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Erotic Adventure Universe Timeline

Timeline of the

This reality is one where magic, aliens, super-science, and extra dimensions exist, but while the people of Earth have long suspected such things, most of human history was ignorant of its truth. The Earth of this universe is very much like our own, save that things are perhaps a bit more “cinematic.” It is a world where spy thrillers and action movies might exist, where technically advanced at a slightly faster rate, and where the human race has long had the potential to unlock psychic powers, though it is not until modern times that such a thing has actually been proven possible.

Elsewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, however, the impact of extra-dimensional incursions have greatly shaped the course of countless civilizations. Primarily, the Material Universe has been preyed upon by two cosmic factors: the Fae Realm and Temael, the Dark God.

 The Fae Realm is an alternate universe that never actually formed, and instead remains a roil of pure quantum chaos. Although time and distance are effectively without meaning here, the Realm is, dimensionally speaking, “next door” to the Milky Way galaxy. Its nature a dimension of pure potential means that its very reality is capable of being influenced by conscious thought. Should a being from the Material Universe enter this realm, their very dreams will become reality. However, the Fae Realm is inherently unstable, and only the most disciplined mind can retain a form and self-identity in the realm. Most will be instantly destroyed as their very mind, soul, and body are fragmented into nothingness, their very existence leeched away by the chaos of the Realm.

Only one type of being exists here: the Fae, after which the Realm is named. Normally, Fae creatures exist as barely sentient wavelengths of energy that only take form and active thought when in contact with sapient minds from the Material Universe. When manifest, they take on an identity by feeding off the psychic energy of sapient thought and imagination. Most Fae become addicted to the idea of maintaining this identity, and may try to stay in the Material Realm (“real world”) for as  long as they can, but inevitably, their mystical nature draws them back into their home reality, where they eventually dissolve.

The exception is a Fae Lord, a Fae that manages to maintain a self-identity and high level of power even when returning to the Realm. Wishing to maintain this sense of self, the Fae Lord finds the best way to do so is to use their power to create small, stable pocket dimensions within the Fae Realm. Near physical worlds like Earth and Civero, on the other side of the dimensional veil, the Fae Realm is all but littered with these small worlds, bubbles of reality orbiting the faint shadow of the world they draw inspiration from, just as planets orbit a star.

Fae creatures who wish to maintain an identity, but lack the power and mental cohesion of the Fae Lords, may be draw into these pocket realities, where they take on roles appropriate to the world. Fae creatures don’t mind if such a role entails repeating the same routines in an endless loop. If they get bored with it, they’ll leave the world, and their role will be filled in by another lesser Fae, a construct formed from the world itself, or if their role is minor enough, the world will continue as if they were never there.
The biggest notable exception are the Fae, ethereal beings from the formless reality of raw quantum potential known by some as the Fae Realm. For extremely brief fragments of time, Fae creatures have managed to penetrate the dimensional barriers around Earth, mostly to observe, but occasionally to manifest as strange creatures. Attracted by the dreams and imagination of sapient life, they took forms based on the myths of humanity, and for a time re-enforced those myths through brief, often impossible to confirm sightings.

Earth’s connection to the Fae Realm is so weak and tenuous, however, that the Fae ultimately had extremely little impact on the world, so little that modern humans regard them as purely fiction. The main impact of Fae visitations involved abductions of humans, usually one at a time, but sometimes entire small populations were taken. Despite this, no physical evidence of Fae interaction can be found, though many of history’s unexplained disappearances are due to Fae abduction.

Temael is a radically different entity to any of the Fae, a Dark God that is a Living Dimension unto itself. Whilst incapable of entering the normal universe directly, Temael can send lesser beings and magical influence across dimensions. Temael desires to collect worlds from this and other universes, literally drawing whole planets and stars into Itself, setting them up in customized solar systems, and elevating the species that pledged loyalty to It.

One reason humanity hasn’t managed to contact alien life even in a more fantastical universe? Temael has stolen nearly every planet in the galaxy holding a sapient species, often before any civilization reaches appreciable long-distance space faring capabilities. It is unknown just how many worlds have been stripped from the universe to satiate Its avarice. Approximately the size of a galaxy, Temael has enough room to hold trillions of stars and planets within Itself, and It is nowhere near filled to satisfaction.


