Saturday, July 14, 2018


For years now, I had wanted to destroy my brother with Sex Magic. I masturbated several times a week to the thought of finally obtaining the power to torture his cock with my mind until he went insane! I really don’t even know why the idea was so powerful in my mind. I didn’t want to fuck my brother, I wasn’t in love with him in that way or anything. As annoying as he could be, for all the little pranks he’d pulled on me when we were kids, it wasn’t even like I really hated him or anything. I just could not get the concept out of my head, and the older I got, the more intense the desire.

Some girls were lucky enough to awaken their Sex Mage powers at eighteen, but as cool as that would be, I wasn’t banking on winning that lottery. So I forced myself to be patient. I was now eighteen and eleven months, I felt myself growing giddy with anticipation. Which is why it was so devastating when this morning Mom sat us both down for a talk that put my plans into jeopardy!

She looked nervous, a little awkward. She was fighting to keep from blushing the way she did whenever the subject of Sex Magic came up around us. She gave me a look, and I played the part of the disaffected teen daughter, acting like I was just impatient to get the family meeting over with. I kept out my phone, texting my friend Becky. That lucky bitch had already gotten her Magic just three weeks ago. Her nineteenth birthday had only been last week! Inside I seethed with jealousy, even though I didn’t let it show.

Nick, meanwhile, also tried to look like he didn’t care, but he was always a little edgy around Mom. He could almost never look her in the eye. Mom, of course, had the Magic, had had it ever since it first showed up seven years ago, and thus, she was privy to all of Nick’s filthy thoughts and masturbation habits. It put a lot of strain on their relationship as mother and son.

It mostly made me laugh, knowing that every time he touched himself, Mom could sense it. Whenever I’d see him popping a boner and scurry off to his room, I was sure to say, “Better not let Mom catch you!” He’d grow beet red with shame and tell me to shut up, but I knew he’d still jerk off anyway, unable to resist his urges.

The three of us sat for several awkward seconds around the dinner table. Finally, she cleared her throat and said, “Nick, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. I’ve been talking things over with my sister, Jeannie. You remember her?”

Nick nodded, looking a little wary. “Yeah, I remember.”

Mom nodded. “We’re thinking of having you go move in with her. She’s agreed to look after you for a while, if you’re up for it.”

I almost dropped my phone, as well as I my jaw. It was only through a Herculean effort that I managed to maintain my poker face, and restrain my reaction to glancing up and raising my eyebrows.

Nick just looked at her confused. “Um… why…?”

Mom’s cheeks developed a touch of red. “Um… well… there’s, uh…” she cleared her throat again. “Alright, there’s no way to sugar coat this. You’re eighteen now, and, uh, as you’ve… developed… you’re, uh, you’ve been getting really…”

I cracked a grin. “Mom’s tired of sensing you jacking it.”

Nick flinched, and Mom almost shrank into her seat, putting her head down as her face went red as a tomato. “Julie!” she said.

“What? We all know that’s what it is,” I said. I forced a snicker. “Isn’t Jeannie with the huge rack? I’m sure he’d definitely be up for it!”

Nick blushed hotly. “Shut up!” he hissed.

I joked, but inside, I was panicking. We currently lived in Kentucky, while Aunt Jeannie lived nine hundred miles away in Texas.

“Actually, I’ve been able to block Nick out pretty well for a while now,” Mom said. “It’s you I’m concerned about.”

I blinked in surprise. At no point had I ever confided in Mom my plans, and women weren’t able to read each other’s thoughts. How could she have known? “Me? What did I do?”

“Well, Julie, you’ll be nineteen in a month. Your Sex Mage powers could appear any day now. When you get your powers, it’s going to take some time adjusting to them. I’m sure you don’t want to be sensing Nick’s…” she fished for a suitably tasteful word, but failed.

“Sensing Nick,” she continued. “And I’m sure he doesn’t want you sensing him.” Mom managed to get some of her blush down, but she still looked awkwardly at me. “So, Aunt Jeannie is willing to take Nick in for a year, while you adjust to your abilities.”

She looked to Nick. “Don’t worry, Jeannie will be able to block you out, too. I know her being your aunt will still be a little awkward, but she’s very understanding about these things. And, um, it hopefully won’t be as awkward as… well. You know.” She took a breath to compose herself. “So. Does that sound agreeable to you?”

Nick thought it over, giving me a glance, then nodded, slowly. “Yeah. Yeah, that might be for the best.”

Mom looked at me, and I shrugged. “Sure, whatever. I mean, he’s the one moving. So when were you thinking of doing it?”

“Well, Jeannie said she’s already got a spare bedroom ready to go,” said Mom. “Pretty much any time you’re ready Nick. I mean, not right this instant, but we can probably get a cheap plane ticket for this weekend.”

He nodded again. “Yeah, um, maybe the weekend after? I’m gunna want to do a few things first.”

“Of course,” Mom said, visibly relaxing.

“Cool,” I said, and left, focusing in one my phone again. “Have fun. Better not let Jeannie catch you!”

“Oh, Julie, enough!” Mom huffed, and Nick just rolled his eyes and went off to make some calls.

Inside I was screaming. Sex Mages only had a limited range for their powers, especially if they hadn’t done anything to a guy yet. If he left before I got my powers, he’d be hundreds of times outside my reach, and by the time he moved back in with Mom, I’d probably be moved out by then! If I was to achieve my desire, I either had to win the lottery and get the Magic early, or I’d have to find some excuse to visit Aunt Jeannie in a few months! But of course, the former was super unlikely and the latter would just seem weird, since the whole point was to separate us.

Cripes, what was I going to do?

Whenever I was having trouble, I always texted my friend Becky to bitch about it, and she’d always have something to say to help me out of a funk. Usually it was just a smart-ass comment to make me laugh, but sometimes, she actually had some good advice.

She was the only one I’d confessed my sick desire to. I’d been secretly ashamed and embarrassed by it, afraid she’d think I was gross, but instead, she’d just laughed and said,  “Welcome to the club!”

Turns out that Sex Magic had done much more than change the dating scene. Relationships between family members had taken on a whole new dynamic, as people were forced to deal with the awkwardness of moms, daughters, and sisters being able to sense and control fathers, sons, and brothers. It was hard to say if the Magic actually encouraged incestuous interactions, or if it simply opened the possibilities for dark desires that far more people had than ever realized.

Personally, I blamed all the siscon anime and incest sex stories on the internet, raising a generation of sick perverts. It just so happened that this coincided with the appearance of Sex Magic giving all women unstoppable femdom powers. Actual sex between family members was, perhaps, only slightly more common than before, though who knew how actually common it had been.

But Magic use? Turns out, that was utterly rampant. To the Magic, a penis was a penis, a source of Lust Energy no matter what guy it was attached to. There was a deeper intimacy in using the Magic than even physical touch that sometimes made things uncomfortable. Yet at the same time, that lack of physical touch, and the ability to cast spells without even being in the same room as the target, made things just detached enough that it was easier than expected to give in to the temptations of using the Magic, even on a guy you’d normally be repulsed by the idea of sleeping with.

And so, what was once one of the highest of taboos had become a rapidly spreading trend. Mothers disciplined unruly sons with Anti-Masturbation spells and Orgasm Blocks. Sisters got revenge on pain-in-the-ass brothers with Ball-Slapping spells and Hard Attacks. Stuffy, overbearing fathers were humbled by daughters while their wives chuckled in amusement.

In fact, it was becoming increasingly common for fathers and brothers to be used as Test Boys for the young women in their families. Aside from helping the girls learn their Magic, it helped the men learn their place. It remind the older men that the old paradigm of power between the genders had changed and wasn’t going to change back, and it made sure the boys understood they lived in a world where the women were in charge.

Of course, to say that such things were truly commonplace was probably laying it on a little thick. On the internet, it was easy to get roped into a group of like-minded people and forget that you were still a minority in the real world. But society in most places throughout the country kept on chugging along under a general policy of “I won’t pry into your business if you do pry into mine.” So, out of the thirty houses on my street, I knew that five were engaged in incestuous Magic use, thanks to Becky telling me. That still meant that twenty-five other houses went out of their way to avoid it. They might look the other way when sensing it happen with their neighbors, but that didn’t mean they were going to accept it happening in their own home.

Given Mom’s continued awkwardness even talking about sex with us, and how she thought separating me and Nick was the best policy for dealing with my eventual Magic awakening, I knew Mom would flip her shit if she knew what I had planned for my brother. Even the idea of my accidentally giving him boners as I learned how to control my Arousal Aura probably freaked her out. As such I’d always planned on using my powers in secret when I got them, but of course, I wasn’t going to be able to if my brother was halfway across the country when they manifested.

Becky, who sounded almost as disappointed by the news as I was, said she’d look up a solution to my problem, and I should swing by in a few hours. She lived three houses down on the street behind us, so early in the afternoon, I put on some short-shorts, a tank top that tied behind the neck to allow a very low cut back, and my cute red flats that drew boys’ eyes down to scope my legs. I put my wavy light-brown hair in a ponytail and headed out the door.

It was a bit hot out, so no one was outside, except for Mr. Jonasen three houses down. He was on his porch, reading. As soon as he noticed me, he jerked back, and practically cowered in his seat. As I got closer, he winced and doubled over, and I could tell he was grabbing his crotch. He eyed me with a pleading look, and I just gave him a little wave and smile and walked down his yard and around to the back.

Ever since we were kids, Becky and I would cut through his back yard to reach other other’s property, since there was a gap the in corner of the tree line that separated his backyard from hers. He’d always gotten pissed off about it and yelled at us, but were didn’t really care about his dumb lawn.

Even still, up until recently, we used to be more careful and sneak through when we knew he wasn’t looking or was out of the house. Almost a year ago, though, we noticed a few times he’d seen us, but instead of yelling, he got red faced and immediately bent down or crouched when he saw us. We suspected one of the neighbors had put a little spell on him, either to be funny, or because he’d ticked her off and this was a way to punish him. Either way, Becky and I just started flagrantly cutting through his yard right in front of him, even waving and smiling as we did it.

It wasn’t until Becky got her Magic that she confirmed it: someone had put a spell on his dick that made him so hard it took his breath away, every time he saw us. He had no idea who did it, and thus neither did Becky, but we thought it might have been the cute old lady across from Becky’s house, who was always cracking jokes at guys’ expense. She was starting to look really good for a woman her age, so we all knew she had to be soaking in tons of Lust Energy from somewhere, despite living alone.

Becky knew I was coming, so she’d left the back door unlocked. I walked into the dining room/kitchen combo and helped myself to a bottle of Coke from the fridge. “Hi!” I called out.

“In here!”

I followed her voice to the living room as I took a sip. I nearly spit out my drink when I saw what was going on.  Becky was reclining on the couch, facing away from me, leaning on one of the rests, while her legs were stretch out, feet against the other. She wore nothing but red lacy silk panties, a matching bra, and the black-rimmed glasses that made her all nerd-cute. With her long black hair in a tight little bun, she had the “slutty librarian” look down pat! She idly read a magazine and was crossing her legs at the ankles as I walked in. Her long toned legs were facing a man who moaned loudly as she briefly parted then closed them.

This older man was pinned naked against the wall, spread eagle a few inches off the floor. His face was a mask of sensual anguish, eyes scrunched shut, shaking his head back and forth. His penis, the only free part of him, was a dark reddish-purple, straining at maximum tension, and jerking repeatedly. As Becky flipped a page in her magazine with a twirl of her finger, she made a few extra twirls, and the man’s cock bounced in time to motion, squeezing another moan from his lungs, and causing a drip of pre-cum to fling off the tip of his straining dick.

“Hi Mr. Hanley!” I said in my most chipper, cute-girl voice.

Becky’s father’s eyes popped comically wide open and if he hadn’t already been beet-red from exertion, he’d have blushed crimson with embarrassment. As Becky’s best friend for years, he no doubt still thought of me as a kid sometimes. But now I was a stunningly hot young woman if I do say so myself, dressed fully, if skimpily, grinning at his nude helplessness and sexual torment. He let out a pitiful whimper.

I had no pity. Becky had told me he’d jacked off thinking about me a few times, so I had no delusions that I was ruining his innocent image of me. I was pretty sure he’d be fantasizing about this very moment later, given how his cock quivered upon seeing me. Although, that extra twitching could have just been from Becky’s tease spells.

“Dad, don’t be rude,” said Becky in a stern voice. “Say hi.”

“Mmmm-mrrrrmmm!” he moaned. I could tell from how his jaw moved that he was trying to speak, but his lips had been magically sealed shut.

I gave Becky a glance and a quick wink that he couldn’t see. “Sorry, Mr. Hanley, I didn’t hear a hello.”

“Come on, Dad, you know what happens to rude boys,” said Becky. She pointed a finger at him and made several tight little circles in the air.

Mr. Hanley let out a high pitched whimper as his cock started to quiver and then jerked rapidly. Pre-cum seeped heavily from the tip, but that was the only fluid forth coming.

“Mmm! MMM!” was all the helpless man could say.

I could barely hold back the giggle fit. “Gosh, I’m still not hearing it. Are you mad at me or something? Giving me the cold shoulder?”

Becky shook her head and clucked her tongue in disapproval. “Geez, Dad, it’s Julie, I thought you liked her?” She did the finger twirl again, and he’s eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a muffled scream as his cock clenched, and stayed clenched. He was being held right at the razor’s edge of release. His organ started to quiver so fast it was almost vibrating. His whole body shuddered.

“Oh, well,” I said, shrugging. “When you feel like talking to me again, just let me know.”

“That’s another week on your sentence, Dad, for being mean to Julie!” Becky gave him a stone-cold serious expression. He let out a series of high whimpers, but could do nothing but thrash and writhe in his invisible bounds as his daughter casually destroyed him with magical pleasure.

“Aw, you don’t have to do that on my account!” Julie said.

“You’re right,” said Becky, pretending to reconsider. “I don’t have to give him another week, any more than I have to give him two.” She shrugged. “But I will anyway.”

Mr. Hanley nearly screamed in frustrating again. Becky pointed at him. “Hey, zip it, or it’s going to be three weeks. We’re trying to have a conversation here!”

The defeated, hopeless man could only do his best to comply, fighting to keep his whimpers under control, even as his daughter ground him against the agonizing edge of release with just her thoughts and a few casual finger flicks.

We enjoyed the show for a few moments, until he couldn’t help but let out another close-lipped howl, and we burst out laughing. When we got ourselves under control, Becky pointed at him again, and his cock stopped vibrating and was allowed to unclenched. His body stayed taught for a few more seconds, then he sagged in his bonds, heaving.

“Mom stick you with punishment duties?” I said with a grin.

