Thursday, June 23, 2016


The front door burst open and slammed shut, and nineteen year old Katie all but stormed into the living room, throwing herself dramatically against the recliner. Claire, her mother, raised an eyebrow at her as she sipped her afternoon tea.

“What happened this time, dear?” she said.

“My holiday is ruined!” Katie wailed.

“You mean to Bournemouth?” said Claire with a frown.


“Goodness, what happened?”

“Tiffany can’t go because of some family emergency, she wouldn’t say what. I mean, I hope it’s not serious. But then, because Tiffany isn’t going, Gwen isn’t going. Patty isn’t going without her sister, so that just leaves me and Peggy, we don’t want to go with just to two of us, so the whole trip’s canceled!”

Claire’s frown deepened a little. “Oh, gosh. That’s a shame.”

“Guess I’ll be hanging around here all week, just like last year.” Katie pouted and huffed in her chair.

“Well, my trip is still on,” said Claire. “I’d invite you, but I don’t know if you really want to hang out with a gaggle of old ladies.” She chuckled. “Although, if I do say so myself, I’m pretty sure no one would guess I’m your mother, instead of your barely older sister.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Ugh. No thank you. I’ve done enough museum tours. You might look twenty, but you and your friends still have boring old-people hobbies.”

Claire laughed cheerfully. “Oh, honey. We get up to some naughty things after sunset.”

“I rather do naughty things any time of day!” said Katie, smirking.

“And that’s why you young folk get so bored so quick. You have no sense of restraint or proper pacing.”

Katie sighed. “Whatever. I guess Peggy and I can figure out something to do around town.”

“Well, you could always ask your cousin what he’s up to,” said Claire.

Katie scowled. Over the dining room, eighteen-year-old Tommy was scribbling notes in a notebook, while glancing through a large hardback tome. Tommy had been sent to live with his aunt and cousin after his mom had moved to India for business. Claire didn’t mind so much, but Katie had been rather annoyed by it.

And then three months ago, Katie had developed her Sex Magic. Claire, of course, had had the Magic ever since it appeared nine years ago, and she didn’t see much need to use it on her nephew. She had no qualms, however, about letting Katie use him to practice her powers. As she saw it, it was a fair enough trade for having to support the boy, especially now that he was out of High School, and had yet to find a job.

For her own part, Katie had been very annoyed having to put up with her cousin moving in. Since gaining her Magic, however, she had begun to appreciate having him around, even if she didn’t particularly care for him.

Katie reached out with a thread of magic, and with a thought, she sent a quick jolt through Tommy’s penis. It had been mostly soft, but immediately went hard, and both women heard him gasp. They heard his chair slide back, and he walked over to the doorway between the living and dining room, trying to lean around the door in such a way as to hide the tent in his shorts. Of course, such a gesture was useless, as both Katie and Claire could sense his erection, like a spotlight in the night sky.

“Hey, dork,” said Katie. “What are you doing this next week?”

“Uh, well, since I have the house to myself, I was gunna have the guys over for a game,” he said. The ginger-haired young man shuffled uncomfortably at the doorway.

“Oooh, house all to yourself, and you waste no time, huh?”

“We’re all off the next week, why not?” he said.

“Well, you don’t have the house to yourself anymore,” said Katie. “My trip got canceled.”

“Oh.” A pause. “Oh.” He looked at her a little warily. “Well, uh… we’ll be in the basement mostly, so… we’ll try to stay out of your way.”

“Yeah, fine,” said Katie. “But if I need you for something, you don’t hesitate because you’re in the middle of rolling dice.”

Tommy frowned. “Come on, this was supposed to be a guy’s week. I just want to run a campaign before we all get too busy.”

“Oh, please, the busiest you’re getting these days is trying to find out how to wank your willy without me and mom catching you!”

“It’s hard finding a job, alright? I’ve been looking, I just—”

“Kids,” said Claire in a parental tone. Both of them quieted down and looked at her. “You know, Tommy, maybe Katie won’t be bored if you let her play in your game.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “I’m not a geek, mom,” she said. “I don’t play pretend. I play for real!” So saying, she sent another jolt at Tommy’s cock and his hips bucked. From his position, his hard cock, forced forward from how it was tenting his slacks, bounced off the edge of the doorway, and he flinched back. More startled than hurt, he wanted to clutch at himself anyway, but Katie had given him one of the now all-too common conditions men struggled with: the inability to touch his own genitals when he had an erection. His hands couldn’t get less than a couple inches from his cock when hard.

Both women chuckled, sensing his instincts struggle against his self control. Claire may not have used her powers on him much, but she got a kick out of Katie’s use of him. “Now, it might not be so bad, Katie. Just think, you and four young men, all in a room together. That Milo boy, at least, is pretty cute, huh?”

Katie caught her mom’s knowing look and smirked. “Hmm… putting it that way…”

“I don’t think she’d enjoy it!” said Tommy hastily. “It’ll be boring!”

Katie’s smirk became a grin. “What’s wrong, cuz? Afraid I’ll make you guys look bad?”

“Nah, it’s just, you know, it’s fantasy stuff, you’re always bored with that,” he said.

“Well, maybe if you guys did something to make it interesting, I might enjoy it.”

“See?” said Claire. “Tommy, let your cousin play with you and your group. Then you can do your campaign or whatever it’s called, and Katie can have something to do now that her trip’s cancelled.”

“But Aunt Claire!” he whined.

Claire just gave him a stern look, and he clammed up immediately. She didn’t even need her powers to make him listen; the small taste she’d given him early in his stay was more than enough to scare him into compliance with the threat of more.

“Excellent,” said Claire, not needing his verbal concession. “Now, how about you teach Katie how to play your game?”

“It’s okay,” said Katie, waving him off. “Go back to your notes. I’ll skim through them later.”

Tommy frowned, but nodded, and went back to the table, his erection refusing to quit for hours.

The thought of actually fucking Tommy or directly touching him sexually grossed Katie out. Even if they hadn’t been related as cousins, he just wasn’t her type. But it was different with the Magic. All she had to do was think at him. She didn’t have to pretend to like him or seduce him or wind him up by playing coy. Just a few thoughts and he was on his knees in a helpless sexual frenzy, ready to do anything she demanded, if only she’d give him a little relief. He’d never get to touch her, and it didn’t even matter if he didn’t want to, she’d still benefit from the lust energy produced by his male need. That euphoric feeling produced in the female brain just being around a hard needy cock, that refreshing wash of energy healing and revitalizing her body.

So, she had no problem at all as that night, lying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide, she bombarded Tommy with intense sexual urges. Her magic passed right through the wall to flood his whole room with unrelenting, irresistible commands for his penis and testicles to stiffen and swell as much as possible, almost burning with the need to be touched. Tommy thrashed and moaned, hips jerking, cock flexing in the air, pre-cum seeping from the tip, as magically induced arousal flowed from her sex to his, coaxing male lust energy from him. Soon, the whole house was awash in the energies his need, making a blissful haze which Katie and Claire both soaked in. If Katie kept it up all night, neither woman would even need to sleep, the energy charging them up better than any sleep could.

Tommy, however, did manage to sleep, albeit with more assistance from magic. Claire had taught her daughter the trick to keeping a man’s consciousness either alerted or suppressed. Right now, she was keeping him under; even if an entire cheerleading squad came in and gang-banged his dick, he wasn’t going to wake up until the magic let him.

Katie had gotten good at maintaining the spell, but now was working on something more complicated: dream manipulation and mind reading. In his hyper aroused state, his dreams were already thick with the sounds and sights and feel of sex as his mind desperately tried to process his need. In truth, he was so overheated, he should have already wet-dreamed himself half a dozen times, cumming just from pure arousal. But of course, his orgasmic reflex was blocked, the simplest, easiest, and most encouraged spell of any Sex Mages repertoire.

She was free, then, to dip her thoughts into his mind, tendrils of psychic magic sifting through his dreams and memories. She pictured the aforementioned metaphor of a cheerleader squad gang-banging him, riding his dick and face eagerly. The sort of fantasy any guy could lose himself into when masturbating. But in a Sex Mage World, such a fantasy was easily made into an erotic nightmare, as in his dream, various hot young women in skimpy cheerleading outfits pinned him down to his bed and rode him, overloading his nerves with pleasure, but refusing to let him spurt.

As she sculpted his dreams, the more desperate he got, his real life body squirming and writhing, until she had to cast another spell to hold his body in place, lest he fling himself off the bed as his hips bucked into the air. Meanwhile, the more desperate he got, the more his mind opened to her.

Katie had learned through various sources, mostly the internet, that while a Sex Mage could easily read a man’s sexual thoughts and memories, continued intimate exposure could open up his mind more and more, until it was casually easy to read his every thought. It was far quicker for a woman to do this with actual sex, but that option was out for her. However, pumping him with her magic, metaphorically “fucking” his mind with her own, apparently counted enough that she could focus on other thoughts with some effort.

This, of course, was what she’d meant by “skimming through his notes later.” Tommy had assumed she meant look through his notebook and game books, but they remained where he’d left them on the dining room table. Instead, Katie absorbed the knowledge directly from his brain, right through his over-teased cock.

She sifted through his thoughts like sifting through files in a folder. A rather large chunk of his recent active thoughts were dedicated to daydreaming about this little fantasy game: The World of Civero. In the game, Civero was an alien planet that actually quite resembled modern day Earth. Humans lived there in modern cities of houses and apartments, skyscrapers and suburbs, extending out to farmlands, before the wilderness took over. People even used cars and guns over horses and swords. It really didn’t seem like much of a fantasy world at first glance. She was expecting something more medieval, like Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons. If it was going to so closely resemble Earth, why even set it on an alien planet?

Ah, but then, the fantasy element showed itself. Certain humans on Civero had magical powers, elemental spells, illusions, telepathy, more traditional healing magic. There was another race of “demihumans” who could transform into monsters. Speaking of monsters, of course powerful beasts existed out in the wilderness, where ancient ruins lay buried under the land. Players of the Civero game stepped into the role of Rogue Explorers, Monster Hunters, and Artifact Peddlers, plundering the ancient ruins for lost history, strange “magitechnology”, and dangerous creatures that remained from some ancient “Dark War.” Alternatively, players could also take the role of a supernatural enforcement agency, but that didn’t seem to be Tommy’s focus.

All so silly. So cartoony. Why were boys so into this crap? It’s not even like Sex Magic was a good enough reason, games like this were around long before Sex Magic existed and had been growing in public interest even before it arrived. But not long after it did, table top games, video games, superhero comics, these things had absolutely sky rocketed in popularity, among men of all ages. Katie just didn’t get it. Even the most socially inept nerds once doomed to life-long virginity were actually getting laid on a regular basis now. Sure, it might only be through the Magic, but girls were playing with their dicks, so it wasn’t just a matter of turning sexual frustration into weird creativity.

Of course, the obvious answer was that this was probably the only way guys could feel powerful again, by mentally escaping to fantasy worlds where Sex Magic didn’t exist, and instead, both genders could wield cool special powers. Even girls said they liked playing these games sometimes to take the pressure off having the Magic for a bit.

But that just made it all the sillier, didn’t it? A boy could pretend all he liked. In the end, he was still a helpless hard-on for wicked girls to play with. Even his own thoughts could be overridden through a woman’s magic, as she shoved erotic images in his mind until any other thought was crowded out. If she was really good, she could even flip around his sexual preferences and alter his temperament. Katie wasn’t sure she wanted to go that far, but it was useful to know.

Speaking of, Katie dipped into Tommy’s dream again, this time switching the cheerleaders into young, hot nuns, their robes tight and barely containing their curves. The nuns placed Tommy over their knees, trapping his painfully stiff cock between their legs and squeezing it unbearably as they spanked his ass for being so naughty. Even as they did so, several of the nuns kissed and felt one another up in plain view, which just made his mind reel even more, and encouraged his punisher to discipline him harder.

Katie giggled as she left her cousin in that scenario to sift through his thoughts on the game some more. Now she was at the most boring part: the mechanics. The part where you rolled funny-shaped dice and added up numbers. She rolled her eyes and increased the intensity of the signals flowing from her body and soaking into his. She tightened the blanket of energy to focus in a straight “beam” of concentrated arousal right on his genitals. It was physically impossible for his penis to get any harder than it already was, even as it seemed like all the blood in his body was trying to cram itself into his organ. However, the tension in his mind just spiked higher and higher, opening even his least sexual thoughts to her. It took an effort to absorb the knowledge of nerdy game mechanics, but after a few minutes she felt she had it down.

And then there was a knock on her door. Katie yanked her blanket over her nude body and said, “Come in!”

Claire opened the door, and leaned against the door frame, giving her daughter a slightly stern look. “I think you’ve made your point. I don’t think either of us will need to sleep for the next couple days at this rate!”

“Aw, I’m almost done!” Katie said.

“My friend Ginny just texted that she can sense his cock all the way from Worcester. That’s 90 kilometers away.”

Katie smirked. “She can only sense that far because she gave him a handjob once. Besides, there’s like twenty other guys within a couple miles just as loud as him.”

Claire frowned slightly, and looked at the wall, as if looking through it, then nodded as her own senses picked out the psychic sirens of other boys in sexual distress. “Well, true. But still. I know I said you could play with him all you wanted, but you should give him a breather now and then.”

Katie sighed. “Oh, alright.” She cut off her spells, and let her cousin collapse back onto his bed. He was still throbbing hard, still trapped in his dream of sexy nuns punishing him for his naughtiness, but at least the magic over-stimulation had faded.

“Well then,” said Claire. “I guess I’ll finish up packing early, and binge watch some Netflix. How about you?”

Katie tapped her chin in thought, mulling over the information she’d just absorbed. “Hmm…  I guess I’ll prep myself for Tommy’s game.” Claire nodded and left, shutting the door, as Katie grabbed her laptop and started typing up her own notes. If she was going to play with Tommy and his friends, she’d at least make it more interesting for her.

Two days later, Claire was off on her trip, Tommy was setting up the basement, and Katie was printing off her custom notes. Smiling as she appraised her work, Katie went downstairs and plopped the short stack of papers onto the table, purposefully making an attention-getting smack.

Tommy jumped, the sound reminding him a little too much of the smacks he’d felt at the hands of sexy nuns in his dreams  He tried to push the memory out of his mind before Katie sensed it, but Katie’s little chuckle informed him it was too late. He sighed.

“Alright, so you’re sure you know what you’re doing?” he said. “I don’t want to have to pause the game every five minutes to explain stuff.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I got the gist.”

“So, what kind of character did you make?”

“I didn’t. Well, technically I made a bunch of characters, but not player ones.” Tommy paused and looked at her confused. She clarified when he didn’t seem to get it. “I thought we’d make this game more interesting, which is why I’m going to be the GM.”

Tommy’s eyes widened. “What? No! I’m the GM!”

“Not this time.”

“But I already have a campaign! I’ve been working on it for two weeks!”

She shook her head. “Too bad. We’re playing my campaign.”

“You’ve never roleplayed before, how do you expect to run a game?”

“With my brain, doofus.” She picked up two six-sided dice. “And these little things.” Tommy gasped as she started rolling the dice in her hand. He could feel her hand rolling and lightly squeezing their testicles. He looked up at her shocked as his cock stiffened at her phantom touch. “And a little bit of magic.”

“No!” said Tommy, his lower lip almost trembling. “No fair!”

She giggled. “As fair as you’re ever going to get! Now, are you going to play along like a good boy, or do I need to make you strip naked in front of your friends?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I will!”

“I’ll tell them to cancel first!”

“Oh, well that’s just mean. But fine, I can play with just the two of us. You’re supposed to give me a game to play this week, and I intend to hold you up to that. And if we can’t play your silly little fantasy game, the way I want, there are other games we can play.”

A little surge of magic bloomed from her body and funneled into Tommy’s cock like electricity to a lightning rod. Tommy gasped and shivered as his cock stiffened fully in an instant, tenting his shorts as it all too often did. Truth be told, he was already semi-hard from just the little phantom touch to his testicles, but the mystic command made him swell to maximum tension once more. One might think he was used to it by now, but the tension overwhelmed him every time. Tommy swayed and had to grip the back of his chair to steady himself.

“Will I… will I get to cum… after this…?”

Katie laughed. “Oh, I’ve got a special plan for how that works. But yes, play the game, and you have a chance to earn an orgasm sometime before New Years. Try and weasel your way out of it, and I guarantee you won’t cum until then.”

Tommy paled. New Years was sixth months away. He was only two weeks from his last orgasm, but it already felt like he’d gone a year, given how much his balls ached, especially in the mornings. He knew Katie was responsible, doing things to him as he slept some nights. And then there were the brain-searing erotic dreams he kept having. He couldn’t imagine six more months without at this rate.

“Aunt Claire wouldn’t let you make me wait that long!” he said, desperately.

“Maybe. But she’s not here this week, and even if she makes me let you pop right when she gets back, I know enough tricks to make you feel six months worth of blue balls in just a week!”

Tommy’s face scrunched up in helpless anger. “Why are you such a bitch?” he said.

“Because it’s fun. Now, are you going to let me run a game for you and your mates to enjoy, or are we going to play a different kind of dungeon game this week?”

“Alright, fine! We’ll play your game!”

Katie grinned wide. “Excellent! Now take your clothes off.”

Tommy gawked. “They’ll be here in an hour!”

“I know,” she said. “Take your clothes off.”

“Why? I’m doing what you wanted!”

“That’s right. You are. So, take your clothes off.”

Tommy opened his mouth to protest, but her magic squeezed his cock with tension once more and his words were lost in a gasp. He glared at her, but she just looked back with a smile, until he finally relented and slowly stripped off his clothes. It wasn’t much to lose, just shorts and tee-shirt, but it was enough to make him blush with shame. His penis bobbed stiffly in the air as he stood naked before her, looking to the side.

She then increased the pressure, pumping his cock with even more tension, just as she did at night. Tommy yelped as his cock attempted to get even harder, but couldn’t. Instead, all it could do was quiver and jerk in a failed attempt to gain friction against nothing. Tommy fell back onto his butt and his hands clawed at the carpet as he gasped and grunted. If it weren’t for his anti-masturbation spells, he’d be either jacking off frantically or humping the floor.

“I’m going to take a shower and wait for your friends. You sit there and think of a character to play, if you can.” She collected his clothes and walked upstairs, leaving him writhing on the floor, character creation the last thing on his mind.


An hour later, the doorbell rang. Katie, cleaned up and dressed in a green, low-cut blouse and white Capri pants, remaining barefoot. She sat in the living room, texting on her phone. She smiled as she cast her senses towards the front door, inspecting the cocks of her cousin’s friends.

