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Tender Loving Cruelty

Tracy was a student at one of the few colleges to hold a mage-exclusive sorority and fraternity. Tracy, like most mages of the modern day, had only a trace of power, only being able to do a handful of little tricks, but it was enough to get her admitted and gain a scholarship to the school. Presently, it was summer vacation, and she was only one of two young women who were staying at the house over the summer. The other was Andrea, a demure, but very powerful biomancer. You couldn’t help but love Andrea, sweet and friendly as she was, but a lot of the girls were admittedly rather jealous of her. Andrea was one of the gifted ones; landing a high paying career would be a piece of cake for her. Tracy herself barely qualified as a bottom-rung shadowmancer. Other than a few minor illusion tricks, she really had nothing going for her, magic-wise. Heck, she could barely even turn invisible.

Still, no use fretting about it, especially on such a nice day. She had been off to do one of her summer classes, but when she arrived, found it had been canceled for the day. As she headed back, she thought of inviting Andrea for a quick trip to the lake at the end of town, having some fun on the small beach there.

As she came into the house, however, she thought she heard a low moan coming from the main lounge. Tracy caught the door before it could shut with the usual bang, and listened. She heard another moan again, and this time, there was no mistaking what it was. Tracy’s eyes went wide. She let the door silently slip shut and she walked a few feet over to the doorway which looked into the lounge.

Tracy gawked from where she peaked around the corner. Jake was sitting on the couch, completely naked, save for the black cloth straps that bound his arms down to his sides, and the blindfold and gag that partially masked his face. His ankles, however, were tied to a bar that forced his legs apart, granting Andrea full access to his genitals. Andrea, however, was fully dressed, and sat on the coffee table just in front of the couch. Her back was to Tracy, and she had evidentially not heard Tracy return home. Tracy wasn’t surprised, as she saw Andrea was completely engrossed in her work. With Jake blindfolded, and Andrea with her back to the door, neither noticed that Tracy had just stumbled upon them.

The young woman was taking a long, white feather, and was lightly tracing the tip of it along Jake’s penis. Tracy’s eyes widened as she saw how stiff and red the penis was; it quivered at the feather’s touch, and pre-cum was already seeping steadily from the tip. Jake let out a long moan as Andrea ran the feather with surgical precision along the length of his shaft and around the ridge and tip of the penis head, making tight little swirls at specific spots, an act that caused Jake to jump, his penis clenching hard at each point.

Andrea reached down, and brought up another feather. She brought it forward, and ran it along Jake’s throbbing organ. The second feather she focused more on Jake’s testicles and the nooks of his inner thighs, while the first she focused more specifically on his penis head. She occasionally brought the two together along his shaft for several quick swipes, before returning to either end of him. Jake squirmed like crazy, and let out another long moan, this one almost a plea. Tracy could not believe her ears as Andrea answered this moan with a smug giggle.

“Still don’t like the feathers, huh, Jake? That’s such a shame. So light and soft, tickling your cock like crazy, driving you mad with pleasure. But still, not enough to make you cum, huh? Poor boy. Poor Jake.” Andrea leaned forward and gave the horny young man the gentlest of kisses, no more than a peck, to the tip of his penis. Jake immediately bucked forward, as if desperately attempting to plunge his dick into her mouth, but she had already pulled back, licking the pre-cum off her lips, and resumed attacking the head with her feather. “Ah, ah! Behave now. You don’t want me to have to punish you, do you?” Jake thrashed his head side to side and let out a muffled cry that sounded downright heartbroken.

After ten more minutes of torment with the feathers, Andrea suddenly plunged forward. In one swift movement, she deep throated Jake’s full length and held him there. Jake’s whole body stiffened, and his hips squirmed. Tracy was certain Jake was blowing his load from the way he twitched, but after a few moments, it was clear he had not. His body did not relax, and he kept bucking against her. Andrea placed her hands on Jake’s thighs to force him to be a little more still, and then finally lifted up, bobbing her head rapidly. After thirty seconds of this, she stopped with only the penis head in her mouth, and suckled him, her tongue visibly writhing within. Jake thrashed like a maniac, and was screaming through his gag. She repeated this action, first deep throating, then bobbing, then suckling the head, a two minute loop that went over and over again. And miracle of miracles, Jake was somehow not cumming his brains out!

