Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feel Girl

The jewelry store’s silent alarm had been tripped a few minutes ago, and police response had been quick. Just as quick, however, was the call for back up; apparently, within a minute of their arrival, all eight officers had been taken down without a single shot being fired. One officer had managed to choke out a call for help before his radio went silent. It was quickly determined that a metahuman criminal was at work, and the call went out the nearest Centurion base to handle the situation.

Windrazor had been the only available Centurion of Epsilon base on duty that evening. Since the store hadn’t blown up, become radioactive, been dumped into another dimension, or started pouring out hordes of monsters, Windrazor was fairly certain this was probably a low-level meta causing the problem. Simple robber types usually were.

The silver-costumed hero took off from Epsilon Base like a shot, able to travel far faster by foot than any of the team’s jump jets. He crossed the fifty miles to reach the bank in just under thirty seconds. When he got there, the area had been cordoned off by more police, but no one else had dared enter the building. Unfortunately, no one had come out, either. Still, this seemed straight forward enough; rush in, grab the bad guy, rush out.

The world slowed to a crawl as Windrazor shifted to super speed. He increased his personal “clock” to the point that a bullet traveled almost as fast as a snail. Then he casually strode into the building.

Windrazor blanched as he opened the door to the bank. The unmistakable musk of semen hung heavy in the air. A quick glance around showed a mess of people sprawled all over the floor. These were the cops who had first come in. They all had their pants open, and were in the process of vigorously masturbating; several had large streaks of semen splattered up their fronts, or along the floor. Long ribbons of cum hung in the air, arcing from the cocks of two of the officers as Windrazor moved in the moment between spasms.

Windrazor walked on, towards the back of the store, where he saw the office door was partially open. Through the door, he could see a man in an expensive suit, probably the owner, kneeling in front of the store’s safe. Windrazor figured the man was being forced to open the safe, possibly at gunpoint, or perhaps by some other means.

It took a second look for Windrazor to notice that the man had his pants around his ankles, and he could just barely see the head of the man’s hard penis poking out from behind his exposed thigh. And, coming from just beyond the view allowed by the doorway, he could see a single, delicate finger touching the tip of the man’s cock.

Windrazor stepped into the room, and blinked. Crouching next to the man in the suit, her arm outstretched to touch his penis with her fingertip, was a young woman, completely naked, save for a pair of simple sandals and a pair of large horn-rimmed glasses. The girl wasn’t what you’d call a looker: skinny and short, nearly flat-chested, with almost no curve to her hips, dirty-blind hair cut short in an almost boyish fashion. If she’d been wearing the right clothes, she could easily pass for a young man.

Still, the more he looked at her, the more he found himself entranced. She was hardly his type, but there was just something about her, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on, that made him want to keep looking at her. He shook his head. This wasn’t the time for voyeurism. She was clearly the metahuman criminal here, probably using some kind of sexual based power to control the men in this store. Windrazor reached to grab her, race her outside and cuff her. However, he hesitated as his fingers brushed her outstretched arm. She may not have been his type, but his eyes roamed over her again and again.

He felt his cock twitch inside his uniform, and he swallowed. He reminded himself he had to focus on his task. But still, at this speed, he could afford to look a little longer. Yes, just a little longer. He’d take one last good look, and then he would apprehend her. He would cuff her and then he would… he would…

Windrazor’s cock had suddenly become achingly hard as he found himself thinking of all sorts of things he could do to her while she was handcuffed. Who cared if she was flat-chested? She had nice, hard nipples that were just begging to be sucked. Her lips, curved into a grin, were soft and slightly moist, and would fit perfectly around his cockhead.

Windrazor became so lost in the fantasy that he didn’t even noticed that he’d gotten down on his knees to gaze at the woman closer. He also failed to notice when the world began to speed up as his concentration on his power began to wane. The man’s hand on the dial started to spin faster, and the girl’s finger on the man’s cock began to trace lightly up and down, teasing it gently. A low moaning sound quickly raised in pitch as words stretched out comically long began to shift back to normal speed. Windrazor, now half-conscious as he openly gaped at the woman’s nude body, vaguely managed to catch the words, “…let you cum. That’s it, just…”

The woman suddenly leaped back with a near shriek as Windrazor slowed down enough that he became visible and a sudden rush of wind flew into the room signaling his arrival. “Holy fuck!” the woman gasped. She stood almost frozen, not sure what do with the appearance of the silver and grey clad superhero. The man in the suit lurched as he realized he was no longer being touched. He turned and looked at the young woman, almost glassy eyed.

“Oh, please don’t stop!” he slurred. That seemed to snap the woman out of her startled freeze-up. She looked to the man, then glanced at Windrazor, then back, and back again. It took her a few seconds to realize that Windrazor was gaping at her, the mask over his face slightly stretched from a dropped jaw. The mirrored visor didn’t let her see his eyes, but she could practically feel them transfixed on her. Of course, the massive erection in his pants was also quite noticeable.

After taking a moment to compose herself, the woman motioned at the store owner. “Keep at it. Open that door for me, and I promise, I’ll let you cum nice and hard.” The man returned to his task of twirling the combination dial. Within a few moments, he pushed the safe door open with a grunt. He turned to the woman and prostrated himself before her, awaiting his reward. Keeping her eyes on Windrazor, she dismissively waved at the store owner again. “Yes, yes, very good, cum now,” she said half-heartedly. With a sharp cry of ecstasy, the store owner shuddered, hips jerking, as his cock began shooting semen all over the floor. The owner continued to shake for a few minutes, until he passed out, laying in his own puddle of cum. The woman paid him no heed.

Windrazor continued to stare at her nude body, his eyes roaming up and down, pausing repeatedly on her small breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. By now, he was rubbing himself through his outfit, and didn’t even realize it. The woman grinned widely. “Oh my god,” she said. “I think I know who you are. You’re that Windy guy, or something right? The speedster from the Centurions. Well, one of them anyway. Wow! What were you planning to do, just run in, grab me, and throw me to the cops in a blink?”

