Thursday, June 25, 2015

SMW - Awkard Living Arrangements

Henrietta was just finishing her late night snack when she sensed the growing arousal of a young man in the room above her. Glancing upwards, she frowned as her mystical sexual senses zoomed in on the thoughts and energy spilling out from her nephew as the young man began to masturbate in the so-called “privacy” of his room. Henrietta shook her head a little as she stepped into the living room to go back to her reading.

Sally, her daughter, was sprawled out on the couch. She glanced up from her magazine and pulled out her earbuds, cocking her head to the side, she seemed to “listen” to an unheard sound. Sally had only just gained her Sex Magic powers two weeks ago, and everything was still new to her, the sensing of erections still unusual. To Henrietta, the sensation was just ambient noise anymore, though a hard penis in close proximity, such as the one just a few feet above her on the next floor, tended to be hard to ignore.

“Is Fred masturbating?” said Sally, squinting at the ceiling.

Henrietta sighed. “Yes, dear,” she said.

Sally blanched. “Eww, gross!” The young woman could now see her cousin straight through the ceiling, her psychic senses enabling her to psychically visualize any naked and aroused man if she focused on the signal of his erection. “Does he not know we can sense him?”

SMW - Medical Miracles

“I want you to understand, Mr. Stone. This procedure will require us to continually imbue you with pleasure, using our magic.”

Chuck smiled a little nervously. “Well, I can’t say I’d complain about a week long blowjob,” he said. “Even if you did hold back my cum.”

Dr. Kaufman frowned a bit, but looked to Sharon. “I’m going to have to ask some personal questions, Mrs. Stone.”

Sharon nodded. “It’s alright,” she said. “It’s not like it’s easy to hide such things.” She nodded to Chuck, and the doctor nodded sagely. Sex Magic allowed women to easily see the sexual fantasies and memories of any man. The doctor could have easily pulled the information from Chuck’s head without even asking. But she was a professional.

“Mr. Stone, may I see into your mind?” she said.

Chuck shifted nervously. “I’d… rather you didn’t…”

“I would only be looking at your sexual memories,” she said. “Nothing else.”

“I’d still rather you didn’t,” he said.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Femdom Magic the Gathering

So,going back to my original intent to make some Porn Parody Magic the Gathering Cards, I went ahead and used a Card Editor to slap together a 30 card set you can actually use in the game for sexy fun times! There's not even any magic themes this time around, actually.

Instead, like MtG's own self-parody sets, Unhinged and Unglued, the cards instruct players to do things not normally associated with playing the game. In this case, some cards insist that sexual actions are taken, others provide boosts or hindrances based on sex.

Of course, this is me, so the game is skewed to massively benefit female players over male ones. In fact, only female players may use these cards in a given deck, while male players must use a normal deck. Anyone into nerdy foreplay and femdom and Magic might get some fun out of this one. Use these cards, or use an Editor to make your own deck.

Cards below:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sex Magic the Collecting

A Sex Mage World “Non-Collectable” Card Game

This began as, and mostly still is, a “Porn Parody” of Magic the Gathering, with my own Sex Mage World twist to the terms and themes. However, as I started taking it a bit more seriously, the game developed to have a few of its own mechanics. It still largely plays like MtG in that it uses Spells (Sorceries and Instants) and Servants (Creatures and Artifacts), while using a different Mana Generation system. Those interested in actually playing this game could probably improvise something with actual MtG cards and some dice.

And hell, who knows, if this gets developed any further, I could even make a non-sexual spin-off for some kind of official version.

Anyway, the theme here is “Sex Magic battles” between Megami/Queen Megami to settle international conflicts. Rather than try to kill one another, they attempt to seduce and steal away the Men that the enemy Megami is using as a power source for her spells. The Megami Sex Mage who finishes the fight with the most Loyal Men is declared the winner.

The game requires dice and Sex Magic the Collecting cards (examples to be provided using a Card Game Maker/Editor program, feel free to make your own). Each player needs exactly 50 cards in their deck. The game also requires a minimum of 1 twelve-sided die (1d12) and 5 six-sided die per player (5d6).