Tracy felt her knees go weak. She could not believe what she was seeing. Andrea was the sweetest, gentlest person she’d ever met, and she was cruelly driving her boyfriend crazy with sexual pleasure, while somehow preventing Jake’s release.

Finally, Andrea freed Jake from her mouth, and the boy visibly sagged in his bonds, almost wheezing through his nose, the gag muffling his moans. His cock looked a downright hideous shade of dark red, throbbing with a painful looking stiffness. Andrea waited a moment, lightly running her fingertips along his thighs, before reaching up and undoing the clasp of the gag, pulling it free. Tracy’s eyes nearly bugged out as she saw the gag had been nothing less than Andrea’s own panties, probably used, held into Jake’s mouth by a small cloth strap.

“Oh, fuck,” said Jake. “Andrea please, please, baby, I can’t take it!” His blindfold was damp and Tracy saw tears running down his cheek.

“I know,” said Andrea, calmly, and almost pitilessly. She leaned up and kissed Jake deeply on the mouth, and kissed his cheeks, licking up his tears, “Mmm… your tears taste a bit like your pre-cum, you know. I like to think your cock is crying for me, too.”

Jake let out a ragged sob. Andrea stood up and sat herself in Jake’s lap. She cradled his head against her chest, and stroked his hair. She shushed him and held him, and her hand began to glow a dull white as she caressed him. The light bathed Jake, and he stopped shaking. It was hard to tell from this angle, but Tracy thought she saw his cock finally go down. Andrea kissed Jake again, and he let out a moan that sounded more like contentment than frustration. “Time to stop today. Just five more days to go. Think you can make it?”

Jake let out a hurt cry. “No, I really don’t!”

“Too bad,” said Andrea. She stood and slipped off the blindfold, and Tracy almost forgot to duck back around the doorway before she was spotted. She heard Andrea continue: “Remember, if you try to masturbate tonight, I will know, and that will add another day.”

“That so isn’t fair,” said Jake. “It’s everything I can do to not touch it!”

“Think of it as your exercise in resisting temptation,” said Andrea. “It will build up your willpower.”

Tracy could hear them moving about, and she took this opportunity to tip toe away before she was spotted. When she got to her room, she realized she was shaking, and her shorts now sported an enormous wet stain. She quickly slipped them off and threw herself onto her bed. Pulling her vibrator from its hiding spot under the bed, she turned it to full power and plunged it into herself without hesitation or build up. She had to bite the end of her pillow to keep from screaming too loudly, even as she came three times in quick succession. When she was finished, she lay there, half-conscious, gently stroking her pussy lips as she replayed the scene she had just witnessed over and over in her mind.

Tracy eventually came out to the kitchen to get something to eat, intending not to mention anything if she bumped into Andrea. Unfortunately, Andrea just happened to be getting a snack herself and Tracy instantly turned bright red upon seeing her. Tracy took a look at Andrea with renewed appreciation; the petite, strawberry blond wearing a simple white dress, a red ribbon in her hair, looked so innocent, but Tracy now new better.

Andrea smiled brightly as she saw Tracy. “Hi!” she said. “Didn’t know you were back. When did you get home?” She paused as she noticed how fiercely Tracy was blushing. “Jeez, did you fall asleep sun bathing again?” Andrea reached out and gently touched Tracy’s forearm, a white glow surrounding her hand. The glow briefly washed over Tracy, but the redness only faded a little. Tracy gulped and tried to compose herself, and the color faded somewhat. Andrea chewed her lip. “Um, well, looks like it isn’t sunburn.” She peered at Tracy, her blue eyes a little wide. “You okay?”

