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Sex Mage World: Early Timeline


Updated: I first put this together a few years ago, in my first real attempt to hammer down a continuity for the setting of the Sex Mage World. Concepts have developed further since then, with new ideas along with expansions and clarifications of older ones. I figured this was due for an overhaul. This is still somewhat incomplete, and subject to further expansion as I fill in more gaps, but this is pretty much the official canon.

That said, I am still leaving out most of the connecting events to my other worlds like Civero and the Centurions, since while I like the idea of such a meta-continuity, I also think the Sex Mage World should stand on its own, and if I just add more ridiculous elements like demon gods and space wizards, it distracts too much from the SMW setting. Plus, I still like the idea of a variable continuity, with the origins and endings being up to interpretation.

Ergo, these are the major, Sex Magic specific events of the timeline, from the Magic’s first appearance, to the point at which the future diverges heavily depending on what ending you opt to go with.


Prior to the appearance of Sex Magic, the history of Earth in the SMW almost exactly mirrors our own in terms of the formation of cultures and countries. The exact dates of certain major events may have shifted, or certain people may have risen into powerful positions instead of others, but by and large, these differences are but minor details in the wide tapestry of human history.

As far as humanity as a whole is concerned, however, there is no hard evidence that any form of magic or psychic powers actually existed prior to Sex Magic appearing. Although the appearance of Sex Magic would indicate magic and psychic phenomenon were previously possible, never before had such things been documented, proven, and accepted to such an irrefutable degree as Sex Magic. Ergo, for all intents and purposes, Sex Magic is the first true supernatural phenomenon to occur on Earth. As such, its influence causes the history of that Earth to radically diverge from the world we will experience.


0 G.E. / 2010 A.D. – Sometime between March 29 and April 6, Sex Magic appears on Earth. First appearing in New York City, USA, the magic spread to every woman on the globe within three months time. During this period, thousands of women were independently discovering and refining the many abilities of Sex Magic, so it’s impossible to tell where certain techniques may have originated.

By the end of July, the Revolutions have begun in the Middle East. By the end of November, smaller Revolutions have cropped up throughout parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. In other countries, female criminals use their magic to break out of prisons, causing riots and a rash of crime sprees. Many multi-national corporations suffer as the result of takeovers and power plays.

Foreign aid is unavailable to any nations as all countries deal with mass shifting of positions of power and the fallout therein, and must deal with their own civil unrest. Massive numbers of suicides, murder sprees, riots, and terrorist attacks break out in parts of the world as the year stretches on. Aside from Revolutions, small scale ideological wars break out in less developed countries.

The borders of many nations are sealed in a failed effort to contain the spread of the magic. By the end of July, nearly the entire world has been empowered by Sex Magic, save for extremely isolated communities. Such communities are sought out and entered by empowered women to ensure the magic’s spread, and by the end of the year, it is assumed that all have become empowered.

Between the many outbreaks of violence, the destabilizing of many corporations, and the sealing of borders, the global economy destabilizes severely. Over the course of the next decade, 1.5 billion lives are lost as a direct or indirect result of Sex Magic’s appearance. Almost a full third of these are lost within the first year.

1 G.E. / 2011 A.D. – Most Revolutions have died down by the end of January. Numerous terrorist organizations have been dismantled and new female lead regimes have formed, but many countries still keep their borders closed to control continuing civil unrest. The global economy maintains a precarious stability.

By the end of December, people note the sudden radical decrease in birth rates around the world. This leads to the theory that Sex Magic grants women subconscious perfect birth control. From this point forward, every adult pregnancy only occurs if it is deliberate. Due to the many misgivings over having children whilst Sex Magic runs rampant, the birth rate stays low, even in countries where having many children is a culture value.

2 G.E. / 2012 A.D. – The Cults begin to form as those still unable to deal with the magic, yet not willing to give into suicide or violence, turn to spiritual answers. Hundreds of new and revived spiritualities arise, most “neo-neo-pagan” in theme, even as some older religions, particularly the Judeo-Christian faiths, lose many of their worshippers. Among these converts are many atheists, who are dismayed that science completely fails to explain Sex Magic in any way.

