Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jahi's World, Monster Profiles 1


Jahi’s World poses a scenario where, instead of Sex Magic, the demon goddess Jahi simply invades Earth directly. Powerful as she is, though, she opts to have fun with it. Instead of granting women Sex Magic, she creates myriad strains of Sex Monster transformations, all of which transform women infected into sexually themed monsters who prey on men for slaves and sustenance (feeding off their lustful energies), and seeking to infect other women.

Jahi herself is pretty hands off with the invasion after the initial skirmishes, once the Sex Monster “plagues” take off like wildfire. She has other projects to attend to, after all. Her conquest of Earth is as much a side project as anything else, and there is a considerable chance she may not even return to the planet for centuries.

The “infection” starts at several points across the world, and within a matter of months, humans are forced to wall themselves off in secured locations, battling Sex Monster Women. While many Monster Women are capable of destructive powers, they’re ultimate goal is enslavement of the human race, rather than destruction. Due to the salacious nature of their powers and Jahi’s magic, the Monster Women often utilize sex to seduce and screw their enemies into submission, resorting to outright killing enemies only when pushed or when their own survival is in jeopardy.

In the Sex Monster Women’s ideal vision of the future, all Earth men will eventually submit to their power and serve them as workers and lovers, and all Earth women will join them in ascending to a “truer” form of feminine power, albeit with its own hierarchy. If only those silly humans would just stop resisting so hard, they’d see it wouldn’t be so bad at all. Women get to be elevated, and men get to live in a paradise of female attention and service to their mistresses.

In reality, being transformed into and enslaved by hypersexual monsters is not a fate humanity wishes to succumb to, not the least of which is that, once all remaining women are transformed, the human race may end up going extinct, since Sex Monster Women cannot interbreed with humans.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Metis Academy Experiment


Metis Academy was billed as a social experiment wherein young men and young women, just about to enter the age of Sex Magic empowerment, were to live in a boarding school environment with a completely female dominated culture. This was supposed to begin a long-term study on the impact that growing up in a hardcore female dominated society would have on upcoming generations.

Only four years had passed since Sex Magic’s arrival, and it was already quite obvious that total female supremacy was going to be a way of life, whether men or women wanted it or not. Metis was an attempted projection into a small-scale society of total female supremacy enforced through Sex Magic, a micro-Queendom all its own, before Queendoms came to be the default form of government across the world.

However, there was another purpose for the Academy: to see if normal Sex Mage women could be rapidly enhanced into Archmages. Even though the power ranking classifications we know of today weren’t officially recognized until year 6 of the Goddess Era, it was already apparent that there were different levels of power among women. Most notably, it seemed that many attractive female celebrities and porn stars had stronger powers than most women; it was believed that the large number of men who fantasized about and masturbated to, or otherwise admired, these women somehow lent extra power to them. Although most Archmages appear to be born at their level, there are rare cases of some women who, after frequent and persistent use of her powers and after taking many lovers and admirers, start to display stronger than average abilities.

A single porn star or famous actress who already had tens of thousands of admiring men masturbating to her pictures and videos would likely already be starting with an Archmage level baseline of power when Sex Magic first spread across the globe.

Metis Academy was to see if young women who were already co-existing with a large group of constantly teased, obedient, and desperately horny young men, whom they were all at liberty to play with, and frequently encouraged to do so, would get a similar jump-start on their abilities.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hope (parts 1-4)

They could sense her approaching before they ever saw her: Hope Escher. The Woman From the Edge of Town. The Cock-Breaker. The Glitch-Bitch. The Broken Lady.

The forty-five year old woman didn’t appear particularly noteworthy. Five and a half feet tall, a slim build, a small bust, and a rather plain face. Light blond hair cut off at the shoulder, grey eyes, and fair skin. She could pretty herself up quite nicely if she tried, but she was average enough that under normal circumstances, no one would notice her in a crowd. Although the rejuvenating nature of Sex Magic gave her the body of a twenty year old, you could tell she was really middle-aged. She carried herself like an older woman, kindly stoic, almost matronly, dressed in simpler, more practical clothing. Slacks, a white blouse, flat brown shoes, and a light green cardigan sweater. She even drove an old, clunky scooter, not a common vehicle to be sure, but just the sort of utilitarian thing for a quick run into town for errands.

Hope was just an average woman going about her day, but when she entered town, everyone took notice, whether they wanted to or not. She tried to make the trip quick. Just zip into town, stop by the grocery store, post office, gas station, and back home. Her old scooter puttered worryingly as she steered onto the main street. She was going to have to get it fixed, and she wasn’t sure she had the money for that. Her budget was tight this month.

Pulling up into the parking lot of the grocery store, she tried to ignore the glares. Living in a tiny town meant she only had a couple places to go for supplies, and that meant repeatedly interacting with the same women who just wanted to punch her teeth in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Table of Contents!

UPDATE: Table of Contents now complete! I've now divided the Nav Bar above for multiple Table of Contents, based on setting. The largest by far is the Sex Mage World, of course.

I've also gone through and deleted some old posts that lacked original content, combining some multi-post stories into single posts and deleting the excess, and touching up a few old posts that were outdated. So, hopefully, the site will be easier for new readers to get into.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Other Worlds

Even as I focus on the Sex Mage World for now, my erotic multiverse continues to branch out, ideas for other settings and adventures continue to germinate. However, as usual, I often find it difficult to make these into viable projects. Still, I like to share ideas just to get them out there and maybe it'll lead to some discussion, or if nothing else, add a little variety to the website. The blog is called Sex Mages and Other Strangeness, after all. Which, by the way, is a completely original phrase I totally didn't just steal from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG book.

Pandora Secret Files


In year 5 of the Goddess Era (2015 A.D.), the Pandora Research Facility was founded to scientifically explore and study the limits of Sex Magic. Independent studies had been made in the previous five years, of course, but Pandora was the first major multi-national project and custom-built facility designed to focus exclusively on Sex Magic Research. While the origins, purpose, and logic of Sex Magic continue to escape scientists, Pandora had worked to discover ways Sex Magic can stretched and warped and combined with existing natural phenomenon and entities to expand its use as a power to change the world.

The name Pandora was intended as a tongue-in-cheek label, a joke about women messing with forces they don’t understand, much like the Pandora of myth. Opening the “box” of Sex Magic could potentially invite disaster on the world.

Unfortunately, this in-joke name proved prophetic. Despite making a handful of useful discoveries, the Facility also created its own calamity in the early summer of 17 G.E. After the disastrous awakening, and subsequent destruction, of the entity known as the Created, Pandora was shut down, and the facility restructured into a women’s maximum security prison in the middle of what of is now known as the Blasted Zoned.

Files on the Pandora projects are now kept under heavy security by the Special Task Force, themselves only known about by a select handful of Queen Megami. What follows are up-to-date files on various Pandora Projects, compiled by the STF’s primary science officer, Dr. Fumi Wakahisa. More information and files may be revealed as more are recovered.