Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Argument

“For fuck’s sake, Todd, all I’m asking is that you do a little fucking housework. Why is this such a big deal for you?” Margaret was glaring at her husband, hands on her hips, as he sat on the couch, playing one of his dumb video games, like he’d been doing all week. She had hopped for once to come home from work to find the house at least half-way straightened up, but no, that was apparently too much to ask.

“The place looks fine,” growled Todd.

“Fine, huh?” Margaret picked up one of Todd’s shirts, idly tossed on the floor of their one-bedroom apartment. She tossed it at his head, where it wrapped over his face, blocking his view of the screen. Todd grunted, yanked the shirt off his face, and threw it to the side, pausing the game. He turned at glared at her.

“The place is a mess,” she said, motioning to the empty soda cans on the coffee table, the discarded clothes on the sofa, and the pile of dishes in the sink. “Maybe you don’t mind sitting in filth, but I’d like to not trip over your fucking underwear when I come home from work.” She kicked at the carpet, and winced as she saw a few crumbs from one of their meals fly up. “Christ, when is the last time you even vacuumed? There’s only three rooms worth of carpet in this place, you can’t run the fucking Hoover for ten minutes?”

“I’m shit at housework, I told you,” he said.

“Let me guess, because it’s woman’s work, right?” she said.

Todd scowled, and turned back to his game, unpausing it and continuing to play. “Don’t fucking turn this into a stupid gender roles argument.”

“What isn’t these days?” she said. “You lost your job because of women. You can’t get a new job because of women. You can’t go out the bar with your buddies because of woman. Let me guess, you can’t clean the fucking house because of women, somehow.”

Todd grit his teeth, his face turning red, but refusing to say anything. He mashed the buttons on his controller harder. On the screen, his game character moved more sporadically, the digital swordsman making wild swings that totally missed their target.

“Hey, look at me!” said Margaret, her own face reddening in anger.

“I’ll get to it later,” growled Todd.

“You’ve been saying that all week, but all you’ve done it play your stupid games.” Margaret all but stomped over to block the TV and glare down at him.

Todd glared back. “I’ll get to it, Jesus! Move, would you?”

Margaret turned and unplugged the power strip that connected the TV, DVD player, and Playstation, shutting them all off at once.

“Hey!” said Todd, jumping up and throwing the controller to the floor. “What the fuck?”

“You’ll get to it now!” said Margaret, whirling on him. “Vacuum the rug, wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, and take out the fucking garbage! This place reeks!”

“You do it, if you bothers you so goddamned much!”

I have to work all week, so you have a fucking roof over your head!”

“Oh, yeah, god for fucking bid a woman have to be the provider, even though a man can’t get a better job that serving fucking fries these days!”

“Well, if you can’t bring in any money, the least you could fucking do is keep the house from being a pig sty! God for fucking bid you do something to earn your keep!”

“I fuck your uptight ass, isn’t that enough?”

Margaret blinked. “Are you fucking serious? You think your dick is all I keep you around for?”

“Well, isn’t that all I’m good for? A battery for your freaky-ass fuck powers?”

The two stood, glaring at each other, breathing hard, red faced and fuming. “So that’s what you think, huh?” she said slowly. “You think I just keep you around to leech energy of your cock? I let you jerk it and cum whenever you want. I don’t use my powers to get you off. I get down on my knees and suck you with my actual mouth. You know how many women actually bother to do that anymore?”

Todd threw up his hands and made several quick bows. “Oh, thank you, goddess, for you generous fucking pittance. Your mouth totally makes up for the fact I can’t do shit with my life anymore because most bitches are fucking psychos with their Sex Magic.”

“That’s not my fault! Are you even listening to me? I know you have it tough, alright? I’m working to support you, because I know you can’t!”

Todd flinched at that, and for a moment, Margaret’s anger was tinged with a pang of regret. They both knew it was true, but to say it so plainly—

“What’s the fucking point?” said Todd, glowering, his face a mix of anger and self-pity. “You may as well just do whatever you want to me. Who would stop you?”

Margaret felt the anger flare up anew. “Are you serious? I fucking love you, Todd! I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings just now, but it’s the truth! I need to work for both of us, and all I’m asking is that you do your part! If I’m working all week, the least you could do is some chores! Just once a week, put the fucking video games away and clean the place up, do the laundry. I’m not even asking you to make dinner every day, although that’d be great, too.”