“Mom’s given me carte blanche on the guys for the whole summer,” she said with a half-shrug, as though utterly obliterating a man with magical cockteasing was as casual as sending a text. “I’m getting as much practice in as I can before I head off to college.”

“Lucky you!” said Julie.

“Hey, let’s go on up to my room. It’ll probably get noisy in here.” She motioned to her father, and his cock started vibrating again. Instantly his body went rigid, and he let out another pitiful whimper. Becky stood and stretched, and she let out a sigh of utter contentment. She gave me a smile that made me want to snuggle her like a puppy. Lust Energy really did seem like the ultimate bliss.

As we headed upstairs, I said, “You really don’t have to deny him extra for me.”

“Oh, Mom and I decided he’s not popping again till New Years,” said Becky. “We haven’t told him that, though. It’s more fun stringing him along, then coming up with excuses to delay until then.”

“Haha, nice!”

As we went down the hall, I heard yet another series of whimpers, followed by loud swallowing sounds. I paused and raised a curious eyebrow at Becky. She just smirked and pointed inside the door across from hers. I put a hand to my mouth as I burst out laughing again. Hovering in the air, naked as his father, was Becky’s own brother, Gabe, also bound up in Magic restraints.

He was suspended upside down in a near-fetal position, save that his legs were spread wide at the knees, and his arms were behind his back. His head was bent forward with his jaw agape. His thick, quivering cock was aiming right at his mouth and a thread of semen leaked slowly into it.

“Mom says he’s too young to keep pent up for too long, so we give him a cum day once a week,” Becky said. She had a wicked grin. “I’ve been looking up all sorts of ways to make a man cum so that he regrets it. This idea I got from Ex-Grinder. You hang him upside like that, aim his cock at his face, and make him eat his own spunk. But you don’t just give him one hard burst, you leave him like that for hours, with just a little bit of stimulation. Right now, it’s a fingertip lightly rubbing his shaft. It builds him up nice and slow, then right when he starts to spurt, the stimulation stops.”

“Oh, wow, so it just ruins it every time?”

“Yep! Slow pleasure, frustrating releases, and it doesn’t stop until he’s leaked out and swallowed every drop.”

I chewed my lip and rubbed my thighs together. “Fuck I can’t wait to get the Magic!”

I already knew Gabe had a crush on me. Becky told me his many fantasies of pushing me to my knees and forcing me to suck him. I went up to his floating form, and his eyes widened as he noticed me. He went even more red with humiliation than his father had. Becky snickered.

I grinned and reached over, scratching my cherry-red nail lightly on the spot right below the penishead. His eyes widened, then scrunched shut, and he moaned again. “Loh! LOH!” he cried, his tongue wagging. His mouth was stuck open, so he was almost as gagged as his father had been. He tried to shake his head, but only managed a vague twitching.

“Up a half inch, left just two millimeters,” said Becky. I adjusted my finger’s position, and within seconds, his cock was jerking, and he was letting out a mewling whine. I didn’t need Becky to tell me when to stop; I did have enough experience with cocks to recognize the clench of an impending release. I withdrew my finger and watched as his cock seized up several times, then relaxed. About a tablespoon’s worth of semen impotently dribbled into his mouth, and he had to swallow it all with his jaw still open, making the gulping sounds again. Gabe shuddered at his own taste, and it made me crack up again.

We left the poor boy to his milking, me still giggling, Becky shaking her head in amusement. When she closed the door behind us, I whirled and said, “God, that! I want to do that so fucking bad!”

Becky smirked again. “Really? You want to make him cum?”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course not. You know what I mean. I mean make him regret even having a penis!”

“Their regret is our rapture!” Becky agreed.

“Rrrrgh, but if he moves away, I won’t get the chance in, like, forever!” I whined.

She nodded. “Don’t worry. Like I said, I’ve been looking things up on Ex-Grinder, and someone asked a similar question about their ex-boyfriend. It turns out there’s a loophole in the Magic when it comes to synching up with a guy enough to effect him at long range.”

“Oooo, tell me, tell me!” I practically jumped up and down with anticipation.

“Okay, so, when you get the Magic, the maximum range for most Sex Mages with guys they haven’t done anything with before is like a mile. The more you use your Magic on a guy or fuck him, the greater your range will be. So, a guy you stumble upon at the super market, you can sense his cock for about a mile if you keep your focus on him the first time. Use a spell on him, you can keep it up for a few miles. Suck his dick, you can probably reach him from the next town over.”

“I know that much,” I said impatiently. “But I don’t even have the Magic yet, and he’s going be like three states away!”

“Yeah, but it turns out, that fucking thing? Any guy you’ve fucked even before getting the Magic, that all counts. The Magic will pick up that connection, and you’ll be able to reach him even on the first day you get it. That’s what the Ex-Grinder folks were telling the one girl.”

I frowned. “Wait, so, you’re saying I have to fuck my brother? Ew! I just want to punish him, not stick him in me!”

Becky shrugged with a little iffy expression. “I don’t think you have to go that far. I think he has to penetrate you in some way, but not necessarily your pussy. So, like if you sucked his dick before he left, then when you get your power, you might still be able to zero in on him.”

I frowned. “Still ew! But how the heck am I supposed to do that, anyway? He’s not going to let me, and Mom will catch it.”

Becky gave me a reassuring grin. “Trust me. I’ve been learning a lot of tricks. I’ll help you out.”

“Really?” I said.

“Hell yeah,” she said. “I don’t want you missing out and all the fun I’ve had!” She jerked a thumb towards the door. Even though it was closed, I could hear both Gabe and Mr. Hanley let out piercing wails of torment.

I grabbed Becky in a hug. “Oh, you’re the greatest!” I said. The way we hugged, my thigh slipped between her leg, and I could feel a moist heat. I pulled back a bit, but still held onto her. Before she could react, I reached down and slipped my hand beneath her panties.

She let out a gasp and her hands gripped me tightly as my middle finger found her swollen clit. “Nnnn… no problem… always happy… to help a… friend…” she said breathily.

I leaned forward and kissed her deeply, probing her mouth with my tongue. I rubbed her clit firmly up and down, then slid my fingers deeper, slipping three inside her. She moaned into my mouth and clutched at me, squirming against my hand. She was so brimming with euphoric Lust Energy that she was a complete hair trigger. In less than a minute, her fluids ran free through my fingers, she squealed, and bucked sharply against me. I finally let her break the kiss and she cried out as her orgasm made her whole body shake. I helped her stay on her feet.

Her climax must have created a quick surge in her spells, because I heard both of the men in the house wail again. Hell, I swore I heard a cry from outside. Mr. Johansen had probably felt the shockwave of Becky’s Aura too!

As Becky calmed down, I slowly withdrew my fingers, then presented them to her. She dutifully licked them clean of her own juices.

“Oh, yes,” she said breathlessly. “I definitely owe you after that one!”

“Alright kids, I’m going out for groceries.” Mom flipped her keys into the air as she walked by. “You need anything?”

“Nah, that’s alright,” Nick said. I shook my head.

“Alright, well, don’t whine to me when you realize we’re out of something,” she chided with motherly bemusement.

Nick and I were in the living room, me sprawled on wide the wide overstuffed chairs watching a YouTube video on my phone, while Nick sat on the edge of the couch, playing some dumb shooter game. As soon Mom left I glanced up.

“Quick, better go jerk one off!” I said.

Nick cursed as he fumbled the controller and his character died. “Shut the fuck up!” he said hotly, and concentrated once his guy respawned. He’d been giving me more of an attitude the past few days, as if he thought moving to Jeannie’s was going to let him get away with whatever. It just made me want to grind his balls under my thoughts even more!

“I’m just sayin’, better get it out of your system while you can! I don’t think Jeannie’s gunna be quite as lenient as Mom.”

“What do you know? What do you care?” He looked actually angry.

I sighed and made an exaggerated shrug. I didn’t actually remember Jeannie that well, so I had no idea what living with her was going to be like for him. “Chill out, bro. Look, I’m sorry your friends stood you up, but you don’t have to yell at me. Dick.”

He just grumbled. His three buddies were supposed to have shown up an hour ago for an epic gaming session, but somehow, all three had mysteriously found themselves “indisposed” at the last minute. Becky had their libidos dialed up way past eleven, and all three were desperately attempting to cool the intense fires of their lusts. Jim had called up his girlfriend and was fucking her brains out right now. Bob was jacking it like a wild man with multiple windows of porn opened on his computer. Kenny, apparently, had masturbation and orgasm blocks on, so all he could do with writhe on his bed and whimper like a little bitch. Just to make sure he stayed put, Becky put the light fingertip stimulation on him, and took it off whenever he tried leaving the bed. With this as his only available relief, however slight, from the burning absolute need to be touched, he was effectively trapped.

So, poor Nick had to game alone. Mom had left the house earlier than I thought, though, so if we could get this over with now, Becky could release the other three, and maybe they could still come over. The day was still young, and I didn’t want to completely deprive my brother of his last few days with his friends.

I waited a couple minutes to be sure Mom was down the road, then I texted her: Okay, Mom’s out of the house.

Becky: Great! Gimme a few minutes.

I pretended to pay close attention to another video, listening with my earbuds. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nick squirm a bit. From the way he was angled, I couldn’t see it, but I knew he was getting an erection. I saw him glance over to me, to see if I had noticed, but I ignored him.

He tried to fight it. Like all boys, he’d grown somewhat accustomed to having sudden, intense erections now and then. The neighbors did their best to keep their Magical influences off one another, but even still, sometimes an Aura would flare up, or a multi-target spell might get cast more scattershot than intended. Usually, this would just be temporary, last a few seconds, and then pass.

Of course, sometimes such things were deliberate. With Sex Magic granting near-total anonymity if so desired, there was really no stopping any nearby woman from teasing a cock on whim, from the comfort of her own home. Even the most seemingly chaste and upstanding woman could be tempted by the easy power of the Magic, and as long as such incidents weren’t too frequent or out of control, everyone just sort of accepted that, once in a while, your guy was gunna get cock teased or Hard Attacked out of no where. By this point, half the time the women didn’t even get mad, they just were amused, and sometimes even went along with it.

Ergo, as Becky concentrated her Arousal Aura into a tight-beam spell directed at Nick, he at first thought it might be a passing surge. When it wasn’t, when his cock reached maximum tension, and didn’t quit pestering him, he squirmed and grunted in his seat until finally, he realized this wasn’t an accident.

He cursed, and paused the game, dropping the controller. Quick as a jackrabbit, he bounced off the couch and dashed to his room. I didn’t even have time to make a smartass comment. I snickered. He was absolutely helpless to resist the power of some strange woman who just thought it was funny to give him an unbearable boner.

Becky: Okay, he jerkin it.

Me: Really? I would never have guessed! LOL

Becky: LOL wow he’s been at it a Lot this week!

Me: Told you! He’s trying to get as much out as he can before the move.

Becky: I thought you said your Mom said he’d be freer with his aunt??

Me: I mean I have no idea. Just imagine though he gets there and while he ogles her rack she hits him with no-fap o-block spells and says boys dont get to be bad here!

Becky: Oh wow I Hope so! Can you imagine how much youll wreck him if he hasnt cum in five months? LOL!

Me: Five months?? I Hope its not that long! Come on! Don’t jinx me like that!

Becky: LOL sorry!

Another minute went by, and she finally said: Okay I got him under.

Me: He’s asleep?

Becky: More like tranced.

I went up to Nick’s room. He’d locked the door, but it was one of those turn-button-locks, where the outside handle had a little notch to match the lock switch on the inner handle. Unlocking the door was as simple as taking a coin or a screwdriver, pushing it into the notch, and turning it. I used my thumbnail, and slipped into the room.

It was messy, as Nick took his time to pack little by little. He was on his bed right now, his shorts around his ankles with his shirt bunched up over his chest. He was lying back, mouth slightly open, his eyes closed, his hands at his sides and his legs slightly spread. He made little gasps and twitches. His cock was rigid and quivering in the air as Becky tickled it with her Magic.

Becky: Haha, I can see you!

Me: Really?

Becky: Yeah I can see the whole room! This Magic stuff is wild! I knew we could use our powers to watch the guys from a distance but I didn’t know it gave a whole CCTV view of his immediate surroundings!

Me: Thats so cool!

Becky: Alright well lets do this quick. I have him under but Im still not practiced with this. He might wake up with too much stimulation.

Me: Okay, so what do I do?

Becky: Right now hes hallucinating that hes getting a triple blowjob from his favorite porn stars. So just put his cock in your mouth it should blend with his fantasy trance. Suck on him for like a minute. EG says that should be enough to synch you to him.

Me: Are you Sure I cant just I dunno rub with with my hands?

Becky: LOL only if you want to have to do this every day for multiple hours. EG says the fastest way to maximize the link is to do some form of penetration. His cock has to be In you. Your pussy would be best that pretty much locks him in instantly but they said the mouth or ass can still work. Maybe.

I’d been licking my lips to prepare, but paused.

Me: What do you mean Maybe??

Becky: I mean nine hundred miles is pretty far even for a normal Sex Mage. Mom says the farthest she was able to effect Dad was about 1200 miles but remember they been fucking for like twenty years.

Becky: If you suck him your definitely going to get a few hundred extra miles of range but one quick blowy might not be enough to reach that far.

Me: SHIT!!! Why didnt you say so???

Becky: You can try fucking him. I think I can keep him under if you dont move too much.

Me: Absolutely not.

Becky: You know its really kind of weird that you want to tease the shit out of him with Magic but dont even want to touch him.

Me: Well have You touched your Dad or Gabe?

Becky: Um yeah I make Gabe do me from behind at least twice a week. His cock is so thick hes just the right height if I kneel on my bed and he knows exactly how to thrust. Ive been making him get me off that way before I even got the Magic.

I blinked. I’d had no idea! No wonder Becky was so enthused to help me.

Me: Shit. Wow. What about your Dad?

Becky: Ive sat on his face a couple times but Moms rule is that his cock is off limits. Hers is the only pussy hes allowed inside. I respect that.

Me: Jeez I had no idea you were such a sick fuck!

Becky: Welcome to the club! Now hurry up before your Mom gets back home.

I looked down at my paralyzed, entranced brother. Well, I still wasn’t going to fuck him, so I just had to hope this wasn’t for nothing. I slipped onto the bed between his legs, grabbed his cock and slid the head into my mouth. I tried to just think of it as any other guy’s cock, and really, it wasn’t that different. It tasted and smelled like a penis. Nick had showered this morning, so he was clean, but there was still a hint of that male musk.

I had given blowjobs before, so I went with the flow, sucking up and down on the first few inches, while I closed the rest of him in my hands. His cock was average in length, but a bit thicker than most guys I’d been with. Becky would probably like a ride.

