Monday, October 21, 2013

Adams Teasing Afternoon

Adam was just stepping out of the shower, when his cock suddenly went erect. It was the unbidden erection of a forced hard-on. Somewhere, a woman was using her Magic, broadcasting waves of lust. Adam flushed, his heartbeat quickening, as he felt a very sudden, and very intense, surge of arousal wash over him. His cock got even harder, and he gasped as it swelled to full mast, then maximum tension, then seemingly even further. The veins bulged and the color of his cock darkened with the pressure. Adam had to put a hand to the wall to steady himself as he felt briefly lightheaded from the sudden “hard attack.”

And then he felt the phantom hand lightly grasp his cock, tugging him towards the door. Knowing resistance was futile, Adam exited the bathroom, leaving the towel behind. His wife was home and in the mood. Well, no need to keep her waiting! Except… Adam froze as he got halfway down the hall, and heard the giggling of several women. He blushed fiercely. Oh, no, she wouldn’t, not again!

Adam tried to back up towards the bedroom and grab a robe, but the hand on his cock gripped him firmly, not allowing him to back up. Swallowing hard, he hesitantly stepped forward, trembling a little. Damn it, Maggie knew how humiliating this was for him! And yet, how arousing it could be. His already impossibly hard cock twitched in anticipation as he neared the entrance to the living room. The phantom hand tugged a bit more insistently.

Adam took a deep breath and stepped around the doorway into the living room. Maggie sat on the recliner, smiling wide at the sight of her nude husband. Three of her friends sat on the large couch, and giggled appreciatively at the sight of him. Adam, despite his embarrassment, felt a bit of pride; he took care to work out and stay fit, and his cock was, if his wife’s assessment was accurate, well above average.

“Adam, sweetie,” said Maggie. The phantom hand began to very lightly and loosely stroke along his cock. “Could you be a sweet heart and fetch us some drinks?” The cute red head winked at him with a grin.

The other women, a blond name Sally, and two brunette twins named Kelly and Karen, all chuckled as his cock jerked, reacting to the phantom hand. Sally gave him and appreciative look, and gave him a wink as well. Adam felt the sensation of soft, moist lips giving the tip of his cock a kiss, and he jumped.

“Y-yes, dear,” he said meekly, and scooted into the kitchen. The women went back to chatting as he tried to guess what the women would like. He knew he should have asked before he left, but he’d been almost tongue tied with embarrassment. God, he hated being in this situation. It was bad enough knowing women could see him naked at any time anyway, but at least wearing clothes helped him pretend he could have his modesty.

“Oh, don’t be so mortified dear,” said Maggie. Adam jumped, but realized the voice had been in his head. Maggie was still out there, talking with her friends. She was speaking to him psychically.

Adam thought back, “Maggie, please, you know how bad this gets to me!”

“Heehee, yes, I do! Your balls sound like they’re ready to burst just from the tension!”

Adam winced as he felt a second phantom hand lightly caress his testicles. His last orgasm had been three weeks ago and his testicles ached with a sweet burn. Maggie kept him on a strict policy of two releases a month, with a third reserved only for exceptional situations. “I’ll let you pop early if you play along, sweetie.”

Adam had to admit that sounded reasonable. “Okay,” he thought. “Um, what should I get?”

“Sally would like a soda, and Kelly and Karen would probably just like some tea. I’ll take a water, with lemon.”

“Okay.” Adam hastily assembled the drink orders, then carried everything out on a tea tray. He had to be very careful not to spill, as Maggie’s phantom hand continued to loosely stroke him, going a touch faster now. He was shaking a bit as he put the tray down on the coffee table and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you so much,” said Kelly, grabbing a tea. She gave Adam a smile and he jumped as he felt a phantom tongue lick once, hot and slow, down his shaft. He let out a breath as a bead of pre-cum peeked out from the tip of his cock, which jerked in response to the tongue. “Oh, my, you’re close already!”

“How flattering,” said Karen, also smiling, and giving Adam an appreciative look. His cock was a good nine inches, and seeing it pointing straight up like a flag pole from his shaven groin was quite impressive. Taut and tense as it was from Maggie’s magical commands, the cock looked like the limb of a tiny body builder, flexing to impress its audience. Karen made a small motion with her hand, and Adam felt a tiny, playful pinch on his ass. He jumped again, and the ladies giggled.

“O-okay, ladies,” he said. “May I please get dressed now?”

“Why bother?” said Sally, brazenly reaching over and letting a fingertip trail down the length of his cock. “I think you’ll be much more comfortable staying like this.”

Adam let out a groan. Either Sally’s touch was laced with magic or Maggie had made him super sensitive, because that single touch brought him right to the edge of orgasm. Of course, he didn’t cum; Maggie had his climax sealed to prevent any “accidents.”

Adam looked at Maggie pleadingly, face red. Maggie just gave him a warm smile back, and Adam felt a tender kiss to the back of his neck, that little spot that made him melt. “Now, now, Adam, fair is fair. When I visit my friend’s places, their husbands, or boyfriends, are happy to serve us in the nude.”

Adam swallowed hard, picturing Maggie zapping another man’s cock with her magic. While an attached man was mostly safe from random teases from strangers, casual teasing and sharing of men’s frustration between female friends was commonplace enough these days. Adam’s blushed deepened even more as the thought of his wife casually winding up other men brought shameful excitement to him.

He was not a cuckold, not remotely. In the days before Sex Magic, though, Adam would have been one of those guys who got off on the idea that he got to be the only one his gorgeous wife would fuck, no matter how many other guys lusted after her. In a Sex Mage World, however, he could not be so selfish. Maggie didn’t fuck other men, however; she only had eyes for Adam. But thanks to Sex Magic, a woman tossing a few phantom strokes or squeeze to the balls or giving a man an intense erection was as casual as waving hello. The thought of Maggie making her girlfriends’ husbands ache, then coming home to unload her full power on him made him quake with excitement.

But to then be likewise paraded out in front of her friends was another thing. He appreciated that they admired his body. But forced nudity always bothered him, especially being put on display. It made him remember that one time, at college, just a few years after Sex Magic spread across the world…

He was snapped out of his reverie by the feeling of another finger tip tracing along his length. He hissed as his cock lurched again, trying and failing to cum. Sally gave him a mischievous smirk.

“Adam, sweetie,” said Maggie. “Did you not hear me?”

“I think he was a little distracted,” said Sally, giving him another long, feather light touch.

“Careful,” said Maggie with a grin. “Don’t be getting too fresh now.”

“Oh, gosh no,” said Sally. “I would never think of doing something like this.” She then promptly leaned forward and gave Adam’s cockhead a quick, darting lick with her tongue. Adam let out a gasp and dropped to his knees as the sensations of wet, sexual fire surged through his cock. Sally smacked her lips, tasting the precum that had welled up from the tip. “MMmm… salty!”

Maggie looked at her with mock anger. “How dare you, you hussy!”

“As I recall, I let you hold my husband’s cock in your hand for several minutes!”

“Yes, but I didn’t use my mouth on him!”

“Only a dozen phantom ones!” cut in Kelly. She giggled. “Although half of those might have been mine.”

Adam was shaking still. The sensation of Sally’s lick had not ceased, the feeling repeating itself over and over in a magical loop. He panted and bucked his hips. “P-p-please… stop… I can’t…”

“Oh, Adam, don’t be so ashamed,” said Sally, reaching over and stroking his hair, smiling warmly. “We’re just having a little fun.”

Adam groaned as the phantom tongue became a full mouth, taking in his length and sucking him down to the root, before slowly pulling off, swirling the tongue around his tip. His cock felt like electrified with pleasure and it was all he could do to keep himself from whimpering.

Maggie went over to Adam and used a bit of magic to float herself in a sitting position next to him. She pet him lightly, trailing her fingers along his back and smoothly cupping his ass. “You’ll have to forgive him. The poor thing’s had a slightly traumatic past.”

“Is that right?” said Sally. “You know, it might help to talk about it.”

Adam let out a moan as he tried to protest. He fell forward and was now on his hands and knees as the phantom mouth made it impossible to put up any resistance.

“Yes, dear,” said Maggie. “Tell us all about it. It’ll be good for you.”

“Yeah,” said Kelly. “We’re dying to know.”

“C-c-can’t you just… see it…” said Adam, tapping the side of his head.

