Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some Sex Mage World Terms

The following is a list of terms and concepts that have either briefly appeared in my stories, or are some ideas I haven’t gotten around to implementing into one. This assumes you know the general premise of Sex Mages, Sex Magic, and the Sex Mage World in general. Some stuff might be repeated from previous notes.


Sex Mage – A woman who has gained the power of Sex Magic. Since all women eventually gain the power, Sex Mage is effectively synonymous with “adult woman.”

Archmage – A Sex Mage who demonstrates slightly stronger than average abilities, and may even be able to perform one or two specific abilities that most women do not have, such as being able to shrink themselves and others or remove a person’s clothing with a thought. In theory, a normal Sex Mage may be able to train themselves to become an Archmage over a long period of time, especially if they have attention from a large number of males who readily supply her with energy. Most celebrities, for example, seem to invariably become Archmages.

Megami – A Sex Mage with far greater powers than normal Sex Mages or even Archmages.  Often early bloomers, instead of gaining their powers at 19 or 20 like most women, they will gain them just after turning 18. They will also grow in power and reach with phenomenal speed; whereas a normal Sex Mage might take a month to adapt to her powers such that she can cocktease three guys at once, a Megami-class Sex Mage can casually tease a hundred guys at once in under a week. Megamis have all the standard powers of a Sex Mage at a stronger level, and every conceivable power than an Archmage might develop.

Queen Megami – A Megami-class Sex Mage who rules over a Queendom, often receiving worship from her followers. As a result, she has all the powers of a Megami at an even higher degree.

Glitches – A slightly derogatory, yet nonetheless common, term for Sex Mages whose powers have some faulty aspect. Examples include not being able to block out sensing men's arousal or fantasies, or having the spell range reduced to only a couple feet away. Glitches are often, but not always, later bloomers, not gaining their powers until anywhere from the age of 22 to 25. Usually a Glitch will only have one particular condition, but several at once are not unheard of.

--Gitch Commune – Depending on the nature and severity of the Glitch condition, some women chose to live in isolation, either completely by themselves, or in small, all-female communities, where distance from men can at least mitigate most issues.

Radiants – Men who, for whatever reason, produce copious amounts of sexual energy compared to other men, even from just a little bit of teasing. One Radiant can produce as much as ten to twenty times as much energy as a regular man for less effort. As such, Radiants tend to be highly prized, and often horded, by powerful Sex Mages, often forced to work for the government or as a direct servant to a Megami.While the exact first appearance of Radiants is unknown, the first confirmed appearances aren't until twenty years after Sex Magic appears, indicating that Radiants may be a natural mutation in men born of Sex Mages. What triggers this mutation is unknown, and appears to be rare and random. It may be that several generations down the line, all men will generate energy on the level of a Radiant or it may just be an anomaly, possibly even a male "glitch" of sorts.

Samaritans – Women who consider it a duty to aid men who are suffering from Sex Magic torment. Most commonly, these women will remove orgasm and masturbation blocks on men, might occasionally give a long suffering man a good hard orgasm in relative privacy, or other similar generous gestures. Usually, this will be done anonymously, using their magic without letting the man know who they are. Part of this is to avoid scorn from their fellow women, however.

Samaritans are derogatorily referred to as "white knights" by some women who are angry at such interference, with the same connotations "slut" or "whore" used to invoke. This is a reference to pre-Sex Magic internet slang of "white knights," (men leaping to any woman's defense thoughtlessly for the sake of female approval). It's also a reference to semen since they tend to help men cum; the popular image-meme of a female Samaritan being a woman coated with semen, alla a bukkake scene.

Queendoms – After the Cult Wars, most countries (those not already ruled by women after the Revolutions) were chopped up into small nations ruled by powerful Megami-Class Sex Mages in an effort to prevent anything like the Cult Wars from happening again. More or less, this was an attempt to promote world peace, but has in practice only really succeeded due to isolationism. Queendoms will rarely interfere with one another’s policies, no matter how inhumane, because of a general agreement of “you leave me alone, I leave you alone.”

This does not mean war has been eradicated, however, as after a couple decades of global peace, armed conflicts between some Queendoms have begun over religious differences and resource needs. The “hands off” policy of Queendoms has at least kept these conflicts from spreading.