“Fine. Whatever.”

“Don’t you fucking “whatever” me. I know video games are the last place you feel like you have any power, but you can’t just disappear into them forever. This is how life is now. I know you’d rather be the big bread winner, and me the housewife, and you know what, I’d really like that, too. But I’m dealing with reality, because I have to, and you do, too.”

Todd just glowered at the floor, sulking, sitting back in his chair. Margaret felt her anger wilt a little as she watched him go into a funk before her very eyes. She sighed and stepped over to him, reaching out to give him a hug. He smacked her hands away.

“Get off me,” he muttered. “Fucking bitch.”

Margaret froze, stunned, arms still half reaching out, stunned. Then her features darkened. “Fucking bitch, huh?” she said in a low voice. Todd didn’t look up. Margaret stood tall, arms crossed. “Is that still what you think? Is that what you want?” Anger welled up again, and with it, the magic Todd feared. “Fine. I’ll give you a fucking bitch.”

She lashed out with her magic, the mysterious sexual power which had completely flipped the world upside down for the past seven years. Todd’s eyes widened and he gasped, jerking back in his seat. Her magic slipped into his body, latching onto the network of nerves and pulling them like puppet strings. The magic funneled into his loins, charging his genitals. His penis became forcefully erect, instantly tenting his shorts. His balls tightened. Todd let out a small cry, and jumped up from his chair. His hard cock was bent at an awkward angle in his shorts, and he hastily scrambled to pull them off, freeing his organ from the cloth prison. Given he’d only been wearing the shorts, this now left him naked before her.

But the freedom didn’t help; Margaret pumped more energy, more commands of arousal into him, and the tension in his cock grew even stronger. The organ darkened as all the blood that could rushed into it, becoming harder than a whole bottle of pills could have done. Todd clutched at himself as the tension became painful.

Margaret made a wave of her hand, and Todd’s hands were pulled away from his crotch. His arms and legs were pulled spread eagle, and his body lifted, floating several inches off the ground. “Hey! Stop! Let go!” gasped Todd.

Margaret pointed at his mouth, and his jaws and lips clamped shut. His eyes widened in shock, but she pointed at him again, and his eyelids were forced closed. Effectively gagged and blindfolded, he tried to struggle against her power, but the invisible bonds held stronger than any rope or shackles.

Margaret, still fuming, pointed at his cock. Already in a state of priapism, she fed even more energy into it. It wasn’t physically possible for his penis to get any harder, but the magic bypassed physical limitations. To Todd’s mind, his penis somehow got even more tense, his libido growing hotter and hotter, until the only thing he could think of, the only thing he could feel, was the absolute need to be touched. He would die if someone didn’t touch his genitals. The need ate at him from the inside, a hollowness that felt more terrible than any hunger he’d ever felt.

Margaret watched him suffer for a few long, terrible minutes, watched as tears spilled out from his eyes. She’d made Todd so horny, it physically hurt. Not just the stiffness of his organs, but the sheer need burning in him. The horniest teenaged boy locked in chastity and surrounded by super models wouldn’t have felt as painfully aroused as the magic was making Todd. And as his arousal grew, so too did the energy males provided, which fuled the spells of Sex Magic.

Margaret knew of women who did this to their men. Punished them this way. Used this as a means of breaking them down into perfect little yes-men servants. The truly sado-masochistic used it as an extreme foreplay, but by and large, such techniques made even the most resistant and rebellious men into simpering, begging balls of helplessness. And the more desperate and enraptured they were, the more energy they provided to their tormentors, making their situation an ever-increasing spiral of desperation. Margaret had never wanted to use the magic this way. But if Todd thought being her little fuck bitch magic battery was all he was good for, she’d show him what he was missing out on.

She could hear Todd screaming in his mind for something, anything, to touch him, to comfort the ache between his legs. Margaret let him hang a few moments more before she stepped forward and extended a hand. She reached out with the magic, and gazed into the network of his genitals. Remembering little tricks she’d learned in college, back when she’d been a flighty tease bringing boys to their knees, she implanted several conditions into Todd’s manhood. Sealing off his ability to orgasm. Raising the sensitivity of his penis and testicles. Making it so he couldn’t touch his cock when he was hard. Making his erection permanent.

She knew such conditions were quite common on men these days, but she’d never used them for more than a night or two of fun, even back in her wildest times. And once she’d gotten married, she hadn’t used them at all since their honeymoon, because she knew how much they bothered her husband.

Well, fuck him. She’d clearly been too merciful, too coddling, all this time. If he was going to be an ingrate piece of shit, she’d show him how bad she could make it.

With the conditions set in place, she glanced up at Todd’s face. His expression was a contortion of sensual pain. His penis was actually quivering with tension, his body shivering despite how thoroughly her spells bound him.

Margaret reached out and lightly grasped his cock. Todd’s whole body jerked like she’d just jabbed his balls with a cattle prod. He let out a long, loud moan, muffled by his sealed lips. Margaret lightly stroked his cock, and he mewed pitifully. His cock flexed hard in her hands as an orgasm welled up almost immediately. As tense as he was, as sensitive as she’d made him, a single feather swipe could have made him shoot his spunk clear across the room. But her orgasm block held fast, preventing even a chance at climax. His semen boiled in his balls, which swelled with fluid and tension, turning darker with blood than even his cock.

She leaned forward, her warm breath bathing the purple penis head, and making Todd shiver. His hips flexed as he instinctively tried to thrust, but her magic kept him from moving even that much. She let her mouth hover over him for a moment, before she took him inside. Her lips closed tightly over the head of him, and she suckled him gently. She passed her tongue over the flat of him, tracing the ridge with the tip of her tongue, before lowering another inch down, and rapidly flicking her tongue over the sensitive spot just beneath the head.

Todd let out a muffled scream and his whole body shuddered. Margaret pulled back and gasped as his cock clenched hard for nearly a whole minute, an immense orgasm crashing against her block. He was so hard, so needy. She had forgotten how intense the aura of male frustration could get when a man was this riled up. Margaret felt a pang of shame as she remembered how good it felt. Another reason she’d never wanted to indulge in such treatment for long. She was always afraid she’d like it too much to stop.

But Todd felt his was all he was good for. Energy for her spells and for her pleasure. So be it. Margaret leaned forward again and took him in her mouth, this time sucking him fully. She brought up her other hand and cupped his testicles, rolling them gently, whilst she continued to rub the base of him with her other hand. Todd shook and screamed and cried in mid air as his wife brutalized him wicked magic and tender touches.

Margaret, meanwhile, found herself squirming from the sheer energy she was absorbing from him. The warm bliss filled her body and funneled into her core, heating and playing with her nerves, making her wetter than Todd’s own efforts had in weeks. After only a couple more minutes of sucking and stroking him, she pulled off him with a small shriek as she came, soaking her pants and panties.

She stepped back and let herself drop onto the chair, breathing heavily. She watched her husband float mid-air, still helpless while she came down from her climax. Caught up in the moment, she stripped off her business suit and scooted herself into a slouch. Her fingers drifted down to play with her clit. With one hand, she rubbed herself, and with another, she made a few motions towards Todd’s cock. Todd mewled again as phantom sensations now gripped him. The sensation of Margaret’s blowjob returned to him, as did that of her hands, followed by a new sensation of his cock being rubbed between two soft orbs of flesh. She was making him feel a boobjob, something they hadn’t done in years, layered over the phantom hands and mouth. Utterly helpless, Todd shook and cried anew, his mind and his balls boiling in a sexual high he hadn’t experienced before, not even when he and Margaret were first dating.

Margaret continued to masturbate, rubbing her clit with one hand while fingering herself with the other, her physical pleasure enhanced by the pleasing energy of Todd’s desperation. She climaxed several more times over the next hour before she finally had enough. She lay back, breathing softly, watching Todd suffer. She stood, and felt rejuvenated, the healing side effects of Sex Magic completely washing away the fatigue of her work day. She felt like she could run a marathon right then. She debated even going for a walk and down to the bar for a drink, but in truth wasn’t in the mood.

