Friday, November 1, 2013

Kat's Boytoy: Zoa Blues

NOTE: This story takes place after Kat’s Boytoy: The Party and Kat’s Boytoy: Wild Lust

My name is Kat and I am an Esper, a person gifted with psychic powers. For over a year and a half now, I have been enjoying an intensely kinky BDSM relationship with my boytoy, Ben. Instead of whips and chains and chastity belts, however, I use my mental abilities in all sorts of ways to dominate him, sensually tormenting his body and mind until he can’t stand it anymore, forcing him to please me while I tease him with only occasionally blessings of relief. If it sounds a bit harsh, don’t worry. It’s always been in good fun. I can be pretty intense with my sadism sometimes, but he’s a total masochist for my brand of psychic sex play, so it all works out.

At least, it used to. But all good things have to end someday, right? Ben came over to my place the other night, and I could tell he wasn’t bringing good news. Just heading to the door, I could feel the mix of emotions, mainly anxiety, emanating off him. When a person was that wound up, I didn’t have to pry to sense what they were feeling. Ben swallowed hard when I opened the door and gave him a smile, hoping to ease his mood. “Hello, boytoy. You aren’t due for another couple of days. Feeling tense already?”

“Already” was a bit of a joke. We’d incorporated orgasm denial into our sexual play since the beginning. I used to let him pop at least once a week, usually twice, but after last summer, I got into the habit of extending the time between climaxes. I loved to make him cum, but I also enjoyed feeling his sexual excitement and frustration wash over me as we fucked. I now usually let him pop only once every two weeks. Sometimes I’d extend it to three if I was feeling especially wicked. It drove him absolutely crazy, but when I did finally let him cum, it was unlike any orgasm most men get to experience in their lives. Trust me, I made sure it was worth it.

However, as he stood at the door looking almost pensive, his nine day stretch of blue balls seemed the last thing on his mind. I frowned a bit. “Are you alright?” I said.

“Kat, we, uh… we need to talk…” he said. 

My frown deepened. I resisted the urge to just pluck the information from his head. “What is it?”

“I got the internship,” he said. “The one for Zoaheim.” I sensed a wave of emotion flow off him as admitting that made his heart beat faster. Anxiety, but also some elation.

I fixed Ben with a hard stare as I processed what he had just said to me. “You’re actually going. To Zoaheim.”

Ben nodded. “I got the internship. Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than an internship, more like an actual apprenticeship. I do this job and I am set for a career. It could even put me on the fast track to be a translator for the Council of Nations.” He chuckled almost nervously. “I mean, that’s not guaranteed, obviously. But you know, I mean, wouldn’t that be something?”

I blinked in surprise. I’d had no idea Ben had that kind of ambition! Were this any other sort of job prospect, I would certainly have been happy for him. But this wasn’t just any kind of job. “That’s… great…” I said. My attempt at a smile ended up as a frown. “But… Zoaheim? Really?”

“Yeah, I know,” he said.

My frown deepened. “That continent full of monsters and savages. It’s where they exile rogue Mages and Espers and war criminals.”

“Not on the continent,” he said. “I’d be working on an island that borders Zoaheim and Iteru waters.”

“But you’ll be working with Zoaheim Demihumans,” I said.

Ben gave me a calm, patient smile, like a teacher addressing a particularly slow student. “It’s a military guarded immigration facility. I’d be helping evaluate if said Demihumans could leave Zoaheim. By the time they’d reach my island, they’d have already been to a few other islands for assessment and learning. And if something did go wrong, there are guards and protocols handle it.”

He’d explained this to me before, but I was still having trouble processing it. “Went wrong. Like a Demihuman cutting open your throat if he doesn’t like how your interview is going.”

Ben nodded. “Yes. That part scares me. But I still want to do this. I’ll be trained on how to handle something like that. And if I can survive it, I can survive any job.”

“Until something goes wrong.”

Ben felt a flash of frustration. I didn’t even need my psychic powers to see it, despite his attempt to hide it. But I couldn’t help it. Zoaheim was called the Forbidden Continent for centuries, and for good a reason. I knew scientists and military personnel were stationed there, but training for being a translator? Well, actually, I supposed a linguist would be very valuable there, but I wouldn’t think Zoaheim would be a good place for a training position. I didn’t like it one bit.

Of course, it wasn’t just the danger. “How long would you be gone?”

Ben frowned but said, “A lot longer than I originally thought. I’d have to do basic training and survival courses, and such. All told, I’d be gone for about a year.”

I felt a pang in my chest. “A year?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I know. That’s why we need to talk about this.”

Being apart for summer break was one thing. Ben had been able to drive down to see me over that summer. But this was on the other side of the planet. I kept a calm face, but the tight feeling in my chest didn’t go away. I tried to keep my cool. “Not sure what there is to say. You want to go. You need to go. So go.”

“I know you’re upset—”

“Gee, you think? You’re ditching me to go play around with monster women.” Ben scowled. Inwardly, I cursed myself. Why did I say that?

“Um, that’s really not it, Kat.”

I let out a sigh. “Yes, I know. It’s just the thought of you going there scares me. I know I couldn’t do it. And if I’m being honest, I don’t want you doing it.”

Ben’s jaw set. “Well, I’m doing it, barring something intervening. You don’t want me to go, you’ll have to mind control me.”

I felt a bit of anger well up, but I forced myself to stay calm. I realized that, excited as he was for his future, he was pretty scared of the idea of going there, too. But he needed to defend his choice, because if he backed out now, he’d be kicking himself over it for years.

“I would never do that to you,” I said calmly. I tried to think of something to say, something less potentially offensive. “Look, I’m sorry. I don’t want to come off as prejudice, but the truth is, I’ve just never been comfortable around Demihumans. And you know what kind of horror stories they tell about the Forbidden Continent. Just the thought of you being around Demihumans who’ve grown up there… Well. You can’t blame me for worrying, huh?” It was the truth.