Milo, twenty years old and big brother to Matt. He got to cum just three days ago, the lucky boy. Matt, eighteen, who hadn’t cum in three weeks, was almost finished with his no-cumming sentence the girl next door had put on him for peeping on her. Katie chuckled; poor Matt might be in for some hard disappointment. Finally, there was Dawood, a relatively recent arrival in their home town, immigrated from Pakistan. Oof! Eighteen years old, and his own mother had his balls in such a vice, he hadn’t cum in over two months! Katie licked her lips. Between the latter two and her cousin, she was going to have a ripe picking of blue balls to have fun with. And she planned on having Milo just as aching by the end of the campaign!

The doorbell rang again, and Katie finally relented her tension spell on Tommy. As he lay on the floor, sweaty and flushed, trying to get his breathing under control, Katie tried a little trick of the mind, and sent a thought directly to Tommy’s consciousness. Your friends are here. Better let them in.

She sensed Tommy panic, and his own scramble of thoughts. No! Naked! Embarrassment! Find clothes! Balls hurt! Hide! Too Hard! No! Friend will think I’m gay! Need to cum! No, Clothes! Where clothes?! Please! Katie! No!

Get up here and open the door! Katie telepathically insisted. She emphasized this by magically tugging on his cock to guide him to the stairs.

Reluctantly, Tommy struggled to his feet and clambered up the stairs. He looked at Katie pleadingly. “Please let me get dressed!” he all but squeaked.

Katie just grinned at him. “Open the door.”

“Katie, please!”

“Tommy, I’m pretty sure they know what a dick looks like. Just open the door. They’ll understand.”


The doorbell rang a third time, followed by a knocking, and a call out for Tommy. “Oi, mate, you asleep in there? You said be here at 10!”

“Better hurry!” said Katie with a giggle.

Tommy, flushing crimson, went to the short nook next to the living room that served as the foyer. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door, presenting his nude form to his friends. “H-h-hi, guys, come on in.”

There was a chorus of call outs.

“Oi, me fuckin’ eyes!”

“Dude! Gay!”

“Goddamnit, mate! That ain’t funny!”

“I’m sorry, just please, get in here, quick.”

“I ain’t coming in until you put that thing away!”

“I can’t, you daft cunt! Now just come inside!”

By this point, Katie couldn’t hold it in any more, and she burst out laughing. All three boys froze at the door step.

“Dude, you got a chick here?!”

“I thought this was a guys-only week! What the hell, man?”

“I’m sorry, okay, just come on!” Tommy stomped off into the living room, leaving the door open, and throwing himself onto the couch. He attempted as a last resort to grab a throw pillow to put over his lap, but Katie caught him before he could try and pulled his arm back with a thought. Tommy glared at her, red as a tomato.

A little hesitantly, the three other boys came in. Milo, towering a good head taller over the other two, blond like his brother. Matt, about Tommy’s size, putting him just a couple inches taller than Katie. And Dawood, who was actually a few inches shorter than Katie, looked positively tiny next to his friends. The three guys gulped as they saw Katie.

“Oh, uh, hi,” said Milo. Of the three boys, he actually gave her a polite smile. “Tommy said you’d be in Bournemouth.”

Katie nodded. “Yeah, well, plans fell through, you know how it is.” She smiled cheerfully. “So, Tommy was nice enough to invite me into your game!”

The three guys looked at him with a mixture of surprise and incredulity. He just gave them a helpless look back. Matt swallowed nervously and tried to break the ice. “So, uh, I didn’t know you played games.”

“I don’t, usually, so this will be my first run,” she said. “I hope it goes well!”

She noticed Dawood kept trying to look to the floor, but kept making furtive glances at her cleavage. Even without her senses it would be obvious he was looking, but with them, she saw the image in his mind bloom, a fantasy of thrusting his cock between her breasts. His already sensitive cock threatened to erect, and he tried with his utmost willpower to keep from getting hard. Katie smirked and, without looking directly at him, cast a small, brief spell. For just a few seconds, Dawood felt the sensation of two mounds of warm, soft, but firm flesh envelope his penis, and give him a quick up and down stroke. It was so fast, he wasn’t entirely sure if he didn’t just imagine it, but it did the job. He shivered and tried to hold in a gasp as this one phantom touch sent his cock into lift off!

Katie tried to hold back a giggle as he put his hands before his crotch, and shuffled so he was more behind his friends to hide his sudden boner. To Katie’s surprise, there wasn’t much to hide. The poor guy was sporting only four inches at full mast, and his self-conscious shame flared as he knew that despite his efforts, Katie could sense and see his erection easily.

Nonetheless, Dawood grasped onto thoughts of finding treasure and slaying monsters to try and control himself. Anything to get his mind off sex. “So, can we get started?” he said, in a soft voice.

“Woah, woah, woah, first things first,” said Matt. He pointed to Tommy. “Pants!”

Tommy looked at Katie, half expectantly, half pleading. Katie giggled. “Sorry, boys, Tommy is being punished. He’s going to stay naked for today’s session.”

“Oh, come on, can we not, please?” said Milo. “No offense, but we’re doing this game to get away from all this Sex Magic crap.”

Katie sighed. “Well, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place for that, guys.”

“What do you mean?”

“I fully intend to make use of my powers while we play.”

Milo’s forehead wrinkled in confusion and worry. “What? How?”

“When we get downstairs, I’ll explain the rules of my game.”

The boys looked at her surprised. “You’re running this?”

“I am!” she said. “Don’t worry, we’ll be playing World of Civero, like you guys planned. But we’ll be doing my campaign, and as we play, I’ll be adding a few… challenges… to make things interesting.”

“Oh, no,” said Dawood. He started walking towards the door. “No, no, no. Not falling for this again.”

“Yeah, uh, if we have to, we’ll just find a library or a park to game in,” said Matt, also turning to leave.

Tommy looked at his friends pleadingly. “Guys, wait! Please! Don’t go!”

Dawood waved him off. “Forget it, man, I have enough of this to deal with at home!”

“Please! If you don’t play, she’s going to—” Tommy’s mouth clamped shut at Katie’s command.

Katie wagged her finger at him and went ‘tsk, tsk.” Sighing with exasperation, she said, “Now, now, don’t make me out to be some wicked witch. Boys, before you go, I do promise, I’ll make it worth your while. Play the game right, and I’ll give you a real prize.” She gave Dawood a sly, knowing look.

All three boys gulped as several naughty images entered their minds. Dawood’s cock flexed hard in his pants, and Milo and Matt’s cocks threatened to swell. Tommy’s, of course, was still iron hard, the tension never fully leaving.

“We… we might have to make new characters…” said Matt.

“It won’t be that different from what Tommy had set up,” she said. “There will just be a few extra elements to the game.”

“Like what?” said Milo cautiously.

“Well, let’s all go downstairs and I’ll explain.” Katie got up and started walking to the basement door.

Dawood spoke up nervously. His cock was still fully tense. “Do we… do we have to… you know…” he motioned to Tommy without looking at him. “Be naked?”

Katie smiled slyly at him. “Do you want to be naked?”

“No!” he said, eyes widening.

Katie chuckled. “Well, then stay dressed. Only Tommy is being punished.” She paused for dramatic effect. “For now!” Chuckling again, she went down the stairs.

The four guys hesitated, sharing a glance, though the other three looked away from their nude friend quicker. “Do we really want to do this?” said Matt.

Tommy wanted to plead more, but his mouth remained shut.

“I dunno,” said Milo. “I was really hoping for a guys-only week.”

“Easy for you to say when your not-girlfriend lets you pop regularly,” said Matt, frowning.

“Well, if you’d get a girl of your own instead of trying to perv on the neighbors, maybe you wouldn’t be having so much trouble,” Milo said. “It’s your own damned fault. You know they can all sense you.”

“She said she might make it worth our while, though,” said Matt.

“That could mean anything,” said Milo. “You can’t trust a girl.”

Dawood was chewing his lower lip, and the tiny tent in his shorts was obvious to all of them. “But I can’t… I mean, my Mom won’t…” He took a breath. “I’ve got another two months before she lets me!” He looked in a mixture of anxiety and yet hope, at the basement door. “This could be my only chance!”

“Fuckin’ sick, mate,” said Milo, shaking his head.

“It’s not like I can stop her!” Dawood said, nearly whining. He pointed at Tommy. “And anyway, he’s being played with by his cousin!”

“That’s not as bad as your Mom!” said Milo.

Then suddenly, all four boys jumped as each felt a phantom hand lightly clasp their penises and tug them towards the door. “Come on, boys!” called up Katie. “Are we doing this or what?”

Tommy wordlessly got up and went downstairs, and Dawood followed behind him. Matt glanced back at the front door, then the basement, then shrugged and followed his friends. Milo sighed, rolled his eyes, and followed his brother.

The old dining table was set up with cushioned arm chairs. Snacks and soda and various configurations of dice were in place, as well as a small stack of papers. Katie sat at the head of the table, Tommy to her immediate left, Dawood on her right right. Matt sat down next to Dawood, while Milo sat at the other end of the table, unwilling to sit next to a nude Tommy.

Katie didn’t mind quite so much, as Milo was the least pent up by far. With Dawood and her cousin the closest, she was grooving on the energy of their erections quite nicely. Speaking of, Tommy motioned to his mouth, and Katie almost chuckled again, then winked at him. His mouth popped open, and he let out a breath. He wanted to yell at her to never do that again, but he held his tongue. He had no idea what Katie was willing to do to him in front of his friends. He concentrated on collecting the papers from the center of the table and handing them all out. The papers were everyone’s character sheets, which he’d filled out himself after getting his friends info via e-mail.

