Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deny Me Please

Kim watched with fascination as her hand slowly stroked Cole’s cock. She was seeing all sorts of strange lines and auras of energy flowing around his throbbing organ. Well, not actually “seeing” them, but “sensing” them, and in her minds eye picturing the lines of energy like a glowing web. It was very difficult to describe these new sexual senses, brought on by the mysterious force of “Sex Magic” that had spread across the world a couple years ago. But even if she couldn’t explain them, they seemed so natural and instinctive to her. She’d had them only a couple weeks, and already, her handjob skills had improved immensely, just by following the paths of energy she could “see” around her boyfriend’s cock.

This was only the fourth handjob she’d given him since her powers awakened, and Cole, who before all this had been able to last twenty minutes under her moderately skilled fingers, could now barely last thirty seconds if she didn’t deliberately slow down her efforts to a crawl. But even then, tonight, she was stroking slowly, and Cole was giving off that telltale hiss that indicated he was close. Not that she needed that sign; her sexual senses were going off like an alarm, telling her he was about to shoot his seed right into her face if she didn’t switch tactics. So she did, going off the guidelines to stroke him in a way that would keep him aroused, but hold off his climax for another minute or so before she had to shift her grip again.

Cole let out a slow breath as he got himself under control again, and gave her an affectionate squeeze around the shoulders with his arm. They were sitting on Cole’s couch, the TV on, but neither watching, as Kim lay against him, resting her head on his shoulder, while he had his arm around her. His pants were open at the fly, and his cock stiff and throbbing in her right hand, while her left arm was curled around his lower back.

“Jesus, I can’t believe how good you are at this now,” he said.

Kim smirked without looking at him. “Implying I was bad at this before?”

“No, no, I just—” he swallowed nervously. “It’s hard to last, y’know?” He seemed about to say something else, but hesitated and held back his words. However, Kim read his thoughts in that moment loud and clear. Another gift of the Sex Magic, being able to read the sexual thoughts and fantasies of men, especially when they were aroused and stimulated.

She saw in his head, as she had several times these past couple weeks, his secret, shameful fetish. The one he’d never revealed to her, despite the two of them dating for the last four years. A desire for her to be more controlling, to assume command of a very primal, powerful desire. It was a fetish she knew many more men had than would ever dare admit. And it was a fetish that Sex Magic seemed almost tailor made to fulfill. And yet, even two years after Sex Magic had swept across the world, so many men were still too embarrassed or hung up over their self image of manliness to ask for it. Two years wasn’t enough to erase the old paradigm of men being the dominant aggressors and women being the alluring submissives from people’s minds.

Kim wasn’t sure how she felt about it, herself. She was just as stuck in the old mentality as most of the world. It’s the gender dynamic she had grown up with. Even though it was clearer with each day how powerful the Sex Magic made her, made all women, she hadn’t ever considered herself to be the dominant type. Twenty-three years old, and she never even tried to be on top during sex, unless Cole wanted it.

But there was no denying what Cole had always fantasized about, not when she could see it in his head like a looping porno montage every time they so much as kissed. Cole wanted her to take charge now and then, and now that she had her powers, there were other wicked things he secretly desired for her to do. Things that, she had to admit, were rather intriguing.

Cole made that little hiss again, and her senses broke her out of her contemplation as they warned her Cole was about to shoot. She could sense he was reaching a plateau where any stimulation at all would put him over, so she stopped moving her hand and loosened her grip, right at the last possible second. Cole bucked into her hand, but she moved with him, and he could not get any more friction. He made a few short gasps as he tried to get himself under control, and Kim could sense the excitement in his body flare as he experienced a near climax “edging”, but didn’t go over. She waited until her senses told her it was clear, then she shifted her grip to something lighter, and resumed stroking at a steady pace.

“That was… really close…” he said. “It’s a shame you… had to stop, though… you’re getting so… so good…”

“I know,” said Kim, smiling. “This is getting too easy.”

She sensed a pang of ego-panic sweep over Cole, followed by another spike of sexual excitement. Sheesh, he really did love it when she acted dominant. She had a feeling that if she kept up the dirty talk, even this light touch would send him over.

“You could always… um…”

“Yes?” Her grip tightened a bit. She didn’t have to use her powers to stimulate him, when her senses could tell her exactly how to touch to keep his lust high and make his inhibitions crumble.

“Well, I’ve heard there’s a… a spell…”

“What kind of spell?”

Cole almost said it. But that sharp pang of male pride and fear stung him hard, and he couldn’t bring himself to say it. “N-never mind… it’s stupid…”

Kim sighed inwardly. Well, if Cole wanted to make it harder on himself, that was his choice. She stroked him a bit faster, sensing his orgasm building up quickly once more. Cole gasped, and Kim paused her motions, pinching him just below the penishead, stifling his reflex to cum before he could get too far. She felt him squirm, his body tense, before relaxing again with a long, low breath. Kim resumed her slow, light stroke.