“I see.” Ben frowned. “Well, you sure didn’t have any problems giving me those psychic visions of being fucked by them.”

“That was just a fantasy,” I said. “And I thought you’d like it.”

“I did.” He paused for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts. “I’m coming off hostile, aren’t I? I’m sorry. I guess I was expecting a fight, so I’m all defensive.” He gave me a sincere look. “Kat, you know this doesn’t mean we can’t see each other again. I’ll be gone for a year, but it’s not like we can’t hook back up when I return. That is, if you’ll still want me.”

I nodded. “Of course.”

Ben smiled, a bit relieved. “Okay. Now comes the part you might not like, but I have to insist. You need to release your psychic conditions on me before I go. It is a dangerous place. I can’t be distracted if something does happen, and I end up getting tranced out at a critical moment because of one of your conditions.”

I tried not to scowl, but couldn’t quite hide it. “Insist? You forget, you’re not the one who gets to insist in this relationship, boy toy.”

His expression remained calm, but I sensed a flash of knee-jerk anger. Most of it was spawned from anxiety, and hence defensive. But he didn’t say anything. We both knew there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to me, and there were a lot of things I could do to him. And I could choose to make those things less than pleasant. Normally, this remembrance of our power structure would get both of our libidos revving, and we’d very shortly thereafter be stripping our clothes off to go at it. But not this time. We just stood there, looking at one another, and before I knew it, the air between us had gone back to very tense.

Ben was serious. He expected me to do as he insisted. “Well, I’m not undoing anything before you go,” I finally said. “But I’ll consider it.”

Ben opened his mouth to protest. He then rethought his words and nodded. “I guess all I can say is please. I don’t mean any disrespect here.”

My frown maintained, but I nodded as well. “I know.” We stood there for a bit longer. It was starting to get awkward, so I figured it best to shift the mood a bit. “So… care to take a load off?” As I said that, I sent a psychic signal to his brain, making him feel the sensation of fingertips lightly tapping his ball sac.

Ben jumped a bit at the sensation and blinked, as if surprised at the idea. I suppose at this point it was a little early for me to suggest an orgasm after only nine days. “Uh…” he shifted nervously a bit. “Actually… I dunno if this is a good time…”

I cocked my head to the side and gave him a dangerously inquisitively look. “You really think so?”

“I’m… I don’t think I’m able to really… perform… right now…”

I forced myself not to make a smart ass retort. Ben was still focused on his job at the moment, excited, but nervous, a little scared, even. He had a lot to think about and prepare for. Me, I suppose the news hadn’t really set in yet.

My features softened and I nodded again. “Alright.” Ben started to step away, but I stopped him with a “hey” and held my arms out to him. He went over to me and we hugged. “It’s alright,” I said soothingly. As I did so, I reached into his mind and soothed a bit of his anxiety, lifting his mood a bit, letting him think a bit more clearly. “Maybe in a couple days,” I said.

Ben pulled back and smiled, saying. “Yeah, alright.” Giving my arm a final affectionate squeeze, he left. I smiled as I watched him go, but the smile dropped immediately once the door shut behind him. I spent the rest of the day in a sour mood.

Night did not bring rest for me. As I had mulled over the idea of Ben leaving for Zoaheim, I found my mood just getting worse and worse. Finally, it was more than I could hold in. I was going to visit him tonight and give him a piece of my mind. It was already past midnight by the time I went, however, so he would already be asleep when I approached. I decided I didn’t care.

Half an hour later, I opened the door to Ben’s apartment, slipping inside quietly. Locking it behind me, I tip toed through the darkened hallway. Ben’s bedroom door was open and he lay curled up, naked, under the comforter he used as a blanket. I stepped up to him and watched him. I could not see him clearly in the dark, but my psychic senses let me see him in ways normal eyes couldn’t. I slipped into his mind, and saw he was deep in REM sleep. He was dreaming about a random spill of mundane images, talking a walk, driving a car, taking a test for school. The usual mural of humdrum nonsense most people dream of.

I thought about waking him, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. I instead slipped into his mind, as usual picturing before me a set of levers, dials, and switches that let me manipulate his bodily functions through his nervous system. I found the lever that controlled the depth of his sleep, and I secured it where it was with a temporary psychic hold. For the next several hours, he would remain asleep, no matter what happened to him.

Satisfied he would not wake, I stripped off my clothes and pulled aside the comforter. I rolled him onto his side, and then reached in and hit the switches that controlled the movement of his limbs. He was not fully paralyzed, but he wouldn’t be able to do more than twitch his arms and legs. This would keep him on his back as I worked him over, so there was no risk of him flailing his limbs or rolling off the bed. Again satisfied, I lay down on the bed next to him and snuggled up against him on his right side.

Propping my head up with my left arm, I let the fingertips of my right hand touch his cheek and slowly slide down his chest, until they settled on his soft and limp genitals. I ran my fingertips over his balls, which were a tad swollen. Ten days on pent up tension now. Sometimes, I would end a period of denial by give him a nice surprise, waking him up with a very fierce orgasm. However, I wasn’t feeling so generous right now. I was feeling quite mean, in fact.

I let my fingers drift up to his cock, which had already begun to react to my touches on his testicles. About a third hard, his penis very quickly grew fully erect as I brushed my fingertips repeatedly down its length, coaxing it to full mast with my delicate petting. Then, when it was fully hard, I wrapped my fingers around it and held it firm. Ben let out a soft sigh as I took hold of his most delicate parts.

No, not his parts. My parts. That was our arrangement. This was my penis and testicles. I just let him hold onto them. And now he was going to take them away from me. I started stroking him, slowly. Ben let out another sigh. We hadn’t had sex for over a week, and I maintained a psychic block in his head so that he could not masturbate. My touch was certainly a welcome relief, even in his sleep.

I watched his face as I stroked him. Unable to awaken, Ben’s mental reaction to my stimulation was for his dream to shift into a more erotic theme. He was now dreaming about me giving him a handjob, pretty much similar to what I was already doing. Except in the dream, I was smiling and giving him tender kisses, even giggling a little. I scowled. Yes, it was all well and good for him to have fun. My stroking got a bit faster. In the dream, I also quickened my pace, and Ben moaned again. I stroked a little bit faster.

I found myself getting rather annoyed with how sappy Ben’s dream version of me was. I know he had no control over his dreams, but I still couldn’t help but be irked with him over this. Here he was, leaving me, and he was carrying on in his head like everything was sunshine and rainbows.

Well, it wasn’t, damn it. My stroking got faster. It wasn’t fucking sunshine and rainbows. Faster. He was moving to the other side of the damn planet, to a place where he could very well get killed if he wasn’t careful, and I was supposed to be happy about it? Faster. I don’t care if this was important to his future, he had no right. He was mine. My boy. My toy. To do with as a pleased. Faster. I was never going to let him go! Not ever! Faster!

Ben let out a moan and his hips bucked as my rapid jerking of his cock got to be too much, and he tried to orgasm. Except I didn’t release his orgasm block, so instead, his cock jerked futilely in my hand, unable to achieve release. I just grit my teeth and stroked him even faster. Ben mewed and squirmed trying to cum, but I didn’t let him. In his dream, I was laughing devilishly.

Finally, I let go before my forceful hand job could hurt him. But I wasn’t done. I reached down and rubbed my pussy lips. I could feel a heat burn in my lions. When I got riled up like this, got aggressively dominant, it turned me on in a way that scared me a bit in hindsight. But I was in the moment, and right then, I let my restraint go. I sat up and mounted him, straddling his hips, and rubbing my now moist pussy lips along the length of his rock hard cock, not letting him inside yet, but triggering another failed orgasm attempt. As I did I used my powers to reach into his mind and manipulate his dreams.

In the dream, I stood up and looked down at Ben with a wicked grin. He looked up at me, confused as I stood over him, straddling his body. And then, I began to grow. Ben’s eyes went wide as I grew taller and taller, becoming a giantess, until I was so large, his body was only half the length of my foot. I bent down, and with a devilish laugh, I picked him up and proceeded to push him inside my pussy. Ben cried out in arousal and fear as his entire body was swallowed up by my vaginal walls, hot, slick, and squeezing him with enormous strength.

As I slid him inside myself in the dream, so too did I finally slide his cock into me in the waking world. Ben’s mind and body whirled with overwhelming, overlapping sensations. The pleasure of his teased cock being inside my pussy, mixed with the fully body squeezing of being inside my giant self in the dream, flooded his mind with arousal and desire and the sensation of being completely, utterly overpowered. He was helpless, a mere toy, just a plaything for the omnipotent woman who had given him the gift of her attentions. As my giant self squeezed him in the dream, pushing him to rub himself along my vaginal walls and seek my g-spot, I slowly fucked him in the waking world.

I took my time, sliding up and down his cock with a steady, but sensual rhythm, almost like making love. I alternated between leaning back and maximizing the stimulation to my g-spot, leaning forward and grinding my clit against the root of him, or position myself into a crouch and bouncing at a quicker pace. My moans and gasps drowned out Ben’s, as I took a good thirty minutes to work towards a bone rattling orgasm of my own. Poor Ben could only squirm and whimper as he tried again and again to cum, but was unable to defeat my block.

When my orgasm finished, I didn’t stop. I kept on going, this time fucking him a bit faster. Another orgasm, and I went faster still. His desperation just made him hornier and more sensitive and it spurred his dream into wilder heights. In the dream, he was desperately humping against my giant self’s inner walls, licking and kissing her g-spot, spurring my giant self to cum over and over, as her devilish, teasing laughter filled his head. In the waking world, he faired no better as I fucked him utterly senseless.

I spent nearly an hour working myself to ten more orgasms before I finally pulled off of him and collapsed onto the bed beside him. I lay there, cooling down, watching his cock still jerking and bouncing in frustration. Still feeling vindictive, I reached into his head and made sure his dream of being trapped inside my giant self would continue well into morning. Once that was done, I forced myself to stand back up. Normally, I would just sleep with him and leave in the morning. Were I in a more generous mood, I might even wake him with a surprise wake-up orgasm. But there would be no morning relief for him this time. And there would be no post-coitus cuddling. I was still upset. And even using him like this hadn’t taken away the pang of hurt I was feeling. It just left me feeling emotionally drained and hollow.

So, I dressed and left, heading back to my own apartment, for once grateful that we never decided to move in together. I left Ben to suffer in his dreams, setting my psychic spells to wear off in a few hours. Meanwhile, I went to bed, and fell into a restless sleep.

The phone woke me up around ten o’clock. I’d only gotten five hours of sleep, but it hadn’t been very restful, even after my powerful climaxes. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and answered, already knowing it was going to be him.

“Hey,” I said, a little sleepy.

“Did I wake you?” said Ben, a little apprehensively.

“Only a little,” I said. “What’s up?”

“Um, well, did you visit me last night?”

I thought about saying no just to fuck with him, but I wasn’t feeling all that playful. “I did, yes. I was feeling horny, but you were so peaceful looking, I didn’t want to wake you.”

I could hear him swallow nervously. “I see,” he said.

“Is there a problem? Your genitals belong to me, remember? I can use them whenever I wish, however I wish.”

“Oh, I know, I know. That’s our arrangement.” He went silent for a moment, then said, “It’s just that usually you wake me up at some point when you visit.”

I frowned. I don’t know why I thought this wouldn’t be an issue. I hadn’t wanted to actually talk to Ben last night, just play with him. I opened my mouth to remind him that he was my plaything, I could use him without his input being required, and he should remember his place. But the truth is, I hadn’t done it out of some desire for a new teasing game. I had kept him asleep because I’d been afraid to talk to him.

As I tried to think of what to say, he beat me to the punch. “Are you upset with me?” he asked.

Now, I swallowed hard, feeling another pang of emotion in my chest. “No,” I lied softly. I caught myself and made my voice firm. “No, Ben. I’m not.”