2 Billion Years Ago – A sentient, dying star screams across the universe, its cosmic death cry reaching across the veil of dimensions. Temael is alerted to the existence of the Material Universe, and manages to bring the star into Itself. The star’s life is saved by Temael’s power, and pledges allegiance to It as Its First Star. The First Star then tells Temael about the Material Universe, and the mortal worlds that dwell within.

1.5 Billion Years Ago – The first sapient being in the Material Universe enters the Fae Realm. This being from an unknown civilization is disintegrated almost instantly, but its essence sparks the existential chain reaction that forms the first Fae.

100 Million Years Ago – The Fae Realm is now teeming with Fae creatures. Alien civilizations making use of trans-dimensional technology and advanced magic make contact with the Fae Realm, which is understood to be the source of “magic” in the Material Universe.

2 Million Years Ago – The Mutari-Kurai become the first civilization of the Material Universe to contact Temael with dimension-crossing technology. Expeditions are sent into the dimension, not knowing of its sentient nature. Temael allows this, intrigued by the appearance of mortal life. Over the course of a century, Temael learns the ways of mortals, makes contact, and seduces them to Its side. Temael manages to steal the planet into itself, setting it to orbit the First Star. For another million years, this civilization flourishes within, as they adapt Temael’s power into their technology to build a galactic civilization. Temael is not satisfied, however. Eventually, It covets more and more worlds.

1 Million Years Ago – Temael begins to actively seek out and steal worlds across the Milky Way Galaxy. One after another, It finds worlds, seeking out those civilizations It can easily sway with promises of power and liberation. Once taken, It elevates those civilizations with it’s own brand of magic, and makes their greatest champions as Its favored Generals and Acolytes. Eventually, these Generals begin methods of destabilizing worlds to ready them for Temael’s “salvation.”

900,000 Years Ago – The D’B Horrah are the first civilization to resist Temael’s incursion and win. During this conflict, Temael first makes contact with the Fae Realm and its denizens, whom the D’B Horrah used to assist in their battle against the Dark God. The war ends in the D’B Horrah successfully repelling Temael, but the cost is the total destruction of their homeworld. Seeing no other choice, the D’B Horrah attempt to flee to the Andromeda galaxy in a fleet of multi-generational world ships. Their fate remains unknown.

750,000 Years Ago – The Zetri civilization likewise resists the machinations of Temael. A magic-focused civilization, the Zetri manage to escape the Dark God’s grasp when the world’s most powerful sorcerers enter the Fae Realm, and transform themselves to become the first Fae Lords. These Fae Lords then create a replica of Zetri as a vast Fae Lord Realm, and move their civilization into it. The Realm's chaotic nature shields these small Realms from Temael's direct reach.

500,000 Years Ago – The Typhon civilization accepts Temael’s invitations. Their mastery of monstrous transformation powers appeals greatly to Temael, who adapts similar themes of monstrous powers to his own magical purviews. Infuriated at the Fae Realm’s continued interference, Temael begins to periodically hurl Its strongest monstrous creations into the Realm in the hopes of at least randomly destroying the Fae Lord Realms it cannot otherwise reach.

300,000 Years Ago – The Zetri Realm can no longer sustain itself, and the entire civilization disintegrates into the Fae Realm. By this point, however, some normal Fae have managed to become Fae Lords themselves, enabling Fae Lord Realms to appear in dimensional proximity to other realms.

100,000 B.C.Echidna is born of the Typhons and becomes one of Temael’s favored.

50,000 B.C. – Homo sapiens noa, an unknown Human sub-species, are stolen from Earth by a collective of Fae Lords and transported to an uninhabited, but magically rich planet they name Civero. No trace of their existence remains, and no one on Civero is aware of their connection to Earth. Due to the Fae Realm’s lack of space-time, these stolen humans reappear tens of thousands of years into their future when they arrive on Civero.

30,000 B.C. – The psychically-empowered Eydollani civilization achieves interstellar spaceflight capabilities, being the only civilization in nearly a million years to reach such levels of technology after Temael’s influence on the galaxy. Sending out several massive world ships, they scour the galaxy for signs of other life. They become increasingly disturbed as they discover only the remnants of lost civilizations and stolen worlds.

20,000 B.C. – The demon-goddess Jahi willingly surrenders her planet of Hellacia to Temael and becomes one of his favored.