“You like that?” she prodded.

She could feel Cole blushing even without her sexual senses. “Y-yes,” he said. “It’s really hot when you… um… when you don’t let me…”

Getting there. He wanted so badly to ask her, but he just couldn’t get over himself to do so. She wasn’t especially keen on the idea, but if it was going to come up in his thoughts every single time, she could hardly ignore it. “So what you’re saying is, you actually like it when I don’t let you finish?”

“Well, you know,” said Cole, trying to play it cool, always a hopelessly silly endeavor when a girl had you by the cock. “I just like the feeling so much that… when I finish… you know, it’s like it’s over too soon.”

“Ah, I see.” Her stroking continued to be light and loose, frustrating him physically, but exciting him mentally. She waited for him to crack and ask her. But still he held out. Kim decided to toss out a little more bait. Cole was on the verge of asking, he just needed to get over that last hurdle.

“So, you mentioned a spell?” she said. She paused to squeeze his cock for a few seconds, before resuming her stroking.

“Yeah, a spell.”

“You going to tell me what it is?”

“I… um… I dunno…” he swallowed. “I’ve been reading on the powers and… um… I read about a few tricks that girls can do…”

“Uh-huh,” said Kim. Obviously, Cole kept forgetting the little detail that she could see his sexual thoughts. Otherwise, he’d realize she already knew what he was yearning for. But Kim wasn’t going to spoil it. She wanted him to nut up and actually say it.

“There’s this spell, uh… that, um…”

Kim stopped her hand and squeezed again. Cole jerked in her grip a few times and Kim let go just before he would have spurt. Her timing was pretty much perfect already. Kim felt a bit of pride at that, even though she actually really did want to make him shoot all over himself. And maybe on her, a bit. But Cole had a point, why rush to the climax?

Nonetheless, Kim could not help but feel a bit impatient, when it was so obvious to her what he wanted. “If you don’t tell me, we could be here quite a while.”

“That!” he almost squeaked. “A spell that does that!”

Kim looked up at him finally, cocking an eyebrow at him. “That?”

“Delays, um, orgasms.”


“Y-yeah,” he said, almost trembling as he confessed his desire. “I’ve read that there’s a spell that makes it so a man can’t cum, no matter how much you stroke him.”

Kim laid her head back on his shoulder, gazing at her hand on his cock. “I’ve read about that. An orgasm denial spell. Sounds intense.” She gave his cock a squeeze. “I could stroke you or suck you or fuck you for hours and you wouldn’t spill a drop. You’d be stuck right at the edge.”

Kim let go of his cock again, almost too late. Riled up by her hand as he was, the sheer excitement of talking about this nearly sent him over! Cole gasped a response, but the words were lost.

“I dunno,” she said. “I do like making you cum.” It was true. There was something about seeing a man spurt his seed all thanks to her that filled her with happy pride. A sense of power and intimacy that even the magic itself could not replace. But then again, it was so easy to do now. It was almost no effort at all. She’d started to wonder if the Sex Magic was, ironically, going to take the fun out of sex. But maybe she was looking at it the wrong way. Maybe, since making him cum was as easy as just thinking it, the real sexual high would come from how much she could make him need it before she finally let him pop.

Yeah, that was one way of looking at it. Him crying and begging and writhing just for her. She had to admit the image was a little silly, and not to her taste. But she’d at least give a try.

“You really want me to?” she said.

“Well, I mean, I don’t… um…” he looked at her nervously, but she didn’t look up to meet his gaze. Instead she watched the storm of emotions and wants churning in his head. “I mean, maybe just try it out…”

“Well, tell me what you want, then,” she said.

Cole took a breath and said, “I want you to deny my orgasms with your magic. I want you to play with me and tease me and fuck me but not let me cum no matter how bad I need it.” He paused. “At least for a little bit.”

“Alright,” Kim said after a long pause pretending to think about it. “If it’s what you want, I’ll give it a try. If you’re absolutely sure.”


“I hear it can get very intense, too intense, for some guys.”

“I know. I can take it.”


“Please! Please deny my orgasms!”

Kim giggled, looked up and gave him a quick kiss. “You’re cute when you’re frustrated.” She turned her attention back to his cock and focused her sexual “gaze.” She’d read about how to do this, but it was largely all intuitive. The more she concentrated, the more the power seemed to guide her of its own accord to show her what to do. She could see the lines of energy, the entire web of nerves and sexual mystic power, how it all interacted. As she traced the lines, she understood as if by instinct what they all meant. She could see the hub of signals that controlled his orgasm reflex. Concentrating further, she took another few moments to magically pull, twist, and manipulate those lines of signals, until she had cut off some and looped a few back into one another.

“There,” she said. “That should do it.”