Katie, meanwhile, had her own little stack of notes and flipped through them ideally. As her fingers slid over the pages, the boys felt the faintest tickle of fingertips along their cocks. Then Katie picked up a pair of dice and let them roll in her hands. All four boys jumped, feeling her phantom hand cupping their testicles at the same time. She gave them a gentle squeeze, and the boys could feel a similar gentle, but firm gripping of their balls. Dawood’s breathing increased slightly, and Katie could sense his cock flex beneath the edge of the table. She watched him squirm, and realized he was already very sensitive to her touch. She made a point to dull the effect of her spell for him, enough to be more even with the others. She hadn’t even started yet; she wasn’t ready for any of them to edge so soon!

“So!” said Katie. “We’ll be playing the game like normal. I’ll be using a modified version of Tommy’s campaign. It’s different enough you won’t know everything, Tommy, but it’s not too deviant from how one of these things normally go, plot wise.”

Tommy almost made a retort, but held his tongue again.

Katie continued. “The are two major differences, however. One is in your dice rolls. As you roll, I’ll be adding up your results, and when the session is over, I’ll total them up. Whoever has the highest total roll score at the end of the game wins an orgasm. If it’s me, then whoever the second highest score was, they will eat me out. If it’s one of you guys who wins, however, then I will give you an orgasm. And even better, whichever one of you wins the most days throughout the week? I’ll even have sex with you.”

She let that sink in. Dawood and Matt looked at her a bit startled, Milo looked at her thoughtfully. Tommy swallowed nervously.

“The other difference is that whenever your character takes any sort of damage, be it from a fight or an obstacle, or you do a failing roll at a task, I will make you edge. I’ll be casting little spells as I wish throughout, but bad rolls mean edging! And if your character dies, then you don’t get to cum that day even if you win the roll score total, and the orgasm goes to the next highest player. Everybody understand?”

The three other guys’ eyes widened and they looked at their dice. That seemed simple enough. Then they looked at Tommy, who was giving his cousin a wary look. She laughed, and gave Tommy a pat on the arm. “Not you, of course,” she said. “Your numbers count for me. So if you get the highest roll score, that counts as me winning..”

Tommy sputtered, unable to keep his cool this time. “But that’s not fair!” he said. “Come on, at least give me a chance to cum!”

Katie sighed, pretended to think about it, then said, “Fine. If I end up with the lowest roll score, I’ll allow you to jerk one off. You’ll only get ten minutes, though.”

“Pffft, he probably won’t even need one,” said Milo.

Katie laughed. “You’re probably right! Still, if you can keep your stamina up after your first shot, you might make it to two before the cut off!”

Tommy blushed as his cousin openly discussed him jacking off right in front of his friends. Not that he wanted Katie to do anything to him, but his friends had a chance at actual sex! And he knew there was no way Katie was going to let herself be the lowest score! He opened his mouth to protest, but Katie winked at him and his mouth clamped shut for a moment.

“So,” she continued. “You boys still in?”

“Wait, what if you get the highest score and Tommy gets the second highest?” said Milo, grasping at any straw to throw her off.

Katie rolled her eyes. “Obviously, I’m not letting my own cousin eat me out. So, whoever has the third-highest gets to do the job. So, what do you all say?”

Matt and Dawood nodded, the latter quite eagerly. Milo frowned, but finally nodded, more because his little brother had agreed. Tommy’s compliance was clearly assumed.

“Alright!” said Katie. “Then let’s get started!”

Like your typical Table Top game, The World of Civero consisted of the GM (Katie) laying out a scene and scenario, which the players responded to, taking turns with their characters. The premise of Katie’s campaign was that the guys were playing a group hired to clear out a cave system that led to a long-buried ancient ruin. The ruin possibly held ancient artifacts to plunder, but the structure, and the long cave leading to it, were infested with monsters.

Milo and Matt played Monster Hunters, skilled with combat and tracking. Both also took the Geomancer template, which gave them both elemental magic, such as throwing fireballs or causing the ground to turn into jagged stone spikes.

Dawood played an Explorer with the Psychomancer template, giving him some advanced knowledge of the ruins and psychic abilities with which to scout ahead.

Tommy played and Artifact Peddler, with the Shadowmancer Template. While his magic skills were weak, granting only bonuses to stealth, he was armed with numerous mystical gadgets to lend firepower and maneuver through traps.

All and all, it was a well-balanced group. But of course, no amount of on-paper bonuses and prep could prepare any of them for Katie’s wicked play style.

As the group entered the cave system, Katie followed along her notes and tracked their progress with the map. She continued to apply light phantom touch spells every time she touched something, whispers of her magic tickling the boys’ cocks. Fingertips on the shaft as she touched her papers. Hands on their balls as she rolled her dice. Even when she took a drink of her soda, they felt a phantom hand grip their cocks, and phantom lips kissing and suckling the tips.

Tommy and Dawood were already rock hard, and Matt’s cock joined in almost immediately. Milo’s took a bit of coaxing, but his erection stayed up once achieved.

So far, the group had only traveled a little ways into the cave, with no notable features. However, as they approached a new segment, Katie made them pause.

“Your torch illuminates thin threads crisscrossing the entrance to this next section. Dawood, roll for Wits.”

Dawood picked up his dice, then gasped as he felt something wet, warm, and snug curl around his cock. A long tongue, lovingly curling a squeezing his cock. “H-hey—”

“Go on, roll for it,” said Katie.

He rolled the dice. Katie checked the number, marked it on a little notepad (causing all the boys the flinch as they felt a whisper of feather-light brushing against their cocks), then said, “Alright, you’re able to notice that the threads are slightly glistening in the light. They appear to be more like spider silk than wire or cloth.”

Dawood nodded, a little open mouthed as the phantom tongue slid around his cock once more, then vanished. He let out a little gasp of relief, his cock still flexing. “Well?” said Katie, looking at the others.

Matt opted to use an earth-related spell to shower the spider-silk with dust, revealing it’s full size. It stretched three meters wide and four tall, the full size of the entrance, and several more threads were crisscrossing the room. There was no way to get through the room without tripping the threads.

But the dust spell was all that was needed, apparently, because a giant spider lunged down from the ceiling, scrambling towards the group. Combat was now engaged.

Immediately, phantom tongues curled around the boys’ cocks and began to slowly rub and squeeze them. Tommy, who’d already picked up his dice, gasped and shivered at the sensation, startled by its intensity. He dropped his dice on the table.

Katie leaned over and chuckled, jotting the number on her pad. “Oh, gosh, that’s a two! You take your turn last.”

“Th-that shouldn’t count!” said Tommy. “You didn’t even say what we’re rolling for!”

“Sorry, cuz, no mulligans in this game!” Katie chuckled. “And, obviously, you’re rolling for initiative right now.”

Milo, Matt, and Dawood each rolled their dice, tossing a pair of d6’s on the table. Once the order was set, the battle was on. Katie’s phantom tongue teased the boys as her monster fought their characters. Although Milo was able to keep steady, Tommy, Matt, and especially Dawood, trembled and stuttered as they tried to explain their actions and tried to roll their dice.

The game used two d6’s for everything, so at least that part was simple.  Katie was more annoyed with having to apply the modifiers that altered the results, and soon, made Tommy do all the math, content to keep track of the baseline roll results for her little side game.

The fight took a full fifteen minutes to resolve; true to her word, every time one of the boys miss a strike against the monster, or the monster did damage to one of their characters, she made the tongues rub them more intensely, until they reached the edge of orgasm. All four boys were blocked from cumming, of course, instead resulting in an edging that left each one breathless for a moment. But the tongues never stopped licking and squeezing through the whole fight.

Dawood was practically a hair trigger, and Katie had to actually stop her spell a few times just so he wouldn’t edge even when he rolled well. He kept his silence, though. Matt, however, after no less than three deep phantom licks caused him to drop his dice sooner than expected. Twice, such fumbles resulted in bad rolls and a whimper-inducing edging. Finally, Matt couldn’t take it any more and he protested, “Q-quit cheating!”

Katie pouted. “I’m not cheating! It’s not my fault you can’t hold onto your dice!”

“Yes it is! You’re using your powers to manipulate the rolls!”

Katie laughed at that, and she picked up her own dice, giving them a significant squeeze. Matt gasped and shrank back into his chair, doubling over as a phantom hand firmly squeezed his testicles. “I can’t affect the dice, silly boy. They’re just plastic. I can’t move them around with my thoughts like I can your balls.” Another squeeze, and Matt yelped. The other three boys flinched back, expected to feel the same squeeze, but the spell targeted Matt alone.

“Y-you have to be! I’ve never rolled this crappy before!”

“Sorry, dice leaves your hand, physics does its thing,” said Katie. “It’s not like I’ve won every roll, myself. Now, shall we keep playing?”

Matt’s face was red with exertion and frustration. “I-I just—I—” And then he yelped again, this time as the phantom tongues curled tightly around his cock and pulled in a rhythm he’d never felt before, but which shot him right to the edge in an instant. Matt let out a series of gasps and fell out of his chair, hips bucking as he edged again.

Dawood let out a soft little moan and his own hips jerked as he edged as well. He was so wound up, so over stimulated, so sexually hazed by the whole situation, that just watching Katie’s power over his friend, and just feeling even the lightest touch of her power on him set him off. Katie smiled as the two boys bucked helplessly under her power.