Windrazor nodded slowly. His hand began rubbing faster. The woman laughed. “Geez, I guess I’m lucky my little hypno-aura works on you even when you’re going fast, huh?” She paused. “I guess I should have sounded more confident there, called you a ‘foolish meddling hero’ or something, huh? I’m kinda new to this whole supervillain thing, you see. Hmm. Now, how can I take advantage of this?” She glanced down and saw his hand go even faster, and then her grin got even wider. Reaching out with a foot, she batted his hand away from himself. “Ah, ah, ah! None of that, now. Not just yet, anyway.”

The sudden interruption of pleasure snapped Windrazor out of his haze, if slightly. He started to stumble back. “You… what are you…” He started shifting himself to a faster speed once more, but faltered when his gaze fell to her exposed pussy, and he noticed that her nether lips were slightly moist. This sent him spiraling back into a haze of lust, and his hand reached for himself again.

“Hey!” she said, and kicked his hand away again. “I said no!” Windrazor made a small disappointed grunt, but obeyed. She smiled and crouched down in front of him, giving him a good view of her chest. She cupped his cup with one hand, and reached forward with the other. Her fingertips traced along the bulge of his cock, and he jerked with a gasp. “Aw, I know, it aches to be touched doesn’t it? Tell you what, baby, you do a little, teensy favor for me, and I’ll let you touch, okay?” She turned around, reached behind her, and grabbed a couple cloth sacs that had been on the floor behind her. She turned back, gave Windrazor another bright smile, and held the sacks up, revealing them to be pillow cases. “Just fill these up with money from the safe, and as many jewels as you can, okay? Do it real fast for me, and you’ll get to touch.”

Some semblance of principles managed to nudge its way past the haze of lust in Windrazor’s mind, and he managed to slur out a “Nnnnoooo…”

The woman frowned. Then she stood and took step closer to Windrazor, filling his vision with the sight of her pussy. “Really, baby? No? You sure? I know you want to touch real bad. But I can’t let you until you help me out, okay? Please?”

Windrazor managed to shake his head, though it was nearly imperceptible. “Oh, baby, don’t be so hard on yourself. I want to let you touch. I really, really do! I promise I’ll let you do it if you grab those things for me, just real quick. Pleeeeease?”

A long, low groan escaped from Windrazor’s lips, and the woman opened her mouth to try again. Then, suddenly, there was a rush of wind, and Windrazor was gone. Barely two seconds later, another rush of wind hit and he was kneeling in front of her again; the two pillowcases were nearly overflowing with jewels and wads of cash. It was the woman’s turned to gape. “Wow!” she said, eyes wide. “Holy crap!”

Windrazor groaned again, loudly, and she nodded. “Yeah, sweetie, you can touch,” she said. Windrazor nearly jumped for joy as he reached to undo the seam on his outfit and pull his cock out. “Wait!” she suddenly said, kicking his hand away again. Windrazor’s jaw dropped, and he made an almost hurt sound. “I know, I know, I just…” the woman paused as she worked out a new line of thought in her head. She kneeled in front of him and cupped his chin in her hands again. “Okay, baby, before you do that, I have one more little favor to ask you,” she said. “Just one teensy little thing, and I promise you’ll get to touch. No! Even better. I’ll touch you myself! Would you like that?” Windrazor nodded eagerly, and she let out a chuckle, imagining his eyes going wide behind his visor.

“Okay,” she said. “I need you to get me out of here. I have a vehicle parked a couple blocks away. Just get me to it, and once we’re on the road, and I’ll start touching you. Can you do that?” Windrazor nodded. “Great!” She turned and grabbed a long trenchcoat which had been discarded on the floor behind her. She almost put it on, but glanced at Windrazor and thought better of it. She instead clasped the buttons at the neck and wore it like a cape, then hefted the two sacks. “Oof, damn, how much did you cram into these?” She hugged them to herself with an effort. “Okay, it’s a red car, two-seater, with out of state plates, three blocks east, and two blocks North. Can you get us there?”

She had barely finished the last word when she found herself suddenly being lurched off her feet, and then just as suddenly, she was standing in front of that very car. Taking a moment to orient herself, she dropped the bags and leaned against the car. “Woah… jeez, how do you do that? I barely even felt myself move.” She shook her head, and popped the trunk, throwing the bags in. Then she jumped into the car. Windrazor was at the passenger window, but found when he tried to open the door, it was locked. The woman cracked the window open and yelled out, “Thanks for the help, babe! A pleasure doing business with you!” With a laugh, she started the car, and prepared to floor it out of there, leaving the poor hero to suffer where he stood.

But then she paused and looked back at him. She chewed her lip as the gears turned in her head. Windrazor just stared at her expectantly, his cock lewdly bulging his pants. She sighed, and said, “Oh, man. I can’t believe I’m even considering this.” She unlocked the door. “Okay, get in.” With a blink, he was suddenly in the passenger seat next to her, his pants already down at his ankles. She smirked. “My, my, quick and to the point.” She reached over, and gently flicked his penis head, watching it waiver back and forth for a moment. “There, I touched you.”

Windrazor let out a near whimper, opening his mouth to protest, but she silenced him to a finger to his lips as she laughed. “You can stroke yourself as we go. You may stare me as you do so. In fact, keep your eyes focused on me the whole time, don’t look at the road or where we’re going. You may stroke yourself until we reach our destination, then you must stop.” As she put the car into drive, she saw his hand was a near blur as Windrazor immediately obeyed her commands. She could tell from the way he was stiffening that he was already on the verge of orgasm, the excitement from her aura and his super fast motions already sending him over the edge. “Woah, there speedy! Slow it down, huh? Nice and easy like.” With a Herculean effort, Windrazor slowed his hand to a steady, but easy stroke. “That’s better.” As she pulled away from the curb and made her way back to her “hideout” she said, “Oh, and one more thing: no cumming until I say. Got it?”

Windrazor let out a quaking groan, to which she could only laugh again.

