Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Other Writers

Some other writers on have, over the past year, written a few of their own stories in the Supernatural Femdom style similar to my own, and I figure it was time to recommend them.

First is PancakesforDinner, who started a Sex Mage style world currently called the "Gods at 18" Universe (named after the first story in the series). I like how he mixes physical sexual activity with use of "the Powers," and how the Powers have specific functions and techniques to make them work, for example, a woman can read a man's sexual fantasies when he touches his penis, while using certain Powers requires a hand motion to activate, rather like more traditional spell casting. He also manages to keep this consistent throughout. Incidentally, he also thought up the idea of the Powered women being able to "hear" a man's erection/blue balls in their mind, a detail I liked so much I decided to incorporate the concept myself!

His stories deal more strongly with themes of humiliation and some involve incest (primarily use of Powers on family members, as opposed to actual sex, however). Here's a link to a sampling of his stuff; everything so far, can be found on's Story Forum.

Gods at 18 part 1

The Games Girls Play

The Procedure

The other author I'd like to plug has a story series called the Blind Date, which involves a woman with magic powers akin to DC Comic's Zatana (can cast spells via backwards talk) to sexual play with her date. This is more in line with how I usually write my own stuff, more just straight sexual playing. He started a continuation of the story, but it's been a little while since he kept it up.

The story starts here:

And another author I'd like to add is Gloryboy, who has posted stories as Gloryboy or Moonboy on various femdom forums. He occasionally touches on super powered femdom, as in this story here: