Friday, May 13, 2011

Magic Revenge

Robert was grinning smugly as he strode towards his girlfriend’s apartment. Well, to be more specific, one of his girlfriends’ apartments. A college senior with little to lose after graduation, or so he thought, Robert fancied himself rather adept at being able to juggle three girls at once. Technically, only Karen was his official “girlfriend,” while he considered Becky and Jane to just be fuck buddies. However, he knew Becky was infatuated with him, and he always dangled the possibility of going steady with her, as long as she continued to give it up. Of course, she had no idea about Karen. Jane, on the other hand, was aware of the two girls, but didn’t know that they didn’t know; she assumed everything was cool, and Robert saw no reason to break that illusion. After all, the three ladies were part of wholly different social circles, so what did he have to worry about? All Robert knew was that this morning, he’d gotten a stellar blowjob from Becky, and tonight, he was going to be balls deep in Karen.

So it was that when Robert entered Karen’s place, he was rather stunned to see Becky sitting on the couch, giving him a death glare. For a brief moment, he thought that maybe he’d gone to the wrong apartment, but no, he was sure this was the right one. For one thing, Becky was sitting on the couch Robert had fucked Karen doggie-style over so many times. “Uh, hey, how’s it going?” he continued, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. “I guess you’re friends with Karen, too, huh?”

“I suppose so now,” said Becky, crossing her arms.

“Um… okay,” said Robert. “I can explain.”

“Save it,” came the voice of Karen from right behind him. Robert felt himself shoved forward, almost falling on his face.

“Hey!” said Robert. “That was uncalled for!”

“Actually, I think it’s a great idea,” said the voice of Jane. Robert suddenly found himself being shoved bodily to the ground, forcing him to his hands and knees. It felt like a sudden pressure pushing down on every inch of his body. He tried to look around, but found his head forced to stare forward at the couch, where Karen and Jane joined Becky.

“What the fuck?” said Robert. There appeared to be nothing actually holding him down, and yet he felt a sensation like a tremendous weight was pinning him in place. He tried to struggle to his feet, but it was useless, like trying to shove against a solid wall. “What the hell is this?!” He glared up at the three women.

Karen, the tall redhead, gave him a look of smoldering fury. Becky, the petite blond, continued to glare at him, though he could see her eyes glistening with held back tears. Jane, the athletic brunette, just gave him a look of calm contempt. Jane had her hand held out, palm down, the fingers slightly curled as if gripping the top of a large ball. She twitched her hand down slightly, and Robert felt the pressure on his back increase. He found his head being forced down in a bow, and even though he strained so hard the veins stood out on his muscles, he could not resist the invisible force.

“This is exactly what it looks like, Robert,” said Jane. “This is the three of us finally figuring out how you’ve been playing us for saps, and now we’re going to make you pay for it.”

“Get off of me!” yelled Robert. “Get this thing off, whatever it is!”

“Fine,” said Jane. She let her hand drop, and the pressure immediately let up. Robert, unprepared for how suddenly the force vanished, snapped up so fast, his own momentum made him fall back onto his butt. The three women snickered at this.

Robert’s face, already red from exertion, flushed deeper as he realized he was being laughed at. “Hey!” he hollered, getting to his feet and looming over the three. “Shut up! That isn’t funny!”

“Fuck you,” said Karen. “You really have no idea just how much shit you’re in.”

Robert took a breath and calmed himself. “Alright, look, I can explain,” he said. He felt himself slammed back down onto the floor, dropping straight to his knees, although this time, he also felt his arms forced against his sides. He looked up and this time saw Becky her hand out, forming a slightly open fist as though she was holding up a stick.

“Just shut up, Robert,” said Karen. She made a motion with her hand like she was pulling a zipper, and Robert’s mouth instantly shut, and stayed that way. Robert’s brow furrowed, and his eyes went wide, as he tried to force his mouth open to talk, but he could not even part his jaw.

“There’s no use trying to come up with some shitty excuse,” said Becky. “You used us. You used us for sex, and you thought you could get away with it, you cocky piece of shit.” She motioned her hand down, and Robert pitched forward, onto the floor, barely managing to turn his head to not break his nose. He let out a muffled cry at this. “Bad thing for you, Robert? You didn’t just cheat on three girls. You cheated on three mages.”

Jane laughed bitterly. “That’s right, Robert. We all know magic. Bet if you knew that, you wouldn’t have tried to pull this shit, huh?”

“I’d say its karma,” said Karen. “In fact, you know, if it weren’t for that one simple common detail, you could have probably kept up this little juggling game until you graduated and dumped us all when you moved. That was the plan, wasn’t it? Just drop us like a bad habit in a few months, and we’d be none the wiser?”