--Free Zone – Free Zones exist in several Queendoms, where men are able to choose to live in order to escape living among Sex Mages. Free Zones necessitate self-sufficiency, as they often lack anything beyond a bare minimum of electricity and running water, but most men who choose this life adapt quickly enough to a rougher life style.

A woman using Sex Magic without consent in a Free Zone is considered a criminal offense, and the offending woman will be prosecuted and fined or jailed, depending on the severity of the crime.

Lover’s Honor – A phrase with a two-fold meaning, depending on the context. In some circles, this is considered a very serious pledge of trust between a woman and her partners, specifically the men she is in romantic relationships with. However, in other circles, it has been adopted as a facetious phrase, using it sarcastically or teasingly.

Chivalry – Chivalry has taken a new form since the emergence of Sex Magic. It now usually refers to a code of honor among women to treat men fairly and protect them from abuse. While present throughout all Queendoms to some degree or another, the Southern Queendoms of the former United States are particularly proud and promoting of the Chivalrous Code as a sort of evolution of Southern Pride.

Test Boy – A (usually young) man who is often a Sex Mage's first man she plays with, just to test her powers on. While most will likely play with their boyfriends or husbands, a Test Boy specifically refers to a guy whom a girl has no real attachment to or who she doesn't care how much she torments, as long as she can get sufficient practice out of him. Test Boys almost never get to cum for all their trouble, no matter how thoroughly he's put through the ringer by the girls using him. The worst fate of all for a guy who can't get a girlfriend, wife, or real mistress is to become the designated Test Boy for his school, neighborhood, or even family, dooming him to spend years indulging their lascivious curiosity until he can finally find a woman who will claim him as hers.

Pussy Shock – The point where a man is so wired up and tormented by sex, he goes into a sort of trauma-induced shock state. A man this messed up by Sex Magic can be sent into this state merely by seeing a glimpse of a bare breast or vagina. It's worth noting that Sex Magic will normally prevent this sort of trauma, but not always, if the healing effects are not very strong or are withheld.

The Bench – The Bench is a sort of modern "stocks" form of punishment, usually found in smaller villages and towns, sometimes also found in gated communities in the suburbs. The Bench is usually an actual bench, but may be just a platform or actual stocks, placed in a common, high-traffic area of the town, such as the business district, a popular park, or the town square. Men found guilty of crimes are made to sit on the bench and are frozen in place nude, and kept that way for several days. Any woman who wishes can do anything they want to the man, in terms of sexually teasing him. Naturally, any man on the bench cannot be made to orgasm, otherwise, pretty much anything at all is permitted, short of actually injuring the man.

The men are helpless as literally hundreds of women send small psychic teases at whim at them, and some women (often the victim of the crime) will show up and mock and tease and play with him for hours. Young Sex Mages may even be encouraged to use them as test subjects for practicing their powers. Often at night, the lights are doused around the men, and some women use this opportunity to have sex with them anonymously in the darkness.

Sentences on the Bench will almost never last more than a week, given that even the most stalwart of men will easily go insane with such constant treatment. Although the Bench is reserved for actual crimes, such as theft or violence, it isn't unheard of that sometimes a women with influence may arrange a few days on the Bench for a guy whose simply pissed her off. Every town with a Bench soon has a few anecdotes of ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends getting Benched by a jilted ex-lover.

Furs/Anthros – With the appearance of the Megamis, there came the ability of some women to fully alter their bodies, and the bodies of others. With this power, thousands of people were suddenly able to indulge in fetishes not physically possible before. Foremost among these are people who have themselves outfitted with animal features, usually something like a cat ears and tail, or bunny ears, or bird-like wings. Most stick only with minor additions, but some will actually undergo full metamorphosis into half-human/half-animals, also called “anthros” or “furs.”

Presently, even despite much greater acceptance of a variety of fetishes, there is still a lot of stigma against people who actually undergo such transformations and try to make them into a full life style. There are social activism movements to allow greater acceptance and representation of furs, and at least three known Queendoms have officially modeled themselves into Fur Nations.

Living Battery – A highly controversial, and normally illegal, method for a woman to ensure she is constantly being empowered with Lust Energy. A woman will shrink a man down (or find another woman who can do this for her), until he is only an inch or a couple millimeters big. She will then insert him into her vagina and use her magic to trap him permanently inside her, usually sealing him face-down against her inner wall. She then pushes her magic into the man so that he experiences the most extreme sexual torment possible while still keeping him alive and just sane enough to continue being aware of his frustration, while never being given relief.