She instead contented herself with making a leisurely dinner and watching a couple movies, all the while leaving Todd teased and floating in the middle of the room, basking in his need. When he started the first movie, she even made a motion towards him, increasing the intensity of the sensations, redoubling the orgasm block just to be sure he wouldn’t bust through it. When she switched the next movie, she increased the sensations again. Were it not for the protective side effects of Sex Magic, Todd would be going truly out of his mind by then.

When the second movie ended, Margaret stood and stretched. It was already past midnight. Thankfully, tomorrow was a weekend. She looked up at Todd, and mused over what to do with him. She debated leaving him like that for the rest of the night, but he’d already been up there for well over six hours. She supposed the lesson had been learned.

She stood before him, still naked, and waved a hand at him. The spells binding and stimulating him all canceled at once, and he tumbled to the floor. The sudden absence of sensation, after hours of stimulation, was an almost painful shock in itself. He flipped over and attempted to hump the carpet, but found he could not. The anti-masturbation spell, as well as the orgasm block, still held. Unable to form coherent thoughts, he looked about dumbly, gasping, and gazed up at his wife. In that moment, in his eyes, she was a vengeful goddess he was unworthy to be in the presence of. He couldn’t even remember the argument they’d had, just that he had angered her. Unable to form words, he hesitantly, tearfully, crawled forward, and kissed the tops of her bare feet, begging forgiveness.

Margaret frowned, her anger now fully dissipated, the pleasure from his need no longer convincing. She felt a pang of guilt and pity. She sent another small surge of magic into his body, and her remaining conditions vanished, the orgasm block dissolving. As it did, she sent one final, warm burst of pleasure through his cock.

Todd howled and his body bucked hard, cock bouncing in the air. He clutched tightly at her calves, as if for dear life, as an orgasm ripped through him, so intense he would have blacked out if the magic let him. Burst after burst of semen exploded from his cock, making a huge puddle on the carpet. Nearly a minute passed as she made him cum, longer and harder than humanly possible, until finally, he had nothing more to give. She let him collapse onto the floor, curling into a twitching ball as the aftershocks went through him.

She could have been a bitch and forced him awake to clean up his mess. But Sex Magic was convenient even here. Her power infused into the semen, lifting the thick white puddle off the floor, not a single drop left behind. She deposited the mess into the toilet, then went off to bed, leaving Todd to recover. Not feeling tired, she instead sat and read, waiting for Todd to come in.

It took nearly an hour, but he finally was able to stand and collect his thoughts coherently. He came into the bedroom, head bowed, face flushed crimson. Margaret had never seen him looking so meek. She set her book down and looked at him, waiting patiently.

He cleared his throat, and softly said, “I’ll, um, I’ll clean up. Tomorrow. I promise.”

Margaret sighed. “It’s not just about the chores, you know.”

Todd nodded. “I know. I’m sorry.”

Margaret frowned and shook her head. “No. I’m sorry.” Margaret frowned, then pulled back the sheets, patting the spot next to her. Todd shuffled over and slipped under the covers. Margaret wrapped him in her arms and he curled against her. “I won’t do that you again. I promise.”

Todd let out a long breath. “I think I needed it. You were right. I’ve been an ass, wrapped up in my own self-pity. I guess I needed a good slap.”

Margaret rubbed her back. “I think I slapped too hard.”

“It’s okay.”

“Is it?”


“You sure?”

Todd blanched. “I said yes, alright? Can we not turn this into another fight?”

Margaret let out a soft chuckle. “Sorry. I think I just spooked myself.” She leaned down and kissed the top of his head. “I would very much appreciate it if you did clean up tomorrow. But before that...”

Todd looked up. “What?”

“You wanna slap me back?”

Todd’s eyebrows raised. Then a grin crossed his face and his cock twitched. Despite his immense orgasm, the magic could have him ready to go again in an instant. Margaret smiled as Todd slipped out of the bed, and went to the closet, where a series of cloth straps and a blindfold were tucked away in the corner. Something else they hadn’t done since their honeymoon. Margaret spread herself on the bed, ready to feel Todd’s power again.


  1. A story with happy ending? Quite rare coming from you, but good work as always!

  2. I like this, realky. Harsh erotic denial but for good reason, then he gets to even things up in tge end. And most important, the house gets cleaned. Nice twist.
    Keep up the good work.👍.