Robert moaned loudly, but Jane cut him off, “Oh, don’t bother trying to deny it. We all know it’s true. And Karen here is right, being mages is exactly how we got to know one another. We’re not very common, you see. Heck, there’s maybe only a fifty of us genuine mages on a campus of thousands. There aren’t even that many espers here.”

“Still, it’s enough that we are able to rent out a small club for an all mage/esper night once a month or so,” said Becky. “We all ended up mingling. And then, a friend of mine who’s an esper, you know, my friend we had lunch with a week ago? Well, she read your mind, Robert. She got a bad vibe off you and wanted to make sure you weren’t two-timing me. I asked her not to, that I trusted you, but she did it anyway, and now I’m glad she did. A couple nights ago, she contacted my two new friends here, and told us the truth. We were all fucking the same guy. Or should I say, being fucked by the same guy.”

Robert struggled in the magical grip, and let out a loud groan of protest. He looked simultaneously furious and frightened, as though he couldn’t decide which was more appropriate. Karen “unzipped” his mouth, finally curious as to what he had to say.

“Stop this!” he yelled. “You can’t do this to me!”

“Wow,” said Becky. “Not even an attempt at an apology.” She snapped her hand forward, and Robert found himself flung across the room, slamming into the wall. She spread her hand, and he was suddenly forced spread eagle, upside down, against it.

“I’m sorry!” cried Robert. “I really am sorry!”

“Sorry you got caught, you piece of shit,” said Jane. “I knew you were fucking two other girls, and I was cool with that, because I just thought it was all open and casual. You didn’t tell me you were supposed to be committed.”

“Ah, come on,” said Robert, gritting his teeth as he again struggled to no avail. The blood rushing to his head didn’t help matters. “It’s not like we were married or anything.”

A few tears fell from Becky’s eyes as she shook with fury. She lifted him off the wall, then slammed him into it again, enough to knock the wind out of him. Karen, her face a mask of carefully controlled anger, reached over and grabbed Becky’s arm, saying, “Hey, hey, calm down.” Becky whirled on her, looking like she was about to slap Karen, but the taller woman cut her off, hugging Becky to her. “It’s okay. I know. I want to rip his head off too. But we agreed, poetic justice, remember?”

Becky took a few moments to compose herself, then nodded, and pulled away, wiping her eyes. Karen smiled reassuringly at her, but as she turned to face Robert, her expression dropped back to a smoldering contempt.

“What’s that mean?” said Robert between gasps. “Poetic justice?” He felt lightheaded, as the blood pressure continued to press on his head, threatening to make him pass out.

Jane took over the handling duties, flipped Robert right side up. She set him down on the floor, standing perfectly straight, and keeping him locked in position. “It means, you used us for your entertainment, we’re going to use you for ours.”

Robert took a moment to work that over in his mind, imagining them fucking him like a piece of meat, “using” him as they pleased. The corners of his lips tugged into a slight grin, despite his situation. “Okay,” he said. “I can totally accept that as a punishment.”

Jane smirked. “Well, in that case...” She snapped her fingers, and Robert instantly fell unconscious.

When Robert woke up, he was laying on a bed, in a room he didn’t recognize. A bit groggily, he slid off the bed and got to his feet. He realized with a start that he was completely naked, and sporting a severe case of morning wood. His cock jutted up at full mast, and seemed quite content to stay that way, wagging merrily back and forth as he walked. He couldn’t help but smirk slightly, admiring his size. No wonder those girls were so eager to “use” him, he thought to himself. Even pissed as they were, they couldn’t get enough of this cock.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t about to leave the room naked, and he looked around for his clothes. They weren’t anywhere to be seen, so he looked for something else to wear. There was a dresser and a closet in the room, but perplexingly, there was no clothing to be found. The only thing around to cover up with was the bed sheet and the comforter. Frowning, Robert decided it was better than nothing, and pulled the sheet off the bed. He moved to swing it around himself so he could wrap it toga style around his chest, but before he could complete the loop, he suddenly dropped the sheet.

Blinking, Robert picked up the sheet and tried again. Again, dropped it; his hands simply let go before he could get the sheet to cover him. Robert tried a third, then a fourth, and then a fifth time. He let out a frustrated grunt, and tried several more times still, each time unable to stop from letting go of the sheet. The same effect occurred with the comforter. “What the fuck?” he said.

Fed up with this repeated failure, he decided to risk exiting the room nude. He noticed with some surprise that his erection had not gone down. He felt a little stupid with his boner swinging free in front of him, but he apparently had no choice. He cautiously opened the door, checking to see if any one was there. The door opened into a small hallway leading to a bathroom, another bedroom, and some stairs going downward. Swallowing, he stepped carefully out into the hall, and peered down the stairs. He listened intently, but could not hear any movement or talking. Was he alone?

