Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dellissa's World: The Sex Mage Island

Modified from a topographical map of Stewart Island, New Zealand.

The Setting
As described in the Alternate Endings article, the Simulation posits a version of the Sex Mage World that is inherently “fake” within its own universe. The idea being that only a small percentage of people within the Simulation are real, with the rest being pantomime people running through pre-set programs. I realized something like this could easily be done using the Fae Realm aspect of the World of Civero Mythos. So, as a little thought-experiment on the SMW setting, I figured why not make such a Simulation, in the form of a Fairy Realm pocket world?

In this faux-continuity, the “true” setting of the Sex Mage World is not a planet, but an island situated in a pocket dimension, floating within the Fae Realm. The Fae Realm is a vast, chaotic void of raw magic, within which exist the Fae (also referred to as the Djinn by some worlds). Normally, Fae creatures exist as barely sentient wavelengths of energy, that only take form and active thought when in contact with sapient minds from the physical realm. When manifest, they take on an identity by feeding off the psychic energy of sapient thought and imagination. Most Fae become addicted to the idea of maintaining this identity, and may try to stay in the Material Realm (“real world”) for as  long as they can, but inevitably, their mystical nature draws them back into their home reality, where they eventually dissolve.

A Fae Lord, however, is a Fae that manages to maintain a self-identity and high level of power even when returning to the Realm. Wishing to maintain this sense of self, the Fae Lord finds the best way to do so is to use their power to create small, stable pocket dimensions within the Fae Realm. Near physical worlds like Earth and Civero, the Fae Realm is all but littered with these small worlds, bubbles of reality orbiting the faint shadow of the world they draw inspiration from, just as planets orbit a star.

Fae creatures who wish to maintain an identity, but lack the power and mental cohesion of the Fae Lords, may be draw into these pocket realities, where they take on roles appropriate to the world. Fae creatures don’t mind if such a role entails repeating the same routines in an endless loop. If they get bored with it, they’ll leave the world, and their role will be filled in by another lesser Fae, a construct formed from the world itself, or if their role is minor enough, the world will continue as if they were never there.

Within this continuity, the Sex Mage World, is one of these bubble realities, floating near Earth or Civero. The island itself is about 800 miles long at its farthest points and 550 miles wide at its thickest. The island sits in the middle of a disc of water about 1000 miles in diameter. The total thickness of the disc is about 4 miles; if one dives or digs straight down, then about 1 mile from sea-level to the bottom they will find a solid plate, several feet thick, of ultra-hard grey stone. From sea-level up, there are about 3 miles of sky. As on Earth, there are clouds at the top of this sky, and a real-time water cycle, but the weather is usually fair with only mild showers now and then. It never snows, and there is no geological activity. Earth’s day-night cycle is simulated, with an illusionary sun, stars, and moon.

Should a person ever make it to the edge of the disc or attempt to fly past the clouds, they will be repelled by an invisible wall. The sky and waters appear to keep going, but in actuality this is where they end. Likewise, the stone plate signifies the very bottom of the reality. Should anyone somehow have a means to breach the invisible wall or the plate, they will fall into the chaotic void of the Fae Realm. For normal humans, this is effectively as lethal as stepping unprotected into the void of space.

It is unknown how long the island has existed, as time does not really function in the Fae Realm, and it may run at differing speeds or even reset in order to loop events endlessly, within the pocket realities. Dellissa’s World does a little bit of both. Most people on the island have a vague notion that Sex Magic has existed for at least a decade, but even these accounts can skew several years longer or short depending on whom you ask.

The Fae Lord, Dellissa
The Fae Lord who rules the Realm takes the form of a Pixie, always resembling a beautiful and sexy human woman, with a pair of translucent wings on her back which she uses to fly. She can alter her appearance at will, but by default, she appears as a fair skinned woman with very long red hair and green eyes, standing only six inches tall.

Her chosen name is Dellissa, but few people know this, just as few people, even the lesser Fae who live in her realm, even know exactly who she is. Unlike many Fae Lords, Dellissa does not present herself as an outright ruler, but instead prefers her denizens to not acknowledge or know that they are in a pocket dimension.

Likewise, Dellissa actually often dwells among the populace, invisibly observing the goings-on. Occasionally, she will even reveal herself to someone as a playful lesser fae, or as a human woman among the populace, albeit one with a powerful degree of the sexual magic all women in her realm possess.

