically the first trick she learned.”

“First thing after the basics, at least,” Hannah said with a laugh. “I was flying him all over town for the first three months.” She clasped Evan’s hand. “Of course, we’d already been intimate before I got the magic.”

“Wow,” said Isa. “In my country, it’s practically law that a woman never has sex until she gets her magic. How long were you two at it?”

The two just smiled, and Isa caught the answer of Evan’s mind. “Oh wow,” she said. “I’m amazed your parents allowed it!”

Hannah shrugged. “We had cool parents. They trusted us. They even sat us down and gave us the talk together.”

“Our Moms also made sure there wasn’t a risk of pregnancy,” said Evan, a little red-faced at the memory. Even for such an open and understanding family, even in a world of Sex Mages, having to talk sex with your own mother was a little much.

Isa got a glimpse of his memory of this little arrangement, and was almost surprised that all it ended up being was a simple condition: Evan simply couldn’t orgasm if he was inside Hannah’s vagina. Everything else was fair game, and the couple had been careful to make sure there weren’t any accidental drips. This condition was lifted as soon as Hannah got the magic and her own power could prevent it.

Hannah pat his hand. “Yeah, I’ve been blue balling this poor guy for ages.” The couple chuckled. “But never as long as this before. I feel so bad!”

Evan cupped her cheek and kissed her. “I keep telling you not to. I want to. I know we need the edge, so to speak.”

Isa chuckled. “Aw, you two are so adorable!”

“Yeah, not like some of those other couples,” said Paulo. “I dunno about some of them. Get a bad vibe off a few.”

“I like to think that’s why we’re so good,” said Hannah. “Evan takes everything I do to him and gives me his full support, without any resentment. It’s why I can do so well with him.”

“Honestly, that’s what makes a champ,” said Isa. “People worry that men are forced into slavery for these competitions, but you just can’t make the pro levels if Rider and Board aren’t completely in synch. At that intimate of a connection, even a stray bit of resentment from the guy can throw off the Rider’s concentration, even if just for a tenth of a second, and cost them the whole race.”

“Yeah,” said Hannah, winking at Evan. “True love makes the winners.”

The four laughed at the sappy sentiment, just as their food arrived.

The group finished their meal and returned to the apartments, where they found letters had been left under their doors. A meeting was to take place for the fifty remaining pairs. It was also recommended that each couple have a powerhouse round of sex that night.

Hannah looked up to Evan, who gulped a bit. His cock had barely gotten soft while they were out, eagerly erecting at every opportunity, and his balls were swollen taught. They’d both been hoping he could cool down for the night. It’s not like he was going to be any more primed up than he could be. Hannah smiled warmly at him and kissed him. “We don’t have to,” she said.

“If we need to…” he started.

“Hey,” she said. “We don’t.”

She reached forward and hugged him, and his cock throbbed against her. She pulled away just a bit, leaned her head on his shoulder, and reached down to grasp him. A touch of magic soothed away the ache in his loins, even as she felt that bit of euphoria just from grasping his rock hard cock.

She softly squeezed him. Already, her sexual senses were detecting other couples getting freaky. Fifty teams were left, which meant nineteen other exceptionally teased penises humming loudly in her mind. She easily picked out Isa among the group, stripping herself and Paulo slowly, kissing him up and down, before getting on her knees and sucking him ravenously. Paulo was already whimpering a shaking, yet he held Isa’s head and guided her motions, thrusting into her mouth in the way pleased him best. Knowing he couldn’t cum, Isa did the next best thing and gave him complete control.

Every other couple, however, was a different story. Each of the Riders eagerly pinned their Boards helplessly to the floor, or the wall, or the bed, or suspended them spread-eagle in mid-air, and unloaded teasing pleasure spells on their desperate cocks. Some women rode them, some rode their boy’s face, others just sat watching the show, laughing and taunting the helpless boys.

Hannah sensed the boys were at least consenting to the treatment, but more than a few were painfully overwhelmed. She tried not to think about how amazing their desperation felt, ambient energy soaking right through the walls. Still, even the horniest of the competitors didn’t hold a candle to the feeling she got just holding Evan in her arms.

Still, much as she didn’t want to make him suffer, even for all he was willing for her sake, she also knew it probably would be smart to charge themselves up tonight. There was no need to be brutal about it. “Maybe we can play a game?” she offered. She gave his cock another affectionate squeeze.

“Like what?” Evan said softly, slightly dazed from her touch.

“Hmmm…” she fetched her laptop from her bag and turned it on, synching it to the building’s wi-fi. “Let’s see, there’s a few sexy nude sites that have a shuffle feature. We can play that stroking game we came up with before the magic.”