He quickly ducked into the bathroom, and looked for a towel. To his dismay, even though he found a whole stack of clean white towels, it seemed he was incapable of wrapping them around himself. Of course, his hard-on would have been evident even with one on, but a covered erection was still slightly less humiliating than an exposed one wagging before him.

He went into the other bedroom, looking for clothes. He indeed found some; unfortunately, it was all women’s clothing, nothing he could fit. Eventually, he found a robe, and while it was a bit small, he figured it was better than nothing. However, when he attempted to put it on, he found himself dropping the robe before he could slip his hands through the sleeves. A thought suddenly occurred to him, and he decided to try some of the other clothes on, even knowing they wouldn’t fit. First one of the shirts; no good, he dropped it before he could even get it over his head. Then the pants; equally useless, as soon as he raised his leg to step into them, he dropped them. He even tried slipping his foot into the waistband, but found himself stopping just short of it, unable to set his foot down inside the pants.

His mind was racing. Why couldn’t he get dressed? What kind of crazy curse was this? The word “curse” suddenly made him remember. His three wronged lovers, they were all witches! Or, “mages” as they called themselves. Same difference. Had they cursed him? Had they cursed him to be unable to get dressed or even cover himself? He glanced down at his cock, still rock hard and his eyes widened. Had they cursed him with a permanent erection as well? What else had they done to him?

“Oh, my god.” Robert’s mouth was dry as he muttered to himself. “I gotta get out of here! I gotta find help!” He ran out of the bedroom and down the stairs, forgetting he might not be alone. He came out into a large living room with two couches and two recliners, as well as a coffee table and a plasma TV. Attached to it was a kitchen/dining room combination, and a hall leading to yet another bedroom, and another bathroom. A door in the kitchen led down to the basement. Robert’s first thought was to seek out a phone, but to his dismay, he could find none. No landlines were plugged in, he couldn’t even find a cell phone. Even more dismaying, he also found no trace of his own clothes or belongings. Had they thrown out all his things?

Robert finally went over to the door of the house. A few further attempts to find something, anything at all, to cover himself with, even a throw pillow from the couch, had proved useless. He was stuck in the nude, his unceasing erection on full display. He swallowed nervously. Well, it might get him arrested, but he would have to risk simply walking out of the house and down the street nude, until he got some help. Actually, getting pulled over by a cop would be the easiest way to get just what he needed. Then he could report his whole problem. It was humiliating, but he didn’t seem to have any choice. He reached for the door handle.

Robert blinked. His arm hadn’t moved. He tried again. Nothing. He tried to move his arm just for the sake of it, and his arm moved just fine, waving up and down, but as soon as he turned his attention to the door with the intent to open it, his arm dropped uselessly to the side. He even tried lifting his leg to try and open the door with his foot. The most that happened was a twitch of his toes. Robert gawked at the door, unable to believe this was happening. They had cursed him so he couldn’t even exit the house.

Robert sulked back into the living room and sank into one of the couches. What the hell were they planning on doing to him? They wouldn’t get away with it! “You bitches!” he hollered out. “You can’t do this to me! I’m not playing your stupid games!” He would have said more, but he suddenly paused as he caught a very faint scent that wasn’t there a second ago. He sniffed he air a bit, and there was suddenly no mistaking it. He could smell a faint musk of pussy, growing stronger with every inhalation, until it seemed like someone was holding a pair of used panties right up against his nose. The scent tickled him and he shook his head. He stood up and tried walking away, but the scent stayed with him. It was quite strong now, almost overwhelmingly so. He could almost taste it. In fact, he actually thought he could. He swallowed and rubbed his tongue against the top of his mouth. He could! His mouth was filled with the taste of pussy!

He ran to the kitchen and turned on the sink, splashing water on his face, and trying to rinse his mouth out. However, the scent and taste remained. Despite still being angry at his predicament, Robert realized he was getting turned on. His penis was already fully stiff, but now it started noticeably twitching. Robert went back to the couch, and tried to ignore the scent and taste, but he could not get used to it. Every breath was just as strong as the last. It almost made his eyes water.

A heat stirred in his loins, and his cock jerked a few times, demanding his attention. Robert, becoming more and more distracted by arousal, finally gave in and reached to stroke himself. Then his eyes widened in shock and anger. “No!” he said. “No no no no NO!!!” He reached for himself, straining with every once of willpower he had, to completely no avail. His hands simply refused to move when he commanded them to touch his cock. “NO!” he screamed.

Suddenly, the TV clicked on by itself. Robert’s eyes went wide as he saw, impossibly, video of him and his lovers having sex. He’d never taken any such videos, and he knew the girls hadn’t. The video quality was also far too cinematic, with a movie-like appearance. The movie started off with a scene of Karen going down on him, doing that little trick with her tongue that made him weak in the knees every time. The camera zoomed in to show her tongue moving in her mouth as his penis jerked. Robert flushed. From the way the scene was shot, it almost looked as though Robert was desperately trying to free himself from her mouth, but she would not let him go. Robert admitted he always felt a bit intimidated by that technique, since she could make him cum in almost a minute with it. But that was not how the scene should look, Robert thought. All he usually had to do was snap his fingers, and Karen would be on her knees, mouth open. He would grab the back of her head, and fuck her mouth hard and fast. Where the hell had this footage, making him look helpless, come from?