This has the effect of the man inside her constantly radiating sexual energy at a full output, this constantly empowering a woman so that she can cast spells at any time, without the need to building up energy from other men. The man can be kept in this state indefinitely, enabling the woman to exist as a true superhuman.

Whilst Insertion games are considered fine as a bit of kinky play, to do this permanently for a Living Battery effect is considered a crime on par with first-degree murder, as it effectively destroys the life of the man being used. Fortunately, a man in such a state is difficult to “hide” from sexual senses, and almost any woman who would try to use it would be immediately detected even by an average woman’s senses.

That said, there are some men who, of their own free will, are willing to sacrifice themselves to a woman to empower her. While it is still illegal for civilians to engage in this technique, several high-ranking officials in every Queendom are allowed to absorb a willing volunteer, in order to better perform their duties of protecting their country. This is a closely guarded secret, however. Queen Megami are allowed to have several men “absorbed” into them in order to ensure they are strong enough to defend their nation from any rogue elements or enemy Megami.

Living Book – Men who have psychically implanted with knowledge and data, using advanced psychic techniques. This information must be maintained by those techniques if the men do not actually make use of the information. These men can then be teased and mind read by other women who can then likewise copy the data into their own minds when needed.

The Cults/The Cult Wars – The Cults and the Cult Wars remain a vague, yet haunting dark mark in human history. Everyone knows of it, everyone has directly or indirectly been effected by it, but still so many don't really know what it was all about. Most people seem to know a person or know of a person who went into the Cults. In some countries, the Cults remain a point of paranoia, while in others, people brush it off as some weird mistake.

The Cults were quasi-religious organizations based on neo-neo-pagan ideas that Sex Magic was divinely gifted to the world. Each Cult believed they were the One True Faith devoted to their goddess or god. Many people turned to the Cults, seeking answers that science and current religion could not provide, and was an alternative refuge to many who could not handle the Sex Mage World, but were not the type to kill themselves, and didn't trust institutions for therapy. However, many Cults gathered on the fringes of society, and people remained unaware of just how powerful they were becoming until the Cult Wars happened.

Motivated by supposed prophesies, or by the ambitions of their Archmage/Megami leaders, the Cults started to fight one another in what could be considered their Holy War. Every major Cult got involved world wide, as if set off by some kind of signals; three months of fierce skirmishes between cults that ended with heavy collateral damage and loss of civilian lives. A concerted effort of military forces and powerful Sex Mages manged to shut down the fighting, but the fact that there was no leader, just a bunch of separate organizations all rising to fight at the same time, made it impossible to pin down a source to go after for a quick finish. It is theorized the Cults were formed and influenced by "outside sources," though no one can really confirm this, and even many of the Cultists who were captured and questioned remain unclear, even confused, as to what precisely motivated them to such an act of global violence.

There are many tricks and techniques women can perform with Sex Magic to make teasing more fun and interesting. It’s impossible to list all the possibilities, but these ones in particular are some of the more popular or notable.

Boyboarding/Boysurfing – Invented by skater girls in Southern California, this is the act of using a boy like a skateboard or surfboard. More accurately, the boy becomes a “hoverboard.” The girl uses her magic to freeze the boy so he is laying perfectly straight, then has him hover a foot or two off the ground. The girl stands atop him, and rides him like a hoverboard, propelling him with her magic. Typically, the boy is naked, and the girl is barefoot, with one foot planted firmly on the boy’s penis, pumping teasing sensations through it.

Boybrooming – An alternative to boyboarding, a woman will use a boy to fly by similarly freezing his body in a fully straight position, then sitting on him, much like how a witch rides a broom. Usually, she will sit with her crotch or butt on the boy’s crotch. This technique is usually used for full-on flight, since it is considered more stable than trying to boyboard at higher elevations.

Boy Cracker – A particularly wicked tease game, the woman will use her magic to pleasure-torture the man’s cock without allowing him relief until he “cracks” and begs for mercy. He must hold out for a minimum amount of time, though the woman won’t tell him how long. If he manages to last longer than the minimum amount of time, then he “wins” an orgasm; however, he must wait a number of days equal to the amount of time he lasted (minutes, seconds, hours, whatever the woman wishes), before he gets to actually cum. If he loses, however, his next orgasm will delayed far longer, and other punishments may be levied.