As with all Fae Lords, within her own realm, Dellissa is as good as omnipotent and nearly omniscient, able to alter the world any way she wants, and easily alter the memories of those she has kidnapped and taken into her world so that they do not notice the changes. The lesser Fae and the magically constructed denizens within simply go along with the changes, content to adapt to knew roles or adjust their old ones accordingly. However, Dellissa does not radically alter the world often, content with the current design she has implemented now.

Defying and escaping Dellissa is virtually impossible, unless the attempted rebel is a being nearly as powerful as herself, or manages to acquire assistance from a similarly powerful entity. But even other Fae Lords will be weaker inside the World of another Lord, than they would be in their own.

Dellissa’s obsession, which defines the principles and physical laws of her World, is that of supernatural, female dominant sex, combined with elements of what we would consider mundane reality. By this, she prefers a world that largely resembles Earth, but where elements of sexual magic are real, albeit heavily skewed to give power to the women, and have men be their helpless playthings. This is why Sex Magic functions the way it does; Dellissa’s preferences define how it works. This also accounts for any time the rules of the magic seem to change, although the denizens might not be aware of these changes.

Ultimately, everything about the World reflects part of Dellissa’s will at a given time. In a way, this accounts for many of the potential illogical elements of setting; her power fills in the gaps to account for anything that might otherwise hinder the fantasy from playing out as she likes. For example, almost no bugs exist in her World, yet there is still a thriving Earth-like ecosystem, despite the fact that there are usually no bees or butterflies to help pollinate plants and no flies or mosquitoes for birds, bats, and other small animals to feed on, etc.

The Inhabitants
An exact population count is difficult to assess, as numbers may fluctuate depending on Dellissa’s desires. As a default, the island appears to hold some 5 million inhabitants, scattered throughout small towns and a handful of cities.

Pantomimes make up at least 70% of the total “population” at any given time. Pantomimes are magically created simulations of creatures that go about pre-programmed, if sometimes complicated, routines. They are almost always going to be “background characters” in any given situation, people whom the real inhabitants barely interact with in their day to day lives except on brief, surface levels. They’re the bus drivers, mail carriers, road menders, cashiers, random students at a school, random passerby on the streets, random customers in a store. They exist to maintain the illusion that the real inhabitants live in a fully developed reality, instead of a pocket dimension. The illusion is convincing enough, with enough random variables, that most humans (who likely are too concerned with other things at any given moment), will almost always never notice that the Pantomimes aren’t real.

Pantomines technically also account for essentially all non-human flora and fauna of the Island. Meat and vegetables can still be consumed for nourishment, but they are not “real” creatures in the sense that Dellissa never bothered to, say, import fish and flowers from Earth to her realm, instead magically creating approximations of them.

Lesser Fae make up about 20% of the population. They almost always consist of baseline Fae who drift in from the Fae Realm, and take on an identity fitting to Dellissa’s World. When she first created her World, Dellissa actively drew in a large number of surrounding Fae to help flesh out the population, but now her World is surrounded by a barrier that keeps most Fae from just wandering in. Nonethelss, the occasional “drifter” may slip through the barrier, usually through a temporary hole created when a denizen decides to exit the world. In this way, the population remains generally consistent.

Lesser Fae are fully sentient, but easily slip into roles most appropriate for whatever part of the island they may be on. They are fully aware that the world is a simulation, but they will never, ever break character, as roleplaying their part is literally the only thing keeping them from dissolving back into mindless energy and fading back into the Fae Realm. The only time they will break is when they decide to go to another part of the simulation and step into a different role, or if they finally decide they are bored with the role, and willingly fade back into the Fae Realm. Lesser Fae are fully aware of the Pantomimes, and make use of them however they need.

Lesser Fae possess only the power suited to their role. For example, a lesser Fae playing a Sex Mage has only Sex Mage powers, while one playing a normal human has only the abilities of a human. There is really no telling who is a Fae and who isn’t. In a way, the Fae are a true manifestation of the idea of a lie becoming truth: they take the role of a human so well, that they essentially forget they aren’t one for as long as they want to stay in the role. Unlike actual humans, however, they can “wake up” at any time and move on.

Humans comprise anywhere from 5% to 10% of the population. These are people Dellissa has outright stolen from Earth (or Civero), or any other reality where humans may dwell; in fact, the humans in her world may not even all come from the same version of Earth, instead being drawn from different Earths across the multiverse. Dellissa has a particular fascination with humans, and therefore takes them exclusively.