Nick whimpered and twitched, his cock started to flex in my mouth. I braced myself for the burst of cum and pulled off quick. I was not swallowing his semen! He bucked on the bed, and for a moment, his eyes fluttered open. I froze, waiting to see if I’d been caught. But then he settled back down, and his cock jerked a few more times, but nothing came out. Becky must have blocked him.

My phone buzzed.

Becky: That was close! LOL Okay I think thats enough. Hitting climax while he was in you should help.

I quickly bounced off the bed and stepped back from the room.

Me: Jeez you riled him up too much! That wasnt even a minute!

Becky: LOL Poor boy is really sensitive.

Me: Well keep him under for just another minute.

Becky: That was Super hot by the way. Im dripping.

Me: Freak.

Becky: Im gunna have Gabe plow me again later. Want me to make a video?

Me: LOL sure. I could use a laugh.

I grabbed a dry washcloth the bathroom and went back into Nick’s room to dry my saliva off his cock. Getting hit with spells was one thing, but if he woke up with his cock all slick with spit, that would have raised a whole bunch of questions!

Once dried, I closed the door. The lock-switch was positioned so that it would relock if closed, so I made sure it did that as a final precaution. I went and threw the washcloth in the laundry room hamper, then got some gum to cleanse the taste of my brother out of my mouth. I sat back down on the living room chair, and then Becky released him from the trance. According to her, he immediately started jerking it again, and in under a minute, he came so hard, he splattered the wall behind his bed!

Nick came back down a few minutes later, looking much more relaxed. “Enjoy yourself?” I said sarcastically, not even looking at him.

“Will you just stop?” he said, picking up his controller, and unpausing the game. “You’re my sister for fuck’s sake.”

I sighed and shook my head. “Whatever, bro.”

A couple minutes later, his phone blew up with messages. A bit surprised, he checked them, and I saw his expression brighten a bit. “Oh, shit,” he said.

“What?” I said in a bored tone.

“I guess some bitch was pulling pranks around the block or something,” he said. “The other guys got caught in it too, but I guess she’s finished.”

“That’s nice,” I said. “They still coming over?”

“On there way,” he said. He looked at me. “So, you know, buzz off or something.”

I sighed, stood, and stretched. “You know, you’re lucky I don’t have the Magic, and you wouldn’t be so quick to give me lip.”

He let out a short grunt of a laugh. “Yeah, well, neither us of is gunna have to worry about that now.”

I smirked as I left the room, saying, “Thank god.”

-Mary’s Interlude-
It was a relief to see my son off. I hugged him and told him to keep in touch, and he got all embarrassed, but I was going to miss him. Still, I was glad to see him off.

I had said it was for Julie’s sake, but that was only half the truth. The other half was that a small part of me had been growing stronger and stronger as the years of Sex Magic wore on. That part of me that wanted to fuck my own son.

I knew other women around the street did it. Even if they didn’t fuck their sons, they freely used the Magic on them. Sisters played with brothers. Heck, Julie’s friend Becky was in a fully incestuous situation. I could sense it from here as for the past month, Becky was really running her brother and father through the wringer while Dana, her mother, just watched and laughed, gave her evil little suggestions to really grind them under.

I might have felt bad for them, but it just made me so fucking wet. The number of times I masturbated thinking about doing those kinds of things to Nick was outright embarrassing, as was the number of times I used my powers to watch him masturbate without him even knowing.

I had to clamp down as hard as I could on my Aura when I touched myself, just so my pleasure wouldn’t flare out and effect Nick. If it had, if I’d allowed even of a bit of my power to tease him while I was so lost in my moments of pleasure, I don’t think I could have held myself back. It just got harder and harder with every passing week not to give in. I was so glad when Jeannie agreed to take him, at least for a little while.

I was even more glad when just a few days ago, I had sensed, and watched, as Julie snuck into Nick’s room and sucked his cock while he was under a spell. She’d been messing with her phone as well. I couldn’t zoom in to read it, but I could tell she was texting from the way her thumbs worked the screen. I assumed that maybe Becky had talked her into it, or she was doing a dare, or something like that. That girl was a wicked influence, and now I was worried that maybe Julie had inherited my evil little fetish.

I never told her what I’d seen, of course. That would lead to questions like, “Why were you watching Nick in the first place?” and well, I would just die if my daughter knew the fantasies I habored. Thank god that on the day I drove Nick to the airport, Julie said she was going to spend the day with Becky. I didn’t know for what, but I didn’t care. For once, I would have the house completely to myself for a good few hours.

Right after putting Nick on the plane, I raced back home. Julie had said she was going over to Becky’s again, and after making sure she was gone, I practically ripped my clothes off, pulling out my favorite vibrator, and went to town.

I worked myself with the vibe, practically gushing. Finally able to fully relax, I let my aura flare wildly. I sensed the neighbors two houses down on all sides jump and scramble as my Aura turned their dicks diamond-hard. I didn’t care, I fucking needed this!

The vibe was a simple, rounded, sky-blue cylinder, a little thin, but very powerful, and exactly the length of Nick’s cock. I pretended it was his cock as I worked it in and out and played the tip across my clit. Over the course of two hours, I came hard at least fifteen times, with several mini-climaxes between. I actually squirted a few times, cumming so hard, I cried out Nick’s name. I’d have to wash the sheets and scrub the mattress, but oh god, it felt so fucking good.

I finally collapsed in my wet mess, gasping, and I let my aura withdraw. I could sense the cocks in the other houses finally cooling down, although to of them were now being teased relentlessly by mischievous wives.

I took a quick nap, just a few minutes while my body cooled down and I could compose myself. Happy as a clam, I got up and started gathering the bed sheets for the wash, slipping on a robe, and carrying the load down to the washing machine in the basement.

As I came back up the stairs, I was suddenly startled as Julie came out of the kitchen drinking from a bottle of water. My heart thudded in my chest. I hadn’t heard her come in! How long has been been here?

“Hey, Mom!” she said.

“I, uh, I thought you were at Becky’s!” I stammered.

“Yeah, I forgot something, I’m gunna head back now.” She had her usual shit-eating grin. I could only imagine what she’d been getting up to over at her friend’s place. “I’ll be back later tonight!”

As she turned and went, I made an inner sigh of relief. She must have come in while I was dozing or something. “Okay, have fun,” I said, and turned towards the stairs. She walked past me and went to the front door.

“By the way, Mom,” she said, pausing as she opened the door.

I paused at the foot of the steps and looked over my shoulder. “Yeah, what?”

Her grin widened, and she held up her phone, showing me an audio recording app. “I had no idea you were gunna miss Nick that much!”

She tapped the play button, and I could hear the sound of my bed shaking, and my own voice yelling “AAAAAH!!! NICK! OH, FUCK, NICK, NIIICK! AAAAAAAAHH!!!”

My jaw dropped and my entire body went red with shame, but before I could say a word, my evil daughter jumped out the door and ran off, laughing the whole way.

“Well, now I know where I get it from!” I said. I played the audio again, and Becky and I laughed until our sides hurt. Below me, Gabe whimpered as I rocked on his back. He was on his hands and knees, being a chair for me to sit on. Becky was sitting crosslegged on the floor, or had been. Now she was kicking her legs in delight.

It was only about the last thirty seconds of Mom’s self-pleasure, with the good part right at the beginning, but it told me everything I needed to know. Mom had wanted to fuck with Nick just as much as I did. The difference is, she wanted him to actually fuck her. Presumably, she didn’t want to just torment him like I did.

“Oh, man, I wonder if she did anything like you did?” said Becky. She paused and thought. “Actually, I guess she wouldn’t have to. She’s been soaking in his Lust Energy for years now, I guarantee he’s at least been caught in her Aura a few times. Plus, she did give birth to him. That means he was inside her at one point.”

I shuddered. “Ew, okay, can we not go there, please? I’d rather not get arrested.”

Becky gave me a weird look, then rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

I shrugged. “Nothing,” I said. “I mean, what is there to do? It’s not like I’m going to blackmail my own Mom with this or anything. I mean, who would actually care that much these days?”

Below me Gabe shivered and let out a whimpering cry. Becky had extended one long, sexy leg over and wiggled her toes in his face. She’d been messing around in his head, implanting and removing various fetishes. Right now, the poor guy had a raging foot fetish, so bad he practically tried to cum just looking at a girl’s bare feet. As blue balled, super sensitized, and hair triggered as he was now, there was no “practically” about it. I could feel the muscles in his body clench, and I knew his cock was bouncing like mad, as he edged hard at the sight of his sister’s toes.

It would still be some time, I guess, before I could get the chance to see if our little stunt had worked. I made sure to give Nick a hug before I left, “accidentally” leaning in too far pressing my crotch right against his and making sure he felt my breasts against his chest. It was only for a couple seconds, short enough to be convincing as an accident, but long enough to maybe give a little bit of boost to the connection we’d made. Probably not, though, as we’d both been fully clothed and he’d been flaccid. But I could consider it a “for good luck” move on my part, I guess.

Well, there was nothing left to do now but wait, and enjoy the situations I could. I curled back my foot and bounced Gabe's cock off my heel a few times. He let out a shuddering groan and his whole body shook as he edged yet again. I chuckled. He may be allowed to cum once a week, but that didn't mean Becky and I couldn't try to pack his balls with as much unspent cum as we could before each release!

"Why is torturing boys' cocks so fun?" I asked.

Becky laughed. "Wait until you get your Magic! You don't even know what fun IS yet!"

I pouted and let out a hmph! "Rub it in why don't you?" I said.

"Don't mind if I do!" she said. She moved her other leg and pushed mine back so my heel pressed firmly on Gabe's cock. He let out a high pitched whimper and shuddered so hard I nearly fell off! His cock jerk rapidly beneath me.

Becky did a trick where she slid the notch between her big toe and little toes so it interlocked with mine. With her foot thus planted, mine was stuck pressed against the helpless boy's cock. Becky must have increased his sensitivity into the redline, because just touching my skin was a sensual agony for him! I helped him out a bit by wiggling my foot, so my heel rubbed his cock a bit for extra stimulation.

His head went back, his eyes rolled up, and he let out a choked cry. The he sagged, his body held up only by the magic bondage.

"Oops! You broke him!" said Becky. She pulled her foot back, releasing mine. We both laughed and I finally got off the poor guy. He was twitching and whimpering in his unconscious state. Becky raised a hand, and his body went limp while she floated him in the air. She sent him hovering over to his own room and lay him on the bed to recover. I held out a hand to help her up, but she decided to be a show off and floated herself up until she could drop her legs down and stand. She raise her hands in a little "ta-da!" pose.

I rolled my eyes. "Such a bitch," I said.

"Yeah?" she said, practically purring. "What’re you gunna do about it?"

I grinned and pulled out the vibrator I'd fetched from my closet. "Strip and get on the bed." She squealed in glee and did exactly that. Over the next half hour, the shockwaves of her orgasms had men as far as five houses away gasping and falling to their knees in sudden, sharp edgings.

It was kind of funny, I guess, that even though she let me play with her whenever I wanted, she ended up with the power first. We didn’t really have a domme/sub relationship, I just couldn’t keep my hands to myself sometimes. She was just too fucking cute when she writhed under my fingers.

When I got home, Mom was sitting in the living room, waiting for me.

"Julie..." she said, but hesitated, blushing.

"Hey Mom!" I smiled as though nothing unusual at all was going on.

"Julie wait!" she cleared her throat. "About that recording you made..."

I grinned. "Don't worry, Mom, your secret is safe with me. And Becky. Oh, and Gabe, too I guess, although I don't think he was paying attention..."

"I know, I was watching you girls through his cock!" she huffed.

She really seemed freaked out. I sighed and pulled out my phone. "Here," I said. I held it up to show her to recording, then showed her that I was deleting it. "There, it's gone, no one else is going to hear it."

She pursed her lips. "Well... good."

I chuckled. "I don't see why you're so freaked out. Trust me, if anyone would understand, it's Becky. We're not gunna rat on you, but it's not that big of a deal."

"It's a bigger deal than you think," she said. "Maybe not as much as it used to be, but..." She shook her head. "Look, I know it's just a fantasy, but I do not want to actually indulge in that sort of thing."

"I really don't think too many people would blame you," I said. "Becky's family does it, she says there's several other houses around the block where it happens." I shrugged. "I dunno, at the end of the day, a cock is a cock, right? Who cares who it's attached to."

Mom frowned. "Is that what you told yourself when you did it?"

I blinked. "What do you mean?"

"I saw you the other day," she said. "In Nick's room."

She didn't need to say more. "Oh. That."

She gave me a studious look. "Why did you do it? Did Becky dare you or something?"

I quickly nodded. "Yeah. Sorta. I dunno, I guess I just, seeing her fuck with her own brother so much... I guess I got curious. So, when she told me to "just do it already", well, I went and did it."

"She's a bad influence," Mom said, looking thoughtfully to the side.

"Sex Magic is a bad influence," I reasoned.

She looked back at me and gave short grunt of a laugh. "Yeah." She stood and let out a breath. "Alright, well, I guess we don't need to delve into this further. Just, when your powers do come in, be careful, alright?"

"Sure, Mom."

"I mean it."

"Sure, Mom."

"Alright, then. I'm going to bed."

I opened my mouth to say something sarcastic. It was a muscle reflex at this point. But before I could utter a word, she held up her finger and cut me off. "Zip it!"

I just smirked, and she blushed and hurried upstairs, no doubt guessing what sort of joke I was going to say. "Sure, Mom."

In the end, it took me three months to gain my powers. Becky was so happy for me, she practically threw her brother at me for me to practice on. She even let me take him home for a whole week. Mom tried to act like the responsible parent and be all stern and formal about it, but she was happy to, especially after soaking in so much of Gabe's excess energy at point-blank range.

To celebrate, once I'd gotten all the basics down, practicing on Gabe's cock, Mom took me to our town's version of the Bench, where bad boys got *extra* punished. These were guys who had managed to commit crimes like stealing or beating someone up, got caught, and were sentenced to several days of being magically Frozen in place on a city park bench, to be teased mercilessly by any and all women walking by. Being located in a nice park near the business district, the Bench was purposefully placed in a high-traffic area, so the guy's teasing was absolutely relentless. You could feel the lust energy pouring off their combined suffering for almost mile around, and even a newbie Sex Mage could sense them from the edges of town.

Even Gabe and Mr. Hanley didn't have it this bad, despite Becky's very enthusiastic Magic use. In the end, she was just one girl, and aside from her Mom, and now me, there wasn't usually anyone else added. If they'd been on the bench, hundreds of women would all be pitching in.

When we got there, Mom even saw a guy she'd once dated long ago, who'd been a total douche bag to her back in High School. She smiled primly at him and asked if he remembered her. Of course he did. He still jacked off thinking about her sometimes, and Mom had soaked in enough Lust Energy that she didn't look that much older than she had back then.