Windrazor was moaning again, shivering with pent up lust. He kneeled in front of his new mistress, naked, his cock achingly hard and blazing hot. His hands were clasped tightly behind his back as he leaned downed before her. She sat on a dark leather chair, also nude, her feet propped up on a footrest. As she gave Windrazor a full view of her body, trapping him helplessly in her hypnotic aura of lust, she commanded him to suck and lick her toes. She had discovered he had a foot fetish, so this served not only to amuse her at the sight of a superhero reduced to licking her feet, but to arouse and torment him further.

He did so at once, causing her to giggle a bit, then moan softly as she enjoyed the attentions. She eyed his throbbing cock and grinned devilishly. She had indeed allowed him to stroke himself all the way back to her “hideout” but forced him to stop once they’d arrived. It had been almost a full day since she’d brought him back, and she had not allowed him to touch since, nor had she touched him herself. Needless to say, he had not had an orgasm in that time, either. She had, however, forced him to watch her masturbate with a vibrator, which all but shattered whatever resistance he had left.

The sexual pressure in his body and mind was enormous. She had never teased a man this badly before, and the longer it went on, the more Windrazor became irrevocably her slave. He no longer even hesitated when she gave him an order anymore, or for that matter, when she asked him for information. She learned his name was Jin Zephyr and that he got his powers from being bonded to a wind spirit. He had been more reluctant to tell her about his team, the Centurions, but after giving him a show with her vibrator, he was nearly babbling information.

She knew where every base was located. She had a list of access codes and passwords to the Centurions’ computer network, as well as a list of every weapon and device locked up in the Epsilon Base’s arsenal. She had a list of civilian identities for a good quarter of the team, as well as home addresses for some of them. She even knew a few of the heroes’ special weaknesses. As she sat there, forcing Windrazor/Jin, to worship her feet, she wondered how she might make use of this information.

“I could be like a real supervillain,” she mused. “I could be A-list in no time flat!” She laughed. “I should probably come up with a name for myself, huh? Let’s see… Hypno Girl is already taken. So’s the Enchantress. Succubus is too generic. And taken. Hmm… what do you think, Jin?”

Jin could only give a pitiful moan. She smirked. “Guess you’re just feeling too damn horny to think straight, huh?” She paused. “Huh. Yeah. Feel Girl. Cause looking at me makes you Feel all horny. And makes you want to Feel me touching you.” Jin moaned again. “Oh, come on, it’s not that bad a name. Besides, all the good ones are taken.” Jin moaned yet again, his penis quivering and leaking pre-cum heavily as the act of suckling her toes drive him even crazy. The newly dubbed “Feel Girl” grinned. “Hey, I don’t mind it. If it’s too silly a name for you, that’s your problem.”

“Mmm… please…” Jin said, gasping out each word. “Need… need…”

“Need to cum?” said Feel Girl. She withdrew her feet and spread her legs, scooting forward a bit. “I have a better idea. You’re quite good with your mouth on my toes. I’m curious to see if your skill carries over to other parts.”

Jin let out a shaky gasp. Feel Girl pulled the footstool back against the chair with her legs, and Jin scooted forward. As he brought his lips to her pussy, she wrapped her legs around him, and pushed him forward so that his penis pressed against the footstool. He jerked as his penis made contact, the first touch of any sort to his aching member he’d had since arriving here. “You may hump while you lick me. But no cumming.”

Jin instantly began bucking against the stool, even as his tongue darted over Feel Girl’s pussy, lashing away at her clit and probing deep into her. She let out a near shriek, unprepared for the sudden rush of pleasure. She had never received oral before, and Jin’s mouth was simply amazing. With uncanny speed and precision, he struck her hot spots with a maddening frequency, and Feel Girl trapped his head against her, snapping her legs shut around him as she clutched his hair in her fists. Stuck between her legs, forced against her sex, Jin was overwhelmed, and his hips went wild, humping the cushioned edge of the footstool. Cum roiled in his balls, but he could not release, no matter how hard he tried, not until his mistress commanded it.

Feel Girl came in under a minute, then again a few seconds later, then again after that, multiple orgasms blending together under Jin’s oral assault. She could barely draw breath to tell him to stop, and her body instinctively held onto him like a bear trap. She screamed in ecstasy as Jin sent her to dizzying heights of pleasure until her vision went dark and she blacked out on top of him.

She stumbled off the chair, freeing Jin, who collapsed against the chair and footstool. His hips still bucked away, tormenting him with the impossible attempt to orgasm, even as he buried his face in the puddle of wetness staining the leather chair’s seat. Feel Girl came to a few minutes later, shaking as she propped herself up on her elbows. “Oh, man! Th-that was… oh, man!” She looked to Jin in wonder. She had never cum like that before in her life! “You are definitely a keeper, speedy!” She then laughed as she realized he was still fucking the footstool. “You can stop that now, it’s not going to do you any good.”

With a ragged sigh of both relief and frustration, Jin pulled away from the chair and stool, collapsing onto his back and gasping. His face was slick from her juices, and a long thread of pre-cum trailed from his cock to the edge of the stool, which now sported a stain almost as big as the one on the leather chair.

“That felt pretty good, huh?” she said. Jin nodded dully. She got up, and stepped over Jin, then crouched down, straddling his middle. Then she kneeled, and promptly sat on his cock, pressing her pussy lips along the shaft. Jin immediately stiffened and then began to buck into her, until she commanded, “Stop! Stay perfectly still.” Jin complied, even though his body shivered with pent up frustration. She sat on him this way for a minute, his cock trapped between her pussy and his stomach. Then, she began to slowly slide her pussy along the shaft, slipping forward until his penis head was almost at her entrance, then back until her clit almost touched his balls. Back and forth she went, her slick pussy rubbing his shaft with maddening slowness. Jin shuddered like he was having a seizure, but he could not so much as thrust against her.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she said. Jin nodded, his face contorted in anguish. “Can you even imagine what it’ll be like fully inside me?” Jin let out a low moan. “Do you want that? Do you want to slide your cock into me? Do you want to fuck me?” Jin nodded vigorously. She kept sliding against him for another few minutes in silence, boiling him in pleasure and lust and need.

