Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mom's Rule

My son moved back in with me 7 months ago after his girlfriend dumped him. I don’t mind helping him out while he tries to get back on his feet, but he hasn’t had a job in 3 years, and his girlfriend controlled all his funds. So, he isn’t even able to pay rent. I told him that since he’s an adult, he still has to contribute to the household in some way. Doing chores is nice, but as my son, he should be doing that anyway if he’s living with me, so he has to pay me in some other ways.

However, I noticed right away when he moved in how horny he was. After the first night he spent tossing and turning in his old bedroom, I woke up so refreshed! After his father left me, I’d almost forgotten how amazing it felt to have a denied man around the house! His girlfriend had very strictly controlled his orgasms, allowing him release only twice a month, via prostate milking only. He had hoped that as his mother, I would pity him, release his orgasm block and anti-masturbation spell, and allow him regular release. But as I said, he is an adult, and I’m not going to be one of those sucker moms who just allow their sons to mooch off them for life.

So, I laid down a hard rule: he would never cum as long as he lived with me. I told him this is absolutely non-negotiable, so don’t even bother begging me. Not only would his building frustration give me plenty of refreshing, healing energy, but I figured his worsening blue balls would motivate him to get his shit together and really try to get a job or find a new girlfriend to take care of him. Well, he hasn’t managed either in the 7 months, and I guess his balls finally reached critical blueness.

Last night, my son finally broke down and begged me for an orgasm. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when he came in, looking very ashamed. He got right down on his hands and knees and looked at me with such puppy dog eyes. His penis was SO hard! I just smiled and told him no, and looked like he was about to cry! He prostrated himself, forehead to the floor, and even kissed my foot, begging me. I sighed and told him no again. I told him if he kept it up, he was going to regret it.

I guess his balls were so full, he didn’t care what I said, he kept on begging. I did feel some pity for him, any mother would, but I also knew giving in would just enable him to get comfortable staying with me. You have to stay strong and firm on your word, or they’ll just take advantage of your pity.

It helps, of course, that the Lust Energy was just coming off of him in waves. His girlfriend had always made him kiss and beg for his releases, and now, doing this to me, even though I’m his mother, was driving him out of his mind, and making his dick so hard it hurt. And I hadn’t wasn’t even using magic on him yet.

I warned him one more time to stop. He actually started crying! And he kissed my feet again and told me he’d do absolutely anything I asked if I just let him cum, just once. I sighed again and “tsk, tsk”-ed him and told him was obviously lying, because I had just told him to stop begging, and he was still doing it. And now, I was going to punish him for being a bad little boy. Just saying that actually made him cry out in pain from the ache of his balls.

I reminded him that he was not allowed to cum or masturbate or have sex, and that was that. But I would relent in one way, by giving him a bit of pleasure. I told him that the true pleasure he should be seeking is in pleasing Mommy. And Mommy is happy to share a bit of her pleasure with him. You see, the Lust was coming off him so strongly right now it was actually getting me horny. As he kneeled and begged and shivered in sexual heat, I was growing wet. My panties were already soaked. I lightly pushed him back with my foot against his shoulder, and reached up under my skirt to slide my panties off.

He tried to back away, but I used my magic to seize his body, keeping him kneeling and facing me. I gently pressed my wet panties against his face. If he thought he was wound up before, just taking in the scent of my excitement tipped his fragile male mind and body over the edge. He let out a mewling groan, the most pathetic whimper I’d ever heard from a man (even his father), and his penis started clenching in an attempt to orgasm! He failed to release, of course, his whole body shuddering as my mere scent overwhelmed him.

I used my power to make him roll onto his back, then I used the foot he was just kissing to hold my panties against his face, covering his eyes in the process. Even with my magic holding him down, he was squirming and gasping. Then, I pulled up my skirt, and began touching myself. Right there, with my helpless son beneath my foot, sucking in the scent of my pussy with every breath, I played with myself. As I did, I let the building tension of my own pleasure wash over him.

He was openly sobbing now, making cute little high-pitched whimpers, and writhing so sexily. His poor, delicate male body was filled with so much sexual tension, his penis was so hard it was actually vibrating with tension, and must have hurt like a knife being twisted between his legs. I used a bit of magic to soothe away the actual pain, but the sheer tension and pressure drove him out of his mind. He needed to be touched. If something didn’t touch his penis right then and there, he was going to die.

Of course, he didn’t. But it was so hot, feeling his arms fight my spells to try and touch himself, hearing his thoughts as he begged in incoherent babble for me to touch him and let him cum, and the agonized desperation when I refused. I didn’t even cast any pleasure or tease spells on his dick. I just let it grow harder than it had ever been and let this alone destroy him, as my fragrance of my panties boiled away his thoughts.

I masturbated for about half an hour, leisurely building myself up, even teasing myself a little, before I had an orgasm so strong, totally drenched the couch cushion, and my skirt. The shockwave of my climax sent a wave of tension through him so immense, that even Sex Magic couldn’t keep him conscious. I was done punishing him anyway, though, so I allowed him the relief of blacking out. Truthfully, I almost blacked out, that’s how strong my orgasm was.

When he woke up a few minutes later, I’d left to run some errands. I left a note on his chest to clean the cushion before I got back. I considered it his mess, for making me do it to punish him. And I’d do even worse if it wasn’t clean by the time I got back. He barely managed to finish the job, just as I was coming in the door. I decided it was good enough and spared him. I think he’s learned his lesson about beginning his Mommy for pity cums.

Since that day, I’ve left him a fresh pair of my panties on his bed every week. Smelling my scent is the only way he’s permitted to “masturbate.” Even though it makes him ache that much worse, I sense him giving in and doing it at least two or three times a week. Whenever possible, I enjoy another wonderful masturbation session as I sense him throbbing away.

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