Humans usually are completely unaware that the World is “fake.” Many believe they are still on Earth, albeit one that has become empowered by Sex Magic. Human males and females are taken, but only females will usually be given the power.

Others are entities that are neither Human nor Pantomimes nor Fae aligned to Dellissa’s World. They comprise only a fraction of a percent, and they are usually not meant to exist within the world. They may have gotten accidentally kidnapped along with humans (somehow) or Dellissa decided on a whim to bring a non-human into her World, such as taking a human’s pet with them. Alternately, entities from other Fae Lord Worlds or even other separate Realms may occasionally stumble in. In this latter case, Dellissa will usually do her best to immediately evict such a creature, and fix whatever damage may be left behind. While rare, such visitations have way of scarring the World, particularly in “waking up” any humans to the realization that they are no longer on their homeworld, or giving them an idea on how to escape. Occasionally, though, an Other may drift into the world and ultimately decide they want to stick around and integrate into the world. This usually tends to mitigate any damage their presence might cause, and Dellissa is willing to put up with such guests as long as they do not stir up any more trouble.

The island is divided into a few major sections, each essentially self-contained. Lesser Fae denizens may flit between these sections regularly, changing roles as they do, but humans rarely ever travel from one to the other. Others are usually isolated to one region for the duration of their stay, usually because they’ll be evicted before they can travel that far. Each section is large enough and self-sufficient enough that people don’t really need to go anywhere in particular. Given that most humans are effectively trapped already, it’s rare that anyone has the opportunity to actually traverse the full range of the island.

Midland Queendom
This is the prototypical Sex Mage World setting, and covers the largest territory of the land by far. Resembling modern day America, particularly the Mid-West, the denizens are ruled by the Megami, a handful of exceptionally powerful Sex Mages who dictate and enforce the laws of the land. The official head of state is Queen Rose, who is one of Dellissa’s many identities, and is thus rarely ever seen. The other Megami are usually played by Pantomimes whenever they need to make public appearances, but the roles may be assumed by Lesser Fae at times.

Midland has three small cities and one large capital metropolis, Rosaria, around which are a few miles of urban sprawl, which fades into wilderness, some farmland, and a few dozen small towns scattered between. The society is heavily female dominant; men are frequently, routinely at the mercy of women’s Sex Magic, always being played with or set up for embarrassment or used for women’s pleasure. Men are almost always denied orgasm, masturbation, and the ability to initiate sex, often kept naked and hard at all times, a frequently subject to teasing, mostly by their mistress, girlfriend, or wife, but just as often by strangers.

Most humans who live within the Midland Queendom believe they are on Earth (or Civero), but that the whole world was taken over by the Megami, and the various countries chopped up and divided between them, creating new countries at some point a couple years ago. They likewise believe that other Queendoms exist, either bordering Midland on all sides, or if the person is aware that they are on an island, they may believe the other Queendoms to exist on the (none existent) continents beyond the sea. Not all denizens of Midland are aware of the other parts of the island.

Most denizens, however long they stay, have a vague idea that Sex Magic only appeared just a few years ago (anywhere from five to ten years ago). The Magic has obviously been around long enough to radically alter society into a new paradigm, but not so long that everybody is totally used to it. Everyone still seems to be at varying levels of “getting used to it”, thus keeping the dynamic of the power exchange fresh and exciting for everyone involved.

Sometimes, if pressed, humans will be vaguely aware that something called “The Cult Wars” happened, in which a bunch of religious fanatic organizations fought each other and spurred rioting, that devastated major cities around the world. This is the reason the Megami took over the planet, and why there was a general return to people moving to small towns, where people could stick with smaller, more likeminded crowds.

Most of the humans are males, but a few are females. Underaged children are no where to be found; if one actively looks for a child, they won’t find any, with the youngest ones being eighteen (or possibly whatever the legal age of consent is for their original country). Likewise, there doesn’t seem to be any old people; everyone is young and either beautiful or in the slightly awkward final years of adolescence. Older people apparently exist, but Sex Magic keeps them young and healthy, so even grandmothers and grandfathers don’t appear much older than thirty.

The Midland Queendom hosts the more “mundane” Sex Magic scenarios, relatively speaking. This is where you’ll find frequent fantasies of teen girls just coming into their powers while teen boys are being trained to become boy toys. Hot teachers discipline naughty boys at school. Sexy customers squeeze a discount out of a male cashier. A night out to a bar leads to an unexpected “invite” to an orgy.

Families are usually arranged to have a single male surrounded by several females. Mothers and sisters and aunts flagrantly use their magic on male family members. Frequently, families will consist of one young man living with a single mother and one or more sisters, or a man with a wife and one or more daughters, or a nephew who has been taken in by his aunt and one or more female cousins. Often times, these relations may turn out to not be by blood (step mothers and step sisters).

Alternatively, a man may be single and ripe for being snared and teased by single women, who view the taking of “free roaming men” as a great source of fun. Plenty of single men find themselves teased frequently by random women around them, be they neighbors, co-workers, passerby, etc.

In every case, people only seem to need to go off to work if the scenario calls for it. Pantomimes make up almost the entirety of the work force, with a few Lesser Fae filling in the occasional role. Most of the time, none of the human men actually have jobs, or have jobs with very flexible hours, enabling them to be played with at a moments notice, without risks to their livelihood. It is otherwise just understood that most basic labor jobs are now filled by men, while all the white collar and higher paying jobs and authority positions are staffed by women.

Generally speaking, the “level” of female cruelty towards men may fluctuate from town to town, with some places being more friendly and playful, while others are more outright cruel and punishing towards men. On average, humans are placed in whatever town best caters to their own fetishes, so ostensibly, any human involved in this reality more or less would already fantasize regularly about the level of treatment they get. If they dream of being with a playful, but ultimately sweet wife, then that’s what they’ll get. If they dream of being tied naked to a stake in public, with every female passerby cruelly zapping their cocks with mind-blowing tease spells, that’s what they’ll get. Likewise, if a woman wants a devoted harem to play harmless pranks on, or enslaved men she can viciously break over and over again.

Effectively, however cruel and vicious their experience appears to be, each human is effectively living their greatest femdom sex fantasy, though not realizing that this isn’t just some cosmic coincidence. Then again, people fantasies can often exceed what they could tolerate in real life, and many of the humans in this world find they’ve bitten off more than they could possibly chew.

Metis Academy
Based more or less on the idea of a School for Wayward Boys, this particularly relentless femdom scenario sends a hundred helpless boys to live out a never ending school year, wherein freshly awakening Sex Mage girls test their new powers on their fellow classmates, guided by Sex Mage veteran teachers, all while expecting boys to somehow keep up with some kind of school work. Said school work rarely gets done, of course, as the boys are frequently experimented on, played with, kidnapped, and humiliated by the 100+ females at the school.

Metis Academy is an isolated community, a small campus separated from the nearest town by a hundred kilometers. Occasionally, young men from the Midland Queendom are “transferred in” to the school, while others are pulled out, but the actual school year never really ends, so much as occasionally just seems to restart. The year cycles through the female students not having powers at first, then with all of them gaining powers one by one, and finally, the boys being made to move in with the girls as their servant roommates, until the next reset.

Pandora Facility
A huge research facility composed of a series of labs on a self-sufficient scientific base. Like Metis, the facility is isolated, at least two hundred kilometers from the nearest town. Here, weird science experiments, usually involving clones and transformations are facilitated, creating strange sexual scenarios.

Pandora, like its namesake, is frequently doomed; inevitably, an event will happen in which the facility creates an entity which overruns and destroys the place, and then moves on to attack the rest of civilization. This is usually in the form of “The Created”, a powerful, artificially created Sex Mage of Megami-level strength, although other entities are occasionally responsible instead. However, as with Metis Academy, Pandora will “reset” after such an event, and the Created or any other rogue entities will almost always vanish before actually reaching the nearest town.

On rare occasion, Pandora experiment subjects are released into the Midland Queendom, while new subjects are brought in from there. However, said subjects keep their involvement in Pandora hushed.

Tlazol Correctional Facility
Another isolated facility, this one set on a small island east of the main land, this is a “maximum security” prison for male criminals who have committed terrible crimes. People in other regions talk about this place, but almost no one is ever actually sent there for crimes they may have done, unless somehow, a human manages to do something truly terrible. Mostly, humans in the Tlazol Facility are sent there directly upon being kidnapped. Men sent here are usually humans who in real life have committed terrible crimes against women, and Dellissa feels justified in punishing them with a femdom hell.