“Okay, Jin, I’ve decided,” she said. “I’m going to let you fuck me. In fact, I will let you fuck me until you cum. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Jin again nodded vigorously. “Yeah, I bet. In fact, right now, I’d say you need it more than anything else you’ve ever needed in your life before, don’t you?” Again, Jin nodded. “Good. Now, if you want to do that, you’re going to have to earn it. I’m going to need you to do something for me.”

“Anything!” Jin gasped.

“Good,” she said. She stopped moving, and leaned down, laying atop Jin and bringing her face to his. “I’m not really such a bad girl, Jin. Truthfully, the money and jewels you helped me steal a couple days ago can tide me over for a long time. And I’ve no interesting in endangering your teammates or anything. Even though I could sell all that information of who they are, how to find them, and how to hurt them to any number of your enemies, I’m sure. Heck, even just giving your foes the access codes to your computer system would probably set me for life. But, I’m not gunna do that. Well, not unless I get in trouble with you guys and I have to use that as leverage. I am, however, very interested in your base’s arsenal. See, my power is great and all, but if I ever come into conflict with a real threat, I’m woefully under prepared. Heck, if my power hadn’t worked on you despite your speed, I’m pretty sure I’d be in jail right now. Well, assuming I couldn’t just walk back out while I made the whole prison jizz their pants. Anyway, my point is, I think a few knick knacks from your base should give me a good amount of protection. What do you say?”

For a moment, Jin actually managed to again resist her. Knowledge of what any one person could do with even a handful of the artifacts and weapons in the Epsilon arsenal pierced through the haze of his lust like a shining beacon of clarity. However, it was all for naught, as Feel Girl noticed his expression slightly harden, and she simply sat up and began rubbing against his cock again. Within seconds, Jin was back under her spell, but she rubbed her pussy against him for another minute just to make sure.

“I’m serious, Jin. You do this for me, you can do anything to me you want. Sexually, I mean, no hauling me off to jail! Though if you want to cuff me for added fun, I could be up for that.” She giggled. “Seriously, I’ll let you cum, and you’ll get to fuck any hole you want. I want you to think about that while you do this for me. I want you to focus on that as your reward. Okay?”

Jin could only nod, totally enraptured as she slid against him. Feel Girl grinned in triumph.

Hidden inside a small mountain off in the woods, Epsilon Base was at least a hundred a miles from where Feel Girl was holed up. Jin/Windrazor cleared the distance in mere minutes. He slowed down just long enough to enter the passcode at a speed the keypad could actually keep up with, as well as the reader for his key card, then burst inside, resuming his earlier speed. All around him, the base seemed frozen in mid-motion. He saw Spark, the electrokinetic field leader of the team, and Tact, the team’s gadgeteer, walking down the hall in mid-step, an arm load of equipment carried by each. He passed a couple others, the armored warrior Chozo coming out from the training room and the martial artist Striker manning the communications room. In the moment between heartbeats, Jin passed them all by as he made his way to the weapons locker. No one else in the base could move as fast as him; he would be in and out before anyone even knew he was there. Then, he could return to his new mistress and fuck her until he couldn’t move anymore, just like she promised.

Jin wound his way down to the base’s lowest levels, until he came to a huge metal door, resembling a bank vault. The door required no less than five unlocking procedures: retina scan, thumb print, key card, a trio of passwords, and voice command. Jin found himself needing to slow down once more to do them all at the right speed, a process which only aggravated him as it meant waiting even longer. Rather than wait for the door to slowly inch open while he was at super speed, Jin dropped his speed down to normal as the door’s hydraulics pushed it open. The moment he got enough clearance to slip his body through, he shoved his way into the store room.

The vault was large, and contained a variety of clear cases, as well as a few large contraptions covered in sheets. Labels indicated the device’s particular uses and who they might have previously belonged to before the Centurion’s confiscated it. Jin managed to avoid grabbing the ones with labels like “Doomsday Driver” or “Demonic Summoning Ring” and other such potentially apocalyptic purposes. Even with his mind warped by inhumanly intense lust, he still had a bit of common sense.

Jin settled on three objects: the Power Gauntlets, supertech devices designed by Tact which allowed the user to use force field technology for protection, super strength, and flight. The Destin Sword, an indestructible magical blade used by a sorceress from Earth’s ancient past, which could absorb natural and magical energies and could cut through any known substance. Lastly, there was the Warp Ring, a mystic bracelet which could create portals to transport to anywhere in the world, and even across dimensions to reach other worlds entirely. Any one of these devices would definitely boost a person’s personal power. Combined, the user could be quite formidable. Snatching the devices up, Jin dashed right back through the base, and out the door. He was already nearly back to Feel Girl’s “hideout” before anyone at Epsilon Base even realized what had happened.


“The fuck was that?” said Spark, as she pulled her hair back from being suddenly whipped into her face by a powerful rush of wind. “Was that Windrazor?”

Tact set his box of equipment down with a huff, already using his technopathy to check the computer records. “Looks like,” he said, going over the camera images. It wasn’t until Windrazor flickered into view for a brief moment while the vault door opened that he could confirm it. “And it looks like he…” Another rush of wind nearly knocked the two over. Tact let out a sigh, continuing, “…just stole a few things from our weapons locker.”

“Oh, crap,” said Spark, dropping her own box of equipment. “Seriously?” She shook her head. “Alright, alert the others that we found him. Think you’ll be able to track him now?”

“Well, he’s still got his com-link disabled. However, one of the things he stole was the set of Power Gauntlets, and I should be able to sense those from miles away.” He flipped through the images of the bases’ exterior cameras, seeking for the tell tale sign of a line of grass and other vegetation bending the wake of his passing. “Looks like… he’s headed for Unity City, to the southeast. Let’s jet on over there, and I’ll see what I can pick up.”

“Alright,” said Spark. “I’ll have Chozo and Striker on stand by incase things get harry.”


