Friday, December 2, 2011


As his Master instructed, Max waited in the locker room after practice, until the dojo was closed. When he felt a slight tingle across his balls, that was his Master’s signal that he should come back out onto the floor, naked.

Max did so, not hesitating as he strode out onto the matt, where his Master waited. She, however, was still dressed in her gi. What Max did not expect was a couple other women to be present, watching from the stands. Two of them were fellow students, while the other was another instructor.

Max swallowed, feeling a touch of nervousness. “Master,” he said. “I was to understand this would be a private lesson.”

“The lesson, Maxwell, is to learn to focus despite distraction, particularly of this nature,” she said.


“If you came in knowing exactly what to expect and prepared to tune it out, it would not be an adequate distraction. Understand, I don’t wish to embarrass you, but facing your embarrassment is going to be part of this. It is, after all, a key factor of your arousal.”

Max took a breath and nodded, calming himself. He shifted into a combat stance. His Master shifted into a stance as well, and Max noticed that her gi was rather loosely fitting. Max forced himself to ignore her cleavage.

They sparred for a few moments, Max concentrating on trying to land a hit on her, and succeeding in three light taps. It was clear, however, that his Master was taking it easy. However, as they kept fighting, Max inevitably found himself admiring his Master’s form, both her movement as well as her physical figure. As always, he found himself becoming aroused. Before he knew it, his penis began to grow erect. There was a whistle from one of the girls who were watching.

Max gasped as her palm flew out and struck him flat on the chest, knocking him on his ass. He managed to roll into the fall and summersault back onto his feet, but he paused before attacking again, trying to will down his erection. “A moment, please, Master,” he said.

“A real opponent will not give you a moment,” she said, and his blinked in surprise as she slid off her gi, revealing her fully naked body. He had never seen her naked before, just flashes and glimpses of her curves. She was more beautiful than he imagined. His cock swelled to full mast. He was so taken, he almost failed to block her next strike, thrusting forward with a quick, snake-like snap of her body.

Max backpedaled, trying to get some distance, but she was all over him, keeping pace with his retreat, and blocking any attempt to dodge to the side. Max new he would hit the wall any second. His only option was a frontal offensive.

Max feinted another back step, only to instead lunge forward, striking her in the chest to force her back. She managed to roll with the attack, caught him by the wrist, and send him flipping over on to his back. Max hit the matt, but still managed to roll back to his feet. Gritting his teeth and forcing himself to focus, he went for a stronger defensive as she attacked, blocking and parrying her strikes. He pressed the offensive again, and managed to land several more strikes, though Max knew she was not going all out.

For a moment, he even managed to forget her nudity, and ignore the cravings of his loins. But then, the tingling along his balls started. She was using her magic to distract him now. This is where the real test began.

This went on for several minutes, and the sensations slowly got stronger. Soon, the tingles began to travel in a loop from his balls to his penis tip, stroking him slowly. Max, whose stamina had always been tremendous, was not yet winded by the physical effort of the sparring, but found his breath getting heavier as the sensations teased his cock.

The sensations got stronger, and soon, it was all Max could do just to block his Master’s strikes. He began to stumble as the sensations caused little jolts of pleasure all through his groins, making his thighs and knees tremble. A couple catcalls from the girls in the stands didn’t help matters.

Max tried one last punch that his Master easily side stepped. This time, rather than flip him over with a physical toss, she simply applied more sensations to his cock. Max gasped as he felt something wet and hot close around his cock, and his body instinctively jerked. This threw him off so badly, he tumbled to the floor, and this time, didn’t roll out of it.

His Master was lenient enough to let him get to his feet. He tried to stand tall, but he could not help but fidget and twitch as the sensations of a phantom mouth worked over his cock. All four of the women in the room could clearly sense the tightness in his balls.

“Perhaps you should have relieved yourself before practice,” said his Master. “Two weeks without an orgasm, at your young age, no wonder you’re breaking down so fast.”

“Y-you said it yourself, a real opponent wouldn’t give you a ch-chance,” said Max. He was straining to control himself now, cock twitching in excitement, pre-cum already seeping from the tip.

His Master frowned. “I think we’ve done enough for the day,” she said, and turned to pick up her gi.

“No! I can do this!” said Max through grit teeth, taking another stance.

“You cannot,” she said.

Max let out a frustrated growl and charged at her. “Yes, I can!”

His Master sighed, and just before he could strike her, she spun around, dodging his attack and slapping him on the shoulder, using his momentum to make him turn and hit the floor flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him. With a flick of her finger, she then used her magic to bind him down, spread eagle on the floor. Max struggled and gasped, but he could not fight the magic, and his resistance quickly faltered as the phantom mouth worked faster on his cock.

His Master picked up and put on her gi, drawing it tight around her body, then stepped up to him, straddling his body so that his hips were between her feet. “No, you cannot,” she said.

