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Common Terms

Sex Magic – The mysterious sex-based power which has given all adult women on Earth psychic and magical powers over men’s bodies and minds. Only women ever obtain this power, and no man has ever been able to resist it.

Lust Energy – The ethereal energies which men generate, which women then absorb to power their Sex Magic spells. The energy can only sensed and used by human women; no man or technology has been able to sense it.

Sex Mage – A woman who has gained the power of Sex Magic. Since all women eventually gain the power, Sex Mage is effectively synonymous with “adult woman.”

Archmage – A Sex Mage who demonstrates stronger than average abilities, and may even be able to perform extra abilities that most women do not have. Usually Archmages are born into their power, but in theory, a normal Sex Mage may be able to train themselves to become an Archmage over a long period of time, if they have attention from a large number of males who readily supply her with an excess of energy. Most celebrities and porn stars, for example, seem to invariably become Archmages.

Megami – A Sex Mage with far greater powers than normal Sex Mages or even Archmages. They can easily use special abilities most women can’t do. All Megami are thought have been empowered by the Cascade Event.

Glitches – A slightly derogatory, yet generally accepted term for Sex Mages whose powers have some faulty aspect.

Queen – A Megami-class Sex Mage who rules over a Queendom, often receiving worship from her followers.

Queendom – A national ruled by a Megami Queen. Queendoms are absolute dictatorships where the Queen’s ideology determines the cultural values of the nation.

Tease Zones – Areas bathed in Sex Magic which automatically arouse and tease men who step into them.

Queendom Barriers – Tease Zones formed as high, thick, but invisible walls around the outermost borders of Queendoms. These trap foreign men trying to enter the country illegally, as well as apply psychic warnings to women doing the same. In some cases, the Barriers also trap citizens in.

Gitch Commune – Depending on the nature and severity of their Glitch condition, some women chose to live in isolation, either completely by themselves, or in small, all-female communities, where distance from men can at least mitigate most issues.

Free Roamer Lands – The large stretches of wilderness and ruined civilization that exist outside the borders of the Queendoms. These areas are given to anarchy, and consist of "Free Roamers", nomadic groups or self-sustaining villages and towns that follow their own codes, but have no means of enforcing rule of law beyond their small settlements.

Free Zone – Found in a couple Queendoms, these are protected areas where men are allowed to live free of Sex Magic interference. Men living here have to “rough it” with little to no running water or electricity, but on the other hand, women who enter this area and use their Sex Magic are harshly punished.

The Cascade Event – A global phenomenon wherein the entire population of the world was knocked into a coma due to a contagious storm of Sex Magic spell effects. Men were mentally submerged into sexual dreams so intense that all women around them would sense it and be overwhelmed by the intense Lust Energy radiating from him, forcing them to create an equally intense Lust Aura that sent other men into a similar dream state, spreading like a psychic contagion. This event created the Megami, who managed to stop and reverse the effects of the Cascade, but not before billions of lives were lost.

Radiants – Men who, for whatever reason, produce copious amounts of sexual energy compared to other men, even from just a little bit of teasing. One Radiant can produce as much as ten to twenty times as much energy as a regular man for less effort. Radiants tend to be highly prized, and often horded, by powerful Sex Mages, often forced to work for the government or as a direct servant to a Megami.

Samaritans – Women who consider it a duty to aid men who are suffering from Sex Magic torment. Most commonly, these women will remove orgasm and masturbation blocks on men, might occasionally give a long suffering man a good hard orgasm in relative privacy, or other similar generous gestures. Samaritans are derogatorily referred to as “White Knights” by some women who are angry at such interference, both as an implication of someone who thoughtlessly lends aid, as well as a reference to semen.

Lover’s Honor – A phrase with a two-fold meaning, depending on the context. In some circles, this is considered a very serious pledge of trust between a woman and her partners. However, in other circles, it has been adopted as a facetious phrase, using it sarcastically or teasingly.

Chivalry – Chivalry has taken a new form since the emergence of Sex Magic. It now usually refers to a code of honor among women to treat men fairly and protect them from abuse.