Within the hour, Spark and Tact had landed the two-seater jump jet on the rooftop of a mostly empty apartment building, located on edge the city limits, just before the suburbs took over. It was one of the few non-boarded up buildings along that street; the neighborhood had been mostly abandoned and no one had yet come in to rebuild the area, giving the place an eerily empty feeling despite being part of a major city.

According to Tact’s technopathic senses, the Power Gauntlets were located on the third floor, on the northern corner of the building. Currently, the jump jet was cloaked by an invisibility field, and the heroes all stayed within its boundary to avoid being spotted.

“This doesn’t exactly seem like the best of hideouts,” said Spark, looking at the neglected neighborhood around them. “I can’t imagine anyone with the balls to try and steal our stuff would hole up in this place.”

“Desperate times, perhaps?” said Tact. “Or they’re just getting started.”

“What about Jin? You think its mind control? Or maybe someone’s forcing him to do this through coercion?”

“I guess we won’t know until we confront him.” Tact pulled a small round device, like a silver egg, from one of the numerous pouches on his belt. “If it is mind control, though...” He set the device on the roof, and it sprouted a series of thin wires, which it then used as spidery legs to lift itself up. The narrower end of the “egg” slide back, revealing a small camera lens and tiny microphone. The egg-shaped device scuttled away to the edge of the roof, climbed up the short wall like a spider, then crawled over the side and began its descent.

“No sense sending one of us in to get mind-zapped before we can even do anything,” said Tact. His technopathic senses allowed him to see and hear through the little scouting device. In turn, he used his power to guide the device via mental commands, making it crawl towards where he sensed the Power Gauntlets were located. After a minute, the device came to the right apartment, and positioned itself near a window. The window, unfortunately, was blocked with curtains. Tact then had the device crawl around until he found a broken window in the next apartment over. The scout slipped in through the window, headed for the nearest air vent, then work its way through the passages until it was inside the right apartment. Finally, the device passed a vent that looked into the room where Tact sensed the Gauntlets. As he trained the camera and microphone to spy into the room, Tact’s eyes widened.

Windrazor was there, kneeling on the floor. He was completely naked, his eyes staring forward but half-closed, his hands clasped behind his back. He twitched and jerked oddly, and Tact could see that his penis was hard as a rock, beet red and drooling pre-cum steadily. Tact blinked in surprise at this. Then he turned the lens to focus on what Windrazor was staring at.

In front of Windrazor was a naked young woman, an almost boyish looking blond, who was currently wearing not only the Power Gauntlets, but the Warp Ring. The Destin Sword was propped up against the far wall. The woman was covered in an almost transparent energy field, indicating the Gauntlets were activated, and she hefted a large leather chair up with the tips of her fingers on one hand.

“Hahaha, this is great!” she said. She tossed the chair up a few inches and caught it easily. “Man, I could barely move this thing, it was so heavy before. Now it’s light as a feather! Hey, I bet I could go outside and chuck cars around like baseballs or something!” She paused and set the chair down, then focused on the Ring. She concentrated, and the golden band glowed a dull blue. Then, suddenly, a portal ringed with blue energy swirled into being a few feet away. Through the portal, a beach on some tropical island could be seen. “Neat!” said the girl, grinning widely. “Instant vacation!”

“Please, Feel Girl, please,” pleaded Windrazor. “You said I could fuck you…”

The woman, “Feel Girl,” looked up to him and frowned. “I did, didn’t I?” She crossed her arms and tapped her chin, then smiled wickedly. “Well, I suppose I can put off testing these things out till after I give you your reward. Stand up, Jin.” Windrazor/Jin obeyed, getting eagerly to his feet. “You may fuck me and cum inside me, and only inside me, but only if you can!”

Jin pounced on her like a tiger. He moved to wrap his arms around her… and was stopped by the force field which still surrounded her. The field extended only an inch from her skin, appearing more as a faint outline of her body, but it was powerful enough to negate the impact of a cruise missile going at top speed, not to mention the explosion that would follow, with the Gauntlets’ wearer not budging an inch. Instead of shoving her onto the floor and ramming himself into her, Jin ended up clinging to her and humping against her as if she were a stationary pole sticking out of the floor. She laughed as his cock rubbed against the force field a mere inch away from her pussy. With a loud growl of frustration, he clutched and clawed at the force field trying to get to her, but it was to no avail. Too caught up in the pleasure, all he could do was pitifully hump against the field and cry against it. Since he could not reach her, he could not feel the pleasure of her touch, and since he could not get inside her, he could not cum.

From his vantage point on the roof, Tact’s jaw dropped and his eyes took on a glazed look. He watched the scene unfold in utter awe. Even the sight of his teammate’s sexual suffering could not dampen the fact that this “Feel Girl” was unexpectedly, but irresistibly, alluring. Just looking at her, even remotely through his device, he found himself incredibly aroused. Without even realizing it, his hand began to move towards his crotch, his body instinctively trying to masturbate.

A painful shock to his arm snapped him out of it. With a yelp, he jumped back, clutching his arm, his connection to the device severed. “Tact! Wake up!” Spark was yelling at him, her hand extended, with little arcs of electricity sparking across her fingertips. Tact shook his head, and immediately shut down the scout device, causing it to retract its wires and cover its lens and microphone. He took a breath and steadied himself against the jump jet.

“Jeez, way to zone out,” said Spark. She motioned to Tact’s lower half. “I take it you liked what you saw?”

Tact looked down and noticed the erection he was sporting. He shifted uncomfortably, and turned away, while he tried to get himself under control. “There’s, um, some woman down there. She’s got Windrazor under her, uh, spell, let’s just say.”

“Can you be more specific?” said Spark. “Under her spell how?”

Tact thought for a moment, trying very hard to not actually replay what he’d seen in his head over and over. He almost managed not to. Instead he did anyway, making his cock twitch; it would not be going down any time soon. “Well,” he said. “She’s naked, and Windrazor seems trapped in a state of extreme lust as he stares at her. Given my own reaction to the sight of her, I’d say she’s able to entrance a person by showing off her naked body.”