She sat next to him and purred and cooed in his ear about the good old days, while she directed me in various ways to torment his cock with my thoughts. Occasionally, she'd join in with a big, hard ZAP! of magic, or whispering something in his ear that made his cock clench like crazy and have tears of frustration running down his eyes. Finally, after half an hour, Mom winked at me, grinning. She took over the teasing wholly, and I moved on to practice on the other guys.

Their painfully hard, constantly leaking cocks were pouring out so much lust energy, reading and figuring out how their nerve networks worked and how to apply the Magic went insanely fast. I swear, after just a couple hours at the Bench, I gained more skill and raw power than the whole week of teasing Gabe.

It was all very fun, but of course, my inner thoughts the whole time were laser focused on my true ambition. I felt I was ready enough to try and reach Nick's cock. And if I really could stretch the connection that far, then oh, man. I really hope he enjoyed a blissful, relaxing, tease-free vacation down at Aunt Jeannie’s, because the cock-tease Apocalypse was coming for his cock!

Ten nights after gaining my powers, I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of Nick. I'd finally sent Gabe home, and he outright fell to his knees and kissed Becky's feet. I'd never seen a boy so happy to back with a sister who teased him senseless daily. I hadn't thought I was that bad, but I guess Becky actually did give the poor boy breaks throughout the day. I'd just kept at him non-stop.

As I lay there, no longer distracted by other cocks at the moment, I focused all my thoughts on Nick. I focused on his cock. I tried to remember exactly how it looked and felt in my hands and mouth that day.

It took longer than I expected, so long I almost gave up in despair. I started masturbating, hoping that tuning into the pleasures of sex might bolster my Magic some. After nearly an hour, I almost gave up in frustration, until I suddenly thought I heard the psychic hum of a hard penis, way, WAY off in the distance. Fainter than any of the other cocks in town I was also picking up, I was nonetheless able to focus on it, isolate it from the other erections in my range. The more I focused on it, the clearer the signal became.

Over the course of several minutes, I tuned into, losing all focus on the rest of the world, entirely devoting my attention to my psychic penis-sensing ability. I felt an almost nostalgic sense about this cock I was focusing on. It was familiar. It made me think of Nick. I wasn't just projecting my hopes on this sensation, it genuinely did remind me of my brother.

Finally, I was sure of it. And the more certain I was, the clearer the signal became. And then, in my mind, I could finally see him. I could see my brother! At first, I got only a blurry sense of him in my mind's eye, only his penis really coming in with any detail. Then slowly the rest of him came into my mental view. Then even more slowly, his surroundings cleared up as well.

It was then that realized Nick was sitting on the edge of a table. He was naked, his penis diamond-hard, almost as hard as I'd sensed from Gabe and Mr. Hanley! A woman was playing with him, teasing him, tormenting him. I could see her, sitting on a chair between his legs, also fully naked.

His penis was trapped between the mounds of her large, pillowy breasts. She was cooing and talking sweetly to him, but I knew she had her Arousal Aura radiating in a tightly focused area from her breasts, pouring all of that energy to create the world's biggest Hard Attack in the space between her boobs. She was smiling and giggling at Nick, squeezing and rubbing him with her tits, then occasionally dipping her head down to lick the tip of his cock, and send a lightning bolt of raw pleasure down his helpless organ.

Nick was wailing, crying, pleading, babbling like a mad man for mercy, but the cruel woman gave him none. And as my senses fully dialed in, my jaw dropped. The woman tormenting him was Aunt Jeannie!

“No more!” Nick pleaded. “No more, please, no more!”

“Aw, but Nicky, it’s only been a couple hours! You promised me you’d try for longer this time!” Jeannie leaned down and slipped his cockhead into her mouth, then sucked her lips tight against the flesh, drawing them back over the purple head slowly. Nick’s breath was torn away and his whole body shuddered.


I almost laughed. Mom had sent Nick away to spare him from her own wicked desires, and without even realizing it, mine as well. Who knew her own sister would be just as much of a cock-tease demon as I wanted to be, and that Mom was afraid to be? She'd chucked him from the frying pan, not just into the fire, but into the damn furnace!

I would have busted a gut laughing at the irony, except for one thing: that fucking bitch was messing with MY toy! I was supposed to be the one to destroy him with Magic, not her!

Despite my aggravation, I kept watching. I figured I may as well see what kind of tricks she had up her sleeve. Or up her skirt, as it were.

“Are you sure, Nick? How about five more minutes? Just five more minutes? You’ve toughened up so much already, let’s just see if we can go a little bit further, okay?”

For as much as she was tormenting him, she was weirdly asking rather sweetly.

“Aaah! AH! O-okay… f-f-five… no more… th-th-than five…” He was barely able to form words, and yet he was consenting to more torment? I guess the alternative had to be even worse!

Jeannie giggled gleefully. “That’s the spirit!” she said. She then bent down and sucked his cock head again. Nick cried out until he couldn’t even breathe and tears flowed from his eyes. His whole body shook and jerked and spasmed despite Jeannie’s binding spell.

She absolutely destroyed him with just her mouth on his cockhead, her tits still big enough to envelope the rest of his cock while she did it. I found myself getting wet, watching his total obliteration with just a simple bit of foreplay. Okay, obviously, there was a lot of Magic involved as well, but it mostly seemed to just be the intense Hard Attack and Enhanced Sensitivity. She wasn’t using Tease Spells, just her tits and her mouth to drive him out of his mind.

Just when I thought Nick was seriously about to die from the overload, Jeannie popped his cock free of her mouth and smiled brightly. “Good boy! Such a good boy!”

Nick’s eyes rolled back and his mouth gaped in a soundless scream as Jeannie squeezed his organ tightly between her tits… and then he fucking exploded!

Thick ropes of cum launched into the air like party streamers, the first few shots hitting the ceiling. The rest of his seed absolutely drenched Jeannie, splattering across her face and tits, soaking into her hair. Her own head was thrown back and she let out a piercing cry, her own body shuddering. I could tell she was having an orgasm of her own, just as intense as Nick’s! I could actually hear her fluids splash on her floor as she squirted!

Both of them writhed, his cock trapped between her breasts as if magnetized there, even when she let go and gripped the table so her, she left slight finger-shaped dents in the wood. The super-orgasm had to have lasted for only half a minute, but watching in total awe, I got so caught up, it seemed to last an hour!

And then, the spell broke, and the two collapsed. Nick’s cock was freed from her breasts and her binding spell, sprawling bonelessly across the table. Jeannie sagged back in her chair until she nearly fell off it. The two lay there, gasping, sweating, completely blissed out. When they could get enough breath back for words, I could hear Nick moaning, “Thank you…” and Jeannie whispering “Good boy.”

Unfortunately, with the sexual play finished and spells stopped and the orgasm having ejected most of the Lust Energy, my vision was fading fast. Nick’s cock was starting to soften, and I was already losing sight of the whole seen. Just before the signal was lost for good, however, I heard two very upsetting lines:

“I’m so glad you came to live with me, Nicky,” said Jeannie, smiling like the happiest girl in the world.

“Me too,” he said, grinning.

I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling, stunned. What the fuck had that been?

I could accept Jeannie using him to her heart’s content, but this wasn’t just her using him to get off. She was letting him cum. She was training him, it looked like, to handle intense levels of teasing. She was not only spoiling him, she was ruining him for me! By the time I managed to get him to myself again, was he going to be able to handle everything I could dish out, and more? It wasn’t fair!

Well, fine. If that was how it was going to be, fine. I would just have to make it so everything Jeannie had done so far just felt like a warm-up!

“Damn, that sucks, dude.” Becky stuck the little plastic vibrator and gently sucked the tip, moaning in pleasure for a moment. She released it with a pop and passed it to me.

Becky was over at my place, for once. Mom wasn’t home. After meeting her ex on the Bench, she had decided to rekindle that old flame, and was currently running him through the cock tease ringer. Since I’d toyed with him before, I could easily keep an eye on him now, and silently cheered my Mom on as she made him suck her toes, causing him to feel his own mouth on his cock as he did so. For as flustered and embarrassed as she got over her own sick fantasies for Nick, she had little compunction over driving other guys out of their minds.

“It just isn’t fair! It’s like the world is conspiring against me!” I took a suck on the vibe and let out a moan of my own. Fluid trickled from my pussy as the energy of male frustration tingled through me.

I had recently learned the Voodoo Cock spell, and right now, several penises were linked to it. They could feel everything we did to the vibrator, and the Lust Energy our teasing produced was fed back to us directly through the tool. It was almost as good as sucking a boy directly, but since we could link several boys to it at once, their combined energy made for a powerful pleasure trip. We were both naked on my bed, towels beneath our rumps to soak up our wetness as we took quick little “hits” off the vibe.

In a world without Sex Magic, we’d probably be sharing a blunt instead. But the healing powers of the Magic made weed, and pretty much any other drug, obsolete. As soon as we absorbed the energy, the drug’s effects would be neutralized. And no drug was as potent for producing pure happy feelings as Lust Energy.

This particular vibrator was linked to Becky’s brother Gabe, Mr. Jonasen, a cute boy named Carl who had been staring at my tits while he bagged my groceries, Mr. Levi our stuffy High School algebra teacher whom Becky had run into last week (he was as stuffy as ever), and Kenny, one of Nick’s friends. We’d try to snag Jim and Bob since Becky had teased them before, but apparently Jim’s girlfriend had a powerful shield on him, and when we connected Bob, someone immediately snapped the connection. We opted not to press it. Five boys was more than enough.

Just to be a bitch, I clicked on the vibrator and set it to max. Becky and I giggled as we sensed all five cocks start vibrating to match. We lay the vibe so that it was trapped between our hips, and let the Lust Energy flow right to our pussies.

After a minute of simmering in this pleasure, I reached over and started rubbing Becky’s clit. It was swollen and begging me to touch it. Becky let out a little gasp, then, hesitating at first, she slid her hand over and touched mine. I jumped and almost pushed her hand away. I liked giving more than receiving. But Becky was giving me her adorable puppy dog eyes, I decided to allow it.

We settled in, grooving off the boy’s vibrating frustration and our own fingers.

“So…” Becky said breathily. “How much… do you really… want to break him…”

“I dunno…” I replied, just as breathily. “I mean… I’ve watched Jeannie… she really… puts him through… a lot… even if… she lets him pop… at the end…” I slid my fingers inside her.

“Mmmm!” she squirmed into my hand, and followed my lead, slipping her fingers into me. I let out a gasp as she explored me. “I think… well… there’s more to… destroying… a boy… than just edging him…”

“Wh-what do… you mean…?” Becky’s fingers felt really good. She was building me up faster than I was her. I rubbed her more firmly, using that little thumb trick on her clit that turned her into a hair trigger.

Becky squealed, and in seconds, I felt her fluids run through my fingers as she came. I slowly eased her down until she got herself under control, then resumed my rubbing before she could retaliate.

When she came again this time, her hand gripped me tightly, and I let out a startled yelp. “S-sorry!” she squeaked. “S-s-sorry!”

“Oof… you bet you are! Hands up!” I said.

Her eyes widened. “Oh, no, please, I’m sorry, I just want to make you feel good!”

I grinned. “Oh, you will. You bet your ass you will.”

She raised her hands up and gripped the bars of my headboard. She lowered her innate female defenses against the Magic. Now, she was as open to me as any boy. I tapped her arms and used a Binding spell to freeze her hands into their grip, effectively “tying” her to the bed.

I got up and picked up the vibrator. I could feel the boys attached to it squirming or writhing. They were about to go out of their minds. I rolled on top of Becky, straddling her stomach. I slid the vibrator inside her pussy as deep as it would go. She squealed and squirmed, kicking her legs.

“Legs closed,” I said. She obeyed with an effort, angling her legs to trap the vibrator inside herself. I then Froze her legs that way, making sure the tool wouldn’t slip out. “Now Roast them.”

Even writhing and gasping with pleasure, she obey me. She poured her Arousal Aura and Pure Pleasure Spell into the vibe. Immediately, I could sense the five helpless men and boys writhe and cry out, as their poor teased cocks were pushed to maximum tension and stimulation.

I then shifted myself forward and Becky’s eyes widened as she realized I was about to make her eat me out. For a moment, she didn’t know whether to be elated or afraid. I didn’t let her decide before I pressed my sex to her.

Becky had practice sucking cocks, but had never gone down on another woman before. Her licks and suckles were unsure, but I pressed her face against me and guided her with little Magic impulses of what to do. Soon, I was the one writhing and howling. I flooded her mouth with my fluids until she almost choked. I kept on top of her until I had cum thrice, good hard orgasms that made my vision swim. All the while, she was moaning and bucking and cumming, over and over, from the enchanted vibrator.

Our lesbian sex had every cock for two miles around us rigid as diamonds, and that went triple for the boys we’d Voodoo’d. For the next twenty minutes, we were Goddesses enjoying pleasure beyond mortal limits, and taking every helpless man in range along for the ride, suffering in the most exquisite tension for us.

But finally, I had to break off, being utterly overwhelmed by the surge of Magical feedback and hyper-charged pleasure. I dropped off to Becky’s side, gasping. After having what had to be her twentieth or thirtieth orgasm, she finally couldn’t take any more either, and broke my spells. Her limbs dropped loose and the vibe popped out of her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, Julie…” she breathed. She forced herself up and kissed me passionately.

In the heat of the moment, I kissed back, but I didn’t let it go too long. I gently pushed her back. “H-hey now, don’t start falling in love.”

She smiled adorably. “Why do you think I’ve been such a helpful friend lately? I’m already in love!”

I felt my heart skip a beat, and I blushed. “R… really?”

She burst out laughing. “Gotcha! Haha, even you can be easy sometimes!”

I laughed along with her, and we lay there, cooling off. The vibrator was still going, though we were no longer touching it. We decided to let it go until the battery ran out.

“So,” I said. “What were you saying earlier?”

“Sorry, I think my brain drained out through my vagina,” she said. “I don’t remember.”

“You’re useless to me!”

“Except as your brother-destroying wing girl!” she said. Then she snapped her finger in an “aha!” moment. “That’s right! Destroying your brother! There’s more to it than just hammering him with pleasure and edging him to death. If you want to really just outright obliterate him, there’s much more you can do to assert your power.”

“Such as?”

She grinned widely. “Have you ever heard about macrophilia?”

“I can’t tell if that sounds scary or stupid!”

“It’s a giantess fetish. A tiny guy with a giant woman.”

I furrowed my brow. “You mean, like… like fat?”

She laughed again. “God, you’re so clueless. You should surf the net more! Why am I always doing your research?”

“Cuz you’re the one with the cute nerd glasses.”

“Haha, oh, yeah! Anyway, no, like, you know, a giant. Like Gulliver.”