Milo and Tommy looked away, mortified, there own cocks flexing as Katie’s Magic slowly caressed them. Tommy had to fight not to give in, and even Milo had to force his breathing steady to keep himself under control.

When Katie eased the magic off just enough to let Matt and Dawood get control of themselves, they resumed the fight against the giant spider. Several more edgings occurred before the creature was finally beaten, and Katie released the boys from her phantom tongues. She gave them a few minutes to catch their breaths while she totaled up their roll scores.

“Just so you all know, Tommy’s currently in the lead, and I’m right behind him. You guys better start getting lucky!” She laughed at the double-entendre, and then picked up her dice again, giving it another meaningful squeeze they all could feel.

“Alright, then, let’s continue. You cut your way through all the webbing to reach the next chamber…”

So it went for nearly ten straight hours, Katie leading them through the long, winding cave system. Every section had a monster to fight or a trap to detect and try to disarm, or a puzzle to solve to reveal a hidden path. Aside from a couple healing potions found on the body of a fallen warrior in one chamber, the journey yielded no loot. But Katie was more than generous in dolling out edge after edge after edge, jotting down numbers on her notepad all the while…


All four boys lay back in their chairs, exhausted. Even though Sex Magic also healed and refreshed a man when spells were used on him, there was only so much a guy’s mind could take before he was completely frazzled. And yet, all four could not help but gaze hopefully at Katie as she tallied up the scores.

She turned and gave a bright smile to Dawood. “Congrats, Dawood! You got the highest score by 50 points!”

Dawood’s eyebrows raised. He couldn’t help but grin and say, “Really? Really?” He was excited as a kid at Christmas.

“Really!” said Katie with a laugh. “Now, take your pants off.”

Completely caught up in the moment, and in the deep ache of his balls, he didn’t even hesitate. He slid down his shorts and leaned back in his chair, gripping the arm rests tightly. His little diamond-hard cock pointed straight to the ceiling, and his breathing sped up, as if the mere anticipation of being allowed to cum was enough to shoot him to the edge. As wound up as he was, that was probably exactly the case! Katie smiled at him, lingering on the moment, savoring the intensity of his need for a few more seconds.

And then, with a thought, she opened his orgasm block and commanded him to cum. Dawood shrieked like a girl as his whole body locked up, hips bolting upwards, as an utterly huge burst of cum geysered up from his cock. The first three shots actually hit the ceiling! The other boys had intended to look away, but they were startled into watching, stunned by the sheer volume and force of semen being launched from his cock. It didn’t seem possible that such a small young man with his below average cock could produce so much cum. They figured Katie had to be doing something with her magic to make it happen!

The only magical assistance Katie was lending, however, was that rather than fall to the ground, the semen floated in the air, creating an increasing web of wet streaks building above Dawood’s body. Even Katie was shocked at how much semen was coming out of him! She probed a little deeper with her magic senses to see if perhaps Dawood’s mother was causing an artificial boost in his semen production to worsen his blue balls.

Nearly twenty seconds of body wracking clenches later, and Dawood had pumped out enough semen to full a small glass! Dawood collapsed, unconscious and boneless in his chair, body twitching in after shocks. There was enough semen floating above him to fill a shotglass. Katie concentrated, and all the semen slowly started globbing together into one ball of the stuff. Matt and Tommy watched with morbid fascination. Milo, however, tried, and failed, to not think about the time an ex-girlfriend had floated his own cum into his mouth, making him swallow his own load. Katie caught his eye and grinned, winking at him. Milo blushed in shame, looking to the side, knowing she’d caught his flash of memory, and instinctively dreading what she was going to do with his friend’s load.

But, she wasn’t going to do anything like that. At least not for now. She floated the semen over into the bathroom and dumped it into the toilet. “Milo, would you be a dear and go flush that for me?” Milo complied, eager to get out of the room for a moment.

Matt and Tommy let out breaths they hadn’t known they’d been holding. Matt nudged Dawood’s arm, and the short guy let out a moan and slowly came awake. He looked completely dazed for a moment as he tried to orient himself. Then his eyes snapped open and he stared at Katie in awe. “Thank you,” he said breathlessly. “Thank you so much!”

“Aw, no need to thank me, you won fair and square!” she said with a grin.

“Dude, your Mom’s not gunna be pissed at you for that, is she?” said Matt. “You said she said you couldn’t—”

“She said I couldn’t.” Dawood slid back into an upright position, then seemed to realize with a start that his shorts were still around his ankles and hastily pulled them up. He winced as they pressed against his tender genitals, but they felt much better than before. “She said if I could convince some girl, it was fine, but every girl I’ve asked just laughed at me for…” He looked to the floor and let his words trail off. Having a small penis. Being too short and scrawny. His mother controlling his orgasms. Katie could read all those thoughts, but the two boys were left to guess.

Milo came back, having dawdled in the bathroom to try and get himself under control again. Katie smiled up at him, and for a brief moment, she tried something she hadn’t even thought of until now: causing a phantom sensation along his tongue to trigger his taste buds. Combining the effect with a memory, she made him, for an instant catch the taste of semen. Milo coughed and flinched back, wide eyed, and prepared the gag, but then the taste was already gone. He wasn’t sure if he’d actually tasted it or just imagined it. He almost glared at Katie, certain she’d used a spell, but didn’t want to risk her doing it again.

“Well, then, I guess it’s time to say goodnight,” she said. “We’ll see you guys tomorrow, still?”

“Definitely!” said Dawood, looking at her almost enamored. He was going to be dreaming about her tonight for sure.

“Yeah,” said Matt. He didn’t want to admit it, but he actually had more fun than he wanted to say.

Milo scowled slightly and said, “Probably not.”

“Aw, come on, it wasn’t so bad, was it?” Katie pouted.

“I don’t want to mix my gaming with Sex Magic! The whole point was to get away from it as much as we could for a week!”

“You can’t just blow the Magic off, luv,” said Katie. “It follows you wherever you go!”

“It’s bullshit!”

“Your penis doesn’t think so.”

Milo opened his mouth, then jumped as he felt a deep, hot lick along his shaft.

“Come on,” she said. “Come back tomorrow. Please?” Another phantom lick and he huffed as his cock, still hard, flexed in his shorts. She could sense he was still resistant, the thought of his “friend with benefits” coming to mind, knowing he could always get relief and sex from her. Unlike his younger brother and their friends, his chance to cum anytime soon wasn’t riding on obeying her request.

“Forget it,” said Milo, crossing his arms.

Katie’s pout stayed for a moment, but she sighed and shrugged. “Alright then,” she said. “I guess I can’t make you.” As she said that, she sifted through his thoughts for a bit of information. “You miss out if you must.”

“I will,” he said firmly.

Matt and Dawood stood, the latter still a bit shaky. The five went upstairs, Katie seeing the three boys out. Dawood thanked her profusely once more, Matt gave her a lingering gaze, as if with renewed appreciation, and Milo just made a point to stay stoic.

Once the door shut behind them, Katie turned to Tommy and smiled. “See? That was fun, wasn’t it?”

Tommy frowned and looked to the floor. “I wanted to do my own game,” he muttered.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding. “But you’ve got a dick and I’ve got the Magic. So, tough break.”

Tommy grit his teeth and his hands clenched. He looked up at Katie, like a little kid about to throw a tantrum. “It isn’t fair! You can’t just do that to me! To us! I worked hard on that game, and you just took it over! Just like you took over—“ His voice hitched, as if saying the words was too much.

“Your penis,” said Katie, nonchalantly. “You can say it. I took over your penis.”

“Just because you have the Magic doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch!”

“No, I don’t have to. I just want to.” Katie glanced down at his cock, still stiff. It occurred to her that he was almost always hard these days. “But part of you sure loves it!”

Tommy blushed and turned away, the last tiny attempt to hide his cock from her eyes and maintain the barest modicum of dignity. Katie giggled as this did nothing to stop her from “seeing” it, and of course, presenting his bare ass to here was hardly more dignified anyway.

“Don’t sweat it, cuz,” she said. “Just for putting up with me, I have a very special treat in mind for you.”

Tommy looked back over his shoulder. “You do?”

Katie almost laughed again. Boys were just so ridiculous. For all his whining and blustering about her control of his cock, his heart still leaped with hope at the mere implication that she might let him blow his load.

Not that she had any actual idea in mind at the moment. But she supposed she owed the poor guy a little bit of compensation for taking over his whole week. Still, she had a whole week to go yet. “Yes,” she said. “So, be a good, obedient boy for me, and I’ll do something nice for you at the end of the week, even if you lose the roll total every day.”

Tommy swallowed hard, his mind whirling with ideas. Katie decided to let him stew over them. “Anyway, I’m off to bed,” she said. “Try not to dream about getting manhandled by sexy nuns again tonight.” She giggled as his cock twitched at the thought. She then went upstairs to her room, pulled out her phone, and dialed the number she’d plucked from Milo’s mind.

The guys were back late the next morning, all three of them. Dawood looked more visibly relaxed than the others had seen in a while. Katie scanned his mind to see his mother had been quite surprised he’d managed to get off, but hadn’t punished him further for it. However, he still had two more months before he could help himself again.

Katie grinned widest, however, as she saw Milo reluctantly come in behind the other two. She noted the psychic tension of his balls was higher than when he left last night. “Well, well, well! I didn’t expect you back.”

Milo sighed. “My… friend with benefits… came over last night. She sensed me getting teased and saw everything you did. She thought your idea was funny. So she said I had to keep playing, and I couldn’t cum this week unless I won. She says she’s getting some great ideas from you. And if I tried to quit, she’d punish me.”