Even if I hadn’t been psychic, I could practically hear Ben’s frown. “Kat, please speak to me as a friend, not my Mistress. Are you upset?”

I sighed. “I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

“We need to.”

“In a few days.”


“In a few days, boytoy.”

That shut him up, though I could sense his frustration. After a few moments, he calmed himself down and said obediently, “Very well, Mistress.” I sensed he held back the sarcasm, but could not keep a bit of stiffness from his voice. “That aside, Kat, I am very tense right now. May I please have an orgasm?”

I considered giving it to him. But I was still a bit upset. “You may masturbate,” I said. “But you may not cum yet.”

“Kat—Mistress... please reconsider. This is a little unreasonable.”

That caused the pang in my chest to flare. Unreasonable? He should be grateful I was even letting him touch himself at all. It was not a treat I gave out very often, and this time I wasn’t even going to make so I had to be watching.

“Let me rephrase that, boytoy. You will masturbate, starting right now, and you will not stop until you have edged ten times in a row. And you may not ask for an orgasm for another two days. Understood?”

“Kat, please!”

“Three days. Understood?”


Five days.”

There was a pause. I could sense his cock was hard as steel, and his hand was already stroking. Pent up as he was, he would at least reach those edges very quickly. “Yes, Kat. Mistress. Understood.”

“Good. We will discuss things soon, but I need time to think. Alright?”

“Yes, Kat.”

“Alright,” I said. “I will talk to you later, Ben.”

“O-okay, Kat. Thank you. Good-bye.”

I hung up right as his voice was starting to shake from the tension. I rolled onto my back and sighed, still holding the phone in my hand. I closed my eyes, but even though I still felt tired, I knew I wasn’t getting back to sleep. My mind was too busy, whirling with thoughts. So, with a groan, I got out of bed, and dressed to go get some food.

Breakfast was acquired at a coffee shop a block down from my apartment. A little pricey, but I needed the caffeine and they made the best scones I’d ever had. I stared thoughtfully out the window as I ate, mulling over the situation, but not coming to any conclusions. As I contemplated, a blond haired young woman suddenly came up to my table, smiling brightly.

“Kat? Hey! You remember me?”

Confusion swept over me for a minute before it clicked. “Oh, hey! You’re… uh… Andrea, right? From the… the Party…” I blushed a bit, remembering that night. A sort of monthly swingers party, where Espers like myself, and Mages like Andrea, played dominants while their boy toys and girl toys had to serve them, naked and teased. I hadn’t enjoyed it very much, and neither had Ben, despite the scenario seeming to be something we’d enjoy. But that’s where I first discovered just how possessive I could be.

“Hey,” said Andrea. “How are you doing?” Her smile was warm and genuine. Truth be told, I hadn’t had a problem with anyone at the party, except for Jasmin who had later forced herself on Ben. However, I hadn’t kept up communication with any of the others I’d met there. I’d never gone back, so there didn’t seem to be a point.

“I’m alright,” I lied.

Andrea cocked her head to the side as looked at me, as if studying me. “Are you sure? You seem pretty bummed out.” She motioned to the chair in front of her, opposite my side of the table. “You mind if I sit down?”

“Um… I guess, sure…” I could detect nothing but sincere beneficence from Andrea, but I really hadn’t been expecting to ever see her again. The whole Party situation had left me a little skeeved out, and, if I was honest, Mages intimidated me. They didn’t creep me out like Demihumans did, but the powers they wielded were in many ways far beyond anything I could possibly do. Still, retreating into my own shell to brood wasn’t helping my situation. Maybe Andrea, another dominant female with powers, could give some advice.

Andrea’s smile maintained as she sat down and leaned forward on the table. “So, I noticed you never came back for any more of the Parties. I want to apologize on behalf of all of us if we scared you, or made you uncomfortable.” She paused, then added. “Jasmin told me about what happened between you two. I’m sorry about that, too. I’m not defending her actions or anything, but please understand, she really didn’t mean either you or Ben any harm. She really just wanted to have some fun with you.” Andrea let out a short chuckle. “I guess she thought she was going to get a protégé.”

I frowned, but said, “It’s alright. Really. It’s not any of your faults. The whole thing just made me realize a few things. I’m just not comfortable with the Party situation.”

“Okay, well. I just wanted to clear the air on that.”


We sat in silence for a few minutes. I felt a bit awkward, compelled to say something, but uncertain of what exactly. Andrea just patiently waited, before finally breaking the ice saying, “So, if you don’t mind my asking, are you okay? You really do seem down.”

I sighed and said, “Ben’s leaving me.”

Andrea’s eyes widened. “Really?”

I had no intention of telling anyone about this, but Andrea just had that air about her that made you want to confide in her. “Not like we’ve broken up, exactly. But he’s going to be leaving in a few weeks for a job in Zoaheim. Well, he says it’s in Iteru, but it’s right on the boarder.”

“Zoaheim? Wow.” She seemed genuinely impressed. “I’ve heard the horror stories about that place. I’m sure it’s all exaggeration, but still.”

“Well, he’d be in a secure facility, on an island, not actually on the continent.”

Andrea nodded. “I’m sure everything is as secure as they could make it.”

“I’m sure.”

“Okay. So what’s the problem?”

I sighed. “I don’t want him to leave me. Not that far away, not for that long.” I swallowed and looked down, feeling a flush of shame. “He’s mine. I don’t want to let him go.”

“Sounds like you love him a lot,” said Andrea.

“But I don’t,” I said. “That’s the thing. If it was love, I’d be okay with it. But this is different. This is just… possessiveness… you know? And that… that…” I struggled to say it, but Andrea was patient. Finally, I was able to force it out, “And that frightens me.” As soon as I said it, it was like someone clicking on a light switch.

I wasn’t just saddened at the thought of Ben going away. I was afraid of my own reaction to the news. I didn’t want him to leave because he was my possession, and some part of me genuinely did not want my “toy” being taken away. A toy I realized I needed. I didn’t just have fun when I used my powers on Ben. I reveled in it. To be honest, I don’t know if I could even ever enjoy sex again without using my powers to dominate and sensually torment my partner. Ben was just so perfect for me in that regard, because he took everything I dished out in stride, and he relished what I could do to him. Even if sometimes I got a little too intense, in the end, it just made him even more enraptured with me. I was pretty sure Ben was never going to be able to enjoy normal sex again either, after me.

But Ben seemed willing to accept the possibility of us parting. He’d been psyching himself up for this trip for a while now. I had just put it in the back of my mind and refused to think about it. And now it was killing me, because I was being forced to confront something I didn’t want to deal with. Ben, despite our relationship, wasn’t just a toy. He was a person. Someone I was more intimate with, mentally and physically, than any one else I’d ever known. He wasn’t the first boy I’d been in a relationship with, but he was special far beyond any of my previous flings or casual boyfriends.

With him, I had power, and I was used to getting exactly what I wanted from him. Not just my actual psychic abilities, but the power of a true Dominatrix in possession of a devoted slave. I had gotten so used to that dynamic, that the idea of something challenging that, that real life would intrude and take away my toy, shook me in a way I hadn’t felt since I was a child. I felt like a little girl being denied her favorite doll. I felt like the world’s biggest brat. But most brats didn’t have the ability to mind control others with a mere thought. I did.

And what if that inner brat decided one day to just say, “NO! MINE!” the next time someone tried to deny me my fun? What if the brat won over my better judgment and I did exactly what I wanted, seized someone’s mind and truly forced them to do something against their will? Once I took that step, how quickly would it snowball, until I started hurting people and not caring, until I had an S.O.S. kill squad after my head?

So many issues all balled up into an aching pang in my chest. But looking at Andrea, I could tell she understood. She was a Mage. She knew exactly what I was talking about. I somehow couldn’t imagine Andrea giving into the corruption of power, but even she had to be tempted at some point. Even she had had to deal with past failed relationships, knowing it was better to let them go than to use her powers to force them to continue.

I felt a little better now. “Thanks, Andrea.” I gave her hand a squeeze. “You have a way with words.”

She chuckled. “I barely said anything, but I’m glad if I could help.” She reached over and took my hand. “I know we don’t really know each other, but if you need someone to talk to, I can give you my number, or my e-mail.”

I thought for a moment, a little guarded, but telling myself not to be so insular. I nodded, saying, “Yeah, I’d like that. And, um, tell the others I’m not mad or anything.” I paused. “And tell Jasmin that… well, tell her I’m sorry if there was any misunderstanding, but also tell her she needs to be more careful with people.”

Andrea smiled. “I think she learned that lesson already, but I’ll pass the message along. And Kat, if you ever want to just hang out, not the sex party thing, but you know, I’m sure a lot of us would be open to it. From what I understand, you don’t usually associate with any other Espers or Mages.”

I frowned, but nodded. “I, um, I don’t. I dunno, I mean aside from my brother, I just never did growing up.”

Andrea nodded. “I didn’t know any other Mages, either, until I came to college. But the thing about being the only Mage, or Esper, around is you end up getting a skewed perspective on things.”

I frowned. “Skewed perspective, huh?”

Andrea nodded. “Please don’t take offense. I don’t mean to say you start going crazy or anything. But in a way, it can get lonely. Unless you don’t have a choice, you really should meet with other people who are in a similar position. It helps ground us all.” She paused. “Do you even know any Demihumans?”

I tensed. “Demihumans creep me out.”

Andrea chuckled. “That’s a shame. One of the sweetest guys I know is a Rouccuan.” She lowered her voice and blushed slightly. “And let me tell you, you don’t know what sex is until you’ve been ravished by one.”

I jerked back instinctively. “Ugh!” I muttered. Of course, then I remembered, I’d given Ben intense fantasies of being fucking the exotic, cat-like Rouccuan not too long ago. But I’d been braced for it then, I guess, and it had been done to tease him.

Andrea smirked, but said, “Alright, sorry. But I’m just saying. Don’t box yourself in with only your boytoy to play with. And don’t be afraid of us.”

I frowned again, but nodded. “Thanks,” I said. We exchanged numbers, and Andrea even gave me a quick hug before she left. I watched her go, mulling over her words. Things were starting to click into place for me.

She was right. I was afraid. This whole mess wasn’t just about Ben. It was about my sense of control. Other than my brother Bobby, whom I had become distant from since we were teens, I had grown up as basically the only superhuman I’d known. And I’d kept those powers bottled up forever. I mean, I used them, sure, but never on the level of how I used them with Ben. In fact, if it weren’t for Ben, I don’t think I’d be even half as skilled with my gifts as I was now.

I’d gone so long just using my powers lightly, making things just a bit easier for myself. Getting to know Ben, I’d suddenly begun to embrace them, reveled in them. I didn’t abuse them, mind. Ben was the only one I really ripped into. But I did catch myself being a bit more free with my abilities, reading people’s surface thoughts before they even opened their mouths, so I’d be prepared for what they were about to say. Sneaking glimpses of people’s knowledge in order to get directions without having to ask, or perhaps, to get “help” with a particularly tricky school project. There were even a few times when, if I saw someone walking down the street who intimidated me, I might psychically push them to ignore or stay away from me, because it was easier than actually crossing to the other side of the street myself.

Despite my self-discipline, I was getting used to getting my way. With Ben, the things I did to him were only excusable because he genuinely wanted it, but even then, I kept pushing things, perhaps a bit too far once in a while. I knew there were points where I made him hurt. He always forgave it or seemed to forget it once he was adrift in the euphoria of orgasm and the afterglow that followed, but that was just the effects of sex on the male mind. In the heat of the moment, I knew I could get violently aggressive with my playing.

And then Jasmine came along. Jasmine was another Esper, who’d wanted to include me and Ben into her circle of swingers. And while she’d pushed herself onto us, me in particular, she hadn’t really intended to hurt us or do something against our will. She was just using an aggressive approach, like I had done with Ben. And she’d also been stronger than me. One drunk night, I’d let her take control over me, and Ben. And the next morning, I’d lost my shit over it. To her credit, when Jasmine realized how far she’d overstepped her bounds, she immediately stopped and left. I still felt sore over it, but I supposed I could forgive her. I’d be a hypocrite if I couldn’t.

But Jasmine had frightened me. It was the first time I’d actually met someone who I knew could beat me if we tried to match our powers against each other. And she could probably have kicked my ass in a physical fight as well; I’d seen her naked, and she had the body of an athlete. And then, I’d been at the party, where’d I’d seen the powers of all her Mage friends. And while the Mages had all been nice and polite, I couldn’t help but fear them a little as well. Plenty of Mages, if what I’d heard was true, were capable of blocking the power of an Esper, and their powers were far more outlandish and potent.

Andrea was right. Beings like us were rare, but we were out there. And when you were one of them, and you were the only one you knew for most of your life, you started feeling like a big fish in a little pond, in ways no non-powered person could really understand. Even if you didn’t abuse your powers at all, just the fact that you had them tended to separate you from everyone else. Some small part of you believed that yes, you really were an exception. That, if nothing else, you inherently have less to fear from the world than most other people. Anyone wants to screw with you? You just cast a spell or use a bit of mind control, and they’re no longer a threat. You get a sense of freedom like few people have. It gives you confidence. It gives you control.

And then suddenly, you meet someone else whose powers blow yours out of the water. And then you meet a bunch of other people who can do things you couldn’t even image were possible. And then you realize there are millions of people out there who could break you in half before you could even start thinking to make them stop. You realize you don’t have control anymore. You never really did. Which means you were never any safer than anyone else. You were never really better than anyone else. You have a slight advantage, but you’re still a tiny fish in a tremendous ocean.

So what did I have to anchor that anxiety? Did I embrace the companionship of others with similar advantages? Did I try to come to an understanding with them when we came into conflict? Did I even bother training to make myself stronger, so I could meet with them on an even level?

No. I pushed them away. Kept to my own little corner. With only my precious plaything, my dear boytoy, who let me do anything I wanted to him, because he loved it. And I loved doing it. But even since that meeting with Jasmine, I had become more and more intense. More possessive. I realized it was no longer just about fun with me. It was about hanging onto him because he made me feel powerful. And when he finally got up and said no to me, I panicked.

I let out a sigh as I processed all of this in my head. My scones sat half-finished as I nursed a cooled half-cup of coffee. I don’t want to make it sound like I spent every day agonizing over my place in the world, terrified of every shadow. I’m hardly the most outgoing person in the world, but I went about my days just fine, talking with others, working on my schoolwork, doing the occasional part time job. Everything I had just processed was all deep subconscious mental baggage that I never even gave much thought before. But now that I was dredging it up, I could see how it had started to affect my outlook on life.

Maybe it was time to change all that. And the first step was going to have to be learning to let go. I didn’t want Ben to leave. I know part of him didn’t either. But we could not stay as horny college students fucking around every other week forever. Life moves steadily on. Ben was looking towards the future. Even if he weren’t going for this job or apprenticeship or whatever to Zoaheim, we were graduating soon, and then so-called “real life” was going to interfere anyway, as we tried to find careers and places to live.

Well, there was a chance Ben and I could still have a life together. But not like this. This nice little Mistress/slave relationship was, if nothing else, going to have to be put on prolonged pause before we could even consider letting it continue. And I had to begin that process now.

When I got back home, I closed my eyes and concentrated. I cast out my psychic senses and easily found Ben. He was home as well, sitting in his apartment about a dozen blocks away, surfing the internet idly. I quickly flipped through his mind to see if he was busy. Apparently, he had no real plans, other than to maybe go see a movie tonight, maybe go to a bar afterwards and chat with some Demihumans to practice some High Zoan. Good. I could make this last a while then.

I cast out my thoughts, and Ben’s felt his cock get hard. I felt along his psyche and touch the familiar network of nerves and impulses within his body and brain. I telepathically started playing with the nerves of his genitals, causing Ben to feel the sensations of several slick hands grasping and stroking his cock. I could “see” Ben gasp as the hands did their work, rubbing and sliding and squeezing his cock lovingly, a couple hands going slow, a couple going quickly, one cupping and rolling his balls. The hands switched rhythms and grips frequently, never letting him get used to one particular touch.

Ben had not cum for ten days by now. After last the intense session I had given his sleeping body last night and the teasing masturbation I’d commanded him to do this morning, he was pretty much a hair trigger. As Ben gripped the edges of his chair, he moaned and his hips bucked as my phantom hands coaxed him towards an orgasm. In less than a minute, he thrashed and let out a moan as he reached the edge of climax. But I did not lift my mental orgasm block, and he writhed at the edge of release, unable to go over. After holding him at the edge for almost a minute, I let the hands drop. I waited for Ben to catch his breath and relax. But, just as his cock started to go soft, I set the hands on him again. In another minute, Ben was writhing and moaning trying to orgasm again. Then I let him relax for a moment, until he almost had himself under control, and I set the hands on him again.

I did this to him for fifteen minutes, before finally stopping, edging him twenty times in total. As I watched, I sensed Ben going for his cell phone to ask me if he could cum, before he remembered my earlier command. He was not allowed to ask for an orgasm for another five days. And he knew if he dared break my rule, I’d make him go even longer. So he held back.

I waited forty-five minutes, filling my time with some homework. Then, I reached out and set my psychic hands on him again. For another fifteen minutes, I cock teased him to another twenty-plus edges, before letting him go again. And then, after another forty five minutes, I set the hands on him again. I did this over and over, winding him up, edging him multiple times, then giving him a break. After the fourth time, Ben finally couldn’t take it, and he tried to call me. I ignored it. He called and texted several times throughout the day, and I didn’t respond to any of them.