I thought for a moment. “He wasn’t giant, the Lilliputs were tiny.”

“Well, in this case, it can be the same thing. In fact, it usually is. Think Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, but the sizes swapped. There’s women who use their powers to shrink guys down to only a few inches tall. The Magic toughens them up, but on top of being able to do everything else she wants to him, she can pick him up, put him her pocket, or her panties or bra, or her shoe.” She grinned. “She can even stuff him inside her pussy like a living dildo!”

I imagined doing that to Nick. I hadn’t wanted to actually fuck him, and you couldn’t fuck a guy more than shoving his entire body into your cooch! At the same time, it was a whole different sort of experience.

“Damn,” I said. “I mean, I dunno. That sounds like some kind of shapeshifting. Doesn’t Magic on that level take, like, a shitload of power, and you have to be one of those special Archmage types to do it?”

Becky tapped her chin in thought. “Yeah, normally, but I swear I read that there’s some way for even normal Sex Mages to do it.”

I mulled the idea over. Nick, naked and painfully hard, edging his brains out just being near me, but also the size of a mouse, writhing and pleading for mercy as I pinned his whole body beneath my big to, feeling his tiny cock blazing like an electric pin-prick against my skin. Mind-bending arousal and terror as he realized how absolutely powerless he was, beyond even what he’d experienced of Sex Magic so far, me reveling in my absolute Goddesshood.

And if Becky and I could pull off a shrinking spell on him, what other, even weirder things could we do to him?

I grinned. “Alright, then. Let’s get crazy!”

-Gabe’s Interlude-
I exist for my sister’s pleasure. I love it when she tortures me with her magic. I always have, even when it drives me out of my mind. Even now, when my cock is so hard it fucking hurts, when she’s forcing me to fuck her from behind and Roasts my cock with supernaturally intense pleasure, when I need to cum so fucking bad I feel like I’m going to die if I don’t, part of me is nothing but grateful.

This is my greatest fantasy, an impossible situation in which a smoking hot older sister gleefully torments me sexually with magical powers. I have masturbated to this fantasy for years. First, it was just to the idea of mundane incest domination, but ever since I found that weird blog online, I’ve always added magic and psychic powers to the mix.

And then, one day, it turned out the crazy ideas on that blog weren’t as completely crazy as I once thought. One day, as I was jacking it to sexy selfies of random girls, imagining that they were my sister and they were teasing me with orgasm denial spells while sending me these pics, an intruder entered my room. It was a pixie, an honest to God, Tinkerbell-style tiny woman with wings. Only she was much sexier than Tinkerbell. For one thing, she was real, she had a supermodel’s body, she was naked, and just looking at her nearly melted my mind with lust. I was too out of it to even question my sanity.

She spoke, telling me about how she knew about my fantasies, and she could fulfill them, if only I would come with her. I could only nod dumbfounded, and then she waved a hand at me, and I felt my cock tingling. I suddenly felt overwhelming pleasure, like every positive sexual experience I’d ever had rolled into one.

The funny thing is, I’m not supposed to remember that. I’m supposed to think I’m an 18 year old guy who’s always lived on this street, always had an older sister and mother who were rampant cockteases, always had a father who was just as helpless as me. I’m not supposed to remember that before I got here, I was a fifty year old widower with no kids, no siblings, a dead-end job, both parents deceased, and only my shameful fantasies of incest humiliation really bringing me much joy in life. It was pretty sad.

In some ways, this place is a paradise. I’m young again, I’m surrounded by horny, hot young women that fuck my brains out and play with my cock constantly. As vicious as the teasing can get, it’s everything I fantasized about and more, and I can’t not appreciate that. It would be nice to get more of a break once in a while, but Becky is usually good about giving me a cool off day, when Julie isn’t insisting on more practice time. And hell, I get to cum at least once a week. That’s more than most guys get, even if it’s always some horribly embarrassing means. I still hate eating my own spunk, but fuck if the idea that Becky can just snap her fingers and force me doesn’t get me rock hard.

Ah, Becky. I couldn’t have asked for a better Sistress. Cute and sexy, utterly merciless, and genuinely enjoying herself when she used me. I could fall in love, except I know this situation is built entirely on my lusts. She’s doing this, because this is the role she was built for. I still give it my all as I fuck her, and endure the soul-crushing teasing until I just can’t take anymore, and she has to assume control of my body to make it move the way she likes.

I’m not entirely sure what she is. When the pixie girl brought me here, remade me, scrubbed my memories, she never explained how all this worked. I was also completely sold to the illusion. I genuinely forgot who I was for a while and became a part of this scenario, where every few months, Becky “discovers” her Sex Magic, and runs me through the gauntlet as she relearns all the ways to use it. She torments me for about two to three months, then I get about a month’s break where the scenario resets and she “forgets” she has her powers. And my memories used to reset each time as well.

But about seven years ago, if I kept track of the months right, something happened. Something changed.  The sky went black, and I swore I saw a burning red eye blazing in the sky. And then there was this thing

“Hey,” says a voice. I blink and realize Becky has stopped rocking back and forth on my cock. She’s staring back at me from over her shoulder, her expression calm. “We’ve been over this. Don’t dwell on it.”

I swallow hard. “S-sorry.”

She bends her arm back and cups my cheek. “It’s alright,” she says. She smiles softly. “Now, come on, tough guy. I want at least ten more before lunch!”

I resume pistoning my cock into her pussy, and she moans and gasps in delight, turning back to grip the mattress with both hands so she can rock herself back as I thrust.

Anyway, after “the incident we won’t dwell on”, my memories flooded back. It was like waking from a dream. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be as young as I was. I knew this wasn’t my family, that this girl riding my cock wasn’t my sister, that those aren’t my parents in the next room over. I remember now, every time our scenario resets. I know now that this creature who calls herself my sister doesn’t forget her Magic, she just pretends to.

I sometimes worry that remembering is what’s going to ruin it. That eventually, ennui will set in, and I’ll get tired of repeating this situation. But it hasn’t happened yet. Becky is aware that I’m aware, and she switches things up a bit each time. And in truth, I’m still so enraptured by this whole lifestyle that I can’t resist it. Sex Magic is a very, very effective tool of domination, and the months of tease torture always puts me in a state of compliance, almost forgetting the reality of my situation again when the cycle repeats.

We’ve never really directly talked about it. Becky kept telling me that what I saw was just some really bad nightmare. She insisted that she was my sister. She couldn’t fool me, though. I don’t know if she simply can’t tell me, like if it goes against the rules of the scenario or something, or if she simply won’t because it’s more important to her to stay in character, or what, but after numerous attempts to pry some answers out of her, which usually prompted her to tease me until I couldn’t even form thoughts for several days, I figured out how to infer between the lines.

Beyond what she was saying, the little ways she’d pause or give me some meaningful look, before repeating her denial, I could tell she knew I’d retained my memories. After the very first cycle reset that I remembered, she’d almost been too flustered to even answer me. She put me to sleep, saying I shouldn’t think too hard about nonsense.

But then, I woke up to her sucking my cock. She looked up to me and for a few moments, we seemed to wordlessly communicate that I knew, and she knew that I knew. I opened my mouth to say something, but she flicked her finger at me, and my jaw snapped shut.

“I like your genuine reactions,” she had said, leaving me to infer what that meant. She then went back to sucking me until I was crying from constant edging.

For thirty cycles of the scenario, I thought I was the only real person here. Becky and my “parents” and a few people like them, I think they’re “real” in the sense that I don’t think they’re like robots or anything. I’ve seen too many variables, seen genuine human emotion from them. It’s the people in the background, the people I don’t really talk to, that seem to repeat the same routines all the time, I think they’re the “robots”.

Becky and those like her, they’re different. Whatever Becky is, she seems like a human being. In fact, most of the time, I think she believes it. As vicious as she can get, I don’t think she wants to actually hurt me. That must seem bizarre given she’ll torture my cock for hours every day until I almost want to die from the pressure and humiliation, but again, it’s what I always used to fantasize about. So I settled into it, and let myself enjoy it. I came to love this beautiful creature designed just for me, and I stopped trying to rock the boat to get more answers out of her.

But something changed again. This time, when the cycle reset, Becky got a new friend. A hot young lady named Julie, who was suddenly coming over all the time, and whom Becky treated like her best buddy she’d known since they were kids. Another girl who started off without the Magic, but then one day gained it and has been relentlessly using it ever since.

I think she’s real. Like me. I think she’s an actual, genuine human being in a scenario like mine, except with the scenario reversed. I’m not sure about her Mom or brother. I think they might be like Becky, things pretending to be human in order to play their roles.

This particular scenario has been going on longer than usual. I think in accommodating Julie, it’s going to keep going until the “climax” to her scenario is realized. Given my place in this world’s paradigm, it’s only natural that her female desires override mine. So, I guess I’m along for the ride until her scenario resets again. It’s been a more intense time than anything I’ve experienced previously, but the novelty keeps me intrigued.

I know Julie wants to sexually destroy her brother the way Becky destroys me. I assume that once she achieves this goal, then the reset will happen. If not, I guess it could be a while before I get some true relief again. Julie has ramped up the intensity considerably. I hope I don’t genuinely lose my mind before the next reset, although I’m sure Becky will take care of me if it does happen. Maybe in the next cycle, she’ll finally do the memory scrub again, and I’ll forget all of this ever happened. Forget who I actually am, until the next time something wakes me up.

Hell, I don’t even know how long I’ve actually been here. This could be only the thirty-first cycle, or it could be the thirty-thousandth. This might not even be the first time I remembered myself, before I was forced to forget again.

I wondered if this was Julie’s first cycle, or if maybe she’d been here all along, and the people running this simulation had just shifted her around to keep things fresh. I had always wondered if there were others. I always figured a whole town built just for me was a bit excessive for such a simple femdom scenario. That pixie girl had to be taking others and bringing them here. How many of us were there?

I suddenly cry out, snapped back to reality again, as a surge of raw pleasure lights up every nerve in my cock. Sensations the human body wasn’t even designed to experience cause my body to lock up. I curl around Becky, and it’s only her Magic grip that keeps me from falling. I whimper as she forces my cock as deep into her pussy as I can go, and she stimulates the nerves way beyond anything reasonable.

“AAAHH! BECKY! SIS! AAAAH!” I whimper like a girl, utterly overwhelmed as she destroys me with just a little magic from her pussy. She locks me into this state for a good five minutes, until I can’t even form proper thoughts.

Finally, she releases me, and lets me catch my breath, still throbbing inside her, but no longer feeling like she’s cooking my soul through my cock. “Stop thinking so much,” she chides me when she senses I can comprehend words again. “It’s ruining your technique.”

I know that actually means “stop thinking so much or they are going to take you and reset you again, and I don’t want them to because I like you as you are.” Whoever, or whatever, they are, thinking too deeply about the logic of my situation is apparently a red flag.

“S-s-sorry, sis,” I mumble. When I can get myself oriented, I stand back up, and start moving my hips, fucking her just how she likes. She moans in pleasure, and I match her as she resumes a less intense, but still breath-taking pleasure pulse through my organ. It isn’t long before I’m edging again, and she has to resume control of my body.

We go for another hour, Becky shuddering in several orgasms, me edging dozens of times, before she finally lets me go, and we collapse on her bed together. She lays on her back, while I’m on my stomach, my wet cock throbbing between the mattress and my stomach.

“Becky?” I ask when I can breathe steadily again.


“What are you?”

There was a long pause. “I’m your evil femdom sister,” she finally said. Then she grinned. “Your Sistress.”

I laugh. “Yeah. You’re the best.”

“Better than you deserve!”

“I know.”

I turned onto my back and stared at the ceiling. I could feel her eyes on me. We lay that way for a few minutes.

She reaches over and hovers her hand over my still rock-hard cock. “Hey, what did I say about thinking too much?” She dips her fingers down and starts tapping along my organ in random little patterns. Every touch shoots a little sharp bolt of pleasure through my cock, and soon I’m whimpering and squirming, my hips bucking and my cock jerking under her taps.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I whimper.

After I’d edged about a dozen times, she finally pulled her hand away to let me catch my breath.

“I’ll stop,” I say. “I promise, but can you at least answer me one thing?”

Another long pause. “Depends.”

I swallow nervously and look her in the eye. “Is Julie like me?”

She stares at me with that studious expression, wrestling with herself as to whether or not to finally just give me a straight answer or not. Instead she just smiles and wiggles her fingers at my cock. The rapid pleasure zaps return, continuing even without her touching me, more intense than ever.

She gets up, stretches, and startes getting dressed, even as I writhed helplessly on her bed. “I think maybe today I’ll teach Julie that trick where I make a boy cum, then slide all his semen right back into him,” she says. “You’re fine being her Test Boy for that, right?”

My eyes widened at that. I’ve never heard of that trick before! It sounds terrible! I let out a loud moan, unable to form words as the zaps became even more intense. I grip the bed tightly and thrust into the air.

Right?” she says.

“Right! RIGHT! AAH!!!”

She smiles primly at me. “Good boy.” Then the pleasure zaps intensify again, and she leaves me with her laughter. The spell continues for a few hours, keeping me in a fever state of rapid edgings.

Judging from how she had responded to my previous attempts to question her, I suspect she hits me with these punishing teases when I get close to the mark. If that was true, then this hours-long cock-torture session was just her way of saying “yes” to my question.

I lay there for a while longer as the spell cools off. Right as I feel like I can walk again, though, I hear girlish laughter and footsteps coming up the stairs. Julie comes in, grinning widely. Becky follows behind her, giving me a knowing smile and a wink.

“Hey, Gabey! Ready to cum? Becky just told me about this wild new orgasm trick she wants to try!”

She doesn’t even let me respond, her power seizing me, floating me in the air, and hogtying me with invisible bonds. My mouth is gagged, so all I can do is moan. I suppose I could have thought my suspicions at Julie, but she wouldn’t know what I was saying and, truthfully, I don’t want to risk ruining the scenario. Julie doesn’t seem like the kind who would just readily accept the idea of being someone’s plaything. She was a full dominant, after all, the total opposite of me.

And God help me, even if this is all fake, and Julie and I are the only real people in this entire world, I don’t want it to end.

Me: Having fun down there?

Nick: Better than I expected.

Me: Oh? Aunt Jeannie letting you play with yourself?

Nick: FFS don’t be gross!

Me: Just messing with you.

Nick: So, you got the Magic now, huh?

Me: I guess Mom told you?

Nick: Mom told Jeannie, Jeannie told me.

Me: LOL, I see. Yes, I have the Magic.

Nick: Using it on anybody?

Me: Call me gross, but suddenly you’re interested in your sister’s sex life?

Nick: Just wondering if I should even bother coming back home. Won’t get any sleep listening to all the dick sucking you’ll be doing.

Me: You know that’s not really an insult to a girl, right? If anything, you should be Afraid of dick suckers like us!

Nick: Uh-huh.

Me: Oh go back to playing with yourself. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Nick: You said that last time.

Me: It’s still funny.

Nick: Whatever, perv.

Me: So, you at least coming back to visit some time?

Nick: I wasn’t planning on it. Why?

Me: Well, Mom does miss you.

Nick: I dunno.

Me: If you’re that paranoid about me, I can stay with Becky while you’re here.

Nick: Um. I’ll think about it.

Me: Okay. Take care, little bro. Don’t hurt yourself masturbating!

Nick: STFU


I sighed as I read back over the conversation. I’d been watching Jeannie play with him for a couple weeks now, and not only could he handle four straight hours her teasing before hitting his absolute limit, she had a strong enough connection to him to put a rock-solid Shield Spell on him.

It seemed the women in her town could be very intense when they wanted to be, but for the most part, they really went out of their way to look out for their men. I had tried hitting Nick with a few spells to reinforce our connection, but Jeannie kept interfering, and once her Shield went up, I couldn’t even spy on him anymore!

“How’s he doing?” said Becky.

“Oh, wonderful. Spurting to his hearts content,” I growled. I flicked a finger, casting a random spell off to my right. Four houses down, a middle-aged guy named Mr. Daniels suddenly felt an irresistible need to masturbate. He and his wife were watching television, and she gave a surprised yelp as he jumped up, tore his clothes off, and started franticly jerking himself. His wife chided him for having no self-control. He begged her to help him out, but she told him that if he was so easily influenced by spells from other women, he deserved the teasing. I sensed her place an orgasm block on him just before he peaked, and he whimpered helplessly, but was unable to stop.

I set the spell to continue indefinitely, curious to see how long his wife would let it run. I let his frustration flow to me. It wasn’t much, since his wife soaked in most of it, but added to the other waves of desperation around us, it was just a little more of a great thing.

Becky and I were both sunbathing on beach towels in her back yard. We were naked, fully on display for anyone who might look. Right away when we lay down, we sensed Mr. Jonasen’s penis go painfully rigid as he spotted us from his bedroom window. Becky cast a spell to glue his feet in place so he couldn’t turn away, and he was forced to endure his Hard Attack curse until we finally got up and moved out of his view. We were going to be out here a while, though. To both of our amusement, seeing us naked made his Hard Attack even worse!

Over the past twenty minutes, we had been casting masturbation-compulsion spells all throughout the block. Ten guys were furiously beating their meat, while another seven writhed in sensual desperation as other women’s No-Touching Spells prevented them from following through.

It was Gabe’s “break day”, unfortunately, which I thought was bullshit, but Becky eventually convinced me he did actually deserve them for being such a good toy. I thought him being allowed to cum every week was already more relief than any boy deserved, but ultimately, it was her decision, and I had to respect it, if only out of appreciation for how much of a help she’d been. Besides, Gabe was a helpful Test Boy, but he was no substitute for my own brother.

As such, her father was the one tending to our needs today. He brought us drinks and gave us massages, and we rewarded him with psychic licks and sucks on his cock, stopping only when he got so caught up in the pleasure he couldn’t control his hands anymore. We’d let him cool down just enough to resume the massages, but then we did a trick where he’d feel everything he did to our bodies on his cock, almost like he was indirectly masturbating.

Becky had his mouth sealed again, or else he’d babble non-stop about needing to cum. Fortunately, his relief was still a long way off! The frustration energy pouring off his needy cock nearly made me cum when he accidentally brushed his cock against my butt as he positioned himself to rub my lower back. I sensed it take every erg of willpower he had not to just try and thrust into my ass just then. I couldn’t help but giggle and applaud his success, but I knew the only reason he managed it was because Mrs. Hanley would have not let him cum for decade if his cock wound up inside another woman. She was perfectly happy to let others torture the poor guy’s genitals, but they were only to ever be inside her.

Even if he’d broke and not been able to resist, I would have stopped him with the Magic anyway. No guy was going to have my ass unless I wanted him there!

Just as he left to go get us some refills on our ice tea, a naked boy suddenly appeared, running around the side of the house. He looked barely eighteen, but his penis was huge! A thick, twelve-inch, veiny monster that was dripping pre-cum as it bounced in front of him. The signals of lust energy emanating from it were enormous, and yet none of it actually touched us. We could “sense” it with our powers, but the moment his cock generated it, it was sucked back behind him, in a steady stream.

Becky and I both were a bit stunned, to say the least. She flicked a Binding Spell at him to keep him from getting closer, but he completely ignored it! The two of us shared a glance, then sprang to our feet, not sure what to do.

He stopped just a few feet short of us, then with his hands at his sides, he bowed. Breathing heavily, he said, “P-p-please excuse m-my intrusion! M-my grandmother would l-like to see you two!”

We shared another glance.

“Grandmother?” said Becky.

“A-across the st-street!” he said. He stood tall, his eyes pleading. “Please! E-every s-s-second I’m g-gone is another d-day I won’t c-cum!”

“Mrs. Buckly? Woah! I didn’t know she was that hardcore!”

The boy looked like he was about to burst into tears. I could sense he was being stimulated with deep Pleasure Pulses. It was amazing that he managed to talk at all, instead of just stutter with every pulse. As it was, his eyes roved over our bodies, and his lip quivered as I sensed the Pulses quicken.

I tapped my chin in thought. “Hmm, let me think about it for a moment. I do have a busy schedule today!”

Becky grinned. “Yeah, of flashing your cooch to the whole neighborhood!” She bent down and picked up the string bikini she’d started with, and tossed me mine. “Come on, the kid looks like he’s gunna die!”

Mr. Hanley came back out just then, and paused when he saw the teenaged boy standing in his yard. He blushed, and I could sense sexual jealousy for a moment, as well as dread, as he thought we must have coaxed a young stud over to fuck right in front of him. Then his eyes dropped lower and bugged out as his saw the boy’s member, which dwarfed his own. Mr. Hanley was a good seven inches, himself, but compared to the teen’s tall throbbing monster, even he had a sudden wrenching feeling of the dreaded Small Penis Humiliation!

Becky giggled and ran up to her Dad. “Don’t worry, you’re not interrupting anything, Daddy.” She leaned up and gave him a peck on the cheek. “You’re relieved for now. You can put the drinks in the fridge.”

He nodded and went back into the house as quickly as he could carrying the drinks.

The boy, whose name was Cliff, was whimpering as he kept scoping out my body. Even with my bikini back on, I was totally revving his motor. I winked at him and sent a little psychic lick down his cock. He cried out and nearly dropped to his knees. He only didn’t because I caught him with telekinesis and made him float.

“I guess we can fit your grandmother in,” I said with a chuckle. I held out my hand and tugged at the air. Cliff floated towards me as though a string were attached to his cock. I walked around the house, joining Becky, and carried Cliff behind us like a balloon.

The rustic dark brown abode of Mrs. Buckly was a one-story, cozy ranch home, a perfect fit for a single old lady. I’d heard she was at least eighty years old, but the last time I’d seen her, she looked closer to sixty. Still a full head of grey hair, but a lot less wrinkles than you’d expect for a woman her age.

As we approached the front door, it swung open before we could press the buzzer. I blinked, wondering who this black haired cougar in tight jeans and a loose red top was. Mrs. Buckly’s daughter, surely. This was her grandson I was floating along, after all.

“Girls, girls, come on in!” she held the screen door open for us. I floated Cliff in after and set him down on his knees on the carpet. The woman smiled down at him. “I’m going to be very generous and round down to the nearest full minute. 240 seconds.”

Tears streamed from Cliff’s eyes. “N-no! Grandma, no!”

I almost gawked. Holy crap, this raven-haired MILF was Mrs. Buckly!

She held up a finger and gave him a stern look. “Now, Cliff, what did you mother teach you? Nobody likes a whiner.”

“But… but… that’s… th-that’s like… most of a year!” the poor guy looked so distraught that even I felt bad for him.

“Yes it is,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Have fun!” She reached down and tapped the tip of his hyper-tense penis. His eyes went wide and his body froze stiff, even as his penis began to vibrate. The energy pouring off him suddenly grew! The Pleasure Pulses he experienced increased to such a rapid pace until they became one continuous stream. The lust energy surged exponentially, until Becky and I felt faint just being near him, even though it was clear now that Mrs. Buckly was absorbing the brunt of it.

If our ability to sense Lust Energy could be equated to heat, than Becky and I felt like we were right next to a roaring furnace. Mrs. Buckly acted like she was just warming her hands over a little campfire. She smiled pleasantly at us, even as we had to quickly find a seat. We stumbled back into a pair of chairs that seemed to mysteriously be exactly where we needed them.

The two of us were soaking our bikini bottoms. The Lust Energy was stimulating us. Even when we tried to push it back, it pressed against our practiced defenses, and flowed through us like a tide. And this was just the little extra that Mrs. Buckly was letting slip past her.

She grinned, watching us writhe in pleasure. “Pretty intense, isn’t he? He’s what they call a Radiant, quite rare among boys. Just by being hard, he produces as much energy as a man whose been Roasted for a whole day straight.”

“Oh, fuck… fuck… FUCK!” was all I could say. Next to me, Becky couldn’t even form words. The Energy increased, and I knew Mrs. Buckly was deliberately letting more of it slip past.

“H-how… how can… AHH!” my vision swam as a powerful orgasm ripped through me.

The older woman chuckled. “Normally, he wouldn’t be this intense, but when you put a Radiant under a Time Warp Spell and set about a hundred Please Pulses per second, well, you can have an entire neighborhood of women multi-orgasming into oblivion.”

I don’t know how many times I came. At some point, I think it just turned into one constant state of climax. It seemed like it would never end, but then, just as soon as it started, the energy surged until I felt like I would rip in half from the tension, then it was gone. Becky and I slid onto the floor, drenched in our own fluids, barely conscious.

I woke up when I suddenly felt a wad of hot slime push its way into my mouth. I blinked fully awake and gagged, trying to spit it out, but it refused to leave my mouth. I eventually had to swallow it, or choke. Next to me, Becky gagged and hacked, but was forced to do the same.

Bleary-eyed, I looked up. Cliff was laying on the floor, a look of absolute bliss on his face, his huge cock flaccid. Although even limp, it was bigger than some fully hard dicks I’d teased. I could sense he had just had the orgasm to end all orgasms.

Stunned, I looked up at Mrs. Buckly, who was smirking down at us. “Well, was it good for you?”

“Did you just make us swallow his load?” was all I could think to say.

“Well, the semen didn’t come from my dick,” she said sarcastically.

“Jesus Christ,” said Becky, her voice a bit hoarse. “Hey, I thought you said he’d have to wait 240 days!”

The older woman laughed. “He misunderstood a bit. I told him he’d experience the number of days. One second equaling one day in a Time Warp spell.”

Becky’s eyes went wide as saucers. “Time Warp! Holy crap!”

“What’s that?” I said. I shakily got to my feet and helped her up.

She gave me an excited look. “Time Warp is when you skew a guy’s sense of time perspective. You know how we can effect their senses? Make them feel and hear and see and taste and smell things? Well, the human body has more than just those, when you think about it, including how we perceive the passage of time. A Sex Mage can make it so for every second that actually passes, a guy is experiencing it longer, like a full minute, or an hour, or even a day!”

Mrs. Buckly nodded approvingly.

My jaw dropped. “Holy fuck! You knew about that? Why the hell haven’t we tried it?”

“Um, well,” said Becky. “It’s kind of, um, dangerous, if you’re not careful. You really can break a guy with it. Like, fragment his mind. If you aren’t good enough with healing, you might not be able to recover him.”

I frowned. That was a little too callous, even for me. I wanted to destroy Nick, but not, like destroy him.

“240 seconds,” said Becky, looking back at the blissed-out Cliff. “Wow! Four minutes of fun for us, nearly eight months of pure cock torture for him!”

Mrs. Buckly winked at us. “Totally worth it, though. Grandma always gives the best orgasms!”

I laughed. “I’m starting to think everyone in the neighborhood is getting into incest!”

 “Maybe we’ve kicked off a trend!” said Becky.

“Oh, this is a special case, I assure you,” said Mrs. Buckly. “No one else in the whole state can handle my grandson’s energy. I’m working to help him get it under control.”

“How the fuck did you stand that?” said Becky.

Mrs. Buckly chuckled. “Well, girls, I’m what you might call an Archmage.”

My eyes widened. “Wow. Really? I thought those were just, like, urban legends or something.”

“No, we’re real,” she said with a laugh. “As Cliff here can attest to.”

“Well,” I said. “I gotta say, you’re looking fantastic!”

She struck a sexy pose and motioned to herself. “Not bad for an old bat, huh?”

“I’ll say!” said Becky. “You look almost as good as my Mom!”

“And mine!” I said.

“You flatter me, girls! But the truth is, I have you to thank for most of this.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Your utterly rampant, incessant teasing really boosted the ambient lust energy throughout the neighborhood. Especially doing so much of it right across the street from me, I soaked in so much more than normal. Cliff has helped, too, of course, having so much energy to give, but I’d say I was already down to 50 before he came to visit. Especially when the two of you were fucking, your combined Aura got almost half as strong as mine!”

Almost half? Jesus, the last time we fooled around, we had scissored, and the combined energies of just our pussies touching nearly put a hundred guys into a Hard Attack coma! To think one woman could easily double that on her own was scary!

“So, anyway, I thought I’d invite you over and give you a token of my gratitude.” She winked. “Bet you’ve never cum that hard before in your lives, huh?”

We really hadn’t. To think, that scrawny teen conked out on the floor could produce that much energy!

“If you’re so strong, why did you even need us?” said Becky. “You could have this whole town giving you energy at once!”

She chuckled. “Well, you know, an Archmage is expected to maintain a higher standard of self-control. Plus, people start pestering you for favors all the time, when they find out you can do things they can’t, so I like to keep that little fact on the down-low. Cliff’s rather lucky I’m his kin, because once his Radiance kicked in, he was going to get snatched up quick by other women like me, and they weren’t going to be nearly so tender and loving.” She winked and we chuckled.

“So why’d you make us swallow his cum?” I said. “That wasn’t very nice!”

She grinned. “Back in my day, good girls swallowed for the guys who could actually give them orgasms,” she said. “Plus, it was funny.”

Becky grinned right back. “I guess even a Sex Mage needs to be put in her place once in a while.”

I nudged her with my elbow. “Hey, I put you in your place all the time!” I turned back to Mrs. Buckly. “Well, actually, about that whole pestering you for favors you’d like to avoid…”

She sighed, but had a bemused smirk. “What, giving you the best orgasms of your lives isn’t favor enough?”

“Well, it’s just, there’s this boy…”

“Is it Nick?” she said.