Spark’s eyes raised. “Wow, she must be quite the looker.”

“Actually, she’s pretty plain,” said Tact, thinking back to her again. His eyes started to glaze over again and his cock twitched in his pants once more, something that did not escape Spark’s notice. She sighed, reached over and clasped Tact’s groin in her hand, then shot a spark of electricity into him. The jolt was just enough to snap him out of his trance and finally get his cock to soften. “Christ!” said Tact, clutching himself over Spark’s hand.

Spark kissed his cheek. “I’m sorry, babe. I’ll make it up to you later, but the last thing we need is you losing focus, okay?”

Tact nodded and let out a breath. “Okay,” he said. He turned to the others. “Okay, first things first, we need to neutralize Jin. Once that woman commands it, he could take us down in an instant. Then we need to neutralize the weapons she’s got. I can shut off the Power Gauntlets right away, but…” He cleared his throat, thinking of Jin probably still desperately trying to fuck the woman, her only protection being the force field. While Tact figured she probably deserved it, he wasn’t about to let his teammate become an inadvertent rapist. “But I don’t want to, uh, tip her off before we’re ready. Plus, she might use the Warp Ring to escape if she thinks something’s wrong.”

“Alright, well… what do you suggest?”

Tact frowned. “Well… you have electrosense, you can tell where people are by their electrical fields. If you can get down to her apartment, then close or cover your eyes, can you still fight her?”

“Sure, no problem,” said Spark. “I’ve gotten pretty good at that. Striker’s been helping train me to fight blind.”

“Good,” said Tact. “Get down to her door. When you’re ready, say the word, break the door in, close your eyes, and start blasting. I’ll shut off the Gauntlets right as you enter. You should be able to zap her, and, uh, Jin, while they are both distracted with each other.”

Spark cocked an eyebrow at Tact. “What exactly are they doing down there?”

“Uh, well, she has him entranced by prancing around naked in front of him. You can probably guess.”

Spark let out a somewhat amused grunt. “Oh, sure, when I get mind controlled, it’s from a demon chick funneling itself into my cooch. When Jin gets mind controlled, it’s from getting a lapdance.”

“It’s a bit more than a lapdance…”

“I get it, thanks.”

“Okay. Good luck.”

Spark activated her flight belt, stepped out of jump jets invisibility field, and dropped down to the street below, quickly ducking into the main door to the building. As she made her way towards the apartment, Tact kept track of her movements through her com-link.

Tact himself tried not to think about what was going on in the apartment, and more specifically, tried not to think about the woman. But now that he had a few moments free time while waiting, he found he couldn’t really help it. The image of Feel Girl’s nude body rose unbidden to his mind.

Tact swallowed as he felt his erection return. He had to concentrate on the task at hand. He couldn’t let himself get distracted, or Spark would effectively be stumbling right into a trap. Still, Tact couldn’t believe how potent the woman’s power was. He’d only glimpsed her for a few seconds, and he just could not get her out of his mind. Just a few seconds… Tact found himself wanting to look at her again. He knew he shouldn’t. He bit his lip and tried to think of something else; complex mathematical calculations, blue prints for his latest gadgets, how to maybe upgrade the Power Gauntlets, the fact that Feel Girl was wearing them being one hell of an upgrade already, the fact that Gauntlets were all she was wearing…

Tact swallowed hard again, and found himself unable to resist the temptation to activate his scouting device again. In its hiding place in the vent, it extended its wire-legs and uncovered its lens and microphone, and turned to peer through the vent cover. His eyes widened once more at what he saw.

Windrazor was now sitting on the leather chair, head thrown back, mouth agape, hands in a death grip on the armrests. Feel Girl was kneeling in front of him, and giving him a slow, luxurious blowjob. Tact felt a strong pang of jealously. Good God, did he want to be in Windrazor’s position.

“I’m sorry, baby,” said Feel Girl between light kisses and long licks of Windrazor’s painfully hard cock. “That was really mean of me to tease you like that. I got a little carried away. But you have to admit it was kind of funny watching you hump away like a horny doggie!” Windrazor groaned loudly in response. “Aw, don’t worry, baby, I’m going to give you what you want. You still want me to suck you off, right?” Windrazor nodded vigorously. “Okay, well, just relax. I want to make this real special.” She resumed her oral ministrations, still going with agonizing slowness, but stimulating him with uncanny precision. Windrazor looked like he was going to have a heart attack from pleasure overload.

“Okay, Tact, I’m ready.” Tact blinked, slightly startled, as he recognized Spark’s voice over the com-link. “One, two, three, NOW!” Made sluggish by the lustful haze he was in, Tact’s mind didn’t register what she was talking about until it was too late. Through the camera of his scouting device, Tact saw Spark smash through the door to the apartment, body crackling with energy. She had her eyes tightly shut, but lashed out with lightning bolts straight at Feel Girl and Windrazor.

Instantly, the Power Gauntlets whipped up a force field to protect their wearer. Windrazor, however, was not so lucky, and the electricity struck him full on, rendering him unconscious.

“Holy fuck!” said Feel Girl. She scrambled up from the floor and dove for the Destin Sword in the corner. Spark launched off a couple more bolts of lightning with unerring accuracy, but the force field blocked the shots. Feel Girl managed to pick up the sword, and held it in front of her. At that point, any more shots of lightning were simply absorbed by the blade.

“Tact!” yelled Spark. “What happened?! She’s not down!”

Tact couldn’t respond. He was now fully entranced by Feel Girl, zooming in the lens of his device to more closely scope out her body. He was already taking out his cock and stroking himself.

“Tact, shut off the Gauntlets!” When nothing happened, Spark cursed, knowing her partner was now compromised.

“Wh-who are you talking to?” said Feel Girl. Her eyes were wide with fright, and the Destin Sword shook in her hand. The shock of the intrusion still had her heart racing, even though she had just shrugged off several lightning bolts, and now was effectively untouchable by them thanks to the sword. What really worried her, though, was that the intruder’s eyes were closed. Even with her new weapons, Feel Girl realized she wasn’t remotely prepared to fight someone who wasn’t simply bowled over by her hypnotic aura.