However, in the rare event that a human in another part of the island becomes fully aware of Dellissa’s false reality Simulation, and attempts to massively disrupt it, they may be “disappeared” to Tlazol. This latter case is the one instance in which the masquerade may be allowed to slip, and Lesser Fae, Pantomimes, and even Dellissa herself may reveal the true nature of the World. Woe be the human who finds themselves in this situation, for they are truly doomed. The cost of attempting to screw with Dellissa’s World is to spend the rest of his (or her) days being teased into absolute insanity and eventually death.

Fount-Loche Region
Formerly the territory of the Victoria Queendom, this country has been forcibly transformed into a different setting entirely. Some years ago, an entity of Temaelian origin “fell into” Dellissa’s World, hitting the northern coast of the island like a meteor. The creature, a giant monster brimming with alien magic, arrived by unknown means, and purely by accident, but Temael has always been an enemy of the Fae/Djinn Realm. Thus, when the creature arrived, it immediately set out to destroy this artificial reality built on Fae Magic.

Dellissa, through a great effort, managed to evict the creature from her realm, mortally wounding it, and shoving it out to die in the chaotic roil of the Fae Realm, where it was torn to pieces. However, it’s alien power nonetheless left a deep “stain” on the world which has never fully gone away.

The monster had a hand in “awakening” a great many of the trapped humans in that region, cluing them in that they were indeed not on Earth, but some alien, magical world. Since the Fae Lord Realms are sustained and stabilized by the concepts that founded them, the foreign creature fundamentally damaged the core concepts of the World, creating a festering “wound” in the realities structure. Dellissa could not completely seal and heal this wound right away, and is very slowly over time mending the damage and draining out the “poison” of the creature’s passing.

Until this can be fully rectified, Dellissa was forced to overlay false memories into the awakened humans, shifting the idea of an alien invader into the idea that some maniacal Cult almost used some kind of evil magic to contact a Dark God and nearly wipe out humanity. This, of course, breaks the illusion of Sex Magic being the only existing power in the world, but over time, Dellissa was able to drain enough of the memory from the humans in more distant regions; the new version was that this mysterious Cult only attempted a ritual and ultimately failed, resulting in a bloody, if brief and mundane, hostile attack on the nation of the world, worsened by mass rioting. This event is what is retroactively known as “The Cult Wars”, and with a little bit more tweaking, Dellissa was able to work this into the lore of the Midland Queendom, thus giving a justification for why the country was “taken over” by the Megami: to prevent something like the Cult Wars from ever happening again.

(This, incidentally, is also why people in the Midland Queendom are vaguely aware of the “Cult Wars” as a big event that happened and help changed the geo-political landscape of Earth, yet somehow, no one actually was directly involved or affected by the Cults, or knew anyone who was. It’s always a friend of a friend’s weird relative, who mysteriously vanished one day, might have had something to do with the Cults, maybe.)

However, while this settled things in the rest of island, the northern region of the former Victoria Queendom is still affected by the alien magic of Temael. Even as Dellissa works to drain it out, she was forced to rewrite a new paradigm to help stem the spread of the power. Thus, she created Ioria, the Last Bastion of Humanity, and the Fount-Loche Sex Magic System.

This region of the world covers about a quarter of the island’s land, and part of the sea beyond. The denizens of this region believe that the Dark God was, in fact, summoned to Earth, albeit briefly, and its presence unleashed the Terror Wave, a mutagenic storm of Dark Magic that twisted local flora and fauna into hideous monsters, raised the dead into murderous armies, and poisoned the land itself to form homicidal elementals. Even some Lesser Fae who drift into the region from the outside may find themselves taking the form of monsters, siding with the invasive presence over supporting Dellissa’s vision. The creatures tainted by the Dark Magic, while slowly dwindling in number, nonetheless relentlessly try to destroy what they perceive as the last denizens of the land in Ioria, and slowly work to keep the land a barren waste.

The Sex Mages of Ioria have been altered and bolstered with new powers. In order to maintain the conceptual stability of her realm, Dellissa still had to find a way to work femdom sex into the new power paradigm. Fortuantely, she was able to find a way to use sex to fuel more traditional comic book style super powers. During sex, men provide women with a burst of energy when they orgasm. Women take this energy and convert it into superhuman abilities for several days at a time, before needing a recharge.

This creates a femdom society where men (Founts) and women (Loches) cooperate to survive against the monster hordes, and men are teased and denied regularly for the purpose of building up more powerful orgasms. The stronger the orgasm, the greater boost of power they give their female partners, who are the first and last line of defense in destroying the festering remnants of the Terror Wave. Slowly, very slowly, the citizens of Ioria are taking back the land.

