Friday, May 4, 2018

At the Movies

Cali checked the time on her phone for the dozenth time and let out a long huff. Tapping her foot on the ground impatiently, she muttered, “Why is she always so fucking late? She got off work two hours ago, and she lives five minutes away. We’re gunna miss the show!”

Todd shrugged and said, “It’s like fifteen minutes of ads and previews first, you know.”

Cali rolled her eyes and shook her head, still irritated. She snapped her fingers and Todd jumped as he felt a phantom hand squeeze his balls. He looked around in a panic. “Quit it!” he hissed. “You know they don’t allow the Magic here!”

He jerked a thumb back behind and to the side. The two were currently leaning against one of the large front pillars that held up the overhang for the entrance to a huge, 20-Screen Cineplex. To either side of the main entrance, a series of large framed movie posters showed the current screenings, as well as a digital read out of available times. Above these posters, however, on both sides, were huge banners that said, “Absolutely NO Sex Magic use will be tolerated in the theater!”

Cali shrugged. She knew it would be impossible for the scant security force of female rent-cops to actually fully enforce such a rule. Certainly, a quick-cast spell to her boyfriend’s nuts would be impossible to track in the three seconds he felt it, especially there was probably more attention being paid to the inside crowds. Even then, Cali could sense several similarly quick little spells popping off here and there, as young women couldn’t resist being rebels.

The real challenge would be once they got inside. Cali brushed back her hair, tucking a lock behind her ear. The pixie-cut was cute, but the redhead found it a little irritating how she couldn’t tie the hair back. She only got it this style because she knew her boyfriend loved the look. Not that he’d ever told her, but a hefty majority of his porn folder featured models with shorter hair cuts. She restrained herself from smiling as she sensed his pulse quicken when she tucked back her hair.

Cali tapped a message on her phone. “Just don’t whine about it so loud, and maybe we won’t get kicked out. Of course, you’d think they’d want us to stick around regardless.” She motioned to the crowd. Despite being a Friday night, with a big blockbuster opening today, there were only about sixty cars on a huge parking lot that was designed to hold at least six hundred. Several of screens were going unused for months at a time, and there was only small trickle of people coming up to the ticket seller.

Sex Magic had really taken a bat to the theater business, as it had so many others. Nevermind the tidal wave of sex scandals and magical sabotage of so many studios in Hollywood ensuring less movies even got made, audiences just weren’t in attendance like they used to be. Aside from parents being absolutely paranoid that their kids might see something they shouldn’t, too many women found it difficult to concentrate on the movie when at any given time, dozens to hundreds of cocks would be humming away in their senses throughout the building. The theater may have once a refuge for horny teenagers to escape the house for make-out sessions, and the occasional daring perverts who got a thrill from trying to get away with public sex play, but now, even a hint of such activities was instantly sensed and put on lockdown by every woman around. Said women, and the men they were with, were often quite peeved to have their movie-going experience so thoroughly interrupted by Sex Magic shenanigans.

That didn’t stop some people from trying.

“I still can’t believe you’re dragging me to the theater to see this movie,” said Todd.

Cali smirked, and he felt another quick squeeze to his balls. “Oh, I don’t think you’ll mind it so much.”

The two looked up just in time to see a blue Corolla pulling into the parking lot, hastily turning into a space. Four people got out, two girls and two guys, and ran towards the couple. Tamara, the tall, leggy blonde with a long braid down to her hips threw her hands up. “We made it!” she proclaimed exuberantly.

“About fucking time,” muttered Cali. “What took you guys so long?”

Jeannie, a petite brunette with wavy hair and black-rimmed glasses, grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, sorry, my car wouldn’t start, I needed Tam to give us a ride.”

“You couldn’t have texted that instead of just saying “we’re on our way”?” muttered Cali.

“We didn’t think it would take that long,” said Tamara. “And why do you care? The movie won’t start until we—”

Jeannie nudged her tall friend in the side. Specifically her hip, give the height differential. “Shush! Stop almost ruining it!”

Cali narrowed her eyes at Tamara. “You didn’t say anything, did you?” she whispered. She used her magic to glance at her friends’ boyfriends. A quick psychic glance confirmed that Mike and Jay had no idea what was coming.

“No, but she was grinning like an idiot and giggling the whole way over!” said Jeannie.