The game is a real mind-bender for the man, because the longer he holds out, the longer the denial period of his orgasm. Since he as no way of knowing how long he’s supposed to last, he has to last for as long as possible just to be sure. But if he were to try and give up early, the punishment would be even worse. So, a woman might decide he only has to last five minutes, but the man might hold out for hours since he doesn’t know, resulting in his orgasm being rewarded weeks later.

Hard Attack – This is when a man is suddenly made extremely aroused, to their point their penis and testicles become so hard and tense it hurts (unless magic prevents the pain, which it usually will). Essentially the same as priapism, but without the risk of injury, and a man can actually feel even more sexual tension and pressure than normal priapism. Usually this is caused by the man being bombarded with arousing signals from Sex Magic, but a man who has been teased long enough can reach this state of sexual tension on their own if aroused normally.

See-Sawing – The act of floating two men in the air, and then making them 69 each other, freezing them like that so that their lips seal over one anothers’ penises; neither man can pull their mouth off the other’s cock, forcing the two to bob back and forth in mid-air like a see-saw from blowing each other. Usually a college party prank or challenge, but in some Queendoms, is used for public humiliation punishment. The spell will usually not break until one or both men cum, or until they are purposefully released.

Rock Party – Popular at colleges, these are parties in which men who attend must be naked, while the women are usually clothed. All women in attendance purposefully radiate a mild aura of lust, which keeps the men hard, and slowly builds up sexual pressure. Typically, the idea is to see how long the men can hold out, before breaking down and begging the women for mercy, or trying to initiate sex.

Usually, the men who break down early are then directly teased by the women, who play games with them using their magic. Typically, only the last man or handful of men who manage to hold out are given relief by being allowed to fuck a woman, or women, of their choice, be the dominating partner, and cum as much as they like until the party is officially over.

Rock Parties often devolve into orgies at some point regardless, with the men who give in early being used for sex after sufficient teasing, but are still denied orgasm.

Roasting – “Roasting a boy” involves a woman pinning a male down with magic, then using her powers to greatly increase the sensitivity of his penis, while putting a very strong orgasm block on him. Then she straddles him, taking his penis inside her vagina, and starts channeling magical stimulation directly into his cock. Usually, she will just sit there atop him, often pressing her breasts to his face, and continue to build up the stimulation, his sensitivity, and the pressure in his cock. This very quickly becomes more than the boy can handle, as she magically “roasts” his cock inside her pussy. Alternatively, this can be done with the mouth, as part of an intense blowjob, or squeezing him between her breasts.

Often used as a punishment or revenge technique, but can also be used as simply a fun challenge during foreplay, or even as a competition during sex parties, in which the boy who lasts the longest without begging for mercy gets to cum in any way he wishes.

Livewiring - Livewiring involves a girl charging her skin with magic so that just touching a boy will send jolts of intense magical pleasure through him. If she wants to target a specific boy, she may also increase his sensitivity first to really pack a punch! Essentially the same idea as Roasting, but rarely as intense, as it focuses less on trapping and holding a boy's cock, and more using quick swipes and taps to stimulate him, or making it too difficult her him to hold onto her.

Tension Ramp – This conditional spell increases a man's sexual tension and semen production at an accelerating rate. It gets him hornier faster and more intensely the longer it goes. The effect is slow at first, but grows exponentially; on the first day, he might not notice the difference. By the end of the second day, he's already feeling hornier than he expected, but not too unusual. By day three, his balls are beginning to ache. By day four, he's absolutely desperate to stick his cock in something. After a whole week, he'll feel like he hasn't cum in a month. After an actual month? It'll feel like he hasn't popped in years.

The spell will reset after an orgasm, but of course, it doesn’t take long to build back up to unbearable levels. This is the perfect spell for women who don’t really want to engage in long-term orgasm denial, but still enjoy the teasing and delay aspects. It’s also popular in communities where orgasms are very strictly regulated to ensure male obedience. All it takes is one skipped release to really crush the man simply by making him wait while the condition does its work.