The video lasted only a couple minutes, and despite himself, he felt aroused watching it. The way she moaned in pleasure as she serviced him, the way his own body shivered, reminding him how good her trick felt. His penis clenched and again, he tried to touch himself, cursing when it didn’t work.

The video switch over to one of him and Becky. Becky was bent over on her kitchen table, a look of ecstasy on her face. Robert was fucking her from behind, pounding her ass into submission. Normally, Becky would be shaking and crying and begging for mercy as he made her cum over and over again, not stopping until he emptied twice into her ass. However, in this video, Robert saw himself straining as he tried to fuck Becky, who was clearly pleasured by his motions, but at the same time, had a huge shit-eating grin on her face, looking back at Robert as if to say, “That all you got?”

The next clip showed Jane, fucking him cowgirl style. Normally, she was howling out of control on his cock. Here, she was slapping his face, calling him a little bitch, and Robert was whimpering like a dog. What the hell was this? Was this their idea of a sick joke? Making him look like a helpless whimp in front of them? Bullshit! They were the ones helpless before his cock! None of them could handle it, which is why they all craved it so bad!

Robert tried to let his anger take over, shaking his head to try and clear the scent and taste, to ignore the TV, but as angry as he got, his arousal seemed stronger still. His cock was practically tingling now, so desperate to be touched, both of his hands quivering as he repeatedly tried, and failed, to touch himself. Face flushed with shame, but becoming too desperate to fight the urge, Robert flung himself to the floor, and tried to buck his hips against it. But even this was denied him. His hips stopped just a few inches above the floor, enough that his cock touched only empty air. He tried to shove against the invisible force holding him up, but he remained a hair away from whatever friction the carpet could give him.

He was starting to feel lightheaded. The pussy scent was truly overpowering now, no longer pleasing, but choking. From the TV, the laughter and moans of female delight, as well as his own pathetic whimpers, grew louder, so loud, he didn’t even realize he was matching those whimpers in real life. He was so aroused, his senses so overwhelmed, save for the one sensation he wanted so desperately to feel. He felt hot tears roll down his face, and he realized he was crying like a pathetic loser.

They couldn’t do this to him! If they ever showed themselves, he was going to strangle them all with his bare hands! However, they did not show themselves, and instead, he lay on the floor and sobbed, and eventually, passed out.

Robert groggily woke up. The pussy smell and taste were gone, and the TV was off, leaving him with only two sensations: an emotional emptiness and dull ache in his balls. Scratch that: three sensations! So faint that at first he wasn’t sure if it was real or his imagination, he felt the lightest trace of something along his penis. He jerked upwards, looking down at himself, but saw that nothing was there. Yet, he swore he could feel the barest feather-light touch of a fingertip, tracing slowly from the tip of his penis to the base, then back.

Robert’s cock twitched excitedly at this, and he tried to push up against the sensation to gain more friction. But he met no resistance; the touch stayed as light as before, no matter how he moved. Robert clenched his teeth and pounded on the floor with his fist. He tried to reach for himself again, but it was still a useless gesture. Trying to ignore the sensations, he got up and was about to make another go for the door, when suddenly, he felt himself lifted straight off his feet and flung back onto the couch. He was plopped right down in the middle of it, his arms spread along the back, and his legs held wide apart. He struggled to move, but was bound tightly in place by an invisible force.

The phantom fingertip on his penis increased the pressure slightly. It was still maddeningly light however, and Robert tried to buck his hips against it instinctively. However, he found he could not even do this; at best, his cock jerked as the finger traced up and down, but it did not change the intensity of the sensation. Robert cursed again. The intense arousal session from before had made him quite excitable, so even this touch was making him throb. But it was too damn light for his needs.

“Stop screwing around!” Robert growled. The fingertip stopped. Robert looked around, trying to see if the girls were present. They had to be, right? Or was it just coincidence that the sensation stopped right then?

For a few brief moments, Robert thought that was the end of it. But then, the fingertip returned, only this time, he felt it on the ridge of his penis head. His eyes widened again. “No, not there!” he gasped. “Not there!” He hated it when they did that. Karen had been the first to discover that the ridge of his penis head was quite sensitive when stroked in a certain way; she used to playfully antagonize Robert that way, running her tongue around and around the head as she sucked him. He’d quickly put a stop to that, shoving his cock deep into her throat until she learned not to tease him like that anymore.