“Good,” said Cali. She pat her purse. “I already bought the tickets, so you guys cover the snacks.”

Tamara sighed. “Fine,” she said. But she still had that big, tell tale grin on her face, the kind she got when she was about to pull an epic Sex Magic prank.

Yes, despite what the movie theater banners said, some girls couldn’t help but be rebels.


Todd smiled a bit as Mike and Jay came up to him. Neither of them were guys he’d necessarily hang out with normally, but they were his girlfriend’s friends’ boyfriends, and since their girlfriends liked to hang out together a lot, it meant the three guys got stuck together. They didn’t mind each other’s company, exactly, it’s just none of them had much to talk about. Todd liked sports and brewing beer, Mike was a movie nut and a bird watcher, and Jay was into table top war games and cards. Most conversations between them amounted to the most basic of small talk.

Of course, all three had one big mutual topic they could have talked about, but knew would just be inviting trouble if they got started. All three of their girlfriends had way too much fun with Sex Magic, and were eager to use it to get their boyfriends to comply with their silly little games and larks. Even if the guys had hated each other, their girlfriends total control of their genitals meant they had bigger concerns than whether or not they got along with some other dude.

By this point, the three had been roped into strip poker parties where all three had gotten fully naked before the girls even got their tops off. They had gone to a beach where they’d started off wearing tight speedos, which somehow “accidentally” got lost in the water, while the girls managed to keep their swimsuits on. They had silently agreed to just sit in uncomfortable silence and pretend they didn’t notice when one of their girlfriends started casting Tease spells on the other’s cock.

There was also that weekend they had spent at a cabin, and the girls had played a game of “guess the pussy”, wherein the girls had cast spells on their cocks, and they’d had to guess which girl was casting it. The idea that their girlfriends so casually shared them amongst each other when it came to spellcasting was still something none of them was fully used to. It was like being part of a swingers circle, except the guys never actually slept with the other girls, and never knew which girl was casting what.

Of course, that same weekend, the girls had also tested a trick where they practiced keeping the guys asleep while they fucked them. Todd, for his part, strongly suspected the girls had all taken a turn on each of them, meaning Cali had very liked fucked Mike and Jay that weekend. Of course, it meant Jeannie and Tamara had also fucked him. Part of him hoped. At least that would make it even. And a deep male part of him wondered, hoped even, that the three had had their strongest orgasms on his cock. He was the biggest of the three, after all.

Telling himself that didn’t erase the fact that it still stung a bit, though. The idea that she’d fucked these other guys more or less behind his back, and they probably didn’t even know it. He wondered if they even suspected it. Casting little tease spells was one thing, as a guy you just had to accept that your woman couldn’t contain all her magic just for you. If you got upset every time her aura accidentally made another guy pop a boner, well, you’d never be a happy man. But still, fucking someone else was a step too far.

Even if he was just her slightly glorified boytoy, to use and abuse as she saw fit, and then snuggle with when her compassion kicked back on between sessions, it was an unpleasant thought that she would sleep with someone else. In another world, another timeline, they could have been a real couple, and such a thing would have been a deal breaker.

He knew that Cali knew he had these thoughts, but she never addressed his concerns, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He didn’t dare bring it up, lest he be wrong, and she get pissed at his lack of faith in her. Or, almost worse, if he was right, and getting it out in the open just galvanized her to go down the track of a whole new tease game.

While Todd got lost in thought for a moment, Mike tried to break the uncomfortable silence between the three. He, of course, did it with the most awkward and cliché question guys could ask each other in such a scenario. “So, how long?”

Jay grinned sheepishly. “Two nights ago,” he said. “Livewire tongue.”

Mike’s eyes widened, a little surprised. Jeannie had been more generous with Jay’s releases of late. He wondered what trick Jay was pulling to so please his girlfriend.

“A week,” said Mike. “Voodoo cock on her vibe.”

“Nice.” The two looked to Todd. “Well?”

Todd scowled. “Six weeks,” he said. “Phantom strokes. Ruined.”

The other two winced. “Ouch,” Mike said. “Cali pissed at you or something?”

Todd glanced over to his girlfriend, who was talking to the other girls, and frowned. Cali glanced back, read his thoughts, and gave him a smirk and a wink. “Just strict,” he said.