“Well, yes,” said Karen. “But that’s not the same as telling us.”

Sally eased off her psychic blowjob so Adam could actually catch his breath enough to talk. Adam started to stand back up, but Maggie tapped his back with a finger, and Adam found himself frozen in place on all fours, only able to move his cock and head.

“Be a good boy now, sweetie,” said Maggie. She reached down and tapped his cock. No magic or extra sensitivity, but the touch still made him grunt and wince.

“I w-was in my girlfriend’s dorm room,” Adam began, blushing furiously. “I, uh, I was p-pestering her for a blowjob… she s-said she hated giving me those… and s-said if I wanted one I’d have to… to streak down the hall… in front of all the other girls…

“I told her I wouldn’t do it… but then she used her magic all of a sudden… did some trick that made me super hard… but sh-shrank my cock!”

Karen laughed. “Oh, my god, you ended up with a Megami?”

“Then she said she wouldn’t change it back until… until I streaked…”

Sally smiled sympathetically. “Aw, there, there. That was a ways back. And she fixed you all up afterwards, didn’t she?”

“No! I spent three years with a micro penis! No girl wanted to fuck me for the longest time!”

Kelly giggled. “Aw, that’s terrible! And I can see in your head, you were used to being the stud back in High School, huh? You couldn’t fend off the girls fast enough! That must have sucked. Did she ever change it back?”

“No!” said Adam. “And because of that, every girl I tried to get with just teased me and put orgasm blocks on me. I almost didn’t cum that entire time!” Adam was beet red with shame admitting this to women he barely knew.

Maggie giggled and tapped his cock again. “Until he met me, and I changed him back! Didn’t I, sweetie? And now all the girls want to play with you again!”

Adam let out a shuddering groan as he felt Sally’s phantom mouth return. And this time, it was joined by another one from Karen and another from Kelly. Maggie floated over and kissed Adam deeply, savoring his moans. “Oh Christ! Maggie, please! Please!” This was too much. The embarrassment, the arousal, the phantom mouths. His cock jerked again and again trying to release, but Maggie’s wicked block wouldn’t allow it.

“Not until you realize there’s nothing wrong with showing off a little. Especially with such a handsome specimen as this.” She tapped his cock again and he nearly fainted from the bolt of pleasure that surged through him.

“Y-y-yes…” he gasped. “Yes… please…” And then Adam gasped and couldn’t speak any more as he felt a fourth mouth, Maggie’s mouth, close around his cock. Adam cried out as he felt something deep in his loins shift, and then he was shooting his spunk hard down his wife’s throat. He attempted to call her name in gratitude, but it only came out as louder moans. And when his ejaculation was complete, the three other women ceased their phantom mouths, while Maggie slowly stroked him down with her hand, suckling the head to get the last few drops.

And she was kissing him again, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth, forcing him to taste his own seed. The other three women laughed, sensing his self-consciousness at this taste. And then, she released him, both from her mouth, and from the bonds that held him in place. Adam collapsed to the floor, still panting from the force of his orgasm.

“Did you see the way his ass clenched when he came?” said Karen.

“I know!” said Kelly. She waved her cell phone. “I got a video!”

“Oh, do be sure to forward that to me!” Maggie giggled.

“Have you heard of that site, FapReport?” said Sally. “Maybe we should make Adam a page and have that be his first piece!”

“N-no!” said Adam, blushing furiously at the thought of his clenching ass being shown to the whole of the internet!

Maggie laughed and kissed him once more, then floated back over to her chair. “Okay, baby, you can go get dressed now. The girls and I have things to discuss. Just know that you owe me one tonight.”

“I think he owes you a dozen!” said Kelly.

Maggie winked at Adam as he shakily got to his feet. “Make it a baker’s dozen, and I might even let you masturbate to another climax in the morning!”

Adam nodded and went upstairs in a daze.

Sally leaned over to Maggie. “I guess he doesn’t know I’m sleeping over, huh?”

Maggie winked and the four giggled. Up in his room, Adam’s cock twitched again.


  1. unff, those penis shrinking stories of yours make me wet like crazy Sal! its like the ultimate way to tease and deny a man!

  2. Maggie is a Megami class? Her friends as well?

    Very hot.