Evan remembered. Get a mixture of nude, clothed, and partly nude images and set them to shuffle. You were to masturbate to the imagines, but the woman’s state of undress determined how. Fully clothed meant hands off. Top off, pants and bra on, one finger caress along the shaft. Exposed breasts, light stroking. Just underwear or fully nude with genitals covered, firmer stroking. Slow if bra was still on, faster if breasts were exposed. Vagina exposed by top on was light but fast. Fully nude exposed was firm and fast. Evan was only allowed to cum during fully nude images, but the slideshow as usually fast enough that depending on what he was doing before, he usually didn’t make it unless there were several in a row; they were always the rarest in the gallery, of course.

“Alright, give me seven sexy girls,” said Hannah, finding the gallery site. You could link several galleries together for jumbled slide shows.

“You and six clones of you,” said Evan with a sly grin.

“Aw,” she said and kissed him. “Fine. Me and six clones, but we can shape shift to look like anyone.”

“You in various states of undress,” he said.

She blushed, but stuck out her tongue. “You fool. Pick seven, or I’ll suck you to death!”

“Oh, fine,” he said. He looked at the gallery options and picked them. Two hundred images between them, more than enough to make things interesting. The couple snuggled together, held hands, and watched the slideshow. Evan stroked, while Hannah rubbed herself. They spent the next couple hours in the heady euphoria of masturbation, the magic flowing between them, Hannah synchronizing their pleasure. Evan, of course, could only edge, but Hannah edged herself voluntarily to make things fair, until the very end. Then Evan, unbidden, whirled and dove between her legs, licking her ravenously until she shrieked in climax, unable to stop herself. Her pleasure ripped through him in a feedback of energy that edged him so hard he blacked out. Hannah curled up around him, floated the two of them to the bed, where they slept until dawn.

The finalist teams were gathered at the edges of the practice arena where they had competed yesterday. The Monitors were all there, and Hannah nodded to Jeri, the cute, mocha-skinned young woman who had been her watcher yesterday. The girl gave her cheerful wave and a wink. Hannah felt Jeri’s thoughts gently caress her mind, and she opened her natural defenses to let her in. Jeri sent her a psychic kiss to the cheek, and did the same to Evan. Hannah sent the same signal back, and Jeri nodded in approval. It was a show of trust between the Monitors and the Riders. Women opening themselves to each other was not very common beyond the closest of friends or lovers, but it had to be done to ensure all the competitors were on the level. That meant learning to allow yourself to be open the Monitors and trust that there would be no attempts at undue influence during or between games. Jeri seemed nice enough, at least.

Hannah could tell some of the other competitors didn’t like it though. Subtle exchanges of looks, slight frowns or glances, brief stiffening of posture. Only a couple others, including Isa seemed utterly at ease with the idea, actually blowing at kiss at her monitor, a statuesque woman with neon-red hair who grinned back.

Isa and Paulo, who was now naked like the other guys, came up to Hannah and Evan, exchanging smiles and greetings. Before they could say more, though, five sets of Riders on their Boards suddenly flew into the arena, weaving around each other like furious hornets in a crazed ballet, barely missing one another as they spiraled down towards the group. The competitors assembled almost started to move back as the group careened through the air towards them. But before they could slam into the group, the pairs broke up and dropped like rocks to the ground, coming to a dead stop barely a quarter inch before their Boards would hit the ground.

Each of the competitors had seen this before, had practiced such tight turning and spinning and weaving moves before, but to see it in person, up close, was something else. Hannah and Isa had never had the opportunity, though plenty of the other pairs from the Americas had had the pleasure at the various arenas throughout the West.

The women stepped off their men, who smoothly got off the ground, as though unaffected at all by the blue balls they were clearly sporting. Hard as steel, their cocks pointed upwards, they maintained a relaxed expression, and moved so in synch with their Riders, it was almost creepy.

The middle Rider, a tall French woman with golden eyes and silver hair, stepped forward, her man smoothly matching her step. This pair was Cynthy and Markus, winners of the first official Boyboarding Race, held in Los Angeles, USA.

With a broad smile, she said, “Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on making it this far. Each of you have proven you have the potential to race for the big leagues. Whether you stay with one of the American Leagues or join us in the European League, some of you are destined to help bring Boyboard Racing into even further prominence, and find glory in the arena.”

Her face became stern. “Not all of you will make it, however. Do not let this dissuade you. But in order to achieve the next step up, there is something you must do. You must open yourself to your partner beyond how you’ve done so thus far. It is not enough to simply learn how to synchronize the boy’s body to your mind. You must link your mind to his, to become as one mind in two bodies. To ensure there is no conflict between you, for even a moment.”

Cynthy rose her hand and snapped her fingers. The four men around her dropped themselves to the ground, while their Riders smoothly stepped onto them, almost faster than the competitors could follow. The moment their feet were on their men, the four pairs shot towards the obstacle course so fast, then briefly vanished. In that instant, four loud bangs sounded as they broke the sound barrier.