Solitary Confinement – Largely considered cruel and in some Queendoms is outright illegal. This is often used as a revenge technique, but is occasionally consensually indulged in short bursts by the sadomasochistic. The woman uses her magic to shut down all of a man’s senses, sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch, save for a massive increase in sensitivity in his penis and testicles.

Any amount of pleasure he feels now accumulates: any stimulation will continue to be felt, even if it only touches for a brief moment. Ergo, a single lick to the penis will continue to be felt for the duration of this technique. A second lick will be felt on top of the first. A third on top of that. On top of this, the man’s arousal/sexual pressure will automatically slowly rise over time, even without stimulation.

This would all be hard enough to endure of course, but added to that, the victim’s perspective of time is also altered. For every second that passes in the real world, the victim will experience a greater amount of time. The default is usually one second becomes one hour for the victim, but this can be altered as desired.

Deep Wriggle – A woman will create the sensations of a phantom finger that will at random intervals wriggle around in a man’s rectum, stimulating the prostate. An embarrassing prank that became popular after a series of internet videos showed off men on the street randomly being teased with it.

Voodoo Cock – A woman uses her magic to connect a dildo or other object to a man’s penis. While dildos are the most common, fingers are a close second. This technique is popular for women who have not yet manifested Sex Magic. A magically active friend of theirs can connect the penis of a man to an object of choice, and this way, even a woman without active Magic can still have a method of teasing a man from afar. There is an unconfirmed belief that doing this can jump start a woman’s magic early, if she turns out to be a Late Bloomer.

More humiliating for the man, a woman can connect his penis to a dildo, or her fingers, and make him suck them, effectively making him blow himself through the Voodoo Cock. In some circles, this is the preferred way to allow a man to orgasm.

Some women with multiple male partners may even use the Voodoo Cock spell to connect their penises together, so that whatever she does to one of her men, all the other men will feel, allowing her to effectively tease and fuck all of them at once.

Pussy Trap – A prank wherein a woman casts a spell on a man so that he is constantly tasting and smelling her pussy, or that he tastes and smells her pussy for a short period of time due to a trigger. For example, whenever he thinks about panties, he may suddenly catch a whiff of his girlfriend or wife’s panties.

Edge Loop/Edge Ring - Quite the maddening little trick, this spell creates a pleasure sensation on the man's penis the keeps teasing him. Popularly, this is a ring of pure pleasure directly stimulating the nerves of the penis as the ring moves up and down the length of it, but this can be made to simulate the feeling of a mouth, hand, or whatever instead. The spell continues to stimulate the man until he is just about the reach orgasm, then the sensations stop. Just when he is about to cool down, the spell resumes, stimulating him to just before he's about to cum, and stopping. The spell is then set to automatic, fueled by his growing need for relief, and it continues to edge him indefinitely, until a condition is met or the woman stops the spell. Usually, the spell keeps going until not even stopping can keep the man from cumming; the spell can either then keep going to milk him, or will still stop, leaving him with a ruined climax. Of course, wicked women will combine this spell with an orgasm block, leaving him mercilessly teased until she decides to cease the spell or grant him release. There are many variations of this "perpetual tease" spell, but this is the most common version, and the name used to refer to such.

Tug-of-War - A simple, but devastating contest of power. One (or more) women will seal an orgasm block on a man and hold it in place as best she can, while another woman (or more), attempt to stimulate him with magic so much that he busts through the block and manages to cum. Depending on the difference in power level, the man could spend hours writhing so hard against the edge of orgasm, that he actually ends up held at the moment of climax, his semen creeping up his cock one millimeter by agonizing millimeter. Or, the woman holding his block might be so strong, that even a dozen women stimulating him at once can't bring him over.

If he's lucky, of course, the stronger woman will be the one trying to make him cum. If he's really lucky, she'll be powerful enough to bust his block quickly. But usually, such is not the case, and while he may eventually obtain release, it will often be a long, torturous crawl to achieve it, as the women laugh and cheer each others' efforts.

Scissor Storm - Less a prank, and more just a side effect that some Sex Mage's take advantage of. Whenever two (or more) Sex Mage women who have difficulty controlling their lust aura have sex with each other, their energies may mix, amplify one another, and radiate as a powerful, far reaching wave that intensely arouses any man in range. Sometimes, if the women are strong enough, they can affect entire towns or small cities! And since Sex Mages can fuck almost indefinitely, this can last hours or possibly days!