Test Boy – A (usually young) man who is often a Sex Mage's first man she plays with, just to test her powers on. If the boy isn’t already attached to a woman, he may find himself the town test dummy for burgeoning Sex Mages, often not allowed to cum or even given sex despite how much teasing he has to endure. In such situations, “Test Boy” can have the same connotations as “virgin loser.”

Pussy Shock – The point where a man is so wired up and tormented by sex, he goes into a sort of trauma-induced shock state. A man this messed up by Sex Magic can be sent into this state merely by seeing a glimpse of a bare breast or vagina. It's worth noting that Sex Magic will normally prevent this sort of trauma, but not always.

Hard Attack – This is when a man is suddenly made extremely aroused by an overwhelming bombardment of Magic, such as with an intense Arousal Aura, or a concentrated Hard On spell. 

The Bench – The Bench is a sort of modern "stocks" form of punishment, usually found in smaller villages and towns, sometimes also found in gated communities in the suburbs. The Bench is usually an actual bench, but may be just a platform or wall placed in a common, high-traffic area of the town, such as the business district, a popular park, or the town square. Men found guilty of crimes are made to sit on the bench, or stand against the wall, fully nude, and are frozen in place, kept that way for several days. Any woman who wishes can do anything they want to the man, in terms of sexually teasing him. Naturally, any man on the bench cannot be made to orgasm, otherwise, pretty much anything at all is permitted, short of actually injuring him.

The men are helpless as literally hundreds of women send them small psychic teases on whim, and some women (often the victim of the crime) will show up to mock and tease and play with him for hours. Young Sex Mages may even be encouraged to use them as Test Boys for practicing their powers. Often at night, the lights are doused around the men, and some women use this opportunity to have sex with them anonymously in the darkness.

Sentences on the Bench will almost never last more than a week, given that even the most stalwart of men will easily go insane with such constant treatment. Although the Bench is reserved for actual crimes, such as theft or violence, it isn't unheard of that sometimes a women with influence may arrange a few days on the Bench for a guy who has simply pissed her off. Every town with a Bench has a few anecdotes of ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends getting Benched by a jilted ex-lover.

Furs/Anthros – With the realization that the Magic could alter the human form, thousands of people were suddenly able to indulge in fetishes not physically possible before. Foremost among these are people who have changed themselves to have animal features, like cat ears and a tail, or bunny ears, or bird-like wings. Most stick only with minor additions, but some will actually undergo full metamorphosis into half-human/half-animals. These people came to be called “anthros” or “furs.” Even despite much greater acceptance of a variety of fetishes, there is still a lot of stigma against people who actually undergo such transformations and try to make them into a full life style. As such, most Anthros have isolated themselves into Anthro-specific Queendoms or towns where their lifestyle is the norm.

Lust Energy Dynamo – An energy collection device invented to mitigate some of the energy crisis caused by the collapse of the global economy. Contrary to the original concept of the device, the LED does not actually directly convert Lust Energy into tangible energy. Instead, LED technicians use Sex Magic to tease men and absorb their energy, then increase their own body heat and bio-electric fields and channel that energy into the LEDs, to be converted into electricity.

CoO – Pronounced “koo”, but sometimes mispronounced as “Q”. An acronym standing for “Chance of Orgasm”. This expression is used in some circles by women to rate men on a scale of 1 to 10. Instead of judging beauty or whether or not she would sleep with him, this is a matter of likelihood she would allow the man to cum, 10 being she would let him cum immediately, 1 being let him cum no more than once a year. Alternatively, some guys rate their chances for relief with a woman on this scale, since getting laid or magically teased is pretty much a given, being allowed an orgasm is the truly difficult part. Also alternatively, this is used by a third party observer to rate how cock teasing the woman in a couple is. (Example: “What’s his CoO?” or “Careful, she’s like a 3 on the CoO!”)

ZQ – “Zero CoO.” A man who has absolutely zero chance of cumming, or who just never gets to cum. First dates with a Sex Mage are essentially a guaranteed "ZQ" for any man.

Pop Day – Some Queendoms or specific towns have come to the conclusion that the men deserve at least one guaranteed day within a certain time period to achieve relief, otherwise, they eventually get despondent from endless teasing with potentially no breaks in sight. Thus, the Pop Day was made as a country or town-wide holiday that happens two, three, or four days out of the year, often in accordance with a pre-existing holiday. For example, Christmas is a common Pop Day for many western Queendoms, while some set them to the solstices and equinoxes. Some places may set a man's birthday as a guaranteed Pop Day as well.