I blinked in surprise. “How did you know?”

“I’ve been watching you girls, of course,” she said. “You’re the most vicious teasers in town at this point. You put on quite a show! So, of course, I’ve heard about your little plans for you poor brother.” She chuckled. “I really pity him!”

“So, you know what we want to do?” I said.

“I recall you wanted to put a shrinking spell on him.”

“Yes! I mean, we looked up how to do it, but it’s like, it would either take an Archmage, or like twenty normal Sex Mages in an orgy with a dozen guys, and the one guy at the center, and it could take hours of concentration. We don’t exactly have a whole cheerleader squad hanging out with us, and of course, Nik’s down in Texas now, and my Aunt has a super strong shield around him!”

Mrs. Buckly thought. “Well, I could definitely shrink him, even through your Aunt’s shield. Body modification is a specialty of mine.” She pointed at Cliff’s monster cock. “He didn’t grow that thing on his own, you know.”

I grinned widely. “Awesome!”

She held up a hand. “Hey, I didn’t say I would yet. The super-orgasm was me repaying you the favor you did me, unintentional though it was. Anything further from me is going to require a payment.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her. “Like, what kind of payment?”

She just smiled. “I’d like to give Cliff a treat for being a good boy for me. He had his birthday shortly before he moved up here, and I haven’t gotten him a present yet. The poor kid’s gunna have it rough, so I figured I should give him at least one experience where he isn’t just someone’s tool.”

“Okay…” I said, not sure I liked where this was going.

She grinned. “What better way than to give him two nubile girls to play with to his heart’s content? You pick a day sometime in the next week that’s convenient for you. You come over, I seal away your powers, and Cliff gets to do anything he wants to you.”

Becky’s eyes widened. She looked at him, and his monster cock. “Anything? W-with that thing?”

I swallowed hard. I didn’t like the idea of being anybody’s bitch! But to have the favor of an Archmage… I turned to Becky. “I’ll do it. You don’t have to. Nick’s my brother, this favor would really just be for me.”

“I can grant you one favor as well, Becky,” she said.

Becky shook her head. “You really don’t have to. I’ve already got all I want! But I’m pretty emotionally invested in seeing Julie succeed, so just consider this a favor for us both!”

Mrs. Buckly smiled. “Thanks, girls. You’re real troopers. You can go back to tormenting your father now.”

We grinned. It was finally going to happen! We just had to endure getting pulverized by the mightiest cock we’d ever seen! I just hoped Mrs. Buckly was also going to regulate Cliff’s energy while he did us, or he’d probably obliterate us with a single touch!

As it turned out, Cliff was actually very gentle. I expected him, the moment he realized he was in full control, and to violently pounce on and use like fuckable ragdolls to satisfy some burning need for revenge against every woman who ever teased him. I was almost afraid he might just string us up from the ceiling and beat us with a cane and whip. My imagination went wild dreading it. I ultimately decided to just do it the next day, once Cliff was recovered, just to get it over with.

I think Becky thought the same thing, but I think she was a lot more turned on by the idea than I was. She was weird like that. I’d have to remember to try spanking her a bit the next time we did stuff.

Instead, Cliff proved very enthusiastic once he realized he really did have free reign over us, but there was no violent, brutal revenge. He made us do a double blowjob (his cock was unnaturally delicious), he fucked us in every position, he filled our every hole with cum, but he didn’t try to hurt us. His monster cock stretched us to our limits, but he made sure to ease us into it. I think we still came more times than he did. He was a real sweetie.

The weirdest part was not being able to use the Magic. Even after having it for such a short time, I’d gotten so used to its constant use, I kept instinctively trying to cast spells on him. Not trying to break the deal, it was just how I knew to fuck. During the day with Cliff, I relearned a whole appreciation for simple, old fashioned, physical sex.

The day finally came to a close, and Cliff thanked us profusely. There was also a little pleading look in his eyes, hoping we wouldn’t immediately try to get revenge on him once we could use our Magic again. I just laughed and gave him a kiss. Maybe we could play around again sometime, but I wasn’t going to put him on my tease list.

Other guys, though, were another story. That night, Becky regaled her family at the dinner table with everything we’d done. Her mother cheered and laughed, while her father and brother writhed with painfully hard cocks, burning with jealousy and shame.

I debated texting Nick about it just to gross him out, but I decided it might be best to not clue him in that I was interested in messing with him that much. The thing about wanting to wreck my brother with Sex Magic is that I didn’t necessarily want him to know it was me doing it. I knew it would drive him absolutely nuts not knowing who it was, and plus, by maintaining my anonymity, he couldn’t just appeal to someone to get me to stop.

Mrs. Buckly said that wouldn’t be a problem. The day after we let Cliff fuck us blind, we were back over at her house. She had us strip naked, and made us kneel down on her dining room table, where she pinned us with her Magic. Even with our innate defenses up, she could use her Magic on us as easily as we could any boy. Being around her was certainly a humbling experience.

She then slipped two fingers into each of our pussies and pressed a thumb to each of our clits. As she started rubbing us, she enhanced her touch with Magic, and in seconds, we were crying out and squirming. Her dainty little fingers felt like Cliff’s monster cock vibrating inside me.

We could feel a sudden wave of intense Lust Energy pressure, and Cliff entered the room. On his grandmother’s orders, he sat in a chair in front us, and his limbs locked down. His cock began to twitch with stimulation and he whimpered. Like a river of energy, his lust poured through us. We could feel it channeling from our head to our pussies, as Mrs. Buckly absorbed his Radiant power, but filtered it through us first.

I thought I was going to lose my mind! Becky was already done for, thrashing and wailing, kept in place only by Mrs. Buckley’s Binding magic. I was holding on better, but only because I was so determined to make this work.

“I’m boosting your power with mine and Becky’s and Cliffs,” said Mrs. Buckly. “I need you to focus on your brother and make the connection. Once we’re in, I can create a permanent link to him for you, one that will ignore your Aunt’s shield. She won’t be able to stop any spell you cast, either.”

“W-w-what… what…AH!”

Mrs. Buckly chuckled. “Don’t bother trying to talk, I can read your mind. What about the shrink spell? I have a special trick I can rig for that! Now, just focus on Nick.”

I did. I put my brother in my mind, focusing on his cock.

It took a bit of doing, but I finally was able to hone in on him again. 900 miles away, he was just coming home from his part-time job, and was undressing to get into the shower. I could feel the barrier of Aunt Jeannie’s shield around him.

“Ignore the shield,” said Mrs. Buckly. “Just try to reach him.”

I pushed forth with my power. Before, my Magic would have stopped dead, but now, I felt it slither right past, as though I had suddenly found an open seam.

“Alright,” she said. “I’ve keyed into the shield’s frequency. Let me adjust it a bit.” She paused and I could feel her power extending through my connection, rippling through the shield. After a few moments, I could feel a change in the power.

“There now. I’ve made a bypass connection between you two and Nick. Now, no matter who puts a Shield on him, the two of you will retain a sort of backdoor access. Your spells will also take priority over other women’s, unless they are much stronger than you, or multiple women work together. So, if you put an Orgasm Block on him, Jeannie won’t be able to break it without some strong help.”

“Ah!” I cried out.

She knew what I meant to say, and chuckled. “Don’t worry, she won’t be able to trace the connection. She won’t even be able to sense it. Unless Jeannie knows another Archmage, there’s no way she’ll be able to block you out or break the connection. Your brother is all yours!”

I moaned my gratitude.

“Now, for the shrinking trick. Play around with him some.”

I imagined my power extending like a phantom hand towards him. As he tossed his clothes into the hamper, I gave his flaccid cock a “flick” with my phantom finger. His cock immediately went erect. He was startled. He knew the erection was pushed by Magic, but his first thought was that Jeannie was prepping him for a tease session. One he’d look forward to, with an explosive orgasm at the end.

No such luck, little brother! I wrapped my thoughts around his cock, and letting a Phantom Hand start to stroke him. He lay down on his bed and stretched out. My Hand quickened as soon as he was settled, and I added a Phantom Mouth.

“Jeez, Jeannie, starting of strong, huh?” I heard him mutter.

“Now Time Warp him,” Mrs. Buckly instructed.

How long, I thought?

“A minute to a second should be good enough,” she said. “You don’t want to shove him too far into the red right off.”

I did so. I had never done the Time Warp before, but I felt Mrs. Buckly’s power guide me through the process. It was a strange, complicated method, but she helped me by making me visualize Nick’s perceptions like a set of dials. I turned them, and Nick suddenly found the world around him slowing down. The sensations on his cock dragged out, until every stroke of my phantom hand seemed to take several minutes to complete. The biggest clue was that his ceiling fan suddenly seemed to nearly stop in its spin.

His eyes bugged out. He’d never experienced this spell before. I started layering sensations onto him. On top of the Hand and Mouth, I made him feel a set of Phantom Tits, a flurry of Feathers and Tongues. Then I made his cock Vibrate.

The last part was funny. From my perspective, his cock was buzzing so rapidly it was a blur, but to Nick’s perspective, it was twitching back and forth lazily like a metronome. The sensations still overwhelmed him, dozens of stimulation points all striking him at once, each pleasure distinct, but blending together to make an unstoppable wave of sensual domination. He was completely, utterly helpless to resist as with a simple thought, I forced him to experience total cock-torture hell.

Within a couple seconds, he was already edging, as his body caught up to the mental perception of sensations. By that point, he had already experienced over two hours or pleasure. His hands flew to his dick, but I pulled them back, binding him spread eagle.

We let him stew for a full minute, me adding new sensations every ten seconds. Thanks to the Time Warp, it felt like sixty hours of non-stop edging and stimulation, far in excess of what Jeannie had prepared him for. And yet, he managed to hang on better than I expected. He was still fighting me, resisting me, knowing that some strange woman was trying to break him, and refusing to give in.

Damn Jeannie! She wasn’t going to take this from me!

“You ready for the shrink spell?” said Mrs. Buckly, rubbing my clit in slow, maddening circles. Next to me, Becky was barely conscious as her body spasmed in a state of near-constant climax. Between the two of us, a lake of vaginal juices was forming on the table.

I nodded. “D-do it! DO IT!” I cried.

Her power surged forth and ensnared Nick. Before my eyes, I saw his entire cock grow beet red with pressure, the veins bulging grossly. And then, suddenly, my brother began to shrink!

Under the Time Warp, it took him a while to realize it, but when he saw his pillows and the folds of the quilt slowly growing around him, he started to truly panic! Overwhelmed with dozens of Phantom Pleasures, bound down so thoroughly only his cock could move, experiencing days of sensual torment, and now seeing himself shrinking down, he thought this was the end of him!

When he was only two inches tall, the shrinking finally stopped. Interestingly, the fact that my spells now had to concentrate on a much tinier organ seemed to intensify them! The poor tortured boy was wailing in agony.

Even as I shuddered in ecstasy from Mrs. Buckly’s touch, I was absolutely enraptured by this feeling of power over Nick! I wanted to be there, looming over him, laughing. I felt my power push further, whether by my own desire, or with Mrs. Buckly’s guidance, I wasn’t sure, but as Nick writhed and cried, I projected a very powerful hallucination into his mind.

Nick yelped as he suddenly saw a naked woman standing over him. He couldn’t easily see the face, but he knew this almighty Goddess was responsible for his current state. “Please!” he wailed. “Please, please, mercy!”

The illusionary Goddess just laughed, and then lifted her foot, hovering it over him. Sheer terror swept through Nick, but it could not overcome the pleasure surging through him. She dropped her foot down, and pressed her big toe against his body, pressing him deep into the quilt of his bed, concentrating the weight directly onto his penis.

“Poor little boy,” the Goddess said, her words rippling through his mind, and obliterating all thought save the need for release and utter worship of her. “Know this: you are mine now. Your penis is my play thing. Other women may play with it, but they shall never again spoil you with undeserved release. From this day forth, you exist for my pleasure and amusement.”

Nick could only moan, desperately trying to thrust his tiny cock against her toe, even as her touch fried every nerve in his body with extreme euphoria.

“Do you understand, Nicolas? Do you understand that you are mine?”

He was still bound down, but I could sense him trying to nod. He was completely taken by this Goddess, giving himself utterly to me. He knew he had been bad, to run away from her, and fool around with easy sluts like his Aunt. He knew he didn’t deserve to be acknowledged by this all powerful figure before him, but he would do anything, accept any torment, just to have her attention again.

“Good boy,” she said. “Now, you will suffer until your Aunt gets home. Only once you see her, will the spells stop.”

With that, the Goddess figure vanished, and tuned back into where I really was, Mrs. Buckly’s house. With nothing to distract me from the pleasure, I came so hard, I blacked out.

I woke up an hour later, feeling like I’d been run through the ringer. Even the healing power of Sex Magic could only do so much, I felt soar from my head to my toes. It was a pleasant ache, and I could already feel it slowly fading, but I wasn’t ready to get up yet. I looked around and saw that I was spooning with Becky on a bed. It looked like a young man’s room, so I assumed this was Cliff’s bed. I giggled at the thought of him smelling our scent as he went to sleep, making his huge cock twitch.

Cliff came in, his cock limp, but it twitched when he saw me and Becky curled up together on a bed. I smiled at him and he blushed, remembering our threesome.

“Um, grandma says when you’re ready to walk again, come see her.” He quickly left before the sight of us got his cock going again.

“Mmmm… I just wanna lay her forver…” mumbled Becky.

I laughed and pulled away, poking her in the back. “Come on, sleepy head,” I said.

She reluctantly got up and followed me to the dining room, where Mrs. Buckly was sipping tea. I saw she had cleaned up our not-so-little mess off the table. I wondered just how many ounces of my fluid got everywhere?

She smiled at us. “Guess that was a bit intense, huh?”

I chuckled. “I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I am kinda sexed out after that. I think we need to take a break!”

She laughed. “Well, I’ve kept an eye on your brother. He’s still in the Time Warp, shrunk on his bed. His Aunt won’t be home for another three hours.”

I grinned. “Excellent!”

Becky ticked off numbers on her fingers. “Woah, dude, at one minute to a second, that’s like ten whole days, if you factor in the hour we slept!”

“Wow,” I said. “Man, the giantess thing doesn’t even seem like a big deal compared to that!"

“Oh, it adds to the effect, I assure you,” said Mrs. Buckly. “Now, shrinking is not something you can just set to a timer or casually cast. I can undo it now, or I can keep him shrunk until a later date. After that, though, I’m not going to just be on call to do it whenever you want. If you want more help, I expect help in return.”

“Um...” I thought it over for a minute. As hilarious as it was to think of Nick trapped as a tiny guy, that might be way too disruptive. That would definitely get Aunt Jeannie to panic and probably try to enlist the aid of an Archmage herself to undo it, and then it would just ruin everything. The giantess thing was kind of fun, but a little too trippy to want to do it all the time. And in truth, I really just wanted to be able to fuck with Nick whenever I wanted.