The men caught in the wave are helpless to resist the unbearable tension. If they're lucky, female friends might try to shield them from the signals. If they're unlucky, other women might decide to take advantage of their plight. Still, as much as the men may suffer, the women can't deny the absolutely amazing euphoria generated by the desperation energy generated by an entire town of men at once!

Tease Bombing - A popular prank among college girls in the first few years of Sex Magic. This was a deliberate heavy broadcasting of arousal signals in a public space, or area of campus. Sometimes this was just a several girls broadcasting at will, but more vicious ones had small groups of girls engaging in lesbian orgies to create powerful Scissor Storm cascades. These got men so riled up, that other women sensing them couldn't help but be overwhelmed with the pleasure produced by the energies of men's need, and they might join in, worsening the situation!

This got so bad on some campuses, that the effected schools, vainly, attempted to ban lesbian sex on campus, and "bombings" in general, but of course, very little could be done to stop them. This was blamed as just one reason for the early mass-drop-outs of males, and some girls, from college and resignation of college professors. Tease Bombings still happen from time to time, but now are more likely to occur off campus, in general public and neighborhoods.

Tease Cheer - A Tease Bombing initially started by two cheerleading squads to spice up a football game. This led to an out of control mass-orgy in the stadium that went on for hours. Now, Tease Cheers still happen as part of pre-game stunts, but are much more controlled and regulated.

Lightning Rod – A special technique of attuning one’s Sex Magic so that spells and aura effects are automatically drawn to a specific target. While rarely used by normal Sex Mages, this has become a somewhat controversial, but increasingly used solution for Glitch women whose powers are difficult to control. Particularly for those who have difficulty reigning in their powers, either automatically producing an aura, or who end up accidentally casting spells when agitated, this enables the Glitch to ensure that most, if not all, of her unintended spells automatically target a specific man. This way, they can resume a mostly normal lifestyle, with only a particular man, or handful of men, suffering from the lack of control.

CP/BP - CP/BP, CP-n-BP, or just "C.B." is short for Cum Points & Block Points. Rather than be a specific type of game, this is more of a point-score system that Sex Mages will use while playing various games with their subs. The idea is that if the subs succeed at certain challenges, they will earn "Cum Points." If the masters succeed at a challenge, or the subs lose a challenge, the masters will win "Block Points." Usually the masters will earn more Block Points for a success than the subs will earn Cum Points for a success, such as 1 Cum Point per challenge, but 5 Block Points per challenge.

The end result is that if there are more Cum Points than Block Points, then the Cum Points are divided by the Block Points, rounded down to a minimum of 1, and that is the number of orgasms a sub can "cash in" any time they want.

However, by contrast, if there are more Block Points than Cum Points, then the totals are multiplied, and the result is the number of days the subs must wait until they can cum again.

The internet continues to grow and dominate as the primary means of people acquiring their media. This is quite a boon, as the creation of the Queendoms greatly muddied physical trade for some time, causing most old forms of media to take heavy sales losses, further encouraging a primarily digital means of distribution.

Because of this, movies, television, comic books, novels, magazines, and video games become even more niche and deregulated than before, allowing a total saturation of specialized original content. Nonetheless, there are a few pieces of media that manage to break out of the vast sea of digital content and become more or less household name examples of new media in a post-Sex Magic world.

Land of Glorious Battle – A Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, this was originally a generic rip-off of World of Warcraft. What separated this game from the rest was being the first to fully incorporate a Sex Magic-like gameplay system. Called “Charm Magic” in the game and lore, this was an ability given to all female characters, player and enemy, that gave them overpowered spells that were super effective on male characters, but that other females were immune to. The spells mostly consisted of status effect abilities like paralysis and illusion casting, energy draining, and minor healing.

This was considered a highly controversial addition, but the “scandal” that resulted ended up giving it a lot of subscribers for a short time. Eventually, Charm Magic was powered down to make the game a bit more balanced between genders, but it didn’t manage to keep its fan base. It’s regarded in the industry as a good example of how NOT to incorporate Sex Magic-inspired lopsidedness into games.