For some the Pop Day is a day of total sexual freedom, where a man's normal restrictive conditions are released, and he's free to masturbate, cum, and initiate sex as much as he wants. For others, the Pop Day is dreadful, as the guys in town may be guaranteed to cum before midnight, but all the women put them through a twenty-four hour cocktease hell to make sure he "earns" his release. Either way, it is heavily discouraged that any man be prevented from cumming at least once on that day, or the women who prevent it may themselves face punishments or social backlash. The only exception may be guys who are being Benched, but usually the Bench is cleared on Pop Days.

FapReport – FapReport is a popular social media site, with an emphasis on sexually embarrassing boys and men. Especially popular in the early days of Sex Magic, when both genders were still getting used to its presence, it faded into obscurity after the Cascade. Women will create profiles of males they know, and post reports on their masturbation habits, what types of sexual fantasies they have, who they are lusting after, pictures of them in compromising situations, stories about their sexual exploits, and other such things.

In this way, thousands of women who don’t even know or would never meet the man in question, can have fun laughing at his sexual humiliation. In some cases, it even allows a woman to use her magic to find and connect to a man she’s never met, and tease him without him ever knowing who she is.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this site is that any woman can edit any profile, and information is always posted anonymously. Ergo, it is usually impossible for a man to know which woman or women are posting his information, unless she outright admits it.

Open Season – “Open Season” is a FapReport gimmick in which a woman announces on a man’s profile that during a certain date, she is declaring “Open Season” on a man’s penis. This is an all-purpose invitation to any woman who wishes to use their powers to tease the man during that time period. Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of women might take some time out of their day to tease the man with their magic.

Typically, these last for twenty-four to seventy-two hours, and are announced by a man’s girlfriend, wife, or mistress. Certain conditions to the Open Season may also be laid out, such as “send only blowjob sensations” or “wait till he’s asleep, then let’s manipulate his dreams.” A common, and often assumed, condition is that the man is not allowed to cum until the end of the session.

Pussy Power – An educational wiki and blog website, where women share various magic techniques they’ve learned and various scenarios and roleplays they’ve cooked up to use them. The site is often credited with being the first of its kind, starting as a small blog ring in the earliest days of Sex Magic’s appearance, and eventually growing into the giant website it is today. Thanks to this and similar sites, many women know a full range of tricks and spells they might never have thought of before.

MageTube – The most popular porn video site featuring exclusively Sex Magic related porn. While not the only site for such subject matter out there, it is the household name for any site of that nature. Almost universally femdom focused, but does occasionally feature maledom, and non-domination sex, while still using the magic to spice things up.

Confessions – A type of pornographic video that had popularity in the early days of MageTube, and is often linked to FapReport. Confessions is a video wherein a naked man, either on his knees or magically bound to a chair or wall, are teased relentlessly by a woman or women off camera, who ask him very revealing and often sexually humiliating questions. The woman is usually never seen in the video, using her magic on the man from off camera, but occasionally a woman or women will get on camera to physically play with the man as well.

The women keep the man teased and at the edge of orgasm in order to coax answers from him, even as he tries to resist and stay silent. He will usually be allowed to cum if he’s been particularly forthcoming, but if he’s been stubborn, he will be fiercely edged several times, then not given relief.

Despite appearances, many modern Confessions videos are actually consensual, and considered part of sexual roleplay.

Ex-Grinder – A website where women discuss, advise, and plot revenge against their ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, as well as advice for disciplinary practices in current relationships.

Samaritan Central – A website run by anonymous women, supposedly a series of Archmages, who receive pleas for help in the form of e-mails or private messages from men who are desperate for relief. They will, based on information given in the messages, seek out the tortured men, and use their powers to override restrictions they may be under, and give them free orgasms. Mostly an altruistic counter to things like FapReport and Ex-Grinder, the women who run the site are thought to also benefit from the burst of energy orgasm gives, though no one is certain how they make use of the extra power when it is so brief.


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