12,300 B.C. – 600 A.D.  The humans stolen by the Fae Lords appear on Civero. Within a few decades, however, some of those humans learn a technique to fuse with Fae creatures, and become a new breed of Fae Lords capable of existing in the Material Universe while drawing upon nearly limitless magic, as well as surpassing the existential durability of ordinary Fae Lords in their own Realm. These handful of humans become the Maji, and rule Civero as living gods for ten thousand Civeron years. This time of boundless magic and godly rule is later known as the Majestic Era of Civero.

600 A.D. – 700 A.D. – A Maji named Zane becomes sickened at how his fellows treat the humans of Civero. He is contacted by Echidna, and shown the power of Temael. Along with an alliance of rebel humans, Zane makes a pact with the Dark God, becoming an Archangel in Its service, which the humans under his commands are transformed into monstrous Demihumans. Jahi lends her powers to also create the Lust Walker curse. Thus begins the Dark War of Civero. During this conflict, Maji civilization is smashed into dust, surviving humans who wish to combat the invaders are infused with magic to become Metahumans, and powerful Fae Lords are summoned to help defend the planet. Several of Temael’s Generals and many Maji are killed. Jahi and the Maji Asterion are banished into the Fae Realm.

In the end, the Maji sacrifice themselves to form the Great Dimensional Barrier, which tears all magic away from Civero and seals the planet off from all dimensional contact and incursions, be they Temael, the Fae Realm, or otherwise. Zane barely escapes with his life, and pledges to continue serving Temael to make up for his failure.

1943 - 1990 A.D. – Fae Lords observing superhero fiction on Earth decide to create their own superhero universe in the form of the Centurions Universe Realm.

Within this time period, Asterion and Jahi arrive in the Realm. Asterion becomes a Fae Lord of the Realm, while Jahi, thinking she is just on another planet, attempts to conquer it. She is defeated and stripped of her power, forced to live as a mortal, albeit she retains some access to her sexual magic powers.

The Fae Lord Dellissa, one of the co-creators of the Centurion Realm, is so inspired by Jahi’s erotic femdom themes, that she leaves that Realm to create her own. Dellissa creates the Sex Mage Island Realm (aka Delwor Island), and creates Sex Magic. An unknown number of years later, a piece of another Fae Lord Realm crashes into Dellissa’s World, sending fragments of her Realm’s magical paradigm across dimensions and across timelines. Due Dellissa’s proximity to Earth, this spreads the power of her Sex Magic to various alternate versions of Earth, creating the Sex Mage Multiverse. However, the Earth of this timeline is unaffected; the combined subconscious psychic potential of humanity within this reality forms an existential barrier that deflects the fragment, and it fades before taking root in any humans.

1980 A.D. – Magic slowly begins to return to Civero as part of the Great Barrier weakens. Small numbers of Demihumans, Metahumans, Monsters, and Maji Artifacts awaken to their powers. The Lust Walker Curse returns, and Mana Founts and Djinnoa begin to appear. Zane makes a brief second attempt to reclaim the planet, but due to interference from a team of Metahumans and Demihumans, he is driven off.

1990 A.D. – The Fae Lord Ashtir creates her Realm of Zama, and uses a magical book to bring humans from Earth to her world to undergo fantastical adventures. Her first chosen heroine, however, corrupts her world, transforming it into a femdom reality.

2042 A.D. – Jahi manages to regain her full demon-goddess powers, and escapes the Centurions Realm. She appears on Earth in the Material Universe and reconnects with her Lord Temael. After a brief period of observation and preparation, she begins her Invasion by unleashing the Sex Monster Women plagues. The sudden burst of global magical activity awakens humanity’s dormant psychic potential, leading the rise of psionically powered Superhumans.

2046 A.D. – An Eydollani mothership arrives at Earth, finally reaching a homeworld that has not yet been taken. An initial scouting team is sent down, but the mothership is destroyed by Jahi, stranding several thousand Eydollani with the remnants of humanity. The two races combine forces to drive off Jahi’s Invasion, and prevent Earth from falling into the clutches of Temael.

2057 A.D. – Ishtar, sister of Jahi, arrives on Earth to seek revenge on her sister. The two Demon-Goddesses battle to a stalemate, before Ishtar reveals she has already lent assistance to Earth. The two decide to let their feud be determined by the Human-Sex Monster war on Earth, no longer interfering with events on the planet. 

And with that, we are caught up to the more or less present day of the setting. More may come as future stories are told…

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