Dellissa has sealed off this region from the rest of the island with a giant invisible barrier that forms a column, cutting off the effected region in a circle. From the outside, the wall gives the illusion of a normal landscape; from the inside, the wall presents a blasted, twisted landscape. Denizens of the Midland Queendom have no idea the Fount-Louche Region exists, and denizens of the FLR believe the rest of the world is a monster-infested wasteland. Thankfully, the dark monsters also believe this, and they thus far have no attempted to breach the barrier, tricked into thinking Ioria is all that remains of “human” civilization.

Dellissa spends more time in this region than anywhere else, where she takes the form of Rose, a Skeleton Wizard formed by the Terror Wave, but who fights on the side of humanity, using her own brand of magical powers (thus explaining why she doesn’t need sex to fuel her own magic). The day the rest of the Terror Wave monsters are all slain, and the land healed, is the day that Dellissa can dissolve the setting of the Fount-Loche Region, and return it to being the Victoria Queendom.

Of course, the Fount-Loche setting has been going on for long enough now, that she may decide to keep a (considerably less nightmarish) facsimile of it in the future. Perhaps a land where, instead of Sex Magic, sexy Monster Girls lay siege to human fortress cities, intent on turning all women into more of themselves, and all men into their compliant sex slaves. Dellissa already has an idea of a new guise she can assume in this new model, that of a succubus like demon-goddess named Jahi, who desires the sexual conquest of entire worlds!

Victoria Queendom/Remnant
Before it became the Fount-Loche Region, the Victoria Queendom was something of a “rival” to Midland. Here existed an extreme femdom state, where women lived in a “lesbian utopia” and men were kept as little more than utilities. Men were used as furniture, transformed into panties and dildos and shoes for women to use, used as hover boards for women to fly around town on, and for even more degrading tasks. Most buildings and street corners had men frozen and trapped against walls in a constant state of teased torment in order to keep the women empowered through their arousal at all times. All women treated the men with either utter contempt or complete indifference. Unlike men who play with similar fetishes in the Midland and other regions, it was a femdom setting for men whose fetish mixed with a degree of genuine self-loathing. In some ways, this Queendom was worse towards men than even the Tlazol Correctional Facility.

A single Remnant of the Queendom exists in the form of a small city on a peninsula isolated from the rest of the Island by the barrier that seals off the Fount-Loche Region. Here, Pantomimes go through the motions simulating the daily routines of the Victoria Queendom. No Humans, Lesser Fae, or Others dwell here and Dellissa herself largely ignores it, thus the small city is left almost as a “back up file” of the Victoria Queendom concept. It is possible that a Human or Lesser Fae or Other may stumble into the Remnant. If they do so, they may end up trapped there as they are caught up in the Pantomime’s routines, which are methodical and repetitive enough that there will be something very obviously false about the whole set up. A human who enters this area may feel they have entered some sort of bizarre sexualized Twilight Zone episode. It is in their best interest to try and escape, as Dellissa is likely to not even notice they are there unless she happens to check up on the Remnant on a random whim.

It is likely a total coincidence that Temael’s creature landed here of all places, but given the lore of Temael, it could be that the men tormented in this region reached a point that their desperation and degradation attracted the creature to Dellissa’s World. Such a thing has not yet occurred to Dellissa herself, and should she restore the Victoria Queendom fully from the model of the Remnant, she may only be putting her World at further risk. But such an opportunity is a long way off.

New Bestia
New Bestia is a small region that takes up the northern half of the lower peninsula of the island. The main defining feature of this country is that has an “anthro” theme to it. All the inhabitants have used Sex Magic to transform themselves into sexy animal and monster people. Catgirls, bunnygirls, wolfgirls, snakegirls, beegirls, beargirls, minotaurs, slimegirls, spidergirls, mermaids, centaurs, winged women (bird and bat), etc.

Sex Magic in this region functions a bit differently, based less on full body control and mind alteration, and more on using sex to facilitate magical effects, in particular, using sex to effect transformations and enhance a person’s physical abilities. Women control these effects, of course, and like traditional Sex Mages, they possess a powerful arousing aura to keep men sexually primed, while men provide the lust energy women need to fuel the spells. Likewise, the magic can be used for more practical spell-casting effects, such as astral projection, telepathic connections, healing rituals, dream diving, and manipulation of the elements.