“Goodness! Well, give her a nice, deep kiss from me next time you see her!”

Milo swallowed nervously, and a flash of memory from last night crossed his mind. Katie caught it before he could tamp it down: his girlfriend sucking him, collecting his pre-cum on her tongue, then kissing him deeply, then doing it again, for nearly two hours. No wonder his balls were already so full! Katie giggled at the thought, and Milo blushed, knowing she’d seen it.

“Well, then, let’s get back to it!” she said. She turned and led the three boys downstairs, where Tommy was already waiting. Still naked, of course.


The second day went much like the first, constant teases and edgings throughout various encounters. Matt ended up winning the roll total, and Katie made him explode just like Dawood, shooting his cum into the air, then floating it to the toilet for Milo to flush.

The third day was the same, except Katie won this time, with Matt as the runner up. She took Matt up to her room and kept the door open, even as she had the boys stay in the living room. They had to hear her shriek and cry in orgasm as Matt licked her. With every noise she made, they all felt a tremor of her magic through their cocks, coaxing then to full tension, tickling their nerves until they were squirming in their seats. When she howled in orgasm, all the boys gasped and jerked as a powerful tremor of magic radiated from her, making them all edge at once.

When Matt finally came back downstairs, he was diamond hard, a little dazed, and his face was still wet with her fluids, which she said he had to let air dry. The three boys hurried themselves out while Katie showered, leaving Tommy to ache on his own.

By day four, however, Katie was already getting bored with the routine. and decided to change things up. Tommy was surprised when that morning, he and Katie had another guest. He blinked in surprise as he came downstairs to see Katie’s friend Peggy sitting on the living room couch with his cousin. Peggy grinned and giggled, seeing him naked.

“Hi, Tommy!” said Peggy with a little wave. The petite girl was dressed in a cute white sun dress with yellow flowers, her blonde hair done up in ringlets, tied up in twin tails on either side of her head. She was a few months older than Katie, already twenty, but she looked a few years younger.

Tommy’s eyes widened as, letting his eyes linger on her, he noticed the faint hint of her nipples through the thin material of her dress. He realized with a start that she wasn’t wearing a bra! His eyes glanced a bit down, but he couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties are not.

Both girls laughed, and Katie turned to her friend. “You slut!”

Peggy, still laughing, said, “Oh, man, you have no idea how hilarious it was this morning! Grown men bugging out because they can sort of see my tits, then looking at my face and panicking when they think I’m still in junior high or something, then getting that spark of relief when they think I’m too young to have the magic, then panicking again when they realize they’re about to fantasize about an “underaged” girl and other women might catch them. Then I’d wink at them and jolt their little cocks, and then they’d panic all over again!”

“Oh, god, if I looked as jailbait as you, I’d do that all the time!” Katie laughed.

Tommy was frozen halfway down the stairs, his eyes were still lingering on Peggy’s chest. Her bust was modest, but swelled enough that there was no mistaking the hard nubs of her nipples beneath the thin material of her dress.

“My eyes are up here, Tommy!” said Peggy, pointing to her face. She tried to sound stern, but couldn’t keep a straight face, grinning with amusement.

“S-sorry!” he said. He tried to go back upstairs, but an invisible rope of magic instantly snagged him around the base of his cock, tugging downwards.

“Come on, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” said Peggy. “I don’t bite. Much!” She winked and Tommy jumped when he felt a little nip on his butt. Reluctantly, he came downstairs.

“So, Peggy wants to join in our game!” said Katie.

“R-really?” said Tommy, coming down and sitting down on the recliner.

“Yep!” Peggy said. “I was getting bored out of my skull at home! I was looking forward to snagging a handful of beach studs and having my way with them this week, but our friends had to go and cancel the trip.”

“What did happen?” said Katie. “I still haven’t heard anything. Is Tiffany okay?”

Peggy frowned, then said. “Well, you didn’t hear this from me, but Patty said that Gwen said that Tiffany’s Mom got called in for questioning over that weird witchcraft murder thing that happened in London.”

Katie’s eyes widened. “No way! That Cult thing?”

“Yeah, she wouldn’t tell me anything else. But, you know, Tiff wasn’t going to go on holiday with that going on. And Gwen wasn’t going to leave Tiff, since, you know….” Peggy raised the index and middle fingers of both hands like a pair of scissors, and slid them together back and forth a few times.

Katie’s eyes widened even more. “No shit?! They’re really...” she mimicked the motion.

“It’s as good as official,” said Peggy, nodding. “Patty says she can hear Tiff and Gwen going at it whenever Tiff stays over.”

“Oh! Well, then. Good for them, I guess.”

Peggy sighed. “Yeah. So, Patty and I were hanging out, but there’s nothing to do in Swindon we haven’t done a bajillion times already. And then she found some French boy to go have fun with for the week, leaving me with nothing to do.” She mock-glared at Katie. “And meanwhile, you’ve been hanging out with horny boys all day! And you call me a slut!”

Katie laughed, and Peggy joined her. Tommy, meanwhile, just sat there, trying not to keep glancing at Peggy’s nearly-visible breasts, with nothing to add to the conversation. Finally, Peggy looked over at him. “So! Tommy. This game you and Katie are playing. How does it work?”

“Oh! Um… well… have you ever played a Table Top RPG before?”

“Well, I’ve role-played while on a table top before,” she said, giving him a sly wink. “I was the naughty school girl. Does that count?”

Tommy let out a nervous chuckle. “Not that kind of roleplaying.”

“How about you two go downstairs and you run Peggy through the basics,” said Katie. “I can sense your friends coming, I’ll wait for them.” She winked at Peggy.

“Sounds great!” Peggy got up and headed towards the basement. Tommy gasped as he saw, without question, that was indeed not wearing any panties, either. His eyes transfixed on her butt as he hastily got up and followed behind. His cock throbbed as he walked.

“You’re gunna burn a hole in my ass if you keep staring like that,” said Peggy.

Tommy forced himself to tear his gaze away. “S-s-sorry!”

Peggy reached the bottom of the stairs and started to turn to enter the main room. However, just as Tommy’s feet touched the floor, Peggy’s hand came around and clasped his balls.

Tommy yelped as an electric jolt of tingles shot through his loins. Peggy pulled him up by his testicles, but to Tommy’s surprise, his entire body lifted up with them, as if he were lift as a feather. Peggy pulled Tommy into the basement room behind her, as if pulling a balloon by its string. Her fingers gently rolled his balls a little bit back and forth. Tommy’s breath deepened as soothing, warm sensations flowed from her hands.

He wondered if Sex Mage girls ever just plain touched guys anymore, or if they always used magic every time, even when actually touching them. Peggy just giggled at the thought. She then sat down in the usually empty chair between where Tommy and Milo sat. As she settled in, she pulled him over her, placing his butt down on the table. His throbbing cock and balls were right in front of her face. Tommy gripped the edges of the table hard, and his feet came down on the chair’s armrest.

Tommy’s eyes widened once more, then scrunched into a wince, as Peggy leaned forward and closed her mouth around his cock. She lowered her head slowly, taking him in an inch per second, until her nose touched his abdomen. Tommy wasn’t the biggest guy around, but he was a good seven inches, and slightly thicker than average. Peggy’s small mouth and throat fit his entire length easily. She held him like that, make a few swallowing motions to rub the end of his cock. Her one hand continued to roll his balls, with the other came up, and lightly pressed and rubbed his taint, the spot just beneath his testicles. Tommy gasped and his hands clenched the table in a death grip. She wasn’t even using magic to enhance the sensations, and already, he could feel a doomed orgasm welling up inside him.

He could also feel her thoughts invading his mind. He braced himself for the ephemeral invasion, that indescribably weird, yet not entirely unpleasant sensation, of a magical girl sifting through his thoughts. And yet, Peggy’s mental touch was incredibly light, gossamer soft, like feathers tickling his brain. Tommy let out a soft moan as much from the pleasure of her mental probing as from the sensation of her hands and mouth upon him.

And then, suddenly, it all stopped. She pulled her hands and mouth off his genitals, sliding her lips off him with a soft pop, and withdrew her mind from his, leaving him shivering, lightly sweating, and gasping, right before his body reached the edge of orgasm. When he could breathe normally again, he looked down at Peggy, glassy eyed. She just smiled warmly at him, then leaned forward and gave the tip of his cock a delicate little kiss.

“Thanks,” she said. “I think I got the gist.”

“You, uh… you read my mind… that easily…?”

Peggy smiled and nodded. She pointed a finger at him, and floated him off the table, pulling out his own chair next to her and setting him down in it.

“I’m pretty good with telepathy,” she said. “Most girls have to be fucking a guy for a few weeks or using their powers on him for a couple months, before they can see anything not related to sex. Me, I can do it almost right away, just holding a guy’s dick. If I’ve screwed him at least once, I don’t even need to touch him afterwards.”

Tommy nodded dumbly at her, not sure what to say, or if there was even a point in talking if she could read him that easily. She reached up and put a hand on his head, almost petting him like a dog. “Did that feel good?” she asked.

He nodded, still speechless.

She just smiled back warmly. “Good. I know Katie’s been awfully mean to you. She can be a real bitch, huh?”

In the four years he’d been living with Aunt Claire and Katie, Tommy had only ever seen Peggy a handful of times, and had barely ever spoken to her. Why the hell was she being so nice to him out of no where? Was this some game she and Katie were playing?