“So, change him back, then?” said Mrs. Buckly, reading my thoughts.

“Yeah, thanks,” I said.

She concentrated a moment, then nodded. “Done. I’ve kept the Warp and Tease Spells up, though.”

I grinned. “Perfect! Thank you so much!”

Mrs. Buckly chuckled. “Thank you, girls! This was a lot of fun. But I think you two need to go home and take a few days off. Even us ladies need a break from non-stop Magic once in a while. And I think your boys will appreciate it, too.”

“Sounds good!” said Becky. The two of us headed back home.

Later that night, I heard Mom on the phone. After a few minutes, I could hear concern in her voice. Another minute later, Mom popped her head in through the door. I looked up from the video I was watching on my phone, pulling my ear buds out.

“What’s that?”

Mom pursed her lips. “Aunt Jeannie just called. Nick just got waylaid by a Sex Mage, even though Jeannie has him under a Shield. And now she can’t even make him cum!”

I blinked, then burst out laughing.

“Julie! It isn’t funny!” she said.

I snickered. “Come on, it’s hilarious. If it was any other boy, you’d be laughing, too!”

She frowned deeply, but I knew part of her realized what I said was true.

I wiped my eyes. “Ah, jeez, Mom, why are you even telling me this?”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “I just want to know if you have anything to do with it?”

I blinked, then gave her a confused look. “How the fuck could that happen?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “You were always poking fun at him before. And you’ve been hanging out with Becky constantly since you got your powers.”

I rolled my eyes. Even as I did it, though, I extended my power across the continent to touch Nick’s cock. I could sense he had only just managed to cool down his erection with an ice pack, and that his balls were killing him. I quickly tapped his cock with my power and forced him hard again. Then I set two Phantom Mouths and four Hands to coax him. He whimpered and hollered for Jeannie.

“Shit!” I heard Jeannie curse over the phone and through my senses. “She’s at it again! Damn it, I can’t turn the spells off!”

Mom put the phone to her ear and listened for a few more minutes, then looked at me accusingly.

I frowned. “What?”

Mom covered the receiver. “He’s being teased again.”

I sighed with exasperation, rolled my eyes, and went back to my phone, popping in my earbuds back in. “Look, Nick’s my brother, so I give him shit. Yes, Becky dared me to suck him once, but I regretted it right after. So just chill, Mom. I’m not like you.”

She flinched and started to turn red, both from shame and anger.

I sighed again, pulling the earbuds back out. “Okay, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. But seriously, whatever’s going on, I’m not a part of it.” I shrugged. “Even if I wanted to fuck with him, he’s halfway across the country. I can’t even reach into the next town.”

She huffed. “Fine. That’s a fair point.”

I cupped my hand and shouted. “Hey, Jeannie! Tell Nick I said not to hurt himself masturbating!”

Mom let out a sigh of disgust. “Oh, for fuck’s sake Julie.” She spoke into the phone. “No, don’t mind her, she just says that to piss off her brother. Yeah, I don’t know what you can do. I guess he’ll just have to ride it out for now. Maybe the bitch will get bored, let him cum, and then move on.”

I forced myself to keep a straight face as Mom left. As if that was going to happen. Once I heard her go downstairs, I allowed myself to grin widely and giggle. 900 miles away, I added Phantom Feathers to further torment my poor brother’s helpless cock. Then I set a Time Warp on him, skewing it so that one second equaled three seconds again. It wasn’t enough to be dangerous, but it would be still triple the time he experienced.

As Jeannie futility tried to help him, all she did was make him edge even harder, until she finally backed off and just had to let Nick suffer.

That night, despite my intent not to do anything sexual for a little while, I still indulged in masturbation. I played with myself using my favorite purple vibrator, as I watched Nick cry and writhe and edge all night long. I would release him in the morning. I might even make him cum, if only to calm down Jeannie for a bit, but there was no guarantee. It would all depend on how this Goddess felt in the morning.

Until then, I would just revel in having the absolute power to sexually destroy my brother with a thought, any time I wanted!



  1. Nice story. I like the sister character, and her quest to find a way to dominate her brother. But once again, this also highlighted the down side of your world: The women are too powerful and there are too many who are corrupted by that power to become raging psychos. It just makes for an unbelievable world, and less tension in the stories. I think I prefer your stories about girls who aren't that brutal, or at least not all of them. I actually like the mother character in this story the most.

    Besides my 21st Century Magic world, where there are a variety of superpowers by people of both genders (though the stories always focus on magical femdom of some sort), I also had an idea years ago for something similar to you and PFD's "sex mage" type worlds.

    In my version, the women aren't quite so all powerful as in yours. My main concept is that women have power, but they can only control guys who are attracted to them, similar to my main character in my "21st Century Magic: Gotcha!". Not only would this would mean that hotter chicks would have the most power, but it would create some tension that could be used in writing stories about men trying to resist being turned on, knowing that the women would own them if they can't resist.

    One of these days, I'll get around to actually putting some of those details into words, and creating that world in some stories. I don't write very often, though, and when I do, I'm usually focused on trying to continue/finish the stories I've already begun.

    1. If it's any consolation, I mostly consider stories like this one to take place in the "Dellissa's World" sub-setting, where it isn't really realistic at all, it's a hyper-intense sex fantasy brought to life in Dellissa's simulator. If you accept this interpretation, most of the characters involved are actually lesser Fae, with probably only Julie, maybe her Mom, and maybe Nick actually being real people in the simulation. In that sense, the scenario isn't as actually brutal as it looks.

      As for making a less-powerful version of the SMW, I’ve toyed with this model before on the side, when I was thinking of possible retcons and reboots. I think I had a post about this version at one point, but I think it’s been deleted since.

      In one version of the SMW, there are no Megami or Archmages, Cascade Events can’t happen, etc. In this version, a woman can still sense a man’s arousal and when he’s touching, but can only detect sexual thoughts that feature her. She can only compel arousal if she already is arousing him, or if she’s the object of his lusts. Likewise, a woman can only use her control powers on a man if he first penetrates her. On top of that, the connection will fade without either regular use of the powers, even with that, continuing to have sex. So if a man doesn’t fuck her for a couple weeks, she loses the connection and has to reset it. An exception might be a very long-term sexual partner, the longer they’ve been going at it, the longer the connection.

      So, society doesn’t drastically alter, men are just a lot more careful who they have sex with. You might have a few cases where a group of girls all get a guy drunk, then suck his dick so they can all connect to him, and then he’s able to be affected by several women, but overall, men are a lot more free from the magic, as only their partner will be able to effect them.

      Likewise, the powers had harder limits. Arousal Auras weren’t as strong, and required the woman to be partially aroused as well, or required the man to be in the same room as here, or required her to be naked. Binding spells could be broken with enough effort. There were no casual fetish re-writings or memory alteration. Orgasm blocks were weaker and breakable if not re-enforced daily.

      The biggest one was that “specialty spells” only worked if the caster or target of the spell had a hard fetish for it. So, while technically any woman could do it with the right partner, they could only cast a shrinking spell on a man if he or she had an actual powerful fetish for shrunken man/giantess fantasies.

      Ultimately, I kept just wanting to go with the scenarios that turned me on the most, which went beyond such limitations, and so I stuck with the stronger versions of the Magic currently in use. For what its worth though, this version is a significant downgrade from the very first version, where every woman was basically an Archmage or lesser Megami.

  2. I get it. You like writing stories about the most powerful and psychotic of the magical women. But it just doesn't make for a very realistic world. I'm not really complaining - just pointing out that it's not how I'd do it. But it's your world, and I still enjoy your stories.

    For those of us who follow your work, I think it does get a little redundant after a while. For instance, the "twist" at the end of his one, where the aunt turns out to be another psycho-domme, was fairly predictable, just because we've all come to expect that sort of thing from you.

    Personally, I'd like to see more stories about the women who aren't completely over the top brutal. I think characters like the mother in this one are more interesting. What would a healthy relationship between a sex mage and a man look like, if she enjoyed dominating him with her powers, but didn't want to be too cruel to the guy? There are a lot of possibilities there, depending on the characters, and I'd be interested in seeing some of them. Which I guess I could do as my own SWM "fan fiction", but as I said, I haven't gotten around to finishing my own stories, let alone started playing in someone else's playground.

    1. I agree, this story is particularly unrealistic, even compared to something like Rolling or Sally Goes Sadistic, where there was at least some fight to the guys. Hence why I consider stuff like this to be Fae Lord Realm territory, it's almost dream-like in how surreal it is. I noticed as I was writing this, these are probably some of the least realistic sounding characters I've done in a while, and I don't just mean the cruelty levels.

      I know this is retreading stuff I've talked about before, but you've brought your points up before too, so I may as well reiterate for those who might not have heard this prior:

      I have done more normal relationships before, I have done more loving relationships, and stories where the realistic consequences are explored. But for me, I've tread that territory enough that I don't know how much more I can say about it that I haven't already. You can, of course, say the same thing about the cruel stuff, but as you say, cruel and overpowering is just what I'm more interested in most of the time, so when I enter into my "default mode", that's what I go to.

      The thing is, I also just plain like the Magic to be overwhelming and intense regardless of context, so often times, what to me is a "nice" story, still comes off to some as excessively cruel. Take Kat's Boytoy: Ben and Kat's relationship is a legitimate, consensual, and caring BDSM arrangement. They aren't exactly romantic, but they do care about each other as friends. It's just that Kat has a powerful sadistic streak, Ben has a powerful masochistic streak, and Kat's powers enable her to do things to him far beyond what most people would consider tolerable. To the outsider, Kat is excessively cruel, but to Ben, she's everything he ever dreamed of, as he is for her.

      In fact, I feel like a lot the Civero stories already covered these sorts of mutual kink relationships, even if there was also non-consent happening between other pairings in the samle story. Likewise, early SMW stories also got into this. Saisho no San is about as complete an experience with various Sex Mage scenarios and relationships as I've managed to pack into one story.

      The thing is that, ultimately, at this point, I'm pretty much just done with the Sex Mage World as a concept. I'll probably still do captions or the occasional short here or there for the foreseeable future, but I don't really see myself going much further with the concept. Unfortunately, what the means for readers is that, yeah, I'm probably just going to be retreading the same ground a lot as I just default into what usually gets my dick hard, and the occasional weird off shot idea that I spontaneously try out.

      Repetition is difficult to avoid in such a case, and that's really why I've been pushing lately to get readers to do their own things. I'm happy to entertain people with this concept for this long, and very happy to have found a readership, but I'm just not going to reliably hit everyone's buttons. Hence, I do indeed want to galvanize people to do what I did, and write the material they want to see, be it fan fics of the SMW, or making their own supernatural femdom system to play around with.

      Speaking of, I'd also like to say, I think your 21st Century Magic concept is interesting, both for kink potential, but also for a more broad super powers setting. I feel like a few stories weren't even erotic, really, and showed you could do a lot within the setting.

      There was that Supergirl character who used her powers to just beat up and murder her ex-boyfriend, for example, you could branch that off into seeing how the world deals with a person who was empowered by people's love of the superhero character she plays, but it turns out the actual actress behind the role just instantly becomes a criminal. Does she then lose her powers when people realize what she is, or is the world now stuck with a supervillain of Supergirl proportions?

      Just a thought.

    2. That's cool. As I said, it's your setting. Do what you want with it. I still enjoy your stories, even if I do think they're a little over the top at times. And since I haven't read everything you've ever written, I should probably go back and read some of those earlier stories. It sounds like some of them might be more my style.

      As for your comments about my setting:

      "Speaking of, I'd also like to say, I think your 21st Century Magic concept is interesting, both for kink potential, but also for a more broad super powers setting. I feel like a few stories weren't even erotic, really, and showed you could do a lot within the setting."

      That's pretty much the point. I write femdom stories, even if they're not sexual. My stories are usually more about domination than sex. That's why most of them are posted at, which is a site that specializes in that sort of thing. I have one other story in that world that isn't posted on that site, because it's a giantess story, so I posted it to a couple of giantess sites instead.

      "There was that Supergirl character who used her powers to just beat up and murder her ex-boyfriend, for example, you could branch that off into seeing how the world deals with a person who was empowered by people's love of the superhero character she plays, but it turns out the actual actress behind the role just instantly becomes a criminal. Does she then lose her powers when people realize what she is, or is the world now stuck with a supervillain of Supergirl proportions?

      Just a thought."

      Heh. I actually started working on a sequel to that one a LONG time ago. I just checked the files on my computer, and I started writing it in 2006, so it must have been right after I finished the earlier story. It deals with both her public and private lives, a few years after that initial story, which took place just a few days after she got her powers. And it's absolutely nothing like you guessed. It's going to be much longer than the original story, which is why I never got around to finishing it.

      I really wish I had the patience and concentration to sit and write regularly - I really would love to finish that one some day, among others. But it's a multi-chapter story with a very specific ending in my head, and I don't want to share a half completed version. Also, there's one chapter in the middle that's absolutely necessary, but it's the one part that I have no idea how to write. So I'm not sharing what I've got so far until I'm done writing the whole thing.

    3. Yags
      I can tell you there are a lot of varied kinds of stories earlier :)

  3. YAGS, love to hear your sequel. Sal - great story. long time lurker. Over the top. Love to see the girls use their powers. Telekinesis, flying, etc.

  4. So, thinking on it, the ending bit IS a little too predictable, and I felt that way at the time, but didn't have a better idea then. Having thought it over a bit more, I've gone back and edited it a bit.

  5. I'm really enjoying this story. Sometimes it's important to keep whatever happens within the bounds of reality, and sometimes it's better to go all out and let the fantasy go where it wants to. I liked the outrageousness of the scenes with Becky's dad and brother, and the turnabout situation in Texas. Gabe's realization of his true nature is almost a story in itself. You might well be able to link this up with Julie's story, but if the two don't end up meshing, the idea of someone discovering that his or her world is a complete sex fantasy definitely has potential. Glad to see you writing again; miss you on Cheers, Robin

  6. Liked it very much - enjoyable, hot and somewhat cruel story. The only thing out of place was Gabes not really being a brother - breaking 4th wall too much. Hope to see more sister-brother stuff (maybe sort of sequel where Julie actually gets feeling for Nick and attempts to fight it by punishing him even more?)

    1. The Gabe chapter is almost like a cameo/easter egg bit. The way I see it, you can interpret this in one of two ways:

      1) Gabe and Julie really are caught in Dellissa's World.

      2) Gabe has been so thoroughly and relentlessly cock-teased that he's now delusional, and rationalizing the scenario in his own mind as an impossible fantasy world situation.