Many nations that had not undergone Revolution maintained a majority of males in office, protected by special service women. However, many are not re-elected, with women taking over positions once the men’s terms are over. Likewise, many men in higher paid industries struggle with keeping jobs or getting new ones, as Sex Magic renders it difficult for men to be trusted in positions of power. By the end of 2012, women control the vast majority of positions of authority and business.

3 G.E. / 2013 A.D. Several long-term experiments confirm many basic facts of Sex Magic, such as the minimum age of 19, the contagious element of the magic, the use of Sex Magic healing abilities to cure previously incurable conditions and slow the aging process, the innate ability of birth control, the differences in power levels between some women, etc. Several facilities are approved to further experiment with Sex Magic on a scientific and social level.

The Tlazol Correctional Facility is founded to test extreme methods of effectively brainwashing large numbers of highly resistant men to be more accepting of subservience to women, then released back into the public. The hope is that a more docile and compliant male population will lessen the amount of civil unrest, and re-stabilize society. The facility also serves as prison for the worst of male criminals.

The Pandora Research Facility is founded, attempting to blend magic and science in the pursuit of creating new technologies, medical advances, and seeking an explanation for how the magic works. Virtually all experiments result in dead ends, save for some success at cloning and genetic manipulation procedures.

The Paranormal Investigations Bureau is founded, with similar organizations forming world wide, in an attempt to discover if other forms of magic work. The intent is to keep this study separate from relations with the Cults, but most of these organizations become linked with Cult activity, compromising the integrity of their research, and breaking up the organization within a couple years.

Later this year, Super Power Wrestling is established in Mexico. 

4 G.E. / 2014 A.D. – Rumors spread across the internet of several male superhumans briefly appearing the south western United States. No one is able to substantiate these claims, however, and they are assumed to just be tricks of Sex Magic.

5 G.E. / 2015 A.D. Metis Academy is founded, officially as a social experiment to simulate and predict the outcome of a hyper-femdom society. Secretly, the Academy is also used to test the viability of creating an enhanced generation of Sex Mages.

The First Cascade Event occurs in India, and threatens to wipe out humanity through the whole of Afro-Eurasia. Unknown forces bring the event to a halt and undo the damage, as well as most people’s memories of the event. The few that know the details of this event believe that all Megami were created by the Cascade.

In the wake of this event, the Special Task Force is formed.

6 G.E. / 2016 A.D. – This year marks the first public appearance and acknowledgement of the Megami. The current power ranking scale of Sex Mages is officially declared, with Standard, Archmage, Megami, and Glitch rankings.

Initially, many Megami are slow to accept the responsibility of their powers, but over the course of the next few years, many start to elevate into positions of power in business, government, and among the Cults.

7 G.E. / 2017 A.D. – A societal migration slowly begins, with people moving to smaller communities, where more like-minded individuals coalesce, as a means of mitigating conflicts brought on by the ideological differences in magic use among the populace. This trend leads to towns where the majority of women have the same approach to the magic, whether used for kindness or cruelty.

Nonetheless, large cities and their suburbs still retain a large portion of the population, as much to keep industry and services running, as anything else.

The first official Boy Boarding League is founded.

8 G.E. / 2018 A.D. – The global economy begins to re-stabilize, and civil unrest dies down as countries manage to get used to Sex Magic’s presence. The Lust Energy Dynamo is invented by the Pandora Facility, with the hopes that this new technology will help supplement the energy needs of various nations, easing the potential crisis brought on by strained trade relations. However, the technology is dependent on certain Special Abilities that most women do not have, and thus do not see wide-scale production. Still, a hard push towards solar power and electric vehicles helps ease the strain of fossil fuel dependency. It seems that human societies have reached a new equilibrium.

9 G.E. / 2019 A.D. – Trips to the Moon and Mars are made, using a miniaturized crew, and special small-scale portable facilities, physically carried by Megami astronauts to their destinations. Much data is collected, though it is all mundane. Plans for further explorations are stalled indefinitely, however, as bigger concerns arise on Earth.