“Oh, oh, yeah, of course,” said Tracy. “I’m just, uh… a little hungry.”

Andrea stepped away from the fridge and sat at the little breakfast bar, munching on some carrot sticks. Tracy made herself a ham and cheese sandwich, trying not to feel awkward.

“So, uh… how was your day?” said Tracy, trying to break the ice. She took a long sip of water.

Andrea smiled softly. “I’m pretty sure you have a good idea.”

Tracy nearly choked, and spit half the water back into her glass. “Holy shit, you saw me?!”

Andrea nodded. “There’s a small mirror on the wall, incase you forgot. I finally saw you in it when I was taking the blindfold off Jake.”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to spy, it’s just… I mean…” Tracy made a motion with her hand, indicating her lack of ability to properly put her thoughts into words.

Andrea held up a hand in reassurance. “I know, I know. Not what you expected of me, huh? And it’s okay. I thought about it and realized I didn’t mind. In fact, had I known, I might have given you a bit more of a show.”

“Are you serious?”

Andrea frowned. “Well, I mean, if you were interested. Sorry, I assumed you were, since you were watching me.” She tilted her head to the side a bit. “How much did you see, exactly?”

“Um, well, the feathers, and the, uh, blowjob.”

“Ah. You missed him kissing my feet and eating me out then.”

“Andrea!” Tracy was blushing furiously again. “Oh my god! What’s gotten into you?”

Andrea seemed to withdraw a little, shoulders slumping a bit. “Um, sorry… are you really upset? I shouldn’t have done that in the lounge, huh? It’s just, I thought you’d be at class, and, well, I thought it would excite Jake some more, the idea of doing it in the main room, where we could potentially get caught. I seriously didn’t think we would. You’re not, um, going to report us, are you?”

Tracy shook her head and grinned sheepishly. “No. No, sorry, I’m not mad, I just… wow. You were working him over so bad.”

Andrea laughed lightly. “I know, right? Jake’s a really sweet guy, but he’s a complete masochist. I really wasn’t into the idea at first, but he eventually convinced me to try teasing him up a bit. And, well, it kind of escalated from there.”

Tracy shook her head slightly with wonder. “I’ll say. The way he was moaning and thrashing…”

 Andrea smiled a little smugly. “I admit, it’s pretty fun once you get into it.”

“I’m a little curious though. I saw what you were doing to him, and man, he should have blown his load like a dozen times, at least. In fact, it looked like he was trying. How were you stopping him?”

“Oh, that,” said Andrea. “Just a little magic trick I learned. I put a little spell on his cock, so he can’t have an orgasm.”

“Ever?” Tracy’s eyes were wide with amazement.

“Oh, heaven’s no!” Andrea laughed a bit. “No, the spell only lasts a couple days. I just renew it whenever he visits.”

“Wow,” said Tracy. She thought for a moment. “You told him he had to wait five more days. Is that when you plan to let him cum?”

“Maybe,” said Andrea.

“Oh, right, if he touches himself, you’ll increase the days.”

“Actually, I just make him cum whenever I feel like, which is more often than I promise. I’m not that cruel with it, but Jake gets so into it, that if I tell him he won’t cum for a month, he’ll totally believe me, and it’ll drive him crazier. Course, I can only wait so long myself; I’ll make him shoot a couple days later after a few more nice, long sessions.”

“Man, how long has this been going on?”

“About a year.”

“And none of us knew about it! Wow.”

“Becky knew, actually,” said Andrea. “I even let her join in a few times.”

Tracy gawked. “You got Becky roped into this too?”

“Just once or twice. Then she got a boyfriend of her own, and now she puts him through similar treatment. You know how she can make solid illusions? Well, imagine a guy getting teased and fucked by five copies of his girlfriend all at once!”

“Cripes, what man could survive?”

“Oh, I hear her boyfriend has tremendous stamina. He definitely needs it!” The two girls laughed. “So… interested in joining in?”