The assembled group looked up in awe as the pairs slowed down just enough for the observers to follow them, weaving and dodging through the course. The four performed only the barest or turns and ducks and jumps, skimming the edges of the rings and poles and walls without hitting them, slicing through the air like greased lightning.

Then, with the course completed in a matter of second, the four shot back to their starting places with another bullet-speed rush, vanishing and reappearing with four simultaneous bangs that had the assembled group reeling.

"See girls and boys?" said Cynthy. "This is a deeper connection than just you taking control of the boy’s body. This is the two of you doing the work together. You don't just manipulate his nerves. You tap into his own instincts, his own awareness. Men have a better spatial awareness than women, if slightly. This isn't an intelligence thing, this is evolution. Any girl whose Boarded their boy this much should already be well able to link to his mind. You've probably even projected your thoughts into his mind, so he can read you like you read him. That's a start. This is more."

Cynthy pulled several small rubber balls out of her pockets and tossed them beyond her. Markus spun behind her and caught all of them, six in total, with a perfect catch. “Something a little less extreme,” she said. She and Markus didn't even share a glance, but Markus strode ten paces behind her, and started throwing the rubber balls towards her. Without looking, Cynthy was able to catch each ball and toss it back in a perfect arc for him to catch. The two juggled the balls while Cynthy continued to speak without missing a beat.

"See the world as he sees it. See through his eyes, literally and figuratively. Hear through his ears. Rider and Board become as one not just in physical contact but in mental connection."

Markus started rebounding the balls off the ground, and Cynthy followed suit, bouncing them off the sides of benches and the wall nearby. With unnatural precision, they landed the throws right into one another’s palms and in the same motion served them back. The bounces became ever more complex, but at no point did either of them even have to compensate for a slightly imperfect shot.

Then Markus grabbed all the balls, set them down, and went to a bag. Cynthy never looked at him, but didn't have to. She knew what he was doing. Markus pulled out a cloth strap, some earplugs, and some soundproof headphones. He applied these to his Rider, blinding and deafening her. A second strap also gagged her.

Then they resumed the juggle, Markus still standing behind her several feet away, now bouncing the balls so they rebounded two or three times off something before reaching Cythny. This time, Cynthy had to stretch, lunge, and pivot to catch them, but this was not due to clumsiness, rather this was to make the juggle even more complex. They rebounded the balls off the benches nearby, of their four other pair of pro-level boarders, who winged them back in erratic patterns, off the pair of camera drones that were observing the whole thing.

And then they started throwing faster. Faster and faster, until the little rubber balls were whizzing through the air in a blur. For nearly half a minute, the duo juggled with Cynthy watching everything through the senses of her partner. Then, the edge of one of the benches they were using broke off, screwing up the shot. Cynthy cartwheeled to the side and caught the ball unerringly. She smiled, and looked up at the girls, pulling up one side of the blindfold and pulling out the gag. "And that's how it's done," she said with a grin.

The other girls clapped, impressed.

"Jeez," said Hannah, clasping Evan’s hand. "Now I feel almost amateur."

"Hey, you're already champ-level," said Cynthy. "This is just what it takes to reach the gold." She smirked at the assembled group. “And with that little bit of extra pressure, let’s see how you measure up today!”

Thirty more teams washed out, with Hannah/Evan ranking at eleventh overall this time. Isa/Paulo made it to ninth place. Either a few girls were already able to take Cynthy’s demonstration to heart, or the pairs had psyched themselves out a bit with the intimidation of seeing such talent put their own demonstrations to shame.

Evan pat Hannah’s shoulder as they got back to their apartment. “It’s okay,” he said. “We’re gunna make it.”

“We dropped six places!” Hannah fretted. “If we come in eleventh place tomorrow, we’re booted!”

Evan sighed, hesitated, then said. “I know we only have a night to practice it,” he said. “But let’s try what Cynthy said. Let’s try and do that mind synch trick.”

Hannah frowned. “I’m not sure that’d be smart,” she said. “I want to, but if we try it and it throws us off, trying to re-adjust to it, we’ll lose for sure tomorrow.”

Evan seized her by the shoulders and kissed her, clutching her tightly. He fought through the jolt of magic as her body responded. “All or nothing, Hannah,” he said when he broke the kiss. “If we don’t try it and lose tomorrow, we’ll spend the whole next year wishing we’d given it a shot.”

Hannah cupped his face. “Right now?”

Evan nodded and his cock throbbed between them. “Right now. All night if that’s what it takes.”

Hannah kissed him deeply. “Okay,” she said. “Here we go.”