Spark powered down, the electrical arcs surrounding her body flickering out, and she assumed a more relaxed position. “Alright,” she said. Even with her eyes closed, she turned to the side so she wouldn’t accidentally peek at her opponent. “I can see we’re at a bit of a stalemate here.”

“Wh-who are you? What do you want?” said Feel Girl, her voice still trembling.

“My name is Spark. I am here to retrieve my teammate and my team’s stolen property, and to take you in for kidnapping and theft.” Spark paused. “And possibly torture. Whatever you were doing to him, but it sure as fuck didn’t sound good.”

“I, I, I was just giving him a little head. H-he wanted me to.”

Spark cocked her head to the side a bit, noticing how frightened, and young, her opponent sounded. “How old are you?”


“Cripes, you’re still in High School?”

“Um, well, I sorta quit… I still got my diploma, though, so you know...”

“Yeah, I can just imagine how you managed that one.”

“Well, when you got the gift…”

“Look, kiddo, this is not something you just fool around with willy-nilly. It’s not a game, and not something you should just flaunt around to get a quick cash grab or an easy lay. Mind control like this has serious consequences.”

“Look, I just…”

“Skip it. You’re under arrest.” Spark turned fully towards Feel Girl again, and stood tall, electricity again sparking along her body. Even with her eyes closed, Spark’s bearing was intimidating enough to make Feel Girl’s heart skip a beat.

Feel Girl backed up a few steps until she hit the wall. Then, she whirled, and with two quick cuts, sliced straight through the wall with the Sword, then reared back and punched the center of the cut with her gauntlet, knocking out a huge hole in the wall. Before Spark could stop her, Feel Girl leaped out of the wall, dropped to the sidewalk outside, and took off running.

“Shit!” yelled Spark. She dashed to the edge of the wall, and started firing lightning bolts after Feel Girl, which of course did nothing. “Tact! Tact, snap out of it, and help—” Spark suddenly found herself yanked backwards as someone grabbed her from behind, then slammed her into the floor.

Windrazor, Jin, had recovered, and was now on top of her. Spark struggled to shove him off, but Jin was too fast, grabbing and pinning her arms every time she wriggled free. She could feel Jin’s cock throbbing against her. She felt Jin undo and yank down her pants, and before she could stop him, he was in her, fucking her.

“Jin, stop! STOP!” yelled Spark, barely able to draw breath.

“Need to cum!” Jin slurred out. “Please, fuck, let me cum!” Spark caught a glimpse of his eyes and saw that he was completely gone, nothing more than a lust-crazed zombie. He probably didn’t even realize he was now fucking his teammate instead of his mistress.

Spark unloaded a powerful surge of electricity into him. Jin shook violently and then collapsed unconscious on top of her. Spark shoved him off, wincing as he slid out of her. “Sorry, Jin,” she said. “Ow. Man. You fuck like a jackhammer.” She checked Jin’s vitals, and, satisfied that he would be okay, stood up and pulled her pants up.

Spark went back the hole in the wall and cautiously looked outside, ready to close her eyes the moment she glimpsed naked flesh. But it appeared that Feel Girl was long gone. Spark sighed, and flew out the hole and back up to the roof. She stepped into the jump jet’s invisibility field. There she saw Tact, slumped over against the jet, eyes half closed, masturbating furiously. He had already cum at least twice, long streaks of semen painting the side of the jet, and forming a small puddle on the rooftop. Spark sighed again, and she touched the side of Tact’s head. She gave him a gentle jolt that tweaked his synapses, causing him to fall asleep. His cock still twitched even as his hand fell away, and Spark was certain he was now dreaming of the woman he’d been stroking off to.

Spark radioed the base. “Guys, I need an evac, pronto. Tact is, uh, down, and so is Windrazor. And get Esper ready to do some psychic recovery.” Suddenly, she heard the dull boom of something moving incredibly fast, and she cursed. She dashed to the edge of the building, and saw the tell-tale trail of debris fluttering in the wake of a high speed object passing through. She flew down to the apartment, and saw her suspicions were confirmed: Windrazor had already recovered, and had run off to join his mistress.

Jin managed to search several blocks in the blink of an eye, until he spotted Feel Girl hiding behind some bushes just in front of an alley. Turning his head so he could only barely see her out of his peripheral vision, Jin raced up to her, snatched the Destin Sword out of her grip, used it to cut through her force field and slice the Power Gauntlet’s right off her hands, and yanked the Warp Ring off her arm, all in the space of a blink. Then he grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the ground, closing his eyes fully and turning his head to the side.

Feel Girl attempted to scream, but the hand around her throat choked her off. Her eyes went wide with terror. One moment, she was crouched down, all her weapons in hand. The next, her weapons were gone, and her body was flaring with pain as she found herself slammed against the ground. For several paralyzing moments, she couldn’t even breathe as the wind was knocked out of her.

“You… fucking… bitch…” his Jin. “I should rip your fucking head off!”

Feel Girl gasped a few times, feebly clutching at his arm. “J-Jin…” she choked out. “P-please…”

“No! Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me? You got me so fucked up with your lust spell, I just raped my teammate!”

“S-sor-sorry. I d-didn’t mean…”

“Shut up!”


“Spark blasted me pretty hard to get me off her. Unfortunately for you, that seems to have cleared my head,” He pressed harder on her neck until she couldn’t breathe. Struggling again, already starved of air, she passed unconscious within moments. Jin let up his grip as soon as she passed out, even though he was tempted to keep his hold. “But, fortunately for you, I’m one of the good guys.” Sighing, he sat up and kneeled over her, catching his breath, and forcing himself to calm down.