Now, though, there was no option to do that. The phantom finger tip, or perhaps it was a tongue tip, he couldn’t tell, lazily circled his penis head at the perfect pace and pressure to set him off. Sharp stings of pleasure jolted him as the phantom touch swirled around and around him. Robert struggled anew, this time to try and escape the touch, but it was equally pointless.

Suddenly a new sensation touched him. It felt like long fingernails tickling his ball sack, causing his hips to jerk. Jane liked to do that to him, laughing at how it made his cock bounce. At least, she laughed until he pinned her arms back and took her from behind just to shut her up.

That’s why they did it, of course. They just wanted to provoke him into dominating them with his cock. They loved it when he took them, put them in their place, overwhelmed them with himself. They should be so lucky that all three of them got to ride his cock.

So why the hell were they taking so damn long to get down to it? As riled up as he was, he knew they had to be drooling from both holes for him. What the fuck were they waiting for?

The sensations were starting to get to Robert, and he struggled harder against his bonds. “Fuck,” he hissed. “Stop! STOP!” He attempted to thrash, which actually resulted only in his muscles flexing sporadically. “Knock it off you, fucking bitches!” The light, teasing touches were driving him crazy. He wished one of those girls were here so he could shove them to the floor and fuck them until they screamed for mercy.

Suddenly, the sensations shifted, and he felt a pair of warm, soft, slippery hands grasp his cock. The phantom hands moved up and down, twisting back and forth slightly as they went, stroking him intensely and steadily. Robert let out a sigh of relief as his cock finally got the feel the sensations he’d been desperately waiting for. Even better, a moment later, he felt a warm, velvety mouth swallow his penis head, and begin to bob gently up and down, taking the first few inches of him, while the hands did the rest. He wished he could grab the head of his invisible lover and bury his cock deep in her throat, but he would take what he could get.

The blowjob was unbelievable. It combined Becky’s tender tongue caresses with Karen’s intense sucking, while the phantom hands used Jane’s signature twist. Robert felt himself approaching orgasm swiftly. Aroused and teased as he was, he was going to pop in a matter of seconds! He didn’t care at this point. Those bitches owed him. He would blow his load, and then he’d figure out a way out of here, and then he was going to let them have it. Oh, yeah… any second now… he was so close… so fucking close…

He remained close for what seemed like forever. Robert’s eyes reflexively clenched shut as he approached orgasm, but he forced them open as he realized he’d been riding the fine edge for several minutes now. What was going on? The pressure in his balls, in his cock, was becoming painful. He had to cum. He had to cum right this fucking instant. So why couldn’t he? It was as if something was blocking him, just like it prevented him from masturbating…

For a moment, horror overwhelmed pleasure as his eyes widened. He couldn’t cum. They had cursed him so he couldn’t cum! “NO!” he cried. “Oh, fuck, NO! Don’t do this to me! You can’t do this to me!” And then, the moment was passed, and the pleasure overtook his senses again. He twitched and jerked, bound so thoroughly he couldn’t even properly writhe, as he moaned in frustration and pleasure. On and on, the sensations went. Soon, the hands began to stroke faster, squeezing tighter. The mouth bobbed faster and deeper along his cock. And then he felt Karen’s tongue trick, the phantom muscle writhing against his sweet spots in that way that could take him from zero to climax in 60 seconds flat. Only this time, climax was impossible.

Robert’s moans became pleas for mercy which dissolved into pitiful whimpers. All he could do was shake and suffer and watch his cock spasm like it had been hit with a livewire, as the pleasure didn’t cease, crushing him against the razor thin edge of release while never letting him go over. The sexual pressure was immense, maddening, and he was completely powerless to do anything about it.

Completely powerless. His mind, what little could focus, balked at the idea. Those girls worshipped his cock! They were slaves to his cock! How could this be happening? This had to be some kind of nightmare! And when he woke up, he would show them who was really in charge!

But he never “woke up.” The sensations just got stronger, faster, more intense, until finally, his eyes rolled back in their sockets and he passed out once more.

“We’re really wringing it out of him, huh?” said Becky. She sat on the other couch with Jane and Karen on either side of her. Cloaking spells kept Robert from seeing or hearing them, so he was not aware they were only a few feet from him, watching his suffering and enjoying every minute of it.

“Yeah, makes me wonder why we never did this kind of stuff to him before,” said Karen. “That’s what we get for being prudes with our magic, huh?”

“I like to think we just had a certain standard of, you know, not cheating,” said Jane. “But hey, if he thinks its fine, no reason we should hold back.”

They snickered as Robert cussed them out and demanded they stop, and burst out laughing at the expressions of horror on his face when he realized he couldn’t masturbate or cum. They took bets on how long he would last once they started with the phantom hands and mouth, and to their grudging respect, he lasted longer than any of them anticipated before he finally passed out. Robert had always had incredible stamina; it’s what made him such a great lover. He was more than capable of turning them into helpless puddles of orgasmic bliss before he was finished with them.