“No game,” she said. “I just think you’re cute.”

Tommy blushed, for once, not from sexual embarrassment.

And the moment was broken as Katie came downstairs with Milo, Matt, and Dawood in tow. The three boys blinked in surprise at seeing Peggy, who grinned back and waved as Katie introduced them all. Her grin widened as she watched each boy realize, one by one, that they could almost see her breasts right through her dress. Each of their cock clenched when they noticed.

“Alright, you pervs, take your seats!” said Katie with a laugh.

Dawood pointed to Peggy. “Wait, so, is she playing, too?”

“Of course!” said Katie. She then clapped her hands together. “Oh, yes! New rule! If either I, Peggy, or Tommy win the roll total, then both Peggy and I get oral from one of you guys.” She glanced at Tommy. “I guess this time, we can just pick which guy we each want.”

“Or we can each take two,” said Peggy with a wink and a chuckle. “One of mine will have to be Tommy, of course.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Tell you what, if you win specifically, you can pick two. Slut.”

“Whore!” said Peggy, and the two laughed again.

The four guys stood and sat where they were, their dicks positively throbbing at the possibilities.  Katie motioned them towards the chairs.

“Wait!” said Peggy. “Why is Tommy the only naked one?”

Katie glanced at her cousin. He gulped under her gaze, and prayed Katie was going to finally let him get dressed. He should have known better, of course.

Katie turned to the boys. “Strip,” she said.

Matt and Dawood’s eyes widened, while Milo just gawked at her. “Come on!” the older guy said. “Can’t you give us that much?”

“Hey, it isn’t like I’m telling you guys to suck each other off,” said Katie. “But you’ve had ample opportunity to see Tommy boy butt naked. I think you should return the favor.”

“Please don’t make me!” said Dawood, his hands already positioned to cover his crotch.

Katie rolled her eyes. “Peggy and I can see it already, Dawood. And your friends already saw it when I made you shoot a couple days ago.”

“That was… it…” Dawood hadn’t care in that moment only because he’d been out of his mind with the need to shoot his load. But afterwards, his head had been cleared enough to get self-conscious about it again. Dawood gave her a pained look. “It didn’t use to be this small, honest! My mom shrank it!”

“No one cares,” said Katie. “Any real Sex Mage knows size doesn’t matter at all these days. One inch or twelve, you all produce energy just the same! What matters now is you boys freeing your poor, achy tackles!” As she said this, she let the magic flow from her, forcing the boys’ cocks into diamond hardness.

Matt was the first to break, knowing it was helpless. Milo grit his teeth, but knew quitting now would just make it worse. Aside from Tommy, he had now gone the longest without cumming, and between the long game and his “friend with benefits”, his balls were quickly reaching an unbearable state of blueness. He started stripping as well, making a point to look away from the other guys as much as possible. Dawood, despite Katie’s reassurances, held out the longest. But the way Katie made him hard, reminded him too much of his mother’s unrelenting force when she wanted to discipline him, and trained instinct told him the longer he held out, the literally harder she would make it for him. He finally cracked, and stripped quickly.

When all three boys were naked, Katie smiled, then cranked up the pressure to nearly double. All three boys let out cries and dropped to their knees, cocks darkening with tension. And then, just as suddenly, she cut the signals off, leaving the boys to fall back, gasping. Their cocks stayed hard, but returned to normal tension once more.

“My game, my rules,” said Katie. “I thought you’d have learned that by now.”

“You said we weren’t going to have to get naked!” Milo said, glowering.

“And now I’m saying you do,” said Katie. “Shall we get to playing or not?”

Matt and Dawood quickly sat down, scooting in as much as they could and leaning forward so the table would afford them some level of pretend dignity. Milo followed a minute later. However, the tall boy’s cock was large enough that, standing erect, the tip pressed against the bottom of the table, forcing him to sit so that the tip just barely crested the tables end. Katie and Peggy gave him an appreciative look, and Dawood, who couldn’t help but glance, lowered in his head and blushed crimson, mortified.

Tommy cleared his throat. “Okay, so, um, let’s go. We were about to break into the vault, right?”

Katie grinned. “That’s right!” she said. She picked up her dice, and the boys flinched as they felt her hand upon them once more. No matter how much she did it, it effected them as intensely as the first time. “So, I believe Tommy was about to use a device to break in. Roll to see if your hack succeeds…”


The game went on as usual, except that now, Peggy joined in the teasing. Twice as many little stimulation spells, double the sensations while an encounter was going, and twice edgings, as Katie decided mid-encounter that misses and HP loss now meant both girls each got to make the boy edge.

Peggy spent the first hour writing up her own character and joined in as a new addition to the group, a Rogue Explorer/Biomancer, who used healing to restore the other players. She, of course, did not have to suffer constant teasing and edging, even when she rolled badly. Except, she never actually seem to roll badly, and her only role in any combat was the hang back and cast support spells, so she never put herself in a position to take damage.

And yet, for all the healing help they had, both Dawood and Matt’s characters got killed in an encounter anyway. Peggy, unfortunately, didn’t have any resurrection abilities on her character yet, and there were no artifacts with such abilities available, either.

“So what do we do now?” said Dawood.

“We weren’t gunna win anyway,” muttered Matt. “These dice are bullshit!” He looked at Katie accusingly. “You swear you aren’t manipulating the dice?”

Katie rolled her eyes. “I told you Sex Mages can’t effect regular objects.”

“Some Sex Mages have real telekinesis!” said Matt. “How do we know you’re not hiding that ability?”

“Do you really think I’d have let you win a couple days ago if I could do that?” said Katie. “Luck’s just not on your side today.”

“Hey, Katie, think fast!” said Peggy. She threw one of her die at Katie’s head. The other girl, startled threw her hands up, but the little cube of plastic beaned her on the forehead anyway.

“Hey! You bitch!” said Katie. She picked the die up and threw it back at Peggy with surprising speed, who blocked it with her arm, letting it clatter onto the table. Despite throwing it rather hard, neither girl was hurt; thanks to all the lust energy in the room, they barely even felt the hit.

“See?” said Peggy. “If she could use telekinesis on anything, she would have blocked that. And me, too, for that matter.”

“Whatever,” said Matt. Despite his powerful orgasm two days ago, Katie riding his face just yesterday as she pounded away at his cock with teasing magic, and the double-whammy of torment from her and Peggy today, had gotten his balls back to aching in no time! What was even the point of getting to cum if Sex Mages could just tease you back to insanity in no time flat?

Katie and Peggy both laughed, reading that thought. “What’s the point indeed!” said Katie. “If you want to quit, go right ahead. But if you drop out now, you’re walking home naked!”

Matt and Dawood both gawked at her, while Milo sighed, but held his tongue. Tommy gulped. He was lucky enough to already be home, at least. He felt Peggy’s hand brush against his thigh and he looked back at her. She gave him a little smirk and a wink, and he felt her magic tingle through his mind again. He heard her voice in his minds ear: I can always take you for a walk, if you like.

Tommy gulped again and blushed, and Peggy giggled as she saw his thought of her walking him on a leash, while he followed behind, naked on all fours.

Katie, meanwhile, was smiling calmly at the other two boys, waiting patiently for them to make a decision. “We’ll stay,” muttered Matt.

“But do we make new characters or what?” said Dawood.

“They won’t be able to get involved until the dungeon’s beat,” said Katie. “You’re almost at the end, though, then you go on to the next city—”

“No,” cut in Milo. “Let’s just go until we’re all dead. I’m done with this.”

“Such a grump!” said Katie, frowning at him. “Won’t your not-girlfriend punish you if you quit early?”

“It’s not quitting if we just go until our characters get killed,” he said. “Then it’s just game over.”

Peggy smiled sweetly at him. “I’ll do my best to make sure you’re extra healed!” she said.

“Hahaha, nice loophole,” said Katie. “Alright, fine. If I’m being honest, three more days of this sounds a little too tedious. But! If these boys aren’t going to play, they may as well make themselves useful!”

The two boys looked at her with a tinge of worry. “Dawood, you’re going to be my seat cushion,” she said. She stood and pointed at her chair. “Come sit.”

Dawood gulped, hesitating. Then his cock jumped as he felt a jolt of a spell, and he scrambled out of his seat and onto Katies. Katie sat back down, sliding back against him. His penis was pressed firmly against the cloth of her shorts, snug between her ass. His face was pressed against her back, enveloped by her hair. The skin of her legs and arms brushed his, sending electric tingles all throughout his body. Dawood gasped and huffed as this much contact with her, with a female body period, threatened to make him hyperventilate. Katie sensed his thoughts, that he’d never so much as kissed a girl yet, only been played with by Sex Magic. She smirked and snuggled herself back against him. His penis flexed against her covered ass, and he tried to buck his hips. However, her magic seized him, freezing him in place.

Matt, meanwhile, looked to Peggy, wide-eyed. Peggy smirked at him and beckoned teasingly. Matt gasped as magic tingled ran up and down his cock. He started to stand, but she held her finger up. “Ah-ah!” she pointed down. “On the floor. Beneath the table.”

Tommy and Milo instinctively scooted back as Matt, a worried look on his face, slipped beneath the table. Once under, Peggy’s legs reached out and touched him. Magic flowed from her toes, and Matt felt her power grip his whole body, flatting him out to be ramrod straight, arms on his sides, then flipping him onto his back and floating him so that his face was beneath the seat of her chair, his feet beneath the chair opposite. With his groin beneath the middle of the table, Peggy rest her bare feet on his hips. He let out a small whimpering moan as his cock throbbed to fullest tension, bobbing between her feet. She didn’t touch his cock, however, just framed it with her feet, keeping two inches away on either side. Instead, she slowly pumped a flow of arousing and stimulating energy, freezing his body in place. All he could move was his cock, which continued to flex in failed attempts to orgasm.