I kept it up all day. Ben didn’t make it to the movie or the bar, instead ordering a pizza and staying in, not knowing if I was going to stop just because he was in public. I would have. Honest. But it made me hot knowing his awe and fear of my power, and still not knowing, even after all this time, what lengths I would go to. And so, he stayed in. And so I teased him.

Fifteen minutes every hour for almost sixteen hours. By the end, Ben wasn’t even going soft between edgings, and his edgings were coming so fast, I didn’t even bother to pause between them anymore. My psychic hands just continuously tormented him with loving precision for the whole quarter of an hour. Ben was a writhing, crying, and whimpering mess by the time I finally relented, well past midnight, so that he could sleep.

Once I sensed him fade to sleep, I finally checked my phone. Thirty texts and a half dozen messages, several which had been while I was teasing him. I went to bed and as I checked the texts, I slipped a hand between my legs, slowly rubbing my pussy lips. I was already soaking wet from the day long teasing, but I had waited until now before indulging my own pleasure. Teasing myself as well, as it were, though not nearly as bad as Ben. Still, I hadn’t realized how worked up I was until I actually flinched from touching my clit, feeling the electric jolt of pleasure when one is touched after anticipating it for so long.

I moaned softly as I rubbed myself and scrolled through Ben’s messages. They were desperate pleas for me to stop, apologizing and begging for mercy. Not begging to let him cum, because but carefully pleading that I release him from torment. I felt an orgasm already welling up inside me, the warmth and tingle of building sexual pressure blooming in my core. But I held it back through force of will, not wanting to waste it on mere texts. I rubbed myself faster as I checked my voicemail and set it on speaker. I set the phone on the bed next to me and used my now free hand to clutch tightly at my breasts, pinching and rolling my nipples, even as I drove the fingers of my other hand deep inside me.

“Kat, please, mercy!” Ben voice was trembling and husky with lust as his voice messages likewise pleaded for me to stop the torment, to release him from my sensual sadism. Every cry for mercy spiked my own pleasure up even more. I was now gasping and moaning and writhing on my bed, as Ben had on his floor. And finally, when my voicemail reached a message where Ben’s words broke down into whimpers, I couldn’t hold it back. I orgasmed, hard, causing me to shriek and curl into a undulating fetal position. I used my own powers of myself to keep the sensations of my fingers going even when my movements became too jerky from orgasmic lock up. I had tears in my eyes as I cried out in unison with Ben’s recorded pleas. I felt my head swim and for a moment, I actually blacked out. But the pleasure still consumed me, and I was roused back to consciousness almost as quickly as I lost it. I wasn’t done. I paused only long enough to replayed the messages, and I kept going. I climaxed again, over and over, frantically rubbing myself for more.

Finally, I stopped from sheer exhaustion. FUCK. I hadn’t cum that hard from masturbation in I don’t know how long. But of course, it still didn’t compare to riding Ben’s desperate cock. As I lay in a haze of sexual euphoria, I cast out my senses once again to reach out to Ben. He was sleeping fitfully, tossing and turning in his bed. His cock was still furiously hard, and his dreams were a whirl of sexual innuendos and teases. I reached out with a thought, and caused the nerves of his cock to feel a phantom tongue lightly tracing the length. It traveled from the base of his cock, to the tip, swirled once around the head, and traced down, then back. Ben moaned loudly and jerked in his sleep. I reached up and found switch in his psyche that kept him asleep and held it down, keeping him dreaming even as my psychic tongue teased him. He’d stay asleep for at least another four hours, but when he woke up, his penis would feel like it was on fire with sexual tension.

Then, just before I drifted off to sleep, I sent a text to his phone, which said, “I won’t stop until you make me.”

I was still asleep when Ben came into my apartment, slamming the door open and shut and ripping his clothes off. The noise woke me and I cast out my senses. I had just enough time to recognize it was Ben before he burst into the room, naked, his cock diamond hard and jerking. My phantom tongue was still teasing him. Still half asleep, I instinctively tried to send a telepathic message to make him wait, but he was too fast. He ripped the covers off my body, exposing my nude form. My pussy was moistening instinctively, sensing the lust coming off of him. He didn’t wait for me to be ready, he just pounced on me.

I cried out as his cock thrust hard into me, going deep as he could with the first thrust. I clutched at him, but he grabbed my arms and forced them back. I was still a bit sore from last night’s climaxes, but he was overwhelming as he thrust hard and fast into me. I gasped from the sheer force of him, and I struggled against his grip. But he wouldn’t give me a moment to collect myself and fucked me like a jackhammer.

“Ben!” I cried out his name as I felt his cock surge and buck inside me. He was trying to cum. He’d been at the edge when he came in here, and the second his cock touched my pussy, he was trying to orgasm. He couldn’t stop himself, he was in a frenzy of sexual need. I’d teased him to badly he was like an animal. At some point, I could have collected enough of my wits to mentally force him to stop. But I didn’t want to. I let him overpower me in a way I rarely ever allowed him to before. And before I knew it, I was screaming and wrapping my legs around his hips, and begging him to keep going. I came and cried as I bit his shoulder in my passion.

“Make me cum,” he growled, shuddering with desperate need. “Now! Now, or I’ll fuck you clean in half!”

“Oh, Ben,” I breathed. “You can’t… beat me… that easily…”

He suddenly pulled out, grabbed me, and flipped me over. In his lust born adrenalin, he did this with such casual ease, I suddenly felt like a ragdoll in his hands. And then he was forcing my legs apart and I felt him thrust into me, doggy style. I cried out again as I nearly came a second time. He was lying on top of me, his body crushing mine to the bed. He buried his face into my neck, and I shivered as he sensually bit a sensitive erogenous zone. “Come on… you fucking bitch… you can’t do this to me… forever…”

“You sure… about that…?” I gasped. And then he slid out, dragged me back and forced my ass up. He was now standing at the edge of my bed, while I was kneeling on mine, and he thrust back into me, his hips going into overdrive. I lost my breath and my words as I howled in pleasure.