The other three women in the stands clapped. “Good try, Max!” said one of the students. “Yeah, you lasted longer than we thought!” said the other. They chuckled a bit in good humor, but stopped with they saw how pissed off Max was getting.

“Damn it!” said Max, his face a mask of bitter frustration, both sexual and personal.

“I suggest you stop fighting me,” his Master said. “I can see that you are at least somewhat aroused by the struggle. The more you try and fight my magic, the more hopelessly caught up in it you become.”

“N-n-no!” gasped Max, trying, and failing, to force his hips not to buck against the sensations. “I can resist… I have to… resist…”

“Suit yourself,” she said. She walked over to the other three women, talking with them over their practice schedules, and thanking them for their participation. They bid Max fair well and good luck, then left. Only Max and his Master were present now, and she slowly walked back to where Max was moaning and thrashing on the floor. It had only been a couple of minutes, but it was clear he had lost the struggle, even if he wouldn’t admit it.

“Max,” she said. “Enough.” Max shook his head. “Max, you will listen to your Master’s advice. That is enough.” Max hesitated, so caught up in his fight, but after a few moments, he finally consented, nodding quickly. She reached deeper into Max with her magic, and Max let out a ragged cry as he suddenly came with great force. She watched him ejaculate all over himself, wincing slightly at how forceful he came.

She went over to the stands where she had set aside some towels and water bottles, bringing them Max. She sat down cross-legged next to him, handing him the items. With a look of shame and defeat, Max took a towel and wiped the sweat and cum off himself, and taking a long drink of water.

“You should not be so upset,” she said. “What you are trying to do is admirable, and that you even lasted as long as you did—”

“Don’t patronize me!” growled Max, slamming his fist on the floor. “I didn’t last long enough, and you weren’t even trying!”

“This is the very first session,” she said. “As I told you when you first came in for martial arts practice, you aren’t going to just learn this stuff overnight.”

“But I’ve been, I’ve been trying so hard to learn how to resist,” said Max. “I’ve even had my girlfriend edge me while I try to meditate to practice resisting.”

“With her hands or with her magic?”

“Hands,” said Max. “She’s a late bloomer, doesn’t have her magic yet even though she’s 21.”

“The magic is far more effective, as you can tell.”

“It isn’t fair.” Max grit his teeth. “It just isn’t fucking fair! Why do you women get this kind of power, and we men get nothing? We don’t even get some other kind of magic, we just get to be fucked with, with no chance to defend ourselves. Not without having to hide behind other women’s skirts!”

His Master let out a long breath. “I know,” she said. “It isn’t fair. I do wish things were different for you. I see more males getting taking advantage of day by day. Society is shifting, and the old sense of at least attempting fairness seems to be slipping away as more women grow up taking these powers for granted. I wish I could offer you a solution.”

Max’s hands balled into fists, but he forced himself to relax. His Master put a hand on his shoulder. “I’ll keep helping you with this, Max. You might be on to something here, and if we can turn this into a genuine solution, well, we may just be able to help mitigate some of the imbalance. But, I want you understand, it is only a chance.”

Max brooded for a moment, but finally said, “Thanks,” giving her the first smile she’d seen from him in a while. “But next time, can we not have an audience?”

“No guarantees,” said his Master, giving him a slight smile in return.


  1. This is probably my favourite story by you. Main reason is that the heroine (Master) seems quite kind, patient and forgiving. Even the other girls give kind words. She accepts to train him to resist magic, even though it may not work. She's patient with him when he's (irrationally) angry at the end of the session. She even gives him a free orgasm. Only disappointment is this story is short on total length and sex. >.<

    Unfortunately for me, this sort of heroine seems rather rare in your works. While the idea of girls using sex magic on men for fun interests me greatly, a number of other elements turn me off (but I mean no offence to what you like to wirte).
    These would include:
    -Extended denial (say, 2 weeks+ at low stimulation, or 1 hour+ at high stimulation), since I tend to count this as "pain"
    -Girls taking much more from a man than they give him back
    -Girls getting a man "heavily indebted" to them (bit similar to previous)

    Perhaps you consider these (extended denial, "take take take", and "heavy debt") important elements to your genre, but I am quite happy to find at least one heroine with hardly a trace of "mean-ness". The heroine in your "Camping Fun" seems to be similarly kind.

    PS: I hope these heroines were sincere too, unlike those in "The Roommates".

    1. Oh, they certainly are sincere. Not every woman I write about is a sociopathic monster. I just tend to focus on those types. ;)

      Extended denial, overstimulation, and flaunting of power are the hottest things for me, so that's why my work has so much of it.

      I do flit between kind and cruel, and I guess everyone's got a different threshold for where those lie. In "Raquel's Driving Game," I'd consider Raquel to fall under the "kind" banner, but some people have told me she was horribly cruel to her husband for teasing him so hard, even though her husband fully knew what he was getting into, and she let him cum his brains out anyway despite saying she wouldn't. So, it depends on how you look at it.

      But either way, I'm glad these "lighter" stories also have their appeal. :)