Both girls sighed with satisfaction as the boys’ desperation flowed into them even stronger through direct contact. Milo and Tommy shared a glance and swallowed hard. “Well?” said Katie, a little breathy. “Where were we?”

“We, uh, just destroyed that flying robot,” said Tommy.

“Oh, yeah. Right. We’re coming up to the final chamber,” she said. “If you can make it through here, you’ll have solved the monster infestation problem, and gained the final treasure for the dungeon. And then you can move onto the next part, I guess.”

“Fine,” said Milo. “I charge in and throw a bunch of fireballs around.”

“Oh, you’re just trying to get killed aren’t you?” said Katie.

“Who cares?” said Milo. “I’m not going to win the roll total anyway.”

“You don’t know that,” said Katie.

“Do I hit anything?” said Milo.

Katie rolled her eyes and sighed. “Yes, you hit the walls of the chamber. The vault door has closed and sealed again, releasing a fire-suppressing gas. The gas eats up the oxygen in the room. You three have five minutes to escape or suffocate to death.”

“Perfect,” grunted Milo. Then he let out a shuddering gasp as he felt a hot, wet, smooth sensation envelope his cock and squeeze. A phantom pussy started fucking him in ways no human woman could move. He gasped and gripped the table.

Tommy, likewise, felt a similar sensation, shuddering. Peggy reach over and pat his leg, lessening the intensity for him, even as she snuck a thread of magic and spiked the sensation stronger for Milo. Milo let out a choked gasp, eyes widened.

“Come on, man, what do you do?” said Katie. She set her elbows on the table and leaned forward, resting her chin on her hand, looking at he resistant boy expectantly. She wriggled her ass a bit against Dawood’s cock and the boy let out a long moan as his cock jerked against her ass.

“I-I-I try to hack the door open again!” gasped Tommy. He rolled for the effort, but got the lowest possible score, a two. This resulted in a botch; not only did he fail, but he failed such that there was a backlash result that made it worse.

“Ooh, too bad! You not only fail to hack the door, but your device breaks!” said Katie. “Sorry, cuz! Nice effort for trying, though.” She winked at him, and Tommy cried out, jerking in his seat as a surge of magic made him edge. His cock clenched hard and his balls ached for several seconds, the cum roiling in his balls. As he started to come down, he braced himself for Peggy’s follow up edging, but she just gave him a small smile and pat his leg again.

Milo, barely able to hold his dice, rolled to try and blow up the gas vents in the room, trying to seal them off. The roll succeeded, but Katie declared there were five vents in total. Milo rolled several times to try and hit them all, but kept missing half the time. Then, time was up, and the characters started losing HP every second. Peggy decided to pour all her rolls into healing Milo, extending his HP until she lost all of hers, just to draw it out for the stubborn boy. Katie, meanwhile, just hammered Milo with sharp, quick edges until his character was dead, not even bothering with Tommy.

Finally, it was over. Total Party Wipe Out. If she was honest, Katie wasn’t completely disappointed, even if she was annoyed with Milo for being so defiant. She jotted down all the roll totals, and then laughed. Holding up the pad, she pointed to Milo’s column. “You dumb ass. You were first place by 100 points! If you’d have just held out longer, I’d be making you cum your brains out right now!”

“Fuck it,” gasped Milo. “I’m done. I can’t take anymore! We’re not coming back tomorrow!”

Matt let out a loud, mewing sound that both girls interpreted as an agreement.

“See, Peggy,” said Katie, smiling. “This is why I didn’t invite you over early. You show up, and everything goes to hell!”

Both girls laughed, and got up from their chairs, releasing their trapped boys. Matt and Dawood, when they could move again, scrambled to their feet. Despite the other two’s massive orgasms just a couple days ago, their genitals were now aching almost as badly as they had on the first day!

“You absolutely sure you don’t want to come back tomorrow?” said Katie.

“No!” said the two brothers hastily as they grabbed their clothes. They ran upstairs, where they hurriedly got dressed and all but ran out the door. Dawood didn’t say anything, but thought it best to stick with his friends, and tried to followed behind them. However, Katie grabbed his arm and pulled him back before he could reach the stairs, making him drop his clothes. Dawood looked at her nervously.

“Hey, now,” said Katie. “We’ve still got a couple hours before you guys usually go home. You sure you want to run off?”

Dawood stammered. “Please, I don’t think I can handle any more of this. Even my mom doesn’t tease me this long this many days in a row!”

“Well, it doesn’t have to be a tease,” said Katie. She reached down and gently clasped his penis, his small organ almost vanishing behind her fingers.

Dawood let out a small gasp again and bucked in her hand. He nearly came right then and there! Katie laughed. “My rules still apply, I’m afraid. Since all of you died, that means I’m the winner of the roll total by default. And since you’re the only boy still here, I guess that means you get to do the honors.” She leaned forward. “Tell you what, do a good job, make me cum thrice with your tongue, and I’ll let you stick it in me.”

Dawood almost fainted and he stared open mouthed at Katie. “I-I-I—” he stammered.

“Come on,” said Katie. With a bit of magic, Dawood was suddenly floating in the air, and Katie pulled him upstairs by his genitals, just as Peggy had done to Tommy.

Speaking of, the two were the only one’s left in the basement. Peggy looked at Tommy and grinned. “Technically if she wins, I win, too!” This time, she got up and sat on the table in front of Tommy. Her dress slid up as she spread her legs, revealing her sex to him. Shaved and slightly moist with excitement, the sight of her pussy nearly stunned Tommy into a trance. Peggy smiled and pulled the dress up fully, then cupped the back of Tommy’s head with both hands and pulled him forward.

Both girls shrieked with pleasure as they rode the boys’ faces to a dozen orgasms each. The poor boys’ cocks ached with extreme tension the whole time. To her credit, Katie even allowed Dawood to fuck her. But her rules stayed in place; Dawood didn’t get to cum today.

Peggy, meanwhile, opted not to torment Tommy further, and left him gasping, hard, and drenched in her juices, sagging in his chair. She gave him a kiss on the forehead, and said she’d keep in touch.

A few hours later, Katie came down to find him dozing off. She chuckled and shook him awake. He jolted in his seat, bolting upright. Then he managed to collect himself and leaned back with a sigh. Katie sat in her usual spot next to him, and propped her legs up on the table.

“Whew,” she said. “That was fun!”

Tommy just sulked in his chair. His cock was still throbbing, seeming to stare up at him, accusingly, angrily. He almost wanted to yell at it to shrink back down and stop being so easily tricked by girls. Katie caught the image and giggled, causing him to blush hotly.

“You mad at me?” said Katie.

“You turned my campaign into a cock-torture session!” mutter Tommy.

Katie shrugged. “Yeah. Kind of a shame it ended early. Now we have three whole days left and no one else to play with.” She smirked at him. “Although, I guess I can call Peggy over some more.”

Tommy blushed and his cock twitched at the thought. Katie grinned. “Thought you’d like that. I think she likes you, too.”

“So... I went along with it… I did what you asked…” he said. “You said you’d do something for me?”

Katie grinned. “I said I’d do something for you at the end of the week, if you were a good boy the whole time.”

Tommy looked up at her, his expression pained. “Come on, it’s not my fault they all ran out! You can’t hold that against me!”

“I’m not,” she said. “But I told you, I’d do it at the end of the week, not when the game ended. Until then, if the game’s over, you still owe me three days of entertainment, or the deal is off.”

Tommy gawked at her. “But—I—what more could we do? They aren’t coming back after this!”

“I don’t need them to have fun with you,” she said. And then, she let the magic flow from her body once more. Tommy gasped and stiffened as his cock swelled beyond full once more. His entire body tingled as her magic washed over him. He tried to plead for mercy, but his words only came out as gasps.

Katie swung her legs off the table, and leaned forward, smiling at Tommy’s diamond hard cock, watching a bead of pre-cum seep from the tip and trail down his length. “We played your silly dungeon game, now we get to play mine. From now straight until the end of the week. Non-stop. And if Peggy wants, she can join in to whenever she wants to stop by.”

Tommy let out a desperate groan. He tried to get up, tried to writhe, but her magic seized him. She reached over and collected some dice. “How about this? I start rolling. You try to guess a number between…” she counted the dice in her hand “…between ten and sixty. If you guess the number, I’ll give you an hours break from my power. If you lose, then I’ll edge you once for every number you’re off by. So, if the number is twenty, and you guess fifty, that’s thirty edges. Then we roll again. We’ll do this until I get bored, and I’ll think of something else. Sound cool?”

Tommy wanted to shake his head no, but at this point, it wasn’t like he even had a choice. If he went along with her sadistic whims, at least he’d get something at the end of it all. If he was lucky, maybe Peggy would stop by and if she did like him, maybe she’d convince Katie to be a little merciful. He nodded.

“Good boy,” said Katie. “I promise, end of the week. I’ll even get Peggy to help if you want.” Another bit of magic, and she made his eyes close. “Now pick a number.” As the sound of dice rattling across the table, Tommy prayed, and chose.

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  1. This was an amazing story! I love all of your work it's so fun to read and tease myself. Thank you for all of your hard work!