She reached down and clasped his cock, then let her magic flow. She let it thread through his body and tickle his nerves the way it always did when she was Riding him. But this time, instead of letting her consciousness take control of his nerves, she let her mind slip into his. She saw the rush of sexual memories and fantasies, things she’d sensed without trying thousands of times. She saw his deeper thoughts, ideas and emotions she was already well familiar with, could easily read since they had been intimate for years. But there was more here, in his mind. Primitive drives and internal mechanisms, the very threads and gears of his mind that she’d never bothered to fully immerse herself. She had taken control of his body many, many times, had read his mind almost as much. She had opened herself up to him, letting him know her to a degree most men in the world never got the chance with their partner.

But she had never considered something akin to pushing her mind fully into his body, or vice versa. Her mind hovered at the cusp of this new concept. The magic showed her to the way, and she realized with surprise how easy it was. Evan’s essence was like an open cloak, coaxing her to wrap it around herself. She knew it was only so easy because of how close they already were. Beginning the process would be simple, she realized. Enduring it, however, would be another matter.

Taking a breath, she slid her mind deep inside his, and let her psyche disperse into his. The pair jerked mightily, their bodies seizing up, then relaxing as they entered a state of bizarre trance.

She opened his eyes and gasped. She could see as he saw, hear as he heard. And she could feel that terrible ache between her legs. The desperation that made her and every woman around feel so, so good, even as they sensed how much it hurt the men around them, the psychic energy of their need was like raw happiness being shot into her brain. For all the Sex Magic allowed women to read men’s minds, so rarely did it seem to let them empathize. As Hannah connected deeper than she had before, opening her body to feel as he felt, she let out a wail at just how badly a supernaturally enhanced set of blue balls truly felt. She curled into a ball against him and trembled, tears brimming in her eyes.

“Oh, god, oh Evan, how can you stand it?” she choked out. Never in her life had she felt such an intense, aching pressure. Like the worst menstrual cramps in her life combined with a singularly painful drive to fuck anything that moved, a desire that made her feel horribly hollow with need. Evan just held her tightly against him, petting her hair. “Oh, Evan,” she breathed. “Oh!” She couldn’t stop herself. She lost her control and pushed him onto his back, straddling him. The sympathetic ache between her legs had her drenched between her thighs, and she greedily took him inside her.

She clutched and snarled and bit into his shoulder. Her gripped her fiercely and thrust his hips up into her, losing himself as well. Their pleasure built like a rocket, shooting up in intensity with frightening speed. Their need was so hot it burned, no single orgasm would be enough to put out their inner fire. She was going to drain more cum than humanly possible from him, just to stop the sympathetic ache. She fucked him hard, moving like a piston, synchronizing the bucking of their hips.

She was so lost in the moment, she almost allowed him release, desperate to escape the need he put up with every day. But even as his body wracked with desperate edging convulsions, he controlled himself enough to grab her and give her a deep kiss, threading his thoughts into her mind. He reminded her what had to be done. Almost crying with the intensity, Hannah instead re-enforced his orgasm block, even as an orgasm ripped through her body. It didn’t satisfy at all, just a brief pause in the terrible need Evan shouldered for her. She kept going on him, cumming with such fury, she drenched the bed with her fluids, actually squirting around his cock.

Thirty orgasms later, she had barely scratched the surface of itch she could still feel from him, his need driving her insane. Sobbing, she broke the connection, and the two lay in a boneless sprawl. He lay spread eagle beneath her, she shivered and twitched, curled on top of him. He was still inside her, and their genitals throbbed and pulsed in unison.

“Oh, god,” she said weekly. “Oh, Evan… all this time, and I had no… no idea how bad it truly felt…”

He chuckled softly. “It’s really not… not as bad as you… seem to think… and anyway… I’m used to it…”

She hugged him tightly, kissing him passionately. “You’re so fucking strong,” she said.

He brushed away her tears. “You’re so fucking amazing,” he said. “I’d feel this way forever, for your sake.”

The two held each other the rest of the night, softly kissing and caressing, still connected at the groin, soothing and loving each other.


  1. A weird sport in my opinion, but nice interactions between the leading characters. Maybe I weigh characters a bit more than plot in these stories.

  2. Also like the theme of them having to bond that closely and understand each other that well in order to win.

    1. Some readers really wish I'd change the magic so that "being nice" gives the women more power and forces them to treat guys nicely. I always felt that was very much counter to the entire theme of Sex Magic, and actually makes things worse from a moral stand point.

      To me, Sex Mage women who act good just because it brings them more power aren't good, they're just opportunistic. Being a hero is easy when doing so benefits you without trying. How much more genuinely heroic, then, are characters like Hikaru and Hope and Devika, who act good despite all the temptation and ease to do otherwise?

      That said, this is one instance where having genuine love, trust, and cooperation is actually a requirement to success, and in such a way that the women cannot just force it. The emotions have to be genuine. So, there you go. Even in a cruel world of Sex Magic, there are still some scenarios where true love wins the day! :P