“Okay!” said Tamara, smiling brightly. “We’re off to see the show!”

The girls quickly ordered three tubs of popcorn and three large slurpees, one to each couple. And a pack of gummi worms and sno-caps for good measure. If there was one benefit of the Magic for the theater, it was that people could wolf down junk food, and still not gain any weight or stomach problems, as long as their sex life was pretty active. As such, the concession stand was the lifeblood of the theater, more so than ever before.

The guys got stuck carrying it all, of course, as the six went to the ticket taker, and Cali handed him six tickets for Sex in the City 5. If there was one franchise that was going to thrive in a Sex Mage World, that would definitely be the one. Ever since the third film was made in 2013, when the appearance of the Magic was introduced into the show’s plotline, they’d been making one new sequel a year. Talks of a new Netflix series was even in the works.

All three guys groaned. The irony of a movie theater that had a total lock-down policy on the use of Sex Magic, having to rely on screenings of a movie series that revolved around sex, was not lost on them. Of course, even with the Magic involved, the series was much more about exploring the relationships and social ramifications thereof than it was actually showing the sex. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, given the circumstances, the movies were largely still boring for most guys.

“Now, remember, boys, keep your boners under control!” the ticket taker said. The cute brunette winked at them, and the guys all gave nervous chuckles. The girls led them down the hall, past the first sets of doors, then around a bend where the remaining screens were lined up. The last five screens had signs saying “CLOSED” on them.

Jay’s brow furrowed when first they passed by the doors marked for Sex in the City 5. Then furrowed a bit more when they continued pasted the first of the CLOSED doors.

“Um, hey, I think we missed it,” said Jay. Mike and Todd looked likewise confused. The girls stopped at the very last set of doors, the final screen before the building’s side exit. They glanced around to see if anyone was looking, then quickly ducked through the double doors. “Uh…” said Jay.

Jeannie popped back out and held the door open, quickly waving the three guys in. “Come on, quick,” she said.

“What’s going on?” said Jay. Mike and Todd knew better than to ask questions and zipped inside immediately. Jay followed after as Jeannie put a hand on his shoulder.

“Special screening,” she said, and gave him a wink.

Jay gulped. His cock twitched. Maybe a boring chick flick wasn’t in the plans…


The room was dark, but the girls used their cellphones as flashlights to guide the way, until the three couples sat in the middle of the seats. Cali and Jeannie flanked the rest, with Tamara sitting in the middle. Todd was between Cali and Tamara, while Mike and Jay were between Tamara and Jeannie. Each of the girls took the popcorn from the guys, and set the slurpees in the cup holders. The theater still had the old seats, which weren’t the most comfortable, but could still recline a bit. And of course, with no one else in the room, they could easily put their feet up on the backs of the chairs in front of them.

“So, what’s this about?” said Jay.

Tamara kept giggling like an idiot, which was usually a sign that something Magical was about to go down. Instead of answering, the three girls reached around the guys shoulders and linked hands. For a moment, they concentrated, and the guys could feel a sort of soft warmth envelope them.

Cali smiled. “You’ll see in a few minutes,” she said. Then, she sent a text on her phone. A couple minutes later, the screen lit up, with the words, “Fiercesome Foursome.” The title then faded, showing a large, hulking man all three guys recognized as local football star Bartholomew Bandello. One of Todd’s favorite players, but even Mike and Jay knew who he was.

“What the hell?” muttered Todd, glancing at his girlfriend. Cali just smirked. And then, the three girls activated their Arousal Auras.

Instantly, the three guys stiffened as their cocks swelled to maximum erection. Todd gave Cali a panicked look, but before he could open his mouth, all three guys found their arms and legs pinned, their mouths sealed, and the heads forced to face front. They were fully bound down with Magic. That having been done, the three girls reached down and pulled the boys’ shorts down, revealing their intensely turgid members.

Tamara giggled again, and ate some popcorn. Jeannie put an arm around Jay’s shoulders. Cali leaned over and whispered in Todd’s ear. “Don’t worry,” she said. “We’ll be fine. Just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Normally, of course, such a spell would be instantly detected by every woman in the theater. But the trio had been practicing the Shield spell. Normally designed to prevent other women from casting minor spells on a man, the Shield spell could be modified to prevent detection of said man’s erection and thoughts, and could be further amplified by several girls working in tandem, layering their Shields together. It worked best with men that a woman had been intimate with; no Shield would last long with a stranger. But a Shield over a man she had routinely teased, and even slept with, was enough to keep out most other women who were not radically more powerful. Combined together, it was unlikely even an Archmage would be able to detect what was about to happen. Not unless she was specifically looking for a hidden spell signature.