10 G.E. / 2020 A.D. – The Cult Wars occur throughout the world. Hundreds of seemingly independent Cults break out into fierce skirmishes, fighting one another in a supposed Holy War, many following what they claim to be a prophesy. Armies and National Guard are brought in to contain the situation, but the violence also causes a global outbreak of riots and rebellions. As the battles take place in major cities, civilian casualties and collateral damage are enormous. Even as some skirmishes and riots are suppressed, more continue to break out elsewhere.

Nearly every Archmage and Megami in the world are forced into the conflict, some Megami leading the cults, others simply defending their nations, others grasping at opportunities for power. In the end, the Cults are nearly wiped out, and the War brought to an end, but not before the death toll is nearly doubled from the last ten years. By the end of the Wars, nearly three billion human lives are lost due in some way to Sex Magic. With the massively declined birth rate, only four billion humans remain.

11 G.E. – Following the devastation of the Cult Wars, the Megami decide the only way to save society is to conquer the world. The Megami divide up and take over territories, eliminating the old geo-political landscape, and creating the Queendoms. With the global community in ruins, and many countries on the brink of collapse, there is very little resistance to this plan. With this accomplished, the Goddess Era calendar is retroactively applied.

Most Queendoms maintain an isolationist policy, completely sealing their borders. In many cases, this includes the internet, with most Queendoms either entirely locking out access to data from other countries, or allowing only minimal contact. Some resume tenuous international and trade relations, but by and large all Queendoms are completely independent, and no longer subject to the influence of global organizations.

Technological development largely stalls or even downgrades in some countries, and the new nations become more dependent on the Magic for medical, energy, and military resources. Greater and more frequent use of magic leads to women on average becoming slowly stronger in base power level.

13 G.E. – The first large-scale Lust Energy Dynamo Power Plants come online, greatly mitigating the energy crisis some Queendoms are dealing with. Along with previously established solar and electric technologies, fossil fuel-dependent technologies are rendered nearly obsolete, save for large-scale shipping needs. Many Queendoms follow suit in adapting the LEDs.

Long-term studies of Sex Magic health effects lead medical professionals to posit that Sex Magic could potentially be an avenue of pseudo-immortality. This is considered worth embracing, due to the near halving of the human population, and the drastic reduction of new births.

By this time, nearly 70% of new births are male. Some speculate that this is a subconscious desire from women, or possibly indirect influence from the Queens, to bolster the amount of men as a resource, reduce competition among women, and to further empower women as more men per woman means an overall excess of available energy, further increasing women’s average power.

14 G.E. – The Pandora Research Facility creates the first life form purely through Sex Magic. This results in a female humanoid entity called "the Created." This proves to be a disaster, as the Created initiates the Second Cascade Event, threatening to wipe out all human life in the Americas.

A joint effort by several Megami and the Special Task Force manages to stop the Created, with the Megami hauling her off to the Moon, where she dies and disintegrates. Back on Earth, the Special Task Force use a massive barrage of missile strikes to kill those affected by the Cascade Event, barely preventing it from spreading out of control. This creates the Blasted Zone, and the old Pandora Facility is scrapped and rebuilt into a maximum security prison for the worst of female criminals.

Future experiments to expand uses of the magic beyond immediate service to society are officially outlawed in all Queendoms, though some continue researching in secret.

19 G.E. – The first generation to grow up entirely in a Sex Mage World obtain their powers. This new generation fully embraces Sex Magic and female dominance, to a greater degree than previous generations. Moreover, this generation seems even more powerful on average than any that came before. While no further Megami seem to ever appear, all generations after this are closer to Archmage levels, even if they lack higher-level spells, and Glitches are almost unheard of.

This is also the first recorded appearance of a Radiant, a man who produces far more energy than most men. Almost immediately, every Queendom enacts procedures to locate and snatch up any Radiant that appears, resulting in almost all of them being horded by the government or powerful independent Megami.

20 G.E. –The future from this point varies radically, depending on which extended continuity is accepted. See the Origins and Endings articles.

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