Big Sister – A reality TV Show based loosely on the Big Brother concept. As in that show, men and women are locked in a giant house and constantly filmed, and the dramatic scenes are clipped together to make a show. In this case, however, the men must always be naked, while the women have the option to be clothed. Female contestants are encouraged to tease the males, and this becomes a major source of dramatic conflict on the show. Every week, a male and female are voted out of the house, until only three of each remain, and a winning couple is chosen from there. The men are not allowed to cum until the season finishes it’s run; this applies even to the men who were voted out.

Sex Mage Island – Another reality TV Show, this one with more of a Survivor riff. Again, men are kept naked, while women can stay clothed, and women use magic to tease the men. However, there is a greater emphasis on completing challenges, which always incorporate Sex Magic tricks in some way or another.

The Centurions – A long running comic book featuring a superhero team that boasts 100 members at any given time. It is notable for still refusing to include Sex Magic in its universe, despite still going for years after its appearance. As such, it is something of a nostalgic escape for many who remember a time before the Magic.

FapReport – FapReport is a popular social media site, with an emphasis on sexually embarrassing boys and men. Especially popular in the early days of Sex Magic, when both genders were still getting used to its presence, it has nonetheless endured for years since. Women will create profiles of males they know, and post reports on their masturbation habits, what types of sexual fantasies they have, who they are lusting after, pictures of them in compromising situations, stories about their sexual exploits, and other such things.

In this way, thousands of women who don’t even know or would never meet the man in question, can have fun laughing at his sexual humiliation. In some cases, it even allows a woman to use her magic to find and connect to a man she’s never met, and tease him without him ever knowing who she is.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this site is that any woman can edit any profile, and information is always posted anonymously. Ergo, it is usually impossible for a man to know which woman or women are posting his information, unless she outright admits it.

--Open Season – “Open Season” is a FapReport gimmick in which a woman announces on a man’s profile that during a certain date, she is declaring “Open Season” on a man’s penis. This is an all-purpose invitation to any woman who wishes to use their powers to tease the man during that time period. Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of women might take some time out of their day to tease the man with their magic.

Typically, these last for twenty-four to seventy-two hours, and are announced by a man’s girlfriend, wife, or mistress. Certain conditions to the Open Season may also be laid out, such as “send only blowjob sensations” or “wait till he’s asleep, then let’s manipulate his dreams.” A common, and often assumed, condition is that the man is not allowed to cum until the end of the session.

Pussy Power – An educational wiki and blog website, where women share various magic techniques they’ve learned and various scenarios and roleplays they’ve cooked up to use them. The site is often credited with being the first of its kind, starting as a small blog ring in the earliest days of Sex Magic’s appearance, and eventually growing into the giant website it is today. Thanks to this and similar sites, many women know a full range of tricks and spells they might never have thought of before.

MageTube – The most popular porn video site featuring exclusively Sex Magic related porn. While not the only site for such subject matter out there, it is the household name for any site of that nature. Almost universally femdom focused, but does occasionally feature maledom, and non-domination sex, while still using the magic to spice things up.

--Confessions – A type of pornographic video that had popularity in the early days of MageTube, and is often linked to FapReport. Confessions is a video wherein a naked man, either on his knees or magically bound to a chair or wall, are teased relentlessly by a woman or women off camera, who ask him very revealing and often sexually humiliating questions. The woman is usually never seen in the video, using her magic on the man from off camera, but occasionally a woman or women will get on camera to physically play with the man as well.

The women keep the man teased and at the edge of orgasm in order to coax answers from him, even as he tries to resist and stay silent. He will usually be allowed to cum if he’s been particularly forthcoming, but if he’s been stubborn, he will be fiercely edged several times, then not given relief.

Despite appearances, many modern Confessions videos are actually consensual, and considered part of sexual roleplay.

Ex-Grinder – A website where women discuss, advise, and plot revenge against their ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. Also lots of advice for disciplinary practices in current relationships.

Punish My Penis – A masochistic website where men can create profiles advertising themselves as being fully available for women to unload their magical cruelty onto. Considered a risky venture, but sometimes the last resort for men who have difficulty getting attention from women.

Erection Is Not Consent! – The most well known of Men’s Rights Activism websites used as a support group for men suffering sexual abuse. Despite a few protests from more radical femdom Queendoms, the site is allowed to stay up, and is even heavily promoted in other Queendoms.


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