“That was it? Huh. I thought I felt a little tingle, but… huh…”

“Well, let’s see if it worked.” To test it, she began to stroke him with a firm, steady grip, exactly how the magic told her would make him hit climax as fast as possible. Cole only had time to gasp before his hips bucked mightily and his cock flexed rapidly in her hand. But no semen came out, and she could see, from the way the signals flared, that he was not achieving that plateau of sensation that signaled the moment of orgasm. She stroked him that way for almost a minute before giving Cole a break.

Cole was gasping as she held him, letting him calm down. “Wow!” he said. “That was actually kind cool!”



She looked up to see Cole blushing fiercely, but looking quite enraptured. Kim smiled. Well, that was the important thing. She liked making him cum because it made him happy. But if this made him even happier, she supposed it was just fine. Although, she had to admit, it wasn’t as fun as seeing him shoot. There was just something so silly yet earnest, something raw and kinetic, like a mini-firework display, watching a man let loose his seed.

Oh, well. If he wasn’t going to cum anyway, then there was something else she could take advantage of. Without warning, she stood and straddled him. She took him inside, and began riding him, slow and sweet, giving him loving kisses. Then, she slowly increased her speed, and her kisses became love bites, until she shifted position from kneeling into a crouch, and started pistoning herself fast and hard on his cock. Cole wailed as the pleasure overtook him and he tried again to cum, but failed. Kim let herself go and gripped his chest and shoulder hard, almost snarling as the pleasure burned hot in her core, and she shuddered in orgasm. But she didn’t stop at one.

The lustful energy was coming off Cole in waves, soaking into her, enhancing her pleasure and putting her in a state of heady euphoria. It was unexpectedly overwhelming; sex had never been this intense before! She came again, and kept going. A third time and kept going. A fourth, fifth, and sixth time, and still going, her climaxes coming so fast now they blended together.

Cole, meanwhile, was suffering exquisitely the ache of being on the edge of orgasm but unable to release, he bucked fiercely into her as she thrashed beneath her, gasping and moaning in near whimpers. Finally, after Kim’s twentieth orgasm, it was too much. “Kim!” Cole gasped. “Enough! Please! I give! Let me cum!”

Kim forced herself to slow down, calming herself down, but didn’t let him out of her. Coming down from her high, which was harder than she imagined, she still slowly rode him. Cole looked like he was in happy agony. She could sense he was on the absolute screaming edge of climax, his body needed to cum immediately. But she still didn’t grant him that release, not just yet.

“Kim… please…!”

She slowed her motions and simply sat still with his cock throbbing deep inside her core. It felt incredible, the energy still pouring off of him and soaking directly into her. She was nearly at the edge of another climax, herself. It was an unexpectedly amazing feeling. Maybe this orgasm denial thing wasn’t such a crazy idea after all! She leaned down and whispered softly in his ear. “I think that we should do this for real. So, no orgasms for you tonight.”

“I-I dunno if I can make it!” said Cole, his voice strained.

“Aw, but we’ve barely gotten started indulging your fantasy! I just want to make sure you’re extra happy.”

“Maybe… we should start with… baby steps?”

“Just one night,” she said. “Tomorrow, I’ll make you cum. But no sooner than tomorrow.” Cole eventually nodded and she kissed him deeply, even as she flexed her walls to squeeze his cock, still inside her. He hit the edge of orgasm again, shivering under her, and giving her another mini-climax from the spike of energy.

When the two got themselves back under control again, Kim forced herself to lift off him and curl against his left side. She wanted to keep fucking him, but didn’t want to overdo it. The energy was still coming off him in waves, however, and his slick, red cock kept twitching with the after shocks of intense edging.

“Wow,” said Cole breathlessly. “Be careful what you wish for, right?”

Kim smiled. “Yeah. Definitely.” Looking at his cock made her pussy ache for more, but she resisted the temptation.

“God, I need to shoot so bad,” Cole said in an almost whine. “It kind of hurts!

“Sorry, babe, but this is your fantasy.”

“I know, I know.” He kissed her in gratitude, then winced. “Man, it almost hurts not to touch it.”

“Aww, poor thing,” she said. “My arms are a bit tired, though. How about you give it a go for a while?”

Cole blushed fiercely. She’d never asked him to masturbate in front of her before! It was embarrassing, yet thrilling. Kim smiled sensing the confused excitement wash over his mind. “Okay,” said Cole, taking himself in his hand. His grip didn’t quite match up with the proper lines of energy, though they got close. Kim realized that with just a few handjobs, she now knew his cock better than he ever would in his entire life!

She watched the play of signals as Cole slowly stroked himself, and the lustful energy poured off him to absorb into her. Her pussy tingled with pleasure as she watched him. She wanted him inside her again, and though she was tempted to masturbate along with him, she decided to tease herself a little this time. She’d let him stroke it, working them both up until she couldn’t wait a second longer, then she was going to fuck him again straight through till morning. Then she’d let him cum. Until then, however, he was going to be given the ride of his life, and suffer exquisitely for every second of it.

Be careful what you wish for indeed!

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