Unfortunately, doing so merely cleared away the adrenalin and rage that let him focus on not falling back under her spell. As the seconds ticked by, Jin felt his cock begin to twitch again as, unbidden, he felt the powerful desire to open his eyes and gaze upon Feel Girl once more. “Oh, no…” mumbled Jin. He tried to stand, and stumbled back, falling into the bush. The branches scratched at his naked body, and one branch in particular poked him none too gently in the testicles. Jin let out a gasp and reflexively opened his eyes to see where he was going. Almost immediately, his gaze was drawn to Feel Girl, and just as quickly, he found himself falling to his knees in front of her, cock throbbing immensely.

“M-mistress,” he gasped. “Mistress, Feel Girl, I’m sorry, please, forgive me.” Suddenly, he heard a soft, familiar whine, and he looked up to see his teammate’s jump jet coming towards him. Jin knew he should call for them, knew he should get them to capture Feel Girl and give him some help. But he just couldn’t. He was compelled to help the woman who had completely entranced him.

Desperately, Jin glanced around, and then spotted the Warp Ring. He snatched it up, and thought of the place like the one he’d seen Feel Girl link to in a portal, a tropical beach somewhere far away. With a brief moment of concentration, he opened the portal, grabbed Feel Girl, and raced them both through it. The two burst out onto an empty beach, and the portal swirled shut behind them.

Jin collapsed onto his knees, dumping Feel Girl into the sand. That was enough to jolt her back to consciousness. She struggled up, coughing, and gasping, looking around wildly. “What the… where are we?!” Feel Girl said, her voice rough.

“An island… somewhere…” said Jin, voice strained. He tossed the Warp Ring to Feel Girl. “Here. Take it and go. Escape, lay low, don’t stir up trouble again.”

“You… you’re setting me free?” said Feel Girl, unbelieving. “Even after everything I did to you?”

“Please!” gasped Jin, face strained. His cock trembled with pent up tension. “Is this enough? Is this enough for you? Will you finally grant me release, mistress?!”

Feel Girl stared at him, then slowly grinned. “Wow. Just… wow. I had no idea my power was really this potent.” She stepped up to Jin and said, “Grab your ankles, spread your legs, and don’t move.” Jin did so, and she kneeled before him, placing her knees between his. She eyed his throbbing cock, then spit into her hands, and grasped his cock with them. She slowly began stroking him. Jin let out a wail of pleasure and his body shuddered. He would have cum instantly had her earlier commands not continued to prevent it. She smiled as she stroked him, roasting him in exquisite pleasure.

“Oh, Jin,” she said. “This is incredible. You were ready to kill me, but you couldn’t resist one last glimpse, and that was all it took, huh? God, the things I could make you do now, huh? The things I could make anybody do if I just teased them a little while longer.” She leaned close to him, her breath tickling his neck. Tears streamed down Jin’s face as she continued to stroke him.

“I could probably keep you like this forever. Always horny for me, always needing me, always willing to do whatever I say just for one more chance that I might bring you pleasure, that I might give you that ultimate release you crave. But I’d never have to give it to you, would I? No, I might never let you cum again, for the rest of your life. I’d just tease you and tease you and tease you until you were nothing more than my own little robot slave. In fact, you wouldn’t even want to cum anymore, all you would want is to just stay in your sexual high, no longer worrying or thinking about anything, just Feeling pleasure and desire forever.” Jin let out a pitiful whimper at this, and shook, as if struggling against invisible bonds.

Feel Girl stopped and stood, gazing at the shaking Jin for another few minutes. “But… I’m not that bad a girl. For what its worth, I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand. I’m sorry.” She reached over and picked up the Warp Ring. She concentrated, and a blue portal swirled into existence behind Jin, revealing alley they had just come from. “So long, speedy. I appreciate all your help.”

Jin looked at her with dismay. “But… but mistress…”

Feel Girl pointed at the portal. “Go! Go through that portal. As soon as you do, you’ll forget where you took me, and you’ll be able to cum again.”

Slowly, Jin stood, and, with one last long look to Feel Girl, he stumbled back through the portal. Feel Girl closed it and sighed. Using Jin would have been quite fun, but the truth was, she didn’t need the Centurions hounding her across the whole planet to get their teammate back. And, more than that, if he ever snapped out of it again, he might actually kill her. It was a valuable lesson in caution, and one she would take to heart as she learned how to more effectively use her powers.


Jin stepped out through the portal, and back into alley where he’d been moments before. The jump jet had landed on the street, and Spark was there, hands already up and aimed at Jin, prepared to blast him if he tried to attack. She was not, however, prepared for Jin to suddenly drop to his knees and start ejaculating with incredible force. Feel Girl had been true to her word: as soon as Jin stepped through the portal, he’d be able to cum again. And after nearly two days of constant teasing and denial, he was ready to pop just from sheer arousal.

Too stunned to think of looking away, Spark watched as Jin came about as much as a human being could and then collapse, crying onto the ground. “Jeez,” said Spark, running over to his side. She managed to get Jin to sit up, and held him while he shook and twitched.

“I’m sorry,” Jin gasped. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright,” said Spark. “It wasn’t your fault, and I’ve been through much, much worse before.” She paused for a moment. “I guess she escaped, then? Does she have all the weapons?”

“I broke the Gauntlets. The Sword’s over there. She’s got the Ring, though.”

“Don’t suppose you know where she went, then?”

Jin shook his head.

“Well, that’s alright. We can always catch her again some other time. Come on, let’s get you back to base.” Spark helped Jin to his feet and guided him to the jump jet. Chozo had already come and picked up Tact, leaving the jet’s extra seat free for Jin. “I found him,” Spark said into her com-link. “He’s okay.” She turned and saw that Jin had fallen asleep, exhausted both physically and emotionally. “Well, about as okay as he can be. Have a bed in the medic ward ready.”

With that, Spark drove the jump jet home, while Jin slept, dreaming of his former mistress, and all the things he had yearned to do with her. Even after he was cured of her hypnotic influence, it would be a fantasy he would pleasure himself to for years to come.



  1. This is a detailed story in a fully realized setting. I certainly find myself wanting to be in the power of Feel Girl- and Spark.

  2. You have talent obviously. Thank god you are using it in this fashion. You have a skill as a writer that I really believe you could turn into your profession. Thanks for the great stories.