Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Even Moar CapCaps!

Boy, once I get started on these, I really get on a role. I wish I could always be this productive! :P

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Multi-Part Captions

So, going through my backlog to post my Tumblr Captions, I found some incomplete mutli-part captioned image stories I'd worked on years ago. Never did finish them, but I think they're probably fine as is.

Oh, and I was definitely on a cruel streak at the time!

Probably one of the simultaneously hottest and scariest Sex Magic fantasies is that of a bitter ex-girlfriend whose just awakened to Sex Magic, and she is determined to use it to make you pay! Two famous warnings come to mind, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and "Don't stick your dick in crazy." In a Sex Mage World, never have those words of wisdom been more wise!

If you remember the Pandora Secret Files document, one of the cloning experiments involved Jake, a young man who volunteered for the experiment, and Jane, the viciously dominant female clone of his. That entry was based on this little Captioned Image Series, detailing the brutal torment Jake suffered from his clone. I guess I never finished it because it was just going to be endless scenes of Jane brutalizing him over and over, though maybe getting a little bit more compassionate as time went on, ultimately coming to the conclusion that fully-independent Sex Mage clones are just naturally hyper-dominant due to excessive femdom skew of Sex Magic itself. Still seemed too repetitive, and I guess I just ran out of steam.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Moar CapCaps!

And to help kick off the new Tumblr, some more Captions! Which I can't post until tomorrow yet, because I already hit the daily post limit on Tumblr. I know I can post pics in groups, but fuck it. Easier for people to share individually, I think.

Finally a Tumblrs

I've finally made use of Tumblr! Check my site here: http://salamando-flames.tumblr.com/ 

This is not a move of the blog. I've never really liked Tumblr's format, which is why I've always stuck to Blogger. That said, Tumblr is a great resource for porn! Also, ImageFap has occasionally glitched on me, losing and copying over images on occasion, so I feel like it wouldn't hurt to have a second backup for Captioned Images. I'll still post them here, and this blog will still be the main site for posting my stories and notes.

Psi Dom Caption

Old caption set I did before the Sex Mage thing popped up. Never did repost it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Argument

“For fuck’s sake, Todd, all I’m asking is that you do a little fucking housework. Why is this such a big deal for you?” Margaret was glaring at her husband, hands on her hips, as he sat on the couch, playing one of his dumb video games, like he’d been doing all week. She had hopped for once to come home from work to find the house at least half-way straightened up, but no, that was apparently too much to ask.

“The place looks fine,” growled Todd.

“Fine, huh?” Margaret picked up one of Todd’s shirts, idly tossed on the floor of their one-bedroom apartment. She tossed it at his head, where it wrapped over his face, blocking his view of the screen. Todd grunted, yanked the shirt off his face, and threw it to the side, pausing the game. He turned at glared at her.

“The place is a mess,” she said, motioning to the empty soda cans on the coffee table, the discarded clothes on the sofa, and the pile of dishes in the sink. “Maybe you don’t mind sitting in filth, but I’d like to not trip over your fucking underwear when I come home from work.” She kicked at the carpet, and winced as she saw a few crumbs from one of their meals fly up. “Christ, when is the last time you even vacuumed? There’s only three rooms worth of carpet in this place, you can’t run the fucking Hoover for ten minutes?”

“I’m shit at housework, I told you,” he said.

“Let me guess, because it’s woman’s work, right?” she said.