Because the magic can be used for more radical effects, the bestial powers replace the need for certain modern conveniences, New Bestia has a lower level of technology compared to the Midland Queendom or even Fount-Loche Region. Vehicles are mainly just used for public transport, cell phones don’t exist, and the region lacks an equivalent to the internet. Houses are also simpler in construction, and material comforts are less common. Guns and explosives technology are not found here, as people prefer the use of their physical bodies and elemental manipulation in the rare times when violence might break out. Usually combat is just used in a sports context, such as fighting tournaments, or the few times men might compete for a certain woman’s affection.

The femdom traditions of New Bestia involve an “alpha” woman having a small harem of men devoted to her. She may also have a female lover or two as well, and these couplings form a small pack or tribe with their men. Rarely, a man may find himself the target of two or three different women’s affections without competition from other guys, but this “reverse harem” status doesn’t last very long.

By and large, men are seen as a bit more equal to women versus the Midland Queendom on average, but women are without a doubt in charge. If a man is not yet claimed, he is considered free game for any woman who wants to play with him. Men tend to be less resistant to this, however. Once claimed by a woman, a man has little to fear from other women randomly teasing him, and the average “alpha” isn’t as casually cruel as the average woman in Midland.

Females in search of males find single men, playfully chasing and teasing them, and if she decides she likes him, she gives him a “love bite.” The bite marks him with a tattoo that identifies him as hers. Most “free men” are still fully human, or only possess very minor animalistic features, however, when he becomes marked, the woman’s magic will transform him into an anthro form she finds ideal. For some men, this means they simply get a cat ears and tail or a pair of wings. For others, they undergo a full body transformation into a bipedal wolf, tiger, eagle, snake man, etc. While all women and most men appear exotically beautiful with definitive human sexual traits mixed with their bestial aesthetics, some men, and rarely some women may appear more monstrous, if it makes them look “cool” instead.

Rarely, instead of an animal form, a person may take on an elemental persona. These elementals are considered something of an “Other” and may be treated with some initial suspicion if encountered for the first time. It is possible that these elementals are, in fact, a form of Others; some of them may be Djinn creatures, Fae Realm denizens who take a specifically elemental persona, focused on a very narrowly defined classical element (such as fire, smoke, snow, dust, ice, etc.). The dividing line is somewhat blurred; if the elemental does not make an effort to blend in with the highly sexualized world, they could be considered an Other. If they do blend into the society, but just prefer an elemental appearance, then they are considered as much a part of the world as the rest.

Most people from the Midland Queendom virtually never come to New Bestia and in fact, most towns not near the counties border may only know of New Bestia as an unconfirmed rumor. Most Midlanders aware of New Bestia have a general suspicious and disdain for the country, however. New Bestia was spared the shock of the Temaelian Entity’s arrival, and are unaware of the concept of the Cult Wars.

Amazonia takes up the southern half of the peninsula it shares with New Bestia, and most of the smaller islands surrounding it. Because if this, they have a more . Their technology level is closer to that of Midland as they do not use much in the way of elemental manipulation, and prefer more modern, “up-to-date” housing. Most vehicles are still reserved for public transport.

The society of Amazonia functions much like the people of New Bestia, save that they focus on giantess and shrinking fetishes instead of anthro forms. Most women increase their own size to anywhere from eight to twenty feet, while most men are shrunk down to a few inches tall. Rarely, one might find a woman who shrinks herself down while keeping her man full-sized, but this is usually for temporary play. It’s rare to find a persistently “shrunken women.” These size alterations compensate for any problems that would normally arise due to biological physics, with the women not suffering the problems of stress from increased mass, and the men being made comparatively super tough, super strong, and often not needing oxygen to survive, in order to ensure they stay safe even when shrunken down.

While the giantesses of Amazonia are a bit more strict than New Bestia, they are no less caring of their male charges. If anything else, they are more protective, for although their magic does toughen up men to survive better in a shrunken state, the women don’t want to lose or accidentally hurt them. Both countries get along famously, but there is a strict rule in place that people traveling from one country to other allow themselves to be transformed to be more fitting to the other country if they intend to stay for a while. As with New Bestia, however, one might occasionally find someone with an elemental persona.

People from the Midland Queendom virtually never come to Amazonia, but are aware of its existence, mostly through rumors. Like New Bestia, they were spared the shock of the Temaelian Entity’s arrival, and are unaware of the concept of the Cult Wars.

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