Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sally Goes Sadistic 3

Sally opted to walk to the business district, only half a mile away from her house. Her town was small enough it didn’t really have a good “shopping area”, but the town square was sufficient for most. Among the stores was a bookstore where her friend Shelly worked.

Well, “worked” and “bookstore” might be overstatements. The store made more sales on coffee than it did on books, which most people read at the store anyway and there was usually barely any customer traffic during the weekdays. Still, the store kept puttering along. If nothing else, it was a nice weekend hangout, and the town liked their little comfort spots.

As she walked, she couldn’t help but sense more sexual activities through her mystic awareness. Her mother had warned her that the rush of sensations could be overwhelming, that she would need some time to adjust, but despite only having her powers for six weeks, Sally found she was already getting quite used to it all.

Rather than being shocked by constant sensing of hard cocks and male fantasies, like most women supposedly were, she more surprised to see just how active the women of her town were with their magic. Even growing up and seeing signs of the women’s teasing, and the occasional man forced to walk around naked as a punishment, she’d never quite considered just how constantly inundated the men were.

Maybe they would be horny all the time anyway, but Sally was quickly learning that it was probably impossible for the guys not to be constantly worked up, as she sensed just how much they were played with. Since getting her powers, she’d been sensing no less than a dozen guys getting utterly wrecked by their women throughout any given day. Growing up next to Jake, who’d been allowed regular orgasms, and with her half-brother, who had been permitted semi-regular releases himself, she hadn’t realized just how rampant the cock teasing in town was.

She’d assumed, for the most part, that guys were just naturally super horny all the time, and that provoked the women to play with them as much as they did. Turns out, horny as the guys were, it was the women who were really the provocateurs. Of course, it was more fun to pretend otherwise; it gave the women plenty of excuses, let them play coy and innocent while they scolded the boys for their “lack of self-control.” And if the boys tried to call the girls on their bullshit? Well, that just gave the women even more reasons to “retaliate.”

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Robin Wilde's Ebooks!

Classic femdom author Robin Wilde has opted to go the ebook route. His Tabitha and Archer books are now available at Smashwords. The books have an emphasis on tickling and BDSM in particular.

Currently, he has some coupons available for half-off on the books, to be found here:


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sally Goes Sadistic 2

The next morning, Sally was in her room reading, when Mark knocked tentatively on her door. She sensed Mark’s usual bit of resentment that Sally got to even have a door, whle his room was always open. She made a point to jiggle the lock a bit as she opened it just to drive the feeling home.

Good goddess, she was being a real bitch. She wasn’t sure what was coming over her, but she found she was enjoying herself way more than she should. She surprised a giggle when Mark forced himself to look at the floor as she revealed herself. She was wearing tight Yoga pants and a tank top, and to his utter shame, he was so sexually wired up, even seeing his own sister’s curves threatened to make him tent his shorts.

“Hey, Mark. What’s up?”

The tall, sandy-blond haired young man actually didn’t look too worse for wear, despite being up all night with an unrelenting erection and teased balls. Another benefit of the Magic, it worked its protective energies on the men, too. So, even though Mark probably didn’t get more than an hour of sleep, he wasn’t a total zombie this morning. Still, he looked rather haggard. She supposed she should have canceled the feathers before she fell asleep. Oh, well.

“Peggy’s at the door,” he said.

Peggy. Jake’s mother. Whoops. For some reason, she hadn’t even thought of what her next door neighbor’s reaction to tormenting and ditching her son would be.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sally Goes Sadistic 1

Jake moaned softly as he felt the pleasing sensation of several slick, warm hands firmly stroking his penis. He leaned back in his car seat, eyes closed, but mouth open as he breathed heavily, his breath lightly fogging the air.

Next to him, Sally was watching him with a smile, leaning sideways against the driver’s seat of her car to face him fully. Neither of them was directly touching Jake’s manhood. Instead, Sally was using her recently awakened powers of Sex Magic to stimulate him with her thoughts, making him feel the sensations of several slow, sensual hand jobs at once. This was only the third time she’d been able to practice her powers on him, and she was already good enough she could have him shooting off in half a minute if she wanted. But of course, she had no desire to end things so soon, and thus, slowly and steadily teased him with phantom pleasure.

Jake let out a shuddering gasp as his penis swelled, and even without looking, Sally could sense his impending orgasm. Even going slow, she was “touching” him just right, and with several sensations all at once. Jake couldn’t last long, even though she’d barely been at it for five minutes.

Jake grit his teeth and clutched the armrests of his car seat as the pleasure surged. This was the point at which Sally had, on the previous two nights, given him an orgasm unlike any he’d managed to give himself with his own hand.

But this time, just as he was about to go over the edge, the sensations stopped. Jake’s whole body remained stiff, his penis at full tension, and his eyes popped open in surprise. Letting out small surprised grunt, he sagged back into the seat.