Not this time, however. This time, he was as helpless as a shipwrecked sailor in the middle of a storm at sea. There magic was going to take him past his limits to heights of pleasure he couldn’t even imagine. The cock he was so proud of was the very tool they would use to break him.

They woke him up shortly after his second black out, a wave of magic to jolt him awake. He struggle once again to get up, and when he looked like he was straining his utmost, they released their invisible hold on him, causing him to leap right off the couch and stumble flat onto his face again. Before he could get back up, they flipped him over onto his stomach and forced him spread eagle again.

Jane raised her hand, and Robert’s cock stuck straight up, pointing to the ceiling. Jane touched her lips to her hand and sucked air through it. At the same time, Robert felt a powerful sucking sensation on his cock that literally lifted him straight off the floor. He rose higher and higher as Jane “sucked” his cock with her magic. Robert shook and his mouth gaped as he felt his cock plunge into a seemingly endless tunnel of silky wet warmth, a mouth continuously drawing him in. Robert didn’t even realize how high he’d risen until he felt his penis tip bump the ceiling, leaving a spot of pre-cum. Robert hung there for a moment, the sucking sensation having ceased, but not the grip. He raised his head and jumped when he suddenly realized he was up off the floor.

Just as that dawned on him, Jane let him drop. Robert shouted in fear, still unable to move even to try and catch himself. However, he suddenly lurched to a halt just before he hit the floor. Robert’s breathing was rapid and shallow, tinged by a slight whimper of fear. Then, he found himself rising again.

This time it was Karen “sucking” him through her hand. She made an “O” with her lips as she touched them to Jane’s fist. She worked her tongue in her mouth, adding the sensation to Robert’s journey though the tunnel. It felt so good, he almost forgot he was rising off the floor again, until he touched the ceiling with his penis tip a second time. Again he was dropped. Then, Becky took over, and as she “sucked” him, she made a spinning motion with her hand. Robert found himself spinning clockwise, as if he were a fan with his penis at the axis. Around and around Robert went as he ascended, and this simple motion turned his pleasure into sensual torment once more, as the spinning grip rubbed the ridge of his penis head just so. Robert jerked and cried out as he was spun upwards, dropped down, spun upwards again, at least ten times from each girl.

Just when he thought he would finally get used to the sensations, however, the girls switched to something else. They floated him so he stood perfectly straight upwards, then pulled his arms and legs back so he was effectively hogtied. Then they made a yanking motion which pulled Robert through a new, vertical path around the room. This time, the stimulation was a tight line of friction right along the most sensitive nerves on his cock, as though he were sliding along a thin rail. The path gave him on a perpetual downward stroking, and soon Robert was trying vainly to buck against the “line,” to gain more friction as he neared orgasm once more.

He had almost forgot he couldn’t cum, apparently, as for a few moments, he had a look of  full anticipation of climax. Then, he hit the barrier on his orgasm, and he let out a pure, animalistic snarl of frustration. In response, the three girls made him ride faster along the “rail”, causing the pleasure to spike higher in intensity, driving him wild with frustration.

“So,” said Jane, as she set Robert to fly on autopilot. “Who wants to ride him first?”

Karen frowned. “I don’t know that I do,” she said. “I know we said we’d use him, but the thought of actually giving him my pussy again…” She shook her head.

“Yeah, me too,” said Becky. “I just… I want to hurt him, not reward him.”

“Honey, it’ll be you getting all the pleasure,” said Jane. “For him it’ll be torture.”

“I just don’t want to touch him anymore,” said Karen. “I mean… I trust you two don’t, you know, have STDs or anything, but I just… I’m too mad.”

“Ah. So, do you mind if I have a go? I’d kinda of like another shot at that dick.”

Becky bit her lip. “’Course you would. You were just fuck buddies, so you didn’t get hurt as much. We were more… I mean…” A tear came to her eye.

“Hey, come on, I didn’t mean it like that,” said Jane, hugging her around the shoulder. “I’m sorry, I won’t if it’ll be too hard for you guys to watch.”

“I’d appreciate it,” said Becky. Karen nodded in agreement.

“Ah, well,” said Jane. “I suppose you’re right; it’s his loss.”

“Speaking of, looks like he’s going to pass out again,” said Karen, with a smirk.

Robert was hollering, his body convulsing. His genitals were starting show tell-tale signs of extreme teasing: his cock was turning red, the head a deepening shade of purple. His balls were swollen bigger than the three had ever seen them, and similarly turning a dark in color. He was also beginning to noticeably drip pre-cum along the path he was riding.