Ergo, as the guys felt their cock grow inhumanly hard, no one suddenly burst in and demand they stop. No one called the security to kick them out. As the movie played out, and their cocks quivered, they could do nothing but watch the show, and wait to see where this was going. As long as they kept some concentration on the Shield, the girls could have their fun without interruption.

Trapped, the guys could only watch as on screen, Bartholomew dressed in only a pair of jeans, went up to a house that Mike recognized instantly as Tamara’s sisters’ place. The volume was quite low for a movie, but they heard a female voice tell Bart to knock on the door. The man did so dutifully. Two young women answered, dressed in slinky black dresses and elaborate black domino masks. The two women waved him in, and the camera followed along to the living room, where the shag carpet dominated a cleared out space. The camera was mounted on a tripod and a third masked woman in a black dress came out.

The masks hid their faces well, but all three men instantly recognized their girlfriends. Their eyes widened and their thoughts whirled. Each of the girls had worn those dresses occasionally on nights when they wanted to be frisky. Alarms went off in the guys’ heads even as their cocks quivered at high tension.

Cali leaned over and whispered in Todd’s ear. “Just remember, it’s only cheating if the other guy cums.”

The guys’ panic spiked as the three women on screen immediately got to business, commanding the football stud to strip. The large man had a matching large cock, longer and thicker than even Todd’s. On the screen, the girls cooed and licked their lips. The football stud looked confident, even though he was in the presence of three women who could destroy him with a thought.

The girls pointed a finger at him, and Bart was floated spread eagle in the air. Each of the girls took turns licking and sucking his huge cock, rubbing and complimenting it. At one point, they started tag-teaming him, and then all three were sucking and licking him at once. The stud didn’t last very long under such ministrations, and soon was moaning in pleasure as he neared release.

The guys in their seats also gave sympathetic moans. As they watched their girlfriends service another man, they each felt the sensations they were watching. The girls, meanwhile, just enjoyed the show, sipping their drinks and eating the popcorn, as if they were watching a regular movie.

The guys groaned loudly, angry at this display. Their girlfriends weren’t just casting little spells on a guy, they were having a sex with a man who put all of them to shame! And yet, as they felt everything on their cocks that their girlfriends did on the screen, they could not deny the pleasure, and their complete helplessness touched a primal part of them that aroused them fiercely. Even without the girls’ aura, they would admittedly be hard just from their situation.

The girls giggled as they observed the little mental war the boys were having. Meanwhile, on screen, the three were slipping off their dresses, and were floating Bart parallel to the ground. A spell caused his huge cock to vibrate, and then Jeannie slid the shaking member inside her. She let out a howl. The guys in their seats let out high pitched whimpers as the felt the vibrations, and the tightness of Jeannies’ pussy. They weren’t just feeling the sensations, they were feeling them as though they had Bart’s proportions! His huge cock would stretch any of their girlfriends to the limit, and it was that level of delicious constriction they now felt!

Cali smirked, licked her fingertips, and lightly caressed the head of Todd’s cock. He jumped and jerked in his seat, eyes still locked the screen, but whimpering for Cali to stop. The sensations mirrored on the screen were already too much for his long-denied cock, and the show was messing with him too much emotionally. Adding the sensation of her fingers was just too much.

Mike and Jay were likewise tormented. Jeannie was leaning over and licking the tip of Jay’s cock in that way that drove him crazy, while Tamara had pulled out a silk stalking from her pocket and was caressing Mike’s shaft with it.

On screen, as Jeannie howled on Bart’s cock, Tamara sat on his face. All three guys suddenly could taste Tamara’s pussy, and their tongues probed forward instinctively. All Tamara bust out laughing.

“I told you I tasted great!” she giggled.

“I’ll take your word for it,” said Cali coolly, still tickling Todd’s cockhead.

Jeannie, however, gave Tamara a knowing wink.