Tracy flushed once more. “Oh, god, no, I couldn’t. I mean… well, I’m not into the whole poly thing…”

Andrea nodded. “Fair enough. Would you like to watch again?”

Tracy thought it over, then smiled. “Well… maybe a little.”

Andrea smiled back. “Alright. Can you still turn invisible?” Tracy nodded. “Perfect.”

It was another two days before Jake could come over. Tracy and Andrea were hanging out in the main lounge, watching some TV, and they both smiled warmly as Jake. Andrea bounced up and kissed him deeply, Jake returning the kiss with gusto.

“I brought some movies over,” said Jake, pulling out a couple from his backpack.

“Certainly,” said Andrea. “Tracy, you want to join?” She held up the movies, though neither she nor Tracy really cared what they were.

“Sure thing. Sounds like a fun watch.” Tracy winked at Andrea as Jake put one of the movies in the player. Then Andrea and Jake snuggled together on the couch as Tracy watched them out of the corner of their eye.

The movie was some dumb romantic comedy, good for some chuckles, but ultimately forgettable. All through the movie Andrea and Jake snuck some kisses, and Andrea lightly caressed Jake’s thighs. Tracy cast a small illusion that made it look as though her attention was riveted on the screen, even as she looked straight at the couple on the couch. She smiled as she saw Jake’s erection quickly tent his shorts. Before the movie was over, he was openly squirming.

When it finished, Tracy bounced up, saying, “Well, I gotta get the library. I have some homework to finish before tomorrow. Should be back in a couple hours though.”

“You’re such a procrastinator,” laughed Andrea.

“Takes one to know one,” said Tracy with another wink to Andrea, who fought back a giggle. “Okay, see you two.” She went to her room, grabbed her book bag, and headed to the door, giving one last wave to the couple. She opened the door, paused a second, then closed it. Then, with a bit of concentration, she cast a spell of invisibility on herself. Taking her shoes off, she gingerly set them, and her backpack, next to the door’s entrance, and tip toed back to the living room. She almost gasped, putting a hand over her mouth to keep herself silent.

Jake was already naked, his clothes tossed in a pile to the corner, standing with his hands clasped behind his back. Andrea was binding his hands with one of the cloth straps she had already set under the couch. She made Jake kneel in front of her as she sat down on the couch. Already barefoot and wearing only short shorts, Andrea’s legs were on full display for him to appreciate, his cock more than happy to display his appreciation. Andrea smiled at Jake, then reached out with her legs and trapped Jake’s cock between her feet. Jake’s body stiffened immediately, and he let out a breath as she began to slowly stroke him. Pre-cum started flowing almost immediately.

Tracy snuck past the two as quietly as she could, though she had a feeling Jake was so pre-occupied that he wouldn’t notice even if she wasn’t invisible. Tracy sat down on the other couch, giving her a nice, close up side view of the action.

“Jake, Jake, Jake,” said Andrea. “Whatever am I going to do with you?”

“Wh-what do you mean, Andrea?” He was already trembling.

“You’re weak, you know that? You’re pathetic. I gave you one very simple order and you can’t even follow it for a day!”

Jake let out a gasp. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry!”

Andrea grinned. “Wow, you didn’t even try to deny it this time. I hadn’t actually checked to see if you’d done anything yet!”

“Fuck,” said Jake, grinning a little. “You got me.”

“You little minx,” said Andrea. Her feet stroked him faster, causing Jake’s hips to twitch. “I’m beginning to think you just like to be punished.” Jake moaned, and he began to motion into Andrea’s strokes. “So, what did you do, lover boy?”

“M-m-masturbated,” said Jake. He motioned his hips steadily, and Andrea stopped moving her feet. She simply held his cock while he did all the work.

“And how did you masturbate, my pet?”