This was one of the benefits of teasing him so badly. When he got this wound up, he was like a raging animal, fucking me with a passion no unteased man could match. He was practically snarling as he fucked me, unable to cum, but fighting with every cell in his body to defeat my orgasm block and force a climax out, using my body as a fuck toy to do it. While I usually reveled in the desperation I made him feel, got off on the sadism of making him suffer while I used him, sometimes it was nice to let go of the control, and let him take me.

And that’s what I had to do. Let him take me. Give up the control. Realize it was okay to release him. In the moments between thrusts, I worked up enough wits to be able to reach into his mind and flip on the mental switch that let him orgasm.

Ben screamed and his body locked up, then convulsed, as he exploded into me. He was calling my name breathlessly, almost growling as continued to thrust into me, driving his seed deep inside. When his orgasm finally ceased, we both collapsed onto the bed. But Ben wasn’t done yet. I had wound him up way to high. His cock was still hard and twitching and after taking a minute to catch his breath, he grabbed me, and mounted me again, thrusting back inside. Heedless of any post-orgasm sensitivity, for I’d made him experience much more intense things, he fucked me until he reached a second climax, bursting even more forcefully inside. He collapsed onto me, gasping, and I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed his back, sending soothing feelings into his mind to help cool him down.

“F-f-fuck,” Ben said when he could speak again. He finally rolled off of me and lay there in a daze. His cock was finally softening, a tremendous relief to him. We lay there, both aching and tired. We didn’t even cuddle, just lay next to one another, staring at the ceiling. Finally, after some time he looked to me. “Kat. We have to talk about this.”

I nodded and faced him. “I know.” I took a breath, composed myself, and said, “I’m releasing you from my service.”

Ben blinked and looked a bit taken aback. “Um… well, I…”

I cupped his cheek with my hand. As I did, I telepathically slipped into his head. I carefully started undoing all the little tricks I’d done to him throughout our time together. I removed the psychic commands blocking orgasms, masturbation, and initiating sex. I undid all the little tweaks I made to his fetishes, all the little subconscious triggers that sexualized his dreams.

Ben seemed to sense these changes and his eyes widened a bit. “You really mean it.”

Finished, I leaned forward and kissed him. “I know we aren’t together like a real couple. I know we’re not even really that close of friends. But I do care about you. I want us to still be lovers. I still want you to be my boytoy. But we can’t have this ideal set up forever, can we?”

Ben nodded. “I told you, it’s not like I’m moving away forever. But, well, I don’t know where this job is going to lead me. And I’m sure you’ve got future ambitions that are going to conflict with that. And unless we were really planning on living our lives together…”

“Yeah. I know. Part of me wants to, but every time we’ve tried to be more than just fuck buddies, it just doesn’t work.” I sighed. “I don’t know why.”

Ben shrugged. “I think we fill each other’s fantasies too well. You’re my goddess, I’m your toy. It’s hard to look at each other as anything else. Sometimes, I forget you have a life outside of playing with my cock.”

I gave a short laugh. “Yeah. Same with you. I know we’re indulging in the fantasy, but there’s times I get to thinking you really are just my plaything. I don’t mean in a mean way, just that, you’re mine, and what’s mine can’t be anyone else’s. Not even yours.” I frowned. “I’m sorry.”

Ben leaned forward and kissed me. We slid closer together and held each other. “All is forgiven. I’m sorry if I ever gave you undo stress, too.”

“Nah,” I said. “You were perfect. I just got myself all worked up.”

“So, I still got a few weeks. What do you want to do until then?”

I thought it over. “Well. I’m not sure. On the one hand, I think we should start seeing less of each other, kind of wean ourselves off one another. See other people. On the other hand, I think we should fuck as much as possible while we still can.”

Ben laughed. “How about we compromise, and hook up more casually. We can still be kinky, but this time, let’s be less intense about it. Like, maybe not wind me up so badly again.”

I chuckled. “Sure thing.”

“Seriously, if you wind me up that bad again, you’re gunna put me in the hospital!”

“I know,” I said. And then I grinned. “Oh, though, there’s a thought. You stuck in a hospital, a room all to yourself, permanently hard and unable to cum. And all the hot young nurses see your poor cock and can’t help but play with it. And then I come visit you every couple of days just to tease you up some more, punishing you for letting those other women touch my toy. And that just makes the nurses even more eager to play with it! Such a vicious cycle, and you’ll probably never, ever cum again!”

“Kat!” Ben said. He was tense, and his cock was steely hard again. He wasn’t nearly done after all.

“Well, well. Look at that.” I grinned at him. “You sure you can handle another so soon?”

He smirked. “Guess you’re going to find out.” He started to push me onto my back, but I put a hand to his chest to stop him.

“Not so fast,” I said. “We have all day. Why not one more intense session, for old time’s sake?”

Ben swallowed nervously. “Do we have to?”

“Or you could go home and just masturbate.”

Ben frowned. “Come on, that’s not fair.”

“I know. But it’s fun.”

Ben’s cock twitched in agreement, and we both looked at it. I giggled, and Ben had to admit I was right. He stuck his tongue out at me. “You suck, Kat.”

“Yes, I do,” I said, with a giggle. I pushed Ben onto his back and made a show of licking my lips. As I lowered down to take his stiff organ into my mouth, Ben felt me reach in and flick his orgasm switch to “off” once more, sealing away his climax, if only temporarily this time.



  1. Awesome! I've elaborated here:

    1. Thank you kindly for the compliment. :-)

      I'm hardly writing deep literature or anything, but I do strive to humanize my characters at least some of the time, so, glad it's connecting that way.

      (Although, this is actually a different setting from the SMW, but hey, "details, details," as they say.) :-P

  2. This was an excellent story, Salamando. I enjoyed the characters and the sex and their emotional growth. Kat's realizations about her position in the world was enlightening. I also liked Ben's ability to stand up for himself. Well done, sir!