Soon, Tamara and Jeannie changed positions. Tamara took in Bart’s cock, and Cali rode his face, then a few minutes later, Cali took his cock and it was Jeannie on his face. Each time, the guys could taste each other’s girlfriends, and feel their pussies. Tamara rocked her hips in a way that had all three guys edging every couple of seconds, while Cali moved with torturous slowness that had them crying for more.

It was the height of surreal, a bizarre cycle of infidelity, each feeling how their girlfriend, fucked another man, but also feeling what it would be like to fuck and taste each of them as well. In a way, they were all being passed around between them, just as this football stud was. And the girls could only grin and chuckle as the three guys went out of them minds from the pleasurable torment and the emotional confusion.

Then, on screen, the three started taking turns where one used a dildo to fuck Bart in the ass, while the other offered their mouths for him to thrust into as the dildo penetrated him. The girls continued to tickle and lick their boyfriend’s cocks as they all but howled at the sensations, deep inside where they didn’t even know such terrible pleasure could exist.


Pete managed to go on break just in time. Five straight hours of shoveling popcorn and answering peoples questions of how much something cost, despite the answer being posted in foot-high letters on the menu right above his head, and he felt exhausted. It didn’t help, of course, that despite the rules, a few girls fired off little spells at him to try and tease a discount out of him.

“Food prices were so ridiculous, I only brought five bucks, if you give me some free popcorn, I’ll use a spell to suck you off in the bathroom real quick!”

He’d heard it all. And his supervisor, a stern woman whose expression always seemed halfway between a scowl and a smirk, was supposed to be there to block any Sex Magic casting attempts. She did not, however, do anything about the numerous orgasm blocks and hard little psychic pinches to his butt, whenever he failed to give a cute girl that bit of free food.

For his breaks, a solid twenty minutes, he usually hid in one of the empty screens, the one farthest down the hall. Ignoring the “Closed” sign tapped over the door, he scurried over and ducked inside. He started to let out a sigh of relief; as long as he didn’t think too hard about anything sexual, no one ever caught him in here, and he could get his nerves under control.

He noticed almost immediately that something was wrong, however. He blinked and jumped when he realized that there was a movie playing. The volume was low, but he could unmistakably hear the sounds of moaning women and grunting men. He paused. He was certain this screen had been shut down. He went in here all the time. Was this a private screening? Nobody had said anything, there was no sign on the door. And just what the heck were they watching?

Pete crept forward, coming around the short narrow hall to reach the seats. As the movie screen came into view, his eyes went wide as saucers. On the screen, three young women were fucking a huge stud of a man’s brains out. Pete’s jaw dropped. His cock instantly went erect! For a few tense moments, he was simply stunned at what he saw. His mother absolutely refused to allow him to watch porn, and as a virgin who didn’t get out much, he had not been exposed to much in the way of sex, even in a Sex Mage World. Being short and fat, with coke-bottle glasses, did not invite much female affection. As such, what was happening on screen was by far the most lewd act he’d ever been exposed to in his twenty years of life. It took several seconds for his brain to even process such an amazing site.

However, reason kicked in a moment later as he heard a loud set of male moans, and his head snapped over to his left. His eyes got even wider as he saw three couples sitting in the middlemost row, the three guys with their pants down, writhing and whimpering and crying, and three girls all staring at him with surprise. One girl was even paused mid-way through eating some popcorn.

Pete swallowed hard. He knew the rules. He knew his job. He took a step back, intending to bolt out the door and alert the management. Had he been a girl, they would have been toast. Had he been under another woman’s protection, he might have made it. Had his supervisor actually kept an eye on him like she was supposed to when he went to break, just incase he got waylaid by prankster girls, he might have been able to psychically get a warning to her. If, somehow, he had managed to keep his urges under control and think about baseball and comic books for just a few seconds, he might have been able to sneak back out the door before getting caught.

But he was a young man, with blue balls and a hard dick. He never stood a chance. Before he’d even completed his first step back, the three girl’s magic ensnared him, freezing him in place. Pete panicked and hollered for help in his mind, but he felt something tickling his brain, and his thoughts got all fuzzy.

The girl closest to the aisle beckoned him over, a rather needless gesture, given that he was completely under her control. He felt the magic tug at his limbs, and he walked over to the trio of couples, coming right up the girl who beckoned him. The pixie-cut redhead smiled at him, then reached out and undid his belt, pulling his pants down. Pete flushed with embarrassment as his cock popped free. He’d always felt uneasy about his body around women, due to his weight, and his lack of exposure to sex. He assumed girls would be disgusted with him.