“I h-humped the m-mattress,” said Jake. “I d-didn’t realize I was… oh, fuck… I was doing it until I a-almost came…”

“Ah, but you didn’t cum, did you, you little fool?” Andrea removed her feet, leaving Jake’s cock to swing free for a few moments before he stopped bucking.

“Oh, please, Andrea,” he moaned.

Andrea leaned forward and took cupped his face with her hands. “Shut up. I bet you think you’re clever, don’t you? You didn’t ‘touch’ yourself, yet you still found a way to pleasure yourself without me. Well, if that’s how you want to do it, fine.” She pushed Jake to the side, making him lay face down on the carpeted floor. She then placed her feet against his bare butt, pressing his groin to the floor. “Go ahead and hump. Hump like a worthless dog. See if I ever touch you again.” With a near whimper, Jake began to rub himself against the floor, gasping with the effort. It was a bit harder without the use of his hands, but that just made it funnier to watch.

Tracy dropped her invisibility spell just a bit and Andrea looked to her with a grin. Tracy mouthed ‘Oh my god!’ and Andrea rolled her eyes and shrugged, making a helpless gesture towards Jake as if to say, “Yeah, I know, pretty pathetic, but what are you gunna do?” The two had to bite their cheeks not to burst out laughing in unison. Tracy resumed her invisibility, and the two turned to watch Jake’s body, and especially his ass, clench with the effort to fuck the floor.

Andrea lifted her feet up. “Bored now,” she said. “Back on your knees.”

With a gasp of relief, Jake got back into a kneeling position before Andrea. She reached down and ran a finger along Jake’s throbbing shaft, which looked a bright red. Jake winced, and his erection wilted slightly. “Oh, dear, did you get a case of rug burn?”  Jake nodded slightly. “Poor thing.” A little glow of magic healed the rash, while tickling Jake’s cock, making it swell to full erection once more. “What would you do without me?”

“P-probably cum,” said Jake, with a slight grin.

“Oh, smart ass tonight! You’re begging me to hurt you, huh?” She reached down and clutched Jake’s balls, which looked painfully swollen. She then squeezed as hard as she could. Jake let out a yelp, which dissolved into a series of high pitched whimpers as a white glow emanated from her hand again. Even as she squeezed and rolled his testicles, digging her nails into his sack, she flowed healing, pleasurable energy into his loins. Jake thrashed and cried and tried to escape, but could not as she kept her grip tight. He was trapped in a fluctuating wave of pleasure and pain, bringing tears to his eyes.

“Andrea! Oh, god, Andrea, I’m sorry, I won’t talk back, I’m sorry!” Jake hissed the words between his gasps and moans.

“You bet you won’t,” said Andrea and she continued to crush/pleasure him, until his eyes rolled back, and he slumped against her. Andrea immediately let go of him, and let him settle back, laying him along the floor.

“Jesus,” said Tracy. “That looked vicious!”

“He’ll be fine,” said Andrea, as she untied his hands. She then tied the cloth bands in loops around his forearms and his lower legs, then started waving her hands while whispering. The straps glowed white for a moment, then faded.

“What was that?” said Tracy.

Andrea smiled. “You’ll see.” She caressed Jake’s face, now shining with sweat. Jake awoke a moment later. He realized he was now spread eagle, and he tried to sit up. However, the straps bound him down, even though they did not appear to be attached to anything other than his arms.

Andrea stood over Jake and slowly stripped, causing Jake’s eyes to widen. “Be a good boy now.” She straddled Jake’s face and Jake immediately started licking. Andrea let out a soft sigh. She reached back and waved her hand over Jake’s cock, which immediately began to jerk as a white tendril of energy coiled around it, and began to slide up and down. Jake let out a cry and his hips began to buck into the air. Andrea laughed and grind herself against Jake’s face.

Tracy wasn’t sure just what Jake was feeling, but it had to be something quite intense, perhaps a mystical blow job or phantom pussy. Tracy just gawked as the magic coil stroked him relentlessly, even as Andrea forced him to eat her out to several hard orgasms. Despite herself, Tracy reached into her own panties and began to rub her clit, biting the fingers of her other hand to keep from moaning.

