Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Game

“So, that’s all we gotta do? Score three times, and we win?” Rick looked dubiously at the six girls who just nodded and grinned.

The petite blond in the front, Jessie, nodded and said, “Yep! Whichever team scores three times first is the winner.” She reached over and gave him a light punch on the arm. “Come on, man, you’re not afraid of a bunch of girls are you?” Her posse of friends giggled as she winked.

Rick swallowed and looked back at his team. The five other guys behind him just gave him a hopeful look. “Hey man,” said Tim, to his left. “Seems like an easy score to me.”

Rick turned back and rubbed his chin in thought. Yeah, it seemed like an easy score. Jessie had challenged Rick and his teammates to a quick match of football, right here in the practice field. If Rick and his team could score a goal three times before the girls did, the girls would fuck them to orgasm anyway they wanted. If the girls won, however, the boys merely had to buy them dinner. Which, of course, might lead to other things afterwards anyway… or at least the girls implied as such.

This was a bet no male could turn down. Like most males, Rick and his team were magically prevented from masturbating or having orgasms, which meant they relied entirely on females and their Sex Magic for sexual relief. Being popular young studs, these boys usually had better luck than most men at getting laid, but that also meant a lot more girls were interested in playing with and teasing them. Rick himself hadn’t had any relief for nearly two weeks, not since his last date had blue balled the hell out of him after he’d pissed her off.

Still, one had to be careful when playing games with girls. Decades of Sex Mage powers had made the girls very aware of their power, and freshly empowered young women were ever eager to have their fun.

“Alright,” said Rick. “It’s a deal, if and only if, you don’t use your magic to cheat.”

Jessie frowned and cocked her head to the side slightly as she chewed her lip. Rick swallowed again. Goddamn, she was gorgeous. Literally half his size, but fucking gorgeous. “Well, see, the thing is, you guys are all big and strapping dudes, and we’re kind of, well, more delicate than you. Physically. And we don’t have pads or anything. So, if it’s alright, we at least need to excite you guys a little. Then we can siphon off some energy and use that make ourselves tough enough to go all out with you guys.”

“Yeah!” said a cute redhead next to Jessie. “I mean, if you’re going to tackle us and everything, we should at least have some protection!”

All six girls leaned forward, exposing their cleavage, and said, “Pleeeeease!”

Rick and the other boys gasped as they saw the view, and despite their better judgment, their cocks betrayed them, growing erect. The girls giggle. “Is that a yes, I take it?” said Jessie, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Yes!” said Tim before Rick could protest. Rick could see his eyes nearly bugging out. He wondered when the last time Tim had gotten off was, so eager as he was to throw away all common sense.

“Great!” said the girls, and they all lined up on their side of the field.

Rick, finding it difficult to protest as he felt a slight feather light tingle of energy along his cock and balls, keeping him hard, led the boys to line up on their side. Rick crouched down across from Jessie, who made a point to show off her cleavage further. She grinned and winked.

Then, the ball was in the air, and the boys and girls were tackling one another. The girls magic flared around them, and with strength completely beyond their physical power, they plowed right over the boys and dashed off at high speed. The boys raced after them to tackle them down, but were hindered by their erections straining in their pants. Unable to touch themselves, they couldn’t even reach down to adjust, not that it would have helped much anyway.

“Come on, girls, this isn’t really fair,” said Rick, as the teams went back in line.

“Sure it is!” said Katie, smiling brightly. “You guys are all so big and tough, so we need to use our magic to toughen ourselves up so we don’t get hurt. And we need energy to use our magic, and we can’t get the energy unless you boys are excited!”

Rick frowned slightly. “Yeah but come on, it’s hard to play like this. Besides, you aren’t just toughening up, you’re giving yourselves super strength!”

Jessie laughed. “Yeah, I guess we are! Okay, okay, that last point won’t count, and we’ll just use our regular strength, how’s that?” Rick grumbled. “Hey, we could make this a lot tougher on you guys, you know!”

“Then it wouldn’t be a fair bet, would it?” said Rick.

“True,” said Jessie. “But we’re not the ones with two weeks of blue balls, are we?”

Rick sighed and the game continued. Surprisingly, the girls kept their word, and even though they managed to score another point, the boys plowed through them, easily scoring their three. The fact that they didn’t have to hold back actually helped their case as they could practically hurl the girls back without fear of hurting them. Still, by the time the game was done, the boys were almost limping from the ache of their blue balls and the throbbing of their cocks. The girls congratulated the boys on their victory, and then led them to the locker room to give them their reward.

Moments later, Rick was on his back, naked, tied to one of the locker room benches by the invisible force of Jessie’s magic. His cock strained with excitement as he struggle. “Come on… you said we could… fuck you!” gasped Rick.

“No, I said we’d fuck you to orgasm,” said Jessie. She leaned down and breathed against his ear. “However, I didn’t say we wouldn’t take our sweet time doing it!”

Rick strained to his utmost to move, but it was no use. The girl’s magic held him down like he’d been bolted to the bench. Rick could not believe it. He’d been in a girls power before, but it was still too unreal to him. Jessie was just a petite slip of a girl maybe half his size, seemingly so vulnerable and helpless compared to him. And yet, her little body held power he was completely helpless to resist!

He’d fucked girls like her before, back in high school, before the girls got their powers. He had fucked them long and hard, until they begged for mercy and melted into shivering balls of helplessness and endless orgasms, overwhelmed by his cock and his skill.

But now, as Jessie lowered herself onto him, he shuddered with the intensity of the sensation. Just a simple brush of her moist pussy lips to the tip of his cock jolted him with incredible pleasure. And then, when she took him inside, Rick felt his breath ripped away. His cock surged with ecstasy, and he threw his head back, letting out a deep groan. His whole body shook as she slowly lowered onto him. She paused for a moment once he was fully in, letting him try to control himself. He barely managed to catch his breath.

And then, she began to fuck him, and he felt like his entire body was being electrocuted through his cock. He shouted and shook and thrashed as much as the magical bonds would let him, but he could not break free. He tried to buck his hips to throw her off, but he could only squirm them slightly. Slowly, she slid up on his cock, until he was almost free… then she plunged down in one swift drop. Rick cried out, and she smiled. She slowly rose again, then plunged down. Slowly up and swiftly down. Soon, every downward plunge pushed a high-pitched moan from her lips and she clutched at his firm chest. She lay down a top him and rocked her hips in a steady rhythm. She lay her head on his chest and breathed in adorable gasps and whimpers as she drove herself to climax on his cock. And when she came, an atom bomb of pleasure went off in his sex, nearly boiling the cum in his desperate, swollen balls.

Rick had long passed the point of climax, but his orgasm was still locked down. He could do nothing but writhe and shout, which turned into whimpers and moans, and eventually pleas for mercy as Jessie fucked him like a piece of meat. He was utterly helpless and completely overwhelmed by her.

And, from the sounds of things, so was his team. All around him, the other guys cried and moaned and shook and pleaded as the girls fucked their brains out, never letting the men orgasm, but riding them until they had dozens of climaxes themselves!

It was hours before the girls finally relented and let the boys blow their loads, emptying their balls with enormous bursts of cum. But by that point, the boys were too fried to really feel it, much less care. As the girls finally released them from their magic and let them rest, Jessie whispered into Rick’s ear. “Good game,” she said, and giggled, then she and her friend left them to recover, drenched in cum and pussy juice. Rick told himself he’d never make a bet like that with a girl again.

But of course, he knew he would. Such a bet was one no male could turn down.

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