But the redhead smiled at him, reached out, and clasped her fingers around his turgid member. Pete’s eyes widened with shock. She started stroking him, and then after a few seconds, leaned forward and slid her mouth over his cock.

Pete almost had a heart attack! This was the first time any girl had ever actually physically touched him! It felt incredible! It was just a simple stroke and suck, but for Pete, who was only permitted five minutes to masturbate once a week, it was like a moment of heaven! He let out a whimper, his eyes glazed over, and he shivered as the girl paid loving affection to his cock.

It took only seconds for Pete reach orgasm, but of course, he was heavily blocked, and only managed to edge. He didn’t care. He usually had so many blocks, it was rare he got any relief, even when he was permitted to stroke himself, so he was used to the pain of it. He could edge forever if it meant a girl was actually touching him. He had no idea if she was enhancing her touch with magic, or if he was just naturally that sensitive, but he was in absolutely bliss at the moment.


Cali had almost panicked when the boy showed up in the theater. He was short enough, and babyfaced enough that for a moment, she feared he might have been a younger teenager. But no, a quick glance at his mind confirmed he was actually twenty years old and worked for the theater. That was a relief. Casting spells on a minor was a fast track to getting the shit kicked out you, and then arrested.

But Pete, as she saw his name in his mind, was a fully grown adult. A very blue balled adult, whose job at that moment was to spoil the party. However, with the speed of thought, Cali and her friends managed to ensnare him with magic.

Now, the boy was just standing there, still frozen by the exit aisle, his eyes glazed over, his cock tenting his pants, huffing as he experienced a little private dream of being serviced by the cute, sexy redhead he’d just caught breaking the rules. In the dream, Cali smiled and winked at him, saying, “You won’t tell on us, will you, sir?”

The boy let out a soft moan and shook his head in the dream, his actions sluggishly repeated by his body. All three girls pushed their Shield onto him. Jeannie made him walk out the theater and into the next empty one, then pull down his pants and grab himself. Tamara set to work digging into his mind, and erasing the memory he just had. She couldn’t do that much to a stranger, but she scrambled enough details to not let them be identified.

Then, the girls released the boy. Poor Pete blinked rapidly, becoming aware just as he was jacking himself off to a hard orgasm. With a yelp of surprise, cum exploded from his cock, painting the wall of dark room he inexplicably found himself in. Wait, hadn’t there been a movie playing here? Hadn’t there been a girl sucking his cock? What the fuck—

The door behind him burst open, and he yelped again. “Pete, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” yelled his supervisor.

In the room on the opposite side of the hall, the three other young men also came explosively. Semen shot straight up and splattered the seats behind them. Even between the Shield spell and Pete’s own orgasm causing a distraction, the girls weren’t entirely sure such a huge climax wouldn’t get detected. As soon as the guys were finished, the girls unfroze and floated their dazed, spent bodies in the air, yanked the shorts up, and bee-lined it for the exit.

The little porno was already finishing up, with the poor football stud being left drenched in pussy juice, his cock unrelieved. While poor Pete was getting chewed out by his supervisor, the three girls half-pushed, half-floated their sex-addled boyfriends out the door, immediately bolting out the side exit of the building. They managed to make it to their cars before exploding with laughter. The guys, meanwhile, staggered in place, leaning against the cars as they caught their breaths.

“Oh, god… oh fuck… I can’t believe… we got away… with that!” said Tamara, giggling like a mad woman.

“You guys owe us for that!” said Jeannie. She winked at Todd. “Especially you! When’s the last time you had a real orgasm, much less one that intense!”

Todd could not get the scenes from the porno out of his mind, and he couldn’t quite shake the sense of hurt. But then again, if the video was to be believed, Cali hadn’t let the football star cum, and but had just given him the best orgasm of his life. He dropped to his knees before Cali. “Thank you… goddess…”

“Yeah, yeah. Now let’s get out of here, before they figure out what we did!” There were no complaints as the couples jumped into the cars, and high-tailed it out of the parking lot. Neither were there complaints when they’re girlfriends relieved their own tension tenfold as soon as they got back home.

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