Andrea finally tired of Jake’s tongue, and lifted off of him. He immediately began to babble pleas for mercy, to be allowed to cum, and apologies for who knows what imaginary slights Andrea may have him convinced he made. He was so far gone, he didn’t even hear Tracy’s moans as the invisible girl brought herself to orgasm, driving her fingers deep into herself.

Andrea did not cease the magic coil, simply let it do its work. She balled up her panties and gagged Jake with them again, using another strap to secure the gag. Then used another strap to blindfold him, and this time, revealed what looked like a pair of headphones attached to an MP3 player. She set the headphones on his ears, turned the player on and sat back down on the couch. Jake thrashed against his bonds as Andrea flicked her fingers and the coil around his cock moved even faster.

Andrea spoke to Tracy directly, in a voice just above a whisper. “There, now we can talk a bit. I’ve got him listening to the sounds of women moaning in ecstasy, but I don’t want to blow out his eardrums, so just keep your voice really low. Stay invisible, though, just in case the blindfold slips.

Tracy moved over to Andrea’s couch and spoke in a low voice, “Holy crap! You’re killing the poor guy!” From the tone of her voice, though, she was clearly grinning.

Andrea laughed lightly. “I haven’t used the coil on him in a while.”

“So what’s it feel like?”

“From what he tells me, a combination full length blowjob and full handjob, with a having a vibrator strapped to his dick, all at once.”

“Damn, I wish I could do that kind of magic,” said Tracy.

“It’s a much simpler trick than it looks like,” said Andrea. “Your illusion powers should be able to replicate it. Still, without the orgasm blocker, a man probably isn’t going to last more than 30 seconds, tops.”

“I get the feeling he should have popped instantly,” said Tracy. “How long has he gone without?”

“Nine days,” said Andrea. “Longer than usual, actually.”


“Are you sure you don’t want to try something on him?”

Tracy thought it over, and was grateful she was invisible so Andrea could not see her blushing like crazy. “Um… maybe next time.”

Andrea smiled. “Too bad. Would you like to see him cum, at least?”

Tracy grinned widely. “Fuck yes, I would! I can’t imagine how much pressure he’s built up by now!”

Andrea laughed, and then, with a flick of her finger, the coil moved faster on him. Another flick, and faster. Then faster still. Jake was thrashing so hard, his muscles were bulging, veins popping, and his whole body shook, flushed red. Andrea paused another moment, as if for dramatic effect, then snapped her fingers.

Instantly, Jake exploded. His cock was like a geyser, launching shots of cum so hard, he hosed down the wall a few feet away. Jake’s moans became screams as his whole body shook with such immense ecstasy, it was a wonder he stayed conscious. After half a minute, of this, however, his screams became whimpers, and his body shook anew, his hips twisted and lurching as if trying to escape stimulation. Tracy realized with a start that the coil was still stroking him!

Andrea laughed as Jake’s pleas took on a different tone through the gag. “That’s for cumming without my permission, you slut!” She winked to Tracy who just watched in wonder. “Post-Orgasm Torture. I love it. He says he hates it, but I know better.” She then raised her hand, and the coil began to slow its strokes, moving back and forth at a longer increment each time, until the coil stopped, then vanished altogether. Jake sagged, finally falling unconscious.

“Jesus,” said Tracy, as she watched Andrea undo Jake’s bonds. They threw a blanket over him and propped a pillow under his head.

“I know right? Can you believe he likes this kind of stuff?” said Andrea.

“If you say so,” said Tracy.

Andrea smiled. “Trust me, I’ll give him a break for a couple days, and by the end of the week, he’ll be begging for more. Men are so silly.”

“I’ll say,” said Tracy. “Now, I’m curious to see how Becky does it!”

The two laughed, and Andrea said, “Well, maybe I’ll convince her to let you watch some time.”

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