“Naw, you know what?,” said Jane. “We’ve let him have it easy so far. No more of that.” She whispered a phrase as she made a sweeping motion over Robert’s head the next time he floated near them on his track. His eyes had just been rolling back again and going glassy, but now they snapped forward and focused. His face contorted into a snarl of sensual agony as he was no longer even able to fall unconscious.

“Oh, wow,” said Becky. “I didn’t know you could do that!”

Karen snapped her fingers, and Robert suddenly dropped to the floor, onto his hands and knees. However, the continuous downward stroke did not cease, instead it spread to encompass his entire penis, and even his balls, creating another pussy-like sheath. This one, however, was tighter than before, and hotter. Robert let out a shout; the sensation was nearly painful along his cock, but it squeezed him in such a way that it seemed like it was trying to force the cum out of his balls. However, even that could not surpass the block on his orgasm. Robert’s hips kicked into overdrive, bucking uselessly at the empty air as he let out a series of half-shouts/half-sobs.

“Think maybe it’s time we revealed ourselves a little?” said Jane. Karen and Becky traded a glance, but after a moment of psyching themselves up, they turned to Jane and nodded. Jane cleared her throat. “Oh, Rooobeeert!” Her voice echoed throughout the room, seeming to come from everywhere. As she spoke, she made a downward motion with her hand, and the sensations on Robert’s cock slowed to a dull trickle. Robert collapsed forward, penis still twitching, but at last able to catch his breath.

“Rooooobeeeeert!” Jane repeated. Robert made a grunt as he tried to focus on the sound. He got back onto his knees and looked around, a confused expression on his face. The girls had still not made themselves visible, and the surround sound effect of Jane’s magic-enhanced voice did not give away her location.

“Wakey, wakey, Robert!” said Becky, her voice also echoing, hiding her true location. She giggled as Robert flinched at that; it was something she would say in a playful voice after she woke him up with a morning blowjob. Now, though, the words were spoken in a mocking tone.

“What are you doing down there?” said Karen’s voice, her sharp tone making Robert wince. “Humping the air like a little bitch?”

Robert’s face turned red with anger. Still somewhat breathless, he said, “I’m… I’m not the bitch… you’re the… you’re the bitches…” He let out a tremendous yelp as he felt a sensation like his balls had just been ripped off. Unable to clutch himself, he fell onto his side, curling into a ball, tears in his eyes. He looked down and saw his balls were perfectly intact; for the next minute, however, as Karen held her hand low, with her fingers hooked like claws, Robert felt the pain of a continuous tearing sensation at his balls. He rolled on the floor, howling, until, just as suddenly, the pain was gone.

A moment later, he felt a gentle, pleasant sensation, like a warm tongue, lovingly licking along his shaft. As the echoes of the phantom pain receded, they were replaced by soothing waves of pleasure. Robert shakily got back up to his knees as the pleasure coaxed him out his protective curl. He was further encouraged as a second tongue joined in, this one more aggressive. The first tongue was definitely Becky’s, the second Karen’s. On the couch, the two girls licked the air as they watched Robert enjoy their phantom tongues. As his hips began to move, indicating he was nearing orgasm again, Becky extended her index finger and stabbed it downwards.

Robert screamed so hard his voice broke, as his cock clenched in agony. Pure pain lanced through his cock as he felt a sensation like barbwire being run down his urethra in the wrong direction. Becky slowed her motion after the initial quick stab, slowly lowering her finger until it touched the floor. Robert felt the wire dragged with equal slowness down his cock. He looked down at his cock in complete and utter terror, expecting at any moment to see it torn in half, but it was perfectly intact. The pain was only an illusion, but it felt so real, even seeing his cock undamaged could not convince him otherwise. The torment continued for a full two minutes, before it ceased.

This time, Jane parted her legs and placed her hand in front of her crotch. She curled her hand as if holding a handle and began to work the imaginary object back and forth against her still-clothed sex. Robert, meanwhile, felt his cock trapped by another pussy. This one, however, he instinctively knew was Jane’s, from the way the phantom hips gyrated upon him.

“No…” gasped Robert, already seeing where this was going. “No, stop, don’t…” Then he could not speak as he found himself rushing headlong into orgasm again as the phantom pussy filled him with pleasure. He was shooting towards climax with such speed it was frightening, but he slammed against the barrier once again. And before he could utter another plea, the sensation switched from pleasure to pain once more.

This time, as Jane puffed up her cheeks and blew air towards Robert, he felt as though someone were taking a blowtorch to his entire groin. White hot agony fried his nerves, but whereas real fire would kill the nerves eventually and leave only numbness, the illusory flames continued to burn him at peak sensation. Robert fell over again and thrashed like a mad man. He thought he would pass out. He didn’t. He thought he would throw up. Somehow, he didn’t. There was no release of any sort for him. He could only wait until the pain stopped. A few minutes later, it finally did, but this time, there was no pleasure to soothe him afterwards.

The girls watched Robert as he lay there, exhausted and frightened. They all had hard looks on their faces, watching him intently. They breathed calmly as they reigned in their desires to keep feeding him pain for the next whole week.

Finally, Robert struggled to lift himself back to his feet. “Please…” he whimpered. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… I’m a scumbag… I can’t… I’m so sorry.”

The three girls traded glances, then stood up and became visible to Robert. He immediately prostrated himself before them, babbling apologies over and over. They shared another look, and then Jane flicked her hand up, floating Robert upwards so he was standing prone again. Becky and Karen made tickling motions with their fingers as well, and Robert let out a shuddering whimper as he felt phantom fingers tracing and flicking along his cock, causing it to bounce in a ridiculous display of helpless reactions.

“You understand now what we can do to you Robert,” said Karen. “You understand that there are so many more things we could do to you to make you hurt.”

“Please…” Robert gasped, but Becky slapped him before he could say more.

“You used us, you piece of shit,” said Becky. “I fucking loved you, and you used me. Karen loved you, and you used her. And Jane…” Becky glanced to Jane.

“Oh, I didn’t love the stupid bastard, but I don’t appreciate being lied to,” said Jane. She leaned close to Robert. “Believe it or not, we’re not cruel people, Robert. But you know what they saw about a woman scorned.”

“What are you gunna do to me?” said Robert in a meek voice.

“Give you one last fuck,” said Jane. “The last fuck you’ll ever get in your life. After you wake up from this, you’ll be impotent. You’ll never get another erection, and you’ll never cum again. Well, not unless you can sucker some other mage into breaking our spells. But don’t expect anyone on our campus to do you that favor. Next get together we have, we’re spreading your picture to every mage and esper there.”

“No…” said Robert, tears falling down his eyes. “Please, don’t… no! I can’t… I need sex! I can’t live without it!”

The girls gathered around him, wrapping their arms around him without affection, a mockery of cuddling. “You’re going to have to,” said Karen. They began to move their hips in a slow grind. “Maybe then, you’ll realize how important it really is.”

Robert let out another gasp. The phantom pussy had taken hold of his cock again, only this time, the sensation was stronger than ever before. With every motion of their hips he felt the combined pleasure that all three girls could give him at once. All three of their pussies fucking him, their different rhythms and quirks overlapping, blending and parting in and out of synch, spiraling him to the point of orgasm and then beyond. Unable to cum, unable to pass out, unable to escape in any way, his senses fried and his mind roasted in pleasures too intense for a normal man to bear. Fucked and fucked and fucked forever, agonizing pleasure without end…

Robert awoke in his own bedroom, with no idea how long he’d been out. All he could remember was spending what seemed like an eternity in mind-rending pleasure, until eventually something snapped and he just shut down completely. And now, here he was. His entire body ached, but his balls in particular felt especially sore. He whipped the sheets away from his still naked body and winced at how dark and swollen his testicles were. Hesitantly, he reached to touch himself, and for a brief moment, was overjoyed that he could. That joy was short-lived; as he rubbed his flaccid cock, he was dismayed to find it didn’t respond. He could feel his fingers on his cock, but despite his desire to cum, despite how quickly his arousal flared up, the relentless teasing having given him a hair-trigger libido, his cock remained limp. It didn’t even twitch.

Robert lay back and cried.


Jane, Becky, and Karen sat at a coffee shop, looking a little sullen.

“Did we… should we really have done that?” said Becky. “I mean, he’s a total fucking douchebag, but… I never… I never thought I’d do something like that to a person.” She looked at her hands. “I mean… even ignoring the torture… to have this kind of power over someone…”

“I know,” said Karen. “I never really thought about it that way, either.” She turned to Jane. “And you? Are you okay with this?”

Jane shrugged. “I’ve punished a couple people before. Not, you know, with sex, but, I guess it’s all the same to me.” She sighed. “Look you two, I didn’t mean to make you do something you’ll regret, okay? If I got too carried away, I’m sorry. We can’t take back what we did, but, I dunno, we can undo that last curse if you guys really want. Although I really don’t think he deserves it.”

“No,” said Becky after some thought. “We did leave him that little loophole. He can suffer till he finally figures it out.”

“I wonder if he ever will?” said Karen. “Can you imagine? Guy like him, and now, he’ll only get to have sex again only when he finds a partner he genuinely cares about.” The three sighed a bit wistfully as they thought about it.

“Lucky bitch,” muttered Jane. The other two girls looked at her, and then, they all laughed. “Ah, well, more fish in the sea and all that, right?”

Becky and Karen nodded. With a grin Karen said, “And maybe next time, we shouldn’t be so shy about using our powers to enhance our fun.” She winked at the others, and they laughed again.

“Hear, hear,” said Becky, and they clinked their coffee cups together in a small toast to future successful relationships.

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